Adam’s Jacket Journey

***UPDATED WITH MORE PHOTOS!!!*** Two more concert off-days, so time for more more purely indulgent fun!  Here, by special Glamb request, is a pictorial look at Adam’s jacket journey, from Idol week 1 to the present, ending with my favorite, the jacket coming off!  Which is your favorite? ***ANOTHER UPDATE – FUNKY MUSIC JACKET ADDED*** Hey, I didn’t know there was any love for the Play That Funky Music outfit, but per request, I have added it!








If I left out one of your favorites, let me know and I’ll try to post it!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. All Star Me says:

    I’m kinda partial to the Ring of Fire jacket. haha I’m glad a jacket composite was made up! Now I don’t feel as ridiculous for making that Adam jacket video haha!

  2. My fav are ring of fire and the concert jacket 🙂

    • Miichan says:

      I’m with you on Ring of Fire jacket. It fit the background flames, the song and everything on AI stage. Created such a magic! Just so seductive and so wicked!

  3. Ditto with Lola’s comment!

  4. Valentina says:

    the lastest jackets are the best, i think.

  5. My fave is the long black coat for sure.

    Next is the Satin tuxedo (suit) jacket. Can you find a picture with him in it and a black shiny stone and silver broach on the lapel.

    Also the light beige one he wore for Mad World, very simple but cool with all white beneath and a loose scarf around his neck.

    • hwiduri says:

      Agree with you theresa/canada, I love the jacket that he wore when he sang Mad World. And I think the white one that he wore when he got interview by MTV News recently during AI tour day off in California. Cool one!!!

      • I agree with you too Theresa, he´s so sweet singing Mad world, looks like an angel … the concert jacket is also very sexy … how can someone can be an angel and the sexiest man in the world?

        • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

          I agree with the Mad World jacket…I was mesmerized, with him sitting in that light, dressed so simply, singing not just like any angel but an archangel…..the words of the song moving me beyond anything I could ever imagined…my mind & body were absorbing everything about him…..and yes he received a standing O, for that performance…..and I am an old biker chick, never really cared for suits…but just this afternoon I was replaying the finale week, and there he was in that Silver Suit, singing “A Change Is Gonna Come”, with so much emotion, he looked as if he had tears in his eyes, and had to shake off the emotion before the judges.. And I thought him the most handsome of men, still reeking or raw sexual masculinity…..Gawd…Gotta Luv Him !!

          p.s. Adam luvs his boots can’t wait til we get to…and the lenght of those boots….man

          • My fav is also the long black coat. My 8″ x 10″ framed picture of him wearing it I call “The Coat”. I just want to grab that collar, pull him toward me, and plant a big sexy kiss on those incredible lips.

            I also like the “Ring of Fire” & “Mad World” jackets. That man is so photogenic and boodylicous he could wear an old sack and look like a god.

    • BTW the Mad world jacket and Born to be wild are one in the same. They dyed it black.

  6. I figured you wanted only ones worn on AI, he has other great ones from the past few years.

    I have been kinda “following’ his jewellery and have posted on other threads. He has changed his belt buckle since coming to Vancouver, it was a silver snake and now it’s a huge glittery thing!

    His current jacket looks somewhat “stiff” at the tails but they are made to be removed, and even the sleeves have a removable lower part. Very good for wearing later and he does seem to favour sleeves pushed up anyway.

    • Jeanette says:

      You guys are too much! You gave me the photo idea, Terry. First I was just going to do my favs, then I saw that somebody wanted the jackets. Next I’ll have to do a pictorial post on Adam’s pants. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! (Glad it’s me!!!!!!)

      • Oh yes! Puleeeez do one of the pants. 🙂

        • Oh really, the pants I hate his pants!!! His jackets are ridiculous!! I say no pants and no jackets, no t-shirts. Just the ADAM and maybe some guyliner. Does this man really need clothes?

      • Aw! Poor poor Jeanette! Such toil for a good cause!! LOL

        And yes, I am called “Terry” and should have used it when I joined. Theresa is my “legal” name ha ha!

        Well, If you need photos of all his jewellery let me know!

        I don’t know how to send to you. I got an email from Dana but my collection is really huge!

        I TAKE REQUESTS FOR THIS SITE THOUGH. has been collecting from various people and has over 100 pages! I wonder where some of the pics came from? They go back to when he was 6, 10, 16 etc.. and his grad. and lots of casual shots at dinner with the Idols, with friends, with fans..

        • Theresa,
          Hi from Texas. I would love to see the pictures of his jewelry. I was in a special jewelry store last week. What did I find myself doing…….looking at jewelry that Adam would like/wear!!!! My son was a jeweler for 10 years so I have a collection. I had a snake belt at one time.can’t find it now. So I have a snake in the house…..just a tiny baby for my grandson. I won’t be able to go to the show in Dallas. So would love to see your picture collection

          • AdamAddict says:

            The tail from the tour jacket can be moved?That’s so cool!I think it’s better without the tail!And Jeanette,please talk about his pants after this.That’s an awesome idea. Good thinking! LOL! 😀

          • HI Linda, where in Texas? I lived in Austin for over a year in the seventies and love that city!

            I am collecting pics of Adam’s jewellery as much as I can, I have his two big pendants and have been searching for more, but we can look at others in closeups and maybe figure them out.. The pendants are from

            Moe later.. I’ll send them to Jeanette.

      • And that somebody was MEEE!

  7. Jeanette no. 2 says:

    I like the first light blue one in which he sang the song “Black or White”.

    And the concert jacket with spikes is way cool ! It is ‘sick’ and futuristic, like he can be in the movie Transformer. And of course his hair spikes up just right.

  8. adamtastic1877 says:

    the ring of fire jacket and OF COURSE the last one at the concert!

  9. I like the one from when he sang Mad World. I also liked him in that teal shirt with black jacket.

  10. My absolute favorite is the jacket Adam’s wearing for the concert, although that’s tied with the pic of him taking the jacket off. I also really liked the jacket he wore when he sang Black or White.

  11. MicheleDE says:

    All beautiful …. he’s so gorgeous! I mean, the jackets, yeah… the jackets are all gorgeous! lol… but I am partial to the ROF jacket first…. took my breath away – all of it, the jacket, the pants, the shirt-lift *cough* … his voice and rendition of the song… wow! I also love the first Mad World jacket, that sweet schoolboy look with the light scarf, so sweet…. perfect. And the concert jacket is, well it’s just “sick” as Adam puts it! It is so “ROCK STAR”!

    okay all of a sudden out of my speakers I just heard (an audio clip of) Adam singing “Rock & Roll all night” w/Kiss, and an interview with him! lol… is that coming from this site? I have several windows open, where’s it coming from? what a nice surprise, though… he’s always so perfect in interviews, too. I’ve heard this one before, but it’s great to hear it again. 🙂

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      its from this site. if im on a page like this for too long, its starts playing. that happens alot for me!

  12. I especially love the long, black coat he wore when he sang ‘Mad World’, with the mist billowing around his feet. In it, he looks like the darkling prince of an elven land. Interesting, too, that when he sang in that sweeping, black coat which so enhanced his beauty, he had a look of such beautiful sadness on his face. To me, that was one of his defining iconic moments, and I fervently hope he will repeat that imagery again. I also like the blue/gray rocker-stud jacket he is wearing at the concerts, and I particularly like the blown-up photo of his broad blue back, with his black hair catching on the collar back. Again, that image will remain as an iconic reminder of Adam. I am not as fond of the tails of his blue tour jacket, but only because they do not fall naturally down his back. The jacket should remain long as it enhances that strut of his, and his long leg, but his tailor should correct the fall at the sides and back. I also very much liked the off-white jacket and scarf he wore when he sat to sing ‘Mad World’. That softer style made a huge hit with Korean movie fans some years back when worn by one of their favorite young movie stars, and I’m sure Adam would take Asia by storm if he dressed in that style. But even more than these, (except for the long, black coat), I loved the tailored silk suits, black, silver, and white, that Adam wore to achieve his 50’s look. I have never seen a more attractive man, and when he stood backstage holding hands with one of the female AI judges, towering over her with the most beautiful smile a man can make, I thought, there is no one to compare with this sensational, incomparable young man.



      In a post farther up I mention the features of the blue leather ‘tailed’ jacket, done for a reason, too bad it’s so stiff though.

      • Hey theresa/canada, I saw your post and totally agreed with you, and since you were writing tonight on this post, I had to write too! Like minds, like minds…and I think if I saw Adam Lambert coming down the street in that long, black coat I would certainly make a huge scene I would probably later regret!

      • Yes, I also loooooooooove the black coat – reminds me of Zorro and Phantom of the Opera, yes, yes, dark, mysterious, alluring! I also like his tour coat. Ooooooooooh, his pout in the last pic is sending me into orbit again. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

        • Oh, dear Ingrid, don’t you KNOW there’s NO HELP for it? We will just have to suffer here in the Black Coat Society…

        • Reminds me of “Highlander” the series, weren’t they Scots vampires???

        • I couldn’t believe it when Simon Cowell judged him too “Phantom of the Opera” in the long black coat in the fog, when he had hit on EXACTLY the right combination to put the entire female audience in a swoon. Simon may have figured out that Adam was a world-class star, but he simply did NOT get the power a long black coats in fog… on Adam!

          • PEGGY, NOW LET’S THINK JUST A MINUTE HERE!!! What does Simon wear? – my point exactly!
            Simon knows NOTHING about fashion, and specifically NOTHING about sexy iconic superstar
            dressing! What can we expect from Simon!! He would serve himself well if he would LET SOME-
            BODY shop for him! Right!?…………ah, duh! Right! haha!

            • Now, just remember, ladies, Simon is an impresario, a shorter-sighted type among the lesser mortals. Adam, on the other hand, is a visionary demi-god of style, culture, and fashion. There truly is no comparison, and we need not worry ever again what Simon thinks, because everyone ELSE has certainly gotten the message loud and clear that Adam Lambert is on the scene to stay..

  13. AdamAddict says:

    I like Black&white(match his eyes),WLL! ROF …too gold so,I dunno!The Tour jacket look too stiff!Maybe if cut the tail than it’s ok.I like he dress behind the stage,the one with tie.But among all,WLL jacket is the best! 🙂

    • AdamAddict says:

      Now that you added the photo,it will be different story.I really love the suit that he wore on “A change is gonna come” and the black suit with the brooch! SEEEXXYYY!! Weird,some people look good only in suit but not in jacket,tight pant,& all oe otherwise but Adam looks good in everything.He can play Clark Kent.A suit and then taa daa,tight …suit??!!


    My favourite is the one he used for the tour, second being the one he used for A Whole Lotta Love, then the one he used with the amazing KISS performance, followed by the Mad World trenchcoat thing, followed by the Ring of Fire… I think I shall stop here.

    I am seriously Adam- high today… XD

  15. Wow! This is awesome! I love the BoW jacket because the color is so unusual! I like the RoF jacket because it looks totally vintage…he wears the jacket from WLL quite often since off the show. He also wears a white jacket that I quite like a lot. He didn’t wear it for one of his performances on the show but I’ve seen him wearing it quite often. He wore an entirely white outfit for one of the group numbers and he might have been wearing it in that number (there’s an awesome pic of him in that white outfit out there somewhere). I’ve loved all of Adam’s suits and tailored jackets (the white Feelin Good one being my least favorite). I do love the black tuxedo jacket he wore on finale results night (such a sad night). He wore it with a black shirt underneath and a broach on the lapel. He looked like a total movie star. Loved the KISS outfit and I absolutely love the tour jacket! And those tails are NOT stiff! I’ve read someone say that twice. If you watch the videos, especially of Slow Ride, when he dances those tails flow with his movements quite nicely. But my favorite look, is when he takes the jacket off HANDS DOWN!

    • Oh yes, yes, Steph, I forgot about that beautiful black ensemble he wore the night he ‘lost’ on American Idol. I probably forgot about it because I couldn’t bear to think about that night ever again. But the suit he wore with the brooch was breathtakingly beautiful. I think Adam wore it in case he was the winner, and that lovely suit would further enhance the power of the moment. Alas, he was runner-up, and that jacket became a symbol of heartbreak. But I do hope he wears it again, he is every inch the most beautiful man in the world wearing it.

      • As for the final night, the “Beth” ensemble immediately put me in mind of something tragic, 15th century and Shakespearean, as if the shoulder cages had been part of his armor. Not Richard III, but the Black Prince of an alternative history…. Again, it must be the theatre training that gives Adam the ability to move like fantasy-royalty (no modern royalty was ever that graceful!). And then, the glitter eyeliner like a hint of tears…. All that drama, and then the lovely simplicity of the song – which he must record the rest of!

  16. Kittybaroque says:

    Going for WWL both on Idol and Tour, though really the transition from jacket on to off in Bowie medley ROCKS!

  17. rhymingrealtor says:

    Favorite -of all above is Teal from Black &White – the whole outfit is perfection – the Jeans fit perfectly and were the perfect color for the black and white shirt underneath and the neckwear went perfectly with it all – and the hair – besides the slick back ( which I love) his hair was perfect that night also. I feel the tour jacket would look much better with out the tails. the silver suit with silver/gray shoes black shirt – OMG just to die for and yes definitly a model.

  18. I really loved the long black trench coat with seXXXy Adam walking towards us through the fog and I must admit the Ring of Fire outfit was HOT, especially the pants-scorching hot!!! But I also love the photo above of Adam doing “Whole Lotta Love” when he was “a whole lotta perfect “and of course-“Take it off Baby” When I saw him Live in Tacoma- the crowd and myself -screamed the whole way through, but it went up a notch when he slippled out of his bad ass leather studded tux to reveal a seXXXy low cut V necked vest which gave us an even better view of his “Big Gorgeous Beltbuckle” & swiveling hips…..Whew….That was a night to remember! And I promise you that I keep remembering it every night, over and over and over again. Man, I love my life!!!!

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      i think the tacoma bowie medley was my fave vid on youtube. but i noticed he had a black tank underneath the vest…grr >:S…

  19. Ninalatina9 says:

    OMG the jacket post is awesome. I LOVE his style…He has so much charisma, SeXXX appeal, he seems like such an awesome human being and I can’t stop looking at everything to do with Adam!
    He has fierce leather jackets!!!

  20. pokergurl says:

    Altho I know he loved wearing it, I personally didn’t care for the outfit he wore with KISS. Kinda made him look shorter and heavier, I don’t know. Wasn’t too flattering. My favorite jacket is the one he’s wearing on the tour right now. Very sexy. And when it’s OFF, well that’s even more so, lol. Yummy!

  21. I don’t care- I just like to look at him…lol

  22. I love the jacket prior to week 1, when he sang Satisfaction. That is when I fell in love with him, and although the jacket is kind of plain, it is shiny, so it still has some Adamness to it, and he looks very hot in it. What makes him so hot is that he is comfortable with himself, very confident without being irritating about it, he is adorable, he has all those eye contact moments, lip action, hip action, moments, (damn it is sooo hard to think of the words without getting lost in it all, huh?!), he can sure dance, and he can SAANG!!! Satisfaction has it all, and was such a surprise to have someone like him on Idol, my heart skipped a beat and I knew I was going to follow him foreva, even if he didn’t go any further on Idol. I LOVE ADAM–he has brightened up my life! And I LOVE the moment I fell in lofe with him, and the jacket he wore then…

  23. Isabella says:

    my favs are also the ring of fire jacket, the last one… but i also like the blue one from MJ week.. and by the way i also like the one from born to be wild, n´but its not on here!
    god, i can’t decide..

  24. speechless says:

    How do you rank perfection?! He is just OMFG HOOOTTTTT in all of them!! Before I read this post and was reminded of all the jackets he wore, the ones that stuck out in my mind were the ROF jacket and the long trenchcoat MW one. He can wear or NOT wear ANY jacket and I for one will swoon. YUMMY!!

  25. Jacket, what jacket? Was I suppose to be looking at the jacket.

    • AdamAddict says:

      LOL!!Pants,what pants?The tight pants? Oh yes, my eyes only focus at his tight pants …~clear throat~ and of course his face!
      Who am I kidding,I was totally checked him out from top to toe!! 😀

  26. Eleanor says:


  27. Karen B says:

    Defnitely “The Concert” jacket and not just ’cause it comes off so easily!

  28. renogirl says:

    The teal jacket is my first love because it is when I started watching the performances over and over. Then my favorite would be the tour jacket. Then the long one. His sense of fashion made me relook at what I was doing or not doing with my own wardrobe. I love that he inspires you to think about your life and how you are living it. Are you having fun? I think this fall I may shop for a leather jacket.

  29. Vicky Fonseca says:

    I love all his jackets on him, love everything and anything on him BUT what really got me is the last photo of him taking the tour jacket OFF! SMOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Two days to go – seeing Adam in Dallas Thursday!! Life is good!

  30. AllaboutAdam says:

    I loved ALL of Adam’s jackets – and his jeans and his boots, and his cool rocker tees simply because he is one of those men that can wear anything, and wear it well. I mean, the guy would look good in a paper sack, or even … nothing at all! I mean, REALLY! But I digress: my favorite jackets are first: the black Mad World Finale where he looks like he could be the most gorgeous vampire from the neck down, no? I also loved the dark brown jacket he wore with Queen… he looks incredibly awesome in brown and black.. with that hair topping off the whole package. That jacket was a very cool, somewhat understated, but confident look – very appropriate in contrast to the KISS outfit from earlier that night… love the way he switches up and pulls off every look imaginable. I still say the perfect day with Adam would be a shopping spree – I’d let him pick out all of my clothes and makeup! And we’d finish it off with a visit to his favorite hair-stylist. That would be the perfect DAY. But I think all of us here are unanimous on what the perfect night with Adam would be…… Similar to the one dream that was posted in such detail awhile back, I’d say. Dream on – in Adam-style, NOT Danny Gokey style.

    • mormor says:
      July 21, 2009 at 4:39 pm
      Oh really, the pants I hate his pants!!! His jackets are ridiculous!! I say no pants and no jackets, no t-shirts. Just the ADAM and maybe some guyliner. Does this man really need clothes?

    • AllAboutAdam – hey, you remembered my dream!! AWESOME!!! Yes, the perfect night!!! AAaahhhh…!
      I think he was incredible w/Kiss – or preferably w/o Kiss, after what Gene Simmons said about Adam! But
      when he sang “Beth”, the WORLD STOOD STILL. Oh, my, the world stood still, and I am soooooo happy
      that I have all his performances on my DVR. Someday we’ll be able to get MORE ADAM, AND ADAM ALONE!!! Loved your comment!
      ………………………………………………………………………………………peace-love 2 Adam…………………………………..

  31. lambertlady54 says:

    what about the suit jackets? ex. the one her wore at the finale??
    but my fave if these is when the jacket is coming OFF and the whole lotta love one!

  32. We certainly have noticed his clothing. I think Jeanette has a few more ideas “up her sleeve” (so to speak) so be on the lookout for more about Adam’s look.




  33. does his white interview leather count? maybe i missed it, but i didn’t see the beige madword jacket?? this was really fun…thanks for putting it together!

  34. Thanks for this! It is cool to see all his jacket looks in one spot! I am going to the Dallas concert on Thrusday & cannot wait!!! Thanks for this great site!

  35. Hey, Jeanette, after the ‘pants collectio” how about “Adam and his many hair colours and styles?”

  36. Wow!! You really did add pictures!! Luv them all!

    I’ve always thought his look on the Kelly and Regis show was the best…..shown above in the jeans, slim black jacket and tie…… beautiful.

    Least favourite……ugh! The Young Entertainment Awards or whatever they were called….also shown above. Don’t think you missed much. hehe

    Thanx for that!

  37. WITHOUT QUESTION I loved the long blacd (wool?) coat w/the black rose on the lapel!!! Would definately like to have one w/minimal differences for myself for winter!!
    SECOND is Ring of Fire jacket!
    Third is the pewter colored suit, w/blue tie with the skull on it and the pinstripped shirt and gorgeous, classy cufflinks!
    The picture of him near the end on the concert stage w.side view of his sexiness flowing all over himAdam wears everything sooooo well, w/ONE EXCEPTION! I HATE, HATE the outfit he put together for the YHA nite!!!! Big mistake on that one!!! Obviously Adam and I disagree on that b/c that’s what he felt like wearing.
    But, when you’re hotttt, you’re hotttt! And, of course, Adam is the hotttttestttt!
    Thanks for the fun, Jeannette!

    • Cheryl, there have been so many negative comments on the YHA night’s outfit. I think kthe hair threw us off and the pants so tight which normally we’d love…. the jacket might work with other pans and hair? you think?

      I didn’t like it either..

      • Jeanette says:

        I didn’t like his hair that night (YHA), but I do like the jacket. I have this thing about anything that glitters. Mostly, though, I agree with all you guys – the whole ROF outfit and the Mad World long coat are my top favs. Hey, I’m a vampire author, so I have to love the long coat!

      • THERESA, oh, my, where sould I begin!! Well you said it best! The hair! Totally too horrible! haha! Absolutely the worst I have ever seen Adam’s hair!! Make-up was heavier than usulal, mixed w/the hair which
        had been combed so far back to the extreme it killed the whole thing! Then, as you said,,, the pants. Yeah,
        we love Adam in tight pants, BUT, the pants were too tight and cut drastically close at the ankles, that he
        should have worn a different type shoe, one that was like his unlaced boots, or something to that affect to
        balance his top and bottom off better. Yes, the jacket was just all wrong for everything else he had on!!!
        See, now wasn’t that easy??!! I would defilnately be available for assisting Adam’s dressing up, however,
        he makes such few errors I don’t think he needs MY help!!!! haha! ALTHOUGH, I AM AVAILABLE – ADAM
        CREAM – MAYBE???? Anyway, Theresa, or Terri, do you think we’re in agreement? I’m just glad someone
        saw that outfit like I did, cuz as PERFECT AS ADAM IS, WE CAN ALL MAKE MISTAKES!! hahaha!

        • An obvious ploy to be Adam’s personal stylist. You’re not fooling anybody. Before you can dress him we all know he has to take off his clothes. His hair looked great. but I guess a shampoo and scalp massages won’t hurt.

      • Hey, Terry, what do you think of my answer to your above question on Adam’ hair and clothes on the comment I wrote? Did you have any other thought about it? At this point, I think my response is below this one!

  38. I like my Adam sans jacket the best. I was a bad girl – when he took off his jacket in LA, I screamed like I did at my first Chippendale’s concert! Yeah, I was enjoying myself. Adam sans jacket spells pure S-E-X !

    Oops, the subject was jackets. Yes, for pure drama, I liked the trenchcoat in the Mad World AI finale.

    For drop-dead pure handsome appeal, I like him in all of his suits with his hair slicked back.

    Adam is just amazing, no matter what he wears…or doesn’t wear!

  39. Adamfanatic says:

    My fav is the concert jacket and the rockstar jacket…….. but is it ok 2 say Adam looks good in anything…….. or nothing at all???

  40. Dianne Hill says:

    Adam and jackets, just perfect. I love, love them all, but the best pic of the lot is the last one with him taking off that jacket. So draw droppingly gorgeous.

    You know, I have been thinking for awhile now with Adam being gay and all, that a sex change operation could be in order, I would maybe have a chance then, but of course the real trouble is that I am old enough to be his mother and no amount of botox or plastic surgery would change that fact, so sex change operation or not, there is no chance for me, however I love him so much I don’t really care and I will just go back to my fantasies.

    Thanks for the above pics. I love every single jacket, there is no way that I could pick just one, and each one when you see a picture of him you know exactly what song he was singing and it takes you right back there. Ahhh the memories.

    • I just LOVE this Diane, thank you, I was putting myself in this vision of yours for a few moments, and thinking it might just work….

  41. To me the ultimate glam jacket is his over the top 3 piece shoulder wing extravaganza from the finale. I was blown away by the outfit when i first saw it and I still can’t get enough of it!

  42. This is a copy and paste from AdamAdictsAnonymous website. I hope it works’

    It’s “Starlight” from Oakland but very close up and very sexy. The photographer gets a little excited and drops the “F bomb” so be prepared, only once though. I don’t have a clue how you get to it. But if all else fails go to and look to the right as Vicky has all sorts of videos including one I’ve never seen, his performance on Idol of “Change is Gonna Come”

    Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

  43. Oooops, didnt work. Then why do they say “copy” on their site and “share”?? Oh well….

    • AdamAddict says:

      you should copy the link.the (http:// whatever) and paste it here!Please try again!

      • I tried twice, and that is how I did it, but included in all the gobbledegook was a lot of and the word ’embeded’, maybe that’s why? Then why say “share”?

        • Haha, those were supposed to be those ‘sideways arrows’ after the word ‘of’…

          remember ‘greater than and less than’ from school Math?? ha ha

      • Oh, AdamAddict, look up and you’ll see a line of blue type click on it and it takes you right there. I have joined that site so if the videos do not open or are not there, you might have to also. It’s a good site,, has loads of photos and the woman who has posted her videos, they are excellent!

  44. AllaboutAdam says:

    Yes Cheryl Norman I remembered that dream – who could forget? Have you noticed the girl in the front row when he’s singing BETH? she clutches her stomach as if her breath has caught in her throat from the pureness of his voice and gorgeousness of him. I can just imagine what she’s saying to her friend next to her in that split second… He does BETH SO PERFECTLY! makes me wish he’d re-sing every song I have in my CD collection and let me toss the originals away. WOW – you sound like me – i have all his performances too – and anytime I’m in a not-so-great mood, i watch one or all of them and am reminded how wonderful life is with him in the world … Aw geez, the visual of Adam taking OFF his jacket… and then he just keeps going… I doubt if I’ll get any work done today… again. Everytime someone at the office walks by, there’s SOMETHING Adam on my screen or coming out of my speakers… and my co-workers all say “HIM – AGAIN????” uhhh YEAH – HIM AGAIN and HIM FOREVERMORE… isn’t it great how we all know him so well – we can relate every jacket or pants or hairstyle or piece of jewelry to which song or appearance it goes with? and I’m not a bit embarrased that i have it all memorized in my head either! C’mon August 5 where I am in the THIRD ROW and will be weeping with joy when i see him in the flesh… and last, but definitely NOT least, thank you Jeanette for posting the Queen jacket… such a nice, big picture too! THANKYOU!

    • AllAboutAdam, Oh, I so love that performance!! You describe him so great! Oh my gosh! You’ve got THIRD ROW seats!!! That is ‘so sick’! (as Adam would say)! You will never be the same again after that concert!! That’s less than 2 wks away!!! Well, as far as your co=workers go, their music savy can only be
      enhanced by hearing Adam. Just think of it as your contribution to their lives!! hahaha! Having those performances on DVR has been nothing short of a blessing! I’m with you, when I feel the need for comfort
      I will often play one of his performances. Esp. at bedtime! Then, I’m all dreamy eyed, and cn close my eyes
      thinking about how happy I am for Adam, and fall off to sleep!!! He has done wonders for so many of us, and he could not really know how much! I hope that someday, someone can explain the whole thing to him.
      We do sound a lot alike! So many of the people on this site share so much! I think Adam, w/o knowing it has brought many people together that might not have ever known each other! Well. he HAS actually done that, now!!! We will be able to send him “fan mail” easier after the tour is over. His mother may even be in charge of that! That would be cool!!!

  45. DELeonard says:

    LOVE the last pic!! But you forgot the blue shirt under black jacket for Play That Funky Music!

  46. AdamAdmirer says:

    I love the way that Adam has always matched his outfits with the vibe of the song – he is just genious at that and knows how important the jackets are. Brilliant!!!

    The ROF look, for me, was a defining moment – first you notice the face, eyeliner, the hair, the V-neck shirt, the gloves, accessories were all perfect, then when the camera pans around him and you see the back of the jacket, wow!!! It was rivoting. Pure sensual, sexy along with his voice and amazing smile and when he told Ryan that it will be signature, but not tamed or something like that.

    I also love the softness of the teal leather jacket in Black or White, since it matches his eyes and also Mad World long coat, just beautiful and always so tasteful.

    I can’t wait to see Adam in the pages of GQ or W, maybe even in an ad campaign for some great men’s wear line – just think of the billboards they could do!

    • You are right,, AA. I was watching an enlarged version of the Feelin Good video in the white silkk suit and noticed he changed to diamond earrings instead of black, and removed all nail polish with only a couple of rings. He knows how to put things together all right! He dressed up or down accordingly.

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Thanks so much T/C, I noticed that too. What about the pearl grey silk suit with the blue tie he wore for Change is Gonna Come on AI? He just slayed me that night with his rendition of the Blues song, I thought this is right up his wheelhouse – I hope he does something like that on his record.

        Relative to the picture above – has he been looking even more beautiful in these latest pictures, or is it me? Is that even possible ?? How is it he is on tour and all these late nights and busy schedule and he looks even more beautiful than ever !?!

        Also, I want to just say that I am thrilled for Adam’s success – he seems to be so happy about what’s going on and he should be – he deserves every bit of the attention he is getting and handling it all so well – Go Adam!!!

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Oops, the picture I was referring to was in the prior post – The Latest on the Album – where he is posing with the 2 guys. Sorry, so many new great posts!!!

        • Yes AA we think he is a bit more fit, lost a bit of the ‘pudge’ that was building up during the series (maybe he’s an emotional eater like so many of us?) WE also have noticed his arms are getting more definition, great for the ‘big reveal’ onstage! Nothing like a busy tour to get fit and have fun at the same time, and we fans are the beneficiaries, YUM!

          You are the first person besides myself who commented on the bluesy way he sang “Change is gonna come” and I think he’d be dynamite with a bit of blues in his singing. It’s a genre that people tend to enjoy more as they get older yet some of the more popular American bands, esp the southern ones, incorporate bluesy streaks into their country or rock songs. Black Crowes? even Rolling Stones.. it can work in rock music!

          • THERESA!!!!!! Say what?! I am here to tell you both that I, ME, I was the very 1st to use the word
            “bluesy” !!!! I noticed you said it after I did, and was looking for you to mention that to me!!!? I said
            it in total regard to “A Change….” and said at the time that I loved good blues music!! How could you
            have missed that? I am truly ‘crushed’, cuz I was thinking at the time that probably a lot of people
            don’t like ‘blues’. I’ve gone to see Clapton 4 times!!! I love the Stones version of “Little Red Rooster”
            back in ’64 or ’65, and Ray Charles is so great!!! Back in the 90’s my daughter’s first fiance tried to
            talk me into listening to the Black Crowes cuz he knew the music I liked. So one night when he was
            going to pick her up at work, he called me and said he was going to pick me up first and wanted to
            show me something! So after we drove off, he put the Black Crowes’, ‘She taqlks to Angels’ on in
            his car real loud (I have to listen to my music full volume) and I about died! Loved it! Oh, yeah, the
            Stones were totally influenced by Muddy Waters, B.B.King, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, etc. I saw
            the Stones on Ed Sullivan on their 1st American performance when Mick wore that gray torn sweat
            shirt that was too short!!! Love him!! ANYHOO, Maybe I can go back and find my post for you!
            But, make no mistake, gals, I KNOW when I used the word ‘bluesy’ and nobody had used that
            particular word before that. Not to make a ‘big deal’ out of it or anything! Just sayin’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            PEACE & LOVE!!

            • OOOOPS! So sorry, Dear Cheryl, in fact I don’t recall your post. Sometimes we miss reading a reply to a reply to a reply etc.. and if time is tight I tend to gravitate to the three or four newest threads.. so much Adam, so little time. LOL

              Yes, he does have a bluesy edge at times and I’d love to hear him soften his voice a bit (just for effect, of course) and sing in the lower ranges if he is able to.

              I always loved Elvis’s early music, the rockabilly style he was most happy with, and hated his ‘bubblegum pop” songs encouraged by Col Parker within those silly films he got saddled with.

              I firmly believe, Adam, who loves to surprise us, and who is a real chameleon by nature, will experiment with many different sounds and styles, and who knows? might even invent a whole new genre?????

            • PS. Cheryl, I love blues, right after reggae (yes, I’m a bit different in that area, but then I AM Canadian!) ha ha

              My neighbour was lead singer in a Black Crowes cover band in Toronto, thin, long black hair etc.. and we loved to go to his shows.. I also love Clapton, Ray Charles, Buddy Guy, Billie Holiday, etc… and even Cajun music and Zydeco…. I have over 100 cds I bought from a friend and they are “world’ music in the true sense.

              I really really hope Adam spreads his “range” in music.. actually with the aging baby boomers, still the largest N American group with buying power, anything which appeals to them en masse will work for him…. not that we wouldnt buy the phone book if he sang it also!

              I think that plays a part in the fact that so many of us who love him are older.. I was raised on rock n roll and not the ‘old school’ style of music like Perry Como. And between teaching teens and having college student boarders, plus my own sons, I never actually gave up listening to whatever was popular for the day. Only since being older have I incorporated Latin, African, Middle Eastern rhythms into my tastes, thus I loved Riing of Fire.

              It will be so much fun following Adam’s evolution in music!

              • THERESA, Oh, I was soooo happy to se someone else say that they liked ‘A Change..’, and
                use the adj. ‘bluesy’, cuz if you’re using that term I know we’re on the same page!!! I have
                always loved the ‘blues’, and am not really sure why that happened to me! I bought Ray
                Charles’ 1st album when I was in 7th or 8th grade, and none of my friends liked him at all!
                Then, I think it was about ’65 when I bought Kris Kristopherson’s “Jesus Was A Capricorn”
                and fell in love w/Kris. None of my friends liked him either! I eventually saw him and his 2nd
                wife, Rita Coolidge in concert together a couple times and Kris once alone w/some other
                artists.In my world, I have always been alone w/my love for the blues, until I met a guy that
                I eventually had a relationship with for 15 yrs and he was in a band and looked so much like
                the mid 70’s of Clapton it was unreal! I started with Elvis when I was about 8-9. We had teen-
                age babysitters, and they taught me all the cool dances and I bought all the 45’s!! Haha!
                I went to hundreds of concerts! I was totally in love w/Mick Jagger. Had a huge print of him
                in mid-dance mode w/his hair flying from an art store , in blk & white on my dinning rm wall
                for years along w/Beatles, Lennon. Clapton, Elvis. etc.
                But you say your neighbor was in the Black Crowes original band!!! That is Totally cool!!
                You said long black hair, but I guess you don’t mean……shoot! Can’t think of his first name,
                the lead singer, uuummmmmmmmmmmmmm -geez! What is his name!
                ANYWAY, when Ryan Seacrest said Adam’s song was ACIGC, I couldn’t believe it!!!!
                I thought, he’s going to do something wonderful to that song, but I just love it as it was!
                Then he started!!!!!OMG, Adam!!!! I’ve NEVER heard it done that good before! He more
                than nailed it!!! HE DID IT EXACTLY THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE – AMAZING!!!!! The
                notes he sang for so long, was amazing that he did it all w/o taking a breath, and didn’t
                seem to be strainning at all at the end of the last word! Incredible. Simply incredible! He
                must do MORE BLUES in his career!!! The reaction he got from his family and the judges
                should tell him how powerful he sang that!!!
                When I was in ‘Naw Leans’ (new orleans) I fell in love w/cajun Mississippi music, too! Well,
                I just love music! Period, But I really love the music that makes you FEEL. That stirs up
                your emotions! I saw Elvis in ’77, a few months before he died in Kalamazoo,Mi, ran up to
                the stage for the whole concert, and really have no memory of anything he sung!!! His mere
                presence was too much for me. I feel much like you do re his music. When he got out of
                the army, I didn’t buy one record. I hated those movies, and went nuts again w/th 68 come-
                back Special, which I have 3-4 copies of . I do have CDs of his concerts. But, I wouldn’t
                pay a dime for any of those movies. The only exception, Jailhouse Rock, GI Blues, and King
                Creole. They all had great music. But his best music was all done before he went into the
                army, I think. Then, of course, I went to Graceland 5 times, all w/a different group of friends.
                ADAM is now the focus of my attention. I haven’t lavished any love on anyone like I have
                him since I was a young girl for Elvis!!! I just feel like Adam has stolen my heart and soul
                and I’m gladly handing it over!! Theresa, he is the greatest thing since the invention of the
                wheel (or Elvis, but Ellllvis was in a different generation and society) Adam has the qualities
                I think, that the public has given up on in seeing a rocker, a real, genuine, honest, rock-god!
                I don’t think most jof society knows that they are about to be blown away by this new young
                27 yr ‘boy next door’ turn ROCK ‘N ROLL MUSICAL ICON,!!! They don’t know that Adam
                Lambert IS ALL THAT!!! …..I have loved music since I was a toddler, and thru the years have
                always had it as a big part of my life!! Always!! Music soothes the soul. And it doesn’t matter
                the genre. Music is like medicine to me. I cannot live a happy life w/o it, Have never put
                myself to that test either, guess I never would!!!……I like lots of music, and love many kinds
                of music, but when it comes to Adam, I love whatever he does or will do, cuz he is as much
                a part of his music as any instrument! He FEELS his music and has a PERSONAL
                CONNECTION to it, which does not let us separate him from his performances and that right
                there is what separates him from THE REST OF THE WORLD OF ARTISTS!!!! HE AND
                HIS MUSIC ARE ONE!!! OOOOOOooooooohhh! and i love it!

                peace-love-happiness-light 2 Adam ………and you, Theresa!

  47. Kathleen says:

    The first one that comes to mind is the Ring Of Fire jacket because how it looked when they panned around him. But I really liked the blue one in the Black/White performance and, of course, the tour jacket. I love the way he enhances his performances with what he wears.

  48. I’m having Adam withdrawals – get him in concert without the other ones – get him in video – he has to be SEEN and heard

  49. 4Glambert4Ever says:

    Peggy/ July 21 Yes, you are so right on about Adam’s long coat and the fog! Simon is so behind-the-times, I wish they would get some modern, futuristic HIP judges. I hated it when Simon pulled the “theatrical” comment so often especially after admonishing Randy for saying it telling him “it was like complaning that a cow mooed” then continuing to do it himself on every other show. I’m with you, I loved, loved, loved the long coat and fog and even Dr. Hannibal Lector ( Anthony Hopkins) loved it as he mouthed in the AI audience “Amazing”! Simon doesn’t know something WOW! when he sees it.

    • At times I think Simon is out of touch with today’s audiences.. of all ages!

      Also I think Adam’s black hair and tendency to choose black clothing is perfect for the time, with the Vampire novels and films and more people’s interest in magic and the occult… think Criss Angel…

      I spoke to a friend about Adam’s theatricality during his Idol tour performance and she, who is trained in that area, said that all bands or well known singers have some sort of “theatrical” manoeuvers onstage, with their arms/ hands , or feet, head…

  50. For a cute video interview with Adam backstage LA after the concert, click on the link below, and go to the top and choose videos and it is there.

    He talks about the bras, the fans so far, his album, a possible international release of his cd etc…

    Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Networ


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