Adam’s “Mad World” on ABC’s FlashForward this Fall

Just a little tidbit for you…  I was reading a book on the couch this afternoon and the TV was playing in the background.  Next thing I know, I’m hearing “Mad World!”  I was like, “What? Huh? Where is that song coming from?”  ABC was showing previews of a new program this fall called FlashForward.  It appears that Adam’s “Mad World” is the theme song?  At the very least, he is getting air time.  How cool is that?  And after watching the previews of this show, the song is quite fitting. The series premiere airs on Thursday, September 24th, 8/7 Central.

Here is the same preview I saw on TV. The song begins about halfway through the video. When you actually hear it on TV someday (if you haven’t already), you’ll get chills!


Dana {CatEyes}




  1. Dianne Hill says:

    That’s all it took, that small part of the song and I got shivers going down my spine. Awesome. I love Adam so much, it is impossible for me to understand how everyone doesn’t love him. Each time I see him at one of the Idol concert venues he just takes my breath away. And all this talk of how Adam lashed out at a fan, the moment I read that I thought, no that’s not true. Everything we have come to know about him and seen when giving interviews we know he could never behave like that. Anyway Kris has said it didn’t happen and Adam has said the same, that’s good enough for me. He is just not that type of person. People are strange that they have to knock someone just because they don’t fit the mould that they want them to. Jealousy is a very ugly thing and I would say that that is what this all comes down to from the National Enquirer. Silly really, can you imagine what a boring world it would be if they were all like Danny. Ughhhhh!!!!!

    • Lisette here..agree Diane an very lovli post..thenks.An cat eyes thenks for posting.!I hed hearde thes on trailors of thes very interesting new series actual last week an thout to myself first was I imagaining it was beau Adam..then agan I was so elated to know his beautful songe can be theme songe now for a new show..An every time I hearde Adam singe it from American Idol,an l’finale an now in concerte venues glambs an fans av posted is absolute one of ma favorites..His voix is celestial,velvety an very sensual,still recall how he look tresbeau in l’finale with gothic set,l’mist,haunting bells an yes did so reminde me of Andre LLoyd Webber’s beautiful play “Phantom of opera ” imagaine Adam to play thes role someday,given his theatre credites,an after American Idoltours,an cds release..Well back to theme songe,so I know I’ll be watchin thes for sure just to here beau Adam’s haunting an ethereal voix! Regardes to him lashing at any fan..must be as yu say someone very envious an perhaps from likes of gossip rags thet print falsetruths an hurtful things..All of us here adore an can nevre beliv thes to be so! Bonwishes to all glambs! An Adam angel blessings too! Luv,Lisettexoxo

  2. Jane416 says:

    I have read elsewhere that others have also been startled to hear Adam’s voice coming from their TV. By the looks of this new show (interesting concept) Mad World is a very fitting musical theme. Hmmm … Let’s see: a current cross-country tour, two CD launches on the horizon which will shortly be followed by a solo tour (Yeah!), a movie soundtrack and a TV show theme song. Sure looks like our Adam will be EVERYWHERE soon and for a really long time. But we already knew that, right? Hang on, girls and boys, the ADAMazing times are only beginning!

  3. Meg Trentacosta says:

    Wow that is amazing to hear that he has his song in a new show. Adam is just everywhere. What an amazing superstar. The show looks really cool too.

  4. qcatlady says:

    Mad World fit PEFECTLY into that TV clip! (show looks interesting too) – THank you for capturing and sharing!!

    I have SOOOOO long to wait to see the ADAM, I mean IDOL, tour in Providence, RI. which is not until September 13th. (I live in Massachusetts)…. can’t get enough Adam!

  5. hine100 says:

    Brilliant. Look forward to actually seeing the programme, and hearing the song….

  6. Hi Dianne Hill,
    Could you tell me please where did Kris and Adam say that this incident never took place? I thought I has been reading everything about Adam….

  7. AdamAddict says:

    This is old news! I already knew it long time ago.I think I posted here too.I think many do too! Well,at first I thought this the soundtrack he was talking about but I guess I was wrong the soundtrack he was talking was a movie 2012??!! or something.But good to know they using Adam’s version.That shows they have good taste!hahaha!I might watching that!
    And gala,whatever nonsense they’re talking about Adam is obviously a lie! I don’t know what they said now but I just know it’s a lie.But,I believe it’s good if we know because only that way we can defend our Adam!So,whatever sites that bashing Adam,let me know!I’ll fight for Adam anytime!

  8. bridget says:

    I liked thanks dana¡¡¡¡

  9. marlis hanson says:

    News to me–I am soooooo proud of him! I hope the fame donesn’t get to him–I don’t think it will, since he sure feels that this was the ‘rgith time’ in his life for his success to finally come. I hope he takes care of himself, does not become a druggie, and keeps the stalkers away, so he is safe! this much fame so fast—wow…


  11. I have been waiting to hear this clip on TV again so I could listen and hear if it’s Adam’s voice I was hearing. And It is! I closed my eyes as I listened to your video clip. Wow! Thanks Dana for posting it. It hasn’t taken long for Adam’s celebrity to be taken seriously. People are going to ride on his (fabulous) coat tails and take the ride of their lives. Just as I am.
    Lee # 76

    • Thats why Adam has the LONG coat tails in so many of his accentuates his TALL character as some are living in a MAD WORLD. only by their own choice.For everyone whose tenuous grasp he has…. Enjoy the RIDE… he left the others in the dust already…
      He is always kind when faced with adversity, always genuine when expressing himsel…. and so magnificent in displaying emotion as he does so eloquently in this ADAMAzing version of this incredible ballad. Brilliant mind, exceptional talent and very appropriate that all the networks now scoop him up.. AT&T eat your vibes out.. the MAN is on an upward journey and has been since day 1.
      Whole LOTTA Love BABE <333333

  12. Thank you!! I’ve seen/heard the commercial several times and thought it was Adam I was listening to!! WTG ADAM!!

  13. WELL I HATE TO BE A BUZZ-KILL, BUT I POSTED THAT 2 DAYS AGO!!! Kids, if you don’t read, you will be left in the dust! Hahaha!! Just sayin’,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re a day late and a dollar short on this one!!

  14. LolaGlamb says:

    As far as the stupid story about Adam, it is in the same vein as the one earlier about Adam being a diva. Of course it’s not true, and it’s not some shady Clay Aikins fan conspiracy. Its about money. These little rags know that a story about Adam is the quickest way to attract his massive fan base to their sites, where advertisements from their sponsors will be seen, making all the greedy little people happy. They don’t care about Adam. And they’re right, aren’t they? Haven’t we all clicked on their seamy sites to see what’s up? The quickest way to make these things go away is to not go tho those sites, even to defend Adam, because that’s precisely what they expect us to do.

  15. I just heard it the other day on tv also. I also heard one of Chris Allen’s song…forgot what show…..sorry Chris, your easy to forget. But ADAM……what a voice. Everyone is going to want Adams voice. I liked the article about the 10 commandments, they put a sticker on the DVD and all the publications about Adam being on there….they figure it will sell more….well…I bought it…LOL…anything to do with adam…i usually buy

  16. Musicalgal says:

    Wonderful. See Adam is a STAR STAR STAR. He has the it factor and is already making television. So there there there all you folks that didn’t vote for our Adam. He is absolutely wonderful. Thanks to the TV show for having Adam Lambert’s song. Rock on Adam.

  17. Kristen says:

    I heard this today while watching Wipeout. I freaked out xD haha, it’s very fitting though!

  18. IDOLize says:

    I heard it two weeks ago INTHE CINEMA in Daly City. I was sitting by my husband , home from Texas and he not having a clue ( as usual) – when the trailer for the new series came on- and relatively fresh from seeing him LIVE in San Jose- i called out ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM twice by force from the Chills i got ! the whole theatre was non plussed! there are tons of people out there who never even watched AI- or know much or anything ( positive) about our Adam –
    When that series opens and Adams lurrrve starts pouring out from the t.v all over their living room carpet JUSTWAIT !!!! everyone will want to hear more <3
    i’m planning to watch it just for the Adam fix- HELL is it on a tuesday night?- it might then help to sooth my lonesome heart !

  19. The first moment I heard Adam on the Idol tryouts, i said to myself, now here’s finally a modern Superstar. I instantly thought of The King (Elvis) . I just believe in my heart that Adam is going to be a huge Star. I’m amazed whenever i hear him sing. I find myself looking up every and anything about Adam. All the negative blogs and rumors don’t mean a thing, because he is/ and will be over and above all that when he becomes a solid music icon…..can’t wait for it all to happen….it’s history in the making!

  20. I saw this on tv the other day and wasnt quite sure if it was him or not. But I saw it again and instantly knew I had to make sure it was him Im really excited to see this and it fits the show perfectly!

  21. Lee Meeker says:

    Like so many when I first heard this, I wasn’t watching the TV, but, all os a sudden I heard Mad World being sung, I thought, oh oh, now I am losing it and this isn’t happening this can’t be happening, because as we all know Adam will be a great star but, so soon, I didn’t expect. I don’t remember at any time in the past a new singer being give the Honor of singing the background song of a new show, these show producers are for sure “Flash Forward” in their thinking.
    Lisaette: I can not imagine Adam singing “Phanton of the Opera”, my heart would not, could not take hearing him sing this lone enough watch him sing this song!! We would say” who is Andrea Loyld Webber?” after Adam sang this song. I couldn’t be happier for Adam if he was my own son, I can’t imagine how elated Adam’s parents are, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night worry how was doing and praying to keep him safe!!!!!

  22. alittlebitwicked says:

    Whoa. Powerful stuff isn’t it? Requiem for a Dream and Adam’s version of Mad World in one trailer!