Adam’s not a babysitter..

But the kids love him nonetheless!!! Great video. Hope Adam will get to see this and realize that he has such a wide range of fans!


  1. WOW, Adam is soooo loved. Hope he gets to see this. He’s just amazing. Maybe we can send this to the Ellen show. She loves Adam and would get a kick out of this. Love it.

  2. Oh kids, ya gotta love em, they certainly put a smile on ones face! This was just adorable.
    Yup, parents have to use their own discretion when it comes to what they want their children to see.

    My nephew and neice (ages 6 & 8) love Adam too. They know the words to WYWFR and Mad World by heart. 8yr old nephew was at the Grand Rapids AI concert , he was standing on a chair in 2nd row from stage, singing right along with Adam during Mad World, a lady looked at him so amazed that he knew each and every word. After the show, Adam autographed a picture for him among other things for us. Adam is very sweet to the kids, oh he is very sweet to everyone! But like he says ” he is not a babysitter”

  3. AdamsDarling says:

    OMG! SOO FREAKIN ADORABLE! i was crackin up,and awing at the same time(: HE HAS TO SEE THIS!;D

  4. ROFLMAO @ 3:07 oh god hahahaha xD

  5. Awwwww! Kids always know how to put a smile on your face. I really hope Adam sees this! I have a little sister who is 7 years old & she loves Adam! She always talks about their wedding together, its adorable! We bought his album the day it came out & now every time she gets in the car we have to play “If I Had You” or she doesnt buckle herself in. Horray for children & their love for Adam!

  6. Judy Lushman says:

    This is adorable! I especially loved 3:07. Awesome video. Thanks for posting.

  7. Isn’t it amazing how KIDS GET ADAM! Music is indeed the universal communicator. The seductive sweetness of Adam’s voice just touches everyone – and look at the smiles! It is music to make you happy or touches your heart – no controversy in that! I hope someone with the tech knowledge necessary will send this to Adam! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. The ones who need to see this are all the homophobes out there. This is very cool.

  9. This video both put a huge smile on my face and also made me go back to all the videos from idol! I’m 13 and I am a huuuuge Adam fan.

  10. This is wonderful, ‘Out of the mouths or babes’ they surely know true talent when they see it, they are honest, no inhibitions, just pure honesty. Well, maybe you should send this video to the one making nagative comments or better still to ABC, this kids can teach them a thing or two, thank God our future is in this kids.

  11. It’s wonderful that so many of Adam’s fans have shared their love of Adam with their children – and in turn those children are learning to love and have fun with Adam’s music and performances, which will ensure his career for decades to come! The little kids were cute and charming – but I especially LOVED the dance warm-up shots! It shows that there are so many exciting ways Adam’s music can be used and enjoyed – by all ages! It would also be possible to make a video of elderly people enjoying Adam – watching, singing along, dancing, commenting on his amazing voice and stage presence. I know my 83 yr old mother adores him, as do many of her friends.

    All that said, and although Adam is loved by all ages, he still is NOT a babysitter! He’s an entertainer! While some media people have tried to turn Adam’s “babysitter” comment into a negative – he’s right! His comment was pointedly directed toward those parents who plop their kids down in front of a TV – while they go talk on the phone, play cards, or whatever – expecting the TV to keep the kids occupied (or quiet) – without monitoring what the kids are seeing. Performing in a way that’s appropriate for all ages, at all times, just so those irresponsible parents have nothing to complain about is NOT Adam’s job!

    I am SURE Adam is already aware (realizes) how broad his range of fans is – and I’m sure he loves ALL of them! But ADULTS are responsible for using their discretion as “The Adults” in the house. If, as parents, they are open and honest with their kids, and are ready to explain and answer questions, then they’re taking on the responsibility to do so when they let their kids watch late-nite TV, or take their kids to a concert. If they’re not prepared to answer question, or if they’re going to get upset by what their kids may have seen (been exposed to) – then they need to turn off the TV, change the channel, put the kids to bed, read the kids a book – or leave them home when they go to a concert. BE THE ADULTS!

    BTW, the Little Kids, like in this video, wouldn’t even NOTICE the things the adults got so upset about. To them it was just Adam singing and lots of people dancing. The Older Kids (aged 10-13) may have noticed, maybe even commented – those are the ones who the parents either needed to explain to or shut it off. People aged 14 and up – were the intended audience for the whole show. If the parents didn’t mind the performers before Adam, then minding Adam’s performance was clearly homophobic and THEIR problem – not Adam’s!

    The DISINGENUOUS outrage that those irresponsible parents expressed, ranted about online, complained about to ABC, caused Adam SO much pain – and US along with him! We’re being deprived of seeing Adam perform on NYE totally BECAUSE of those people who CHOSE to be irresponsible parents – and then complained about it.

    And I’m not letting “adults” with no children off the hook either. Any “adult” who was outraged, or saw more than they wanted to see (to whatever degree) had the option of turning off the TV with numerous performers before Adam. If they didn’t, as soon as they saw the opening scenes, with the leashes, their inner alarms could’ve spared them from their disgust with a simple click of their remote. I have no sympathy for their position at all. So, Adam lost a few fans… he gained a lot too.

    Adam is for everyone! We all love him, in our own ways. I, personally, find some of his more sexually explicit FANS more offensive than any performance Adam could EVER DO! I don’t care WHAT he does – no holds barred! LOL But that’s just me. Everyone is different – and everyone is responsible only for themselves and their OWN sensibilities.

    Adam is right – he’s not your kid’s babysitter – and he’s not YOUR babysitter either! Anyone who didn’t get the message during the summer tour has gotten it by now – AMERICAN IDOL IS OVER!! Love him or hate him, get ready – cuz Adam Lambert is here to Entertain US!!

  12. Shelby, Sending it to the Ellen show is a great idea!! She loves cute children and animal videos. It is very adorable!!!

  13. How wonderful to see this. I surely hope that Adam gets a chance to see this. This will put a smile on his face. He is loved by so many and of all ages. Adam is the best thing that happened in the music and entertainment industry in a long, long, long time! Probably since Elvis and the Beatles!

  14. Adam has pure heart, and he is adored with the most pure hearts human being in the world.

    So Adorable!

  15. Awesome=)

  16. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    WoW! These kids are great! They show just as much love for MASTER ADAM as we do. My daughter loves him too, but she won’t admit it! I found my cd player had been played & it wasn’t me. Maybe it was my hubby LOL!

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  18. I so enjoyed this vid. Watching those cute little children enjoy Adam so much was heart-warming. This has put a delightful end to my day (12 pm here). Thank you Indiechickie.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  19. waveridergal says:

    Soooooooooooo cute!

  20. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    So lovely chidren. Keep your children safe. your child could be to sing like him huahuahua(Sorry my english)

  21. You have to love Adam. It’s intoxicating, no matter your age! 🙂

  22. adam lambert is so awesome and everyone loves himm!! lol im only 12


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