Adam’s Honesty Rings Loud in Interview

Adam’s honesty comes through loud and clear in this interview by Joshua Miller from Pride Source’s Between The Lines. The Pride Source Media Group is Michigan’s largest publishing company that specifically targets the emerging LGBT community.
~ Carol ~

Every TV you turn on, every magazine you read and everywhere you turn, everyone is talking about Adam Lambert. Before securing the runner-up spot on “American Idol,” he worked the club scene, tearing up the stage with his androgynous sense of style, vocal power and a range that would make Mariah Carey jealous. He’s also been a Rolling Stone coverboy – on which he came out (finally!) – and was totted as one of People Magazine’s “Hottest Bachelors.” Lambert, who’s been recording his debut album, is currently performing on the “American Idols Live! Tour 2009,” which stops at 7 p.m. Aug. 26 at the Palace of Auburn Hills.
Lambert spoke with Between The Lines about handling the sudden fame, drag queens and the songs that make him cry.

After years in Los Angeles trying to “make it” you hit the big time with “American Idol.” You must be on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. What is the hardest to cope with? The hardest part has to be maintaining my friendships. I’m so busy, and I don’t want my friends to think that I’ve forgotten them. It’s also difficult because old acquaintances now want to be my new BFFs, and it’s so obvious why. It’s flattering, but difficult to read people’s true motivation.
It seems that so many contestants on “AI” crumble under the pressure. How did you stay so focused? The pressure is definitely intense, but I’ve always enjoyed feeling busy and fired up to do projects. The extra expectation helps me deliver a stronger performance. I tried not to see the show as a competition, more as an opportunity for exposure and experience. That helped keep me less intimidated.
What can we expect from you on the “American Idol Tour”? Expect sickening wardrobe and eye makeup. I’m also closing my set with an amazing David Bowie medley that gets disco-house at the end.

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Is there one song that you have heard that you connected with on such a level that you wish you had written it? “Eclipse” by Robyn – heard it for the first time and wept. It reminds me of my ex and I. Also, “Come Home” by One Republic made me cry as well. It was written about an army wife missing her man, but to me it meant asking for love itself to come to you.
Any advice for struggling artists? Those auditioning should find a way to set themselves a part from the crowd. Think commercially though – this is the music business. If you sing well, they are gonna be more interested in how to market you. Consider the type of artist you’d be, and bring all that to the audition. Your song choice, look and presence are just as important as your abilities as a singer.
Give us five words that would accurately describe an Adam Lambert performance.
High. Fierce. Beat. Horny. Fun.
What was the last song that you listened to that you honestly enjoyed?
“Lose You” by Peaches
You have said you would love to work with artists like Lady Gaga and Madonna. If you had to pick one artist to sing with dead or alive who would it be? I would be honored and so intimidated to sing with the late Freddie Mercury.
Who is your favorite drag queen? Out of fairness, I can’t pick one. I love drag queens for the bravery, expression and attitude they bring to the scene.
Describe your music-making process. I am a team player. I enjoy co-writing where a couple people sit around and throw ideas out and everyone picks the best lyrics for the song. I also make suggestions for the production of the track as well. As long as I am involved in the creation of the song, I am thrilled.

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. I bow down to Adam Lambert….he can do no wrong! I am looking forward to the future to see what he will come up with! Sunny

  2. Adam is soooooooooo amazing!!

  3. ADAM never ceases to amaze me with his charm, and his honest answers to any question that is thrown his way. He speaks from his heart. Everytime I see or hear him sing/talk, I love him more!

    • Lisette here thenks Carol for thes article.Sorry hering tour nering end.An av to await solotour al for ill health.An know I’ll see thes gifted artiste somhow in ner future.As always forevre gretful for Adam’s best tributepage! Agree Adam displays kindness,intelligence,charm an responde with honestie regarde songes thet toche him,Amer.Idol,artistes he admires possible duets with,an songwritre…a l’homme of many talentes.An agree gathre j’adore more today then yestreday an toujours! May angels garde vous Adam wherevre life takes yu!blessings an luv Lisette..hugs an luv to all glambs..thenks Carol!xoxo

  4. AdamAddict says:

    Love this interview, I love more how he answer! He’s brilliant! 🙂

  5. Adam’s honesty comes through his answers, these are questions that are just thrown onto him, he did not have time to prepare his answers, his answeers are spontaneous. His amazing personality comes through everytime, he hides nothing, he is completely open about everything and that is what makes him very loveable. I hope he never changes.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Agree 100%. He is every reporter’s dream interview.Very engaging,candid, and easy on the eyes. It’s not like pulling teeth. I’ve seen artist being interviewed and you feel like putting words in theirmouth, some of them are so retarded.

  6. Adam is just so honest, direct, thoughtful and funny! Everytime I hear him speak or read his responses to interviewers’ questions, I add more adjectives to my “Adam list” and know that he will be successful in accomplishing anything his heart desires. He is ADAMAZING – that’s for sure!

  7. Fiore (Glamvis) says:

    Adam has great taste in music and in artists. I hope he also in the future thinks about doing a collaboration with George Michael.

    • George Michael is too much of a fucking mess for Adam to work with. He needs to secure himself in permanent rehab and counceling programs and immerse himself before he kills himself.Also I don’t want Adam associating with someone who exposes himself in public bathrooms.

      • Tina, you are right. Many of us really liked George Michael’s performances, but he is one man who needs to get it together first. Adam has it together and we want him to keep on that way.

        • Hi Tina and Theresa, I fully agree with you, George Michael needs to pull himself together, he is the last person that I want to see Adam collaborating with. Has is far too talented, much better vocals, too much of a professional, has better and more imaginative ideas, Adams music style is completely different then that of any other artist.

  8. Lisette ..forgot to mentione adore Adam’s photo here such lit from within his aqua eyes..tresbeau hearte an soul! An a voix thet’s celestial,sensual an noone can evre duplicate..legende of millenium,an angel d’chansons! Luv Lisettexoxo

  9. Come on guys…..what MOREcould we (ANY of us) say about Adam that we haven’t already said… him.

  10. Jane Parker says:

    #1 class act, as usual!
    How awesome is that ADAM of ours?!!!

  11. AdamAddict says:

    I found this mp3 download a long time ago but I always forgot to tell you guys!Since I remember it now, I better do it right this second. No more delayed!Yes it’s Adam’s song,otherwise I won’t waste my time and yours!

  12. Every time he speaks, I just get more and more excited about what the future with Adam Lambert will bring. It inspires me, energizes me, and oh boy, does it excite me! 😉

  13. What can we say…….He is the best balance of a star that I have ever seen. I think that others in the “biz” put on a personna that they think all the masses will like. But not Adam. He shows us his true self and worth. Love him or let him be is his attitude. He is what he is and I LOVE the whole package. Sad that the “tour” is coming to an end, but I will be at the last show in Macnchester,NH and CAN”T wait. I am taking my 70 year old mother and 11 year old daughter. Doesnt that just say what a star he has already become and will continue to grow to be. Adam, thanks for bringing a joy to my life that I thought was long gone. Long life, Lasting Love, Prosperity and Good Health to you always!””
    Jodi<3 Glanb #63

  14. I’m so proud of Adam. This is the first time in my entire life (and I’m 62) that I have ever been so taken by anyone. Adam is one of a kind. He is honest and he is who he is. He’s going to bring us farther through his honesty than any movement has.

  15. Love this song and Adam’s amazing soul and spirit – wouldn’t this song be good in the new movie Eclipse (twilight series).

  16. Ha! I KNEW he didn’t have laryngitis. You don’t sing – at.all – when you have laryngitis.

  17. Gleaning from the above posts we all see Adam as forthright, honest with integrity(to me, the most valuable quality), balanced, graceful, thoughtful, kind, friend/family oriented, intelligent, creative, and just a plain good man!!

    He really reflects his major birthchart sign qualities: 2 are Libra (balance, harmony, collaborative, polite), 2 are Aquarius (rational, world embracing, creative, ahead of their time), one fiery moon sign of Aries (colourful, bold, active, fierce), and one Capricorn (level-headed, driven, goal-oriented, solid), what a great combo for this young man!

  18. I went to go listen to Eclipse by Robyn, and I cried just thinking about what he went through, feeling his emotion.

    • Hi Brianna, listening to eclipse made me realise that Adam is sensitive, romantic, and really gentle guy. For him to still be talking of that experience it means that he is very sincere about his emotions. What a wonderful man, are’nt we lucky!

  19. Is there a cure for Adamitus– I can’t shake it!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Sorry Daniela, there is no cure for that. Welcome to the club! You are stuck! This site is the only relief, but the more you get a dose of the Glamb site, the deeper you get into the hole!!! Just enjoy!!! youur not alone!LOL!

      • MyBoyAdam says:

        Ah gee, I suffer gladly with Adamitus every day! It’s like that old saying “Misery loves company” but is this case it’s “Adamitus loves company” and it’s not a miserable affliction at all. Thank goodness for this site and all of you!

  20. cheryl norman says:

    Among the lists of adjectives, I love the fact that Adam is so sensitive and empathetic. This is a quality that is missing in so many people, men or women. He is such a loving soul, he loves with all of himself, and isn’t afraid to talk about it when asked. Also, notice that he doesn’t ‘talk about it’, even tho it’s one of the things he possesses that so contribute to all that he is. It is a quality that being without it, makes a difference in who you are, what you’re about, more than anything I can think of. Being a sensitive caring soul is what we all want of someone special. It definately sets him apart from all others.

    • Lisette..bonmatin to all! Cheryl how was l’concert,sorry nevre inquire?Gathre it was spectacular an Adam looke tresbeau an his voix was celestial!An seeing above post agree Adam’s gentleness,sensitive nature,an empathy espress in interviews An Adam si vraimente genuine,compassionate,honest an charmant to all sexes,ages ‘enfants,teens,twentie thru eightie yer olds..Making evryone feel his apreciatione an amour both onstage an aftreshow signe autographe..Don thinq ther’s many artistes thet will extend themself as Adam does..Wel non sure if he’ll continue in future,as he as mentione sont draining to his spirite..Can see in many interview seemes bit fatigue..An non wondre given bein ontour monthes now,slepless nites,studio an concerte rehersals,interviews..mama mia he’s become l’bionic l’homme.. take care monamie whenevre one can.An j’espere to see concert unjour..sad stil am one of few in US not seeing..So international glambs nevre feel alone..Perhaps we can meete on solotour if evre to visite USA!. Take care Cheryl an all lovli glamb gals! Angel blessings Adam J’adore toi hearte,soul,face an voix tresbeau! xoxoxo Lisettexoxo

      • cheryl norman says:

        LISETTE Hi Lisette! I haven’t gone to my concert yet, my dear! It will be on Sept 6th, that’s a week from this ocming Sunday! Am very, very excited!! I will let you know how it was afterward! I hope Adam isn’t
        sick or fatigued!!! Take care of yourself!

  21. May I add my 2 cents—————–Adam had said somewhere, don’t remeber where now, that he wasn’t going to lie about himself that he believed that the truth will set you free, and he lives that. Adam is free to fly, doesn’t have to look over his shoulder for nothing and that is why we are so taken with him, he is what he is and we love him because of that, of course that wonderful voice, we can’t pass that up.
    I am truely sorry about George Michaels, I did like him, but, he sure went down the wrong path, I can not understand how he did this to himself, he had a good voice and good looks, the last time I saw him on TV, couldn’t even reconize him. George didn’t have to look for guys in public restrooms, he choose to ! He does need help but, first he would have to admit that he does need the help and I have seen him laugh it off when he has screwed up. Never felt about George like I have about Adam, Adam is going to make it all the way to the top and become an ICON known around this world…Sorry,,, this is a nickle’s worth!!!!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      LEE, just wondering. Did you see the interview of George Michaels about a week ago? Guess he is touring, but don’t remember much else about that interview except the way he looks. I, too, don’t understand why he did what he did! I think he puts a lot of ‘blame’ on alcohol, but as we all know, alcohol is something you injest, not a person to blame your troubles on! As a result of his ‘problems’ he indulged in too much drinking. It is sad. He was so gorgeous looking and had a great voice.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Cheryl Norman and Lee, I like George Michael too, good looks amd great voice, but never went wild and crazy and obsessed for him just like the way I did for ADAM. Adam was forthright about his sexuality. I just found out George Michael’s gayness when he was caught doing his “one-man act” in the public restroom. Too sad…I’m sure he was rejected and ridiculed by so many people he knew, and that’s probably the reason why he went on alcoholism. Adam will not be like him, just in retrospect, he made the right decision revealing his sexuality early on in his career. I respect his integrity for doing that or HIS HONESTY ! Nobody will point fingers on him accusing him of
        making people to believe that he is a sexy hunk while in fact he is a “flamming homo” ( pardone me, not my own words, it is just a borrowed homophobic lingo).

      • I don’t know if you’ll see this bacause I’m coming back here so late (Aug. 28th) but I’ll try.
        To your question about seeing GMichael’s interveiw, no, I didn’t, missed that. i just saw where he was being arrested for his last UVI, he didn’t look like hinself in the years past.You are so right about “HIS PROBLEM” I don’t think he will ever gain back his caree, what a shame. His drinking is going to ruin his voice and his looks permately.

  22. I just wanted to tell anyone interested that you can buy a poster of Rolling Stone cover of Adam!! I just ordered one from postergods. com Also anyone that wanted the silver pendant designed by Adam for the charity musicares( I’m not sure of the spelling but it is for musicians) is available to order for one week only It began this morning. It is available It looks really amazing!


      • AdamAddict says:

        My friend just bought me Adam pin button for me! YAY!!! 😀

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Nice friend, AdamAddict. I also have a friend at work and told me that she spent days bidding at Ebay on Adam’s item to give me for my bday in Sept. I am soo excited. I wonder what it is. ( I jokingly asked her if it is Adam’s d—k!) opps! LOL!!! She laughed and asked, “do you think he got a big one?” And I responded, “have you see any of his video clips? did you see those manly bulge?” I guess this stupid friend of mine is not ADAMIZED yet!!! By the way, I sent her an email of this site. She’s my friend, I don’t want her to miss out on the good things in life!!! LOL!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            You want whaaaat,Iylene??!!Hey if you want his d**k, then what happen to our Adam??What happen to us??That d**k of his belongs to us all,Iylene!! LOL! If you ask for it from Santa Clause also, I won’t let it happen.I will kidnap Santa’s reindeer and demand that d**k that U asked! The d**k stays with Adam!! Final!! But, do U know the wax that they can do from your body part by dipping your…uhmm hand for example??!!I heard someone actually dip his d**k to make wax! hahaha,seriously no kidding. That you can ask from Santa or your birthday wish.But please ask for two! I want to carry it around in my handbag but I think it won’t fit! LOL!! I need to but extra large handbag! LOL!!

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              LMAORTF!!! You are just so witty, AdamAddict!!! extra large bag!! why not buy a golf club bag, That (?)will surely fit in there!!

              • AdamAddict says:

                LOL!! That’s funny but to carry around that golf club bag is just to weird.People will think I’m crazy if I carry that in the mall. I think I just carry luggage and wearing stewardess uniform, then people might thing I’m just get off from plane.That’s so cool!! 🙂

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Hey AdamAddict, if you’ll have his d–k, what are you doing with it in a bag and carrying around the mall!??? OMG!! LOL!! I am dying here in laughter!!!

  23. I too wonder if there is a cure for this obsession…’s just taking too much time but I just can’t shake it! What IS it about this man that keeps pulling you in and sucks you under??!! And why do I keep coming back for MORE?? Just hopeless……

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Druth, I tried so many times to “withdraw” from Adamism or my “Adam Attention Disorder” (too much attention and time spent to the subject) but to no avail…. I read on previous post that someone is staying up soo late or past midnight and she is going to work the next day… and another person commented that she is so obsessed and all she wants to do is check on Adam’s news and she fear she might lose her job!! LOL!!! Sorry, welcome to the club “of no return” you’re stuck too.

  24. adamtastic1877 says:

    i read this before, but i dont know where. all i know is both times i read this, the image in my head is random and has nothing to do with adam. i picture myself walking in the clothing area of a target store… i dont know, dont ask 😛

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMTASTIC1877 , You’re showing signs of Adamitis! Take a cold shower, drink something with caffeine, put on Adam’s son, “I Just LOVE YOU”, and stay in bed for the rest of the day. Whatever you do, DO NOT go to a Target store!



  26. OMG. Isn’t this just the way we wish our husbands talked? Adam is just too much! I think that is why so many females are drawn to him and not too many males fans. I am sure he has them but the females are out in force over him! Everything that comes out of his mouth is so damn sweet , authentic and evolved. None of the men in my house talk like that!

  27. i think the questions answered here are so new and interesting. as i read more about adam i can’t believe how i can love him more every time.he is the most awesome individual!!

  28. Glambertgirl1 says:

    You guys are so funny. I love reading all the posts but then also realize that I end up on this site for hours. So bad. I can’t get anything else done. Adam is awesome and every interview I see I love him more. Such an amazing talent and so attractive too. Still cant believe he grew up just down the road from where I Iive and he went to the same high school as my ex-boyfriend. Such a small world.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what’s up next. Looking forward to tomorrows updates !

  29. Don’t you love it – “High, Fierce, Beat, Horny, Fun.” He could not have picked better words.

  30. What an honest and beautiful young man with all the talent he needs to make it in this business…
    Stay true to yourself Adam, you are perfect just the way you are….Love you Adam….

  31. Sharie K Shannon says:

    Greetings: Are the pictures of Adam Lambert in his first, after Idol album cover due out 11/24 slammin’ or what? I nearly started to cry as I went through them – quite a delicious spread of Adam Lambert – he is a powerful gathering of smoldering love, Love, LOVE! Those dreamy blue eyes and little bit dirty, flirty smile are to die for – next he shakes those hips and dances sooooo sexy – he is so limber – an interesting thought ! He is a one of a kind, beautiful individual – he is real – WOW – he’s like the wild Wild WIND, or fast moving comet that brings happiness to and lifts the spirits of those who are lucky enough to be in his presence and feel his aura – superior, it makes you feel like catching hold of the the “tail” of that super comet and following him into a perfect lovein’ Lambertland. I must say that HE’s the ONE I have been waiting for all these years – his up-front package is quite impressive in that tight leather – ummmmm. Adam tickles my fancy ! Thank you Adam for being you. Hold on to your original / individual talent and don’t let anyone change you – you are already perfect and are doing all the right moves in your career choices.

    By the way, here is one thing you might consider — perhaps you might trade your present lust for men (which there is nothing wrong with) but for a heavy, all out lust for woman. It would bring you to the highest form of love, sweet love – it will give you chills and feelings you won’t forget, you bet. Try it, I guarantee you’ll like it. Women are wet, warm, wild and willing – you wouldn’t be sorry, just tremendously satisfied. There would be a head job in it – until you are weak in the knees and begging for mercy, whenever you wanted. Just think about it Adam, okay ? I’ll be first in line, for sure !
    Looking forward to following you through your career. Patiently waiting until November 24 for the drop of your first album – it will take off like a rocket, I just know it.
    Oh yes, I have another idea, why not seek out a new cologne fregrance – one you particularly like that turns you on, and market it. Perhaps name it :
    1. “Adam’s Breath”
    2. “Atom Adam”
    3. “Bitchin’ ”
    4. Essesce of Adam”
    5. “ADAM……IS—> Wild
    —> Willing
    —> Witchey
    —> Wonderful
    —> Wears you out
    —> Gladimax WITH U, kinda guy
    —> WOWsey, WOW, WOW !”
    6. “AdamDarlinMakOutw/Me&”

    Interesting name suggestions, huh ??? Fans would go wild for it – DO IT ! Dooooo IT !

    Take care of yourself as you travel through your career, big Guy ! I’m losen it, and lovin’ it !
    Submitted with much love and respect.
    Your absolute fan, Sharie K