Adam still holding on iTunes . . .

. . . but where is Kris?

I understand that with no new material being presented, our guys may slip from the iTunes sales. I am waiting, as patiently as possible, for a new infusion of melodic satisfaction.
We never realized how lucky we were, all duing the Idol season. For during the season, we got new music and performances every week to download, discuss, take joy in, compare how superior he was to all the others, and just use to zone out from the world in iPod retreat.
It’s been 2 1/2 weeks, a big chunk of time on the sales charts, and I’m so happy to see how Adam is still holding solid.
Here is the current listing from the Top 100s. Note: I compiled this an hour ago, had to go away from the computer, came back, went back to iTunes to double check, and saw many of the rankings had moved a bit! So as of 6:30 PM PST on 6/6/09:


60 – Heartless – Kris Allen (dropped 4 in an hour)
64 – No Boundaries – Kris Allen (dropped 1)
74 – Mad World – Adam Lambert (GAINED 1!)


26 – Adam Lambert Season 8 Favorites (held)
86 – Kris Allen Season 8 Favorites (dropped 1)

And now, where Adam really has made his mark . . .

5 – Adam and KISS Medley
7 – Kris and Keith Urban Kiss a Girl
22 – Kris – Heartless
25 – Adam – Tracks of My Tears
27 – Adam – Mad World – finale version
29 – Adam and Alison – Slow Ride
30 – Adam – Change Is Gonna Come
42 – Adam – Satisfaction
48 – Adam – Mad World – first version
52 – Adam -Whole Lotta Love
62 – Adam – Black or White
64 – Adam – Ring of Fire
65 – Adam – One
67 – Adam – No Boundaries
73 – Adam – Cryin’
82 – Adam – If I Can’t Have You
83 – Adam – Born To Be Wild
89 – Danny and Lionel Richie medley
92 – Kris – No Boundaries

    The Videos!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. I checked billboard 200 albums (June 6) Adam Lambert Season 8 Favorites was at #50 while Kris’ is no longer in the top 100

    • Lisette here,
      Thenks dreamsound always for sharing lates update regardes beau Adam’s itunes news!
      Myleen thenks too for sharinge thes splendide news too! Thes is just l’commence of grande
      things for him an display thet non mattre what Adam has made an imprinte on heartes aronde l’monde with his talentes as an estraordinaire multitalente artiste/vocaliste!Bravo beauhearte
      on thes sucess an know yu’ll be here as I beliv for many yers to come,an making belchansons
      (beautiful songe) with a voix thet is angelique,passionate,gentle an vocal tone distinctive an beyond compare!An hering Adam’s in billboard 200 as no.50 is wondreful!I only wish him l’best
      thinges to come for a spectaculare musique career both in US an internationale,but thes is already apparente seeing how many likeminde people have joine thes site from so many countries!Blessings always an know Adam always will be here to supporte an adore so many people evriwhere! Adam remans beloved an tresbeau inwarde et outward..His compassione,intelligence,charmant demeanor,humilitie,compassion,an gifte as an artiste/danceur/entaineur is evidente from l’first songe he performe on American Idol an include
      his earlier theatre an Caberet ones as well! Gathre I’ll always adore Adam ..truly an angel d’musique! Luv et bisous Lisettexoxox

    • Vixx4Adam says:

      Hi Everyone, especially DS.

      Do you know any petition to have ADAM and Queen perform at the Superbowl Halftime Show? If there is, can we start a campaign and have everyone sign that petition? If there’s none, do you think we should submit one to NFL?

      Adam and Queen both said they want to do something together. I think this is the best opportunity to collaborate. THat would be AWESOME!

      I hope everybody will get interested in this……..

      • What a wonderful idea! I’ve been revisiting some old Queen concerts with the incomparable Freddie Mercury, and of all of the legendary rock bands, this one fits Adam like a glove. Freddie cannot be replaced-his talents, skills and spirit were unique and will never die. But Adam’s own talent, mystique, and sensuality are also in a league of their own, and I easily see him reconfiguring and re-energizing that incredible band. (Wasn’t Brian May wonderful at the finale, so warm and supportive of the two young men?) I’m in favor of your idea-how can we proceed?

      • Brilliant idea! I am hooked on football anyway. After AI, I look forward to football season.
        I’m very interested on this idea!

      • madam lamb says:

        This is a great idea! I think Adam and Queen is the perfect match. I would love a dvd from that show if it happens 🙂

  2. HAHAHA WOOH!!! Suck on that adam antifans

  3. Musicalgal says:

    Rock on Adam. We all know you are the best. You have the World Star Presence that Simon is talking about. You Got it Adam. Yeah. And everyone knows that you are the best no offense to Kris – he is a very nice person but Adam is the American Idol 2008. Facts is Facts. We all know talent when we see it and hear it. Adam has got the whole package. He was a star from day 1. He made the top ten and kept us all guessing the entire season of What is Adam going to do next week? Now I’m continuing my compaign – Buy Lots of Adam’s CDs and Videos to jump start his career so he can make more CDs and Videos for all of us to enjoy. Love you Adam – Rock On!

  4. Lamberkitten says:

    Thanks for sharing that good to see Adam still rocking the charts. But as a UK fan this is Soooo frustrating cos I cant get Adams AI perfomance here in the UK. Word was out that if you change your address on UK itunes and get an ebay US itune voucher you can access US itunes and download. I have tried this but itunes US was not accepting the security number on my Visa card, everything else including false address seemed accepted. Does anyone have any further advice or help for us UK fans so we can access the downloads?

    • Ladyhelix says:

      Could someone in the US could “gift” them to you from iTunes?

    • UK4Adam says:

      Kitten, YES YOU CAN :-))
      I live in the UK and like you I was really frustrated about the fact that I couldn’t purchase music from the US iTunes. But I followed the advice that was posted here and after a few attempts I managed to do it.
      I am just reposting the advice here together with some amendments from my personal experience. Also, don’t forget that Adam is also on the UK ITunes (just a few songs but still…)

      You can buy iTunes songs outside US.

      1. Buy US ITunes giftcards from ebay. NB BUY US CODE CARDS for iTunes and don’t forget to check the feedback of the seller. If they have positive feedback from people from outside US – go for it. Also, beware that usually US iTunes giftcards work out more expensive – for example $10 for £9.99.
      2. Once you purchase the voucher/giftcard, they email you a code. This could take from a few minutes to a few hours.
      3. Once you have the code – go to iTunes. Click on the iTunes Store and then scroll to the bottom. Under “My Store” you select “United States”.
      4. Look for ‘Redeem’ in the upper-right section (below the Sign-in there is a list of options and Redeem is there) DO NOT GO to SIgn-in at this stage.
      5. Click on Redeem and then “Create Account” and follow the remaining steps.
      6. Very Important – when you get to address, enter a US address with a telephone and a zip code (it could be a hotel, restaurant, bar etc). Preferably from a taxfree state e.g. Florida.
      7. When you get to payment – DO NOT ENTER ANY CARD DETAILS but chose “None” as a payment option because you have already purchased credits.
      8. Once you complete these steps, your account should be accepted and opened, you should receive a confirmation email and then you can log-in and use the credits from the giftcard to purchase music and videos.

      Good-luck and if any problems, let me know.

      • SA_Glambert says:

        Thanks so much for this info. I have been trying to figure out how to download Adam’s stuff from American iTunes store from South Africa for about two weeks already. I am currently bidding on a gift card on ebay (as per your instructions). I would like to download the videos of Adam’s performances. I suppose it would work the same. Thanks again – you’re an angel!

        • sylverine says:

          Hi – I’m also from SA – can you reply to this if your bidding works and you can recommend the seller, as I’d like to have a try. Have been wanting to buy all Adam’s tunes and videos for ages now. Thanks!

      • Kiwausnz says:

        Thanks so much for the info, I’m in New Zealand and we can’t get Adam either except ” No Boundaries” which is nice but not my favorite as it’s not really Adam!!! Thanks again, I’m off too try it. and download his Idol performances we’re he singings his heart out. You’ve made my month.

  5. SUsan L says:

    I certainly hope this continues for a while, and that he sees post-Idol concert bumps as well…and that it buoys Adam (and us) during times when it seems all the fangs of fame are out. They clearly need to make Adam’s music available internationally.

    • Lamberkitten says:

      Hear hear!!! And thanks for the support re international availability. Think it is a missed opportunity by 19 not to release to other countries, surely they would know there would be a demand when American Idol is televised in all these countries? Ah well, back to housework, had my morning Adam fix now 🙂

    • CatEyes says:

      Absolutely! If you look at the “across the globe” fan base we have here just getting a GLAMBS fan number, you realize that his appeal is international…and why iTunes wouldn’t want to take advantage of that by offering his downloads more universally, I don’t know!!!

  6. I went back to itunes yesterday and bought 3 more of Adam’s videos. I had already purchased ALL of his songs, but found that I missed WATCHING as well. I will probably return to itunes to get the rest of his videos. I do what I can to support Adam. We cannot allow him to slip from the charts just because he does not have the weekly showcase of a tv show. He is such an amazing talent. I am glad that Kris won so Adam will have more creative license with his music. But, I am very, very grateful to American Idol for bringing to our attention this perfect entertainer. He is the entire superstar package !

    • SA_Glambert says:

      I also want to buy all Adam’s videos from itunes, but I have never done this before. Can you tell me in which format the files will be downloaded, ie. will I be able to play them on a dvd player or only on the computer, and ipod?

      • Lisette here,
        Agree with yur above questione as Im non sure eithre if when yu buy Adam’s musique on Itune can actual be compatible for DVD playre..Can someone plese reade an reply..thenks so much..An I so adore all his songes an videos..I actual was non aware yu can purchase
        his videos as well?Gathre I’m behinde l’times abit. No mattre I just adore to visite thes lovli
        tribute page for Adam with so many people who share same affectione an admiration of thes estraordinaire gifted artiste/vocaliste as Adam is..An agree it bit of blessing he didnon win,so he can probable can pursue artistique ventures othre then what “Idol” winner is liable undre contracte to do?An agree woulde be wondreful to see him appear at any
        sporte evente..If yu’ve see him singing Nationale Anthem sans musique,his vocal tones
        are magnificente an flawless. An j’espere he’ll recorde a CD soon,an awaite concertes.
        Til then will buy his musique on itunes for sure..Bravo et many blessings for Adam truli
        is a rai of lit in ma life..when I neede to fele joie from loss of parentes to cancer..
        Tresbeau inward an outward Adam will always be! J’adore Lisette!

  7. AdamRocks! says:

    Why AREN’T the American Idol songs available internationally? Are they afraid of how Adam would completely DOMINATE if they were??? 🙁

  8. UK4Adam says:


    See above!!!

  9. Adrienne says:

    From way down at the South of Africa…… Adam rocks! Thank goodness for Facebook contacts who sent me all his iTunes songs!

    • sylverine says:

      Hi Adrienne, I’m also in South Africa, and I’m on Facebook too, just wondering how they managed to send you the songs? And can you get the videos too?

      Appreciate any help or suggestions. Want to buy ALL his stuff! I know about the eBay possibility, but not sure which seller to choose, and have been outbid 3 times so far, drat.

  10. JRZGRL1 says:

    I am pushing for Adam via my Facebook page – not sure it’s doing a WHOLE lot of good but I’m trying – also posting on other sites & encouraging people to buy the studio audio – am ABSOLUTELEY obsessed with “Born to Be Wild”- what a great variation on this song. Adam is a genius. Can hardly wait for what he will do on the first CD. I am SO glad to hear that you can buy internationally from iTunes – I am frankly shocked that Apple hasn’t developed an international sales presence – what a bunch of dopes. WE LOVE YOU, ADAM.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      JRZGRL1 – I am so with you on BTBW – I have been obsessed with his every move in that video since that night I saw him performing it on AI – it is perfection! I was hooked on Adam since day one, but that performance really hooked me. I was so happy when I saw an interview and he commented on that one, as one of his favorites and how he was happy with the arrangement he did – I could only think, me too Adam!

      As far as this story – what’s left to say – ADAM PREVAILS!!!

  11. annadambomb says:

    Krumping to a victory! Yes! We knew our boy was really the winner because he is the one with high rankings on downloads, Google searches, and news articles! Fans of Adam Lambert will continue observing a superstar in the making. Kris can have the title of American Idol, but Adam Lambert will have the title of American Iconic Superstar!

  12. The tour will fan his fire…can you imagine? It is yet another platform for him…to go across the country so everyone can see and hear him…an opportunity that might have taken longer, but now thanks to AI, it will happen soon…let’s see, what is higher than no. 1 on the charts.
    Enjoy the day.

  13. dharmalati says:

    That’s great… his songs still held on iTunes… but I miss him now.. it’s been more than 2 weeks not see him on TV…

  14. The more I think about Kris beating Adam on AI, the more it boggles my mind. Adam was ‘one of the best contestant ever to grace this stage’ according to the judges. Kris, on the other hand, was ‘boring’ and ‘like eating ice for lunch’ according to Simon. American Idol had better straighten out their voting system…one vote per person maybe? Otherwise AI will be doomed, I personally will never watch the show again.

    • madworld says:

      Actually, Adam not winning the Idol has done more good to him than bad. If he had won, I don’t think he’ll get the same amount of press that he’s getting now. Granted he is still undoubtedly the best singer in Idol history and has a huge fan base not winning just upped the ante just a bit more. He really is our modern day Elvis Presley as far as fan adulation is concerned.

    • I agree; one vote per person is a very fair way to go. If Adam had been dropped during the season (like that week he was in the bottom 2! Are they kidding? He’s the best) I was never going to watch the show again. Unless I hear that they’ve changed the way they decide who stays and who wins (maybe like ‘So you think you can dance’ but with 1 vote per person for the final) I am also not watching AI again. Even Kris said that Adam was the most consistent performer all season, an amazing gifted guy. So what happened? Adam is such a gentleman to say that he feels like he won by getting to the final and that he’s o.k. with it. Well, I’m not. Goodbye, AI!

      • SA_Glambert says:

        I also could not believe it when he did not win. I actually went on the internet before the show was screened in SA to see if he’d won. And, needless to say, I was absolutely devasted to see the results. I cried throughout the entire grand finale, in anticipation on the results. I’m sure that there are many people who, like myself, only actually watched AI to see Adam. Simon was visibly floored by the results as well. I’m positive that there must have been something wrong with the voting, or the American’s are so much more conservative that what one would expect. Anyway, it’s done now, and I think, Adam has received as much publicity as he needs to make a career for himself and for us all to enjoy. So it’s fine, I have come to terms with it… finally. I also thought of never watching the show again, but if I didn’t watch it this time, I woulden’t have seen Adam. So…. who knows. Anyway this is a great site, thank you so much for my daily Adam fix.

  15. Shelley n says:

    I think the reason the vid sales are going up is cuz, even tho the audio versions are longer, they are still studio versions, people want the live songs from the show, so the vids are the only way to go. i’ve alrready got 5, including the kiss medley (LUVIT!!), and as soon as i get my check, i will be adding the rest asap!! go alamb!!!

    • itunes was selling both the live and the studio versions. I have bought 13 songs and also have 6 of the live AI video performances.

      For the person above who wondered about ITUNES VIDEOS TO DVDS it looks like it’s possible. On my page with my itunes video in the lower right corner is the word ‘burn’ then when I click on it there are choices, one of which is dvd.. Good luck!!

  16. Glambertfan says:

    We can’t wait – we need Adam’s album available in record time so that I can get tickets to his first SOLO TOUR! Long live Adam and his Career & give us the strength to wait 🙂

  17. hehehe!!!!….just goes to show he is no flash in the pan…..he is solidly in there, and considering the number of artists on iTunes, that’s a phenomenal block of numbers he holds……like there was any doubt?!?!?….LOL!!!!

  18. i love your website and posts dreamsound… you know how to keep us adam addicts informed!!! i keep coming back to yours because you seem to have it all here! the fans are fabulous just like our adam lambert! i am not knocking the official adam site of adam’s or the others i am a member of, but this one rocks!!! you can chat and write your thoughts and so forth.. like i said, i love to express my love and adoration for adam babe on the other sites too! i don’t think you can have too much adam lambert ever!!! adam lambert, you rock and rule my world!!! love you!!

  19. maryann says:

    ADAM ROCKS!!! I cant wait for his new cd

  20. I believe that Adam’s debut CD will be outstanding, and will become one of the fastest platinum!!! Strive hard Adam for your best, we all love you, and support you!!!

    • Evelize says:

      I believe it too. I’m sure he will do “the best of his best” for his fans and we will support him and of course the platinum will come faster than we can imagine.

  21. adamfanatic says:

    oh yeh oh yeh go Adam its ur bday oh yeh oh yeh…………..

  22. Christin says:

    I can’t wait for his 1st debut album to be out. He is the best…..

  23. btlrfan says:

    This is what I have been saying. The little girls that voted 5 million times a piece do not come through with the $$$. They can vote for free. But when it comes to buying records and going to concerts, it doesn’t happen. Adam truly has more fans regardless of the slanted voting on IDOL. Adam is going to be a big star and Kris will be forgotten in a few months.


  24. 06jhasz says:

    well that’s are adam!

  25. Panseyy says:

    I am STILL hoping that iTunes will make Adam’s rendition of “I Just Love You” available for purchase. Don’t they know that we are thirsty for more? Plus that song is amazing. If a NEW song becomes available, I predict Adam will have #1 download.

    • SA_Glambert says:

      That’s a great song, one of my favourites.

    • ADAMaddict says:

      Oh that is such a good Idea!!! Is there a way to let Itunes know? Unless you are a fan of this site, I bet others have never heard it, thereby making it “new” for Adam. I would buy it in a second if it came available.

      • Carol Hagey says:

        Until things become available on iTunes, you can still download the music. This is how I got I Just Love You, Kiss and Tell, Pop Goes the Camera, Glamorize, and Come to Me, Bend and anything else that I can’t remember just now. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the person who posted this on another web site! Copy the URL of the song on YouTube, and paste it in at It’s pretty simple. It downloaded directly into my iTunes account. From there, put it in your iPod within about 3 days, because Big Brother is somehow watching, and will make it unusable in your iTunes account. But if you’ve got it in your iPod, no worries. You can play it on your computer through your iPod. Or download it again the same way over and over! Or at least until it becomes available for purchase via iTunes. Instead of the song name, it says Rename this title, or something like that. Sometimes I’ve been able to rename them, but not lately. You just have to remember what it is. Don’t know why the INFO tab stays gray and isn’t active?

        • sylverine says:

          Carol, thanks so much for this! Pasting the URL didn’t work for some reason, nothing happened, and I was just about to give up when I tried typing it in – and yay that worked!
          I have now managed 2 Upright Cabaret tunes which I love to bits, even though the quality is pretty awful, and I’m trying for some more. We can’t get anything at all here in South Africa, not even No Boundaries. I wish I could actually buy the whole lot. Every single video and song. I’m not obsessed LOL!

          Do you know if there’s a way to get the actual videos like this?

    • I wish Upright Cabaret made recordings of his performances for them at their New Years ’09 bash. I just LOOOVE his covers for them. I think there’s about 8 of them! I’ll try the below mentioned method since I’ve only found them on YouTube so far. i hope it works.

      • Lisette agan..
        Agree Beauty as I so adore seein Adam’s performance’s on utube from L’Caberet club of New Yer’s bash an only wishe they’ll include But gathre as longe as utube has them available visite ,yet prefere to have incase they evre remove them! I speciale luv one of Adam
        singe Seal’s classique “Kiss from A Rose’ so haunting an ethereal,an gentler style.Also
        Dust in l’Wind I av a version from Sara Brightman,an thinq Adam’s surpasse l’rendition..
        J’adore him always.Wel take care all an thenks agan to dreamsounde for thes wondreful place so many people internationale can share ther affectiones for Adam. I go on to othre site but thes one is ma favorite with update interview,videos,etc..Bonwishes Luv,Lisette!

      • Evelize says:

        Did you listen “What’s Going On” from this show? It’s so fantastic!!!

    • You can get it and several more of the non itunes songs via I have all of them including “Is Anybody Listening” “I Just Love YOu” “Kiss and Tell” “Pop Goes the Camera aka Fifteen Minutes of Fame” my favourite.

  26. I would love ITunes to have Adam’s version of ‘Kiss and Tell’. It is sooooo fantastic!!

  27. IDOLize says:

    o.k so its a count down of DAY’S now ( 35) – b4 i see ADAM in San Jose.
    I just melt when i hear him talk & laugh- let alone SING !!!! BRING IT BAYBEEEEEEEE !! xxx

  28. I can’t wait for anything new to ITunes by Adam. I, like so many others, downloaded the songs the day they became available. I think that’s part of the reason Adam isn’t higher on the sales charts now. We already have it!

    I want I Just Love You, Crazy, Crawl through Fire, etc. I would love to buy those too!

  29. ROCK ON ADAM!!!!!

  30. ignite123 says:

    Thank you for sharing the info. I always wonder why those sites ( for example) never post the music videos download statistics. It bugs me that only partial statistics were posted which was misleading. I am so glad to see he is leading. I downloaded all his songs (studio + AI performance + album + Is Anyone Listening ). Ever since I found Adam, I started to appreciate my iPhone as I could listen to his music anytime anywhere. What a treat!

    When I am stressed out from my job ( I have a high-stress job), I take a break and listen to his music. It always help. Thank you to Adam! He is not only a complete package, he worked hard every week to deliver his songs 100%+. Every week his performance was different. He is so creative and entertaining and really impress me. He is no doubt the best AI contestant ever!

  31. Mjowdwe in the Philippines says:

    This is Fantastic!!!

  32. Let’s have a radio (airplay) and itunes campaign. If every fan downloads all his songs and contacts their local radio stations then he’ll stay at the top or near. The Billboard charts are mainly driven by sales and radio requests. The more his songs are played on the radio the higher his songs climb to the top on the billboard charts. I plan to go on the internet and get all known radio station emails (general managers) and request my favorite Adam songs. And do this regularly; every few days if not more often. I also think once the tour starts and people see him perform in person his numbers will skyrocket. If all his fans do this he will be number #1.

  33. I just can not wait for Adam’s CD to come out so my life can go back to normal. I live oversea and can not download anything from the I-tune. I spend many hours on my computer trying to get his songs here and there. Where can I get Adam’s CD with all his songs from AI? Need help!!

  34. Adam is a Star and will rule the entertainment industry. Watch out World! He is not an Idol but an ICON!

  35. Kathleen says:

    Adam was American Idol this year, the only reason to watch the show. They have now made “Is Anybody Listening” available to download…it is from The Ten Commandments and it is absolutely breathtaking to listen to…it is not a video but his singing is like an angel…just breathtaking. Check it out….I always have to speak up about my experience trying to vote for Adam that last time….I redialed like a crazy person for 3 hours and received busy signals and finally got through 10 times to actually vote for Adam…plus 46 other people in my geographical area had the exact same experience trying to vote for Adam…something is not legit regarding the outcome….but we know he is the best and I am so glad he has a wonderful career in front of him….but download Is Anybody Listening….hauntingly beautiful…

    • marlis hanson says:

      What happened seems to be the text votes that Kris got. Text voting does not get busy signals. Text voting could be done with AT&T phones only. Then with power voting, which gives 10 text votes in with each call, the Kris votes added up. One theory is that AT&T allowed people to use the display phones to power text, so they did not have to buy phones, get in a contract, etc. to make these text votes. BUT Adam and Kris make money off of each iTunes bought, so Adam is making more money, according to this post, and no doubt that making money is one standard of success.

  36. haha…u guys always find some excuses…
    Kris Allen still dominates the singles chart….
    Oh yeah, adam lambert album is leading, but by how much, just about 12000 or something…
    Take a look at the singles sales….haha….
    kris lead more than 100000…
    Who wins, who is holding on…

    • sylverine says:

      And why are you bothering with this website? Go praise sweet Kris on his fansite, where it’ll do some good. One hopes.

    • They’re BOTH great guys doing great things in music. We know since Kris won, he gets the majority of the AI boost in terms of A&R, publicity and such. Since Adam was the runner-up, he has a bit of a tougher road to climb to attain / sustain a high level of visibility / relvevancy and success, We are all here to just help him achieve his goals of becoming a WORLDWIDE Super Rock Star!!! Not worry about how much America “idolizes” him! We all here truly ENJOY Adam and his super talented gifts in music and entertainment. We also know that he truly enjoys us fans also. It’s worth noting that many, if not all, of us here LOVE that Adam and Kris are close friends who have a mutual respect and admiration for one another. I think you can say the same for Adam’s fans and Kris also. While we like Kris and maybe enjoy some of his music, we absolutely LOVE Adam and go “ga ga” for anything his vocal chords produce!!! We are HAPPY to see Adam still holding on the music charts, but it really doesn’t matter though if he slips a bit…because he has legions of fans ready and willing to boost him back up to the top of the charts when the time (his solo drops) comes!

  37. I always thought Kris won because of those tweens and people from Arkansas who powervoted for him. No offense to Kris but it will only hurt him in the long run because those same people will not buy multiple songs/albums from Kris and it will show up later this year when both Adam’ and Kris’ albums will be out. I am glad that iTunes record shows that. I will be supporting Adam by buying his album when it comes out.

  38. Thanks for the post!
    Adam is here to stay… Maybe America is not deaf after all!

  39. As of June 8, 2009 on iTunes

    64 – Heartless – Kris Allen
    66 – No Boundaries – Kris Allen
    78 – Mad World – Adam Lambert

    26 – Adam Lambert Season 8 Favorites (held)
    96 – Kris Allen Season 8 Favorites (dropped 10)

    6 – Adam and KISS Medley
    9 – Kris and Keith Urban Kiss a Girl
    23 – Kris – Heartless
    24 – Adam – Mad World – finale version
    25 – Adam – Tracks of My Tears
    30 – Adam and Alison – Slow Ride
    31 – Adam – Change Is Gonna Come
    36 – Adam – Satisfaction
    44 – Adam – Mad World – first version
    51 – Adam – Ring of Fire
    53 – Adam – One
    58 – Adam – Whole Lotta Love
    59 – Adam – Feeling Good
    61 – Adam – No Boundaries
    62 – Black or White
    67 – Adam – Cryin’
    73 – Adam – Born To Be Wild
    78 – Adam – If I Can’t Have You
    84 – Adam – Play That Funky Music
    96 – Danny and Lionel Richie medley

    Kris’ No Boundaries Video not anymore included in the top 100

  40. Hi all Adamlovers! Can you believe that Askmen rate Kris higher than Adam even in sexiness? You need to go to than type Adam Lambert to vote for Adam in the list of 49 sexiest men of the year 2009. That’s a great site, but the editors are blind to take Kris higher than Adam in his own league. Go go guys! defense!

    • Lisette here..
      Ah was just leaving reade yur note Tammy..Thenks for this I will definitmente vote for Adam..thes is crazy..pardon just ma opinion.Kris may appeal to tweens,an middle America,he has talente truli given..But it’s like compare boy nexte doo of Krisr to sensual,
      Raphael/angeliqueface an eyesof Adam..sorry an thinq he resemble a yonge Elvis who by far
      was knowne for his voix an classique chiselfeatures,an always sensual.It’s Adam’s voix,personalite an beauface combinationes thet make him very sensual.So sure all agree..let’s vote now!(thenks agan for yur note!)Adam sont tresbeau always!

    • Maybe I’m blind! I went to that site and looked for a place to vote. I followed the great male survey of 2009 thinking that was it, didnt have anythng to do with our boys. And yes, I was signed in via yahoo as I have an account.

      What should I look for and where?

    • OK I finally found the page for the list of 49 men but neither Adam nor Kris were one of them. Is there a blank somewhere that we can add Adam’s name? and or vote for him?

  41. thanks for the update! adam lambert forever. :DD

  42. hine100 says:

    Just checking back in 2 get updated. Good 2 see the internationals finally accessing itunes versions re ebay itunes cards. Managed to score an itunes giftcard on ebay and had the code emailed to me and changed my account to a US one successfully.

    Have downloaded all of his vidz including the Kiss medley. I must say the quality of video and the sound is superb. Certainly worth it. Chose my favourites from his songs, studio versions.

    DS doing an excellent job on here!!!

  43. As Kris fades from the charts, Adam will be there for a long time. We need patients my fellow fans. After the AI tour Adam will be allowed to flourish as all great artists do. He has a fan for life! Adam you ROCK. Can’t wait to see you 9/15!

  44. Sorry, i think the page is wonderful but why the cover looks like a commercial for American Idol?
    Is about Adam oo not?… Thanks for the post!

  45. Just checked out hollywood gossip… It said Adam won Hollywood new music entertainer of the year. They have pictures of him on red carpet..Why don’t we know about this? Kyra was the presenter.

    • WE did know. There was a whole thread with that as its topic but it may have been one of the ones that disappeared when we lost the server link.

  46. I couldn’t find 49 sexiest me on their web site. I could find 49 most influential but not sexiest.. Where do I go to vote on ?

    • It is INFLUENTIAL which, when you come to think of it is exactly what Adam is. I know he has influenced me in many ways, including technologically. I also love his quotes, my fav being the one he loves of Jimi Hendrix’s, but this new quote is excellent also. I’ll bet he’ll become the ‘quote king’ at some point.

  47. Jerri, it took me three tries. Type in and he’ll come up. There is a small grey horizontal bar on the right about half way down.. that is the voting bar. It slides along from 0 to 100.

    What would we do without each other on this site, eh?? LOL


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