Adam’s Holding a Twitter Party!

Here’s a recent Tweet from Adam:

“In an attempt to make up for any dissapointment, let’s have a Twitter party tonight!!! I will be answering questions and chatting w u guys!!”

This is for Wednesday, August 12th. There’s a concert tonight (2nd Nassau show) so the party will be afterwards. Twitter away, Glambs!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Lisette here..thenks for thes new update visiting for glambs number in reply to Serene on other thread,notice new page here.How wonderful thet beau Adam will have a tweet party!Finale created accounte..gathre am behind in technologie,but still having troble sending tweets.Does thet person ex: Adam have to be following on m’page..When I trie to replie to comment on his twitter page(one with verifie check),I clicked on arrow, typemessage,then error note::unable to send reade: thes person(Adam) isnt following yu,send invite..I have joine his page an recive his comment(tweets)on ma page Confuse.Heard Whoopi on am show “View say she’s notinto tweeting,an anyone wishes to reach,ever here of phone?.Joy,Barbara,Sherry smile..Whoopie adde I’ll av to channel,placin hand on temples,like her role as a medium in “Ghost”..cute!Will visite anyway here an see if any luck in tweeting,twattting,as Adam calls it! hugs an luv always Lisette!

  2. Many of us are still confused. I clicked to follow Adam a long time ago, so maybe I got in okay. I tweet him now and then and it seems to ‘go through”. But I only get his tweets plus the ones of his followers as well. Adam has added himself as following about 10 more people.

    • Lisette agan..Thenks for replyin Theresa..ah feele better that Im not alone here.An being thet I joine Adam’s page..he had accepte me in his following(now 100,000)..but questione remans who he follows,an given concerttour,recording ,media/’journal interview,gathre it be imposible to see who joine an click on ther page to follow.An thinq yu’re right as I av read on anothre thread yu mention thet Adam’s following is mainly /actors/artistes..Also probable his fav.tweet/frends are “idol mates an entertaineurs he admires.Petit moi is just a glamb who is new to tweets an twitter..If anyone of famille heard mentione tweets as theyr technology unsavvy thinq Im drinking!Wel nevertheless gathre I’ll look forward to seein who was able to tweet with beau Adam..enjoie for me..I’ll just av l’champagne an send Adam bonwishes an bisous from across l’coast now!mmmmwoi! Hugs an luv Lisette..J’adore Starlit thinq is anothre favorite aside from Bowie medley!Angel blessings too!

    • theresa/canada — I think you are good to go. Just be logged in to Twitter and you’ll see Adam’s tweets come across when he makes them.

    • Dear Glambs, – I have been high and low looking for the best information on how the Twitter ‘reply’ function works, and have not been able to find a truly definitive answer. It seems that even Twitter itself is not fully aware how it all works, but they are trying to get a full handle on the whole thing. So, here in its entirety is the instruction summary from the Twitter site itself. Perhaps we could study this while waiting to Twitter Adam. I personally find it more than a little mind-boggling. The first portion is pretty understandable, but the last paragraphs are unclear to me, probably because I haven’t even tried to use these functions yet. I’m sorry for the length of this article, it’s the only one I could find that had this much information, and this probably still won’t make it all clear enough. But here is their article:

      From The Twitter Website:

      I see a lot of confusion around how “at replies”—tweets that start with an @ and then a username—work on Twitter.
      Starting my update with “@veronica” designates that I’m addressing her, specifically, much as you would in a group conversation. Also like a group conversation, she’s not the only one who can see what I’m saying. If I wanted to “whisper” something instead, I’d start my message with “d veronica”—what we call a “direct message.” (A person must be following you in order for you to direct message them, but not to @reply them.)

      As you may know, @replies were not originally part of Twitter. They were embraced by the community first, and then we built them into the system. First, we linked the username (when using the web interface), then we added a replies tab, so you could see replies to you from people you weren’t following. We also added a setting to determine what @replies you see (more about that in a minute). And most recently, we added the “swoosh” to the web interface, so you could more easily reply. Other Twitter clients have also embraced @replies in cool ways.

      Today, @replies are a critical part of how Twitter works. However, they’re not perfect. In fact, some people are either loath to use them or annoyed by them (or both). I believe a big reason for this is that’s it’s not obvious exactly how they work. In fact, I talk to even advanced Twitter users on a regular basis whom I end up explaining what the @replies setting does and who see what replies.

      @Replies To You
      If someone @replies you—note, this means they start a tweet with @yourusername—you will see that in your main timeline if you follow the person. But you’ll see it in your replies tab, whether you follow them or not (unless you’ve blocked them):
      In some desktop clients, like Twhirl, you can see @replies to you, along with all the updates from people follow, which is neat.

      The Setting
      There is an @ Replies setting you can find under Settings / Notices:
      This has nothing to do with @replies directed to you. This is about what @replies you see from people you follow. The default—@ replies to the people I’m following—is probably what you have it set on (98% of people do). That means, if you’re following me, but not following @veronica, you wouldn’t see the tweet above (unless you went to my profile).

      The beauty of this is that I can feel free to @reply Veronica without worrying about the fact that only a subset of my followers also follow Veronica, so they won’t know what I’m talking about. My followers will only see my update if they follow both of us (if they have their setting on the default).
      We’re trying to avoid the situation of you hearing someone answer a question when you didn’t hear the question (for instance). Also, you don’t have to hear answers to the question from people you don’t want to hear from. (If you’re not following them, you won’t see their answer.)

      This is the main thing that people are confused about, I’ve found. There are good reasons for this. For one, it didn’t use to work like this. (Since @replies were just normal tweets at one point, all your followers would see all of your, no matter who you were replying to.) Secondly, we don’t explain it very well (thus, the need for this post). And third, some people do have their setting at “all @ replies”—so they see all the replies people they’re following make, even if they’re not following the person being replied to. Many people I’ve talked to have this setting on and don’t realize what it actually does. (Usually, they just want to see @replies directed to them).

      1) You should feel free to @reply people and not worry about it being out of context to some of your followers. In general, they won’t see it.
      2) If you’re seeing @replies directed to people you don’t follow and don’t want to, check your setting.
      3) This is obviously too confusing. We want to make some changes to make it more clear. We could clarify the setting. But my preference is to take out the setting altogether and just make it work like the default. That way, it works the same for everyone. (If you have strong opinions on this, leave a comment.)

      Cool Tools
      There are a lot of other ways we’d like to enhance this functionality. But for now, Quotably has worked around the opaqueness of conversations on Twitter and aggregates @replies in a useful way. Also, Summize let’s you see all replies to someone.

      Tracking You
      Another question I get is how to get the equivalent of the Replies tab (@replies to you, especially from people you don’t follow) over SMS. The work-around for this (for some people) is just to Track your name. E.g., I send ‘track ev’ and get a message every time someone mentions @ev. This is not ideal, because Track currently ignores the “@” symbol, so if you have username that is common, you’ll get lots of irrelevant stuff. We plan to fix that. (Also, yes, we will get the replies tab on Soon.)

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin..up early having visite here..thenks for thes detaile re:twitter an tweet/replies/notes etc.Site for me etes confusemente encore..An lovli when yu thout Adam following yu,sureli must av felte heart flutter..domage sont a poser..argh c’est lavie belle amie.I trie sending(tweet/with @ his nom an words..only to find reject sayin sorry person must follow yu to do so..I cried..Thinq this twitter stil isnon user frendly an shold be simplifie to settings.I don’t see where yu have adjustmente for setting..An let say eg If Adam has non added(to his following liste..then gathre one can non communicate in direct message,unless on his personal list?).Thet imagaine is for personalfrend’/artistes an such?”).I selete to send @ replie but only seein on ma page,so gathre Adam nevre sees,ovre 100,000 people nevre av energie
        aftre concerts,an busy schedule.Has anyone reciv replie to ther tweet/questione here..Merci beaucoup Lorrin an glambs(Jeanette for post).Blessings an luv Lisettexoxo j’adore Adam even if yu nevre tweet back le perfete reve we all wish for! xoxoxobisous too (saw on his page)

  3. Adam should hold it on chatzy<33 that way he could reply to people instantaniosly c=

  4. In order for me to be a part of the Twitter party, does Adam have to be following me? I’ve always been confused about that, in terms of Twitter parties.

    • Nope! Just be logged in to your twitter account and you’ll see Adam’s tweets when they come across. {You may have to refresh the page…I can’t remember!}

      • I read all of Adam’s tweeets last night. At least, the ones that showed, not that many but one could tell by the wording of his responses what questions the fans were asking. For instance one reply was “Starbucks” so someone likely asked about his fave coffee. etc..

        • Adam answered “Starbucks” and the question was “what was his first job”

          • AdamAddict says:

            Another one he answered “Drake” The question was “Who was the last one you text msg?” I can’t remember what the question was but the fans was like asking “you wearing UV make up” or something like that. and Adam have no idea there’s UV make up. To him it’s new! 🙂

    • Lisette here..ah thenks Rebecca now I just poste above..feling bleu an thinq Adam does av to add yu into his following group..I av joined so am folower…but given he has over 100,000 fans/followers,an read my post above.Theresa say she joine long time ago,me recente.An given he’s ontour,cant possible see all tweets(notes)..Mine av been returne saying :person must be a follower..ah mama mia,can cry.Wishing to joine thes twitter party.impossible. feel like Cinderella ft home while all are at l’ball..where’s ma prince…..Adam ..reves.If yu find solutione plese let me know Rebecca or othre glambs…que confusement .. tweets Luv Lisette

  5. I Have tweet deck. It tweets when any of my people tweet. His come in off and on all day as do yours. I always get them all and am able to respond to them. I am excited to see what he has to say!

  6. Imagine my shocked surprise tonight to see these words on my email:

    ‘Adam Lambert Is Now Following You On Twitter!’

    Oh my gosh, I almost thought it was for real for a minute, but it turns out it was someone else who has a very nice Twitter Adam/fan site. But I will keep that email forever anyway. What a dream that would be..

    • wow, u guys are to much seems like u r getting this twitter ! Good for you.
      Lorrin, that would have been a nice dream come true!




      • Hi dear Ofra!

        You can be SURE I will let you know if I ever get a Tweet back from Adam, especially about your forum site in Israel! I think Adam is pretty good at keeping up with reading things from all over the place, and he seems pretty much on top of things on Twitter. I noticed he has done a little ‘advertising’ for a friend of his, a jewelry and clothing designer who has lived in India, going under the name ‘Puja’. I clicked on that and took a look and that was interesting. Perhaps he will see that link I listed and the words ‘Tel Aviv’, and stop and take a look. We can only hope! Anyway, we also had some moments of shocked surprise over that odd-looking space suit thing Adam was wearing. We’ll just have to wait and see what that was all about when we see the album cover in November…or maybe we will get a leak as to what it was all about sooner than that, I hope.

        Let us know if there is any new news from Israel!
        Shalom Chavera and Peace and Love to YOU!

  7. I just read all Adam’s responses to tweeting fans.. very good, interesting, we know a little more about him now..

    • It was so much fun to watch/read it while it was happening (which I stayed up way past my bedtime to do, but it was so worth it). I can’t imagine how many tweets he must have been flooded with – thousands? Tens of thousands? Amazing that he kept up with it all as well as he did. It was fun just knowing that he was out there tuned in to us and typing away. It was cute to go to the pages of the tweeters whose questions he answered and see them saying OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I CAN’T BREATHE HE ANSWERED ME!!! He stayed with it for a good 30-45 minutes. He must have been just exhausted. So kind of him to do it, and so unnecessary as far as assuaging any disappointment. He could never disappoint us true fans.

      • I’m sure only a great soul, a special human kind could be kind enough to quiet the fans.
        This is our ADAM: so pacient, so worry…
        Is there any doubt about how great is he ???
        He is not only a hot, sexy, delicious man. He is special, kindly, marvelous.
        He is proving us how much we are his beloved fans every oportunity he has.
        Some fans must to learn with him and do not charge with ADAM when things didn’t go as well as they want (he didn’t make it outside to sign autographs, for example).
        He has been given us his extraordinary talent and he is sharing not only his gift but also his personnelalife with us. He is always smiling his beautiful smile. He is always screaming his love for us – like now.
        We must be given thanks every day for ADAM – our angel – in our lives.

        Evelize – GLAMB #80

        • Lisette agan..was leaving then notice Evelize such lovli sentimente an very graciously espress! An if Im repeating it’s only to enforce what a beau l’homme with a hearte d’or,an is moved by his fans adorations tryin to plese people even if it meante sacrificing welbeing..To av thet late twitterparty(as he say to make all happy..thes displays truly his humanitarian soul,an warmth very much Aquarian traits,if one studies astrology/an planetary rules..I beliv as othre gals have mention too.An even seein bit of fatigue in his interview stil remans sweet an wears so agree thet adorable smile an crystal bleu eyes like two celestial stars illuminate kindness always.An sure it comes from a place deep within his soul.Also thinq is from his closness an nurturing I had an so miss parentes with evry day thet passes..When I see thet interview (from aftre Idol with his mama(thinq was mother’s day on local westcoast news,ther’s such a sweetness an genuine luv between makes me recall same bond I had with my own in heaven.I do know thet if my parente were alive..they’d too adore Adam’s hearte an gifte to make all feel joie an lit,even when facing challenges with illness,losing jobs an financial worrie..One songe hering Adam’s angelique voix…takes any bleus away!. An oui sont an angel d’musique pour moi an l’monde now!Keep making belchansons! J’etaime,bisous toujours Adamxoxox…luv to all!

          • Thank you Lisette, I know you also think on ADAM as AN ANGEL – and I really believe he is.
            Only an ANGEL can put together, side by side, so many different people (ages, countries, sex, colors, thoughts, personalities, etc.). He got it !
            Only an ANGEL has so “crystal blue eyes” (like you said) and so luminous smile.
            There is a sweetness in his face and he surely can illuminate every place he is in.
            If I could, I would like to stay besides him all day . It will not be necessary a simple word, only the pleasure to look his face and feel his love.


            Evelize – GLAMB#80

    • Lisette here..Bonsoir glambs! an Theresa agree despite non being online intime to post onto his page(@reply? not a direct..I was too late to try agan,an visiting Adam’s twitter page, notice his lovli end to twitter party,saying:Thanks to all Im going to bed now, sweet dremes Was like a personal note wishing all his fans. An seeing above post,Lorrin mentione of a message that read Adam was folllowing her!… I’d be over moone et etoilie,to thinq she had made a wonderful impression there,an later discovere was someone with similar twitter address. An yes Theresa it’s like a visite an learning more into his personalitie,an what he likes eg: l’cafe/Starbucks,etc.!Hope he’ll entertains thes notion agan in future!Perhaps aftre Idoltour ends..but beliv his life has change lot since nerly winning on Idol..actual has opene more doors far as recording then with just “Idol’s company had plans..less restrictive. He displays thet of someone very caring,warmhearte,genial an charmant,who remans humble an still accessible to all who admire his talentes as artiste here to stay for many generatione to come! hugs an luv ..many blessings Lisettexoxo

  8. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,I can’t believe what I read! He tried to make up for the disappoinment??!! He probably still got negatives tweets,I assume!He’s going to do it after the concert,huh? “Tired but yeah what the heck,fans disappointed at me,have to cheer them up,Oh god,I’m so drained,but have to please fans!”
    He tweeted about pray for a boy who going to have heart surgery,then the charity thing ( I heard they got like $2000+ in 2 hours) and now this tweteer party! If in the next concert,he doesn’t go out for signing autograph and people who were there starts to complain again…I really don’t know what to say! I really adore this guy called Adam Lambert! Adore for his talent,adore for his personality,adore for his good looks (yeah,I like his pretty face,any problem with that?) and last time I check I don’t adore how good he signs autograph! So,I really don’t care if he’s going out for autograph or not! All I know he treats his fans very very sweet and lovely and caring as best as he could! So,to those complainers,whatever,WHAT EVEERR!!

    If you Glambs going to tweet him,make sure ask him something new,please because I got fed up with the same question over and over again.I’m pretty sure he also got fed up answering the same thing over and over again!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Read the tweets,Doctor asked him to rest!He can’t go out for signing!He probably afraid his
      ” fans” going to mad again and that’s why he throw this tweeter party! Awesome,2 thumbs up for those who made him guilty as hell! Excellent job!!

      • I really don’t want to make Adam feel guilty.. he has enough on his plate.

        If we really have Adam’s back ,then we should be there for him when he needs us.i.e. like taking perez hilton on. I’m so sick of his remarks about adam . He praises him then insults him. I was so proud of the fans who wrote in and showed their love for Adam. I think we should let Perez have it now, so that his comments about Adam in the future will be more fair.

      • Jane Parker says:

        You are so cute and funny! I look foward to your replies, AdamAddict!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Awww,you Glambs hear that? Let me put it in large alphabet “CUTE AND FUNNY!!” ~cover my hands on my face~ I feel sh…sh…shy!! ~giggle~

    • Lisette agan agree with yu AdamAddict,even if Adam is exhausted aftre his high energie performances sn videos( someday still to see concert),he’s so selfless,an caring of all to hold thes twitter party.An people as I av mentione who just wishe to have autographs is going beyond..As Adam says he gives 110 percente onstage with such emotione,energie dansing,powerful vocals an toches his audience..He’s non just setting on stool as many establish artiste do..I av seen lot of concerte here in tourist even in their prime..they didnon have half l’energie thet Adam has..Only one perhaps thet come close an now he’s gone is Michel his dansing an fast tempo/disco genre song.So what Adam has done til now is very rare..An surely in future he’ll realize his health can be compromised to meet l’demands of as he has said on interviews overzelous screaming fans.He apreciate but al same time has say it’s very draining to one’s spirit!
      An thinq far as tweeting Adam,he must feel truly worn,I say let him av bit of repose poor l’homme!
      Hugs an luv all glambs! Angel blessings for Adam..he aftre all is human an not “bionic”!xoxoxxxo

      • AdamAddict says:

        ” Bionic” is like “Bionic Woman” Let’s say Adam is human and not “Six Million Dollar Man” lol!! their power are still the same! Hmm, my childhood memory,watching that show with my sisters and then play that character after that! Running slow motion and all! hahaha!!

  9. On the other hand Perez Hilton is such an attention hound ,he would love all the e mails.. I don’t know what to do.. The man is such a creep.

  10. JamieGlambert says:

    I was one of the lucky ones to recieve a tweet from Adam.
    I don’t care if it was one word, LOL!
    It made my heart stop for sure!?!!?

    • AdamAddict says:

      Whaaat?? What did you say to him? Better yet,what did he says to you??Omg,Omg!!

    • Well, what WAS it, JamieGlambert, can you share the one word?

      • JamieGlambert says:

        He answered my What was your first job question.
        He answered Starbucks! ;D
        I asked like 348738743 other questions, but thats the one he saw i guess.

        I was in complete shock for a while

        • Jamie, ha ha, guess I should never assume… I was sure ‘Starbucks ‘ was his answer to his fave coffee..

          • AdamAddict says:

            Same here! lol! Adam should answered “1st job,Starbuck” But I guess he had no time,because every second,who knows how many question he got? Good question,I never knew that!

    • SmackYrLips says:

      I saw that answer. Maybe you can explain how you were able to ask a question?? I was watching but could not ask a question.

      Can you help??? I would appreciate any tips.

  11. AdamAddict says:

    Adam interview in Long Island. I like the part 1:08 too cute! Glambert eyeliner! lol! I’ll definitely gonna buy that if he really selling. Whatever brand I’m using now,can f*** off!! wee pee!!

    • Ah, so his mom was a “Jersey girl”, great that he has family on the east coast as well. To me Adam is a perfect NewYork boy, and I don’t even live remoteley near there, but I love that city, everyone is such a mix and no one cares…

      • SmackYrLips says:

        Thank for letting us know about this. i was at that concert! Hag great seat. It was a blast.

  12. AdamAddict says:

    1st of all thank you for making awaiting for moderation become faster now! 🙂
    2nd of all I just knew that Adam said it’s fun to do Tweeter Party and wish to do it again so here’s the thing,I live in Malaysia and the time zone just didn’t click with me.So I’m hoping my Glambs friends here can ask for me.
    I already asked to U guys in other column but I prefer his own answer.Dear Glambs,ask this question to Adam in next tweeter party, “You catched boxer the other day when it was thrown at you,If I throw myself at you, will you catch me like Patrick Swayze did in “Dirty Dancing” or will you avoid me immediately and let me landed nicely with my face ” kissing” the floor? ”
    If he says “yes,I’ll catch you” Then my friends Glambs,you owe me that much.Start believing that your arms are wings and your legs are a spring! And JUMP!!
    If he says “No,I won’t catch you,sorry!!” Then ask him this next question, “If I throw my old grandma?”
    “Fly grandma,there you go,YOU ARE FLYING,GRANDMA!” lol!! ~I believe I can fly,I believe I can touch the sky~ Don’t tell me you guys start humming this song??!! hahaha!!

  13. adamtastic1877 says:

    grr! i was on twitter last night and saw adam’s tweet “twitter party!!!” but i was like “what?” cuz i didnt understand how you can have a party on twitter. i had no idea he was answering fans questions. but i am now mad at myself because i missed it even though i was on twitter during it!

  14. Victoria Fonseca says:

    This party was for last night correct? I got work aout the time it ended (Ibelieve). I logged onto twitternote: I am only following Adamat least until I figure this twitter thing out. I did a “reply @ adam lambert”. Of course ot appeared Adam was just saying goodnight, BUT how do I know if my tweet is reaching his end? I am assuming he can not read or answer all tweets – so he will pick which “twats” he will reply to????? Basically I need help to just figure out if I am at a spot where Adam MIGHT see my tweet to begin with………………………….:(

  15. can’t believe i missed the party!!!!

  16. SmackYrLips says:

    I was at the party but I did not understand how to ask a question? I tried to send one but it would not go. Can anyone explain this to me so I know for next time. Don’t you need a hashtag to have a twitter party??? Did he have one

    So confused.

  17. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Hi all. The twitter party was a cool idea. I tweeted about 6 or 7 questions but no luck. I wonder how many he got and how he decided which to respond to. I kept thinking, what is a good question? That was the tough part 🙂 He is really cool though-like how open and honest he is about everything. Like he said in the LI video-he has no filter. Adam rocks!!!!

  18. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Just go to the right of the tweet he sends and you will see an arrow that says reply-if you click on that is will automatically populate your tweet with the address and then type what you want to say and post. Otherwise you can type in @adamlambert in the box where you tweet and then type your question. It should go to him then.

    • Lisette here..thenks Glambertgirl for thes information re: sending Adam reply,an agree with lot of othre glamb gals it is confusing in l’format of how to place symbol @ before or aftre yur question an such?Let’s hope Adam will av anothre twitter party sometime in future..sure thout he’s very fatigue.An given only has day off inbetween cities..probable spends time on cd,/interviews an little reste time for his wellbeing..Angels to garde over yu beau Adam..j’adore vous!..luv to all glambs!

  19. hi everyone
    I wasnt sure where the best place was to put this post but as it was intiated by a tweet thought here would be best
    Like the rest of you I am a massive Adam fan (from UK) and spend daily time on the computer for updates -check the tweets listen to the music etc.I read this site daily but am not a regular commenter but wanted to share my thoughts with others either to allay my concerns or tell me I speak crap!
    I am a mum (with two beautiful teenagers) that finds adam visually and vocally a complete turnon (my husband, though sick of adam lambert does appreciate that influence!)I am also a liberal and open individual and have no hangup with Adam( or anyone) being gay-I am here for the personal enjoyment of a fantastic singer and beautiful man-in my opinion inside and out. and what influence that has on my life.
    I also have no illusions about the bohemian gay lifestyle that many enjoy and I think Adam does/did? (I work in london!!!!!)
    I too follow his twitter account and access what he suggests( recently a video by friend joshua)I watched this and found the music interesting and he is obviously a talented guy.What concerned me was the video as it was an outwardly camp and sexy video, whos main audience would be the gay market.Though I enjoyed the music, I questioned myself as to whether I would want to wach the video as well and I came to the answer that no I didnt.I suspect that there are lots of others similar to me.
    The mixture of vocal as well as visual effect is a heady one and that is what Adam has captured in his AI journey that has exposed him to a diverse fan base .I much prefer his solo performances than the pre idol male accompanied performances and hope that when he performs on his tour that he chooses what is right for him as well as fans- difficult I think !
    I think Adam is right to showcase some of his friends talent and also expose us to being able to access the alternative which seems to be an integral part of his nature which I am happy to share in. I would however question Twitter as to the right way to do this as to the amount of people that access it (and ages(?minors) and genres)I fear it may on balance have a negative impact.I hope I am wrong!
    I will be buying the music, going to the concerts because I think the man is an outstanding talent -I hope that everyone else will be doing the same.

  20. sorry meant to say the video was from his friend cassidy(johua was the jewllery designer!)


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