Adam’s 1st Concert – Fantasy Springs Resort

…is only weeks away?  I think the concert, date, and venue caught some of us off-guard.  Fantasy Springs Resort in Palm Springs?  February 27th?  You had to be quick to get the good tickets…and some of us did! 

More details here…as of this writing, the cheaper seats are still available:

Stay tuned…  -Dana, Glamb #6


  1. KO's smiling says:

    I agree with what some of you have said on other posts… this must be a way to test the waters for his tour. I’ll definitely see him when he tours on the east coast, but I wish I could go to this show, too, to show my support! I hope he will be able to let loose at this show like he did on Ellen.

  2. Gala….I know that you’ve got tickets for his show, and do I ever envy you! I was offline for awhile for health issues, and didn’t know anything about it till I read about it after the tickets were sold out!
    Please, please, please…..take all the pics you can, video if you can (even try to sneak some if you have to!!! LOL) But most of all, ENJOY! We’ll all be anxiously waiting for your play-by-play story of your adventure! Luv ya~

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Judy, I do hope you are feeling better. We have missed you here.

      Adam is going to be super fantastic at show of his. I can’t wait for Gala and Songwriter to tell us all about it. They are so lucky, I am so envious but super happy for them at the same time. I just hope and pray that when Adam finally does go on tour he comes here to Christchurch, New Zealand and not just go to Australia like so many artists do, or else they come to NZ and just go to Auckland.

      Look after yourself Judy, I am glad to see you back on deck.

  3. I don’t know why you guys are saying that they are sold out. I just went to the FS website and bought two tickets. The $79 tickets were sold out, I got 2 of the $59 tickets and the $39 are still available also.

  4. There must be a misunderstanding,-the tickets are not sold out. I waited from 10AM till 11AM Friday -busy signal- to get through-asked for $79-seats, told sold out-got $59 seat. Maybe that is what was meant when told tickets sold out.
    The Fantansy Springs Resort Casino- in their ‘events center’ will give Adam all the freedom in his performance he wants is my guess.
    I’m so excited, when I got the ticket I floated on air all day. Partly because I will see Adam perform live. Partly because I am so proud of myself at my age to be driving -hate it , always get lost, etc,-yet , look what Adam has done. Got me off my tush, got me taking a chance and I feel so happy. Adam is a really good energy.

  5. we bought our tickets lastnight. we got seats pn the side of the stage. row e it is about 90 yards from the stage.not great but close enough. It is not front row:) like idols live tour,but ot will do.Just to know that ADAM will know we are ALL there to show our support and LOVE will mean SO MUCH to him.
    All of his True and Real Fans will be there:)Can’t WAIT to see All of Adam Fans again Together in the Same Room:)

    • Thanks for the info kym. I purchased my tickets Wednesday (2/10) through the 800 number and was able to get 2 seats in Section EE, Row C. Do you think those are good seats? This is my first time to see him live, as I was very ill during the Idol Tour. I can’t wait to hear him sing live! Do you know if you can bring cameras into the show? Hope you have a great time there!

  6. Picked up my tickets from Fantasy Springs in Indio this afternoon. We got them online right at 10 on Friday and could only get 6 VIP tickets….so purchased 2 59.00 ones as well. I asked the woman in the box office about the sales…..All VIP tickets went immediately and what is left are seats at the back of the venue. All hotel rooms are sold out as well as of yesterday. I checked out the concert room as they were having a Home Show there… is BIG!……the seats are set up for concerts and so not set up today but I went to the back and looked behind the curtains to see the stage and it is quite large. I think every seat in the place would be a good seat as it is not like a big stadium where everyone is so far away. The middle VIP area is on the flat….the sides VIP are on risers at angle to stage….and ones toward mid and back are on risers….at least this is how it was explained to me. This is just the type of venue he has said he would like to perform in…..altho I wouldn’t call it ‘intimate’……..It was quite easy to find….right off the 10 freeway but there is one lane going into the hotel/casino and concert buildings….so I think come early is the key word. Just thought that those of you who have tickets might find it interesting….and if you haven’t gotten them yet….I think even the least expensive seats you would be happy to have……your in the same room with a STAR!!! and his FIRST REAL CONCERT …the beginning!! (OK..not counting NYE)……soooo excited….

    • we got our tickets too and got section RR row G the guy at the box office said its about 35 yards from the stage on the side! can’t wait to see adam!

  7. Only two days left on ebay for 3 tickets to the adam Lambert concert in Fantasy Springs..this is a concert you will never forget…ebay #280461066470 Bid Now.

  8. David Beittel says:

    Adam Lambert fans–now 2 ex Adam Lambert fans
    After an hour wait, several of us demanded our money back, and got it, at Fantasy Springs Casino where Adam Lambert was to give his first solo concert–sorry Adam you’re just not all that . You should not have made your fans wait until after 9:00 pm for an 8:00p,m show–we’re now ex fans

    • AdoringAdam says:

      I see the Adam bashers have come here to hate and spread lies about Adam. It was alll over the internet that a female singer was going to open for Adam at 8PM.
      Get a life and go bug somebody else.

    • I guess you’ve lost out!!! it was a great concert! The warm-up act began *promptly* at 8:00. Maybe she stopped at 8:30. And maybe it took Adam 30 minutes to appear. In the concert world, this is no a deal breaker. The concert was a joy from start to finish! Especially Whole Lotta Love – done in the Layla tradition!!