Adam videos New Year’s Eve

It’s hard to imagine any Idol going through a crazier 2009 than Adam Lambert, whose year was filled with enough highs and lows to fill an entire season of Fantasia’s reality show. But the man always kept his cool. And he certainly looked cool last night on the red carpet of Gridlock NYE, the 5,000-capacity Hollywood megaparty at Paramount Studios where he headlined 2009’s New Year’s Eve. (That was definitely a step up from Mark’s Restaurant, the aforementioned intimate eatery where he sang on December 31, 2008.) With both his glittery tuxedo coat and painted face looking like they were lovingly attacked by a Bedazzler–in the best possible way, of course–Adam sparkled like a star.

Lyndsay Parker was only amongst the many reviewers to praise Adam’s show at Gridlock’s New Years Eve Bash, where he performed a full 10 song set plus one extra (1. Music Again; 2. If I Had You; 3. Whataya Want From Me; 4. Strut; 5. Sure Fire Winners; 6. Soaked; 7. For Your Entertainment; 8. Sleepwalker; 9. Fever; 10. Down The Rabbit Hole, and the old Idol favorite Whole Lotta Love as an encore).

Adam sparkled bright and wore an amazing outfit, and described himself as being ‘sparkly and glittery, trying to match the fireworks tonight!’ in the pre-show press interviews. Some of the redcarpet clips:

Videos of all songs also made their way to Youtube, so here it goes, in order:

Great job Adam, he looked like he had lots of fun and most of us can certainly appreciate that as well!


  1. Thank you SO much for all these videos. I looked online last night and the only ones available – at that time on You Tube – were not the greatest quality.

    • Thanks for the videos!!! It’s so many of them right now on Youtube but mostly bad quality!
      It’s nice to have the best ones in one place…
      Thank you so much!!!
      And Whole Lotta Love was such a treat!!! I could not believe my eyes and ears!!! when I heard his singing it last night!!! Thank you, Adam! Good memories…..

      • Oh how I wish that Adam’s second album takes a rock path. Its clear that his voice is more suitable for all that rock energy. FYE was a test, and electro pop was ok but I wish for more classic songs that make me want to scream and not only shake my booty 😀

        So ADAM+ZEPPELIN= GOOD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adam more rock pleaseeee

        • I agree with you. While I love just love his electro pop FYE I now want some ROCK!!! I hope his next album is full of this Rock that he does so well!!!!!! Love you Adam!!!!

          • Trish, OMG “SleepWalker” sounded sooo awesome. cant wait untill The Tour!
            ” I’m not asleep, but I’m not awake, After the Way You Love Me” OMPG!!!!!!!!!!
            Sing it to me baby………………

            • Just watched SW again, HAD AN ADAMGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Oh I know…This version of SW is awesome. I can’t believe how good he is…this sounds like rock to me and I love it!!!

    • LhambertLover says:

      this was so cool and great!

  2. LA times article.,0,7549429.story

    Getting hammered at work and can’t watch a $@#*($@*)# thing right now and will be here for 12 hours today, tomorrow and monday

  3. Can’t believe how much it sounded like the album. I’m so jealous I wasn’t there. But thanks for putting these videos on here. Amazing and he looked awesome and looked like he was having the time of his life. He diserved to just h e fun and let loose. Congrats Adam an have a wondeful new year

  4. Holy Cow! He is absolutely amazing and gave it his all last night! Loved, Loved,Loved the theatrics of soaked! I have always loved that side of him! Although all the songs were great, I just keep going back to a Whole Lotta Love! It fits him perfectly. Even though I love all things Adam, I have to say that I really think he fits the Rock Star mode and the Rock songs the best. I also think when he slows it down and dives inside the song, you can just feel the emotion! I love those 2 sides the best. I don’t really think the pop side brings out his potential. Thanks so much for posting! So much fun! I bet the sqealing girl can’t even talk today! Oh and how I wish he was pointing his finger at me in a whole lotta love! WOW! He is a gem!

    • Glamitup, Whole Lotta Love was the icing on the cake for me too! Singing that song, Adam is Sex on a Stick! The gyrations he did with his Glambulge, OMG and “Fever” wasnt w/o many thrusts either……………… Sleepwalker, was awesome a classic Rock song and Monte on the Elec.guitar, super! He did bring on the theatrics singing “Soaked” beautiful job……
      What a night everyone must have had celebrating the New Year with Adam. He looked so shiny and fabulous, just like he wanted. Even had his very own flask of booze ! I was thinking the coat was gonna come off with WLL, but no he kept his clothes intact.
      Thanks Adam for a great show and thanks for those of you who took the vids. so we could all enjoy:)

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        OMPG!!! OMPG!!!! OMPG!!!!!
        DID he grab it MARY C!!!? DID HE?!!! OMPG!!!
        MY plucking eyes are twitching right now!!!!! Yes both of them!!!! I plucking love this ROCK GOD!!!!!
        OMPG!!! I’m plucking crying!!!!!
        Oh poor nyc! MASTER ADAM had the last note of the night!
        Bravo! BRAVO ! BRAVO! PLUCKIN BRAVO!!!!
        I just told my hubby MASTER ADAM sang this WLL a lot better than Plant, he says no he didn’t & you know what I said? I said YES HE FUCKING DID! Because he has the vocals & he has the MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • KImber, yes he did grab it, a few times at that too!!!!!!! The gyrates were strong for NYE.
          You told your husband well, Adams WLL vocals out do any other artist (IMO).
          He rocks……………………….I knew he’d be wild, not to wild but wild enough. He is a Hot Number!!!!!


          YES !! ADAM SINGS WLL BETTER THEN PLANT– SORRY! BUT TRUE- (I love you Robby baby, no disrespect–but the torch is now passed and ZEP is my fav band of ALL TIME, STILL HAVE MY T-SHIRTS from concerts)
          IF YA HAVE HEARING INTACT– YOU CAN NOT DISPUT THAT ADAM SINGS THIS BETTERT THEN ANYONE ALIVE– YES HE FUCKING DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          and this SONG IS EVERY WOMENS ANTHEM— YES IT FUCKING IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



            WE WILL SHOW HIS FANS HOW TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            HERE’S MY PLEA ADAM — BRING US WITH YOU— IT’S MEANT TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              I just love your fucking passion!

              • Summer and Kimber, Okay forget the Pluck, Yes we are going to Fucking



                • WHOOO HOOO MARY C!!!!!!!!!!!
                  You are one crazy Groupie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  I knew I’d find my Rocker sista soul mates!!


                  ME, MARY C AND KIMBER Will bring the spirit of Rock BACK Like your SALIVATING TO EXPERIENCE and HAVE NOT YET SEEN!! TRUST ME !!

                  Our souls connect and the NYE BLUE MOON shifted DESTINY!!
                  IT’S MEANT TO BE!!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Note to Simon Cowell & Randy jackson & Kara, I love MASTER ADAM’s theatrics! He is brilliant!!!!! Magnifico! Supehr! I guess some people just can’t handle the heat in the kitchen , referring to abc, AI, & whoever the freakin else! MASTER ADAM is hotter than hell! He is the MAN!!!!! Ya’ll I am just so excited just like MASTER ADAM gets on stage! can you imagine being w/ me at his concert? Mary C? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Kimber, I can imagine being at his concert with you, for sure. I feel the same way……..
          The excitement does not stop. Bring it on Adam, we can take the Heat, the Hotter the Better! We like to burn baby burn, we like to shake, we like to thrust, we like to do it all….
          with you…………………………Jesus God, Adam you’re driving us freakin nutso! But I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and YOU!

          • AdamAddict says:

            We totally need those sprinklers on top of our freaking head! 😛

            • AdamAddict, I wont need a wet head, I’ll be Wet enough………………LOL haha

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                LMPAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG MARY C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMPAO!!!!!!!
                Somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! HELP MARY C!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                No don’t help her or I, we LOVE THIS FEELING we got deep down inside ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!
                FOR our MASTER ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Indiechickie YOU ROCK!! I have been waiting all day for this. FANTASTIC!! thank you so much!

  6. another video

    why the crap do they have to use the picture of him kissing now for EVERY article about him.

    I’m sick of AMA!

    • I’d like to get the negative of that kiss photo and destroy it!!!! My Gawd, how long is the media going to hang onto that incident that happened months ago!!!! Last year as a matter of fact!!!!:(

  7. AdamAddict says:

    Woo hoo!!!!!!!!! Just now,I was so disappointed when I only can see mini Adam.That Neil!!Grrrr,why he stand so behind?Use the magic word,”I’m Adam’s bro,BRO!Chill,MOVE!!” LOL!Thank goodness,there’s someone who are so generous,open minded,understanding,beautiful inside out willing to stand still and be quiet the whole time just to share with us.I give her/him standing ovation for that.If I were that person,the video will be up and down,up and down coz I will jumping the whole freaking time.And fo sho you guys can’t hear Adam coz I also will be screaming and chanting Adam the whole time…also~nodding~ LOL!!

    Terry told me that there’s 3 vids in youtube right before I decided to go to bed.Then I checked there’s all vids.Woo hoo!!!!So,now it’s 7.15am and I’m still up.Soaked was the BEST!….after GLAMBULGE,LOL! Now,I can go to bed happy,and with my hand in my pants!Hahaha,NO,I mean with wide smile on my face!!Yeah!!WTH is wrong with me?I must be still traumitized with Pam BOOBS!!Urgh!Her boobs so big,she no need to look down to see her cloth…’broken open’,alright!she did it on purpose,DUH!!Poor Adam,he must have nightmare after that tragic 🙁

    • Hahaha Miss Emili, eloquent in your own special way, as usual!! Love it!

    • Hahaha Miss Emili, eloquent in your own special way, as usual!! Love it!

    • AdamAddict, LOL. Oh yes I think we all went to bed with vivid dreams last night. We can see he hasnt lost his magic of thrusting and shaking it baby………………………..

    • Emili….I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!! Is your hand tired today????? LOLOLOL

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      EM! ARe you dreaming that MASTER ADAM’s hand down your pants? Or is it your own? Whichever it’ll work right? Well, MASTER ADAM didn’t shy away did he? Oh man, he knows he want some poontang.He is too strongly sexual just for another man! There is more to explore he wants to explore.
      Oh what am I saying, my poor sweet innocent MASTER ADAM from AI, NOT!!!!! Every move he makes is all new to me, & it turns me on!

      • kimberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, LOL, no seriously , I think he wants some poontang too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        LMAO here. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that anymore. Adam will explore the whole world again over and over and ON TOP, just where he likes it.
        3 magic words, open, in and close…………………

  8. Just sat back in my chair and watched a fab concert! Soaked was so wonderful! I love Fever also. Thanks for the videos..I was hoping for a nice treat today.

  9. Thank you sooooo much for the vids. HOT HOT HOT

  10. thank you for posting all these wonderful videos of ADAM, I was so disapointed i couldn’t go but these videos made me so happy i forgot!!! ADAM HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 AND I WILL BE SEING YOU AT YOUR FIRST CONCERT!!! HOPE IT IS IN LA!! EVERYBODY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  11. puteri abdul says:

    what a blast to start adam’s 2010..
    a far cry from his one year ago new year gig in that small club, and after surviving the tides and turmoils of nearly a decade of his ups and down as an inspiring entertainer, adam deserve all the sparklers and glitters that he received in this new year ..

    adam on that gridlock stage was again an entertainer beyond words..
    with his sizzling eyes and yummy lips, he hypnotizes those around him with his gorgeous looks .
    with his slithering swagger, and enticing sways, he held the audience captive in his memerizing moves..
    with his sensuous tone, he kept the spectators entranced with that heartfelt voice ..
    and he just kept holding the people around him, gasping in awe on how he can touched the others, even in the distance, that made them just draw closer and closer to him ..
    and the songs he sang did him justice him showing what he can gives on stage..
    what beautiful melody he can deliver..
    and what sound of music are really made of when delivered with honesty and pure love to the notes..
    added to the joy, besides the lep zepps classic, he is now singing to his own originals, thus claiming to hollywood that he has own a territory now, and nothing is going to stop him from keeping crossing over the boundaries and claiming more souls to be in his world of music ..

    adam.. you have started a blast in 2009..
    and here is to 2010 and may you keep the fire burning and make it even bigger and better in the years to come ..

    • Puteri, OMG I LOVE YOUR POST.. Shear beauty in words my friend !!! Perfect.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Puteri, once again you have outdone yourself. Just wonderful, and ash Sherrylx says shear beauty in your words. You are truly wonderful and each and every time you get Adam so perfectly. Thanks Puteri, love and hugs to you.

      Your friend from across the seas, Dianne.

  12. I’m glad to see these videos posted but believe me, they do not do Adam justice. He looked and sounded fantastic last night! I know because I was screaming my head off and dancing my you-know-what off at the very front of the barricade only about 50 feet away from our idol.

    Well, they may not have televised it but there was a camera crane in front of me and the entire show was being professionally taped. If we are lucky, maybe we will get a high end DVD out of the show. Wouldn’t that be great?

    I can’t believe I was part of this historic occasion of Adam’s first live concert of his own music. Wow. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and one I shall never forget. Best frickin’ New Year’s ever!

    Only in hindsight I wish to goodness I had gone into one of the tables at $525 each per person as all my newest Adam-pals who were at the tables got to party backstage with the band! One even had an up-close with Adam…as in putting her arms around him – COOL. Oh, did I mention you could buy a backstage pass for $1000?

    So, here’s how my amazing evening went. I met up with about 15 women for a cocktail party at a hotel near the studio. When I walked in, several were glamming themselves up with glitter gel in front of the mirror. Everybody was into the spirit of glitter and glam in honor of Adam. Champagne in hand, a bunch of started dancing to the CD. I was having a blast.

    At 7:30, we all carpooled to the event. Virtually all of the ladies had VIP table tickets and had been told that they could get in at 8. Well, we got there and there was no VIP treatment and everyone had to stand outside in one long line until 9 P.M. Then there were a whole bunch more lines inside. Suffice it to say it was a disaster from an organizational standpoint. Earlier in the day, I (and many others) received a phone call, e-mail and text saying our tickets needed to be re-printed because it only had half a bar code and you couldn’t get in without the replacement ticket. SNAFU number two came when I inquired about getting an upgrade to a table, was shunted to four different lines and made to stand another hour until all tables had been seated ..all before they would even tell us that an upgrade would cost $1000. So, after all that delay, I just said forget it and went with the general admission. That part was a disaster and the people at the tables told me it took them an hour of waiting in line at the buffet to get their dinner. What a mess.

    I bypassed all the vendors and DJ’s, grabbed a glass of wine and headed right for the main stage in order to position myself for a great spot to see Adam. Frankly, the set-up sucked for seeing the show unless you were at one of the tables, which were all placed directly in front of the stage. The camera and sound equipment blocked most of the view. Fortunately, I managed to run into a Malaysian friend and her husband and they let me squeeze in to a primo spot at the front of the barricades. Then the wait – two hours not moving in the cold under a full moon, not really paying any attention to the other acts, just waiting for Adam.

    It was worth the wait. The fireworks went off, Pamela Anderson came out and said she was kind of freaked out about doing the countdown to midnight, then the countdown came and people were kissing each other Happy New Year and then the next thing I know it, Adam’s popped onstage and I didn’t even see where he came from. It was kind of weird the way it started. Guess I was expecting the big build-up and introduction…but maybe Pam was too smashed. She didn’t look good in that white dress, which surprised me, because I have seen her on the set and in person several times. I can’t figure out when that revealing boob shot was taken – I didn’t see it myself.

    I was distracted as no more than ten feet away from me were Negative Neil, looking very handsome in black, Adam’s lovely friend Danielle (just seen in the spa outing), and Leila. Leila is just as petite as a friend described her from the Conan show and she looked radiant. She had on high heels and a glittery mini-skirt under her jacket.

    Then the show started and I found myself singing along to all the choruses and screaming ‘til I was hoarse. Seriously, Adam sounded awesome and looked sensational. I loved the way he gathered himself up to start the show and then masterfully looked to the side and just said “track” to order the music to start. Then he got right into it.

    I loved the look. He said he wanted to look like a firework and omigod he was hot. I loved the glitter in his hair and on his face. He had that slicked back look (with a bit of pompadour thrown in) which I personally love as it shows off the incredibly handsome features of his face.

    Speaking of the glitter, I cannot tell a lie. I was looking through my binoculars at the um, er, glambulge (and it’s all the fault of you naughty wenches for bringing me down to your level, ha ha) and it had some glitter specks down there, too. Maybe that’s because he rather frequently slid his left hand into that very vicinity while dancing and rocking his hips back and forth and otherwise turning every woman around into a moaning frenzy. I got to tell you, Adam really knows how to work it…and don’t we LOVE it!?

    His outfit was gorgeous, too. I loved the sparkly lapels of his long jacket and the sparkly tuxedo stripe down the side of his pants. I think he might be losing more weight, though, (too much of that hip action, hee hee????) as I saw him several times reaching to the back of his pants, either to pull them up a bit or maybe fiddle with his RF mic receiver.

    One of the show highlights for me was during “Soaked”. He was sitting on a stool, the song was going into an instrumental bit, and suddenly Adam got this totally angst-ridden, melodramatic look on his face, a look which went perfectly with the “Bohemian Rhapsody” gypsy style of the piece. I looked at him and I thought, this boy can really act! I thought “we are not just watching a world-class singer here, we are seeing an actor who sings and a singer who acts”. He displays such RAW talent, and you know I do like that word “RAW”! Anyway, back to the song, Adam was just having us all on. In the middle of the display of all this “emotion”, he nonchalantly picks out a flask from his jacket, takes a sexy swig, and we all roared! I love this guy! What a born entertainer he is! What a great sense of humor!

    Another fun moment was when Adam announced that the next song was one he co-wrote with someone, then the band starts playing the song, and it’s NOT the one he just intro’d!! It was so funny. Adam instantly made a joke of his gaff and recovered immediately. It was just such a charming moment for me. Adam is truly in his element on stage. He so clearly relishes every moment and he is truly fearless.

    The only song I did not like was “Down the Rabbit Hole”. I’d heard it was on ITunes but hadn’t heard it. Well, the song itself is ghastly (IMO) but I had no problem enjoying seeing our Adam hop and bop around that stage…and he was really moving during that one.

    After the tenth song, I didn’t hear a goodbye and he just abruptly disappeared. It was almost as abrupt as the beginning. We were all talking about it – like, what the heck happened? Where did he go? Then, a chant rose through the audience, started I believe by our very own Adamazed from this site, and over and over was heard “ADAM, ADAM, ADAM, ADAM”. Then, to our absolute thrill, delight and surprise, Adam came back to a rousing encore performance of “Whole Lotta Love”. There was no mic stand manipulating this time but the scorching sexuality underscoring his performance was both palpable and powerful. I was melting into a pool of ecstasy. What a great concert!

    Afterwards, I celebrated with Adamazed and friend Linda over some champagne while my table friends were back schmoozing with the band..the lucky devils. The capper to my evening was walking up to the bar for one last glass of champagne and having a tall, dark and very handsome man (hmmm- tall, dark and handsome, just my type, surprise, surprise) sidle up to me and say “I wish I were with you”. Awww. Gee. Loved the compliment – too bad he was young enough to be my son!

    What a night. I’m still in recovery. Actually, I thought of starting this post as saying “Hi, my name is Janet, and I’m an Adam addict”. But wait. It turns out I LIKE being addicted to Adam…and I have no intention of recovering, nor do all the wonderful friends I’ve made as a result of our deeply shared passion for someone who may indeed be one of the greatest artists of all time.

    Glamb #72

    • Janet, this is a REAL first person account with the atmosphere, the sounds, the glitter and the love and excitement of the night! Thank you so much for your prompt and exciting account… you must be drained by now!!


      • Yes, Terry, I am so tired today. I didn’t get home until 5:30 AM and then I was too wired to sleep. We all were. After the carpool back to the hotel, people just sat there twittering away and I got deep into conversation with a woman who’d flown in from Baltimore for the event. I’m glad today was a holiday so I could relax. Happy New Year everybody!

        • Janet,
          Thank you so much for sharing this story with us! Oh, that was great! You are so lucky to be there… at the first Adam’s concert!!!
          So, you were screaming your head off??!! I can not imagine you screaming…. lol But I know that Adam can do it to us…
          I hope we’ll be able to see this concert recorded professionally….
          Thank you!

          • Janet Thanks so much for the details on your FABULOUS night with ADAM!! Jealous for sure!! I want to see him Live so bad it hurts! So exciting!!

            Adam has put his spell on me through the airwaves, and I can not imagine how I will feel when I finally see him Live, I may pass out!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What an incredible description of the evening, I could feel your emotions and excitement about being there in the brainspinning, breathtaking, tears inducing presence of this Crazy, Fearless, Heart on Fire, Salt of the Earth, Hunk of a Man.

      I haven’t had the time yet to watch the videos that were posted. I want to be by myself so I can laugh and cry without anyone asking me what is going on. I have only watched Whole Lotta Love and by God the way he sings and screams this song, it shakes me to the core.
      This is the Adam I love the most, who I feel connected to the most. This is how I hope the concerts will be, the way he says they will be, smaller venues, lots of costumes, glitter and theatrics, belly of the beast kind of shows.
      I better be ready for what I am asking for.

    • Janet, thanks for sharing your night with us. Loved reading all about your fabulous time:)
      I bet being there in the flesh was 1 million times better than these videos for sure. Adam sending us into a moaning frenzy when he shakes and gyrates is right on. A great entertainer he is indeed! When I saw what he was wearing my heart just leaped with joy, for he is in his glory when he dresses up and entertains his fans! I’m hopin a high end DVD does become available. Bet you’re so glad you took binoculars, ha, zoomed right in on the treasure huh?
      His eyes must have been sparkling like diamonds under the lights and surrounded in all the glitter.

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Hey Janet,
      This is one of the best reviews I have read yet. A pity the organisers weren’t more organised. It’s the finishing touches that make a big difference. A pity it was so pricey to upgrade too.
      I’ve never considered myself a screamer yet I sat in my house just going “oh my god, OMG” over and over again. I think I would have screamed too.

    • I’ve seen the video’s!!!GREAT !!!! I just read your story about, Adam’s EVE !! GREAT.
      omg….omg….I now fill like I was there!!!! WOW I had a GREAT time!!!!!!thank’s

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thanks for sharing the story with us,Janet!I’m soooo jealous!I love the story where he said he co wrote the song then the band play something else.LOL!That’s funny!He is great entertainer!So,U didn’t see any boobs?That’s weird coz the boobs is the size of Tommy’s head!How U can’t see it?LOL!! Soooo happy for you! 🙂

        • AA, that was funny when the band played someting else. I noticed the songs he did not sing, were the songs he co wrote?? I would have loved to have had him sing Pic U Up.

        • LOL, Adam Addict, you crack me up as usual.

          Hey, I just want to take this opportunity to thank and say “you’re welcome” to all you Glambs who took the time to say thanks for my description of the event. Thank you all!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I’m LMAO….the boobs is the size of Tommy’s head! You crack me up girl!

    • Cathy Glamb#570 says:

      Janet, thanks for the great description of your evening. Nothing like having a first person account. Hope you are right that this was recorded and will be released.

      Also thanks to Indichick and Dana for all the work you are doing to keep us updated with best coverage of Adam and a special thanks to Fernando for having the foresight to start this site! It is my go to for my daily Adam fix!!

      Thanks again and Happy New Year to everyone.

    • Janet, are your new found Adam pals Glambs? Hope to hear from them too about the backstage party with the band. How exciting. I’m so glad you commented on the sound being good, I noticed Adam kept messing with his earpiece and thought maybe the sound systems were not on track. The $ 1K price for going backstage with Adam would have been awful tempting for me.
      I would have probably given up eating for the next 6 months (I wanna get skinnier and skinnier) and gave in, especially if the $ went towards the Red Cross. I didnt realize this venue was going towards a good cause. This event all sounds so saweet…………So happy you all had an experience of a lifetime, ringing in the New Year with Adam!
      As far as the boob incident with Pamela, what the hell, its New Years Eve, people are partying, drunk and shit happens. LOL
      OH yeh, I bet the oncore was absolutely phenomenal with Adam strutting back on stage to WLL.
      That is his song to perform fo so……………….
      love and peace!

      • Hi Mary C. Most of the people are pals from Idolforums (“Lambskanks”) and there were also AO people (“Glamberts”). I also had the privilege to meet Vicki, the creator of (Adam Addicts Anonymous) and I was so excited to meet her as we had been corresponding and also she knows Adam from when he sang with her former band once. Everyone was very nice.

        • Songwriter, I met Vicki out in LA too after the finales. We talked for a few minutes. It was funny I was walking around the Nokia complex after the finale show and saw her and just went up to her and asked her if she knew Adam? Something told me she did, a good hunch I had and sure enough she knew him alright. I havent joined the yet. She was all dressed up in Adam gear that night. Adam T shirt and awesome clothes and all. So glad you met up with all the other Fans, makes it more fun when you are with those with the same loves!!

    • Janet, I was soooooooo waiting for your post about your experience of seeing Adam on NYE… You didn’t let me down… I felt I was there with you the whole step of the way… Thank you so much for letting me see through your eyes and memories of that night.. I smiled as you wrote about Adam giving the wrong intro to his next song.. I caught that on one of the vids.. It was priceless.. The drinking during the song Soaked I felt was reflecting on the song.. Adam said he felt the song was about being drunk.. I would love to continue with my comments but I’m going to be late for work if I don’t leave right now… But Thank You again for a great insight to that night..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Janet that was an awesome review. I just love your descriptions of everything. I haven’t even watched all the clips yet because I have just got a new computer and it has taken forever (seems like it) to get it set up, but what I have seen have been absolutely amazing.
      I am so happy for you that you got to go to see Adam and I totally know what you mean by being addicted to Adam, I am happily addicted to Adam and you know what a pervert I am when it comes to our darling man.
      Right I am off to watch Soaked, that is one I haven’t seen yet and after your description I can’t wait.
      I am so happy you were there Janet, it is great to “see” the concert through your eyes. Thanks.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Oh Janet that was absolutely plucking fantastic. You left one teensy bit out though, you didn’t say that just before he got that flask out, he licked his lips with that gorgeous tongue of his, I loved it. Just absolutely loved it. He looked so beautiful and sounded amazing, as always
        He is the only performer I have heard in a very long time that sounds just as good, if not better live as he does on record.

    • ahhh Janet!

      Your fabulous description has got me swooning, and was actually more enjoyable to me than seeing the videos (the chaotic energy of the party and the sound quality is distracting to me, but these ARE the best so far and many thanks for them Indiechickie!). With your words though, I could just feeeel like I was there with you…seeing Leila in her glittery mini scirt….Neil just 10 feet away….Danielle from the recent photos….Adam’s wonderful moments that I couldn’t quite make out on the videos……all so wonderful!!

      THANK YOU!!!


    • Glambertgirl1 says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this. I really wanted to be there but couldnt get anyone I knew to go and didnt want to spend New Year’s alone. How can I figure a way to meet up with you all in the future? Sounds like it would be fun to hang out with fellow Adam fans

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh Janet, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. It made me feel like I was right there with you. You are so lucky to live in LA and be so close to the action. What a great night! What a voice, what a man! I think I’d need a week to recover if I was there!

    • gran4adam says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your night with us. I love everything Adam does but Soaked was masterful and Fever was just as I imagined he would do it. Can’t get enough of it!

    • Janet, thanks for sharing your amazing night. Here’s a pic that I think fits perfectly with your story. Enjoy ladies, and gentlemen!!

      • jnellie WHAT!!!

        Now we all know what he means when he says “I just get excited on stage” The ADAMBULGE!!!!!!!!!!!! uuhhaa!! DAAMMM! You Lucky ass people who were there and so CLOSE to HIM!!

        This is better then any arena concert because you were so close!! I hope he does do small venues like he said. All the more chance I can POUNCE ON HIM!!!!!!

        • Summer, me too, smaller venues, makes him closer to us! Ima all excited watching him be excited********************He starts to sing and starts to grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Oh Adam baby.

  13. Thanks for the awesome vids!! What a great way to bring in a new decade by watching Adam over and over and over again. He was absolutely incredible – and his band members were mind blowing!! Not the same as actually being at Gridlock, but I do thank those that brought Adam to us.

  14. Adam you simply rocked!!! I was waiting ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day for some video footage!! Now you need to put a music dvd together!!!! Good luck this year in all you do.

  15. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    It was our gift Eve. So great performance, so great video, (despite the sound) and congratulations to who recorded it, who was so brave and had a lot consideration about we, fans.
    (Sorry My English)

    • Eliane, do you mean that your custom is to give gifts to each other on New Years Eve? I think they do the same thing in Mexico.

      Well, you recieved your gift as well! of Adam)

      • GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

        Hello/Oi, Theresa
        No, We don’t give gifts on New Years Eve. I mean that the show was a gift for us. We have great parties on that day and lots of music around people we love. And he “was” among us.
        FELIZ ANO NOVO / Happy New Year (Sorry My English) xoxo

  16. Thank you to all the videos from youtube, it all made possible to celebrate at least with Adam 2010 with a Bang!!! It was an amazing performances. The Best Entertainer is Adam Lambert.

  17. I am so happy that we got to be a part of Adams first concert. He did us proud. I am so grateful for all the video’s and comments it made me feel like I was right there too.HAPPY NEW YEAR ADAM!!

  18. Thank you so much, Janet, for bringing us close to Adam even though so many of us couldn’t be at his amazing concert. His beautiful voice takes me awy to another place. Happy New Year, dear Glambs.

  19. Libraglam says:

    AWSOME ! STUNNING performance ! Wish I was there ! Thank you so much for put it together for our view. Love it! Just can’t wait for his tour !! ADAM looks so handsome & glamorious ! He is definitely a SHINING STAR !!

  20. AdoringAdam says:

    Thanks for the Videos and thanks for the description of the evening. It was great. I know so many people wished they were there to support Adam. It’s amazing how so many of his fans feel so protective of him. We need to help him wherever and whenever we can. I don’t know if any of you voted on the VH1 music video site but at 9AM today they will have a new show and I am hoping Adam is number one. I have been voting for weeks. There is also the Fuse TV site where you can also vote for best music video. I don’t know exactly when that show will be new on TV—but soon.
    What a great way to start the new year with Adam. I hope the reruns of AI produce a ton of new fans for Adam.
    Happy New Year!

    • I voted and voted and voted, but VH1 put several new videos on so they would have NEW stuff for the new year, and Adam somehow fell off altogether. He wasn’t even on the close to top 20 list they showed. So we’ve all got to vote way more to get him back on!

      • AdoringAdam says:

        Adam fans are in an uproar online because they believe the VH1 show was corrupted. And there is no way you can vote for him for the next week because they removed his video—-unless someone out there has a plan as to how to do that. I have tried everything, I know people voted for him like crazy because he won just about every poll he was on this year. Give me a break.

  21. Love his look but wish the sound were as good as the AI tour vids were. Anyway, the one thing that caused me to have a lump in my throat is his life coming full circle!

    From that adorable guy who was singing in a piano bar on NYE last year who got up to ask a waitress to save him a chocolate dessert to the MAN who is now a Rock Star and is living his dream. Pretty amazing one year trip around the universe on planet Earth for Adam (and the rest of us)!

    • So true, Kate – that’s what I kept thinking of too…..that talented, hopeful guy who sang on NYE 2008 in an obscure little bar in LA. HE knew he was headed for American Idol …. but, we didn’t. HE believed that he could find his place in the wild world of rock music …. but we didn’t have a clue. I thought of the moment in audition video when Simon was doubtful and Adam, for a second, feared the answer could be “no” …. the only time I have ever seen him stop and plead a bit “cause HE knew ….. that we were waiting, blankly oblivious. Then he gave us all that singular moment when we knew too …… a different moment for each of us but not one of us has ever been quite the same as when we sang Auld Lang last New Years Eve. Thank the stars above and beautiful guy who never gave up!! UIMA

      • Those “UpRight’ days were breathtaking and priceless! … it was only a matter of time
        before ADAM took the world by storm!

      • Wonderful post Colorforadam…..and so true.

        There was an amazing moment for each of us this year….and whatever that moment was, we were all touched so deeply by it. How many other years in our lives have we had such a magical and life-changing moment?!!

  22. Bonnie Wyneken says:

    I LOVE YOU. What would I do without your videos, news, photos, interviews — You fill a very important need in my life: staying connected to Adam. There are no words to thank you enough.

  23. inawwwofadam says:

    I loved the “Sleepwalker” performance best!!! He really put a lot of emotion into that one. Adam really needs to stick to the “Rock” path. I will I could have been there. I did not know he was doing a full concert there…..

  24. AdoringAdam says:

    I just finished watching the top 20 music videos of the year on VH1, and Adam was not on at all! What is going on? I have been voting since early December. Is everybody else voting–or not? It is very easy to do. we need to get him on the show and to number one. Kris was 6 or 7????

    • I’ve been voting also. I recorded show but, haven’t watched yet. I can’t believe Kris was on it and not Adam. Every other contest Adam has blown Kris out of the waters. We must have everyone spread the word. It seems like a personal goal to show Idol they got it wrong.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        I’m so frustrated. . . you can’t even vote for the FYE music video anymore. . . it’s off the list. . . some are saying that RCA may have taken it off to make room for WYWFM. . . that just doesn’t make sense to me. . . I think Lady GaGa and Rhianna had two videos on the countdown at one time. . . if a song or a video is popular, and people are voting for it or requesting it, why remove it? The lame radio play for FYE gets under my skin too. I think it’s such a great, fun song.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

  25. thanks so much for all the videos and Janet for the great report. felt like I was almost there.

  26. Janet…I felt like I was right there with you on NYE. Thanks so much for making all of us Glambs happy with your comments.

    I’m going to have to start playing the big lotteries so that I can get to some of these concerts that ADAM will be doing!!!! My heart would break if I couldn’t go …. watching ADAM perform on these videos just let’s me know that he is the ultimate performer, and I don’t want to miss him live!

    ADAM says he’s going to focus on his music, but down the road I’ll bet he’ll be doing some acting also. He is a natural!

    I cannot believe that ADAM is off the list on VH1. Not to talk about Kris too much (since this is ADAM’s site) but I saw a video where he sang “Red Guitar” (a song that he wrote), and it was truly the most boring, dumb song that I ever heard!!! He even looked dorky when he was singing it!!!
    Okay…enough about Kris!

    I voted my fingers off on VH1, even last night! There’s something wrong when you look at the list and see some of the names/songs on it!!!! It doesn’t make any sense that ADAM’s not on it!

    Kudos to ADAM for a performance better than well done!!!!! And kudos also to his wonderful band!

  27. Adam’s singing soared on “Soaked”,plus his performance was artistic. When Adam sang”Born To Be Wild””Black And White”on Idol, he was soooo sexy. The implied sex in “Whole Lotta Love’ w the mic stand was ,(gasp) sexy. But the crass low class pelvic thrusts, crotch grabs are repulsive acts that you can see for free walking past a bunch of hardhats working construction. And being female, it ‘s not safe to confront the males and tell them it is offensive. Speaking only for myself, I lost interest in each video as soon as I saw those ‘moves’-no apology, it’s how I feel. On the AI tour, some of the sexiest dance moves were done when Anoop & Matt did a very brief couple dance steps together. Enough. It was good to see interaction Adam had with Monte and with Tommy, there is is section on “What Do You Want From Me’ when the camera man focuses on the keyboardist- that is when Adam might consider interacting w keyboardist. Some acknowledgment to the drummer as well, it is a team up there. OK, the big thing with me is :I love this kid, but those pelvic thrusts, crotch grabs are not sensual dancing, their offensive moves made to women on streets, and are not erotic sensual performance acts. Any good dancer in any good club in LA is sexier. But no one an touch Adam’s singing.No one.

    • The band is first class! I just love seeing Tommy’s head
      bopping around with the hair flying and Monte has such
      a groove. I agree that it would be cool if Adam went over to
      Lisa sometimes and also had some interraction (even just facial)
      with the drummer.
      I think the pelvic thrusts are just how Adam embodies the raw
      feelings that overtake him when he is lost in the emotion of
      the music. He is an extremely sexual person.
      I can’t stop watching the videos!! I’m surprised they aren’t more
      viral on u tube. Where are those 700,000 or so people
      who screamed for him on tour this summer?
      This is MAGICAL people!!

    • I want to add, when he sang ‘Strut” and did a lil strut move, pure pleasure watchin’ him. I wish some rich fan would finance a couple music videos for other songs: “Soaked””Fever””If I Had You””Pick U Up’-ok, all of them, gosh, definitely- he is so good.

      • Aam knows WE LOVE HIS ADAMBULGE and WE WANT IT!! He said it is his favorite part of his body and said “i am a very sexual person”. He also said ” iI just get excited up there on stage, and get taken away by the moment”. GULP!! Yes He Does!! He FOR SURE GETS EXCITED BEYOND BELIEF!! He is a walking Hard-on!! He CAN’T HELP IT AND NEVER WILL!
        So if anyone attends Adams concert, be prepared to WITNESS HIS SEX ON FIRE MOVES AND ADAMBULGE in all its GLORY!!!

        He didn’t even have dancers/ back up singers or any glitz in this concert. WAIT for the REAL SHOW!

  28. delibel (Nederland) says:

    Thank so match for de video ,s and al that work.Love you for that.

    Adam was amazing.Love that guy.

  29. Glamb #470 says:

    Thank you so much for your story and take on the NYE Adam Lambert concert – WOW! I am sure everyone wishes they could have been there. All I know is that when you stand in front of him and look up – you melt – I don’t know how anyone can talk to him….Happy New Year and thanks for the coverage!

  30. Janet, thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending Adam’s first concert and supporting him and giving us a first hand account of your NYE experience. He looked fabulous as always. A real showman. For the glambs who uploaded the videos, my sincere thank you for all your effort and dedication to this site.

  31. Glamb buds – tonight’s amazing pleasure – the Whiskey in Churches video featuring Adam. But, even greater is Message From Adam, featuring song “Bad Things” – OMG, Adamn!!

  32. Adam also co-wrote Down the Rabbit Hole as well as Strut.

  33. Jane Parker says:

    WOW! What a way to start 2010.
    THANK YOU so much for these videos!!!


  34. I love Sleepwalker! Can’t stop watching it. I love the way Adam sings it here.

  35. Musicalgal says:

    Thanks to all you folks that get this videos on this site. If it was not for you, I would not get to see Adam much. Bless you all and thanks for helping us folks that are not computer savvy. God bless and happy new year 2010.

  36. Would love to see the concert with better sound quality. Could not watch when it had such lousy sound.

  37. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also


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