Adam vs. Kris “No Boundaries” Campaign

Many of you mentioned on your comments that we need to show our support for Adam. Kris is beating Adam on the sales of No Boundaries by almost 100,000 sales during its first week alone. Kris Allen fans are bragging and saying that this ‘proves’ Kris really won America.

No Boundaries, believe it or not, is not a bad song. The live performances didn’t do it justice. Adam also said this is a very well written song and he was really proud of his recorded version. Click on the link below to purchase ‘No Boundaries’ by Adam Lambert:

Apple iTunes



  1. i totally prefer Adam’s version because it’s deeper and vulnerable.. not so commercial as Kris.

  2. hine100 says:

    Okay dreamsound, I have finally been able to purchase an itunes gift card from ebay so that I can download Adam’s songs from itunes. All I know is that those people are getting us to jump through hoops and that they really suck by making it so hard for international fans to support our boy.


    • Lamberkitten says:

      Hey, what is this? Is there a way to get US itunes downloaded for someone in the UK? How does this work? I tried to click on itunes US and wouldnt let me download, does getting something from ebay override this somehow? More details please, thanks, UK.

      • hine100 says:

        Purchase an itunes gift card from ebay and create a new itunes id as though you lived in the usa (albeit you don’t). Don’t pay by credit card and don’t pay by paypal because either option looks at your billing address and locks you out. Ebay itunes gift cards can be sold to anyone, international or whatever.
        I just bought a $15 one. Just search for itunes gift cards after you register for ebay and get into the system.
        Meanwhile if you just wanted the no boundaries you can get that anyway from the link on his official site.

  3. I can’t understand why no one has pointed out to them that Adam is higher on the chart (#3 last time I looked) for album sales and also is #1 for downloaded videos and has A LOT more on the top video chart than Kris.

    • sherrysugar76 says:

      I have to agree, Kris fans can’t exactly gloat. Adam’s Season 8 Performances sales is much better than Kris as well as the videos. Although Kris’s version of “No Boundaries” is doing better it only charted #11 which according to chart outlets is sort of low compared to past Idol winners. And not trying to bash him though. From the articles I’ve read, his chart showing even with 9 songs is lower than last year’s winner David Cook’s. In fairness, Adam’s stuff has been on Itunes for weeks. Mad World ACTUALLY has sold well on Itunes. Plus in the scheme of things, I think the fact that Adam’s doing better as far as album sales of his performances is telling. So I am not sure why some people who support Kris are bragging. Really they should be worried. Especially since Adam is getting way more publicity, reviews, offers and he didn’t win a title. And again, no offense to Kris Allen because he is a nice guy. But it is just an analysis of what I’ve seen this week.

  4. Star Catcher says:

    I have nowhere to purchase the song unfortunately because I am one of the few people in Maerica without a damn Ipod. If I did, I’d have that song in a heartbeat because it is way better than Kris’.

    • Lamberkitten says:

      Do you have to have ipod to buy the songs? is there no way you can just buy it and store on your computer til you get one? I have no idea but worth looking into 🙂

      • IveBeenAdamized says:

        I bought Adam’s Itunes Album and No Boundaries and yes it just downloads to computer.
        I haven’t put it on my phone or cd yet and you don’t have to. Right now just listen to it on my computer while I work. So the answer is yes. Just buy it and it downloads to pc.

      • BGG1995 says:

        No need for an iPod. I bought and legally downloaded everything of Adam’s to my computer and I don’t have an iPod.

      • AdamWon says:


    • You won’t need an Ipod to play it. If you download and save the Itunes software on your computer, you can use it as a management system for all you songs on your computer.

      You can save the song to your iTunes Library and play it on your computer….. that goes for downloading the videos of performances also.

  5. I bought a bunch of Adams songs on I tunes last night…including no boundries! Adams No Boundries is so much better than Kris’s! How come “we are the champions” isn’t available on itunes? The one from the finale

    • yes! SCORE on the campaign!

      Congratulations and Thank you for your support…..keep it coming guys!

  6. Panseyy says:

    I have ALL Adam’s songs – videos plus studio versions. The studio versions have a different energy and are really nice for the iPod and CD in the car. I recommend everything, including No Boundaries. I have done my part! And can’t wait for the new album!

  7. I know that I’ve got to be in the minority on this, but I think Kris’ version is better. To me this song just isn’t suited for Adam. I hated BOTH of them singing it on the last competition show. I would much rather buy music that I’m actually fond of than to “show someone up”. I will buy the Adam’s AI iTunes album(?) next week. I’ve already bought 3 songs/covers of Adam’s from iTunes already. I don’t recall a release of the winner’s “coronation” song by both the winner and the runner up in past Idol seasons??? I think this is just a ploy to capitalize on Adam’s fame and the Idol finale controversy to sell more copies of Kara’s song. I’d rather it be a contest (if it HAD to be a contest) between whose artistry, talent and style that the American public (and the WORLD) likes better…not who’s selling more copies of a forgettable song. Think about it….how many of us are STILL listening to past Idol winner’s “coronation” songs??? When was the last time any of us heard it on the radio??? I’ll save my money to buy multiple copies of Adam’s CD instead!!!!

    • ADAMaddict says:

      I didn’t like No Boundaries by either of them…………until I heard Adam’s studio version of it. MUCH MUCH better than live. I actually like the song now. I bought it cuz of the Kris vs. Adam thing in ratings, but after listening to it, I would have bought it anyway. Check it out. Support our boy!!

    • We all agree that Adam is the best thing to happen to the music industry since the Stones, but, please, people…learn how to SPELL. Damn!!

  8. Adamrulz says:

    I’ve bought everything by Adam on iTunes, including ‘No Boundaries’ (as you said, it’s not bad). Thinking of buying more of his album as a gift to family and friends.

  9. Vixx4Adam says:

    YES! Finally, I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Thank you, thank you…I already bought all of Adam’s songs a long time ago as well as his videos.

    Adam’s “No Boundaries” Movement – Day 1.

    Please let us know if you have purchased this song.

    Anyone know the contact #’s of your local radio stations?
    Maybe we can post them here and start calling these stations to play Adam’s songs?

  10. Adam’s version is so much better than Kris’! I’ve already bought the single from iTunes and don’t really know how else to support him except to promote and convince others to buy it too.

  11. A friend of mine sent me Adam’s version, along with his Season 8 performances, & I’m so thankful!! No offense to Allen fans, but I’m being honest here….Adam blows him out of the water. I really don’t think any of the contestants can hold a candle to Adam. He was the superstar of the whole season! I’m buying everything I can that has his name on it!!

    Adamfanatic Lisa

  12. Lisette here,
    thenks agan dreamsound for thes I have bought Adam’s heartfelte songes an will continue to do. An only wishe I hed number of radio stationes..I will inquire thru mes amies to have thes estraordinaire vocaliste playe on ther statione here in s.west. US. No Boundaries an l’way Adam singes, from l’hearte with emotione,passione , superbe vocal ranges thet toche people
    evriwhere an no matter beliv he’ll be here for many yers to come with such a vast array of musique genres,passe theatre acomplishementes as well as his love for rock reaches all ages men,women,an chilren..Know he’ll be here for many yers to come..let’s all be positive an beliv in Adam always as a gifted artiste..a legende truly !
    blessings always an Luv,Lisettexoxo

  13. Kris beating adam in the sales of No Boundaries does not mean Kris is deserving of his title. How stupid if they think it that way. Only 100,000! If Kris reaches 38M in sales of No Boundaries as this is the total vote he earned in Arkansas, then by all means, he deserved the title. I f this happens, I will rest my case and shut my mouth.

  14. Glambertfan says:

    I was one of the people that purchased his song in the first week – what about you guys that call yourselves his fans? Idol is over so you think you’ve done your part and that’s it? How will he ever sell any albums with that kind of support?

  15. Glambertfan says:

    Call your radio stations and request Mad World! The radio stations need to play Kris’s version of Boundaries as his first release since it is the traditional Idol “Coronation Song” – Adam has been getting air play of Mad World as his first single so request it! That’s why Mad World is highest of his singles on iTunes and why he is singing it on the Talk Show Circuit this week.

  16. SUsan L says:

    I have already bought it–my teenage daughter loves it. I do think that it has more pop appeal than kris’s version. The primary reason Kris’s sales are higher for NB is because Idol/19 is promoting him with it–He sings it on the talkshows, etc. Because HE is the “Idol”. At this point, the main reason I am bummed that Adam didn’t “win” is because Kris gets to sing more at each pubicity stop–they always include NB in his visits. I really dont’ want to get sucked into a lifelong competition between Krisfans and Adamfans. I’ve had enough of that redstate-bluestate kind of awfulness. I want to keep my love for Adam pure!

    I dont’ know if there is really a good way to counter this. Perhaps large groups of fans can request the song on their pop radio stations in large markets like NY, LA, CHI, SF, etc One person like me in a small town isn’t going to make much of a mark in the corporate radio structure (none of our stations are really even “local” anymore).

  17. Catkins says:

    Why should we buy a copy of a song that is… um, how do I say this tactfully…not the best written note on the scale…to prove that Adam is more popular than Kris? A more accurate measure would be how many TOTAL Adam tunes have been purchased vs. Kris tunes. The only reason Kris fans are flocking to this song is because it commemorates his Idol title. He has nothing close to the popularity of Mad World, A Change is Gonna Come, If I Can’t Have You, etc., etc.

    The contest is over! Adam is headed to superstardom. Let’s move on.

  18. If we’re talking sheer popularity of contestants here, check out the relative numbers of viewings of Kris’s stuff vs Adam’s on YouTube. For weeks now, Adam’s fans have been scouring the net for every scrap of obscure Adam video, and they have thousands to millions of views each. Even though Kris self-released an album in 2007, the vids of those songs only had a couple hundred views last time I looked a couple days ago. A lot of fans are getting their “Adam fix” off the net since videos of his performances are embedded in so many sites, rather than getting it off of iTunes, so iTunes sales alone are no measure of “who really won”.

  19. AdamFan52 says:

    I am in agreement with the response about both singers doing the NB song during the finale. I really didn’t care for either one, but it has grown on me a bit. I truly like Adam’s version better and especially his studio version. He is just a better singer than Kris. No contest. It is interesting, but you can hear several current singers on the radio and Kris is basically going to sound just like them. Sort of ambiguous and “same old same old” sound.

    I have bought everything Adam has out there… even ordering them on pre-order. He is going to be absolutely a super star and Kris will fade into obscurity along with lots of others.

    This is only a stupid push by Kris fans trying to legitimize their bogus voting process. There were lots of bogus things happening during voting, so with AI downplaying the rumors, they are only covering their a……s. I have always thought the process has been skewed when there is a close call and they can create a controversy. This was a perfect setup for Kris with Danny Gokey as third place. It might have been a different outcome if Allison had been stronger and finished third instead.

    Just my opinion…. like everyone else on here….. but I will be gracious to Kris as the “winner” as he is truly a nice guy and this is not his fault. The GRACIOUS ONE has definitely been ADAM!!!!!!

  20. Thanks everyone for purchasing Adam’s version of No Boundaries. Please campaign it also to your friends and relatives or anyone you know who likes/loves Adam.


    We made some Scores here guys!

    Good job! Keep it coming!

  21. I downloaded Adam’s songs to. And imo I don’t think even if Kris is selling more than Adam on NO Boundaries that one song doesn’t meat when is album comes out he will sell more than Adam. Adam is a great singer and performer. He is the total package. I just found Kris to be boring. Also I think Allison should of been in the Finale with Adam. They woudl fo put on a awesome performance.

    Go Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. I downloaded Adam’s verson the very next day… Adam’s version is soooooooo much FAR better than Kris….Always luv Adam’s voice.
    For those who is buying Kris is just for desperation. I know for sure that Adam is the BEST vocal and performer/entertainer and all that.

    Adam you are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya even more and ever

  23. hine100 says:

    Sometimes I think we are to apt to just react and have our energies diverted and therefore we are no longer focusing on the one thing we all agree on – how much we like our boy Adam. Really, all we need to do is support him as much as possible by buying the music that HE is going to get a cut of.

    Personally I think itunes sucks because they are just as bad as other organisations that exploit their clients – the percentage that goes to Adam is still pretty low. And then to cap it off they are are all playing Adam off again Kris to generate more sales.

    If you look at twitter volume you will see that people who talk about adam on twitter far outnumber those talking about kris, I’ve just checked and Adam has 240,000 as opposed to kris with 43,000. And we have to remember that neither of them are on twitter at the moment. Danny gokey is on twitter but he has 40, 200. The best way to get a good idea of Adam’s popularity is to have a look at a cross section of platforms.

  24. YOURSFOREVER says:

    I have been purchasing everything with ADAM presence!!! Adam makes me believe I can climb the mountains, just get up and do it! Millions people who haven’t purchased NO bounderies, want to show that they got fed up with LAME songs. They want different music, they are waiting for his first album to show who is the real long tirm winner!!! Adam has sold more albums during his AI weeks. for me I do not want he will be boxed in songs genre like No bounderies, because of the high sales of that song. Adam knows that too.

    I wouldn’t worry about No bounderies, BUT I AM INCOURAGING YOU to buy ALL the songs and videos he has done so far!

  25. Leticia says:

    I hated “No Boundaries” when Adam and Kris sang it during the finale. They both sounded pitchy and struggling with interpreting the song with silly lyrics. But when I heard Adam’s studio version, I was converted cos it actually sounded quite good – kudos to Adam! I haven’t heard Kris’ studio version though. As Adam had said, this song was difficult to sing live and they were not given much time to rehearse it properly. I think reason why Adam’s iTunes sales on this song was not that great is because a lot of us fans still could not get over the memories this song conjured of the finale which Adam did not win.

  26. I like the song a lot better now — but I’ve only been listening to Adam’s version. Adam sings the song with much more conviction and brings the words to life. His high notes just soar.

    I wish Adam’s version had gotten airplay. I think it could’ve been a hit. I just hope that Adam will do well with his debut CD and be able to realize his great talent.