Adam was on Leno before!

Since Jay Leno seems to be totally obsessed with Adam, maybe he remembers this too? He already met Adam before American Idol made him famous! A couple of years ago, the Los Angeles cast of Wicked performed on his show – and a youtube clip of this performance has surfaced (thankyou LibraLamb7 for the link!).

The song is ‘One Short Day’, and is the scene where the witches of Oz are going to see the Wizard in the Emerald city. Stephanie Block and Kendra Kassebaum are the main performers, and Adam is – in his own words – in the ensemble, in the back. He’s starting off on the far left, dancing with a girl, and wearing a green hat, a blue coat and purple-ish pants. Plus, he’s spotting the most adorable little moustache, glasses and a goatee. At 0:37 there’s a really good shot of him, and after that, he kind of gets lost in the group dance.

So funny to see him dancing and acting here! Would be interesting if Jay actually remembers somehow – but that’s not likely at all, since Adam wasn’t more than one of many dancers. How things have changed, Jay’s covering some Adam related material in nearly every show and now he is having him over as one of his main guests tomorrow night! Looking forward to a great show!


  1. ellen #447 says:

    Sure hope Adam gets to dance in his videos! There are videos on You Tube with Adam playing the male lead Fiyero in Wicked! He is fantastic.

  2. PamBiggs Glambert 510 says:

    This is great 🙂 It’s easier to keep your eye on Adam if you watch out for the golden pointy hat!

  3. Thanks again Indiechick for this . I just followed the ‘purple pants’ and it was easy to spot him.

    I am stil a little ticked that Leno had each of the ‘losers’ on Idol on his show, one by one as they were eliminated but somehow at the end, he forgot about having Adam on… maybe it was the excitement of the moment or Adam was hard to get, but I always wondered….

  4. This was awesome! You know Jay, sometimes takes a trip down memory lane with guests on his show. If he had wind of this little video, I can see him playing this tomorrow for Adam.
    Adam has been soo talented since a little boy, man has he come a long way. So glad he kept on pursuing his dream. What a gift he is!

  5. You guys are terrific at finding all this stuff about Adam; thanks so much! I enjoy it all – wow, look how far he’s come – as Adam would say “Surreal!”

  6. haha Gary Busey!

  7. If you look (2:51) when the two girls are facing each other & singing, Adam is almost exactly between them (from behind) smiling straight at the camera. BB can dance!!!

  8. Oh sorry, forgot to say thank you to LibraLamb7 for the link. Thanks, very enjoyable. Also wonder if is aware of it and will bring it up.

  9. Thanks for your networking on this one! ‘WICKED’ is totalling amazing and a must to see!
    We had the opportunity to see it in San Diego and it was awesome! How you managed
    to find this one is unreal LibraLamb7! ……ADAM in the ensemble! Now it complete’s my PlayBill!
    ….and ADAM as Fiyero!…..Oh my, he was stunning!!!!!! ……and thanks Mr Schwarz!

  10. Micki (Glamb 535) says:

    I managed to get 5 decent different pics (screencaps) of Adam from this video. Each is between 60 – 80 KB & 1024×768. Well, one his hand is blurry, but who’s looking at his hand anyway …

    If anyone wants them, let me know where to send them or post them.


  11. AdamRocks! says:

    Thanks for finding this Candy! So cute. . . he reminds me a little of Johnny Depp in this video. 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  12. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    I can hear his voice some throughout the video, I will bet that thay wish they had put him in more of a leading role now! He is awesome in everything!

  13. I tried to listen for his voice, but couldn’t quite pick it out, but I did follow the yellow pointy hat!


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