Adam’s CD Drop Date!

Not rumor, not hearsay, but straight from those luscious lips! Adam tweeted this:

“over 86K raised by… !! thank you guys so much! keep it coming! fyi my album drops Nov 24th !”

Personally, I am happy about this. There have been reports that Adam’s and Kris’s CDs would both drop on Nov. 17th, which would once again pit the two head-to-head. As the winner, Kris does deserve to have his album released first. Having the dates a week apart is what I was expecting, and this is how I think it should be.

So mark your calendars – two days before Thanksgiving. Thank you, Adam!!!

PS – Going down tonight after work to see the Chicago concert! Last minute thing, but it’s too close not to go. Actually, I heard Adam’s body calling to me and I couldn’t resist that siren song, haha! Lots of construction between here and Chicago, and with rush hour traffic, we might miss Michael and Megan. Darn. (Just kidding!) Adam is the only one I care about! I’ll try to get at least a short review written up tomorrow.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. samanthaluvsadam says:

    OMG that is amazing i have been waiting forever for it
    LUV U

    • Jla43/Lola says:

      Guys think about this, carrie udnerwoods cd releases october 3 fiuuuu and Kris releases his own on November 17 but unfortunately Jason Castro does also that sameeeeeee date so their styles are sooo alike: 2 frat boys and their guitar GOOD LUCK WITH THAT but obviously ppl will be waiting to hear the Idol winner cd so thank goodness adam had his own week release. IM HOPING ALLISON IS NOT NEAR THAT DATE OR KRIS’S hopefully november 20. πŸ™‚

  2. Might have to take that day off work…hahaha! My b-day is Nov 22nd…His CD is all I want (and maybe a personal delivery from him)! Do you think I can get him to deliver it to me? LOL

    • Cyndi, that would be a hell of a birthday present now wouldnt it? Special delivery!!

      • Heya! My mom’s birthday is on the 23rd! She likes Adam too. It’d have been so cool if it had come out on her birthday ah well. I can’t buy that for her birthday because I want the CD! Selfish ol’ me…

      • Lisette here..bonmatin gals an Cyndi agree thet woulde be l’best of all birthday celebrations ah we all can av lovli reves..As I too do al least once au twice day..!!An bonwishes to Adam in his boncause for all le children all over USA alonge with teachres appreciate toi compassiones an humanitarian hearte..What makes him even more beau not just in a gifte as vocaliste’artiste but for being so gracieux,an warmhearted vraimente displays his altruistic nature.An also from being a true Aquarian sensitive,artistique,trendsetter,an humanitarian to name few of lovli qualities of thes sign…Benedictions m’ange d’chansons!
        Luv to all glambs..enjoie today an evryday with Adam’s musique…soothes l’soul for sure!
        Luv Lisettexoxo

  3. AdamAddict says:

    Just wondering, when the super hot sexy sick Adam’s CD released, it’s only in US that release on Nov 24th or for the entire universe??!!

    • Hi AdamAddict, I live in London, on the HMV site the release date for London is the 08/12/09, just spoke to my daughter who works for the Music Industry, she told me that it is usually released at a later date for other countries. Check on the website of the music store you will purchase the CD from, they will indicate release date. I have already placed an order for my CD.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thanks for the info Toni! I want to buy in Malaysia so that Adam’s CD will be top selling album in here! πŸ˜€ Then he will come here and meet me, I mean his fans here!! Good plan? I know it is!! Today is my smart day!! XD




          • My sweet Ofra, we could never be upset with you. I wouldn’t mind spending time with Adam, especially when his ‘guns’ are blazing and I am the target. I wonder whether Adam would like some target practice. Just asking …

            Friends (Lorrin, Ofra, Jeanette, Mother Thereeeeeeeeeesa, Lisette, Silvana) , help me – I don’t know what’s happening to me. Pointless calling AdamAddict, Cheryl, Wannebethesnake because that lot will probably say, you don’t need help, now you are right!

            • His “GUNS”??!! LOL!! GUNS,TREASURE,FAMILY JEWEL!! What else??!! I’m telling you ,when Adam meets the Glambs, he will know what “skerd” really means!! Hahaha!!

              • Oh AdamAddict, you are a piece of work! Glambs = pack of hungry wolves. I am sure know what kind I am referring to.

                • AHHHH…..make that a pack of Cougars in my case!!!!

                  • i’m a cougar for adam and adam is a beautiful,lithe,slinky,dangerous, stalking PANTHER. with glitter and everything that goes with it. GLITTERING ALIEN JUNGLE CAT!!!! oooooh adam you are the bomb.

            • Ingrid, you have really um, shall we say ‘blossomed’ just recently on our site…wow, ‘spending time with Adam when his guns are blazing’, that is one very vivid picture, my South African friend; I can just see Adam bathed in that glowing light, his face a fierce mask, towering over the mic stand with mist rising, and then suddenly guns start blazing off of every part of him, mowing down my dear Ingrid: but then of course, it wouldn’t hurt at all, and you’d get right back up and do it all over again, I know you would..of course, I am speaking euphemistically here..

              • Lorrin, Lorrin, what is happening to me! I am blushing, with delight, I might add! Yes, Lorrin, Adam bathed in that glowing light and me glowing with delight! You read me too well!

          • And Ofra, I would NEVER be upset with you!

  4. cheryl norman says:

    JEANETTE !!!! DOES THE MADNESS EVER STOP ?????!!!!! YOU HAVE THE GREATEST KARMA YOU MAY EVER HAVE!!!!! Give those ‘luscious Lips’ a big wet one for me!! I’d RATHER deliver it myself, mind you, but, once again I AM LEFT OUT IN THE RAIN AND MY CAKE IS MELTING!!!!!!! It took so long to make it and I’ll never have that recipe a g a i n ~~~~~~~o h no~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

    I hate MacArthur’s Park! ………..s ….o …..b…………..s..o..b…..(sniff sniff)…..~~~~`…….~~~~~~~……..~~~

    i’m so confused!~~~ ~~~~ ………….. (thud)

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl cheramie..hope yu’ve read ma post on last l’concert I adde little bit to grande scheme there..just thinq of me abit thet special soir with our beau Adam..angel d’musique an l’couer!An agree How wondreful for Jeanette anothre special evening seeing him..If only I had bonhealth to av seen one.An only pray Adam’s soloconcerte will include any citie in soon AI tour is nering l’fin..So thenkful for thes beautiful Adam tributepage..unsure what I’d do without ..takes away any pains of illhealth,or stresses of l’ need for any meds.Adam is l’meiux remedie to feel joie de vivre with just one au deux views of videos from evry citie one performance is more estraordinaire then othre..his voix is celestial,sensual,soothing an azure eyes thet av intense emotione an feel as if is private seranade..for all an per moi.Merci for toi artistry,gentleness,humilitie,charm an knew from first songe sont destine for grandeur..Ange garde over an pardon for bein swept away on last page..but it sounded so lovli(Cheryl thes is partly yu’re fault m’amie..but it’s fine was a nice thout indeed.)Just enjoie,danse,singe an be swept away..know yu will! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo(p.s..forget l’handcuffs..just give Adam special hugs for mabe un bisous(but tell him to visite Nevada he-he!)xoxo

    • Well, ma cherie, it’s good to know you feeling normal! I know, love ya back!

  5. I’ve just seen that Adam’s album is going to be released on the same day as Lil Wayne’s album (which is going to be in a rock rap genre). His previous album sold 423,000 in its first day and 1,005,545 units in its first week in the US. Is that bad for Adam or am I just worrying too much?

    • Alen, I should’nt think it will affect Adam Lambert’s CD sales, they are two completely different artists, Adam has lots of fans in the US as well as all over the world. I personally prefer Adam’s voice and his interpretation of the songs on the AI tour.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Never even heard of Lil Wayne, so you know I’m not buying it! LMAO!!!!

      • Well, I don’t know much about Lil Wayne and I’m not interested in him at all. I’m all about Adam πŸ˜€
        But anyway, I came across that article and it got me thinking about how will Lil’s album effect Adam’s. But I shouldn’t worry about that. Like Toni said, they are two completely different artists and they don’t share the same fan group. I’m sure Adam’s album is going to sell great! I hope it’ll debut at number 1!! :))

        • Helen/Canada says:

          You’re right, Adam’s album IS going to sell great! And hopefully after that, his SOLO Tour–yippeee!

      • Ha Helen, you’re funny. You wouldnt like him anyway, especially with Adam. No comparison.

        • AdamAddict says:

          I don’t know who is Lil Wayne either. If Alen didn’t say “him” in his post, I thought Lil is a girl!! lol!! πŸ˜›

      • Is Lil Wayne John Wayne’s lil brother or something?????


  6. I have just pre-ordered the album from Apparently it will be on sale from December 7th. I can’t wait, Adam is the most exciting talent to hit the music scene in years.

    • Why does it say it will be on sale from December 7th when Adam said it will be from November 17th?

      And can I pre-order the album from the same site even though I’m not from USA or UK?

      Sorry for all these questions… πŸ˜›

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Alen, I’m not really sure, but if you use a credit card, it might just work! Good luck!

        And I think the December 7th date is when it’s available to be ordered in the UK. . . the USA date is November 24th. πŸ™‚

        Cindy in MS

      • Alen, Nov. 24th not the 17th. I’m sure you can preorder from

    • Hi Sue, I just pre-ordered the record from HMV, I am so excited I think I will blow a fuse until then, the anticipation of what Adam has come up with is too much. When he was on AI ,week after week he suprised us with his interpretation of the songs, this CD will be better then anything he has done so far.

      • Oh Toni, I know Adam has come up with a sick, hot, sexy feel good album. Cant wait! New music
        to listen, dance and exercise to!!!

  7. AdamRocks! says:

    Loved this video of Adam signing autographs. . . it doesn’t say which concert it was, but at about :44, you hear a male friend of the girl who posted the video yell “straight guys love Adam!”. . . and then you see Adam smiling away at the comment. . . iI thought it was probably a nice reminder for him that it’s not only women love him. πŸ™‚

    • Lol! Yeah, I’m a straight guy and I love Adam πŸ™‚

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Alen plasur to see yu thet’s splendide to know! Adam is adored as I av mentione by all ages,nationalities an sexes be gay,straight or othre!So bienvenue here anytime we’re mainly gals so plese bring some more of yur frends to glambs international!Where ar yu from Europe?Hugs Lisette!

      • Alen, you a man close to our hearts! The way to go, brother Glamb!

    • Did you notice how Adam straight away looked up? The smile on his face said it all, I am so happy that the guy admitted that straight guys love Adam, and why not.

    • Thanks AdamRocks, that was adorable. Our guy Alen loves Adam too. Remember his fight
      with his girlfriend???

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks AdamRocks. Loved Adam’s smile at the comment! He’s so sweet, I just love him!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thanks Cindy,

        • AdamRocks! says:

          That was just TOO adorable, wasn’t it? And his smile was just priceless! I noticed at the beginning of the video, it says it was in Atlanta.

          Alen, I’m so glad that you’re here! I’ve always wanted to visit beautiful Eastern Europe. . . all of my ancestors are from Poland. . . where in Croatia do you live?

          Cindy in MS

          • I live in a city called Pore? (it’s pronounced Porech). It’s on a peninsula called Istria (its in the west part of Croatia). Porec is really a beautiful city, lots of tourists come to Porec during the summer (especially Germans, Austrians, Italians and people from UK) mainly because of our beautiful sea :)) Lol, I feel like a tourist agent πŸ˜›

          • I live in a city called Pore? (it’s pronounced Porech). It’s on a peninsula called Istria (its in the west part of Croatia). Porec is really a beautiful city, lots of tourists come to Porec during the summer (especially Germans, Austrians, Italians and people from UK) mainly because of our beautiful sea :)) Lol, I feel like a tourist agent πŸ˜›

            • Alen, that sounds wonderful! The cities of Europe are like fairytale cities to me. . . all of the history, the medieval architecture, the grand castles. . . are you very close to the Mediterranean? Maybe one day all of us Glambs can kidnap Adam and bring him to your city for a private concert. . . we can dream, can’t we? πŸ™‚

              Cindy in MS

              • Haha. That would be nice πŸ˜€
                Yeah, I’m close to the Mediterranean Sea. Actually, its subdivision (the Adriatic sea) is five minutes from my home (five minutes by walk).
                There are a lot of historical monuments in Porec because it once belong to the Roman Empire, so there’s a lot of old churches (one of them is protected by UNESCO) and towers :))

                • AdamRocks! says:

                  OK, Porec is definitely on my list of places I want to see! I traveled to Western Europe several times in my 20’s. . . when I was single and didn’t have kids. . . lol. . . maybe one day I’ll have the money to visit again. . . this time Eastern Europe. . . there I go dreaming again. . . but you never know. . . πŸ™‚

                  Cindy in MS

            • Alen, your city sounds beautiful, just like Adam. We’re all here to help ea other.

        • AdamAddict, Yea, move out of the way RAYMOND, cuz everyone loves ADAM NOW!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Mary C,
            That’s right,I thought nobody will get that!!You are the smartest! Hee hee!! BTW,Cindy plan to kidnap Adam and bring him to Alen city! First Vegas and now Pore??!! Since when Glambs become kidnappers??!! THAT’S NOT COOL,WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING? WHY DON’T ASK ME TO JOIN??!! I WANT IN, I GET MY SILK STOCKINGS READY!! LOL!! Ok, now I hope they really not serious about printing this and give to Adam to read! 100% he will skerd of us! LOL!!

  8. Marie/Toronto says:

    Hey everybody!

    I’m so excited about Adam’s new album, BUT really bummed about something else…
    I created an itunes account today for the SOLE purpose of buying Adam’s Idol songs and videos. All that stuff is no longer available. All I could find was No Boundaries, Want and Is Anybody Listening. WTF???

    Ryan Seacrest said, on Idol, that all the songs would be available all summer long. It’s not even Labour Day and the Idol Summer Tour goes until September 15. I thought I was still safe and now I’m so depressed…..what do I do? Resort to file sharing? Isn’t that illegal?

    Suggestions please…….You Tube isn’t the same. I want original material for my own personal computer files.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Bummer Marie. I actually wanted to go back to ITunes to get the video for A Change is Gonna Come. I have it on tv, but not on my computer. That sucks! I wonder what we can do. I’m gonna check it later to see what’s going on. I bought all of his songs and videos, but somehow, I missed that one.

      • Marie/Toronto says:


        What part of Canada are U in?

        I know of one girl locally that I’m gonna ask, but if she doesn’t have the stuff, maybe U could help me. What I want is to burn a CD with his studio versions, and a DVD with his performances. I will ask around locally first.

        Otherwise I’m hopeful (pretty please!) that a kind, generous Glamb would help me. Us Adam fans have to stick together in times of crisis….haha.

        (I’m new at this…burning CD’s from someone else isn’t in anyway illegal is it? )

        • Marie – I have alot of Adam’s stuff from Itunes but was also assuming that I could still complete my collection so am upset to hear this news. I am in Toronto as well (hence the 416 in my name) I live right downtown. Where are you? I am not all that teckie and still haven’t been successful in transfering everything to my Blackberry but maybe we could get together and help each other out. Call me on my cell 416-566-JANE (5263)


        • AdamRocks! says:

          Marie (or anybody), I could burn you a CD of his studio songs. . . my email address is . . what “I” would LOVE is a DVD of his AI performances! If there’s anybody who could do that for me, I would pay you! Thanks! πŸ™‚

          Cindy in MS

          • No need to pay, I just burned a CD from all of his Idol perfomances from Satisfaction on. So if you would like a copy email me at I still work fulltime as a nurse but will get it too you ASAP!
            Love all fellow Glamberts! Angie!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Marie
          I’m in Hamilton, so we’re neighbours, but it sounds from some of the other posts, that you have closer connections. I’m not technical at all, so I really don’t know about this stuff. I purchased from iTunes, then burned a CD for the songs from that (which I was surprised actually worked), but I don’t know how to burn a DVD which I would like to do too. I’m not sure if my computer does that? Does anyone know how I would know that?
          Help. It’s wonderful to see so many people on this site willing to help each other. Thank you all.

      • Helen, A Change is gonna Come is my favourite. I love the intensity with which he sings it and it brings tears to my eyes. Mwah, Ingrid

        • Helen/Canada says:

          It’s so hard to pick a favourite of Adam’s songs. He brings so much to all his music, but I agree with you, I love the fierceness with which he sings that song. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Nice talking with you. Mwah, to you too Ingrid.

  9. Jeanette, cant wait to hear about Chicago show tonight. You go girl, you are on a roll! Now be
    sure and get that interview in GR.. When you’re on a roll, you cant stop yet.

  10. Hi, Marie/Toronto! I feel your pain! I got all of Adam’s AI songs and if you have skype i”ll be more than happy to help, i can send you those files! Just let me know(!

    • OMG!!OMG!!! Ruallaru!!! I am originally from Russia too!! I am so excited! Where r u from?I live in Canada, GTA.

  11. I’m not in the US. How can I reserve a copy? πŸ™

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I would check amazon. . . that’s where I usually order my CD’s. . . I would think that as long as you use a credit card, you can order it from anywhere. . . not sure though. . .

      Or maybe someone from the US can order it for you? I’d be willing to do that. . . my email address is

      Cindy in MS

  12. Looks like we will have have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

  13. AdamAddict says:

    I post the link here AGAIN!!Urgh, I’m getting worried & worried everytime I saw Clay’s votes! It’s getting higher & higher!! If Adam not going to win, at least make Kris win it! He’s a friend of Adam! But Clay??!! Seriously, NOOOOO!! Not an option!! No freaking way!! I vote everyday, few times, actually many many times!! Vote again, guys!! I don’t think he’s going to get an award or something, it’s not important, I guess!! Not important like the guy behind you in buffet line! Who cares!! LOL!! BUT just try to close your eyes for a second and think Clay Aiken beats Adam Lambert!! Nightmare??!! Yes, it is! So, let’s vote!!
    Just click the ” + ” and the ” + ” will disappeard.After about 15 min, vote again!! πŸ™‚

    • AdamAddict says:

      Omg,I’m really freaking out! Clay got like 10,000+ votes now. I bet he votes for himself because he is super free now! VOTE FOR ADAM!!!

      • AdamAddict says:


        • AdamAddict, just voted again, Clay has 3,000 less then Adam, please everyone vote, vote, vote, I don’t want to see Clay winning.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Just voted Toni and Adam is over 4,000 votes ahead. Come on girls, let’s show our support. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              I am so happy…I just voted for Adam…is the first time that I could vote for him in any competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Over the last few hours, ‘Clay’ has dropped behind by about a 1000 votes from where he was before…he had closed the gap to about 4000 votes, he’s now about 5000 behind Adam, don’t stop now, keep voting!


    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks AdamAddict, I’m right on it! I wasn’t sure if my vote was working, but your instructions just cleared it up for me. I guess I wasn’t waiting long enough to go back to vote again. I HATE CLAY AIKEN. I know we’re not supposed to “hate” but he was very mean with his comments about Adam. How dare he!!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        What the??!! The rest are like getting higher slowly but Adam and Clay….OMG!! I know we Adam’s fans got nothing else to do than votes for Adam but Clay, is he really that free??!! Doesn’t his butt get numb already??!! STOP VOTING FOR YOURSELF,CLAY!! Grrr!!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I’m getting frustrated here. Don’t know if its the site or my computer. I keep trying to vote, now the “+” sign doesn’t even go away when I click on it. A couple of times too, the site went down when I tried to vote. I’m getting really pissed!

          • It happened to me once! But after I tried again later, it works again! I dunno why either! I bet it’s Clay doing it. He sebotage our Adam! Grrr!! LOL!! Can I have your chill pills,Helen??!! πŸ™‚

  14. My prediction is this: Adam’d CD goes platinum in less than 1 month and multi – platinum very soon after that. I better be able to order my copy from when it comes out, or I will be very unhappy. As far as straight men loving Adam – no surprise there! Who could possibly not love this wonderful, talented, gorgeous man. Loving Adam Lambert is infectious – it spreads extremely quickly to everyone, and there’s no known cure. I’ve been suffering from this infection since I first saw him on AI, and I don’t need any cure – love Adam to pieces and always will!!

    Also, I’ve tried to get my Glam # about 3 times, and still don’t have it. What’s a girl supposed t o do? HELP!!!

    • deedee, my sister is having trouble getting her Glam# too. I need to get what the past post is
      that explains how to do this?

  15. AdamAddict says:
    Adam interview in Chicago! I love Adam’s hair!! I hate “How the album sounds like,describe how the album going to be, question”!! Whatever, all I see is Adam move in slow motion and I moved closer to the screen and put my cheek on his cheek!! LOL!! Hapiness!!

    • AdamAddict, thanks for this awesome vid. He is soo cute. Do you ever go to sleep. I dont think
      so because you are always finding the best interviews etc. you are up constantly. When you do
      fall asleep you dream about Adam, huh? Sure you do!
      His hair does look sexy longer.
      Thx, AA

      • AdamAddict says:

        One word Mary C,Only one word! DUH!! πŸ™‚

        • AdamAddict and Mary C, I know how you like to get really close to Adam, well, just watch this video, you can actually see straight into his beautiful eyes, it is as if he is in front of you, I can just about breath watching this video

          • OMG AdamAddict and Mary C I have vote for Adam in my mind, sorry, this is the correct link


            • Silly me, just saw the link below.

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Toni, what a great video. THOSE EYES, OMG, they just mesmerize you. I would follow him anywhere looking into those eyes. Anybody notice that pendant that he’s wearing. He seems to wear it all the time. Anyone know what it is?

                Also, I noticed as Jeanette said in her post that he had on extra glitter around his eyes–very nice. Anybody know what kind of glitter you use for your eyes, since I don’t normally wear glitter on a daily basis–LOL!

            • Taking flight over Adam’s performance of ‘Mad World’ at Rosemont, all thanks to Toni for posting this wonderful video:

              I have never seen a more beautiful face in the history of the media and the arts, or a more beautiful face depicted in any drawing, painting, or sculpture in all the ages of man. It isn’t just that Adam Lambert has an attractive face and an excellent singing voice; he is instead an ideal personified, a man so beautiful it hurts the heart to see him, and yet, once seen, you can never look away. That hair of his, so black, so thick, so irresistible, inviting touch, and framing that perfectly formed head with thick sheaves of black spikes, some lying over his ears, and others over his well-made forehead, falling artfully between his knitted brows. The top and sides of his head are arrayed with a crown of living tendrils, pulled up in tufts, like a Tesla Coil halo. His black brushed eyebrows form two perfectly-etched wings drawn together, as he frowns and broods over the darkly-shaded words of the song,….and his eyes, as finely cut as aquamarine gems, are overhung ever-so slightly by the line of his eyelid, causing a long shadow to be cast across the top of each eye, adding to the depth and mystery of his astonishing grey-blue gaze. The look of sorrowing beauty on Adam’s face as he gazes heavenward at 1:36 and 1:37 is as beautiful as anything ever seen in human history, no angel in stained glass, or saint in a Boticelli painting, no statue by any sculptor of the Renaissance, or knightly hero in a Pre-Raphaelite fresco, simply no one on earth has ever matched the glory of this man’s face. Again, when he gazes above and to his right at 2:06, he seems to actually be in communion with the far-off star of his origin, some planet made of fathomless depths of blue sea and endless starlight. Then, he rises, still singing, and draws his hand to his head and begins to move his head forward and backward slightly, in the age-old gesture of hopelessness or beseeching prayer (at 2:16 to 2:25), and then his eyes widen in his suffering once again at 2:40 – 2:43, unutterably luminous, and unbearably beautiful, he begins to end his song, closing his black lashes above his lovely cheekbones, opens his eyes once again, raises his hand and slowly lowers it as the song ends and the stage fades into darkness, leaving us with the lingering impression of having heard the music of an angel stranded on our earth, and the after-image of having seen something beyond all human experience….man and angel fused as one, revealing his starry beauty in these rarest moments of earthly time..

              • Lorrin, masterful, MASTERFUL!

              • OMG Lorrin, you truly are a master of words, you fully described the emotion of the song, captured every expression and gesture that Adam made, you are an amazing artist with words, you can put music to your words. I hope that one day Adam gets to read all your writing, I am sure he will be moved, I was moved, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I feel priviledged to have a fellow GLAMB called Lorrin.

                Thank you


                • Thank YOU so much, Toni, you are lovely to say that, and thank you for posting this terrific video..

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                again….a masterful description of Adam singing. As Toni said, you brought tears to my eyes, too. You always do.

                There’s been posted about a contest where Rock Star Weekly is looking for the ten ultimate Adam Fans, to be published on-line. I read about it this morning and ran to comment (in the Madison thread) because at this site there are amazing writers. For me you are one of the finest, your descriptions of Adam, and even more, Adam singing, are truely amazing. The way you convey the feelings and emotions is awesome.

                Please, try to submit some of your pieces, or prepare something special for the occasion (I haven’t read about the requirements), but …really you must.

                Love, Silvana

                • Silvana/Argentina says:


                  I’m sorry, I just read the contest page with requirements and prizes and I realize I got carried away and thought that it was something completely different. I thought it had to be about Adam, surely including videos or photos or graphics, but mainly about him. I guess its not that.

                  Again sorry,

                • Thank you Silvana, I am indeed working on submitting something, but probably not to a contest, even though I do appreciate you letting me know about this, and I’m certainly not ruling it out….I will let you know if anything transpires…you are a wonderful addition to our Glamb’s family..

                  • Lorrin, I think you should enter the contest, look how many people are drawn into the site because of your artistry of putting into words what we feel about Adam, and communicating emotions through words. I would say you are one of the main attractions on this site, everytime a new video is posted on the site quite a few of us GLAMBS look for your post with the eloquent description. They will definitely choose you as one of the ten winners. This is not a compliment is reality.

                    • Hi Toni, – Just to get back to you, – There are a few things that are dismaying to me about the contest, even though I am very tempted to enter it. First, I am not in quite good enough health to be travelling, and I am extremely uninterested in being in an online magazine. Once, many years ago when I was young and beautiful, I did an interview for a news magazine which was a lot of fun; a lot of fuss was made over me, I had a very professional photographer working with me for most of a day, we did special effects for the article, and the article eventually covered two or three pages, plus I was in full color on the front cover….so, I know that winning this contest would put me in the position of having to travel (which is very hard for me), and of taking many photographs of me, family, and friends, which would not work for me. Also, (and which was almost the first thing I thought of): the magazine reserves the right to publish the winner’s material, and also to present it weekly in their online magazine, something I would rather have done another way, if possible. I have something else in mind, and if it doesn’t work, I will seriously think about this contest. The contest seems to me to be for people who are HUGE fans of Adam Lambert, who use all kinds of technical ability and online sites to access him and his information (I don’t do Facebook), and who are young enough to put on ‘Glam’ make-up to take a photo to submit to the contest judges. Someone who should do this is probably someone like Jeanette, who leads this site, or Mary C. and Sue, who have really bombed around to follow Adam everywhere…but again, I am not saying ‘no’. I know I would have to make up my mind pretty quickly here, too, so I have that in mind. And I thank you with all my heart for your wonderful comments to me about my writing, Toni, and I DO take them to heart, and I am inspired by you and all the Glambs to keep going, and to seek a way to have my writing about Adam published. I’ll keep an open mind, keep on writing and inquiring, and we’ll see what happens. Thank you SO much for your encouragement to me, it is wonderful to hear!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                You are truly an amazing writer Lorrin. I feel honoured to read your words.

                • Thank you so much, Helen, for your wonderful comments. I just had to go and take another flight..flying with Adam is very freeing, you never want to come down..

          • Thats OK Toni, I just voted again, thanks. All in hindsite!

          • Toni, Thaanksss for that one. What PASSION is going on there w/Mad World.
            Those beautiful eyes of his tell it all dont they?? OK that will be my lullabye from
            now on, nighty night, sing to me especially with those EYES! Adam……


      • Helen/Canada says:

        AdamAddict, I love this interview. Thank you so much. What would we do without you! You give us so much good stuff. Keep up the good work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You really don’t need sleep anyway, do ya!

    • Hey, Adam does his makeup, bicep curls, push ups all before his performance and then thinks
      he isnt doing good with the biceps. Oh yea Adam you are doing just fine, I see the humps!
      AdamAddict, I mean the humps on his arms, so dont go letting your snot run out your nose

  16. that vid is soo cool
    not sure when his CD will be out hear..bummer it wont be the 24th as my birthday is the 23rd…but maybe for x-mas instead lol

  17. AdamAddict says:

    These are the best quality that I can found during the Rosemont Chicago Concert!
    ENJOY!! πŸ˜€

    • Thank you Emiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! πŸ™‚

      OMG, Mad World. . . he is just more gorgeous every day. . . Ithose incredible eyes. . . I tell you, he is not HUMAN!!!

      Cindy in MS

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I can’t wait to go back home and watch those vids!!!!!!!!!

        I’m at work…two more hours and I’m home……

        • This guy seems to be getting better and better, he sounded fantastic, so much energy, no sign of tiredness, and he is really getting more beautiful day by day. The Mad World video is my favourite, such clear close ups of Adam. Now I can see what Jeanette was saying about the eye makeup, and those beautiful blue eyes, the expresion in his eyes, it makes you melt. Cindy in MS, I agree with you, he cannot be human.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I just don’t understand how one man can be so beautiful, so perfect, so amazing, so gracious, so sexy, so tantilizing, so tender, so raw sex, so sweet, so funny, so talented….and on and on. I know I keep saying it, but he takes my breath away. I literally can’t breathe at times when I watch him. I have a brown bag to breathe into by my computer at all times. He will be the death of me, but what a way to go!!!!!!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:


              thank your for posting those videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful…….Can’t be more perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              When you think that better is impossible….well here he is….better and better every day

              • I cannot believe that finally we have such a fantastic artist who has managed to capture the hearts of people all over the world. Helen I agree with you totally, we can go on and on about Adam, it is never ending, I hope that fame does not change him, I hope he remains the person he is now.

      • Cindy, it doesnt seem that way does it? He is just to perfecto.

  18. I feel the love here, its so great! I wish I could help whoever needs help with transferring songs etc
    to CD’s Dvd’s, but I always need someone to help me too.
    Just love how everyone is always willing to come to the rescue and help us less fortunate no
    techy smarts out!

  19. hi guys! i have been reading this page for a few nights and i giggle! everytime. ha ha ha! i am a filipina and working here in hongkong and i am also an ADAM ADDICT!!!!!!!!! not any show or interviews has passed me since i saw him sang satisfaction on AI. he is SUPERB AND INCREDIBLE! i am also waiting for his CD.i am sure hong kong and philippines love him! i bet when he comes to phil he will need 200 securities, last summer when david cook went there they put 50 securities just to be safe going inside the mall!

    • Welcome perllee, Adam is truly worldwide.

    • Hi Perllee, welcome! Wow, yesterday we had Silvina fro Argentina join us and today we have you from Hong Kong. Please stick around, you’ll find this is an awesome website. Looking forward to your posts. Hugs and mwah, Ingrid

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Welcom perllee. You’ve come to the right place. WE ALL LOVE ADAM and love to share that love with each other.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Hi, this is Iylene from the Moon and Stars and the Universe, I have been watching you down there, your planet is sooo crazy!! I have been linking through the satellite and you creatures are scary!! But love that ADAM earth guy!!! yum yum!! I’ll send E.T. to come down there and get him!!!!!
        The Moon πŸ™‚ The Stars and the Universe
        ” Now he is officially a UNIVERSAL PHENOMENON!!!”
        “Opppps” did anyone notice it’s me?

  20. Oh that’s great news about the album release. I suppose we’re also looking at Early December here, but … oh well, I’ll just wait. I also will buy copies for my friends, who really NEED to love Adam like I do. It’s so refreshing to come to this site after a tough day of work, kids, etc… and just escape into the world of people who love Adam.

    Jeanette, I can’t believe you didn’t tell Adam that you’re one of the people involved in the origination of this site. I think it is such a fantastic site for us Adam fans, and I’m sure he’d love to have known that when he met you at the concert . Promise me that you’ll tell him next time you see him!

    I’ve been watching all the videos on Youtube with Adam at the Upright Cabaret. What a stunning evening that must have been., where are all those lucky peeps that were there? I doubt we’ll see anything like that again in the near future.

    Wel, I’ll be wishing the next 3 months by as quickly as possilble. But not to miss a moment of Adam, and I know you guys won’t let me.

    • SA_Glamb, good to see that your back! Missed you! Please don’t be so scarce, we have to keep the South African flag flying high! Hugs & mwah, Ingrid

      • Thanks for the comment. I’m not scarce, just don’t really have that much to contribute when I hear all the exciting news about the concerts, etc. I’m ALWAYS here, making sure I get the up-to-the minute news!


    • AdamAddict says:

      Wow, does everyone(family & friends) knows how much you love Adam? I’m just afraid that all of your birthday presents this year is Adam’s CD!! LOL!!


    • Yo Adam, you are going to have the best birthday present EVER. It’s good to seeing you gracing the site. Look forward to your posts! Hugs & mwah, Ingrid

  22. Glambertcraze says:

    Is it just me or did the Chicago concert (Adam) just seem more awesome than usual?? He seemed to put an addional 20% of his soul into the performance.
    Can you just imagine what his concerts are going to be like. And we get the whole concert of him.

    • Glambertcraze, Wow what fantastic stuff we just saw here. He was hot in Chicago.
      Adam is the best thing since, since? He is just the best , there never has been a better
      best. Make sense??

    • His concerts are going to be out of this world. He is going to have total control (I hope) of how everything is presented, and the songs he performs, I saw some of his Zodiac performances and I thought they were great. He is really a very gifted artist, great imagination, fantastic vocals, such passion in his performances, looks to kill for, what more can we ask for? It is 2.00 am in London, I am suppose to get up at 6.00 am London time (to day), so ladies I will say goodnight and God bless you all Adam Lambert fans.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Good night Toni. Sweet dreams of Adam!

        • Helen, I had less then four hours of sleep but they were all about Adam, I woke up with a smile on my face, WOW, life is wonderful especially now that Adam is with us.

  23. i have checked adam’s video in chicago. oh there is no whole lotta love yet. i check on yhahoo video then go to you tube. he is getting better and better as idols tour is going to know my bestfriend is a michael jackson addict and i was once too. we cried over his death. he is an extraordinary performer and at his lost i only think of my or our prince adam to take over as in adam’s own genre. i am always thinking of the sales of thriller i hope adam will be close to that in a year.don’t think i’m crazy, but nothing is impossible. that is how i am obsessed with him. thank you to the people of this website especially to mary, ingrid and adamrocks. let’s make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Perlee, Adam has so many fans worldwide, he will make it to the top, no question about it.

      • yeah toni! it will only take a topselling album. a world tour and a number of grammy awards for ADAM TO GO TO THE ORBIT AND HE WILL NEVER COME DOWN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • i am just excited and being exaggerated!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • perlee, no we don’t want him to go in orbit and never come back again, we want him here on earth with us meer mortals so that we can carry on idolising him.

  24. Iyleneidol09 says:

    I was curious how Cheek look like, and I found this.For those of you who have not seen Cheek yet, Adam’s ex. Here he is:




    • sorry, honestly i don’t like cheeks.and since adam bid goodbye to los angeles, that is past and i love drake labry the most ,he seems very caring and concern about adam. he is the guy we saw swooning and shouting after some of adam’s performances on AI.

      • that guy seems want to have a name in the entertainment industry. i dont know if adam is still fond of him, time changes….. i love drake!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Same here,Perllee! I don’t like Cheeks but Drake… I kinda like him! He seems a nice guy! Somone here met him and said he is super nice. I like his eyelashes most!Have U seen his curl eyelashes??OMG!! He did support Adam during concert, but what I don’t understand is Adam said many times “Don’t throw stuff at him” but Drake threw his white boxer straight to Adam’s face!! LOL!! And did U see how Adam catched it??LOL!! How come Adam didn’t mad at him?? LOL!! Very cute!You are Filipino works in HK! Wow! I love watching Philipines drama(SWNW) is my favorite!And I love HK drama as well! That makes me like you instantly!!LOL!! Ok,let me try this,Adam ay kilalang tao! Is it correct?That means Adam is a famous person,right? Wrong? Well, sorry I made mistakes,ako ay tao lamang!!LOL! Ingat ka,ha? πŸ™‚
          Emili Glamb#19 Malaysia

        • I agree with you perllee, I don’t like Cheeks, I prefer Drake, he looks much nicer, looks more kind, more caring, he supported Adam through AI and afterwards. I also like the fact that Drake does not use his connection with Adam to try and promote himself.

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Hmm, I think Adam and Drake will produce a beautiful baby!!!:) I will volunteer to be their surrogate mom!!! Hahahaha!!! I will suggest that is should not be an artificial insemination, I will say, I dont mind the “REAL INSEMINATION!!!!!” FROM ADAM!!!!
            NO CHARGE!!!! πŸ™‚
            ( freaky, all of a sudden, music played while typing this>>> its “change gonna come” hmm! perfect timing to my idea…it been long time coming and change is gonna come….)

            • Yes, Iyleneidol, that ‘disembodied’ music ‘gets’ everybody at least once as they’re typing on this site…It’s as though Adam is right there with us in the room…it’s a wonderful effect, very ‘supernatural’..

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                You are absolutely right, Lorrin, talking about supernatural, I have an idea, when you said ” as though Adam is right there with us in the room….”I will try to type “naked” maybe Whole lotta love will play and Adam will appear next to me!!! and ohh! ohhh! (Ravage me!! molest me!! Rip me apart!!) Oh yeah!! I will leave the rest to your imagination!! ( make sure you run it really wild, dirty, ROUGH!!! yeah, Adam likes it ROUGH!!!.

                • WOW, Iyleneidol, WOW, it never occurred to me in QUITE that WAY that we could just type something in and Adam would suddenly appear in the ‘raw’ so to speak, but now that you mention it, it might just be worth a try, give it your best shot, yeah… know, when I first heard that song float out on the air, I was looking all over the room for where it was COMING FROM, ha ha ha, it just had the wildest effect coming out of my computer, like it was coming from different parts of the room, I thought ‘who IS that?’….I was kind of shook up there for a few minutes….whoo wheee….it’s the ‘VOICE OF A-DAMMM’….

  25. Hey ,gala! I’m really happy to see someone from Russia on this site toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m from part of Russia called Caucasus, Nalchik town. Have you heard? But live in the U.S.,NC Where are you from? Feel free to email me or contact me on skype ( i’m exited!!!!!!! Will be happy to get to know you!!!! We have a lot in common! Don’t we……..?!? LOL

    And every1 else who needs help with Adam’s AI performances contact me, i’m sure we’ll figure something out! I’ll be happy to help!

  26. sera/Canada says:

    Don’t know who Lil Wayne is either. Adam is definitely known all over the world. I have friends in Australia, Singapore and Japan who are big Adam fans. I soooo look forward to Adam’s CD, I’ll be buying 4 at least.

  27. I saw Lil Wayne on the View the other day… I only paid attention because I read his name on this sight…. oh my f—– G– This man can not be compared in any frecking way to Adam… !!! nuff said !

  28. Just popping in to say YAY! Happy Thanksgiving to us!!! πŸ™‚