Adam to receive Young Hollywood Artist Award tonight!

Adam Lambert is set to receive the “Young Hollywood Artist of the Year” award at tonight’s 11th annual Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles. Let me repeat that . . . Young Hollywood ARTIST OF THE YEAR!! The Young Hollywood Awards have been presented since 1999 by Hollywood Life Magazine, to celebrate young, up-and-coming artists in the world of entertainment. It is a very highly-regarded achievement by the industry.

This award is not just based on Adam’s American Idol success and the buzz generated from it. He has been building his Hollywood career since moving there in 2000. Adam has done it the old-fashioned way; slowly and with hard work. And Hollywood has been taking notice. He began paying his dues early starting with lots of regional theatre work as a child. After high school graduation in 2000, he moved to Hollywood and started his long, tough journey. Adam had roles in the Ten Commandments: The Musical, Hair, Wicked, performances with his band Citizen Vein, and of couse his unforgettable appearances at The Zodiac and The Upright Cabaret, to name a few. has been previewing who they consider to be the Top 5 Viral Sensations at this award show. Each day this week, they have been presenting one of their choices. Listed at #3, Adam will be pleased to be sharing the stage with Ed Westwick, from one of Adam’s favorite television shows “Gossip Girl.”  Each day they have given a teaser as to who will be named next in line, heading  for the #1 spot. But after Westwick’s #3 listing, they couldn’t hide their glee and go right to “And really stay tuned for our #1, a caterwauling idol like none other.” That makes Adam their #1 pick for the Top Viral Sensation. Each of the recipients has a special presenter. Adam’s presenter will be none other than Kara DioGuardi!

Share in the excitement as presented from Hollywood Life:

#1. Adam Lambert: Young Hollywood Artist of the Year

Though he finished second on “American Idol” to cuddly young dawg Kris Allen, there’s no doubt Adam Lambert is practically composed of star-power. He landed the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and he’ll soon adorn the sleeve of Rolling Stone. Throughout his tenure on “Idol,” he copped an unmistakable image that works for him and him alone. Most of all, however, he is an outspoken, articulate dude who boasts crazy-zany talent. He’s going to FLOOR the denizens of Young Hollywood.

His presenter should be equally provocative — the esteemed songwriter and “Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi. Can you even wait? I can’t even.

The show will be hosted by The Insider’s Lara Spencer.
With all the rumors flying around the internet trying to chip away at Adam’s success and reputation, this honor certainly will quiet those who spread the lies.

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