Adam to Perform at AMA!!!











Video of backstage interview added:***THANK YOU LORD – UPDATED WITH THE MOST GORGEOUS PHOTOS – MUCH MORE COMING! NEW VIDEOS -ADAM’S RADIO INTERVIEW WITH RYAN & BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW*** A quick synopsis of this morning’s interview from Dee, Glamb #458:

“Adam came on 102.7 KISS FM (Ryan Seacrest’s show) this morning at 11:40 (EST).

Adam said he, Paula and Snoop Dog will be announcing the nominees for the AMA’s.

He also said, he will BE PERFORMING his NEW SINGLE that night. He did not announce the name of the song, but said his single is entirely different from ‘Time For Miracles’. He said it is ‘Glamby’ and ‘Glittery’!!!

He said it will be quite a production with dancers with him on stage and lots of special effects…it will be a spectacle and ‘something to see’…but added the performance has not been put together yet.

He mentioned there is no release date yet for his single.

No title for the album yet, but he picked out the picture for the album cover. He said there be a big variety of songs on his album.

It’s only a RUMOR that he will be touring with Lady GaGa. When Ryan asked if he would perform with her during her tour, he said ‘that would be nice’ !!!

He said he will probably be touring next year some time….no dates set yet.

He said he’s working very hard every day and that he’s VERY EXCITED about his single and album. He said, IT’S FUN, I GET TO DRESS UP and I’m playing a ROCK STAR !!!”

Songwriter4adam and yours truly will be at the AMA and will bring you all kinds of first hand reports! We are excited!!!

***UPDATE – OMG!!! Can’t believe how fantastic he looks in these photos! His hair is just the way I love it!!! Must go and find more…

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    WOW!!!! Will this be on TV?

  2. Can’t wait for the AMA! I am really a die hard adam fan!

  3. Oh Jeanette!! Perfect timing!! I just sent you some goodies that go with your new thread… it was fun but frustrating trying to find first, Ryan’s broadcast, got it and downloaded it and listened, about 10 min long, a phone interview with Adam.. now hoping to see the AMA announcements.

    • Thank you, Jeanette!!! Great and very exciting thread!!!!
      I am so jealous!!! You and Songwriter4adam will be there!!! WOW!!!! We’ll be waiting for a lot of pictures and great news!

      It was such a pleasure and excitement and relief to hear Adam’s voice this morning!!!! I was on radio starting from 8:45am. I missed first 15 minutes and I was so upset that Adam might be on air…OK, I’ve never said it before (though I’ve heard it millions times from you, guys… ) but it is just unbelievable: Adam, WHAT ARE DOING TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. Here I am, 50 yo, sitting in my office (Thanks God, I am on my own…) with the full bladder hehehe (i am afraid to leave computer and miss Adam) with the earphone in my left ear (because the entrance is on the right and if somebody drops in he/she wouldn’t be able to see it…. LOL)… listening for 1.5 hours to this stupid Ryan Seacreast and all these Mileys and Gossip Girls, whoever… don’t even know the names…(who cares?…)… not even sure that Adam will be there…. It might be another rumour…. After 1.5 hours Rayn announces that Adam will be there soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Now at least I know that I will be rewarded….. Another 1.5 hours ……….. and finally Adam!!!!!
      Now I am laughing at myself….. but I am feeling good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Here is the Youtube title for this interview: Your turn to enjoy!!!
      Adam Lambert Talking His New Single – KIISFM

      • AdamAddict says:

        LMAO!You are so funny,Vera! I can actually imagine in my head how you sitting in front of the computer with earphone plugged in your left ear and waiting!LOL! You are like a teenage girl waiting for the boy that she had crush on,calling asking for a date! LMAO!You are so cute! XD

        • AdamAddict says:
        • Hey, Emili….
          Yes, I feel myself like a teenager…LOL That was so funny… I am laughing at myself now…….. “I am kind of ridiculous… I know that..” (Adam’s words, by the way…) But I don’t care…
          BTW, I sent you the links… Did you get them?

          • AdamAddict says:

            Yes,thank you for the info.I already post the link,both the audio radio and also the AMA award.Adam looking gorgeous as hell! He looks like japanese anime! Kakoi!! Waaargh,we do like teenagers,a bit embarrass but lots of fun!haha! So screw that embarrass,we gonna have fun with our adam! <3

            • Embarrassment????!!!! What are you talking about????!!!! I am not embarrassed!!!! It’s fun!!!!
              I feel as if I am 20 yo!!! And I love it!!!!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Well I guess you right! I’m not embarrass either! Haha! Why the heck they keep change talking?Anoop,Paula,Adam,then Paula again,then Adam again?? And Adam is seriously on fire. I love this image. Wow,nose bleed again! Man, this month,I seriously need blood tranfer!LOL!ADAM IS FREAKING HOT!!!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Thanks for the links AdamAddict. We can always count on you! And yes, Adam is FREAKING HOT! I don’t know how he does it, but I just need to hear his name and I get excited (in soooo many ways, hee, hee!).

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  HE IS FREAKING HOT FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Even if he is totally emo looking, I just love it.

            • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

              I am 66 and not embarrassed at all. I fell like a nubile teenager again..

              • Yep!!!!!!!!!!!!
                We are teenagers again!!! Thank you, ADAM!!!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Yes, Gala, I agree, thank you Adam for making us all feel so young again!
                  We’re all in this together girls, who cares what anybody else thinks. We understand each other and we’re having a ball!

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Just had to add. I was at my sister’s over Thanksgiving and my nephew has been playing the guitar now about 3 years. I made him play Whole Lotta Love (over and over again!) and everytime, I saw Adam on that stage with that mic! Oh my!!!

                • anonymous says:

                  lol, i have nothing to be embarrassed about! i am a teenager!

          • I know what you mean about laughing at yourself!!! When I saw ADAM in Grand Rapids, I was running from place to place to see and talk to ADAM.
            I had flip flops on, and crawling over things/bushes/cement, just to get his autograph (I ended up getting auto 3 times, talked to him 3 times, and got pics. All I could do was laugh at myself when I was running around!
            But it was all worth it, and I would/will do it again. I still have to write what all happened to me in Grand Rapids…it’s only been since Sept!!!
            Better late than never!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Good for you Jaberone. Lucky girl, you got to talk to him 3x. We’d all CRAWL THRU THE FIRE, for him, wouldn’t we girls!

            • jaberone, go back to GR thread and write away. Would love to read about your time there.

      • Hi Gala, I am sure it was worth the wait! Excuse my ignorance but do you have the link for the interview, pleeeeeeeeease! It may be a good idea to use a catheter for those full-bladder ‘Adam’ moments. We don’t want you leaving a puddle behind, particularly when waiting for something ‘Adam’. The excitement could result in give-away evidence even if your earphone is in your left ear. Adam really brings out the creativity in all of us. Mmmmmwah, Ingrid

        • AdamAddict says:

          I already post them but still in moderation,Ingrid! If you can’t wait,you type Youtube-Adam lambert+AMA award and you can see it! 🙂

          • AdamAddict says:

            The moderation just ended,emy also post it.There Ingrid,you can just pick from here.Quick,look how hot Adam is!! LOL 😛

        • OMG!!!!!! Ingrid!!!!!!!!!!!
          You are hilarious!!!!
          I might consider buying the catheter for the future………….LOL
          And I can see Emili’s links now They are above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gala, LOL, know what you mean about the office. We have to be secretive at times. I have my computer on an angle, so if anyone walks in they cant tell what I’m viewing????????
        treasures, bulges, smiles, dance moves and all these lovely posts………………..

        • Oh, Mary…
          Thank you….
          So I am happy that I am not the only one…. We only need to keep the “poker face” on…. I still cannot do it…. LOL
          Every time I see or hear Adam, there is a huge blissful smile on my face………………………

          • Gale, haha Poker Face On, good one , yeh its hard to do.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Vera,what’s wrong with you today?Over coffee or over sugar?Haha!You’re so funny!Really in good mood,huh? But when you say,everytime,you see or hear Adam,there’s huge smile on your face, I think you mean horny face!!That’s why you skerd people might see you! LOL! Just kidding,smile face it is!! ~gulp~Wide smile like Mr.MacDonald? Or like you just got botox and ride a car without a roof so your face just ….lol….you know?I don’t even know what word to use,I imagine it in my head and I can’t stop laughing! Hahaha,everyone is super crazy today!LMAO! 😛

              • No, Emili!!!!!!!!!! I am not over coffee or over sugar……….
                I am over Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Now I’ve just got the new alert with Adams pictures………… on http://www.sassyqarla dot com OMG He is so cute……so adorable………………… Nothing is done at work today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have to work at home after…. if I can…. LOL

              • No, Emili!!!!!!!!!! I am not over coffee or over sugar……….
                I am over Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Now I’ve just got the new alert with Adams pictures………… on sassyqarla OMG He is so cute……so adorable………………… Nothing is done at work today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have to work at home after…. if I can…. LOL

                • Gala, over Adam?? as on top of Adam?? what do you mean here?
                  Very Horny one.

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    Man,I just post lots of photos but didn’t work somehow. Now I have to paste the link again.It’s 4.25am.I WANNA SLEEP!!

                    • AdamAddict says:

                      Yeah,Vera is horny!You are horny! I am horny! We all here are horny! What’s new??!! LOL! 😛

                  • Maaarrryyyyy!
                    No, Emili wrote to me: what’s wrong with you today?Over coffee or over sugar?
                    That’s why I answered: I am over Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    I didn’t think about some meaning………. Just paraphrased her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    Mary, You made me blush!!!!

                    • Dianne Hill says:

                      Gala, you are giving me images too, I so want to be over Adam, or I want Adam to be over me, either way will make me happy and he can be sticking that gorgeous tongue in my mouth – or anywhere else for that matter – yep, horny as hell right here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

                      Isn’t he the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen. I have to wait till I get home from work though to see and hear everything. I feel like throwing a “sickie” right now and going home.

                    • Gala you blushing?? Oh my, well Ima going to go with Dianne then see her post below. So loving what she wants Adam to do to her. Ha so we will take your images, no time for blushing……..
                      shake it baby.

            • Oh so that’s why everyone says, ‘Mary is suuuuuch a lovely person … look she always has a smile on her face! Little to they know it is courtesy of the Adam Man.

              • Haa Ingrid, That smile has sooo much to do with Adam. Always having naughty and nice thoughts!
                Bet you do too.

                • Indeed!

                  • Lisette here..sorry to be missing all glambs gals an always l’ange intense pain,complications re: hand injurie,etc.Never can forget this lovli tributesite an all belle amies here who adore Adam..So petit hello still on painmeds an rest.typing onehande here so takes long.I have lot to catch up on in reading from passe days of many threads with Paula and Adam sont tresbeau..J’adore Adam as he never can take a mal photo..such a face one thet can be done in frescos an paintings..vraimente perfection!J’etaime cette l’homme d’couture,his hearte,face,soul an celestial voix..Await more lovli photos,and spectacular cd soon.Know ther’ll be many more ventures in arts an entertainment,films,tv,and his future solo tour..someday!Many blessings to all glambs an for l’angel Adam always Luv Lisette in Nevada!xoxoxommmmwoi bisous too!

                    • Hi my sweet Lisette – have been missing you! You said that there were complications with your hand injury! I certainly hope that you are feeling better. May your heal soon – still have to touch Adam, remember!

                    • Lisette, ditto what Ingrid said. You take care and good to hear from you.
                      blessing to you as well.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Mary, Gala, you are lucky, you can view at work! My stupid server won’t let me get anything. I have to wait til I get home! ~ sigh ~ The waiting is the hardest part ~ giggle ~ (part of a song!).

          • Helen, Hi there. Yes I can view at work, sometimes turn volume up, not very often.
            Wait till you see what you’re about to see……… U will love love love it.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Gala, I’m laughing reading your post. Way to go girl, you didn’t give up! How did you get to hear the broadcast from LA?

        • Yesterday I posted two links. You just go there and you can listen the radio through the computer… Never knew you can do it before…. Thanks to Adam we learn new things….

      • Hi, that is so funny. I am 61 and notice a lot of “Mature” Adam fans writing. Don’t let your age make you feel embarrassed. Go with it and enjoy those feelings that you thought you’d never see or feel again. Who cares what others think. Be yourself. Enjoy your fantasies.
        Adam has hundreds(prob thousands) of “older” “mature” fans and I think he knows that.

        It’s all a fantasy anyway for young or old to dream of Adam and find him attractive and amazing, except, of course for the lucky people in his life.

    • Here’s the link Adam Lambert with Paula Abdul during the AMA announcements. Adam, his so cute……

      • emy, thanks, I’ll listen to words when I get home. But to just see Adam,, oh what a fashion statement he is!!! Hair swepted to the other side, lookin good!!!!!!!! Oh so proud of him,
        what an honor to announce these so soon.

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! All of it–Adam’s announcements and you and Songwriter being there as our respresentatives (ha ha)! Looking forward to so much more beautiful Adam!!! What an exciting time for all of us!

    • Hey, Jeanette can you pull the ” leader of the Glambs” thing for a close up of Adam? Maybe a mini interview?

      Maybe you and Songwriter can hatch a plan!!

  5. Thanks for all this news about Adam. He will be performing his new single at the AMA’s , what
    a show this will be! And you and songwriter will be there live…….. How cool is that???
    You girls Rock On and enjoy the night! Glamby & Glittery, oooohhhhh….

    Is anyone going to be able to post the interview for us to hear??? Oh to hear his sweet , sexy voice.

    • Mary,
      I’ve just did!!!! I posted the title of Youtube video higher!!! And AWA nomination ceremony is on the Youtube too!!!
      No, I cannot work!!!! Can I go home???? LOL

      • AdamAddict says:

        AMA ceremony already in youtube? Anyone here know how to change the link to the twitter link?The twitter must be shorter and i have no clue how to do it.Sherry wants the update through the twitter because she doesn’t have computer at her work or at least can’t use them.How to change the link???Someone??!! I need to go to youtube now. 🙂

        • AdamAddict says:

          Oh,I just did! Awesome,now I know how!!

          • Emili you were soooo sweet to send me the news about Adam thru the twitter.. I got all the info on my cell phone and was able to know everything while I was at work. Thank you so much.. muah++++++++ I was decorating and jumping up and down at the same time.. I made all my co-workers listen to the up-dates as I heard them.. and all I got was looks of ..( IS THIS GIRL EVER GOING TO SHUT UP ABOUT ADAM, AMERICAN IDOL IS OVER, GET OVER IT ! ) Yep, that’s what they are saying about me.. So thank goodness I can come here with all my sane glamb sisters !! Wait, I’m not sure any of you are sane anymore… 🙂 ADAM HAS DRIVEN US ALL NUTS !!
            LOVE TO ALL, SHERRY

            • AdamAddict says:

              How you wish your co worker is crazy about Adam too like you are? Where I can get a job where everbody is crazy about our guy?Maybe Glambs should open a company or something and we all going to apply there.Wow, that will an awesome job!! 🙂 The wall will full of Adam pictures,we play Adam’s songs the whole day! The best job ever! I move to US if I got offer like that…fo sho!

            • Admfan1, yeah we are all nuts over Adam and his nuts … and the bolt too, actually! Mmmmmmmmmmwah to you my friend

        • Emili, yes I do know that little thing. Still waiting for Lorrin to teach me other aspects of twitter. Maybe you could help me also?

          You ‘copy’ the link as is first.

          Go to your twitter, choose the person you are tweeting.

          In that little tweet box ‘paste’ the link in. It will look the same as what you copied, and send it.

          When it arrives at their twitter it is in the tiny yurl form, shorter.

          • AdamAddict says:

            I don’t think so,Terry~ I did it before but the link can’t be longer than 30 words or something.In twitter they have to change it.If you go to youtube,you’ll see there “myspace,Facebook,twitter” under the vid.Yoo sign in twitter first.Then when you click twitter,suddenly the link will be in your twitter,in you blank space.Make sure it won’t over words.Maybe you have to delete the “check this out” if it’s too many words.when you update,the link will be different but it the same video.At least that’s how I do it. 🙂
            If you just copy the link above and then paste the link to the blank space in your twitter,I don’t think we can click the link.I have tried that before.You did get tweets before ,right? About DM?

  6. I tried this site and it did not work for the ama announcements but it worked perfectly for the ryan interview. Unfortunately I deleted it after listening.

  7. Adam is sooo spiffy looking in that vest suit!! And he has switched his hair to the other side. Does that mean he is coming over to the ‘other side’ as well? ha ha

    What an amazing public speaker! He could do motivational presentations, and who knows? He just may in the future!!

    • Terry,
      I agree. He is the best speaker out of three. You can hear every word. So articulate! Great sense of humour! And his voice …. so sexy… even when he is talking about not sexy things….
      And I looooooooved his hair!!!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        His laugh is contagious! When he laugh,I just start laughing with him. Too adorable!! The hair,yes, veryyyyy cooool! 🙂

      • Gala, Terry, AA, OH I cant wait to hear him. Only can see for now, and what a view…….
        Almost time, 4;30…

        • AdamAddict says:

          And the countdown begin!! Ready,get set,Go!!Run like a speeding bullet now,Mary!Get in the car and start driving like Schumacher! Yee haa!! Take off your bra and hold it out of the window and scream “Here I come Adam!!” That is something that you won’t forget…because you will get arrested for sho! LOL! 😛

          • haa AA, just read your post. LOL my bra out the window, arrested fo so in this town. Adam come get me out of jail, this was all because of YOU.
            Then I was in such a hurry to get out of the office, I had to turn around, because I forgot my cell phone.

        • Finally got to hear Lova Boy. Wow, he is ever so articulate in pronouncing his words,
          right down to each letter. uuummmmm..

          Havent heard the radio interview yet?? is it out here somewhere? Terrys post didnt work for me.

          • AdamAddict says:

            He speaks very clearly,no uhm uhm! He can be a DJ or VJ! He is super talented artist.What he can’t do?Have you listen to Paula?She speaks too slow and I almost bang my head in the screen,”hurry up!!” LOL!

            • AA, Paula? hahah, I always thought there was a problem there with her speaking. Yeh, hurry up Paula , we want to get back to Adam.
              Oh well, her and Adam are setting up lunch dates, wonder who will get most of the talking in???

              • AdamAddict says:

                When I speak english,it’s gonna be like slow motion but I think I can speak faster than her! LOL! ” I…I…I told…I told them…I …” WTH??!!You want to say something,lady?? I think I’ll be like a zombie if she’s talking to me,open eyes,no blinking stare at her ears and in my mind,just praying,finish,finish,finish! LOL! 🙂

    • Theresa,

      You’re too funny…..noticing that Adam switched his hair to the other side….maybe you’re right….come on over to OUR SIDE Adam !!! lol

      Adam spoke the most clear, distinct, with perfect diction….as usual !!!

      And he looked HOT !!!!….as usual!!!

      He never disappoints us, does he !

      • AdamAddict says:

        Somebody noticed he swithed hands when he eats,by saying somebody I totally mean Mary C and now Terry noticed this.Very sharp eyes,Supergran! Haha! I watched that when I was a kid and love it.Now I grow up, I only watch when hot guys included! 😛

        • Adam seems to be relatively ambidextrous. I have studied this aspect of him (oh, I havent omitted the other important aspects, ha ha) and he seems to use both his left and right hand/arm comfortably, on stage, switching the mic, using his hand gestures, and of course that inoccuous left hand which somehow always manages to land, grab or slither down to his……nether regions.

        • oh yeh, I caught the hair, also caught him with arm around Paula. AAAHH.
          See hair, eats, he likes it both ways???????

          • AdamAddict says:

            Both ways?I guess that answer one of my question!! When he wearing underwear,he will put his treasure on right or left?LOL! I got nothing to do so bear with me for a while.I think some of it on left!! I mean some of the days not some of it,like some….yeah ok,you know what I meant!No matter how huge his treasure,he can’t just split it.haha! Ooh,I need horny eyes to check that out!Mary C,you got that special horny eyes,so what you think?Left or right when he’s wearing this gorgeous blue suits in AMA?”I’m sorry,what you say?Oh yeah sure,please stuck tampons on that hole first…MARY THE NOSE,MARY! NOSE!!Where else tampons should be??!!” 😛

            • AA, well certainly NOT in the middle because I don’t think a middle-path would look good! To the left sometimes … sometimes to the right … maybe to the back … BUT NEVER TO THE FRONT, unless he sees Drake!

              • AdamAddict says:


              • Dianne Hill says:

                I don’t know about that Ingrid, on the tour it seemed “pretty much out front” a lot of the time. I think maybe he was having his own Adamgasms, and I was there right along with you, you gorgeous hunk of man (well, in my mind I was anyway).

                • Dianne, in front is first prize! I would snatch at it and then hold onto it with both hands, eyes closed and NEVER LET IT GO – my hands will have to be cut away!!!

            • AdamAddict, Funny I threw this ? out a while ago, I think he is a rightie. Seems
              his treasure lays more towards the right side. Glad you got nothing to do, and
              brought this up. OOOHHHHH how I would love to bring IT up. Oh yes horny
              eyes, horny thoughts, cant help it.
              Picture those Red Pants, open, grab, close, hahahah, I keep hearing that in my mind ever since u mention that 3 word phrase………

              • AdamAddict says:

                Well anything that makes you happy,Mary C!That’s why I’m here!LOL! Always find that red pants move hot as hell.Adamgasm! 3 magic words that can make us both a happy woman! LOL! 😛 I think I said spread,grab,close but open,grab,close is wonderful too.hahaha!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Terry, don’t tease us, “coming over to the other side”, ha, ha. Yes, I posted above how wonderful his speaking voice is and he looked oh so handsome. Is there anything our Adam can’t do? What a guy!

  8. Can’t wait for the AMAs!!! He’s gonna glam it out!!!

    • Love your expression Alen “glam it out” that’s our Adam!! Did you notice, even his AM Nominations outfit was the blue/black combo… very very spiffy, smart, trendy yet gentlemanly!

  9. Songwriter4Adam & Jeanette, so glad ( and jealous too, I might add!) that you are going to the AMA! Cool bananas, the Glambs are represented – the way to go! Can’t wait to see your posts on your return. Need I say, “Have a swell time???” Lotsaluv & Mmmmmmmwah

    Songwriter4Adam, get close to Adam because you never know … opportunity may knock on your door. Can you imagine being involved in one of Adam’s future productions … nothing is impossible!

  10. puteri abdul says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited ………
    heard the interview from the radio show… live ! nearly collapse when I heard adam’s voice as it was like 11.30 pm here and 8.30am there , so it was like I was in a dream…..
    now I am so happy that it’s already nearly 3am here in malaysia and I just can’t go to sleep ……

    • Puteri,
      I know what you mean…. LOL … I felt the same…
      Don’t go to bed!!! Let’s party!!! AdamAdict, join us!!!!!

      • puteri abdul says:

        gala… seriously, it’s starting to rain here, everyone’s asleep with their sweet dreams….
        and me ! still in front of the pc…. gazing at the photo, and youtubes of adam’s reading the nominess…..
        oh my….. I am getting delirious……

        • AdamAddict says:

          I’m sorry,did I read right here??!! Puteri,you listen to the radio station LIVE??!! You mean internet,right? Not like our radio station,right? And yes,it’s raining,it’s really good if I can hide in my blanket now but I can’t help it sitting here searching for Adam….again!Who need rest nowdays??lol

          • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS TELLING YOU THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could listen to this interview LIVE but through internet…..That’s what I did… I am not in LA, I am Canada… We don’t have this radio station here…
            And now go to bed, girl!!!!!!!
            You need some rest!!!!


    • Songwriter…do you know where your seats will be?

      • We are in the nosebleeds. The section below us was already sold out.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Do I hear nosebleeds??!! Tampons for that??

          • Emili!!!!!!!!!!!
            Tampons???????????? OK, it’s definitely time for you to go to bed!!!!!!!
            Do you ever sleep????

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Jeanette and Songwriter4Adam
          I am so very jealous, nosebleed section or not, you will be there! Maybe you can pull some Glamb strings and get an interview or close up. Good luck and enjoy, I know you will!

        • Jeanette, You’ll notice all the seats at the Nokia are pretty good. Dont think there is really a bad seat in the house. Beautiful Theatre.
          Just get up and go to the bathroom and walk around like you know where you are going
          and stand in lower level, then no more nosebleed.


  12. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    I just saw the link. Adam has some real good PR people working for him. They are treating him like he has already arrived. I have google chrome on my computer desktop instead of internet explorer. Well I was looking for a desktop theme in their chioce area and I almost fell over. They have an Adam Lambert background. Looks like an artist rendition…It is great. He is showing up everywhere. and WOW releasing a single at the AMA’s…who set that up? He has some power behind him. I am soooooo glad he deserves every bit of it.

    p.s. does anyone know how tall Adam is? He is always referred to as a big man.

    • Yes, he is 6ft 1″ Tall and slim. On TV he always looked larger than he really is.(heavier)
      Oh what a hunk…………

  13. Hi Ladyc9543,
    Adam is 6’4″
    Could you please explain again where do you see Adam as a background???

    • No, Mary is right – he’s 6’1″

      • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

        Thanks Jeanette & Mary!

      • Mary and Jeanette,
        I though it is 6’1″ too but lately while reading articles in the couple of them it was said that he is 6’4″ … And he looks tall when he is close to you…. Or it might me who is short…LOL

        • Hey Gala, and funny I thought just the opposite of you, but I am taller than you. When
          he wears boots he seemed taller standing in front of me, but when he wears the sneaker type shoes, like at the barricades he didnt seem to tall. Guess because without
          all his clothes, oops I mean like his tour jacket, which I think made him look alot broader on stage, then seeing him up close and personal with a t shirt and jeans, not
          so big. Oh geez, rambling on, he is perfect tall and very well built.

          • Mary C, Jeanette, Gala … whoever! Any ideas about how tall some other body parts are when they stand up tall???? Just asking!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah

            • Cheryl, 343, 007 … whatever, AA, do you have any ideas?????

              • AdamAddict says:

                Ingrid,I thought you are the chief??!! You asked me??!! Inspector horny eyes,you know the answer?? LOL! It’s Mary C BTW!! 😛

                • AA, your right so here goes! Last I looked 6,1 inches, kinda fits in with his height – 6,1 ft.

            • Ingrid, you ornery little thing you. I know about his body height. Other body part lengths?
              I WISH……………………………. I could help you out here, but nah, I can only guess.
              I would say ITS A TREASURE’S LENGTH, VERY ASTUTE

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      Hi Gala, When I go onto the internet I use GOOGLE CHROME instead of INTERNET EXPLORER which is the most common. My home page is google chrome and Adam’s backgroiund is listed with their background choices. I hope this helps

  14. Here is a link to see Rob Cavallo talking about ADAM’s CD, and he gives some names of some of the songs at the end of the interview!. He has nothing but wonderful things to say about ADAM.


  15. By the way, Rob Cavallo is working with ADAM getting out his music/CD.

    Looks like you’ll have to type the link in. Sorry!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Here’s a link to the Rob Cavello interview…lots of HIGH PRAISE for ADAM!!! Says he can sing every note on a guitar & not many people can do that. Gave some titles of songs that might end up on Adam’s album.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Great interview. We all knew Adam was the greatest but it is so nice to hear someone of his calibre saying what we already knew. And 18 October for the full release of Time for Miracles, can’t wait.

  16. FRESH NEWS!!


  17. I’ll post photos and video when I get home tonight if you guys can just wait a few hours…thanks!

  18. Some songs are ‘Winners’ ‘Music Again’ ‘ Suburban Decay’ whole new thing, not a Green Day thing, says Jim

    Lindsay got the Scoop!!

  19. AdamAddict says:
  20. I watched the Rob Cavallo (producer) interview….

    He mentioned these 3 song titles of Adam’s songs:




  21. Wow! Things are really starting to happen for Adam (and us, his loving fans!). this is so much fun and there is so much to look forward to in the next weeks and months! I’m so glad I can come here every day (at home and at work) to catch up on the latest! Thanks so much to everyone who posts the links! I don’t remember what I did with my life before Adam. It must have been really boring!!!! Not so anymore!! Oh, how adorable he looks at the AMA nominations!

    • Susan, I can so relate to what you’re saying. Before Adam, I did things but for the life of me cannot remember what those things were. Well, those things I did before Adam came along couldn’t have meant much because I remember them things. Lotsaluv & Mmmmwah

      • Oh Ingrid sweetie, do you have “Adamnesia”? LOL

        • All those months ago our lives split into two –
          BA (before ADAM)
          and EA (Era of ADAM)…
          It sounds almost biblical, doesn’t it?
          I can only speak for myself but I know for sure that my life will never be the same again…

        • Totally and completely! What do your eat? Adam What do you dream? Adam What do you speak? Adam If you could make a wish, what would it be? Adam What is your husband’s name … can’t remember … Oh!, it’s Adam! What do you want for Xmas? Adam … and for my birthday! … only want Adam everything!!! LoL

  22. Thanks so much for this thread! Just the thing to help me recover from an awful day! Every time we have a Monday holiday, I really pay for it! How nice to get a new Adam fix to get my juices flowing again (and I do mean ALL of them! HA!). I have posted the date for the AMAs in bright red on my calendar (along with the other important Adam dates that are coming up). I know I have said this before, but I always find something on this site to chuckle at or to lift my spirits.

    This is off subject, but another reason that I was feeling down today was because of the news over the weekend about Stephen Gately. Don’t know if you all ever followed Boyzone, but Stephen was the lead singer (along with Ronan Keating). He passed away suddenly at age 33. He was another “out” and proud singer with an angelic voice.

    Anyway — thanks for all of the great info and the videos of “our guy.”



    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes Linda, it is so sad about Stephen Gately, he was my favourite Boyzone singer. I loved thier song “No Matter What” and he did most of the singing on that one. As someone said to me when they heard about Stephen that God must be organising a choir in heaven because he has taken a lot of talented people this year.

    • So sorry to hear that. may he RIP.
      peace and love

  23. Looking at Adam, I see his confidence and self-assurance commanding our attention, and his balance and good humor setting everyone at ease. Adam is someone that other people love to be around, and I imagine in the highly professional surroundings of the music business, Adam’s winning ways will be a wonderful change for everyone. Rob Cavallo called him a ‘great guy’, and a person of unprecedented talent. I agree with Ladyc that Adam has some good people working for him, and it is quite probably that ‘good people’ have been in the background for Adam since his AI days. Adam is a man in place now to assume his rightful place on the music scene, and he looks every inch the star that he is. His attitude and delivery are clear and articulate, his voice pleasant and well-modulated, his ‘look’, impeccable. In short, he was born for the part, and I am so proud to see him on that stage where he belongs. I am thrilled, too, for Songwriter and Jeanette, who will be seeing Adam’s first performance as a star in his own right….gals, you are with Adam as he is making history, enjoy every little minute of your time with him in paradise…we are seeing the days of Adam’s rising fame begin..

    • Lorrin. I loved your comments. you are able to articulate so well what i feel. I am so happy for our two glams, going to the awards, Thank god i got on to how good the internet was in time for all this, as we hear very little here in NZ. we do have a great music scene over here. with some of our artists doing well over in the states, Ladyhawke seems to be doing really well at the moment. I am finding i am having a hard time appreciating any other singers at the moment everyone seems so bland and uninteresting after our adam.I have my glam numberat last, so happy. Jan Glam#382

    • Lorrin, love how you express , love it. Balance and good humour setting everyone at ease!
      Oh that is so Adam. Upmost confidence, that is very very sexy.

      Jeanette and Songwriter in paradise with Adam at the AMA’s! So thrilled for them too. Oh all this
      excitement .
      peace and love

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LORRIN…. I agree with everything you say. Adam reminds me of a college professor that everyone likes b/c he’s so cool, good looking and has a great sense of humor. He just sails in, finds his spot, and waits for his turn like he’s been doing this hundreds of times. I love his hair, too! Looks like a button-up shirt all buttoned-up with a vest and sport coat, so debonaire (sp)!!! Such a hynky-hunk of the manly-man! He’s too sexy for this world!!!! Adam, this is one of your really first times in front of the camera announcing music world business. This time next year, this will all seem so trite for you!!!! peace-love-light-joy-4 U Adam! You are such a hot, hott man!

      • Oh Cheryl, you’ve got that so right about this time Next Year, about our Lova Boy.
        It will be all his, to hold and cherish.
        Adam you are the Man.

        • PS. love the shirt all buttoned up, but its gonna take me longer to unbutton….. it will be worth ea little button though oops did I detect the zipper looking a bit daunting, maybe
          treasure was packed in a little snug. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

      • Amen, Amen, my sistas!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh Lorrin
      I got goosebumps reading your post, especially loved the part “we are seeing the days of Adam’s rising fame begin….” It gives me chills. The anticipation is overwhelming.

    • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

      I just saw the close up pictures…I couldn’t tell what his outfit looked like in the video buttttttt he looks absolutely adorable. That sweet smile…you just want to give him a hug. His outfit is perfect …elegant, sassy, original…our Adm is a fashionesta!!!!

      I love the way he is included as an already vetted star. There are huge things waiting for our fabulous Adam.

    • Lisette here…blessings to all glambs an merci for welswishes..still having troble with hand..had to have restutchere due to infection..argh so why I av been missing from l’best Adam tribute fanpage of missing yu all very much..Merci for caring an all here who adore Adam…l’ange d’musique..he’s my rai d’lit thru his musique,hearte,soul..face d’angeli voix celestial.I have missed lot of news/events an now AMA. awards..Agree with Lorrin Adam is a grande eloquant soft spoken,tresbeau an very manly in his new hairstyle,greysuit..tres GQ..debonnaire an when he’s like musique to ears..j’adore cette l’homme tresfair d’face,hearte, always will..This is commence of many more awards thet he will attend an gain more notorieite,esposure for many more doors to open..Benedictions et bisous pour Adam..j’adore,j’etaime toujours…Lisette an luv to all glambs here always..Argh I must go hand is throbbing..but Adam somhow takes away all discomfort,pain,an sadness I av been feling of late..toujours an angel dans ma for all of us here!!!xoxoxommmmmwoi bisous encore!

  24. Hi Jan, and all Glambs

    One more tidbit of news. Adam’s 2012 trailer that we have been seeing, the 1.27 min one, will be preceding the Michael Jackson documentary film coming out soon, over a two week period, even more opportunity to ‘discover’ Adam, and you know the MJ fans need someone new to adulate now, not taking away from MJ but adding a new living entertainer to their world.


    Here is the link for the Rob Cavallo interview. There was a typo in the link above. It’s a wonderful interview. Rob is a top-of-the-line producer.

  26. AdamRocks! says:

    Been sick all day with a stomach bug, but then I turn on my computer, and I see our BEAUTIFUL ROCK GOD. . . what a way to brighten my day!!! And WOWZA, he looks drop dead gorgeous!!! ~furiously adding November 22nd to my calendar~ CAN’T WAIT! CAN’T WAIT! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  27. Gorgeous! Thnx 4 the update, looking 4ward AMA n Adam! Awesome!

  28. Helen/Canada says:

    I’m having a meltdown. Just got finished going through all the posts, then went back to the top of the page and there were the new pictures of Adam posted. He is so frickin’ gorgeous, I can’t stand it, I’m going out of my mind. Someone please help me, I don’t think I can handle this anymore!!!! He is so beautiful I’m losing my mind!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Thank you Thank you for amazing pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is sooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And Helen, I can’t help you…. I am loosing my mind too…………

      • Dianne Hill says:

        My mind was lost months ago and I still can’t find it, I am sure it is lying around somewhere, so sorry girls I’m no help to you at all.

        I can’t get over just how fabulous Adam looks, Amazing as always. Completely turns me on and now I have to go back to work – yeah that is gonna happen, I will certainly be able to keep my mind on what I am doing, NOT.

    • Helen/Canada:

      I’m with you….I’M EXHAUSTED….I heard Adam on the radio this morning on the internet and was SO happy to hear Adam’s voice! (little things thrill me these days)….

      I’ve been on my laptop all day (I don’t have a job at the moment)….just going from one thing to the next….then Jeanette posted these gorgeous pics of him….HE IS SO HOT….I love his outfit…who else would wear TWO VESTS??? He’s so classy and sharp!

      I’m losing my mind too….but what a way to go !!!!

  29. Thank you for the amazing pictures!
    Adam’s styling is very professional and right on the mark and I have to say that he does have a great taste. It is obvious that the people that are working for and with him are in synch with his authentic style. He looks trim and bright-faced, the exhaustion from the tour has faded away…
    But most importantly – HE LOOKS SO HAPPY because his dream is becoming a reality…

  30. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    “My main-man”, says Snoop. That’s right Snoop! That is our MAIN-MAN!! ADAM LAMBERT!!!! OMG!!! ADAM looked amazing and he stole that show too! Did you hear the applause? Just for him. When hearing of ADAM performing for AMA, I was so happy, I thanked the Lord and shouted to ADAM I was proud and so excited for him!!! Can’t wait for another t.v. performance, he belongs on t.v., that’s all there is to it!!!! From listening to his radio interview, I could just feel his excitement!! This is going to be one hell of a ride!!! All the way to the stars!!!! ADAM, you look great and you sound terrific!!! Jeanette and Songwriter4adam, many blessings to you both on your trip, safety, fun, and of course, lotsa ADAM!!!! PLL to ADAM and to all the GLAMBS!!!!! PS ADAM is going to blow all them other artists out of their minds!!!!! Such a relief he is not going on tour w/ lady gaga.

  31. Jeanette, thank you woomannn, for these beautiful pics…….. Adam is ever so handsome and sexy looking, look at his outfit. A model for the runway. Oh he even has a ring colored to match his shirt, blueish I love his belt, always love the stud belts. HIs smile, and lips oh my his eyes……….. Cant turn me on anymore than this. Photos 1 and 6 he looks so devilish and sexy. He must have had a fun filled day with all this going on.
    OH Adam, love you.
    peace and love

  32. Just seen the new photos posted, he is so beautiful and looks so young, Been here nrearly all of my day off, Believe it or not i do have alife and a lovely family 5 beautiful grandsons a husband 2 part time jobs but stll manage to find time to keep up with this great ride to the top we are on with Adam.Keep up the good work you guys your wonderful pictures, comments and up dates are the centre of my life at the moment, thank you all, for the timr and effort you all put in. Jan Glam#382 xxxx

  33. Hello, everyone! I just got home from work about 8PM local time – very busy day – in meetings right straight through! But my mind was drifting to Adam alot of the time! I was thinking of him when he would have been on the radio with Ryan and then again when he was making the announcements about the AMA nominations. I had no way of checking the computer (I can’t/don’t really do that at work – don’t trust myself when it comes to out Adam) But I RUSHED home – didn’t even PEE! (I like the ideas above re catheters and diapers being needed – as I don’t want to miss a thing now that I am here!)

    OMFG – could he look any more GORGEOUS !???!!!!!! What a HUNK! LOVE his hair! LOVE the outfit! LOVE his presentation and confidence – so well-spoken and professional yet relaxed!! I am so PROUD of him!!!

    Let the games begin!!!!!!!

    Glamb #20

    • Now that I have gone pee (ah sweet relief – I needed to get through all of your posts firsts – you are such a talkative bunch!! (LOL!)

      Also wanted to say thank you to Jeanette an others here at behind the scenes for keeping us up-to-date on everything Adam – and what a day this has been! Also to comment on the very exciting news of Songwriter4Adam and Jeanette actually attending the AMAs on Nov 22 – can’t wait to hear your first-hand report!

      Hugs to all on this great day!!


  34. Why Adam so gorgeous! I love the hair, the outfit, his aura. Paula was right, his the SUPERSTAR, enuff said.

  35. sherry s. says:

    Have you ever known anyone to be so infinitesimally beautiful and so adorably cute at the same time?

  36. Lisa Imbruglia says:


  37. Anyone FROM WISCONSIN?? I NEED A SUPPORT GROUP!! I just found this site recently and thank you for it -so much. All the cutting edge news, pics, videos, love it. I am in love with Adam too and it started with “ring of fire”. While watching Adam sing, something started happening to me, like I was being put in a spell. I watched it over and over. Then with every week watching Adam, I was coming alive again after a few years of dying to myself after a terrible divorce. Adam brouhgt me BACK TO LIFE it seemed with his supernatural melodic voice and choice of songs, it penetrated my soul and did something super natural or speelbounding to me. I have not been able to break free! I don’t want to break free from Adam! He helped bring life back to me when I had shut down to cope, and gave me hope that I can be happy again! My change is gonna come! Through his spirit and voice I feel Joy, happiness and sexy again. I hope this doesn’t sound crazy!

    BUT, NO ONE around me feels the same or even likes Adam! Everyone in my path does not care, or think he is talented. I am stunned because I LOVE THIS HUMAN and truely believe he will be the biggest star to walk the planet!!! I am astonished how anyone can say he is not great! I have to keep this to myself and can’t express my excitement for all that is about to happen to Adam. I feel so alone in my joy! I am happy for sites like this and was wondering if there are any Wisconsin fans here or am I the only one?

    • Summer, this is Jeanette, Glambs author. I live in Wisconsin, and we have a special Glambs Wisconsin group. Go to, click on “International Links” and you’ll see a link that says “join us” – hope you can!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Summer, welcome to our site, we are the Adams family don’t you know. I am not from Wisconsin I am from Christchurch, New Zealand, way, way over the other side of the world (not far from Australia – a two and a half hour plane journey).

      I’m with you though, I don’t understand anyone that is not in love with Adam. I had someone at work today tell me that I had to stop “going on about him”, and I she said I had to stop searching for all things Adam on the computer when I got home and that it was okay to have a hobby but not to behave the way I do – well I basically told her to mind her own business and I would do what I wanted, she said I was obsessed and my reply to that was “really, do you think so, thank goodness for that”. And it is one obsession that I will never get over.

      I am sure there are fans from Wisconsin here, we seem to be from every corner of the globe which makes this place special and you can say pretty much what you like about Adam on this site – as long as it is only good things of course, also we are a pretty horny bunch of all ages, as I am sure you will have read. Make sure you keep coming back Summer, this is the best site ever for anything to do with our darling boy.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Far out, I’ve just read what I have written. For goodness sake, don’t let my rambling put you off either.

      • Dianne, Good for you girl, sticking up for your loves. I can see if a person doesnt want to hear about Adam all the time, since its their ears that have to listen. But what business is it of anyone’s who you search on the computer, its not like they have to see.
        Good God, why cant people just let others enjoy what they love. When I went to my 2nd Idols Concert in GR, I had a girl at work, tell me I was a stalker. WTF, get a life people,
        we are supporting fans, who happen to love our man Adam. These kind of people should
        just try and have so much fun…………..
        peace and love.

        • Hi Mary,

          I’m with you! All of my friends think I’ve lost my mind….I can’t stop raving about Adam…I do try to watch myself though….my good friends just “put up with me”….I think they’re JEALOUS of my passion and love for Adam! I think they wish they could have that passion about someone! I’m divorced, 60 yrs old, and can DO WHAT I WANT !!! I have no one to answer to, but MYSELF!!! I don’t have a job at the moment, so I can sit at my laptop and watch and listen to Adam ALL DAY if I want to (and I want to) !!! I’ve never felt better in my life….more energy, more fun-loving, more confident, and more passionate….and I owe it all to our ADAM !!! He just makes all of us FEEL BETTER…..can’t get any better than that !!!

          • Dee, you go girl, So happy you feel so good. And it is all thanks to Adam. He’s turned our
            world around.
            Rock On Adam! and Glambs!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Mary, what is wrong with going to more than once concert, for heavens sake. I remember when Neil Diamond came over for a concert here a year or two ago, he had fans following him all over the world to go to his concerts and they were going to each one that he had here, now that is what I call stalking, and good on them if that’s what they love to do.

          If I had the money I would be on my way to America when Adam has his tour and I would be going to each and every concert. I would also be going to a Muse and U2 concert and any other concert that I have ever wanted to see, but I wouldn’t miss one of Adam’s concerts. But first, I have to win Lotto, yep, that’s my plan, and I’ve told her once before, I will be stopping by Malaysia on my way to America to pick up Emili and we will stalk Adam together, of course we would be rounding all you girls up along the way and would be having one huge Adam party, of course he will be the guest of honour. So, that is my plan, now I just have to win, fingers crossed girls!!!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Summer, you are magical, like all ADAM fans, especially on this site. ADAM is magic and is peace, love, life, and light. He brings out the best in all of us. Welcome to the GLAMBS family!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Hi Summer,I’m not from Winconsin but not far away from there.I’m just from Malaysia! ~nodding~ Come drop by,I serve you tea! 🙂

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Welcome to ADAMLAMBERTWORLD, Summer!!!!

      You sound like you’ve been going thru same experience as I & many others who LIVE on this site have. Actually, he had me at 1st AI audition with, “I’m not skerd” & “I can sang”….Before we heard a note from this GORGEOUS HUNK, his poise, personality & charm were working their magic on us. My friends & family laugh at me (aged 61 now) acting like a love-struck teenager over this young man….but I don’t care! If I’m obsessed…and I AM…it’s the best kind of obsession. Adam’s a sweet, wonderful, talented human being who’s now taking his place on the world stage to claim his much deserved STARDOM & ADULATION!!! We are with him all the way…& we’ll always have this moment in history to treasure & share.

      I’m PROUDGLAMB#388…

      Candace in MS (who remembers fondly 4 summers spent at camp in Delafield, Wisconsin!!!)

    • Oh Summer, you’ll have a big base of friends in Wisconsin. So happy to hear about the change that happened in your life for the better. You are not sounding crazy at all. Adam would thank
      you very sincerly for telling him how your feelings about life have changed in a good way.

      • WOW, Thank you all for the welcome and words, I have tears down my cheek. I was starting to think I was losing my mind a bit, obsession setting in and not having control over stopping it! I am confused how Adam has this effect on sooo many people!! around the world yet- What is it? I NEED TO KNOW!! I was NOT going to do any Adam today (1 day off and soo much to do) but I was pulled to the computor and had no will power- NONE! Like I have surrendered to a spell put on me! I do love this spell and what has happened to me because through Adam and his MAGIC ways, I am coming alive to life again, but I am also feeling perplexed how one man has this power over all of us! I know Adam is AMAZING in every way, I know that, but I have never felt like this before with anyone. And he’s not even in my life, literalIy. Do you all feel like your under a spell?? I could not find anyone who would go to the concerts in WI. with me. I was so anxious knowing Adam was right here and I couldn’t go. I was almost going to go alone but I thought that WOULD BE CRAZY! My family would have me commited! I was losing it hearing people met him!

        I have all his songs on cd and play his music at work most of the day and I do get stares. I work very close with a girl who hates Adam with a passion and all the others at work don’t think he’s anything great. My family does not like him. They have all forgotten about AI and Adam. He’s old news to them. The haters are the ones making me feel more uneasy and strange about this “spell” I am under. They are taking my JOY away by their eye rolling and sneers. So I keep my excitement and salacious thoughts to myself!!! I am so gald to have found you all and this great site! I do feel like I have found “My Kind” as canada said. Adam has said repeatedly that he wants to bring people together, not divide, have univerasal music without labeling it. Everything he has said in interviews has been positve, uplifting, kind, humble,respectful and fun. His performances are 1000% love to his fans! I love him! XO I will not miss the next one! Thanks again!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Summer, don’t let the haters make you feel uneasy. We don’t like haters here of any kind do we girls. They are the ones with the problem not you.

          I had a friend visit me today, she has recently turned 50 and has started getting tattoos of all things, but she is happy, they are nice tattoos, one is of a unicorn, a panda, ladybirds and butterflies (not all one tattoo). She said she has always wanted to get a tattoo but she was a good girl when she was young and didn’t want to do anything to upset her parents, but now she wants to do something for herself. She is not hurting anyone and if this is what she wants to do, so what, what does it matter. I told her that I would love to get a tattoo of Adam but the thing that stopped me was I wouldn’t be able to stand the pain, so instead I put pictures of him on my walls in my bedroom and the computer room. I am also on my own, my children have left home and so don’t have anyone to answer to, which is just great. We are not hurting anyone. Our love for Adam has brought us all together and the world is a far better place for having someone like Adam in it. Don’t let the haters get to you, just smile and tell them to mind their own business.

          My son came to help me with my computer chair and saw all the pictures on the wall. He turned to me and said “mum, this could be an obsession, you do know he’s gay don’t you”. My answer to that was “of course I’m obsessed, what a lovely obsession to have and of course I know he’s gay, so what”. However when I played the video of Adam singing Whole Lotta Love on Idol, he had to agree that he had a great voice. You betcha, Adam is the best and don’t let anyone try to tell you different. We are all suffering from the same disease you know, it is called “Lambertitis”. And I for one never want to get over it.

  38. Hang out with us on this site Summer, and you’ll feel you are among ‘your kind’ a friendly helpful bunch here.


    Terry, Vancouver

  39. Welcome Summer ! Don’t worry, we got you covered. Everyone here understands each other without having to explain anything. The Glambs community all over the world is your support group. We Love Adam dearly.

    • AdamAddict says:

      You got that part right,Glamasia.No need explaination!
      “You know ,I just met…”— “ADAM?”
      “He is so…— “HOT,GORGEOUS,SEXY?”
      ” I think I …—“CAN DIE WITH NO REGRETS NOW??”


  40. doesn’t adam look yummy!!!

  41. earlzagurl4u says:

    ADAM: “I” LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!

  42. Waveridergal says:

    Adam is the epitomy of a TRUE America Idol. What a wonnderful example he is for the youth of today. He also reminds us how wonderful it is to interact with a person who is so extremely talented yet so down to earth and a truly NICE, respectful person. Adam sets a wonderful, positive example for all of us, no matter what age one is. I believe we can honor him by following his positive examples. Never have I so deeply admired an intertainer. Thanks guys, for this wonderful web site!

  43. JoAnne T. says:

    First of all let me say there is nothing wrong with an Adam_Obsession. My God anyone with any eyes at all could not HONESTLY deny his sexiness, any ears to hear could not HONESTLY deny his talent. I feel like a teenager all over again and I’m not ashamed of it. I honestly think I’d faint dead away if I were to actually be able to meet him. I really think those that put him down and us are really just plain JEALOUS! When he came on the scene he rocked our world and continues to do so, even I didn’t expect this much excitement. I’m just thrilled to be part of a scene that is as fanatical about him as I am.

    JoAnne T.

  44. As Paula said on Idol-” Oh .. Adam”..” you art ein a leaque of your own.. great talent exceeds the expectations and you have done just that”. Paula.. you saw what the rest of us envisioned..a Rock God Idol–the future of Rock in an Adamazing generationpresonified by perfection. Incredible talent, model quality looks-( by the way he HAS to be the most photogenic & photographed icon out there), “hypnotic and sensuous serpent- like” dancer. Adam, we are so very proud of your discovery & now we have a problem.. we need to CLONE a million more of you 2 share! You are the Ultimate Male Idol & Man! YOU were dropped from heaven! Thank you for your gifts! Lottsa Luv, angelambert..

  45. Lambertini says:

    I am so glad I found this site- and I am soooo glad that there are a LOT of other people in the world who feel the same way I do about Adam. People think I’m crazy, my kids and husband think I’m crazy- for always being on Adam fan sites, watching videos, etc!!! I have an adam pillow case– don’t think my hubby appreciates that one– but TOO BAD!!! It’s like all of us here have the same mind and we all feel the same way about Adam- he is MAGICAL and ADDICTING- I am so glad I got to meet him and kiss his cheek while posing for a picture and got an autograph!!! I want to meet him again!!!!

  46. I am an Australian fan of Adam’s and I am also totally obsessed with him. Had lunch with some friends today and they allocated 10 minutes to me to talk (gush) about adorable Adam as they said they had had “enough”. One friend had watched a video link I had sent to her and she agreed that he has the most amazing voice and is very good looking… that made me very happy!! I wore the black T-shirt that I had made with blue sequins each sewn on individually to spell out ADAM LAMBERT. It looks very nice. I so much hope that we don’t have to wait too long to be able to puchase Adam’s album here in Australia. Thank you for this opportunity to let me express my feelings about Adam. It feels good to be amongst Adamfriends!

    • Hi Yvonne & welcome! Good to have an Aussie in our midst! Looking forward to your posts! Mmmmwah, Ingrid

    • Welcome Yvonne. I’m sure Adam will be down unda! Your T shirt sounds nifty.

      • Mary C, for a minute I thought you said Adam will be down unda Yvonne shirt and was green with envy!!!

        • Ingrid and Mary….you have really made me laugh. What a delicious thought – Adam being under my T shirt (or me being under his). Dream on!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Welcome Yvonne, I am just across the ditch from you in Christchurch, New Zealand. Hey, we are neighbours. I am happy to meet anyone from “our neck of the woods”. I have a good friend who comes to this site too, she is actually our Glamb leader of the NZGlambs. Her name is Lisa i and she is actually Australian but has lived here for a good many years. She is as obsessed with Adam as I am. Great to meet you, make sure you come back here because this is the best site ever devoted to our darling man and they are a great bunch from literally all over the world. Just fabulous.

      Your T. Shirt sounds great, don’t worry about your friends, hopefully they will get used to you going on about Adam, mine have and I think it will get worse especially when his album comes out.

  47. Hello Dianne – thanks for your kind words. I live in Sydney so as you say …. we are neighbours. I have seen pictures of Christchurch,,,,absolutely beautiful.

    I keep thinking that once my friends hear Adam sing and they will as he is going to be so famous, they will become as obsessed as I am. So happy to share my love for Adam with you. A big hello to GlambLiza.