Adam’s Message About Requesting His Songs

I know fans are upset about the lack of play of Adam’s songs on the radio, and whether he’s included in some poll or not. I’ve even been reading some strong anti-Kris comments on our very own site. I hope we don’t have to sink so low (or is it solo?). As Ron Burgundy says, “stay classy Glambs!”

Minutes ago, Adam sent out a series of tweets regarding fans requesting his songs. I think we need to take our lead from him. Here’s what’s on his mind:

1st tweet @ 1:51 PM PST:
Happy New Year guys!! I love that you want to support my music and call in requests, but please be mindful of how often you do so…

2nd tweet @ 1:52 PM PST:
Open House Party is a great supporter of my songs, but when there is an organized group of fans calling stations nonstop,

3rd tweet @ 1:54 PM PST:
… It understandably upsets them. Stations can track over-use of requests and fraudulent requests and I would hate to lose their support.

4th tweet @ 1:56 PM PST:
I really appreciate your passion and dedication to getting my music on the radio, but don’t drive the stations crazy! 🙂 thanks friends!

5th tweet @ 2:01 PM PST:
Woohoo!! Thanks to all who voted for the Z100 best new artist!! I’m honored 🙂

6th tweet @ 2:07 PM PST:
FYI. That doesn’t mean to stop requesting!! Just try not to do it 30 times in one day…. Just Cool it on the redial/resend kick. 🙂

7th tweet @ 2:08 PM PST:
Oh and so you all know, upon hearing this news, I laughed so hard. Y’all are nuts and I adore you for it. 🙂


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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. After these tweets from Adam this afternoon, Twitter went crazy! Many younger fans were accusing the older fans of being the “crazies” causing the problem with the radio stations. There are very intense fans of all ages, and it must have gotten pretty bad if Adam had to address it! Adam has said millions of times that he appreciates ALL of his fans. At least we have this site to show our crazy side, without ruining his career. To change subject—- Is anyone watching the reruns of Season 8 Idol? It was such a magical season and I’m definitely not ready for Season 9. Even though Adam’s Idol songs are on the internet, brings tears remembering the beginning of our super star! Only a year ago…

    • YEP I am taping all of Adam! It is so great to see it again. And it shows how Bad Plaid Shirt Idol is. How did he get past the first week???

      • I am watching the Idol reruns and keeping my eyes open with toothpicks as all of the Adam action is on later! They always did save the best for last! Still can’t believe that Jesse L. didn’t make the wildcard!! Her voice is awesome! This was the girl that was a redhead and sang Bette Davis Eyes. Anyway Megan made it over her and well…… .. Just dissapointed me. Anyway, did you guys notice that Adam was always stylin’ from the beginning? Love all of the clothes he wore. He is the best!!

        • p.s. and if Joanna didn’t get booted off the show, I think she would have been in there until the end! Great voice and beautiful!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Yes, I even enjoyed watching the season 8 much more this time; watching how Adam evolved from that cute, simple, hopeful guy to this big star now. I really wish he made it to the top. I hope he can duplicate what Madonna did to her career: she pissed off so many, stepped on so many feet, including the catholic groups, but still, she made it to the top: earned lots of award, sold millions of records and earned respect from her colleagues; and her staying power is incredible. Hope he can duplicate the magic work of Madonna.

            • Off subject but…..

              Here is a contact I picked up for Adam when Donorschoose was in the forefront. I believe its still a good contact at 19.

              Let’s all email and request Adams concert for as soon as possible!!


              I’m posting this contact everywhere, so you’ll see it again I’m sure. Pass it on!!!

              Let’s rock it and make it happen!!!

              Let’s get loud! 🙂

  2. Whoa, listen to Adam people. Man, he is trying to get a message out to his fans in a nice way and then all havoc breaks………..NOT COOL! Forget about who is to blame and respect his wishes.

    I have been watching the AI marathons. Love seeing Adam , yes just a year ago, our Favorite idol began his dream 🙂 Oh I wish all the best for him……

    • You are right Mary. People just get so wrapped up in their own stuff, they’re not thinking clearly anymore.
      If you love Adam and want to support him, it is pretty cut and dry for me, you respect his wishes.

      I would love to hear his music on the radio but honestly I am not too worried about it anymore. I believe there is a divine plan to this. Adam is not mainstream, this is why most of us love him so much. Adam might be struggling a bit with this himself maybe. He wants the exposure of course but I think he really wants to stay true to himself and when he is true to himself he is at his very best!!
      I used to be a huge Iron Maiden fan in my twenties. Their music is NEVER played on the radio. The other day there was a documentary on a music channel ( not MTV or VH1)o f one of their tours. Thousands and thousands of people all over the world come to their sold out concerts, screaming their heads of, crying of sheer emotion to see their Idols rock their world for 2 hours.
      These guys work hard, are adored and appreciated and make tons of money without lots of regular media exposure.
      Adam’s talents will not be wasted, it is just not possible. He is a hard worker and he loves what he does. He will be rewarded.

      • IRENA
        I love it– A DIVINE PLAN!! Yes! That is exactly what it is!!

        That Blue Moon on NYE is part of it too!!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Irena, LOVE your post! 🙂

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        I agree with you Irena. Radio play is not necessary for success… especailly in todays world where it’s all run by a few big corporate entities that have other interests in mind.

        Alternative music almost never plays on the radio (I was a Depeche Mode fan back in the day) and even though they only played on certain independant radio stations they still sold out stadiums and are STILL putting out albums and touring. To date they’ve sold over 75 million albums! Adam is alternative… I don’t think there’s any way around that.

        So what’s important is that Adam has fans that buy music and go to concerts. Who cares how many times Kris is on the radio or if he won AI… Adam’s album still out sold Kris’s by a large margin and I’m sure his tour will be more succesful (except in Arkansas where all the crazy Kris people live). Adam’s crazy people are more widespread across the globe! 🙂

      • Jane Parker says:

        Oh I definitely agree with you Irena!
        He does have a Divine Plan.

    • Hi, just wondering..what do you mean by Idol marathons? Are they replaying anything on TV? Because I would love to rewatch the season, since I didn’t follow it that well! thanks 🙂

      • All the Season 8 is on FOX REALITY this week. Check it out

        • I want to watch this so much!!!!! But I have Charter and they don’t get Fox Reality 🙁
          How are you guys watching it?

          • Sweetie….I have comcast and it’s on every evening through Sun night. It’s been fun to watch. I live in the Detroit area.

          • Sherry K glamb #445 says:

            Sweetie; If you get comcast they have idol reruns on it most all of the time.iT IS ON TV GUIDE CHANEL! Guys and gals Kris Allen is a very nice christian young man. He and ADAM are friends. But I have never bashed Kris. All I can say is he will never, ever have the talent af ADAM! SHERRY K Yes, yes just like Jaberone says. it is on comcast and it’s on every evening. It is cool to watch! Sherry K

    • MARY,


      • Yes Dee, I love watching where it all began! What is so cool, is knowing how Adam is now and watching him from before 🙂

  3. It is such a shame that us Adam fans have to “request” his music to be played on the radio stations. They should be playing them anyway. I have his album in my Itunes library, and I guess I’ll have to listen to his music that way while I surf the web and whatever, until the stations REALIZE how many fans really want to hear his music played!!!!!

  4. sherry s. says:

    Agree—for clarification or insight—when you have what you think is a great idea, run it past the people on this site first for a variety of perspectives in order to make a good decision!

  5. Wicked Glitter says:

    I didn’ get a chance to request Adam’s songs, but I can understand why this happened. I NEVER HEAR ADAM’S MUSIC ON THE RADIO! Adam’s fan have waited patiently to hear his songs, and nothing! I would never think about Kris at all except that I am constantly hearing that same song. Everytime I hear it I get upset because Adam’s music is so much better,and what does he get for it ? NOTHING! So when Open House Party got these requests did they play Adam’s songs,or did they keep making people beg for them? If they don’t start playing more of his songs I am just going to boycott the radio stations too. I am very happy listening to Adam’s CD’s .

    • I hear you on this!! Just Play the SONGS!!! Jeeezzz!!

      What is the big deal. Stations used to want to be the first to play the Newest, freshest hits so people would listen to them!! Even IF the Open house got overwelmed, it should have shown how popular Adam is.

      I guess we have to beg!

      I do love how Adam is once again a TOTAL GENTELMAN, class act about this!! He is just AMAZING!!


    • I can do that. Yes I can!!

    • love that !!! I will keep buying more, have cake & ice cream too !!!!

    • Carolelee……You make me laugh because I’m always saying that I’m going to give up Starbucks to save up for ADAM’s tours!!!!!

      I’m definitely in on buying more CD’s for ADAM…. great idea!!!! Early Happy Birthday to ADAM!!!!:)

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        When is Adam’sbirthday? That is a great idea!! Please do buy more of his CD. I have a friend who dislikes ADAM so much and I am mailing her ADAM’s CD on her birthday this month!!! It might change her perspective of Adam!! Adam might earn a new fan or I lose a friend!! LOL!!

        • His birthday is Jan. 29 and he will be 28. Someone has suggested we either re-donate or donate for the first time, in his name, $28 for those school kids he is trying to help.. they are doing well so far, second time round. The link for it is on the prior thread near the bottom, from Libralamb.

    • Sherry K glamb #445 says:

      Carolelee; How many CD,s does ADAM need for it to go Platinum? I don’t go to Starbucks. But I guess I could give up candy for awhile. I am not supposed to eat it anyway. PLEASE TELL ME HOW MANY CD DOES HE NEED TO SELL? I will check back. And how soon does he need to do this? To go Platinum? THANKS SHERRY K

  7. Miss Molly says:

    I don’t think Adam will get a lot of airplay just yet, but I do believe that he will be in BIG demand for LIVE performances. He just translates better in person. I wasn’t crazy about FYE but LOVE the video and that is what eventually sold me on the song. He is a visual performer. Although I don’t listen to the kind of radio stations that he would be played on, I wonder if anybody can tell me if Ryan Seacrest has him, or even Kris or Allison on his playlist on KIIS FM in L.A.?

    • Of Course they do
      Everyone else is getting played

    • AdoringAdam says:

      MISS MOLLY: Adam is on the KIIS FM list on 102.7 and you can vote for “Whatatya Want From Me” many times. I have been doing it a lot. It encourages voting numerous times. So does 93.7 WSTW online. Also vote on FUSE TV for best video. FYE is the one listed there. And again they encourage voting a lot.
      I don’t listen to the radio that much and I have a CD of Adam’s for my car when I drive but I think the airplay is important for people who still haven’t checked him out. I was in BORDERS the other day looking for Adam’s CD for my sister and brother and the young college girl next to me asked me who he was–so I told her to check him out on YouTube.
      The AI reruns of Adam are so great. It does make you tear up a bit. That sweet guy so patiently put up with all of that to explode on the music scene. I think tonight he is doing “Black or White”, but I can’t tape it where I live. I will watch and then don’t foeget PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS Wednesday.

  8. hi,everyone.we can vote for adam on oprah go to search all department choose music then next to it write adam lambert click enter then click on bestseller ,then the list of top100 album show up adam is on second list so go to 2page down the page you see info about it.

    love you all.

  9. adam win z100 best new artist

    • YAY, so happy for him!

      • Next, Peoples Choice!

        • AdamAddict says:

          You mean Adam VS Susan? Which remind me to vote again! LOL!!Dang,if that woman beat Adam 0_o I was super impress when I voted like crazy for Adam vs Clay.I think I’m going to start to challage myself again! My butt ready to work hard now!Where’s that dang cushion??!!

  10. I am sorry but over -zealous fans don’t hurt anyone. As long as they are not really rude or insulting. It is the radio stations etc. with their political agenda etc. that hurt Adam. Also T.V. stations that shall not be named. I know people have to be patient with a new star it does take time, but Adam has so many things going against him. His gayness, sexual being, and his attraction to mischief making. I know he also has an awful lot going for him.

  11. Here’s something sweet to make us remember that Adam is appreciated – there is a little video tucked back in the archives of the competition – shows Adam getting standing ovation from Simon after Mad World. The hits on that video now stand at 2,683,000 plus. He’s just so In There, we don’t need to worry. I don’t look back at that stuff too often because the guy we are seeing now is so much more polished and mature and sharp edged and the music is so HIM. There will be ups and downs but what we got is SO hot!! UIMA

    • coloforadam, wow, thanks for the info! SO HOT FOR SURE! and remember the Mad World performance, when the set DVR’s did not get the recording, ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yah, that was a burn but the studio version of that song is so much more powerful and complete. They get so little time to get a song across in 90 seconds and that song is really a ballad with searing content and finish. He looked darling of course singing on TV but the studio version just makes my eyes burn and throat close. Love the guy!! UIMA

  12. pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeee go to: then go down the pa ge you see last minute reservation .gogogogo

  13. I’m not taping season 8 of Idol but I am watching it every night on Fox Reality. They’re doing it to lead into season 9 of course but I am enjoying the repeat so much. Monday night at 8 (Eastern US time) they showed the last of the parts that narrowed the top 36 down to 12 err 13. I had forgotten that it was supposed to be 12 and Anoop was added at the last minute. Tuesday night they will be starting to show the reruns of the competition between the top 13. As I’m sure everyone knows, Adam sang Can’t Get No Satisfaction when competing in the top 36. That part was on Sunday Night. I believe the rest of season 8 is spread out over the nights until the 12th, which is when they start showing the audition portions of season 9. No, I dont think anyone can come anywhere near Adam’s talent, but yes I am going to watch, especially since I have always loved the audition part of Idol. I believe that Ellen Degeneres is NOT in the audition portion as a judge as the auditions were filmed last summer and fall. However, I read that several celebrity guest judges do appear. Until then… I’m going to be glued to the tv every night for the reruns of season 8. *grins*

  14. Evette #419 says:

    This is a little off topic but it shows our appreciation for ADAM. Isn’t ADAM nominated for a People’s Choice Award (Breakout Artist)? Isn’t the PCA on 1/6? Do you think ADAM will be at the show?!?!?!?

    • Sherry K glamb #445 says:

      I voted for ADAM almost 150 times for best breakout artist of 2009.for People choice awards! But I have a sinking feeling lady Ga Ga the freak is going to win. something funny is going on with all of us voting for Adam! Check it out. Ask Mary C/Canada what she and some of the others think. We think there is some cheating going on somewhere. Bye Sherry K

  15. DANA MARTIN says:


  16. Maybe,if Adam was played more often on your radio stations, then there wouldn’t be such a flood of requests. What is their agenda??…Why are they being so mean ???

    Anyway, we had a repeat (here in OZ) of AI sometime ago. It was fantastic seeing Adam’s journey again. Don’t mean to be nasty but I only wanted to see Adam…so, I turned down sound and read until Adam came on…..and of course, there was no tension at ‘voting out’ time.

    Thanks for voting, girls, as much as you can for Adam in various pollsand award shows, and, believe me, if I can vote for him from this end of the world…I do…..and as stated above by Carolelee….if Adam goes platinum, his popularity overseas will increase more rapidly.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  17. It’s about time we heared ADAM on our Radio Stations! So many are excited about the Album
    now and it is onlty a matter of time before ADAM ROCKS The great Land of Oz! Until RCA decide
    to full blast ADAM onto this continent we have to be patient! It seems the U.S. promotion is treading very lightly if Glambs are not hearing ADAM 24/7 on their own stations! RCA must know what their doing..but I sure hope they remember Oz ! Meanwhile, those shipments keep arriving and ADAM’s music is growing!

  18. I still just don’t get why his songs are not played on the raidio!!! Are there THAT many Adam haters out there? I really hope not!!! I just don’t see how people just don’t GET IT!!! He is a phenominal talent! Plus he has the BEST FANS ever!!!!! Something seems fishy to me!

  19. Hi, like Zenos say Adam win z100 poll and another more poll of People Choice : Musical Phenomen 2009 with a great margen of votes!!

  20. I think adam has shown great maturity and graciousness in his tweets about radio over requests and as much as we love adam we can abide by his request and vote normally. I think he is the greatest singer and the most likable person I’ve ever seen. He is definitley an “idol”.

  21. brandy USA! says:

    guys adam doesn’t have a twitter!!!!! he said on liVE T.V. that he has no twitter!!!!!!!! there are alot of impersonators!!!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I think U watched the old vid.After he finished A.I,someone asked him if he has twitter,he said he doesn’t.Then he get one,then his twitter got hacked,he told everyone through bubbletweet and then his twitter got fixed and he also bubbletweet about it and he still twat until now.So,basically,Adam has twitter,brandy 🙂
      p/s:all tweets above are from him,he even write that on his FB 🙂

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        & MASTER ADAM said he was addicted to twitter! You know what? I sure would like to have twitter/twatter party w/ him…..I haven’t been able to do that.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I think U watched the old vid.After he finished A.I,someone asked him if he has twitter,he said he doesn’t.Then he get one,then his twitter got hacked,he told everyone through bubbletweet and then his twitter got fixed and he also bubbletweet about it and he still twat until now.So,basically,Adam has twitter,brandy!
      p/s:all tweets above are from him,he even write that on his FB 🙂

  22. Adam’s song was number one on the first top 7 countdown on kiss 108 radio boston. On that station its actually one of their most played songs 🙂

  23. I wanted to add that I had to go to Best Buy with one of my sons earlier today and I was thrilled to hear FYE playing over their PA system. My son is 24 but has Asperger Syndrome so he is slow to catch on sometimes but he looked at me and said Mom what are you grinning for? Then he said, nevermind, I hear Adam lol.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      My granddaughter, who will turn 4 y.o. on Jan 31, is very savvy with the iPhone appl, she called me up ( she’s in sunny San Francisco and I am here in frigid CT) she put me on hold then later played a music on the phone: it was the WWFM, and asked me: “grammy, do you know who’s that??” I laughed and said “but, of course, my dearest, that is my lovey ADAM!!?” and she started to chuckle at the other end. So precious!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        AWWWW!!! how sweet! She knows your heart doesn’t she ?

        • AdamAddict says:

          Awww,that’s so cute! She knows if she play Eminem or whoever,you will hang up on her!LOL!That’s really cute,our whole family just know we love Adam,we can’t hide,can we?It’s too obvious! 🙂

          • Is any place better than the other to buy Adams CD again. Example Amazon or Itunes or retail. Or does it matter?

  24. Dianne Hill says:

    Everyone is worried about Adam’s songs not being played on radio. Well I have just been doing a bit of reading on Lady Gaga (thanks to Adam I am now a fan of hers) and I have copied a bit of what I was reading because it seems relevant. Here it is:

    “Her debut single, “Just Dance,” was released to radio in April 2008, and her full-length album debut, The Fame, followed in August. Featuring fellow Akon affiliate Colby O’Donis, “Just Dance” slowly gathered momentum throughout 2008’s latter half. The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in August, at which time it had already become a massive club hit, but it didn’t reach number one until January 2009. Internationally, the song proved similarly popular, reaching the Top Ten throughout much of Western Europe and beyond.”

    So you see Lady Gaga wasn’t an instant success on radio either. This happens with a lot of new acts. Sometimes artists don’t get recognition until the second album comes out.

    I think everyone needs to slow down a bit and just do as Adam asks.

    We may not be seeing much of him at the moment because he may be having some well earned time off, or he could be planning his tour. A lot of work goes into those tours, they just “don’t happen”.

  25. Dianne…..I believe you are right. It’s a slow process. Adam’s recognition will probably follow something similar to Lady Gaga, as you noted. Yes !! We have to be patient. Your post was interesting and informative ….thank you.

    For all OZ & NZ Glambs…..there is an article and a full page gorgeous photo of Adam in this week’s issue of (Aust.) OK Magazine….issue #187

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Also NW magazine for Australia/NZ December 21st had a full page spread “LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU’ complete with pictures including one entitled “shock value’ of ADAM and TOMMY at the AMA’s..

  26. tsk tsk tsk
    how ridiculous