Adam’s New Tattoo – What Does It Mean?

Adam's new infinity tattoo.

If you haven’t already heard, Adam has a new tattoo!  It’s a lazy “8” lying on its side — the standard symbol for infinity.  I suppose you could also say it stands for eternity.

But what does it mean, lying there directly above/below his eye of Horus tattoo?  If you look at the eye straight on, the infinity tat looks like it’s below the eye of Horus.   So even though the new tattoo is above the older one as your eyes would travel up Adam’s arm (and whose eyes wouldn’t?), I’d say the new infinity tattoo — the lazy 8 — is officially below the eye of horus.

So what does that mean, if anything?  Why not put the infinity symbol on the other wrist?  My guess is that the two together have significant meaning for Adam.

The eye of horus is an Egyptian symbol associated with Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris.  In a divine battle, Horus’ left eye (which was the moon) was plucked out.  (Horus’ right eye was the sun.)  When the eye was healed and restored to Horus, he found out it had great powers to heal and protect.   Since then, the eye of horus has symbolized healing and protection. 

The downward spiral under the eye is similar to the eye markings on a hawk; Horus’ head was that of a falcon.  Green and blue are often used in amulets of the eye of Horus, as it is in Adam’s eye of Horus tattoo.  Those colors symbolized growth and regeneration to ancient Egyptians.  Horus himself came to symbolize light and good, while the eye itself stood for the struggle between light and dark, good and evil.  That’s all nice, but for me the eye of Horus will forever be associated with Adam, his music, and the light he has brought into my own life.

The infinity sign needs little or no explanation.  Anyone who has had any algebra might recognize this mathematical sign.  It means forever, infinite, ever-lasting, eternal, having no end.  (Kind of like my love for Adam!)

So put them together and you have healing and protection forever, until the end of time.  Even if Adam didn’t mean it this way, that is certainly my wish for him, his music, and all those around him.  May they all be blessed and protected — forever.


  1. Micki (Glamb #535) says:

    This is really nice, both the tat & the thought you put in to interpreting it. Thank you for posting this.

    • Yes. I’d agree with you. The new tatoo means a lot to him. INFINITY. Yes,a mathematical symbol but remain so important to the Math sequence. The Eye of Horus means healing and protection and it’s so amazing to know that. All his tatoos mean a lot to him. x) I hope., all of us. will remain as his fans forever to make him known to the whole world. I LOVE ADAM a bilion percent. i don’t care about the other people eventhough they don’t like Adam. I will and surely be his LOYAL FAN FOREVER XD

  2. ianaleah says:

    Yes, and the Eye of Horus also represents ONE identity -the same One – inside multiple centers of expression. The INFINITY symbol -his 2nd tattoo is sometimes shown as a snake swallowing it’s own tail. ( sorta like, but much more complex –Going forth as ‘xyz’ and returning and going forth again as ‘abc’ infinitely LIfe -Life includes birth and death , life is infinite )
    Adam is very enlightened as we all know.

  3. The tattoo really says “infinity”. I love that sign because it has no ends. Its just the same to the number 8. Its not that ugly. Ya think??? Love it.

  4. Helen R says:

    LOL at the ginger arm hairs and freckles.

  5. juliette says:

    Wonderful! Everything Adam does is done with much thoughts.
    He is looking toward the future.

  6. leilani aloha says:

    8 also means wealth forever:)
    Yeah for Adam!!!

  7. AllaboutAdam says:

    I’d love to count every one of those freckles personally.

  8. Scootersmom says:

    All I know is that everything Adam does or says has a peaceful softness that just envelopes you.

  9. adamfan says:

    Very tastefully done. That eye is so realistic, it feels like it’s looking right
    at me!

  10. It means ADAM and his MUSIC is PERMANENT.he is the LEGENDARY ARTIST of the WORLD

  11. Suzi Anders says:

    His body art is very well done!! It’s rich with
    Color,detail, perspective and depth.
    The first thing that struck me
    Is that IT’S ADAM’S EYE!!!
    It’s so obvious!!! It’s an embellished
    Eye Of Horus – reworked as
    Adam’s eye looking right out at you!!
    Make up

  12. Hoot Owl says:

    Hoot Owl here. Got the scoop on why Adam has the infinity tatoo. In a new inteview today, he says it means for him the exchange of energy between him and the audience; an infinite cycle. Hence the tatoo. A deep and beautiful concept, just the sort of thing you would expect from this guy. Pretty dang cool. Hoot Owl out

  13. Suzi Anders says:

    Yeah!!! It’s deep!! He’s really something else!

  14. glamaus says:

    Hey, America is beginning to love Tatoo’s!

  15. How can I find the video of Adam telling the security guards to get out and then telling the girl in the audience…take my picture, b–ch. I just thought that was so cool of him and I forget where it was. Can someone help me?

    • Cougar65 says:

      Washington, DC while performing SFW … LOVE IT!!!!

    • Carmen,
      Go to Sue’s article on the site called Adam Lambert As The Alpha Male= Perfection**UPDATED WITH VIDEO** . I gave her the video and she was able to add it to the article. It fits the title perfectly, don’t you think?! And if you’re looking for any other articles that have fallen off the board on the right side of this site, you can find articles using the tabs above. Click on Categories, then scroll down to More Featured Posts. Until we can get the categories changed from the original Idol ones, all articles are posted under More Featured Posts. Hope this helps!

      AND WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME TO OUR NEW AUTHOR, SANDY!! We’ll run an article introducing you to her soon!!

  16. Suzi Anders says:

    Yes!!! And its about time!! There’s nothing like
    having poetry on the skin!!

    • I think you are finally becoming a “Glamb”! Wish we could go to the Staten Island concert together and see the tatoos up close and personal!

  17. Cougar65 says:

    Washington, DC while performing SFW … LOVE IT!!!!

  18. Adam, Infinity, that’s great and how long we all hope you are around. However, we all love you just the way you are, so we hope you don’t get tattooed all over, you are too BEAUTIFUL to mess with. Love you now and forever, Rita, Donna and Cliff

  19. Too much analysis-I’m sure he just like it, liked the concept of eternity and decided it would look good where it was. Easy enough.

  20. OMFG ITS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! if u look at it from the side at the eye it says 10 28! JANUARY 28!

  21. Heard Adam say in an interview from Nashville that the infinity tattoo represented the energy flowing from him to the audience and back again, like a mirror.

  22. Ima Ramorah says:

    The EYE, is a symbol of indestructibility, rebirth, of the soul.
    The lazy 8 is infinity.
    So our boy is looking to live forever and believes he is reincarnated (or will be)

  23. mobius strip

  24. Suzi Anders says:

    Hi Viki!! Not quite a Glamb convert . He’s interesting
    smart and not full of himself!
    The music and how he presents
    Himself is a breath of fresh air!
    But, I’m not into Worship Mode.
    I’m sorry all~~~

    • That’s OK Suzi, give it a little time. You have to remember I fell in love with Adam and his music 1 1/2 years ago when I heard his audition for American Idol. After each performance on Idol I was more and more amazed. Then Kristie and I went to Idol Live last summer and that was it, I was hooked. I have now taken it to another level with this great website. I couldn’t resist watching the videos of the concerts. But he is a million times better when you see him live. So one of these days we are going to get to a concert together I am sure you will be a Glamb convert!

  25. As always everything Adam does has a powerful meaning for him and his fans!!! He does respond to his fans and audience with love that goes both ways and that love will last for eternity!!!!!!!!! Glamb#640 AdamsLady Forever

  26. annsuperfan says:

    Adam was on the 8th season of american Idol, wasn’t he? Could the 8 on its side have a referance to that time? I think he had the eye of horus tattoo to protect him while he was on the show. What do you think? I think it is beautiful, and Adam always gives me something interesting to think about. Glam#401

  27. Seriously? I love Adam, but I don’t share the belief in this. God is my savior and the protector of my life. There is only ONE TRUE GOD. Honesty here…believe what you want. I can love Adam and not necessarily believe in the same as he does. No offense to Adam. I care for him no matter what.

  28. Awesome!
    I never knew that… about the eye of Horus at least. Interestine information.

  29. I think you people have mental issues. Hes a flamer and is going to hell because of it.