Adam’s Loss of Anonymity

I don’t know how many people stopped Adam on the street, or approached him in a restaurant when he was just the “theater guy.” But in a few short months, I imagine that has changed tremendously. We watched Adam’s popularity grow on American Idol, and now he is on just about every morning talk show across the country. He became a household name in a matter of months. The loss of anonymity has occurred…and you can’t unring that bell.

The TMZ video below shows one of the first likely incidents of Adam just trying to live his life (privately), and discovering he is being followed by a reporter. Many have labeled this the “Date with a Girl” video, or “The Pointed Question” that didn’t quite get asked at the very end. But I think these are just superficial observations that don’t really get to the crux of the matter.

If you maintain your anonymity, does it really matter who you go on a date with? …not really, because no one cares! If you are relatively anonymous, does anyone publicly attempt to ask you about your orientation on anything? No. It is the loss of anonymity that opens the door for the public at large to look in, and be persistent observers of things that would otherwise be private. 

So far, Adam seems to be handling all of this really well.  He is a performer, and I believe that he thrives on being in the spotlight — although not all people would! Someday he may be living behind high brick walls and security gates, driving around in limos with tinted windows, and ordering his food in to avoid throngs of fans and reporters.  If this is the life he dreams of, I will be there to help him achieve all the fame and fortune that goes with it! 

The world is full of yin and yang, and consequences shift as we take different paths in our lives…  What’s your take on Adam’s loss of anonymity?  How will his path in life change as a result?



  1. Adam’s already riding around in limos with tinted windows. I think it’s hitting him just what has happened. His smile seems a tiny bit tired and at times forced. He keeps delivering Mad World with technical perfection over & over again each day while answering the same questions over & over again but no one can help being forever changed by such a drastic & intrusive lifestyle change. I hope he stays grounded, bears up to the pressure & manages to revel rather than resent it as time goes by. I think he’s really going to need to cling to his awesome traits in future; humor, humility and heart.

  2. Ahhhhhh. Got my Adam fix and good to go now. Thank you for a FANTASTIC website!!!

  3. I think Debra said it all. I just hope he doesn’t get burned out where he doesn’t enjoy doing what he does anymore and therefore doesn’t stick around long or have his ego (super) inflated to the point where we don’t recognize the person we fell for in the first place. I hoping his maturity (in age and professionally) will help him navigate this as well as his family and friends support.

  4. I just going to repeat: Thank you for a FANTASTIC website!!!

  5. Adam is a true professional. He’s been gearing up for this kind of popularity his entire life, and if anyone can handle it, he can. After the vote, and after I picked myself up from the floor in shock, it took me a while to realize that losing AI was the best thing that could happen to Adam. He wont be tied in to any AI rules and regulations; he’s free to produce the kind of music he excells in best. I couldn’t be happier for him. Nobody in the history of American Idol deserved the kind of fame that hes certain to obtain from here on in. I honestly believe that fifty years from now, he will be remembered and cherished, just like Elvis, because thats how rare his talent is.
    Revel in it Adam; the world is your oyster now, and I’m so thrilled for you.

  6. suziemclean says:

    Debra put it very succinctly. Kradam have not had a day of break since the finale and that’s unfortunate.

    But Adam’s loss of anonymity is expected. It is the high price that Kradam have to pay for fame. But I have faith that Adam has the maturity it takes to handle the pressures of being in the limelight.

    I think he’s very intelligent and level-headed. So I’m not worried about him big headed, just worried he won’t get enough rest and sleep 🙂

  7. Hello agan,
    Agree with Cynthia an beliv he has beene prepare for the longe teme given his early theatre accomplishementes an despite loss on Idol dosnon matter..As he has lot of apearances repeated of “Mad World” singes with gentle emotione,an perfectione an seemes always compose et relaxe..Thes is his dreame to be a superbe vocaliste/artiste an beliv he can endure l’paparazzi,an lack of privacy wil increase..Hopeful can maintiane physical wellbeing an reste
    in l’worlde of entertainement. Gathre it’s non always all glamour when one’s privacy
    is non longre. An know thet Adam so deserves his dreame as an entertaineur/vocaliste an it’s happeninge despite l’resulte of Amer.Idol…An beliv he will be here for many yers to come an a legende adored aronde l’ in same lit as many. Adam j’belive has strength an hearte
    to endure all of l’above mentione..Many blessings an continue to see his wondreful musique
    career blossum! Luv,Lisette!

  8. Adam Lambert is a one-in-a-million performer. Being on American Idol was truly a blessing for him. Now we know there is a brilliant singer and performer that exists. And that is Adam. He is amazing and captivating. I know he can handle his stardom because he is very, very intelligent. You can see that by the way he talks and answers questions. He is a wonderful artist.

  9. Something said in the third paragraph strikes me as a particularly callous remark.

    “If you are relatively anonymous, does anyone publicly attempt to ask you about your orientation on anything? No”

    You’re wrong. In many parts of the US, you can still expect to be accosted about your sexual orientation even if you are nobody. Maybe not by the media, but there are jerks out there who seek to enforce their idea of what is right, and maybe administer a beat-down if they think you don’t fit.

    Regardless of his orientation, I’m disappointed Adam has evaded the gay question, because he’s just adding to the perception that it’s shameful and private, and then profiting off that shame by generating a buzz around himself. This is one reason why they follow him around trying to get an answer. My hope is that the reason he holds back is because his contract tells him he cannot say anything about it. Other shows (Amazing Race) have done this.

    • ellen135cat says:

      I don’t believe he is evading the question – adding to the perception of it being shameful, just private. One’s sexual orientation is nobody’s business. One’s sex life is nobody’s business unless you want it to be. It’s Adam’s fundamental right to evade the question – it’s NOBODY’S business!

    • I thought I’d give another perspective to your comments regarding Adam’s evasiveness. While I suppose that some people could perceive it as proof that being gay is something to be ashamed of, I also can see another message that could be relayed by his actions. Personally, I see it as a message to the media letting them know that what Adam wants them to focus on is his talent, and not his sexual orientation, whatever that may be. He’s just working on changing their focus. And he’s taken a stong stand – for that I have to respect him. Like he says, it’s all about music. I personally think he’s smart for doing that. I don’t think he will be able to permanently stop the media, but I do think he is sending a strong message to them telling them that it really is none of their business. And if you look at the places he’s worked and the kind of work he’s done, he hasn’t really tried to “stay in the closet” so I don’t really think he is acting like he is ashamed of who he is in any way. I think he’s just trying to keep the media focused on the job at hand – showing the world his talent.

  10. I knew after the real popularity started during AI that Adam life was changed forever. He would never be able to just walk down a street and get something he needs. I hoped he was ready for the extreme fame that’s hits relatively few people. He will need body guards, a big gated home with lots of security. Perhaps those that have walked this path before him will have some advice. He is such a good person, I hope it all goes well for him in this wild adventure that will be his life.

  11. I don’t think that Adam evading the sexuality question puts any kind of negative perspective on him. One’s sex life should be a private thing, whether you are Joe Shmoe or Adam Lambert. His voice, talent, stage presence and articulation have nothing to do with his sexual orientation and I think he realizes that and embraces it. Why should any part of his music career be about his sexuality?

    • ma berry says:

      I agree. What is the big deal? Think back folks to fantastic performers who stretch our musical experience in new ways. I am think of David Bowie and Prince to name a few. Every step they take is a musical journey to a new place. I watched Prince since he played at First Avenue in Minneapolis and saw him grow. Wild out fits, Eye liner and all. Everyone once in a while a magical person grabs our hearts and our need for great music. Now it is Adam’s turn. Let’s listen to his music, enjoy his humor and get on with the NEXT in Adam’s life.

  12. I hope that Adam keeps the wonderful, sweet, honest, sincere outlook on life that he has. I hope he stays unjaded. His life will never be the same. In fact, few have gone where he will be going.

  13. Jeanette says:

    Remember the shot of him during his audition when he runs out of the building with his golden ticket, and the two girls on the sidewalk pretty much ignore him? Seems like so long ago! The media attention is fierce now and will continue to be fierce. I echo the thoughts of others – limos and security personnel are already a part of his life. I hope, as everyone else does, that he able to cope with the intense, constant scrutiny and the hordes of fans and media types both who all want a piece of him. I think he has several things going for him. The fact that he’s so open with himself is a plus, as is his ability to maintain a calm demeanor in the midst of mania and madness. Hopefully the support of his family and friends, as well as his faith, will keep him centered and grounded. He hasn’t talked much about his religion, but I get the sense that he is a very spiritual person. I agree with those who say that if anyone is prepared to handle fame, Adam is.

  14. AdamAddict says:

    When Adam choose this path, I think he already prepared for everything. But I hope with all this fame,he still can have normal life,family and friends won’t abonden him just because he didn’t keep in contact.Sometimes people can be very busy and when they have that little time,they choose to shut their eyes!
    Whatever happens,I hope Adam is strong enough to handle it.Don’t work to much until he get sick and I said for everybody here,be happy always!

  15. YOURSFOREVER says:

    Adam such a fast thinker! he gets out of uncomfortable situation fast and dry! Good for him. He doesn’t blabber something that he will regret later. This guy has serious smarts.

  16. everyone is talking about it, i think that’s the point. dialogue is everything. and adam can handle it, is handling it very well. his plan was to be successful and lo and behold he IS successful. he knows what this is and he’s working it out. sit back and relax. he can do this.

  17. Nice discussion thread going on here. I have to agree that I don’t think that Adam is acting like he is ashamed of anything. His unwavering stance from very early on has been that he is who he is and that he has nothing to hide or be ashamed of. He has certainly shown us from the very beginning of his idol journey that he is entirely comfortable in his own skin and knows exactly who he is as a performing artist. Paula pointed this out very early on in his idol performances and it is obvious that Paula “got Adam” from the get-go, kudos to Paula. To me it is this self confidence coupled with his humility and genuineness that makes Adam so very appealing. No wonder Allison wants him for her big brother! I can’t say that sexuality has nothing to do with the Adam experience though. I think Adam’s androgenous or ambivalent sexuality is actually part of his appeal for me – in the wild chameleon ride Adam takes us on between Whole Lotta of Love and Beth, the high is really the sensuality of the sexual experience and what a high! I think that Adam, being the artist and entertainer he is, Adam realizes this, hence his statements to the effect that speculation about his sexual orientation “keeps things interesting” and his advice to media to “keep on speculating”. I also read an article recently in which his mother states that she signed a contract with AI not to discuss Adam’s personal life. She is quoted as saying that she’d rather not make any comment till “it comes out” whatever that means. I do think the comment that Adam wants the focus to be on his talent to sing and entertain rather than on his sexual orientation. He has every right to keep his sexual orientation private if he chooses – I don’t think anyone, fans included, have any right to expect Adam to discuss that unless he chooses to do so.