Adam’s Hotel Party

…and VEVO didn’t invite me?  Dang.  I would have started a pillow fight!  But I have to say, stay off the balcony, that railing looked pretty flimsy.  Dana, Glamb #6


  1. I love this. Finally it seems that Adam can have some fun while he’s being filmed. No one is going to complain about this… or will they? I like the freedom and when they are all singing FYE to the computer. The blond woman was kind of tragic losing her tv though at the end she got in an I love you to Adam…
    Very funny, zany and right up Adam’s alley….. We’re going to see way more of him.

  2. cute!hahaaha

  3. Adam needs to be cast in a major movie. He is just a natural.

  4. This looked like a lot of fun. Adam looks like the real ‘Rock Star’. How lucky they all are to be on that bed with him… or just to be in that room with him……and don’t they all just love him !!!! Tommy looks very happy indeed.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  5. hi,there.adam lambert wwfm is on top20 countdown.keep voting.

  6. Excuse my ignorance, is this a commercial?Is it shown only on VEVO pages or is it also a TV commercial? I live outside US and can´t watch VEVO here. But I love the idea that Adam is used here, he is everywhere and I love it! It took me a while to understand the idea, goodby TV, wellcome Internet. Ooh, it would be fun to party with Adam…

  7. I loved when ADAM came up close to the camera and “snarled” with his hands/fingers out! Sorry, I don’t know the “technical term” for that move…LOL. Something new and different from ADAM again.

    I could have saved VEVO alot of money!!! Just think, they paid those gals and guys to jump and lay in the bed with ADAM. I WOULD HAVE DONE IT FOR FREE!!!

    I think I need to move to L.A. That’s where the action is~~and you’d never know when you might run into ADAM somewhere!

  8. AdamAddict says:

    “Awww,what’s wrong?” My heart just melt!

  9. OMG, looks like he had heaps of fun doing this and yep they all looked happy

  10. Thank You Dana, me too, I wanna have a huge pillow fight with Lover Boy Adam and jump up and down on the bed untill it breaks and he can catch my fall………………….. then he can ask me ” oh whats wrong?’…….nothing nothing , just kiss me you HOT HUNK OF BURNIN LOVE!

    Wont have me cryin with all that make up runnin down my face………..

  11. REDSTAR040665 says:

    he could whip me, tie me or whatever he wants to do and yes Adam, I could handle what you are about to do. Entertain me baby!