Adam’s Made It When . . .

I’m sitting at home getting ready to watch Oprah’s salute to reality stars and I turn the television on early. Family Feud comes on and the question is . . . Name a famous Adam. Of course the first thing I think of is Adam Lambert. But come on, I know he’s the most important Adam in OUR lives, but who are they polling? It’s amazing how many people I still talk to who have never heard of Adam Lambert.

So they reveal the answers. Of couse Adam and Eve, Adam Sandler, and John Adams are there. And son of a gun, so is Adam Lambert!!! You know you’re a star when you’re an answer on a game show!!!

**Addition – I forgot to include that Adam Ant (my favorite from the 80s) received 14 votes and Adam Lambert received 4!!

I know this isn’t very meaningful, but I just thought you’d enjoy a little fun!!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. PamBiggs Glamb 510 says:

    Fun! I guess I don’t mind sharing our Adam with the rest of the world. He’s going to take over the whole planet soon!

  2. AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing this tidbit, Carol. Love it!

  3. cool! thanks for sharing!

  4. Carol… that was a fun fact.. thanks for sharing it.. it really made me smile.. on top of the news that Adams single comes out tomorrow, I’m beaming with excitment !!!!

    • For those just ‘checking in’ now, think Adam in on the radio around 7 am, now that is pst. Seacrests radio show, FM 102.7 KIIS or if you go the the local radio link you have a google map to find YOUR closest radio station.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hello theresa/canada! how are you? Is there a way to listen to seacrest from our pc/net? I’m still learning all these things on the net and pc, so I’m still not confident on what I’m doing here. Do I go to google? Thanks for the info!

      • Lisette here..bonsoir to all glambs still having troble with here just to say merci for sending updates always..An so sorry was al doctor so misse Adam’s radio show.Always looking still forward to his magnificente cd an adore single Time for Miracles..thet video toches within le couer an tears flow here given such a horrifique film as 2012 ..Seeing Adam an hering his celestial voix can be a rai d’lit thru this intense end of days noir saving grace vraimente an angel d’musique here..J’etaime toujours blessings always to all glambs too..Have a safe an happy halloween an know Adam’s musique is a grande treat for this holiday!
        Luv to all as always …Lisette in Nevada!xoxoxo

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Adamfan1, this is totally off topic but where is our Emil (AdamAddict) I haven’t seen her post anything for days now, what is she up to, is she so engrossed in her drawings that she has not seen any of what is going on with Adam, please enlighten me if any of you know what she is up to. I miss her.

      Love to you all, Dianne Galmb #356.

      • Hi Dianne, AdamAddict is on holiday with her family, she will be back soon, I also miss her posts very much, looking forward to her return.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Thanks Toni, I remember now. Gee what a great memory I have. I remember her saying that she hoped nothing happened too much while she was away. Well look at what has happened, I wonder if she has been able to catch up with any of it. Thanks again for reminding me. Cheers.

          • Poor Emili….she must be going crazy without her computer!
            I wonder if she got to hear ADAM’s single anywhere! Won’t she be excited??!!!!!

            Yep, ADAM has arrived!!!! His name is getting to be a well-known name that even “everyday” people will know!!!! We’re just lucky to have “known” him since his first audition on Idol!!!

  5. Wow, that brought a smile to my face. You probably had chills when you heard his name.
    Adam already included in the game shows!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Another neat tidbit; Masoncrest publishers (a schoolbook publisher) has a series of books for kids called American Idol Superstars. And yes, they have a book about Adam! This book can be purchased separately from the series. It is so cool that kids can learn about Adam’s time on American Idol and maybe be inspired to use their particular talent!

    • Mary-Ellen, that is AWESOME!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hello Mary-Ellen! My daughter will bring home one of those book order forms, to order paperbacks and other book-related items. Next time, I’ll definitely check it out. Thank you!

    • I could only find a book on American Idol Judges. A little more help please? Thanks!

  7. This is soo cool!! I feel the same way! He is the center of OUR lives and I look at people who dont know him like ” are you living under a rock??” But say Just wait!!! YOU WILL KNOW HIM SOON!!!

  8. DANA MARTIN says:


  9. Glambertcraze says:

    You should tweet him and see if he replies. He probably would get a kick out of it.

  10. Dianne Hill says:

    You also know you have made it when a country on the other side of the world from America is releasing your album (Adam) on the SAME FUCKING DAY it is released in America. I am surprised my screams did not reach you all over there when I rang the CD Store this afternoon. Fantastic. I am taking the day off work on 23 November because there is no way that I will be able to sit at my desk and work a whole day and know that Adam’s CD is in the shop just waiting for me. The girl said “we will ring you and let you know when it is in”. My reply to that was “No need, I will be waiting at the door for you to open”.

    The reason this is so fantastic is because usually we have to wait a couple of months or more especially a new artist. If they are really well known like U2 we will get them here on the release date but, oh my god, I am so excited. So Adam, you have made it – on the other side of the world, mate, can’t wait for this one.

    • Dianne, my store said give it a day or two extra, before coming in, but i will be ringing as soon as they open, I dont work Mondays I look after my 3yr old grandson, so we will be taking a special trip in if it is there. Im got the txt from Lisa, we will have to be up in the middle of the night to hear Adams single, better set the alarm although dont think i will sleep anyway. Will you? My husband thinks Ive lost the plot, but is surprisingly indulgent, I think he realizes now this ïnterest”(obssesion ) interest is not going to go away. I loved hearing the word “mate”in your comment. I could have told you were a kiwi straight away from that.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        You will be doing better than me Jan if you can get up in the middle of the night to listen to Adam’s single, I know I won’t be able to make it. I am hoping that Itunes will have it available to buy like Time for Miracles, so I will be checking that out tomorrow.

        Darn it, now that you have said you are going to set your alarm to get up, now I know I will have to do the same. I think I will just leave the computer going all night, then I can come in here, listen to it and then go back to bed – yeah I am sure I will be able to sleep after that won’t I. Not!!

    • Dianne, I also went today to JB’s ( CD store) to enquire when they will have Adam’s CD….he said that all overseas artists usually arrive 2-3 months after their release!!! Would you believe that he had never heard of Adam Lambert !!! I nearly fainted on the spot…..I told him that Adam will be major. He also said that if they are really popular they could have a release date on the same day (as in USA)….so I also will be at their door early 23 November.

      Also went to Borders…have been trying to get November’s Details magazine – they still are waiting for it’s arrival. A very kind man who works there also took my phone no. and promised to keep me a copy. He knew who I was talking about… how good is that !!!
      Lot’s of love, from Yvonne (Australia)

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Good on you Yvonne. It is great isn’t it that he is becoming so well known. I asked the girl in the CD Store if she had heard of him she said she had only heard of him because I keep rining all the time, I told her to google his name and check him out. I said he was going to be a huge star and she should get on in the action at the start of his career. I must ask her what she thought. Borders is a great book store isn’t it. We have a Borders over here in Christchurch, New Zealand and they are only too happy to keep you a copy of any magazine you want. Now that is what I call service.

        There was a lovely young gay guy working there when I went to get my copy of Rolling Stone (which had been put away for me because they ONLY GOT FOUR COPIES) (gosh that seems so long ago now), when he saw what I was getting he looked at me and said “do you like him”, I said “Like” isn’t exactly the right word and he just smiled and said “he should have won shouldn’t he” I said “yes he should but it doesn’t matter because he will soon take over the world and people are going to say “Kris who?”. And now the Adam storm is upon us and I am so excited and happy about it.

    • Diane…you’d be safer to have them hold one or more copies for you…who knows, they could sell out faster than you think!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Don’t worry Jaberone, I have that all sorted. The girl that works there (I have spoken to her so often over the last few weeks – begging, pleading, begging some more to find out any information whether Adam’s album would be released here – so she knows me by now, and she has put my name down for a copy. I only want one because I am hoping like crazy that Mary C will get me the deluxe collector’s edition as well.

  11. That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. I can imagine how you jump out of that couch in front of your tube. I would! screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! I screamed when I saw Adam’s CD cover!!!

  12. MyBoyAdam says:

    Well I have to share my own little story. I was at my bonco game last night (dice game with a group of 12 middle age ladies, me included) and one was wearing a tee shirt she got when she went to see Wicked at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. She raved about the show and I happened to mention Adam. She hadn’t seen him but the good news is that everyone in the group knew who I was talking about. I wondered if anyone would utter the fateful words “Who’s Adam Lambert?” Nope, seems everyone knew the name. You know just because we’re so attached to him doesn’t mean that everyone else is; the world does go on outside of Adams world, strangely enough. I’m excited to hear that his name turned up on The Family Feud. That’s way cool. Glamb #176

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hello MyBoyAdam! Love the name and I love your story. You’re right, the world does go on. But I love being in ADAM’s world. People support their favorite football team or baseball team, musical group, or even their dice game team. the only team I want to be on is ADAM’s team.Yep! I got his Details mag, read the story, and every time, I broke down crying . I love his story, especially when he has that voice. To me, his singing gets me, he sings with his heart and that’s why I love him so. When I have an ADAM story, I will share. PLL to you, ADAM, & the GLAMBS!!!

    • I’ve discovered that phenomena too–there are actually people who haven’t heard of him. And there are some who have dissed knowing him because they don’t watch Idol, and think he’s just an idol phenomena. That was what was so fun watching the performance shown on Oprah yesterday. It’s kinda like her book club. Ahhhh….now everyone knows who he is AND that he is more than just an American Idol runner-up!!!!!

      The Adam storm has still just begun….

    • When I picked up my 2 Detail magazines that they had held for me at Barnes & Noble, I commented to the cashier about wanting the mag because of ADAM. She said she didn’t know who he was. I just smiled and said “you will”!!

  13. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Carol, I thought it Grt. I just keep repeating myself, he is everywhere….in the news, talk shows, but a game show. I would not have thought it. He truly has to be blown away about all this, he genuinely, seemed to be when on Oprha today. Someone said he was taking over the planet….Invade, Conquer, then beam me up Adam, to Planet Fierce. Are there more out there like you???? LOL Could we handle more like you??? Where would we find the time???LOL…ok, I am to excited, Good Nite Glambs

  14. I have been a fan for 20+ years of the soap General Hospital. I catch up every few days and tuned in one day and heard the unmistakeable piano intro of Mad World. Yes, it was Adam closing out the episode! Then heard it another day! Yes, I was excited over another Adam moment! Thanks, everyone, for all your posts!

  15. 11:45 P.M. in San Jose, CA. Just checked Bestsellers. Adam Lambert album is #1.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hey mai! That’s music to my ears. I keep wondering about his sales on amazon and now I’m anxious to hear about billboards. Keep us informed please. Thank you so much. All this info about ADAM is so wonderful. As for myself, my t.v. and the pc are my only forms of communication right now. But I’ve been on the net more lately than watching t.v.. And I don’t have a radio in my car. PLL to you, ADAM, & the GLAMBS!!!

      • Kimber….what kind of car do you have???? Bring along a “portable” radio for your car!!! I couldn’t live without my radio…just got a new car and it has satelite (spelling?) in it. What a great thing!

        (Now I just have to get a new computer!!!!!!)

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Hey jaberone! I do have a cd player, love sattelite!!!! Have dish cable for t.v. Yeah that would be nice to have sattelite radio in my car. I do enjoy talk shows. Peace out!!

  16. glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

    yeah!!!this scared everybody CD cover threaten lots ppl to take money off their pocket to buy…so glad even scared the ‘straight’ buyer into push the number back to NO 1 on amazon.GO..adam..

    • Adam’s CD is also # 1 in the PoP music and Rock music categories ! Everyone freaked out and bought what will soon be the best album of the decade. I couldn’t wait for my copies to be mailed by Amazon, so I ordered thru relatives in the U.S. Told them to make sure they get to the music store early . This is going to be One Hot Album ! ! I will also be glued to the radio tomorrow. I know Ryan’s program is around 2 pm to 5 pm Manila Time . 89.9 Magic FM.

  17. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    I love the Family Fued story! I’ve heard of the crossword puzzle in the NYtimes,was it? and now everyone is bringing their own stories in. ADAM has got be feeling like he’s on top of the world, he sure did seem like it on the Oprah show. He says he still can’t believe it. I’m so proud of ADAM. Yesterday, I finally got my Details mag, in fact, I got 4. I got it bad!

  18. OK, I live in London and I am going to be listening to the US radio for Adam’s single debut. Adam knew what he was doing when he chose that beautiful image for his album cover, he is coming in with an almighty hurricane, everyone is talking about it, everyone will want to buy it, as I said on previous threads, it will be sold as soon as it hits the shelves. Always the unexpected from our Adam.

  19. LOL!! I’m Loooving it!!!!

  20. Toni – i now live in the UK again i saw our ADAM at the AI concert before i came home. of course i was smitten after following his journey on the TV show.
    What can we do to get the radio stations here to play his songs??
    Heart radio is in all areas- but i feel they are not going to take much notice of my emails unless there is tons of us.. I am going to try texing Emma Bunting ( x Spice girls) she does a show saturdays.
    I’m hoping he will be over here for a walk down the red carpet pre ‘2012’ release- but it may clash with the U.S premier 🙁
    love to all xxk

  21. GREAT NEWS… know that ADAM’s name appeared on Family Feud…..he’s GOING TO BE EVERYWHERE VERY SOON !!!!! ADAMAZING !!!!

  22. This is how I felt a couple of months ago when Adam Lambert was the first clue in the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. “1 Across: ______________Lambert, contestant on American Idol”. To use him and not some other famous Adam for the clue was a great tribute!!!

    I squealed, and then filled in the blanks!

  23. Just checked Adam is #1 in the “Movers and Shakers” category. Yes, that is our Adam! He is a real mover and shaker!!! Have a great day everyone…off to work! Can’t wait to hear Adam’s single on the radio!!! LOVE YA ADAM!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anytime Adam’s name is mentioned in mainstream TV, radio, press, it is huge. I wish that he had better promotion to those unlucky few that have not had the pleasure. Can you imagine being unaware of him and getting to go through that initial moment of being completely overwhelmed and left shivering, oh wait, I still do that.

  25. I saw the show as well! My first thought was Adam and i told my grandson..”You just watch he will be there”. He only got 4 votes but hey,he is just getting started..Give him a year and he will be at the top of the list!!Go Adam!!! He was on the list with some very impressive Adams and this is only the beginning . Saw him on Oprah as well…She said she will see him in November for his Album so watch for that. He will be all over next month with the movie,and album..:) Yayyy!!

  26. MrsLambert530 says:


  27. Apparently we Canadians cannot order Adams deluxe collector’s edition on the AO fansite! I wonder if it is going to be a super limited release??


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