Adam Teams Up With to Support Public School Classrooms in Need

If you’re a frequent visitor on this web site, you’ve heard about the charity project endorsed by Adam. But are you wondering is it really coming from Adam or are the Head Honchos forcing it?

I feel very confident in saying this comes from Adam. Relationships between the Idol artists and 19 Entertainment have changed from what we suspected as one-sided during the early seasons of American Idol. Everyone at 19E wants the best for Adam and all of their artists. When the artist has clear direction and vision for their career, it makes sense that 19E work with them and guide the artist to make that vision come into focus.
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While Adam appreciates all the love and support from his fans, and is so touched that people are spending their money on gifts for him, he has realized he has no room on the tour buses for all those gifts! I spoke two weeks ago with 19E and learned that Adam has a ton of mail and gifts waiting for him back at the 19E offices in Los Angeles. All of the mail and packages being sent to all 10 of the Idols during the Tour is gathering in storerooms and will be delivered to them upon completion of the Tour. The official I spoke with jokingly told me that basically all of the other nine’s things fit into some large boxes and Adam practically needs a room to himself for all of his fan mail! Now imagine everything that’s being given to him on the road. How big do you think the storage under the buses is? Not big enough for Adam’s fans, I imagine!

Adam is really excited about the project where he’s asking his fans to take the money they would spend on gifts for him, and instead pick a project from the hundreds listed, and make some teachers’ and childrens’ dreams come true.

Watch the following video from Adam, forgive the choppiness of the comments inserted (it wasn’t by us!) and think about helping others. Enjoy getting lost in those theatrical eyes and bathe yourself in the smooth tones of his cool voice. After you’ve done all that, click here and help out some needy kids. Who knows where the next Adam Lambert will come from?!?

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Lisette here, Ah merci Cmhagey so besoin m’ange d’chansons before doc visite Weds..He’s ma inspiration an give me hope for bonhealth.Thenks for posting latest update with Adam an his charitie for whech we shold all supporte for children’s arts/musique to promote learning,an permitte teachres funds most schols have insufficiente funds/from poverty environmentes..Bless him an I’ll alway support thes boncause! J’adore Adam..luv to all glambs on thes very beautiful tribute page !
    Luv Lisettexoxox

    • Lisette agan..Forgot to mentione even apres a show an sure high energie dansing..vous appear refreshe,tresbeau an adore toi voix..thinq is l’remedie before awful medtest..bless yu encore for takin away any anxietie,or worries..J’etaime Lisettexoox..Forever gretful ther’s a place to espress with likeminde very lovli people who celebrate toi gifte of songe an taking musique journey thru many articles before,during an aftre American Idol,early yers with famille suport to pursue his dreme,an teachres encouraged reading passe articles,an interviews,theatre credites in California,int’l tours/cruiseline,caberet/best art now AI concerts,Cd an future ventures.
      Bonwishes an blessings Adam..Bonsoir/au matin all Luv Lisettexoxox

  2. I gave! and I’m “feelin’ good” about it! It is sooo easy to give back. I love giving. It is the best feeling in the world. This site is so fun, because you can pick specifically what you want to give to, so you know exactly where your money is going. Take a look at all the projects–it is worth a minute or two. (Adam is so smart!)

  3. off topic but if anyone is interested, here’s an article about what Brian May has to say about Adam’s song for the movie 2012

  4. AdamRocks! says:

    Wow! Did everyone know that Adam is going to deliver the school supplies himself??? I just read it on the In Entertainment website.

    Cindy in MS

    • AdamAddict says:

      Wow,I didn’t know that! I bet all teachers will wake up an hour earlier than usual to put make up on! 😛

      • AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

        I had no idea he was going to deliver the supplies too. I’m sure he won’t be able to make all of the deliveries, he is already sooooo busy………. What a wonderful man, and what a wonderful idea he had for his fans to donate……..Wow, not only indescribably beautiful….but smart too!!!! That’s our Adam. 🙂

  5. I’ve hoped from the beginning that when Adam really began raking in the millions, he’d put his fame (and some of his own money) behind not so much the public schools, but specifically ARTS in the schools. Thanks to growing up when I did and where I did (the Midwest in the ’60s), I was privileged to have the equivalent of an arts education in a normal public school – very similar to what Adam enjoyed. Aside from multiple choirs, band, and orchestra, the drama department did five plays a year (Shakespeare or other classic, comedy, children’s theatre) as well as two musicals with FULL orchestra. We had a great green room and dressing rooms. I had leads and supporting roles in many productions, and my sister went on to study in London and perform in Minneapolis and Virginia, and said she never had a better director or facilities than in our public school. Another actor I know, just a bit older but also in a Midwestern school system, said he was saved from the streets by discovering his dramatic talent in high school – he went from being almost a dropout to class president with straight A’s, went on to professional stage and finally TV and movies.

    Talent doesn’t just come from people whose parents can afford private lessons. In fact, we need our artists to come from a broad spectrum of income and experiences. Even if the child never performs beyond the high school or college level, that early training has planted the seeds for music appreciation, attendance at the theatre, and the empathy to know what goes into performing at highly trained levels. I have a greater appreciation for Adam because of my own voice training, knowing what it feels like to face the audience on opening night, knowing what it feels like to knock off a high C! Others learn costume design, lighting, directing, or just the fantastic cooperation of “putting on a show.”

    I am really hoping that Adam inspires people to bring back the arts to public schools.

  6. lovin’ Adam more;p

  7. looks like we are doing well! I donated again.

  8. I love him so much already, and this makes me love him even more. I was voted Most Talented in my high school (many years ago!) and went on to become a journalist, and now a piano teacher. I have been an artist as well. We were fortunate to have a booming arts program and even our own performing arts center and free-standing art building — Holland High School in Holland, MI. For Adam to do this for kids and teachers speaks so highly of his giving, compassionate, creative and loving spirit. Thank you, Adam! I plan to support your endeavor by giving what I can.

    By the way, just saw the AI concert in Auburn Hills, MI and was blown away. Adam looked right at my “Adam Bomb” blue glitter poster (I was in the sixth row). Afterwards, I waited for him two hours. The Idols were all at a Meet and Greet. The crowd screamed when they saw Adam jog by –I think he was trying to take care of things quickly so he could sign autographs. He then went to the front line and made sure he signed autographs for everyone — there wasn’t much time for photos. He was amazing. I now have my Rolling Cover signed with an “AL” and will frame it!! Thanks Adam again for your love, patience and thoughtfulness — and your magnificent gift to the world: your incredible voice. You are destined to become a legend!!!

    • Lisette here..bonjour Eileen bienvenue to thes lovli Adam fanpage with people from aronde l’worlde an USA who share yur affinitie an luv for Adam too! Thets’ wonderful thet yu’re a journaliste an musique teachre! An sure he”ll apreciate yur support especialmente being a teachre..Agree his compassiones,humanitarian spirite an estraordinaire gifte to singe,danse,entertaine an toche all our heartes has been apparente from early in his life..Thru his musiqual theatre acomplishmentes,traveling abroad with cast of Hair an Wicked,to cruisline,LA clubs an venues,Idol an now AItour!We are all privledge to see his esquisite talentes..An vraimente is a legende of our times an future generatione to be…Adored by all races,religiones,nationalites everywhere..I’ll always be forevre thenkful for first time I turne on American Idol in his audition he toched deep within ma helpe me heal from losing parentes to cancer..Sont m’ange d’musique an for all of us here! blessings an luv Lisettexoxo Plasur to meet anothre person with wonderful talentes also!..P.s I use to teache petit children chorus(giving up due to illness )…

  9. I meant Rolling Stone magazine cover! lol!