Adam’s Face: Two Halves Make a Whole

It has been said that the “beautiful people” of the world (those people that most everyone can agree have stunning facial features), are the same people that also have very symmetrical faces.  So perfect are the lines that one half of the face is a mirrror image of the other half.

I’ve often thought this to be true of Adam.  From forehead, to eyes, to nose, to jaw and chin — almost identical from one side to the other.  Then comes the album cover.  Almost everyone can see the male and female, or the yin and yang, within the same picture.  And yet somehow, it looks like Adam, but then again, it doesn’t.

These are the two halves, merged together with themselves to make two different faces.  Quite interesting, don’t you think?  The thinner face with the hand is more feminine, the wider face with the stronger jawline is more masculine.

My hypothesis is that if we found another straight on shot of Adam, and did the same experiment, the results would be two pictures that look more like the second picture.  What do you think?

Thanks to ChzR for posting the original links on this site!

And thanks Adam, for letting us play with your face.  Afterall, you are here for our entertainment!

Dana, Glamb #6


  1. Wow! Gives me chills! Almost spooky! Talk about Androgyny. Talk about Oneness! Talk about Unity! Adam exemplifies all of them, both inside and out. No wonder we love our Adam. He is the new male, the new human, the new earth!

    • OK, everyone, just heard that Adam and Drake are calling it quits. Was the clue, Adam has been seen lately w/o him????? He is celebrating Halloween with none other than Katy Perry.

      • PS break up was mutual and they are remaining friends. Relationship ran its course. I could see this coming.

        • I apologize, this should have been a new post starting at the bottom of thread!
          Practice what I preach!


            YIPPPPEEEEEEEE !!!!!

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              OMFG!!!! Do you know how this makes me feel? I just got an overwhelming, anxious and butterflies, feeling, going down my throat to the bottom of my stomach. Where did you hear this ? Is the source valid? What do you make of this? Why do I feel like this? I mean I was happy for him if he wanted to be with another man, but omg,omg,omg. There’s no way. I don’t know what to say. But I will remain calm cause it just may be he is too busy for a relationship right now, right? To see ADAM with a beautiful young lady such as Katy Perry, lucky her. Would I be perverted to think omg, for her, for him, omg. I’m thinking too much on this . I think I will leave this one alone. I’m freaking crying and I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just tired, just come home from work. OMG!!!! No freakin’ way! PS Maybe I don’t want ADAM to come to our side, I like his gay self. I was accepting it, still crying, I feel heartbroken as if i”m experiencing the breakup firsthand. Please Mary C, give source, something to verify this.

              • u need to calm down, are u serious? i don’t understand how someone can be so devastated by something you’re not even a part of. i don’t mean to be rude or anything, but sometimes it’s just plain scary how fans will react. come on, he’s just a human being like every one of us even if he is very very talented. you don’t know him personally and i think famous people really hate it when fans react so strongly about something that are none of their business. get a grip for your own sake

                • Wow, woman, are you totally serious? I like Adam well enough, but more and more I’ve been hearing so much about these crazed and delusional fans and how they’re becoming, and I quote “the lepers of the internet community”. I honestly cannot believe that you have so much personal investment in someone you’ve never met, and someone who probably could care less about you. Do you have a husband? A boyfriend? What do they think of your obsession with a gay theater performer? I honestly think you need some form of help. People who never watched AI are getting completely turned off over Adam Lambert.

                  • love2adams says:

                    Alex and Helen, Adam would say something like chill, it ain’t that deep……………
                    Kimber and the rest of us are here to have fun. None of us are crazed or dangerous or lepers fans………..We are ordinary people with families, homes and jobs….etc.
                    Our family members have their own hobbies and interests, ours happens to be everything Adam………
                    Speaking for myself, my family including my son Adam are happy that I have such a fun interest in my rather ordinary life…………they help me with the downloads, mp3’s etc …………
                    Kimber’s posts are fun to read. This is a safe place to be share Adam thoughts and experiences and fantasize and be silly at times………..

                    It ain’t deeper than that…….

                    Having said that I welcome other opinions on this site as long as there are no personal attacks and I feel you have attacked Kimber…….jeez, we re just having fun ……:-)

                    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                      Thank you for your support!!! LOVE YOU love2adams!!!

                    • Yes we are just having fun. Love2adams you are fantastic. This is what I have been saying for the last few days. We should be able to come on here and have our fantasys, or giggle, just to have fun. WE don’t need others to come in here and tell us we are delusional. We are not hurting anyone and I am sick and tired of all this BS. What happened to the regulars, (I am a new reg) that knew how things are in here? Why is this place attracting nasty people who think they know us and dare to tell us how to act and etc………….I want the fun back……………please.

                    • AdamAddict says:

                      “Our family members have their own hobbies and interests, ours happens to be everything about Adam…” I agree 100%. 🙂

                  • Alex & Helen, Easyyyyyyyyyyy, She just got carried away. Lighten up, sh_t happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • Trish, Love2Adams, Right on. We love to have fun , thats for sure. We dont need
                      to be brought down. Adam brings us up and we want to stay.
                      love and peace

                  • Dianne Hill says:

                    Geez as the girls say, you need to “chill, it ain’t that deep”. We have a ball on this site and we don’t need people like you bringing us down. We are all realistic and are not “stalkers” having said that, if any one of us had one single chance with Adam, we would be in there without a doubt, right girls (and guys). We are family on this site and we all absolutely adore Adam and we don’t need anyone else to tell us we “may be over the top”, we already know that, but who the f**k cares. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

                    • Iyleneidol09 says:

                      That’s right!! We’ve been coming here from the very start. This Glamb site is the Depot for our uninhibited fantasies, feelings that we all have in common, a site where we can express what and how we feel without fear of being judged and ridiculed!! And the best thing is…. it is free!! No professional fee for expressing our loony thoughts!!!Sooo, leave us alone. This is our safe haven!!!

                  • cheryl 334 says:

                    HELEN……………..Their loss!

                  • Dianne Hill says:

                    Helen, I have been ignoring your post for awhile now, but I have to say I take offense at some of the things you have said – well most of them actually, we are certainly not, as you put it “lepers of the community” we are just having a good time. LIghten up for god’s sake. And in answer to one of your questions, nope I don’t have a partner and nope I am not gay either and why does sexual orientation have to come into it at all, does Adam being either straight or gay make him a better singer and entertainer, I think not. He is the most wonderful, kind hearted generous, gorgeous, talented (I could go on and on but there are not enought words to describe Adam completely that have been invented yet – and we are in the process of creating our own Adam dictionary – yep, now you will think I am entirely crazy) and I am sure he does care about his fans. He doesn’t want us to go all stalkerish on him and that is fine, I don’t think any one of us on this site is or would be a stalker. We are here to just be a part of Adam’s family, we all love him and to be honest we could care less what you or whoever made the other comment above yours think. Sorry if that offends you – Not.

                • I feel for Adam and Drake. I hope they both will be ok and I hope that it was mutual. I hope it wasn’t Drake being jealous of Adam’s stardom or Adam being overwhelmed with all that is happening with him he “overlooked” Drake. I just hope the best for both. Keep your chin up Drake and Adam. Adam your fans are here for you!

                  • I just read that their breaking up was mutual. They both realize that what’s happening to Adam’s success is very important and he needs to concentrate on what he needs to do. They are still friends.

                    • cheryl 334 says:

                      ANDI…………PR. People who break apart always say that. Adam was never invested in him.

                • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                  Appreciate ur input, but I do care about ADAM’s well-being.

            • KailuaGirl1966 says:

              Adam is NOT coming over to our side (darn it!). When there is stress in our lives it is comforting to surround ourselves with friends and family. I am surprised Adam has time for a serious romantic relationship. Katy Perry and Adam are friends who admire each other’s talent and beauty. I am glad Drake and Adam plan to remain friends, that shows maturity and that both are realistic about how people’s needs, wants and desires change. They’re young and life is full of surprises.
              Glamb #394

              • LibraLamb7 says:

                Thanks for this insight, Suzanne….good post! I was wondering if Adam/Drake relationship would survive his new celebrity & soaring career…something that is no doubt consuming his time & passion!!! I only wish him good health & happiness…whoever he chooses to share his life with is fine by me!


                • AdamAddict says:

                  Poor them! I hope they both will be okay! It’s sad,I’m sad!Thankfully,they remain friends so it wasn’t that bad!! 🙁 I assuming there’s a space in Adam’s bed now?I’m moving in,the rest can dream on!! I want to pack but feel so sad!! Poor Drake,poor poor Adam!!


                    • Okay AdamAddict and Ofra, remember the cake and something else?? He has room for 3 of us now…………..

                    • Ofra: This is off topic but I believe I read where you’re from Israel.
                      I’m heading to Israel on 11/7/09 and will be based in the Tel Aviv
                      area. However, I will be traveling throughout Israel till 11/16/09.
                      It would be interesting to meet up with another Adam follower.
                      I don’t know how we can communicate on this site, though.

                    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                      Make that 4!!!!!

                    • NO Mary C. make the FOUR of us. I want in on that action. LOL

                    WE R NAUGHTY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                      Okay OFRA, I’ll be #5. Just think all of the fun we could have in that bed w/ ADAM!!!!!!! Oh how I wished he was here to talk to all of us. Oh yeah twitter!!!

                    • Ofra, sounds like its gonna have to be a King size!

                  • So many men and women are ln fatuated with, in love with Adam, that my sympathy for Drake if they have broken up. And for Adam ,too, of course,because he really looked very happy in all his photos w Drake. The more experiences on has, the more one changes, and Adam is not entirely the same person as was before all the AI and tour experiences. He is a major public figure now, and that is a gigiantic difference in someone’s life- very hard on any relationship.I hope for happiness for them both.

                  • cheryl 334 says:

                    ADAMADDICT………………Don’t feel sad for Adam! This has been a long time coming! Did you really think he would stay with someone like him, Emili? Naw! He’s making a change alright. To where he truly belongs, in the straight world eventually. You know how I feel, I just never did believe he was born in a gay mentality. But, you’ll see. As will everyone else! Luv to you, Emili! cheryl norman

                    • AdamAddict says:

                      I still sad for Adam but not like aaaaaargh,I’m going to bang my head,no no just like awww,poor Adam!Split up is no fun.Maybe it’s a good thing for both of them but it still sad to hear.About he belongs to the straight world,well i don’t know about that. If one day he turns straight,I’m fine with it.I love him no matter what but last time I check,he still gay!Gay or straight,we all don’t care.Already so in love with him.And,why you say Adam wouldn’t stay with someone like him(Drake)?I understand you dislike Drake but I do.If you want to reply to my post,I hope you won’t bash Drake,that will hurt my feelings,Cheryl.Luv to you too 🙂

                    • cheryl , you said what I think too!!

                • KailuaGirl1966 says:

                  Thanks for responding to my post! I check the site daily, however don’t always have time to read all posts. Thanks again. 🙂
                  Glamb #397

            • He and Katy Perry have been friends since before Drake, even before Idol. Just becuz he parties with a girl, doeesnt mean hes dating/hooking up with her lol Plus Katy is with Russell Brand. 🙂

              Adam wouldnt be Adam if he was straight…in my opinion

              • cheryl 334 says:

                ARIELLE…………….Adam used the word, ‘dating’ her! It is what it is. It is a date! Don’t argue with Adam, he knows what it is and said so!

                • mmagiemay says:

                  He said “It’s a Date”! Not I’m Dating Her. You and I could have a “date” to go to a movie or have lunch, and that’s all it would be, meeting at a certain time for an event. I’m sure Adam is super busy and not doesn’t really have time to invest in a relationship. He’s meeting all sorts of people and going lots of places and just having fun. He doesn’t have to be attached to anyone for the time being.

    • Isn’t he pretty! mmmm Just so pleasing to the eye….

    • Beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, breathtaking………………….. every time I see a new picture of Adam I am amazed that one person can have so many different looks, not just hair and clothes, but he looks like a different person from one photo shoot to the next and from one interview to the next. Compare his look from RING OF FIRE to OPRAH to Young Hollywood awards, to Red Carpet at THIS IS IT. I think my favorites are the “windblown Adam” look on the red carpet this week and the black and white cover for the single. I remember Kara saying, “Who reaches those notes?” and Randy saying, “Adam Lambert does.” Well, when looking at that single cover with that face, that hand, those adornments, all I could think was, “Who looks like that?” ADAM LAMBERT DOES.

    • Both beautiful, the more fem male and the more masuline male but , to me. the more masuclin male photo is more beautiful , even etherial.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Mary C,
        I don’t think King size is enough.Maybe 2 king combine!So,since I incharge,I say Adam in the left follows by me besides him then you guys pick anyplace! 🙂

        • AdamAddict, can you see me? hahahahah dont go blowing a fuse now. Just playin!!

          PS if Adam in the left followed by you, then I’m on the right side of that book end right next to his other side…….

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Okay, Mary, you can’t leave me out – I will be anywhere his tongue is. You have me giggling away here, I just love it. I can just see you on one side, AdamAddict on the other, Kimber down by his feet, and anyone else, well, I guess they will have to line up and wait their turn. Poor man is going to be completely worn out by the time we are finished with him and he won’t know which way is “up” anymore.

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              You know about my new-found foot fettish?!LOL!!!
              Ahhh yea, lickin’ them toes like lollipops!! OOOh and sucking on them like jolly ranchers too!!

            • OMG Dianne, I am totally laughing here at work. All us nymphos in bed with A. Remember way back when we all had our places to sit on Adam?? Oh yeh, Cheryl will be on his face!! I believe I
              said his treasure. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
              Having fun people, dont think anything else………………

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Ok guys, you all can stay on that king size bed, while Adam and I will sneak out to the bathroom and put the down comforter in the bathtub and we’ll snuggle together in it!!!Oh How cozy!!! By the way, we’ll lock the door and turn off the light and the rest, hmm, I’ll leave it all to your dirty, wild imaginaion!!!

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              I meant “imagination”

              • Dianne Hill says:

                Your “imaginion” is getting the better of you there, Iyleneidol. You have to remember that we said we would all share, oh poor Adam he really is going to be stretched to the limits isn’t he?

            • Iylene, you know my dirty wild imagination is soaring………………. LOL

          • AdamAddict says:

            YES I CAN SEE YOU,MARIE! Oh wait,it’s Mary C!LOL 🙂

            • AA, Hahahhaha, LOL come out come out whereever you are………………..

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                Oh, ladies, ladies, I can sense those crazy ” voyeur lepers” laughing at us, LOL!! who cares, they should know by now that we openly professess our “ovarian and uterine sexual fantasies in this site!!! If they cannot ‘stomach” it, get the hell out!!! hahaha!!

  2. Torontonian says:

    This is a very interesting, very intelligent article. He’s so beautiful, he’s almost mystical.

  3. I think its amazing how she did that…… sure is a good job! I love both sides of Adams face equally

  4. Wow, interesting. First view of Adams cover, I would have never thought to divide it to see the 2 different halves. I think his face is beautiful, I mean beautiful in a good looking way, not by any
    means feminine. I think the makeup, shadows, lighting etc help to conclude the yin-yang description. When he said his cover picture was pure adrogenous, my thought was bi-sexual.
    He makes a statement , what the statement is , will keep us guessing for sure.
    I know one thing, the picture of him on his Official Website, looking down, whoa his left jawline is
    very Sexy. Left side, right side, both sides make up one Handsome Hunk of a Man!

    • Mary,

      I’m with you on this…..he’s BEAUTIFUL with makeup, without makeup….he has the PERFECT FACIAL FEATURES! Adrogenous is the word for him! He loves to keep us GUESSING !!!

      HUNKA HUNKA MAN !!!!

  5. Adam is a very special person. He is more than entertainment. I don’t quite know what to make of him but all I can say is he is very special, someone who comes along once in a generation!

    • I fully agree with you Gayle, someone like Adam only comes along once in a lifetime and I am so happy that it is happening in my lifetime to enjoy his music.

      • My feelings exactly, Gayle & Toni. I knew it seeing him very first time, felt a feeling down to my bones. He touches my mind, heart and soul. Adam is a HAPPENING, I’m so glad to be part of this. Only thing I cannot understand is how there can be others who don’t feel the magic. “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.” Hope Adam goes on and on.
        Glamberholic #492

        • Gayle, Toni & Ellie

          You have each summed it up very nicely. A person such as Adam who is not defineable as having one or two or even several admirable qualities, is virtually non-existant. He is as close to perfection as one can get and , yes, this type of person seems to come along only once or maybe twice in ones lifetime! I believe that when you first meet (or are otherwise introduced to ) someone as magical and mezmerizing as Adam, you become immediately and totally “smitten”, or you just don’t get it and are “turned off” or “indifferent to him. I feel that when you are born, you believe in magic and that is partly because of the environment you grow up with (or, in some circumstances, inspite of your environment), you choose to allow magical moments into your everyday life. It’s in your heart & soul! Others, for various reasons, may have lost that part of themselves, or have become so dissillusioned that they no longer believe in letting any fun and exciting emotions enter their hearts and souls. Part of this may be out of fear of being hurt in the long run….very sad!! As the saying goes…better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all!!

          Hugs to All,

          Glamb # 488

          • Gayle, Toni, Ellie & Nana, Love what you all have said. Adam is special and makes us feel special.

  6. Silvana/Argentina says:



    Later I’ll read the article and the comments, and post something but for noe , what I saw, and what we know, Adam is always beautiful.

    Now I have to rush to finish my daughter’s Halloween costume…….Glampiresssssss…what else.

    Lots of love,

  7. Hey it was me who posted this in the other thread. Once I saw how the picture turned out I just knew I had to share – it’s stunning!

    My belief is that Adam and the artist who created his album cover set out to find a clever way to achieve the androgynous look. I mean certainly they knew Adam likes to play dress-up! 🙂 They could have just decked him out and taken a photo… but they didn’t.

    I believe they intended the left/right, feminine/masculine look. I’m betting they set out to trick our brains: when we look at the picture it looks feminine, yet it doesn’t look quite like a girl and it definitely looks like Adam. I think this is also why they rotated the picture to the side just a bit, as the trick would have been more obvious if it was a straight on portrait.

    Also, I’m sure they took some liberties with Photoshop to accentuate various features of both sides. I think this is why the mirror images of the halves are both so clearly feminine and so clearly masculine.

    And btw, here is the link to the full sized image I created. Previously I had linked to a service that was a bit of a pain to download from. This is just a direct link to the image on an image sharing site.


    • ChzR,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to set up and share these photos with us…YOU ROCK!!

      Hugs, Glamb # 488

  8. For me Adam is the representation of each and everyone of us, having the masculine and feminine side of our life. It is the answer to my why he is loved by any gender and why he is found to be sexy. He unites us all no matter what our differences are.

    Thank You Adam!

  9. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it! These pics are awesome. ADAM does have a very beautiful face. I would’ve never thought have doing something like this w/ someone’s face but these pics just prove ADAM’s beauty. A remarkable man, he is. My daughter wanted to be a glampire as well, she wanted to do it w/ style. We had a good Halloween, the moon was full, took her out to eat, got her some icecream, hit a few houses, and come across a deer on the hghwy up close. It was cool. I wonder what ADAM is doing right now, I wonder what his costume looks like. hope to see pics. Gotta go for now, off to work I go. PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS!!!

    • Kim . I follow Katy Perry on twitter and she is with Adam tonight at a party.. She tweeted tonight that pictures would follow……. I’m sure she means only of herself but it will be interesting to see how Adams partner for the night looked.. If we are very lucky, she will include the gorgeous Adam Lambert…. better known as the night’s Glampire… Adam tweeted to Katy earlier , “see you tonight, and he told her to protect her neck !!! Can you just die to have Adam send you that kind of message before you spend the evening with him…… breath…..

      • Katy Perry just twitted….

        Good call on renting the party bus with the light up stripper pole inside it…

        LOL .. something tells me she and Adam are have a blast. !!! good for them.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Adam Lambert and Katy Perry! I LOVE IT! Katy just wearing a cloak written Adam Lambert but bcs of that they become BFF!! You think I can become Adam’s BFF also if I’m wearing that cloak? I can do better than cloak,I can…ok, I’m not telling!You will copy me than Adam will have too many BFF.Not cool! Adam & Katy…cute! 🙂

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Hey guys! Is that Danielle dancin’ w/ ADAM? She’s a pretty girl, she was very supportive during AI. She’s his bff ?

        • Whoa, stripper pole, just found this out this morning. OMG remember the microphone and now a stripper pole. Bet that party bus was Shakin………..

        • Oh so it was Adams idea to rent a party bus?? They all must have had a ball partying all night long!!
          lit up pole, OMG those animals………………………..

      • Glambertgirl1 says:

        Which one is she on twitter? Cant find that post

      • Admfan1,
        Protect my neck!!?? Are you kidding me?? I want absolutely no protection…if he’s about to make it rough for me and he’s here for MY entertainment…BRING IT ON !! lol,lol
        Geez…just thinking about it…I think I popped a vein in my neck…

        Hugs, Glamb #488

  10. Adam is hot guy and would make a beautiful woman…LOVE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT cant get it out of my head

  11. This is both weird…and wonderful. Thanks, ChzR! And I’ll take the man behind Door #2 (on the right)!

  12. Hey, what the hell, I tried this trick with some pictures and I come up with the same conclusion.
    Most people have this yin yang thing going on. I mean if I put my hand over one side of someones face and then switch to the other side, they have a totally different look, maybe one eye is bigger, or the face looks distorted. Very interesting.
    I tried this on my sister and she has one eye larger than the other and I told her and she was like WTF! hahha it was funny.

  13. AdamRocks! says:

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everybody who celebrates it! We went to Candy’s (LibraLamb7’s) house to get some “candy!”Then my nice husband stood around while we gushed about Adam. . . heehee

    Cindy in Ms
    Glamb #37

    • AdamRocks, Happy Halloween to you! Oh how fun gushing about Adam . My favorite thing to do! Bet there’s lots going on in NO for Halloween. Isnt that where u are from?

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Candy is. . . and I’m sure she has hundreds of stories from her younger days in New Orleans. . . I’m originally from Baltimore, but I now live in Picayune, Mississippi, (where Candy lives now too). We’re about an hour’s drive from NO. 🙂

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • LibraLamb7 says:

          Adam would feel right at home in N.O. on Halloween! Bourbon St & the French Quarter is teeming w/ghouls, vampires & probably lots of “Glampires”, too! This weekend was VooDoo Fest there & “KISS”” was performing last nite…Would’ve been betta with ADAM!!!

          Was happy to see you & your family, Cindy, for Trick or Treats!! You saw the crowd we had…I’m worn out today & my hands even hurt from giving out so much candy for over TWO solid hours! It really helped that I got my iTunes player on the computer (w/Bose speakers) blasting ALL ADAM the whole time!!! Kept me going…singin’ & dancin’. Yea Adam!!!


          • AdamAddict says:

            Cindy and Candy,
            What’s your costume?Not glampire,is it?Everybody wear that!You won’t know if the real vampire show up??!!Oh don’t laugh,buddy! Vampire exist alright!So do shtriga,reaper,djinn,shape shifter and all!! You better believe it! I watched Sam and Dean kicking their ass every week!!Awesome!! 🙂

  14. Adam is single…….. OH hope he is okay. He should be, everything was mutual. OH Adam hang in there baby, you will be alright. Your whole life is ahead of you. Enjoy

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Mary C.,
      he will be just fine. He is so young and so many things coming his way. And he WILL ENJOY.

  15. Just ran across this interview with Adam, Kris and Allison. Adam talks about his album.
    Good one! enjoy, Adam has slicked back hair. lookin good!

    • Love these 3 together. Reminds me of the best of friends!!!!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Wow Mary! What a great video! So cool how they showed a montage of Adam performing during the AI tour while they played TFM. . . ahhhhhhh, memories. . . LOVED it!

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I agree, they just have good friendly chemistry. I hope that interview shows up on the advertisment channel that WM presents in the electronics, on the t.v.s. Just think all these t.v.s surrounfding me w/ ADAM’s face on them. I noticed they were signing some posters of themselves, sure would love to get one. I hope I survive these next few weeks just waiting for ADAM’s cd. Thanks for sharing Mary C Love ya!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARY LOVE THIS INTERVIEW! Adam is just cool! I mean COOL!!!!

      You can’t ‘learn’ cool. You can’t be ‘shown’ cool. You are or you aren’t. Adam is definately cool.
      It is natural for him. Elvis was cool. Clapton is cool. James Dean was cool. Paul Newman was cool. Just certain people become naturally cool at sometime in their lives, and these did, along with Adam. Johnny Depp, Jimmy Hendrix, Robt Downney Jr., William F. Buckley, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Robt Kennedy, Roy Orbisson,Einstein, John Denver, Johnny Mathis, Dean Martin, Sinatra, Stevie Nicks, Striesand, Emmylou, Vince Gill, Garth, Waylon, Jimmy Paige, Lennon, Jagger, Steven Hawkings, just to name a few that might not come to mind when thinking of ‘cool’. I know everyone has many people to add. I just wish I could think of more women, right now. I love the lead singer of Muse, too. He is cool. Colin Powell is cool. Bill Clinton is cool. I do think in terms of political icons, too! They have made a big influence in my thinking. Esp. Robt Kennedy. All the Kennedy women, too.

      • KailuaGirl1966 says:

        Bill Clinton not so much… he thinks he’s cool. FYI: He cheated on his wife back when he was governor… I saw him on a flight from Dallas to Little Rock smooching a flight attendant and meeting Hillary in the terminal. Not cool.
        Glamb #394

        • cheryl 334 says:

          KAILUA Not into Bill, eh? Did you really think you needed to tell me about Bil’s cheating???
          He’s been doing that all his life. I’m not saying he is cool for cheating! But he is just cool! He was smooching a flight attendant? Well, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but you have already got it out for him. So, I don’t believe everything everybody tells me. He’s cool!

    • Very cool video. Thanks for posting this!!!

    • Hi Mary thanks for posting that video, I now cannot wait for Adam’s album, the interview is also reassuring that it caters for all teastes.

    • Mary, thanks for sharing that video. ADAM is so confident and professional…remembering those Idol days and seeing the ADAM montage brings back great memories.

      I was spellbound by ADAM’s CD cover, but now knowing about the two sides of his face makes it even more mysterious. Very clever and beautiful.

      ADAM and Katy do make a beautiful couple. Just a thought, but wouldn’t they make a beautiful baby together??? A little gorgeous baby ADAM!!!!!

      It really doesn’t surprise me about ADAM/Drake breaking up. The relationship was only a couple of months (maybe a few more) long, and ADAM’s whole world has changed. His time is in great demand, and so many “show business” couples can’t make it because of that. I hope ADAM (and Drake) are happy. I just don’t want ADAM to get hurt by ANYONE!!!!

      • Jaberone,
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I thought Katy Perry was moving in with her boyfriend just recently? Oh well, things change and move so fast in the Hollywood scene..who can keep track!!?? I have to agree with you that Adam is caught up in such a whirlwind right now that even if and when he has a little spare time to enjoy his personal life, I don’t think he can focus and give it 100% of his attention at this point. Hopefully, this is what he and Drake realized and therefore mutually agreed to part ways but still remain good friends. Adam is clearly (and rightfully so), concentrating on promoting himself in every aspect that is available to him…before the storm calms down to a more normal level.

        Hugs, Glamb # 488

    • Whazzzzzzzzzzzz up Mary C.!!!!!! lol Thank you so much for that link to that interview. I miss those 3! Isn’t it funny that Danny is nowhere to be found? He grew on me and I loved seeing all tne Idols get so close! I wish I could hear something from all of them. But especially happy that this interview was found by the GREAT MARY C.! Thanks Mary C. This interview made my day!!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        I always love this trio.They are close from the A.I until now.Then everybody just love them I mean Allison got the record deal before Gokey!Elle, these 3 that they wanted!Again not that Gokey dude!For god sake,pick 4! Give the 3rd place some face!! Poor Gokey….nah,don’t really care!!Poor Adam, he just broke up! But thanks Mary C for the vid!! Mwah!
        P/s;Adam’s cover is blue-COOL! Kris ‘s cover is green-ALMOST COOL, Allison’s cover is red-HOT!!Adam should be red but whatever.COOL is COOL too! Gokey should be black!!Print all black!!! Hahaha!! I’m sorry, I’m depress, Adam just broke up!!Poor Adam,poor Drake but Poor Adam more! 🙁

  16. Hey guys, I heard only one Radio station so far playing Adam’s FYE, and that’s WPLJ in New York City, I’ve been requesting frequently to Z100 to play Adam but so far they haven’t doene it, they play Kris at least 3 times a day but no Adam, I’m really upset, can you guys please try and make a request as well so we can have them play Adam becasue Z100 is the # 1 Radio Station in the tri state area. As for Time for Miracles, I still havent heard it on the radio but I read this wonderfull review on VH1, its a great review and I wish everyone of you would read it if you havent already. Here is the link, very powerfull review.

    P.S. Don’t forget to request Time For Miracles video on VH1.

    Thanks Glambs,

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Thanx Sabrina,
      That was a Grt review!!!
      Put him up there with the Best, that have come before him.
      I do LOVE TFM…it is awesome…nancy

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        That is a great review, I am soo proud of our ADAM, I felt like we watched this kid grow up and mature before our very eyes.. this gives me goose bumps all over. I am just praying that everyone expressing their adoration and love for ADAM will support his albums to prove to the world that yes, he is the one, THIS IS IT!!! It is ADAM’s reign. He is taking over the throne…the future King of POPROCKLAD !!! (pop,rock and ballad) no country music there, he’s not crazy on country music.

    • For some reason I couldn’t get that link to the interview on Vh1. Could you put it up again?

  17. Thanks, this is really interesting, and fun.

  18. And looking again, I get physical response to the more masculine face though both are very beautiful. Interesting because I actually would have thought it would be same for both since both are beautiful, just me though and I know that.

  19. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    I did that with one of his pics months ago. I think I used a Mad World from Idol photo. I put it up for anyone who care to read but not one person commented on it. I was obviously before my time….

  20. Sabrina: Relax. For Your Entertainment’s official radio add date is Tuesday the 3rd. The song was given 35 spins on the 30th alone.

  21. cheryl 334 says:

    COULDN’T BE HAPOPIER FOR ADAM, with him and what’s his face calling it ‘quits’. Think I saw that coming way back when Adam performed ROF!! Predicted it. So happy for Adam! He and Katy Perry out on a date tonite! Go, Adam!!!!

    As far as the picture above, I am too busy to try and fold up two pics to see what they show!!! Good thing others can do it! I am just not that talented, fo sho! Actually, I read the article once and still am not sure what it means! hahaha!!! Oh, well, first I learn, then I teach. But, I’d have to learn first!

    Adam is hot, hot, hot!!!! He is gestting more gorgeous by the day. How in the world is that possible?!!! I just saw a new pic of him in black (what else) and his hair is all down in his face! OMG! What a hunky manly-man!!!! Love Him!

    peace-love-light-joy-truth-happiness-adam-and me sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!!!!!

  22. I think I have been doing nothing BUT writing about the extraordinary beauty of Adam Lambert’s face since I first began writing on these threads, but I will just share a few thoughts and comments from weeks past with all of you again. The symmetry of his face was one of the first things I noticed about Adam, and that he was ‘equally as beautiful’ from both sides of his face in profile, which is not usual for most people. As an artist doing facial construction, looking at both sides of the face is essential, to notice the differences and peculiarities, to render each side of the face perfectly, and then, to bring the two sides together as one. I looked at Adam almost from the first time I saw him as having an extremely pronounced duality in his nature, which was so revealingly shown by his beautiful face. And I have also said before that human beings look for this male/female face in artistic expression to admire and emulate, and have done so since classical art was first produced. When we gaze at a rendering of the male, we are not looking for a ‘lumberjack of a guy’ to feast our eyes on, we are looking for the stunning beauty of a ‘David’, the androgynous glory of Leonardo’s feminized figures, brought forward into a modern interpretation. Somewhere in the human psyche is this longing for what is more beautiful than ourselves, and Adam Lambert provides us with this kind of beauty. I still say, no matter how outrageous and overtly sexual Adam is in his stage persona, he is also the ‘other’, the male who possesses just enough feminine beauty to captivate the world, and this kind of beauty IS otherworldly. Adam’s beauty supercedes that of other men because this duality is so pronounced, and because he understands so perfectly how to use it. And there is another thing, Adam Lambert’s eyes. Those eyes are so powerful, they could melt steel or put a hairline crack in a diamond. The beauty that Adam possesses is not by mistake or happenstance. He is a special being, created for a special purpose, and there is so much more to come from his creative and fertile imagination. When I was responding to a post made about my poem ‘Enigma’ delineating Adam’s fascinating ‘dark and light’, ‘revealed and unrevealed’ parts to his persona, I made these comments which are so similar to the topic of this thread:

    “Take your hand and place it over the left side of Adam’s face in the picture above. See the hidden Adam of fire and deep passion, the ‘Lord of Love’, the Man of a Thousand Disguises. (The Male) Then take your hand and cover the right side of Adam’s face, and you will see the compassionate, deeply kind, loving man who looks out upon the world with piercing understanding and keenest intelligence. (The Female) You can see the love and warmth in his eyes, you can feel his affection for people. Adam is an extraordinary being, and we are privileged to have him here with us in such a tumultuous time in world events, when everything is so uncertain. Adam is a steadying presence in the midst of all of this, a voice of hope and encouragement. His very presence is a gift to us all…..he is like a living crystal of many facets whose beauty will only be enhanced by use and time. Gaze into both of those eyes in the picture above. Then pick up the living crystal who is Adam and tell me, what do you see as he gazes back at you?”

    As we look at Adam, the ‘living crystal’, I think we will see ourselves revealed. We will recognize and perhaps even begin to love parts of ourselves that have remain hidden or dormant for many years. At the very least, we will find a happiness with just being who we are: alive, and free, enjoying life, and music, and Adam. Adam is going to stretch us to the very limits of our understanding and tolerance, and then, he will come back to earth for awhile, sit with us in his boyish, tousled way and talk with us about anything we want to talk about, and reassure us that he is human, too. This man we all love is not an ordinary man; he is man and boy, male and female, angel and master of magic, consoling friend and secret lover, all in one. He holds up the mirror image of his face to the world, first the yin, then the yang, shocking and delighting us to the core. And the tapestry that he is weaving with his golden, silver, black, and sapphire threads has only just begun, and just remember this, that in 20 years time, Adam will be just as gloriously handsome as he is now with silver streaking the swept-back sides of his beautiful head. By then, he will have shown us the farthest limits of all that he is, turned the world over and changed it forever, and become the ultimate legend of the generation to come.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Oh bravo Lorrin.
      I do hope we are all around in 20 years to marvel at Adams grace and beauty still.
      It will be something indeed for us all to still be on this site talking about him….

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LORRIN………….Yeah, I was just about to say that! hahahaaa!!!! Only you can put verbs, nouns and adjectives to Adam and have it all come out as ‘beautiful’! Oh, I think these thoughts, but can’t get my MadBert to do the job for me. Am so glad you’re up, out and posting! This site is not the same without you amd your talent! Now, stick around! Don’t go off in that beautiful backyard of yours and start playing with the animals. We need you here. Or should I say Adam needs you here! Luv, Cheryl

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      “…hairline crack in a diamond…” , love it ,that was good. All I know is that ADAM is so deep down embedded into my heart, he and my daughter will be the two people I will be thinking of when I am on my deathbed. I want to get his name or a pic of him tatooed on me and right now I feel like doing that. I may not be around as long as he will be so I would want something materialistic besides his RS mag & Details inside my coffin w/ me. I will let all of you know when I have done it!

    • Lorring you’ve done it again, I am speachless, I am saving all your posts.

    • Lorrin, I’m in love with ADAM all over again!!!! 🙂

      You have such a way with beautiful words, and I’m so drawn into your thoughts and feelings. You are an artist with my mind…I see the picture that you’re painting in my head!

    • THANK YOU LORRIN!!!! I love just LOVE reading anything you write about, especially when your poetry of writing is about ADAM! What you wrote was so beautiful it made me tear up!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Damn!! Lorrin, what the heck is that?? Don’t write stuff like that!! That make my post look like crap!LOL!! Beautifully said,Lorrin! ~applause~ Ok, already talked about the beautiful face! Now, Lorrin write about his humoungous ….that!! Come on, I dare you! Please write,you write so nicely!! I love it! 🙂

        • HIS WHAT ???????????????????????????????????

          • AdamAddict says:

            Do I need to say it clearly?What else huge about Adam?Well his talent,of course!Beside his talent…DUH! LOL! Just kidding but if you really want to challenge yourself,it’s fine by me,Lorrin! 🙂

            • OH yes Lorrin, listen to AdamAddict and write about that word she used???
              I 2nd that challenge.

              • That’s when I really not be able to speak, can you imagine, if Lorrin uses her extraordinary talent she has with words to describe Adam’s ‘humoungous’ we will all be speachless for days. Lorrin, are you rising to the challenge?

    • OK Lorrin,
      So now another human being on this earthly plane bedsides Adam, has opened a portion of my soul. Your analogy of the crystal/mirror so moved me, that I sat stunned before my computer screen breathing deeply in wonder. I want to profess my astonishment at your eloquent description of the man who is Adam Lambert. No description, heretofore, has reached all levels of defining this man.

      I had previously thought that I had been able to do so on other sites, but never with the beauty with which you have shared with us. Please, please submit this to magazines or someone who will print this magnificent article.

      Upon reading this, a door will be opened fully by others who knew that this is what they were seeing, but were unable to voice it. Be our voice……

      Where do you live and what do you do? This is a gift that must be shared again and again.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Michelle, if you loved this (and it is obvious you did) then make sure you go to a lot of other threads on this site because Lorrin has written a lot in the past months about our gorgeous Adam and she does it so beautifully every time. They are well worth reading believe me.

        • Thank you, all you dear sweet people for your wonderful comments. I was very surprised myself to see that AdamOfficial had put up my essay on Adam with a headline! I only learned about it by being alerted by two sweet fans on Twitter and by Googling my own name to see if I could find what page AO had placed the article! Yes, I admit, I am shameless. Anyway, I thought some of the Glambs might enjoy seeing the whole fabulous thing, so here it is on AdamsOfficial site:

 – Post By A Person Named Lorrin

          Again, thanks to all of you so much, your remarks were precious to me. I am an ever-so ‘slightly famous’ member of the wonderful Worldwide Glambs!

    • Hi Lorrin just read your beautiful words on Adam Official site. Everyone is in awe of your writing and say you must be a lovely person inside and so gifted.

  23. I love the song FYE….i hope radio stations play the song often. If anybody hears the song on the radio pls inform us…

    • So far only one NY Radio Station has played it Friday and Saturday, however, I think we have to request his music to be played, therefore, I urge all you ladies to email or text your local Radio Stations to play our belowed Adam

      • I haven’t heard it yet either. I called my local stations, there are two, 95Q which I figured would the be one to do it since it has the Ryan Seacrest show on there, but they told me NO, and maybe not anytime soon. Then that stupid DJ had the gall to play Kris Allen right after that, which I love, but he added “This is for the listener who wanted Adam Lambert’s new song, thought you might like Kris Allen instead”. WTF? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

        • Politely call or email the station’s program manager and request that they play FYE. Don’t bother with the DJ. Remember it doesn’t get released to radio until Nov.2nd.

        • Trish, that DJ was rude! What an A _ _ . GGGRRRR

          • AdamAddict says:

            Mr.DJ,YOU’RE FIRED!! WTH??!! Super douche!!If he wants to play Kris’s song,just play it why he must say that?Not even close to funny!What an a**!!

  24. coloforadam says:

    I just keep going back to what his friend Scarlett said in the Rolling Stone article, that sometimes when you are too fabulous, people turn away….that’s been part of Adam’s path. He is sooooo fabulous …. But, we have to remember that he is still just one little person with now such a huge personna to live up to …… so much hype about changing the music industry and the whole friggin’ world…. Imagine the pressure. I just hope that he has brought some people into his life that are more mature, know the world that will now try to swallow him up and how they need to be there to keep him safe and intact. He just told us in the Details article that he suffered from significant depression just 3 years ago ….. Yah, he is beautiful, strong and amazing but there are times when he looks on the edge of desperate sadness. Again, imagine the toll that the flagrant, ugly criticism and judgement can take on a person when all they are doing is defining, defending and living who they are. There is so much love for you Adam…..

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Oh, colorforadam, your post made me “skerd”… Skerd for Adam!! Hope he’ll keep his parents at bay, just in case things get tough in his new world, at least someone can pull him back and keep him grounded…

  25. He’s HOT!

  26. Adam’s face is like his music, he has so many different looks. I feel that so much of Adam’s ability to change and morph comes from his many years in theater. I believe he has studied lanuage, the expression of emotion and projecting both his voice and his feelings to the audience until he has perfected the art. This is why so many of us can feel that he is speaking, singing directly to us, even through electronic communication, he touches us.

  27. Glambertgirl1 says:

    So I thought Katy had a boyfriend. Is that incorrect?

    • Well she is dating that English guy who hosted the VMA awards show………..but those two do not look right………… is weird to say this knowing Adam is Gay, BUT………..Adam and Katy make a more believeable couple and soooooooooooooo beautiful together!

      • Katy and Russel Brand are looking to buy a house, they seem to be getting on very well, they were both photographed in an english magazine looking very loved up.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          And Katy and Adam are FRIENDS aren’t they. Surely two friends can go out and have a great time together.

  28. AdamAddict says:
  29. Iyleneidol09 says:

    You know when you are the “IT Thing”!! I was watching the UPN9 channel, not really watching, I just left the TV on that channel, all the Newscasters had their halloween costumes on and they were dancing the Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and they were one by one being introduced and mentioned the costume they had on, and guess what, one of the girl’s costume is Adam Lambert costume!!! So amazing, Adam is all over: magazines, movie themesong, AMA awards, etc.HE OFFICIALLY HAS ARRIVED!!!

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I am surprised to read some of the comments here where folks think that somehow if Adam breaks up with Drake or goes to a premier with Katy Perry this might mean he would abandon being gay or become heterosexual and that is just completely unrealistic. Adam is just about as gay as it gets and he’s been that way for a long, long time. Sexual Orientation is ingrained–it isn’t just going to flip back and forth. Also, if you watch Adam when he isn’t on stage, and a relaxes, he has a naturally gay way of moving about and talking, and that’s the real person. Of course, there are some gay men who don’t use body language to express their sexuality, so I don’t want to stereotype by talking about a “gay way” of moving. But the decision to act a certain way is a comment on the message you wish to convey, either consciously or unconsciously. What I think is important for folks who love Adam is to recognize and accept the fact that he is gay, in some ways transgendered, and that is the origin of the qualities of mind and heart that we so admire, some of it, I’m sure, forged in suffering as the result of the stigma of being a gay man in a world that often will not accept what that means. It is important to be realistic, to stop thinking Adam “is going to come over to our side” and realize perhaps its better that he doesn’t, and it’s important also that our friends who are gay don’t either, because they do have the right to our acceptance and to our love for who they are and who they always have been.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I agree with you so much Elizabeth. I think the problems stems from the fact that Adam said in his RS interview that he was “bi-curious” and this is where everyone gets the idea that “he may come over to our side”.

      I’m with you though, I love Adam as he is, if he was “straight” we would have a very different Adam and I don’t want him to be different, I just want him to be him and to be happy, I don’t want him to change one single thing about himself.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        DIANNE…………….. You probably know how I feel, but I will just state it again. TOTALLY DISAGREE WSITH YOU AND ELIZABETH and everyone else who believes this way. No need to go into the facts and all. Just to know, I think you are not seeing Adam for who he really is. I think I am, of course!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I know Cheryl, I am hearing you, we all have our opinion, but we shall see won’t we, one day in the future we shall see.

          Love to you Cheryl.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            DIANNE…………….Yeah, we will see, and I cannot wait! But, be sure ylou see the situation for what it is Dianne! Adam was ‘pushed’ into the situation he finds himself, and that is just too bad. I love Adam no matter what! But, I know from what I speak! Luv back at ya, dianne!

    • Here we go again. For the most, we are realistic of how we see Adam. He is who he is and that is the sweet sexy man we grew to know and love as he set sail on American Idol. We are very aware of the RS interview among others where Adam came out. When he goes along with half of the women who play with his feelings and throws bait as to “Who will be the lucky woman”
      how could you not think other wise at times?? He makes out with men and makes out with women period. Dont think most gay men make out with women , period…….As far as the flip-flop, it has happened. Transgendered, ouch I wont think of Adam as living in the role of the opposite sex. He is a man who happens to love d _ _ _ s, as stated in RS, He is a man who
      happens to love to kiss women and well we shall just have to wait and see what the future holds.
      In the meantime, I love him, his music, his entertaining and his very sweet, kind soul! No matter who he chooses to love.
      I also have to say, how come the people who post questions and comments like you say surprises you, have to be hung and the noose pulled? They, we, should be free to say and play around with Adam without someone thinking they know it all. It works both ways.
      This is a very fun exciting time in Adams life and we want to have fun and be excited right along with him.
      love and peace!

    • Elizabeth, I can relate to your intellegent and well written post and wholeheartedly agree. Thanks to Adam, my son had ‘the courage’ to tell me he was gay. When he could see how I was so devoted to Adam and how I embraced his sexual preference, my son then had no doubts about my acceptance. My son is now starting to show some of his’ feminine ‘side and that’s O.K. with me.

      Lorrin, love your posts, too… are an extremely gifted writer.

      Yes! Dianne ….. It’s not just the beautiful voice that we have all fallen in love with but we have also fallen in love with this beautiful man who had ability to take us into his world and embrace it with all our hearts.

      • PS I forgot to mention that I am the ‘ Yvonne’ from Australia. There is another Yvonne that comments on other sites. Love to you all.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Yvonne, which part of Australia are you from? My ex husband is an Aussie, he hails from Benalla, Victoria.

          Not sure if we have said welcome to you yet, I have seen your posts a couple of times. I am from Christchurch, New Zealand, it is good to have others from “our corner of the world” coming on to this site.

          Dianne Glamb #356.

          • HI Dianne – I live in Lane Cove, Sydney. You gave me a beautiful welcome some time ago ( I know, it’s hard to remember all our posts). I don’t post that often but I read them everyday as I think it is the best site re our darling Adam. I feel amongst friends here as I don’t have any friends who are Adam fans – only because they havn’t heard him…..but believe me I am trying to ‘educate’ them!!!

            Cheers, Yvonne

            • Dianne Hill says:

              I am a Kiwi, born and bred but in the 1970’s I lived in Sydney for five years, met my (now ex) husband there and my daughter was born in Parramatta Hospital. We often used to go to Lane Cove, had friends that lived there and just used to love the area. Oh, you have brought back some memories.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      ELIZABETH………………….Man, are you off base, or what???? There is not one true fact, or fact, in your post! Adam is not a born gay man, in my opinion. He definately does not walk, or talk like a ‘gay’ man! Good Lord! Youre really reaching wtih that statement! He not only does NOT act, look, or walk like he is gay, but he does the Exact opposite. And I mean OPPOSITE!

      I have posted on this very issue EXTENSIVELY, and will not waste my time doing it again. The reasons I site why I do not believe he is truly gay are so many! They are based on FACTS, not wishes that Adam is gay. Elizabeth, you want him to be gay. Why?

      It is important for people who love and respect Adam to realize that he is not gay. He is definately not ‘transgendered’ for God’s sake! Wow! What a bunch of crap!

      We love Adam for different reasons. I love Adam for his talent, gorgeous looks, personality and many other things. Not b/c he is or is not gay. But,. don’t speak for anyone but yourself, here, about Adam or anything else. You certainly do not speak for me.

      If you have a gay son or daughter, that is wonderful. But don’t put Adam in the position of being a role model for gays. He is not and does not want to be, as he has said. A gay man does not go on worldwide tv and say he is thinking of having sex with a woman, and is contemplating either a groupie or someone he knows. How gay is that? And to look into the camera, speaking to the world and say, “who’s gonna be the lucky girl?”

      Accept that Adam is Adam. He is not what YOU or ME want. He is not a totally gay man. He was not born that way. If you really care one way or another how I feel and why, go to older threads where I have posted. But, Elizabeth, you are soooo far offffff the mark, you are insulting Adam! Get real. Understand Adam for who he is, not what you want him to be. That is not fair to him. I believe him and respect him for who he is. He is with Katy Perry b/c he likes her and would rather be with her than Drake or anyone else that nite.

      For those who say they are feeling sorry for Adam re Drake, lighten up. Adam was never into that young man. I think D was into Adam. But, I and many others called it a long time ago. It was merely a matter of time before Adam would move on. Geezzz! Does anyone really believe Adam is or was ‘sad’????? You are not seeing the situation for what it is, in my opinion.

  31. glambertfan Glamb#193 says:

    I Love adam lambert but please don’t put Yinyan dao symbol on this article.androgynous are totally opposite of meaning of feminine and musculine balance.this symbol using here are inappropriate.especially if you know the sprite of dao.should know “pure or only Yan (male) together won’t develop longer. only Yin (female) together won’t have furture..” so basically is more heterosexual theory.dao theory agree man have feminine side and woman have musculine side.but overall,it encourage man to embrace woman,woman embrace man.adam lambert is proud gay.he will never embrace Yin on this point.

  32. Read where another song has been added to Adam’s debut album “Pick You Up” this makes 14 total songs now……………… YAY!

  33. Thanks so much for this article – always fabulous to see another or both or all sides of Adam I he is an everyman, an any man, a no man and an all man all at once. It’s not even two halves making a whole – he is made up of so many parts that make up this wonderful human being that he is! I am so glad that I am alive right now to be enjoying and relishing in his exquisite beauty and talent!!

    Thank you, Lorrin as always for your amazing words. This is yet another one of your articles that I have saved for future reading,

    I have been away this weekend with an old friend who barely knows who Adam is so although she has been open to listening to me and to hearing his music, she is not a fan like us. I have felt quite alone and sad as a result. I miss you guys so much. I told her to go do some shopping without me this afternoon so that I could take some private time to catch up with the Glambs and at least let you know that I am still here! Hugs to you all!!

    Glamb #20

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hugs to you too Jane, it is hard isn’t it, you just want people to get it don’t you whether they are friends or family. Mine have been looking at me “sideways” for some time now and I just keep thinking “leave me alone, I am happy in my love for this wonderful man”.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Jane, we are special just like ADAM. I notice too many people around me who are just plain people. But not us , not ADAM. He gets us and we get him. For someone like ADAM, to make me reach down deep inside myself, he is the ultimate “acid trip”. I have never been so high on the love for another human being as I have with ADAM. I feel each of us has a true connection w/ ADAM, whether it be sexual, admiration for his voice, or to just plainly love him. I probably don’t make sense right now because I am deliriously exhausted. And I am over obsessed w/ADAM and I will be the first to admit it.

  34. WOW!!!
    As I told my kids, pick some one with good bone structure and they will always be beautiful. I have said long before, look at Adam’s bone structure….he is beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, and talented. He is a special person with God given looks and talent.
    Thanks for these beautiful pictures of Adam.

  35. Adam’s male side surprisingly has more beauty than his female side. Less is more works here. Actually, on Adam Idol (!) he looked sexier but performed sexier on tour.Just opinion because either way, he is still and always my american idol , none other, ever.

  36. LibraLamb7 says:

    NEWS!!! Adam is to appear on Dec. 9th at Anti-Defamation League event honoring Steven Speilberg!!!!!!! “Variety” says Adam & Nora Dori are among the performers scheduled to appear…Do you think they’ll sing “The Prayer”???? Wow!!!You can read about it here.

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Whoops…That should be “Noa” Dori. And this other site says Adam is to sing the US National anthem & Noa will sing the Israeli nat’l anthem It’s all good to me & GREAT for ADAM!!!

  37. I’m personally not sexually attracted to Adam. I think hes beautiful, like I would think a female would be beautiful. I dont know, I cant see him as “hot” like I think of some other male celebrities. He just has a very beautiful face.

    • Arielle, beautiful face only? No beautiful treasure in tight pants? Voice? Personality? Its OK, I love it all!!!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Beautiful hair,beautiful face,beautiful body,beautiful treasure~nodding~LOL beautiful voice,beautiful inside out!Smoking hot,absolutely cool,stunning,gorgeous,hunk,pretty,cute,charming,sexy,handsome,drop dead good looking!! That’s what I think! ~nodding~ hahaha,yippie!!!! I can’t stop listen to FYE,while I’m typing this,I follow the beat,dammit!LOL! 🙂

  38. Certainly an interesting observation regarding Adam’s face. However I think that it could be interpreted a number of ways. Most of us on this site surely have studied that face from many angles and we all have come to the conclusion that his inner and outer beauty appeal to us all, whatever our sexual orientation. We all love him for who he is.

    Linda M

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes Linda M, you have definitely got that right. I have always thought that Adam’s sexual appeal comes from deep within him. He is just the most beautiful person that I have ever seen, inside and out.

  39. Lambertini says:

    I am amazed at the picture & who ever thought to do that!!!! Bravo!!!! His face IS perfectly symmetrical & that is the measure of true beauty. Also bravo to Lorrin for your beautiful on the mark words to describe what I think ALL of us on here feel but just can’t put into such awesome words! We definitely have some artists on this site!!!

  40. Apropos of nothing, let me say that Adam is so frickin’ HOT, nothing else matters!

  41. lov2adam Is right! Don’t go having a COW!! We are just a bunch of girls & guys probably too having a good time. DON’T GO PICKING ON GLAMB#474kimber !!! SHE is just having fun!!
    This is what this board is all about. I mean gee wiz if ADAM were straight wouldn’t we just go nuts?
    And I mean just about everyone has a crush on a celebrity! It’s not a big deal!

    SHERRY K GLAMB # 445

  42. Lorrin;
    WOW! That was just so poetic! You put everything in to words that I think about ADAM! If you are not a professional writer you should be!! THANKS FOR THE FABULOUS POETIC ARTICLE ABOUT OUR ADAM !!! That just makes all of the bad comments that have no place on here go away!

    I truly enjoyed every word you said. I don’t get to get on the computer much! But I too love the great comments you lady’s put on here that started the forum. And the GLAMBERTS!! Thank-You so much! SHERRY K GLAMBERT # 445

  43. you don’t often see party buses everyday, i just thought that they are the coolest stuff in town *”


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