Adam’s Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Here are some great photos taken by Don Bachardy for a photoshoot with Adam back in February. They are very simple compared to some of his previous photoshoots, but that last picture is my absolute favorite! I love his make-up especially in the close ups and his hair looks extra spiky, plus you can catch some blue AND green streaks in there. What do you guys think?? Which is YOUR favorite?



Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!

Adam's Don Bachardy Photoshoot Without Words!


  1. One word, WOW!!!!

  2. ::drools:: 😉

  3. tweeterpie says:

    the last one is my fav too. It makes me want to pick up my computer screen and kiss those seXXXy lips of his. He’s in and he owns my heart.

  4. Manda_K says:

    OMG I am hot now. SMOKIN.

  5. OMG! Too hard to pick a fave!!!!! That last face shot is just incredibly, BEAUTIFUL though!!!!

  6. Loveroflifenh says:

    Oh yeah! Lovin that last shot. My God that mouth is just so sexy! They are all beautiful photos though. It looks like he’s losing weight. His face looks thinner to me. Anyone else notice? Thanks so much for sharing this with us. The last one is going on my desktop. 🙂

    • I think the weight thing is good because he feels more confident …. seems to get down on himself when the weight is up. ( we can all relate to that! ) Also, he talks about doing it in a very healthy way – just nutrition conscious and taking care of himself. IT SHOWS! He looks calmer, more “in charge”. NOBODY on earth has inspired me to do the same like this gorgeous, vulnerable, hard working, smart, honest, sexy man. I have lost 80 pounds since last March and only my friends on this site, really understand why. Adam-Adam-Adam!!

      • That is so awesome! I can totally understand how Adam has inspired you to change your life for the better and take charge of your Body!!!
        Unbelievable things happen can amd will happen when you surrender yourself to the Love he exudes….

      • buffy522 says:

        Good for you! People don’t get the inspiration thing. But we do. He brings out something special in us. Oh, and these pics…all down and raw. Of course I love the last one, but like the “bad boy” look in the first one!

    • Yes and with him looking thinner I think he looks more mature and very manly!
      I see such a difference in his face from a year ago, can only imagine the inner spirtual growth he has been through.

  7. Loveroflifenh says:

    The second one is pretty hot too! What a look!

  8. love the last three…can’t help it but post in my youtube, twitter, myspace…gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!

  9. Glenda #1946 says:

    The last one…sexiest lips in the business by far…

  10. Darlene says:

    NICE! I love them all but I think the last one is my favorite, too. Sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Beautiful Adam- What else can I say?

  12. wow… the shots are not as edited as ones before;p hehehe…now i’m getting to see real skin… rough & real… love it!

  13. Love the last photo. His eyes look pretty dark in those pictures.

  14. MyBoyAdam says:

    They are all beautiful pictures and I love the blue and green streaks in his hair. Kinda reminds me of a peacock but in a good way. It’s a beautiful bird.

  15. grandjag says:

    I love all of them…WOW

  16. glamitup says:

    Wish there was one with the teeth but all are beautiful! I just want to touch his hair!!!

  17. k. morgan says:

    Love them…Adam is just plain gorgeous and so cool…why….? Because he is himself…he is his own man….true to his inner self…honest…caring…and that comes out in all he does…That is why he is so appealing…so sexy….can’t hurt to be that talented too….Last is my fav too.

  18. Jane Parker says:

    Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!!
    Thanks much!!

  19. Anyone else notice the bandaid on his finger in a couple of the shots. Aww….he has a boo-boo.

  20. I think the 2nd and 14th are my favorites but I love ’em all! I like this look with the taupe/brown jacket and the bit of metallic green eyeshadow. He looks phenomenal. Yes, I agree he’s been losing weight and I’m not sure I’m lovin’ that. He probably thinks he needed to lose weight, but many of us found hime so sexy with just a more meat on his tall frame. Thanks for posting these….made my day for sure!

  21. What a portfolio!! I agree with the the last shot ……. like he’s been listening to what you say, is moved and about to say something back ……. something really sexy! UIMA – with every picture, word and song!

  22. Glambertcraze says:

    Love them all but 2,4 and OMG 7 is my most favorite.

  23. JoyousOne says:

    Love the last picture — closeup, sexy but classy and totally — just Adam!

  24. OMG!!!!!:0) He is SEXY AS H***!!! Those eye’s are AMAZING:0) AND THOSE PANT’S OOOHHH BOY:0)

  25. gran4adam says:

    They’re all great but my favs are 3 and the last one.

  26. leilani aloha says:

    Love the last shot!!!
    so so sexy , handsome, etcccccccccccccccccccccc
    good job!!!

  27. can anyone say “OH MY GOSH!!!!!” That last one espcially, WOW!!!!

  28. WOW, the tenth picture down is very INTENSE….I love them all, but I`ve never seen a bad picture of this HUNK

  29. Also love the outfit he always looks so cool

  30. Sharron Knutson says:

    I love all the pics, but I think the last one is also my fav. The slightly parted lips make it waaaay sexy. I absolutely love the color of this jacket. The olive color makes his eyes look more green, almost the color of my own eyes. And in a couple of the close-ups, especially the last pic, you can see the identical motes at the bottom of his irises. My gawd, this boy has a more unique look than any other male star on the current horizon, and when I think back, there are not many famous men in the past who had such a look. I wonder if he knows how truly unique he is, and how that affects us. I doubt very much if he does. I am one of those “older” fans; I’ve been around a long time and have seen many very handsome guys, such as Elvis in his prime, Jim Morrison, and others. But none of them come close to matching the unique beauty of Adam! He has the instinctual ability to convey such raw sexuality, such smoldering sensuality, such a fierce presence – those qualities fairly leap off the page and land smack-dab in the middle of me, rendering me breathless!

  31. Iyleneidol09 says:

    The last picture really turned me on, I feel like putting the tip of my tounge between that slightly open sexy mouth and look for his tounge to find mine and….. I’ll leave it all to your wild imagination! Ahhhh!!!

  32. Stephanie says:

    These pictures have a darker, edgier quality than some of his other photo shoots. The last shot – YUM!!! 😉

  33. Libraglam says:

    Oh I love #2, 6, 7, 8 and the last one. Love his hair style and his 1/2 smile….yup such an Elvis. Personally, i think ADAM is much more handsome than Elvis and he can express his feelings and sensuality so well. Love his pictures !! Thanks

  34. LuvAdam476 says:

    I have some of these photos and my absolute fave is the last one. Close up with lips slightly parted.
    That is the one I have framed and up on my wall!
    My God this man is GORGEOUS!!!!

  35. Love his hair , or just love his many hair spikes. It’s like the cogon grass here in the Philippines that can grow tall up to 4 or 5 feet in our remote mountains, and can hide our NPAs or insurgents. HA-HA ! But I love the lines and the artistry. The spikes look pointed and sharp, and so he also made his appearance look sharp and rakish to go with the hairstyle.


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