Adam’s Back!!!!!!!!!

128,000 + fans around the world are celebrating tonight!!! Adam is back on Twitter! He just sent this Bubble Tweet – check it out on youtube:

How adorable can one guy be????????

Adam’s twitter account is

I had a hard time accessing the Bubble Tweet from his twitter page. I think so many people were on his page that it crashed. So if you have trouble with the Bubble Tweet like I do, the youtube says it all!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Brittany says:

    adam i love youu sooo sooo sooo muchhhhh!!!!!!!! you were amazing at the georgia concert! and when you took ur jacket…god! i wuv youuu!!

  2. awww ilovehim this is my life *eyes big*

  3. JEANETTE!!! I can’t stand it!!! He is sooooo darn CUTE!!!!! Everyone in that room w/him have NO IDEA how LUCKY they are!!!!!! It will be years before they will really know the strength of ADAM!! Right now, they re too involved in their own lives, BUT, ONE DAY, they, too will know!! Anoop looked a bit dilsinterested in the whole thing. How I’d love to be locked in a room w/Adam like they are!!!! He’s just friggin awesomely gorgeous!!!! Thanks so much for doing this!!!!!!

    peace-love-2 all!

    • Jeanette says:

      I know, I noticed that too about Anoop. He’s like, “whatever, dude.” Yeah, no clue.

      • Lisette here..ah,la,la Adam is so adorable an natural ..thenks for sharing with us always!I somhow still unable to setup twetter acount,follow instructione ask me for real account?Perhaps I need some software or media player..Thenks if someone can assiste..I feel so out of touche being behind times here..An still recall Whoopie on view sayin yesterday to Joy,Barbra an Sherry..well yu all know I dont tweet an thet’s it..guess Im like her..laughed ..yet feel very sad now..I wish to tweet back to beau Adam,being never av seen his concerte..domage!
        An other fellow Idols an Adam have a wonderful refreshing..Who dosnon adore Adam! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo!!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl miss yu on last page Baltimore,Maryland..Lovli to see yu always an so agree here tresbeau,adorable an funny..Wish darn I can av twiitter access,given non other way to connect.Having miss his concertes back in s.west,an close to my hometown..So seein thes bubble tweets bring a rai d’soleil an smiles..Adam vous etes tresbeau! Sorry gals can t help but say thes..but know we all feel thes way!He’s always charmant an his laugh an smile just illuminates from within ..a noir angel with his azure bleu eyes! J’adore Adamxoxobisous. Luv to all glambs too!xoxox

  4. How funny that we were just talking about how Adam would BubbleTweet when he got his twitter back, and here we are, 24 hours later and he’s back with some of the Idol Gang…they all look like they have a great time with each other. Adam’s adorable. Gotta love those eyes.

  5. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    Yes! Anyone who has a Twitter account… just for the sake of it, trend #adamisback…. It’s therapeutic…. Yay!

  6. madison(: says:

    ahahahaha. i absolutely love him! he’s right. it is about damn time(: hahah. he’s so cute. and did i mention HOT! ha. I LOVE YOU ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!

  7. adamiamore says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gokey so funny when he said hi. Adam so darn cute with that glittering eyes & that cute smile make me weak to my knees. I’m so illllllllll lov. Pls God make this feelings go away so I can go fact to my usual boring life.




      • Jeanette says:

        All our lives are changed now. I don’t know that any of us can go back. (Do we really want to? Other than when it’s 3 in the morning and I’m still writing Adam articles!)

        Who would have thought an American Idol contestant could do this to us? I think about it all the time and still can’t believe it.

        • JEANETTE, spot on!! I cannot believe I’m anywhere near a ‘fansite’!!! Adam, is lucky, too, ‘he came along just in time’. That’s a quote about Elvis’ rise to stardom. He said the country was looking for something and he was ‘lucky’, ‘I came around just in the right time, I guess’!! Sounds like what happened w/Adam!! He came along just in time. The world news is horriffic, nothing positive, and ‘bam’! The uniqueness and beauty showed up on our tv screen, and his beauty, inside & out, soothed our hearts, and ‘scratched our itch’, at the same time!! It’s a beautiful thing, no doubt about it!!

      • Ofra dear, I have left a post for you on the TOUR VIBE BALTIMORE PAGE just after your post somewhere near the bottom, I think. Boker Tov to you in Israel today!


      • Hey Ofra, welcome back! So that’s why you went missing, hmmmmmmmmmm the minute Adam got his twitter back, we got out Ofra back. Adam is so grounded. Thanks AGAIN, Jeanette

    • Oh I love him so. What a cute bubble! So amazing how this man can make so many people
      feel sooo good.
      Thank you Adam.

  8. lol everyone went crazy. I was waiting, holding my breath =D

  9. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    There’s a Kradam bubbletweet up now, too. Hilarious! Check it out!

  10. Yes, two bkubbletweets now! We are getting spoiled! I also had problelms, kept getting messages to email that there was a problem, so I did… and then tried once more and got both ‘bubbles’.. they are such a cute bunch… like teenagers still!

    • Lisette here,Bonjour Theresa,,an Jeanette too thenks for thes news agan of beau Adam an his tweeter bubbles(oops backwards now).An finale l’vraie Adam appears with no poser who dubbed in his voix as I just came upon Jul.15..unbelivable people can do such thinge..Im trying to set up twitter page,got far as settings,backgronde,privacy etc..aftre all.I sign out then cheque to see if can sign now firewall blocking.I click to repair luck.Anyone av problem similar?Hugs an luv to all! An agree Adam always tresbeau in all aspects from within his couer d’or! Blessings Adam,welcome back Luv an bisous Lisettexoxo

  11. Love the bubbletweets. Fun twating with you!!

  12. love to be part of the fun.

  13. Okay y’all, here’s those two most recent BubbleTweet links from YouTube dated 8/5/09, one with Adam, Danny, and Matt, and one with Adam and Kris. SO CUTE:

    • Hi everyone, – I posted the two most recent BubbleTweets here from Adam (dated 8/5/09) and one of Adam’s fantastic videos from the Baltimore show, so hopefully, they will be taken out of moderation and showing up soon, so people don’t have to go looking all over for them. Love you all!

      • Lisette here,
        bonsoir Lorrin,am here deffarante time tonite having med wil non be online weeheures..Just had to see lovli glambs an Adam’s beauface in his concert videos/photos here on l’best Adam tribute page(official for sure to me!).An finale got twitter pages now as Im unable to send them au messages..yu know how..I had mentione above.Hope yu’re fine an merci for all toi simpatique sentimentes on earlier amie qui sont un trasur,an ange au garde vous!I just watch Elvis in PBS special special narrations by Ashley Judd a compilatione of his best luv songes from passe concertes,interviews with al his backup vocal groups in his late 60/70 concertes..very touching..An some particular of Elvis appearance very much like beau Adam..Even thout ther vocal ranges sont deffarante..Theres times Elvis had higher reminde me of Adam in his ballad’s as in”Brigadoon”,Best Arts/an LA companie theatre performances/on utube;Bend to Me,I Just luv you,gentle inflections imilar,even facial features,bleueyes,chiseled nose,cheekbones shape of lips.. If Elvis wore eyeliner,vraimente can be part of his famille tree/son!
        Take care an before I retire to sleep am going to view some videos here.Hugs an luv to yu an all!
        An angels blessings monamie Adam qui sont angel d’musique for us pour moi! Come si meme..Lisette

        • Dear Lisette, I will be thinking of you tonight, I do hope your tests will come out well. I thank YOU for all of your tres beaus comments on all your past posts, they are all made of love and loving wishes to Adam and all of us. Please take care and rest this evening. We will catch up with you tomorrow. Tous êtes notre ange…

          • Lisette, I have also left you a reply on the TOURING AND STAYING HEALTHY page, 41 down from the top under one of your posts..

            • Lisette here aw hugs ma belle for thes ..I’ll visite having just returne here after few days..thinq as thes post/threads are increasin so many to visite..Is difficile to keep up now with our given we’re not always online same time..It can be lovli if we knew where we can find one anothre somehow.An returne lovli responses back..So am going to thet page tout suite..Sweet dreams for anyone on thes page at ungodly heure as I am..Sleepless in l’desert now! hugs an luv to al Lisette..
              Special hugs for Lorrin an beau Angel an favorite vocaliste Adam!xoxoxo!

          • Lisette ..ah tres simpatique ma cherie..aussi may ange garde toi dans bonjournee! Finalmente resulte pour tests au responde vous..oui?! Reves d’ beau Adam aussi pour vous!An know all us glambs admire such devotione an affection for thes gifte artiste as Adam is! mmmoi cou-cou/et bisousLisettexoxo

  14. If anything, Adam is becoming ever more honed and beautiful as he goes along. The person taking this video did a good job and captured Adam’s gorgeous face and mouth very clearly. This is ‘Whole Lotta Love’ from Baltimore:

  15. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,I woke up,shower and go straight to computer while eating my “Breakfast” at 4pm and then I read your post “Adam’s twitter back” How wonderful to start my day! Wee pee! And Adam eyes are beeeaaauuutiifuull!! Damn!! And that smile,~sigh~ I’m full without eating,damn how adorable his smile can be.That’s so darn cute! I love his smile a lot,KAAAWAAAIII!!!
    I’m glad he’s in a good mood,he looks happy! I like Matt now,because he always around and joking around with Adam.I like Michael too because he always on Adam’s side.He told Adam’s fans he can’t go out for sign session because of security problem.He answer to Adam’s fans,without feeling jealous & just ignoring them.That’s mature to me!Cool dude!Gokey,still haven’t.I dunno why.I have to wait,see what he’s willing to do for Adam to prove he is a friend of Adam!

  16. AdamDAddict, I feel the same about Gokey! hahaha!

    I agree w/Jeanette, and, well, everyone!!! I love Adam’s sensual eyes, too, but I love his mouth!!! OOooo!!!! very kissable!!!!

    I agree, too that we will never be the same again! Adam has made a permanent on all of our lives, that we can’t go back. And I, too am personally thankful to Adam, AND THIS FANSITE for having such a positive effect on me, and all Glambs who feel the same, which I assume are all Glambs!!!!!

    Can’t get enough Adam, ever!! We are so lucky, Glambs to have this site to go to, come home to, and just always be there, whenever we need it and our new Glamb sisters!!!!

    Totally awesome leaders and staff to do this fansite for Adam’s fans!! So GENEROUS GUYS!!!!
    PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-HAPPINESS 4 ADAM………………..and the Glambs!

    • Oh Cheryl, I’ve told you before, I love how put things. I giggle as I’m sure all of us Glambs do, when
      we hear such good things from other Glambs and especially Adam.
      Like when you said his lips very kissable, I just smiled and thought the same thing. OH yea!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Not only kiss,I want to lick it and bite it! ~giggle~ I’m a pervert after all! I hope Adam or his friends won’t read this! I’m just joking around….okay,okay maybe I’m not but come on,who haven’t think of that once…or twice! 😛 Who ask him to have that delicious lips? It’s his fault!!

      • Lisette here..agree Mary so very much seeing Adam on his bubble tweet(sorry I say it backward above..definite livin up to blonde hair now..sorry everyone!When I see Adam in thes video he’s just huggable,an when he speaks voulais prende bisous..He seems to av thes effecte on many here.Made me thinq agan of Elvis,just seen Pbs special an showin his Hawaii concerte where he bends to kiss gals..Thinq if Adam bend to do so he’d be pulled down,but securitie is more stringente today.An he must be gretful for thes! Take care,hugs Lisette!

  17. Oh, what a fun way to start the day…watching Adam back on Twitter! He is just sooooooo adorable! I agree, Cheryl, I just love this website! Thanks! Can’t wait to see Adam tomorrow night in AC! Well, off to work, have a great day, everyone!

  18. Kris and Adam are so cute!!

  19. Jane Parker says:

    Thanks Jeannette!
    Adam is just wayyyyy beyond cute!!

  20. Sun-n-Stars says:

    I love this – Adam, Matt and Danny are hysterical! Great to see that they are getting along so well. Can’t wait until tomorrow’s GMA! Thanks again for keeping us updated and making it so easy to see Adam. You are a really special person to all of us who are fans of Adam!

  21. (((YAY))) Adam’s back!! OMG, he is beyond adorable. Those eyes!! Those lips!! That smile!! Could he be anymore amazing??? Love to Adam and all his fans. Let’s start sending him those “twats”

  22. I just love him. Here I sit, in the midst of a family crisis, nearly in tears and this few seconds of Adam has me laughing uncontrollably. He has such a way of bringing joy and he has no idea how he is touching people. I just love him, just love him, just love him. Thank you Adam. Please stay just who you are, the world needs you.

    • Hey Lisa, glad he is helping you deal. I too was in the midst of a family crisis early in the year and Adam and all his goodness was and still is my therapy! I do think he knows abit how he is
      touching people, he’s been told and he is so appreciative. Loves his fans and we love HIM.

      • Mary C – My husband understands that if I have a bad day, do not speak to me until I get to the computer to get my Adam fix. I then come out singing and smiling, completely transformed by his charm and whatever that thing is that he does to us.

  23. Lee Meeker says:

    Just had to say “Hi” and “Thanks”, so glad that Adam is back on Twitter, now we can feel like there is someone out there, that is Adam, and we can reach out to him and tell him how we feel about him and how GREAT we think he is!!!!

  24. bostonbonnie says:

    I’m home from work for 6 weeks, recovering from surgery. All I can do is Adam. All I can think is Adam. I can’t imagine going back to work and having to focus on anything else. I’m living on YouTube and thanking the “universe” for all those videos. OMG. This is just too weird. I get up earlier and earlier in the morning while it’s still dark (4:30 a.m. this morning) for the latest concert videos. I’ll be going to the last concert in New Hampshire. I’m pretty much living for that night. I’m going to hear his voice and hopefully have good enough seats to see him. But I’m also going to hear all the screaming fans. I can’t scream loud enough by myself. I need a stadium full of voices to satisfy this crazy love.


  26. I have been watching American Idol since Season 3. I have had my favouriites in the shows for the past seasons but once the show finished, I pretty much stop following them post idol, But all this has changed when I start watching A!S8…I guess you all know who has turn my life upside down – yes, ADAM LAMBERT. I voted for him non-stop, following every news on him, watch him on every media appearances etc.. during idol AND POST IDOL (first for me). I feel like a star-strucked teenage fangirl and I am in my late 30s !! I only ever feel that way about a singer during my early teen (that was in the 80’s – 90s – Duran Duran, George Michael, Sting… I still like thier music but I am not a crazy fangirl after I turn into 20’s). I never would have thought that I would ever feel this way again about any singer again as I already past my teen – boy, was I so so wrong. I amazed myself ! I have to look for anything on Adam Lambert every single day – otherwise I cannot function well … God help me

    • Leia,
      I’m happy to tell you that it doesn’t have anything at all to do with age. I haven’t been a fan of ANYBODY since Annette Funicello was on the Mickey Mouse show! Oh there were also bands and singers that I liked a lot. I love music and have something playing all the time, but I was never a ‘fan’. Along comes Adam Lambert and turned everything upside down! I keep checking the mirror to make sure that’s still me looking back. Adam is exciting…really exciting. I LOVE his voice and what he does with a song. I could watch him all day and night…in fact I do!! I love the way he’s kind to everyone. I love that he doesn’t think out his answers to questions, but answers immediately and truthfully. I love that he lives his life in truth. Did I mention that he’s exciting? How about drop dead gorgeous beyond words? How about so sexy that I can hardly tear my eyes away? A YouTube friend of mine named Jack (smart guy) told me that Adam represents the possibilities in all of us. I believe that. That’s why people from age 2 to 102 can’t get enough of Adam. I didn’t realize that I had been stuck in a rut for a long time. My sense of adventure flew out the window. Not any more! I’ll be flying from Nevada to Boston for the concert on the 18th. It’s a good thing my darling husband understands me. He thinks it’s great! For me to fly to Boston for a CONCERT? All by myself?? Something is definately different here!…lol The difference is that I feel alive again. Better than ever. Sort of like being 19 years old again. I don’t think there will ever be anyone as exciting, talented, sweet and wonderful as Adam to come along any time in the next century…lol
      Sudsy (Who will be 62 years old in 2 months.)

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Sudsy, what a great post! Have a FABULOUS TIME in Boston!!! 🙂

        Cindy in MS

      • Sudsy, prepare yourself – as gorgeous as he is in all the various forms of media, it’s nothing compared to the real thing. You will be gobsmacked, for lack of a better word. How does that line go again, Cindy – … For I’ve never seen true beauty before this night?

        So glad to see he’s back on Twitter. To all those people who thought (and said) he thinks he’s above all that and doesn’t care about his fans, :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        By the way, he was in a dream of mine last night. Just there, in a house with me and my stepmom, having coffee and chatting like we were old friends, and in all his glorious lusciousness. I’ve never dreamed about a performer before, and I’ve had serious crushes on a few – even met one of them and still he never visited me in my dreams.

        This man has invaded my soul. But in a very good way. Like Lisa, I feel so much better after my daily fix, which is usually the youtube Bowie Medley video taken in Sunrise (’cause I was there and about at that same vantage point, so I get to relive it again and again, and he was in absolutely *perfect* voice, besides). The ‘Let’s sway’ move is my favorite, by the way.

        • AdamRocks! says:

          “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!/ For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”
          –William Shakespeare


          Cindy in MS

          • Ah, yes. There it is. Way more interesting than the way I’d paraphrased it.

            Thanks, Cindy (and Will).

  27. i love adam but wish he’d cut back on all the eyemakeup, he doesn’t need it..wen he sang ‘mad world’ for the first time he didnt hav any on and he was gorgeous. what is a ‘bubble tweet’? terri

    • Jeanette says:

      A Bubble Tweet is a tweet with a little round video that looks like a “bubble.” On the twitter page the Bubble Tweet will have a link…click on the link and the video will open.

    • That was his show makeup. They had a concert and this was either before or after.

  28. Deemoonpie says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t want my life back!!!! It’s like Adam has totally reawakened me and I’m feeling good!!! Can’t wait to see GMA tomorrow….it’s been a long week, counting the days!

    Warm fuzzies to all!


  29. Adam rules. I wonder if he is aware of the power he possess. He is the good news of each day.

  30. missmcglambert1982 says:

    I never thought there would be a day when I would be such a fan – the last time was with David Bowie in the 70s so I guess things have come full circle when I hear Adam doing the Bowie medley. Thank goodness for the internet – it certainly has taken over my life and many many thousands of fellow fans of all ages, genders, races. Adam has an inner light which is pulling us all together in love and adoration – I don’t think there is any other performer who has had such a profound effect on so many people. So thank you Adam, for sharing your wonderful talent with us and we are with you every glittery step of the journey ahead….

  31. I love to watch Adam stroking his…………….mic stand.

  32. AdamRocks! says:

    Has anyone seen the Baltimore, MD videos by LonelyNoMore44? I’m sure many already have. OMG, they are some of the VERY BEST on youtube!

    Cindy in MS

    • Hi, AdamRocks, do you have a link for us??

      • AdamAddict says:

        I know Cindy! That really close up! Greensboro not that good,I think! Maybe 1 & 2 but the rest just so-so! But she didn’t post “Starlight” ~sigh~ I hope she has it post it soon.And again Adam got another bra during Bowie medley!Hahaha! If he collect them all,he can open a lingerie store,huh??!!
        Songwriter4adam,you just go to youtube and type Adam Lambert+Baltimore.The vids by LonelyNoMore44 is the best! If i paste it here,I think it will take more time because they need for moderation so I think it’s quicker if you search yourself because there are like 4 vids from her! 🙂


        Here it is – audio not so great, visuals, OHMYGOD.

        • Oh, knock me DOWN, this is the best ever! He is WAY into his moves now, very free and totally fluid. And totally something ELSE, believe me! I absolutely love that little kick up he does with his leg every now and then during all of his Bowie medleys, which is so unmistakably his own and no other’s signature move. Not a whole lot of people can get away with prancing across a stage and slaying everybody at the same time. And man, can he TOSS things. How can you NOT love the guy?!

  33. Old Rocker says:

    Off the subject: Just an idea… We know there are millions of fans world wide for Adam, what would it take for the fans to unite and put Adam’s first album platinum in the first week? And do sales on itunes count? Currently, the RIAA certification criteria for albums are:
    • 500,000 units: Gold album.
    • 1,000,000 units: Platinum album.
    • 2,000,000 or more units: Multi-Platinum album.
    • 10,000,000 units: Diamond album.
    And yes! Balitmore is the best show yet. He seems to get better and more comfortable with each show, what will the final one be!!!

    • Oh, this is FAR OUT, Old Rocker, thanks for the statistical push toward buying Adam’s first album. Let’s all do it, Glambs, wouldn’t it be something to have this happen?

      • Old Rocker says:

        I plan to buy the album twice. One a cd, that I will not open as it will become a collectors item. The other off of Itunes, which does count if you buy the album and not just a single. The first quarter of this year there are no platium sales, and with all the current bad music out there who wants it? Our Adam is different, at a fundamental level you don’t watch or listen to an Adam performance, you feel it and you feel it in your gut. He is about the sheer joy of music and performance. He joyously celebrates his music! I want him to become an icon this year, this month, this week!

  34. Thanks, Cindy. I have been confused with so many posts re. Adam’s TV appearance (s) this week. I had a neighbour tape the whole morning today, and now see that it will be GMA tomorrow the 7th. And so what happened about the View appearance? Anyone know, will it also be tomorrow or not at all? I know it has to be while they are in or near NY.

  35. OK, so I was talking with a male co-worker a little bit ago who happens to be a really talented singer and who thinks Adam is The Shit (funny how he and my other two really talented singer friends all agree on that one). We were talking about the wild dreams we’ve had lately – he’s someone who likes to talk about what dreams mean and that kind of thing. And I told him about Adam appearing just in a very casual, real way in a dream I had the other night. And he said, “Well, that makes perfect sense. He is your muse – you need the idea of him on some level to help you cope with what’s going on in your life.” I almost grabbed him and shook him, and I said, “That’s IT. That’s Exactly.It.”

    I tend to be serially obsessed with male performers – usually actors. I see them in a movie, they move me somehow, I start to follow their careers, then see them in an interview or two and I’m hooked.

    I just went through this with Jake Gyllenhaal. Couldn’t get him out of my head for at least a solid two years after I first saw “Brokeback Mountain.” I thought he was tremendous in the movie. But what really sealed the deal was seeing him on Leno and Ellen shortly afterwards. He had an inherent goodness to him – he was humble, sweet, genuine, and NICE.

    I think that’s what really does it for us Adam Freaks – it’s turned out he’s so nice. I’ve never been much into the stuck-up superstar types. Never had a crush on Tom Cruise even back in the Top Gun days, or Brad Pitt, or George Clooney. I’ve always had the sense that these would not be people I’d ever want to sit down and have a few vodka drinks (or whatever their poison is) with.

    Adam is our muse. I like that. And I really believe it’s true.

    • Barb, I absolutely love this little vignette you have here, and it’s one we haven’t quite yet identified before. It’s fascinating that Adam has begun to invade our psychic inner space, always on the tip of our tongues as we speak to other people, showing up miraculously on the computer screen instead of that grant proposal we were supposed to be writing, appearing in our dreams….in ancient Greek mythology a ‘muse’ was any of 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne; each was a protector of an art or science. And of course, we know a muse is an artist or writer’s inspiration. Just so is Adam. I was thinking today how much Adam has meant to all of us and to the world….he IS the joyful, irresistible antidote to the world’s and to our own personal ills we see all around us every day. To read about Adam’s latest appearance, his most current interview, his newest pictures online is like a daily infusion of life and joy directly to the heart and soul. Surely, this is not by chance. Remember how a dimple-cheeked little blond-haired girl appeared miraculously on the scene during the Great Depression, and charmed and beguiled people for a few hours on the screen during those long, dark days? I think another such gift has appeared in the person of Adam Lambert, to raise us out of our own personal and collective troubles for awhile: not a sweet little blond for sure, but a jet black-haired, laser blue-eyed matinee idol, nonetheless. I can hardly wait to see what conjurer’s tricks he will pull out of that deep velvet bag he has, to bewitch us all in the days to come. I’m sure each and every twist and turn of each and every thing he does will bring endless delight to the millions who love him. And yes, you are right, we all search for someone to hang our hat on, to love unreservedly if even from afar, but somehow, like the very men you named, none of them seems to be someone we would love if we truly knew them. But Adam, who gives of himself so completely, who loves so fully and without reservation in PUBLIC mind you, who is so freely himself and so perfectly and naturally graceful in social situations, and who is so comfortable with himself and everyone around him, is the very epitome and essence of the man we are looking for in our dreams. How often does that HAPPEN? It never happens! That is, until now. This man is sweet enough to charm babies and little children, dear enough to capture the heart of every mother within miles of him, and kick-ass talented enough to mow over any man in his path and take them with him. Unbelievable. But it’s true, really true, and even when we pinch ourselves a hundred times, he’s still there, our own special best gift ever.

      So I believe it too, Barb. As you said, Adam is our muse. The protector and welcome invader of the kingdom of our dreams. A muse whose last name means ‘land of light’. Isn’t that wonderful?

      • Yes, that is wonderful, Lorrin! How perfect. I wonder if Adam means gift from God. If not, it should.

        I’m so glad you enjoyed my little story – I so enjoy reading your wonderful writings here, and those of all our other lovely fellow Glambs.

        • Thank you for your sweet words, Barb. I just wanted to let you know that ‘Adam’ means ‘man’ in Hebrew. It is also derived from the Hebrew word ‘adama’ which means ‘earth’, and most specifically reddish-colored earth (remember Adam’s true coloring). So in actuality, ‘Adam’ could be said to mean ‘man’, ‘first man’, or Earthling. But of course, since we know Adam is NOT of this Earth, then surely Adam is a name meaning that he is ‘first among men’. Adam’s middle name ‘Mitchel’ spelled with only one ‘L’, is a derivation of the name ‘Michael’, another Hebrew word meaning ‘Who is like God’, or ‘Who resembles God’. Michael is the chief archangel of heaven, who ultimately defeats the terrible dragon.

          Not too bad for our Mr. Adam Mitchel Lambert, who is a man among men, resembling a god, who brings light and life wherever he goes!

          • Very interesting. Someone once told me that actually Matthew means ‘gift from God’ (is that correct?), so I figured it was not so with Adam. Thank you for the explanation, though, and yes, the true meaning fits perfectly as well.

            My name, Barbara, is from the Hebrew for ‘foreign’ or ‘strange’ – the same word from which ‘barbarian’ is derived. Gee. Great. Maybe you can put a much prettier spin on that one and make me feel better about it.

            Wanted to tell you that I figured something else out about my dream. I think I know exactly why Adam appeared in it, and in such calm, reassuring way (would he really be any other way?). Everyone in my family and extended family – husband, son, brothers, nieces, stepmother, stepsiblings and their families – was in the dream. But one person was missing – my father. He died in September of brain cancer. Here were my stepmother (who’s been on my mind a lot because I know she’s having a really hard time missing him – they were together for 35 years) and I, sitting in this ginormous, Kennedy Compound like house, which just seemed so empty. And we were talking about all the family coming over later on that day. And then Adam just came in like he was part of that family, sat down, and had coffee with us. And his presence was so soothing.

            I think our physical, chemical selves are all about self-preservation, survival of the species, and all that. And when our brains feel somehow threatened, some survival mechanism steps in to protect it. I’ve experienced all but one of the stages of grief over my father – I am only now starting to move into the Acceptance stage – really, just seeing it on the horizon, because I’m still deeply in the Depression stage. Adam is not only my muse who helps my conscious mind stay grounded and focused at work, he is my failsafe. My brain said, “Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!” And from out of the shadows, he walked like a dream – in a dream. And saved me, once again.

            • Barb, first may I say this is beautifully written, especially your last lines, ‘And from out of the shadows, he walked like a dream – in a dream. And saved me, once again’. I want you to know that I deeply sympathize with you in the loss of your father. My mother died a year ago, and my sister and I are also still grieving her loss. I live in her house now, my childhood home, and every wall and window, nook and cranny remind me of her. I find myself talking to her all the time, and I truly do feel her loving presence at times. I have had many great losses in my life starting with the loss of my father when I was very young and the loss of my 5-year old son 27 years ago, and I so completely understand your feelings. I think your dream of Adam is definitely a part of your grieving AND healing process, and he has imprinted so deeply on your mind and soul that he is the perfect choice to appear as a mediator/helper in a dream sequence. I would even venture to say that Adam is a kind of angelic being (more on this in another lifetime), who is part of that invisible fellowship of beings who at certain crucial times in the life of the world and in the lives of individuals, take on flesh and appear to help us. I think he himself realizes he has something special to do which is not necessarily related to music, but to who he IS on this earth. Hence his fascinating and very revealing words when he said, ‘I will learn, then I will teach’. To me, that has the ring of the subconscious mind becoming conscious for the benefit of the listening few who can hear with the spiritual part of themselves. Adam is one of the ‘brethren’ of good souls who intentionally seek to do good on this earth to as many people as he can possibly reach. I see no reason whatsoever why he could not appear in your dream as a ‘real’ presence for your help. Adam’s sign, after all, is that of the ‘Water-Bearer’, one who brings with him the refreshing waters of healing. I pray that much more of that healing will be brought to you in the days ahead.

              You are right about your name ‘Barbara’, but I will put the ‘spin’ on it for you. The name ‘Barbara’ is from Latin and Greek origins, and in ancient times meant anyone who did not speak Greek, the language of the ‘civilized’ world. But later, in Roman Catholic custom, Saint Barbara, who was a very early martyr, was invoked as a protector against fire and lightning, and is the patron saint of architects, stonemasons, and fortifications. She is a popular saint to this day. You might enjoy reading up on St. Barbara at Wikipedia, it is fascinating. One of my favorite paintings of all time (and I am a lover of Medieval art), is the oil painting of St. Barbara by Robert Campin. (Look it up under Google images). Hope that makes you feel a little better. And yes, you were right, ‘Matthew’ means ‘gift of the Lord’ in Hebrew.

              I’m glad you’ve found some measure of comfort in your dreaming of Adam, Barb. I hope he continues to be your special muse for as long as you need him. Love to you tonight and healing wishes..

              • Lorrin, first of all, thank you so much for your, as always, beautiful and very kind words.

                My heart breaks for you in the losses you’ve experienced, especially that of your son. I can’t begin to imagine what losing mine (who is 7) would be like. He is the light of my life and I love him more than life itself. I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a big, long hug.

                I lost my Mom when I was 26, in 1992. She died suddenly of heart failure in her sleep. Even now, not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. I feel like she and my father are with me, too. But it makes me so sad that she will never know my son or he her. They would have adored each other. I see so much of her in him, and my Dad too, sometimes, that it’s startling.

                Yes, Adam definitely appeared to save me from being overwhelmed by my father’s absense in the dream. I’m sure of that. What lovely words you wrote about him being amongst the ‘brethren’. And I never knew he said that about learning first and then teaching. What a joy he is.

                I can’t take credit for the line I wrote that you liked so much – it is from the song “The Dark Side”by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band (and also Eddie and the Cruisers in the movie of that name). Dark side’s calling now, nothing is real. She’ll never know just how I feel. From out of the shadows, she walks like a dream. Makes me feel crazy makes me feel so mean. That last line is where the similarity between the lyrics and my feelings for Adam end. He makes me feel sane and makes me feel kind – his voice soothes my soul (stealing from yet another song there, but there’s no better way to describe it). Never need to meet him nor expect to, though it would certainly be The.Shit. He is always with me anyway, even in my dreams when the situation calls for a calming presence.

                Sending lots of love and healing wishes to you, too, Lorrin.

                • I will cherish your words, Barb, thanks so much. I will see you out on the front pages of our happy Glamb home here in the days to come, and we can continue to comment joyfully together about Adam. You bring a real sharp sense of humor and flavor to your great posts that appeal to me and a whole lot of other people, too…’s great to know you, Barb. Talk to you soon and love to you tonight from California..

  36. nice adam