Adam Lambert on “The Talk” & “Extra!”: What It Was Like to Be There

Wednesday was a day full of Adam Lambert sightings and events for Carol & Lila, admins of the Adam Lambert Official Unofficial Fan Club, and a few others of us who were lucky enough to join them.  We were high on excitement, anticipating seeing Adam live twice on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, as members of the audience on television’s “The Talk” and “Extra”.

I hadn’t attended an audience taping since I was a child, so the whole process interested me.  We drove to the CBS lot at 9 a.m., parked, and walked to where they were checking ID’s, searching our purses for contraband, and walking everyone through a metal detector.  Then we walked some more to a “holding room” – simply a room filled with benches and chairs – and lots of Adam Lambert fans.

The holding room already had a party atmosphere.  Everyone was chatting, laughing, and taking pictures.  No pictures, cameras, or visible cell phones were allowed on the set, so now was the time to take photos of each other.  I saw some familiar faces from Adam’s concerts, and chatted with various people.  People had flown in from all over just to see Adam Lambert on “The Talk”.  Chicago, Mexico City, New York – no distance was too far for fans to go to see Adam even for just a few fleeting minutes.

A few CBS “nannies” dressed in red jackets and black pants babysat and entertained us with antics while we sat there… and sat there… and sat there.  Finally, a more official, very funny guy showed up from “The Talk” itself.  His job was to organize us, explain things to us about the show, and choose a few audience members to ask Adam questions and participate in the show. 

All he would tell us about the latter was that the chosen few needed to be able to sing, should know Adam’s lyrics, and couldn’t have met Adam before.  All kinds of things ran through my head when they announced that.  Was an audience member going to sing a duet with Adam?  I tried to imagine what was going to happen. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever (time magnified by Adam-nerves), “The Talk” show funny guy escort led us through the streets of CBS studios past cottages and trailers reserved for the stars.  We walked this way and that through a maze of cottages, trailers, and sound stages… and walked… and walked… and walked.

Finally, we stopped.  My heart beat a little faster as I realized we were at the sound stage for “The Talk”.  Adam was just on the other side of that wall!  I got more excited, more full of nervous energy every moment.

Let me pause for a side note.  I know all of this sounds a bit silly – nervousness, heart palpitations, and anticipation running wild – something a 14-year old might go through over her crush on Justin Bieber.  Trust me, I am far, far away from 14 years of age.  Why these feelings over a singer – any singer – I can’t fully explain.  No singer, no celebrity has ever affected me this way.  Except Adam Lambert.

Yet here I was, in a crowd of women (and a few men) who completely understood how I was feeling about this singer called Adam Lambert.  People in my daily life didn’t understand.  But here, somehow I felt at home with my “Glamily” – fans who totally understood how I felt because they felt the same way.

Outside the sound stage our funny guy escort from “The Talk” pumped us up, got us excited by having us clap and whoop (as if we needed him to get us any more excited than we already were), and finally led us in to the studio, where we were all seated.

More getting us pumped up, more clapping and whooping followed – I guess to get us animated enough for it to come across on camera.  On camera, it was explained to us, everything needed to be magnified – bigger gestures, louder clapping, and so on.  Here I thought that those bigger, broader actions were reserved for the stage, not for the watchful eye of the camera that saw virtually every nuance in gestures and facial expressions.  Nevertheless, we performed like a good audience should.

“The Talk” hosts  – Sharon Osbourne, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Holly Robinson Peete, and Leah Remini – finally came out on stage.  The stage was set up almost like someone’s living room or den – a book case and staircase stage left, couches and overstuffed chairs in the background.  They chatted on about men doing “manly” things like breaking down doors, changing a car battery, and so on.  We politely clapped and laughed.

One of the hosts (Sharon Osbourne I think) at last said, “And coming up after the break – Adam Lambert!”  The audience virtually exploded with cheers and clapping.  The ladies of “The Talk” panel just looked at us, the audience, a bit surprised and chuckled at how passionately we reacted to that announcement. 

A panel member said something about never having had an audience quite like us – we were “the most enthusiastic crowd” they’d ever had.  Well, duh!  They had never had a guest quite like Adam Lambert, either!  The commercial break ended, and finally the reason for all the anticipation, all the nervous excitement walked through the doors onto the stage. 

Adam Lambert entered, a broad white smile gleaming and blue eyes sparkling, the audience showering him with a roar of clapping – no, a standing ovation!  Whoops and cheers and fervent clapping rose in crescendo and threatened to never end.  We waved the various posters we had – which, by the way, they had given to us.  I want to clarify that, because I’ve seen far better posters in concerts than we had on “The Talk”.  I know the Glamberts are capable of much more.  But unfortunately, we were not allowed to create and bring our own.

Adam smiled ear to ear as we continued clapping; then after acknowledging all the applause, he finally sat down.  The loud applause continued along with the cheers.  But we could see he was about to talk.  Immediately we grew so quiet you could hear our hearts beat. 

No behind-the-camera prompting was necessary for us to quiet down.  The audience monitor who told us when to clap and when to be quiet eventually gave up trying to direct us.  We were doing everything perfectly – in fact, probably better and more than they ever expected. 

Adam talked about being nominated for a Grammy, and the audience again burst into applause. He talked with the panel members about what kinds of “manly” things he could do, and we learned he could break down doors, change a car battery, and do all sorts of things.  Asked if he could do a fireman’s carry, he didn’t just say “yes” – he picked up Sara Gilbert and demonstrated it for us!

Then Adam talked about his charitable contributions.  For Adam Lambert’s 29th birthday on January 29th, he asked fans to donate to Charity:water instead of sending him gifts.  In the first few hours his fans met the original goal of $29,000.  On his birthday itself his fans raised $115,000 – in just one day!  Finally, shortly after his birthday, Adam’s fans reached the new goal he had challenged us with – $290,000.

A few members of the audience asked Adam some insightful questions, then later on during “The Talk”, three women participated in a game called “Silence of the Lambert”.  They were shown an Adam Lambert video, and then it was stopped after a minute or so. 

The audience member then had to sing the lyrics that came after that point for a few bars.  It was funny, fun, and Adam was gracious and smiling, as usual.  Kudos to the brave women who got up there to sing Adam’s lyrics.  I would have been so nervous just being that close to Adam I doubt I could speak, much less sing!

Regardless of what was going on during the show, I sat in rapt attention, watching every move Adam made, listening to every word he spoke.  Before I knew it, the show was over.  The time went by in a flash.  It was way too short. 

I had never sat in an audience where Adam was just talking – live.  Before, the only times I had seen Adam was in concerts.  But at “The Talk” I could have sat there for hours, just listening to Adam talk.  Heck, he could have simply read the telephone book, and I would have been happy.  But all good things must come to an end, and all too soon the show ended.

After the show was over, Carol, Lila, some friends, and I walked back to our cars and then drove across Los Angeles, straight for The Grove – an outdoor mall near Farmer’s Market where “Extra!” was being shot that day.

We had a long wait before Adam came out to be interviewed – but none of us minded one bit.  Adam Lambert’s fans will literally wait for days to see him.  When I attended the Music Box concert on December 15, 2010, I met some fans who had literally waited for over 24 hours to get into this general admission concert.  And they waited with laughter, camaraderie, and eager anticipation, sharing stories about Adam.

That’s one thing that is so very special about being an Adam Lambert fan – spending time with other fans that can totally relate to how you feel about Adam.  For minutes, hours, or days I feel totally at home with complete strangers – the Glamily – when I go to Adam’s events.

Adam finally walked toward the “Extra!” cameras at about 2 p.m., where in an interview he talked about his nomination for a Grammy and about how excited he was to go to the Grammies.  He answered questions about how he felt about American Idol’s new judges, and continued to answer other questions posed to him. 

We fans hung on Adam’s every word.  If you look at the video of “Extra”, just notice some of the faces in the crowd.  It isn’t hard to tell who is thoroughly smitten with Adam. 

Even though I was too far to hear what Adam was saying, I still sent adoring looks toward him as did all of his fans there.  Just having a whole day that was all about Adam Lambert was such a treat.  Carol, Lila, some friends and I had started “Adamizing” our lives at dinner the night before we went to “The Talk” and “Extra!”  Then the day of the shoots we continued talking about Adam, watching him, listening to him, and trying to thoroughly absorb every single Adam-minute we could.

For a few glorious moments we could forget about the Adam-withdrawal we had been going through since the Glam Nation Tour.  That dose of Adam we got on February 9, 2011, should sustain us for awhile – until once again we grow hungry for more of Adam Lambert.


– Sandra Essary



To watch Adam Lambert on “The Talk”, click here.


  1. Ovatioimpact says:

    Your story mirrors my experience, except we didn’t go to the Grove. Was the Grove area packed with waiting Glamberts? The area they film at within the Grove is very small so people have to pack in to see anything. But watching the interview on you tube and Tv it looked like they set up a stage for him to stand on, which I hadn’t seen done before.
    I was sad that he wasn’t awarded the Grammy, but I am so proud that he was nominated for his first CD. Plus, in my book he was the best dressed man on the Grammy Red Carpet…

    • Yes, they did set up a stage for both the interviewer and Adam to stand on – I guess to elevate them a few inches above the crowd in the background to show better shots with the camera. It also let his fans see him better so we weren’t all squishing each other too much to try to get a glimpse of him. As it was, there was some jockeying around and mild bumping going on in the crowd to be able to see our one-and-only better.

    • Adam tweeted that he’s going to perform on American Idol this Thu at the elimination show. I can’t wait.

  2. Great description of a day to remember always, Sandy! No, we here don’t think twice about your crazy Adam Lambert fan crush! I can’t believe I’ve been feeling this way for two years now!! It hasn’t subsided a bit! He is so amazing and so darned much fun!! It is a blast to share it with Glamily because, like you say, our friends and families just don’t get it!! But Glamily does–thank God!

    This was a blast to read! It is so fun to share your Adam Lambert joy! What a glorious connection we have through that Glittery Alien!

  3. Love you, Adam. Always fun to watch you.

  4. Thanks for this. I especially appreciate you talking about how you were feeling and how much fun you had with other fans. i too met fans at a concert and had a special connection. It is isolating when family and friends don’t really understand your fasincation. Like you I never have had this happen before so it’s very out of character for me. Glad I’m not alone.

  5. I watched him on the Talk and you could tell all the women on the Talk panel really liked him. Lots of hugging between Sara Gilbert and Adam. You could tell they all were impressed with him. He looked just beautiful and his personality matched his looks. They should have devoted the full hour to him unfortunately they just devoted 1/2 hour to him. The only person I have taped on my DVR is Adam and every show he has been on. I too have never felt about any entertainer as I do about him. No one really understands how I feel unless I read the posts on this site.

    Glamb 616

    • MandyTwo, Hi…I was wondering if by any chance if you had AI episodes taped from when Adam was on? I would really like to get a copy of something like that. Please email me and let me know, I would pay for them.

      • Hi Penny,
        I know of a person who has DVDs of AI and concert appearances for sale. I’m not “officially” endorsing these sales, but I’ve bought a few AI DVDs from her because I didn’t have the full collection. email her at:
        I hope this helps!

  6. I know how you all feel. I’ve never followed anyone like this. I just want someone with real talent and personality who’s worked for years to make it have their chance. I’m disappointed about the Grammy’s but we’re not really surprised. It was a long shot. I’ll never understand the music industry. I watched the Talk and really enjoyed Adam’s interaction with the ladies.

  7. Oh, I am so jealous!I too, a 55 year young Adam fan have gone off my rocker about our gorgeous, sweet Adam. My friends think I am nuts, my room is full of Adam pics,including his calendar,but they know, dont mess with my Adam!! So glad to hear I am not alone……. love you Adam! And love to all of his fans, as you said our “glamily”

  8. I was also able to attend both events with some of my Glamsisters from the Inland Empire. In the picture above with Adam signing autographs, that’s my head on top of his in the pink shirt! I was the last of 4 people to get his autograph. Even tho I’ve attended 6 different events when Adam performed, this was a magical day. The closest I’ve ever gotten! And, you’re right, it went a long way toward relieving the Adam withdrawals:)
    I’ve never seen him more gorgeous! It is truly amazing that this young man has brought such joy to my life.

  9. Yes , what bug do you think has bitten us ? We march to his drums. We sway to his symphony. He gives us that come hither look, and we Strut with Fever. He is like Ali Baba, the magician who says his magic words, and the cave opens. So like a cave we open. We open our hearts to love again. We open our lungs to breathe again. Like him, we are now also, so full of life…….. so full of laughter……..Will wonders never cease?
    Like a cave we open, willing to let go of our riches ….. offering our treasures kept for eons
    Ventilated by wind….. warmed by sunlight
    An open cave that shelters and warms like loving arms

    • Beautiful Dainty, so mysterious yet it feels so natural. I just got this grandiose vision through your description of wind swept desserts, beautiful women in the most magnificent dresses with smoldering eyes, dancing and singing.
      Yet I can’t really picture Adam as Ali Baba or a Sultan in this particular vision because he has too big a sense of humor, he would crack up at the idea but I am still catching your drift energetically….

  10. One of my many Adam moments…….I was at work,,standing at the copy machine.hearing Fever in my head..thank goodness I wasn’t singing it..but I was kind of dancing to it..and a supervisor came up behind me and kinda of laughing said are you dancing…Adam’s songs play in my head a lot..can’t wain for the next album!

  11. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    What a fabulous day!

  12. Every time I read about the feelings of others in the Glamily, I feel so much better! Sometimes I feel kind of alone about it, but then I read that i am part of a beautiful, loving wonderful group of personal friends. I, too, have never felt this way about a performer before. I never thought I would get so emotionally invested in a person, but everything about Adam is so stellar, so beautiful, I just can’t help myself. I know we all feel like we truly know him personally. The excitement never goes away. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your love!

  13. I am absolutely crazy about Adam even though I am old enough to be his mother. No other singer has affected me like Adam. In my eyes he is the perfect man and can do no wrong. I too have a lot of pictures of Adam on my walls and also have his calendar. I have two notebooks of pictures I printed from websites too. My son doesn’t understand my obsession with Adam but it is nice to know that other fans understand. Lately he has been looking more gorgeous and more sexy than ever (how is that possible). Love to hear him on interviews and just stare.

  14. Yes Irena. He is like Ali Baba in costume singing Ring of Fire, because the tone is middle eastern. And your location is middle eastern too, with all those dessert and women.
    For humor he could say, ” When I sing Ring of Fire, the caves did open. But I’d rather it would rain to wet the caves, because many are menopausal or post-menopausal”. AH-ha-ha-ha !

  15. Adam, U are so level-headed to be such a SUPERSTAR!!!! Luv U Always, Rita & Donna 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love, Peace, GlamNation!!!!

  16. I too have been bitten by the Adam bug since idol. I’m also almost old enough to be his grandmother & my friends around the same age think I’m a little crazy, but they agree that he looks great & has a great voice. He somehow just gets under your skin & just burrows his way in & stays. Anyone know of any other upcoming tv appearances? Maybe next year will be his year for awards from all the music award shows & in more than one category. He got robbed this year. I never heard of Bruno Mars till I saw the nominations list. Just keep on rocking Adam & we’ll keep singing your praises forever.

  17. Oh, my fellow Adam fans, so nice to hear I am not the only “mature” woman totally smitten with Adam. It is really wierd, because I dont even like men! lol! I went alone to see him in San Francisco, then got up early the next morning and drove to the Sacramento area to see him again. Many of us diehard fans were in line for hours in the sweltering heat (Sacramento area in July!) but had a blast hanging with other Adam lovers. I, too have “For Your Entertainment” running through my head on a regular basis,when suddenly I will break into song! Thank goodness I work with dogs…..

  18. We’re bitten by the LOVEBUG !

  19. I m big fan adam 🙂

  20. Hi guys,

    Just found a link about Adam’s interview in Hong Kong.

  21. Hi guys,

    Just found 2 links about Adam’s interview in Hong Kong.

  22. For those of us in countries where we are not able to get the link to these videos it is great to hear first hand what we would feel if we were there. Adam has certainly become part of my life since first seeing him on idol. He is in every moment of everyday. It is refreshing to know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I just printed out a photo from the Grammys.Such a beautiful man inside and out.

  23. Woopee !!! Congratulations to our GLAMILY. I viewed the fansites of the most popular singers and moviestars, and our fansite is the most prolific, dynamic and updated as to fans’ comments.

    WOW! Isn’t that great? I t seems that our devotion to Adam is just spontaneous and from hearts, overflowing.

    Adam has just begun. There’s more to come. We may have not seen the best of him yet. He is still adjusting to his world celebrity status, but doing it fairly well, sans paparazzis. Ha-ha!

    He has more to offer. I have seen the new batch of American Idol wannabes, and no one can compare to the totality of Adam. Each could have some parts of Adam. Like one has a voice with a range that’s almost like Adam’s, but none of his control, culture, maturity and subtlety. And it remains yet to be proven if he has also the variety and artistry like Adam’s. And of course they don’t seem to have that stage appeal, sexual magnetism and swagger that Adam and also Steven Tyler possess. After watching Steven Tyler, that’s when I Iearned about what swagger a rock star possess. And of course personality — Who can ever match Adam’s personality that appeal to all ages and all sexes?

    Adam is like a breath of fresh air. An oasis in the dessert. His voice a carress. Yes, he seem to be like someone you can sleep all night long peacefully. Just cuddled, embraced and content.

  24. Yehey ! Can’t afford not to share. My 2nd and 3rd sons just passed the Philippine Nursing Board exams. My first son is now also a nurse working in Wellington, NZ. I’m also the 4th RN in our family, as a second course after my M.D. My 4th and youngest son will still take up another course after his graduation from Practical Nursing. Thank God for His many blessings.

    Just updated my Facebook, and I added ADAM as one of the people who inspires me, along with Jesus Christ, Joyce Meyer, Abraham Lincoln and Margot Fonteyn.

    I’ll be attending the Asia-Pacific Congress for Family Physicians in Cebu City, Philippines next week. Any Adam fan who’s a GP or Family Physician who’ll be there? I’d like to meet you.

  25. What has happened to this site? Its way behind, and no body here, so sad?