Adams Interview with “The Hook”

Wait, WHAT?? Adam didn’t win American Idol??? This guy was funny… plus you get to hear what intimidates Adam!


  1. Liked this. Another guy who knows Lambert is a good interview – but NOT for potential shock value – but rather for Lambert’s candor and, quite frankly, “niceness”. I like Lambert’s music, that’s why I follow his career (people always talk about Bowie and others…I like how Lambert is reintroducing a “Meatloaf” and “Prince” sensiblity to us, just an opinion lol)… anyway, I like Lambert’s music – but I gotta say that I do continue to be drawn in by what a nice guy he seems to be. I’m thinking that Lambert’s kind of “make love not war” mentality is just what we need right now. And he’s just FUN – I’m so sick of entertainers trying so hard to be CLEVER (ei John Mayer, not hating on him, was just a good example of my point)… Lambert’s fun for cyring out loud, loving that goofball spirit mixed in with the TALENT, and his apparent intelligence just sweetens the deal. But anyway, liked this interview – both interviewER and interviewEE

  2. What a bad interviewer. What a beautiful interviewee,

  3. Imma just thinking was that guy for real?

  4. The interviewer…LOL! Well, our gorgeous bb didn’t win the title but HE WAS THE WINNER as far as real talent goes!!!!!!!!!

  5. AdamAddict says:

    I like this interviewer!Wait,…make it LOVE!He said Adam the winner!LOL!!You got it right,mister 🙂

    • Judy Lushman says:

      AdamAddict, so glad to see you on here again. I missed you, you are always so funny and you love Adam so much. Welcome back.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Awwww,Judy!!! Of course I love Adam so much and of course Imma funny 😛 lol but seriously,thank you!so sweet fo you.mwaaaaah!!

  6. Well, it IS easy to understand why the Hook thinks Adam was the AI winner….does anyone remember whats-his-face? Gotta love Lambert’s style…lots of substance there also. Rock ON! ; )

  7. Adam is the reason I watch a video,, read an article, listen to an interview. He is interesting, intriguing,articulate,personable,intelligent,good natured and talented. His perfromances are mesmerizing,enchanting,seductive. And he is quick witted, lots of fun. Fun for us too, is seeing style, instead of jeans and t-shirts all the time.Glam rock around the globe is returning, and it is about time.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      ianaleah, may I add to your comment? Adam is the only gay person that turned us all on and wish to get laid by him!He is a complete package!!! I am watching the AI season 9 and I cannot believed how great Adam was. He raised the bar so high that everyone following that season will not be able to reach. No one, I repeat, no one can ever compare to him, how he performed to that competition. I went back to youtube and watched that season, and he was the best of the best!!!

  8. Adam is awesome …. I am just always grinning from ear to ear when i watch an interview!

  9. The Interviewer is no fool…..I got as most of you should….His numerous times saying Idol winner being the most interesting ever was a slap at Idol and America for not letting him be the winner when he by far… far…no comparison ….out did all the Idol contestants…not a weak performance the whole time….I am still convinced it was a set….Idol did not want a openly gay man to win….hence the whole AT&T thing (most likely they are a huge sponsor of the show….it is all about money people). That is why when Kris won (I like Kris but please …no comparison as far as voice…and performance…and style…and current) the public and all the media were like ….What? But I believe Adam was better off not winning…now he is free to be himself…and we love that wonderful, honest, caring and super talented People!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      I watch the AI last night and Kris Allen performed Imagine. I cannot believed he was the AI winner ( yes up to now, I cannot stomach it) Some of the contestant ( who are mediore performers themselves) are better singer than him!! He struggled with his vocal range. I cannot stand his facial expression when he sings. Plus, dont you think he ( Kris) should be reserved for last? I think they consider him not special enough to be reserved for last. Funny, he was invited to perform for the top 24. What was that? I’m sure AI will invite Adam at the most important grand finale of the show. Of course, because Adam is a bigger and better than the AI winner!! What a shame.

      • Iuleneidol09, I think i know why they let Kris and Allison started first…..because it is like a preparation for the KING ADAM to come my dear !! The KING won’t be at the same level with Kris and Allison ! Did’nt you see in the movies, everyone should be ready and prepared to receive the King and Queen ? hahahaha…..that ‘s why ! am glad it works that way. ADAM is special. By the way, I watch the AI on Thurs., it’s so embarrassing, Kris could not reach the high notes, so he had to sing different way so he did not have to struggle so much with the high notes. My husband felt sorry for him and he said that it looks like he needs some laxative. it’s so true …. but i did not mean to be mean to him. He is nice guy just because people put him in that position, he knew hmself that he did not deserve the title….but i feel sorry that he tried so hard to fullfill people’s expectations which… it is just impossible. I still remember the first week after he won, both ADAM and Kris had inteviews with the news media and Kris kept saying to Adam that he felt guilty and ADAM told him “Stop saying you are guilty man, i am happy for you!”……I think many country music fans like Kris look ! And i have admit there are more people in America like country music than pop or rock music ! So if there is some country type of guy or gal people like on AI, then they will win. Also, the voting system is not fair. It lets one person to do more than 1 vote (or hundred of votes) for 1 candidate. They should change the voting system. But anyway country music fans always outnumbered pop music fans! What can we do….? Well they should have 3 top American idols (1 top for Pop, 1 top for Rock, 1 top for Country music) !

  10. earlzagurl4u says:

    It doesn’t take a title to be an idol. =)

  11. forgive my typos in last post….fat finger day…

  12. Australia will totally be ’embracing” ADAM in a few days!!!!!!! ….. and yeah, if you have’nt
    heared about ADAM… certainly must be living under a rock for sure!

  13. That interviewer was hilarious! Very dry. Kept geting beeped-WRONG! Adam looking Fab as evah!