Adam – soon-to-be-named among People’s Sexiest Man Alive . . .

. . . if we get him nominated! We all know how Adam has touched us in so many different ways. All say musically, some say spiritually, and many say he even reaches those *uh-hmm* dark places that can be oh-so-hard to find. So let’s reward him by having him nominated to be included in People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive rankings. There is already a movement out there to have this done. Let’s show how strong we all feel, get on board and get this accomplished! Send emails here. They’re asking to hear from US!

I don’t know who put together TV Guide Channel’s Sexiest Idol Stars, but Adam wasn’t even included. And Kris was??? Let’s get this corrected!!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. thnx .. i hope they include him n the list i sent msg to the magazine yesterday and adam deserve to be on that list hands down god he is pure sex :p .. he is beyond hotness i wish i see his face with them 🙂 come on guys just send msg now 😉

    • he should definitely be included. He is sooo gorgeous, beautiful really, and sex appeal not only comes from the outward appearance but from within and he exudes this when performing or even in conversation. He is truly precious also, I have said this before, such a gentleman but SEXY, SEXY, SEXY! Adam L. I love you along with the entire world!!! Rock on kid!!

  2. The link to send emails doesn’t work.

  3. lamberghini says:

    I couldn’t send to

  4. Norcal2009 says:

    Can I power text my votes into People Magazine? LOL

    I voted from each email address I own.

  5. AdamRocks! says:

    Email sent!

  6. I agree. I wrote a message to tv guide network about adding Adam to the sexiest idols. Personally, I think he should be number one for men and Carrie for number 1 in women. I am not sure if they just didn’t put him in because of the gay thing or what, but he is still sexy regardless.

    I am all for it. He is sizzling hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KrissieE says:

      I stayed up way past my bedtime watching that show thinking Adam would #1 (or behind Carrie). I shook my head all night in disbelief, wondering what the hell was behind it. Ya just can’t get any sexier than Adam. Ya just can’t!

  7. Stephie says:

    Yes, we can!!

  8. I will not vote anymore but there was no one on Idol that had sex appeal like Adam Lambert did….Go for it People Magazine and see how many you sell.I know I would be one to buy it as soon as possible…..and my daughters……..

  9. tinyteena1 says:

    does anyone know what tatttoo Adam has on his wrist and what its meaning is?

  10. I hope there were MORE of us than commented that sent in a request to People Magazine!!! If ONLY 10 Glamberts sent in a plea then we may as well hang it up on seeing him in ANY more “Hottest / Sexiest” lists…ANYWHERE!!! I know I did my part! I just want to make sure Adam gets his fair amount of “shine”. It’s a long way to go until his album comes out and most of the publicity and promotion goes to the AI WINNER, the runners up usually has a harder time getting their projects publicized and promoted. Being that Adam’s Adam, this MAY not happen. But if anyone anywhere is compilingl lists based on cuteness, sexyness, humility, professionalism, talent, vocals, originality, etc, etc, etc, then Adam should definitely be on it!!! He deserves it!!!

  11. OoPiNkIsHoO says:

    I sent the email! Twice(from different email addresses)!

  12. PatCanada says:

    I sent this email to

    I am urging your magazine to include the name of ADAM LAMBERT to your list of “Sexiest Men Alive.” His sex appeal crosses all boundaries and is not limited to any grouping by age, ethnicity, or even gender. ADAM LAMBERT exudes such powerful sexual energy both while performing on stage and during interviews that my heart would beat faster, then a glowing, warm sensation would overcome me. After watching his performance and interviews, I feel almost out-of-breath but would be craving for more. Even more than a week after the conclusion of the American Idol Season 8, I still surf the net just to read someting about ADAM LAMBERT. I read hundreds of blogs every single day that reflect the same sensations that I have. I am a 55 year-old married straight female, formerly from the Philippines and a permanent resident in Canada.

    • IveBeenAdamized says:

      Wow- I’m in my upper 40’s and I could have written the same words. It is amazing how many people are effected by him.

      • Panseyy says:

        Exactly how I feel…very well said. I wold vote for 4 hours for Adam for SMA!

  13. You can also call 212-522-6699. I think this is a great idea. Some people just EXUDE sexuality/sensuality, and Adam is one of them. It’s not just his looks/style, either–it’s his laugh, his personality and his charm that truly make him sexy. Remember, the brain is the largest sex organ!

  14. I’ve emailed them. Hopefully enough of us get Adam in. This initiative is also posted in Adam’s Official Website (

  15. i justnow sent my email promising to buy lots of people mags with glambert on the cover as their sma! adam, a man for everyone!!! needless to say, i love that guy!! just imagine how fab it will be to see his sizzling face as peoples sma on every newsrack in the country!! it would be really smart of them to choose adam…..

  16. ps…are you kidding about tv guide?? no adam??? what were they thinking!! i knew there was a good reason for never buying tv guide!! 😉

  17. buffie21 says:

    I know that Twitter has a contest running also with many in it..adam for one of them…called Mr. Universe…It is on tweeter wall…..If we all go there and vote we can get him that one too…. has gone from 900 something last week to over 2,000 but needs our help….can vote every twenty minutes…come on lets get him the award…He deserves it…just like he deserved the Idol…If you go to the address is there….I think that is right….anyway if I can find it anybody can….

  18. Glambertfan says:

    I just Nominated Adam 3 times from 3 different email accounts – so hopefully you guys do too so he can win!

  19. IveBeenAdamized says:

    I sent email to people about Sexiest Man Alive.

  20. Done. Kris is on the list but Adam isnt’t? I almost choked……. Kris projects the persona of a cute little boy, appealing to 10-15 y/o girls, certainly not the Sexiest Man….. and I’ve been around and had a few in my lifetime….. :-

    • Where is the list on People that shows whos already been nominated? Help!

    • Yeah, you should’ve seen the people they nominated. I waited the entire show figuring Adam would be near the top, but DENIED! I almost gagged with some of the people on the list. Come ON now!!! Ridiculous!!!

  21. Adamsdelicious says:

    just sent mine too and will send for 2 other accts shortly

  22. Sun&Stars says:

    Okay, I’ve done my part. I’ve voted, emailed & verbally told people that I know who voted for Adam that this is going on now. I’ve also added it to my Facebook page. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  23. I sent my email ¡¡¡¡

  24. Salmypal says:

    How fun,
    I agree we need to get Adam on TV guides Most sexiest List. I wonder how Kris got on. If Kris can get on the list I would think Adam could get on as well. How did you find this all out?????????????
    Would someone layout the procedures to post, and vote for Adam. I want to help , and find I don’t know what to do to help. Don’t want to appear stooped oh well I don’t care if I look stooped I just want to help.
    (-: I’m on a brake from work and this will be a great and fun hobby to get Adam elected sexiest man alive, because he is 🙂
    Please Help — us — in Helping Adam by showing us what to dooooo. Please.. Thank you
    Please outline what to do.
    …………………………How to Elect Adam for dummies…………….
    ( I’m not joking, Well a little, but still I don’t know what to do…) Thank you for your help. Just love Adam ( He is The Sexiest Man Alive. )

  25. SallyNS says:

    I’ve sent the following email. Hope it helps.

    “This email is to request that you please add Adam Lambert to your “Sexiest Man Alive” list.

    As you know, Adam Lambert was runner-up in the just completed Season 8 of American Idol. It’s safe to say that Adam was THE reason millions of people tuned in to the show each week. He seemed to have EVERYONE talking from day 1 of the competition. Yes, he has a phenomenal voice but it was much more than that. Adam exudes an almost animal-like magnetism that instantly draws you in and holds you under his spell. He has incredible sex appeal that appeals to all who see him, regardless of gender or age. Some have even referred to his smouldering good looks as “the second coming of Elvis!”

    Charisma and sexiness ooze from this young man’s pores. In a word, he is HOT.

    Put Adam Lambert on the list and just watch those magazines fly off the shelves!

    Thanks for your consideration.”

  26. Kris sexy? That short, monkey-like boy next door with crooked mouth and ordinary look? They were deaf, now they may be blind too.
    Maybe they don’t know how to list Adam’s style,as male or female!!! If they only use the word “beauty”, that’s Adam.

  27. I sent my email. I to was outraged that Adam was not included in TV Guide. Not only was Kris on the list but Beau and Taylor Hicks ..Please…I think we should also let them know our feelings. How do we email them.

  28. Rhymingrealtor says:

    I have as suggest here emailed People magazine. I too think Adam is the sexiest man alive, talented good looking, charming, attractive. He appeals to all ages and genders. I have 2 sons neither of which will allow me to apply guyliner. I will keep working on them!

  29. wiccagirl2009 says:

    Sorry for the stupid question. How do you send message ? I would like to send one as well. I really like Adam even with Drake. They are cool people. Excited for the RS appearance.

  30. wiccagirl2009 says:

    It would be great if somebody posted online the steps and process on how to nominate Adam lambert. Let’s get organize and tell our family and friends about this. Am sharing this article to some friends.

  31. I had no problem with sending the e-mail on Adam .

  32. SusanforAdam says:

    i look for Adam to be on All Magazine Covers – he’s electrifying and eats up the screen when he performs! Completely love the guy! It doesn’t matter and is none of our business whether gay or not – he is a STAR and we miss him not being in our living rooms rockin out on a weekly basis! Would someone please televise the IDOLS tour – i would buy every show!!!

  33. AdamAddict says:

    It doesn’t make any sense! Kris is cute,I can’t deny that but sexy….I don’t think so! But maybe to some people he is,I don’t know! But Adam??!! Come on now!! Is this some kind of joke? He’s not even included??!! WTH??!! ADAM IS OBVIOUSLY SUPER HOT AND SEXY!! Why people can’t see that? If this about this boring sexual whatever crap,they really start to annoy me!Thet better make our darling Adam in the list!!

  34. He certainly is and I certainly sent an email.

  35. FinnAdamFan says:

    He really is the sexiest person in this planet! I sent my email.

  36. I also watched TV Guides sexiest Idols, just so I could catch another bit on beautiful Adam. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t included-I thought he’d be #1. But worse, on that show, I think his name’s Brandon Sheldon, (one of the hosts) made a nasty slur re Adam. When a fan praised Adam’s high range, this commentator said Adam could hit the high notes ‘just like the other women’. I wrote a letter asking that this bigot be removed from the program, but nothing was done, no apology issued. I guess that explains TV Guide’s agenda regarding Adam.

  37. Ana Lambert says:

    I´ve just sent my email! He´s got to be on that list!

    Love from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  38. Thank you for posting this glaring oversight by People Magazine! I am truly wondering why Adam Lambert is not now being crowned as the next biggest star of American music. I just sent this letter to, and I encourage all fans to send an avalanche of mail to them:

    Dear People Editor,

    We on the fansite Adam have just been informed that Adam Lambert has not even been included on the list of nominations for sexiest man alive. Apparently, people have been included such as Taylor Hicks and Kris Allen, who simply do not have the kind of overpowering appeal and charisma it takes to be voted to the top of this list. I encourage you to go to the website and all the other Adam Lambert websites, and read for yourself the phenomenal outpouring of love and stampede of excitement this young man has generated. I believe that he is the next superstar of music in this generation, a new Elvis Presley with the cross-generational appeal of the Beatles at their zenith. Just looking at and hearing the audience reaction at the end of his ‘Play That Funky Music’ video on American Idol shows that Adam brought down the house with his stunning voice, radiant power and irresistible charisma. Men, women, and teenagers were screaming for him all over the audience. Adam Lambert is the single most powerfully attractive male or female on the planet. There is no one like him, or will be like him in popular history. At this moment, he should be on the front page of every magazine cover in the world, and he should stay front and center of media attention and acclaim for years to come. He is already an icon of musical virtuosity, style, and sheer masculine sex appeal. There is not a soul who can touch him, or ever will touch him.

    So please include Adam Lambert immediately in the running for Sexiest Person alive!

    Sincerely, Lorrin Henigan

    • AfricAdam says:

      I totally agree! I am not even American or into guys that much but this boy’s charisma, voice, seductive androgyny and downright explosive talent is irrestibile. Bring HIM on!

    • Carol Hagey says:

      Hi Lorrin,
      Thanks for voting and taking the time to write such a wonderful endorsement of Adam. I agree with the main body of your letter. I feel I must point out a couple of things though. Adam has not been left off any list . . . yet! We as fans, are trying to get him included in the next Sexiest Man Alive issue for People. We know he belongs there, and it’s up to us to make sure the world knows too! As for Kris/Taylor making the “list,” that is not true. I personally don’t remember if Taylor Hicks was included, but Kris Allen was about #16 of 20 on TV Guide Channel’s “American Idol’s Sexiest.” Carrie Underwood was #1 and Bo Bice and David Cook appeared there too but Adam was no where to be found. I think that Kris is “safe” for the mainstream, and that’s why he won the Idol title too. I don’t think Adam will ever be considered “safe.” He would never want that either. But thanks for voting and please get all your friends to vote too!

      • Thanks Carol, – yes, I did realize my little errors just after I wrote the letter, but I don’t think it will matter too much as far as People magazine is concerned. They will just hear my indignant feelings over the fact that Adam has not been included yet, and my emphatic and full support of Adam, the artist and the man. I’m sure the point will get across with them. It seems that it was TV Guide that had included Taylor and Kris in their ‘sexiest’ ratings, and that People has not yet formed their list yet. So I stand corrected. In real life, I’m not especially fond of beauty, popularity, or sex-appeal contests, but if anyone in the entertainment business is ignoring Adam for any reason, I wanted to put my strong support behind him. As Adam Lambert fans, I think we are all a little anxious (or maybe I should say a LOT anxious), to see when he will finally and officially break out into worldwide superstardom. I think if Adam had come up in the ususal show business discovery way(and he was already well on that path), he would already be well established on tour, on the world stage, and on the covers of every magazine and trade paper. This rather long space of relative quiet in his career after AI leading up to the appearance of his first CD (in July?) seems a mite too long. Even a tour with the American Idol finalists seems anti-climactic. I’m only hoping Adam will get all that he is due, that we will see him again very soon, and that nothing in the background will hinder his rise to the top. So, I hope I can be forgiven a little over-enthusiasm, and getting things a little mixed up! Thanks for your reply, Carol, I appreciated the clarification and supportive words.

  39. Carol Hagey says:

    I’m the author who started this thread. Since so many are commenting about this list, I thought I’d add it to this post. This was taken from the Mountain Sage web site when I did a search for TV Guide Channel’s Sexiest American Idol stars. There were 9 comments left – 3 on Gilles Marini, and the remaining 6 all wondered like us, where Adam was!

    TV Guide Channel’s “Sexiest Idols Ever”
    Filed in Entertainment on May.19, 2009

    Adam Lambert isn’t on the list but Justin Guarini is sexy? Who voted? Prepubescent giggly girls?

    Idol’s Sexiest Stars
    1. Carrie Underwood
    2. Katharine McPhee
    3. Chris Daughtry
    4. Kimberly Caldwell
    5. David Cook
    6. Kellie Pickler
    7. Michael Johns
    8. Justin Guarini
    9. Haley Scarnato
    10. Jason Castro
    11. Constantine Maroulis
    12. Syesha Mercado
    13. Kelly Clarkson
    14. Kristy Lee Cook
    15. Kris Allen
    16. Ace Young
    17. Brooke White
    18. Nadia Turner
    19. Blake Lewis
    20. Tamyra Gray
    21. Chris Richardson
    22. Bo Bice
    23. Megan Joy
    24. Taylor Hicks
    25. Bikini Girl & Antonella Barba

    Now if you really want sexy, how about Dancing with the Stars contestant Gilles Marini:

    • AdamAddict says:

      Taylor Hicks??!! Really?? Bikini Girl??!! Seriously??

    • gail katz says:

      I watched that whole show expecting that Adam would be number #1 on the list and he wasn’t even
      listed. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that he wasn’t mentioned. What were they thinking!!!!!!!!!

  40. Shadiyah says:

    I so have to vote! I agree and was shocked that Adam was left off the Idol’s hottest stars? Who do they think they are kidding? He’s the hottest thing to come around in years!
    I’m off to vote for Sexist Man Alive!

    Thanks for starting this!!

  41. Katie Noelle says:

    Haha Are you kidding Me? While Yes he is a Great Singer, he is most likely gonna turn out to be another self absorbed celebrity who only dates his fellow celebrities and while he says he cares about his fans..could really probably care less. All I hear from these girls are “I’m gonna marry Adam” and “Adam is my future husband!” It’s like ridiculous! Like he even cares about getting to know/dating a fan. All he probably cares about is his reputation! So why bother to like him? All I know is I would never want to date him, because he could probably care less…

    • OMG! What are YOU thinking?! Why are you even on here….you OBVIOUSLY don’t even like Adam given your ignorant comment! All I get from you Adam haters is a JEALOUS point of view that drives your desire to keep putting him down! You call it “self-absorbed”? Try looking at it as a desire to have his PRIVACY respected.

  42. Giovanna says:

    While I am a fan of Taylor Hicks and think he is, indeed, very sexy (anyone seen him lately in person–he is slim, trim, in shape, extremely handsome, full of charisma), I, too, am a fan of Adam Lambert. I think Adam is extremely appealing, loaded with talent and should definitely be included in TV Guide’s list of sexiest Idols. There are more than a couple of individuals on that list who, in my opinion, do not belong there.

  43. mrs. lambert says:

    how to vote?

  44. AdamAddict says:

    My question is,IS ADAM ALREADY IN THE LIST?

  45. Sorry, he’s a pervert and belongs in jail. That video of him, fondling his crotch, while exposing himself? He is a disgusting piece of garbage and his family should be ashamed to claim him. If THEY had any values, that is.

    • UKAdamfan says:

      Pervert? Jailed for what exactly? Why should his family be ashamed.

      I’m from the UK and wow I didn’t realise there were such hateful people like you in the world.

      Adam is the sexiest man to hit the tv screen in a very long time.

      ps. If you’ve seen a video of him ‘exposed’ then lead to the site pleeeese!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m sorry,we are talking about Adam here. I’m sure when you said he, you meant yourself but we all not interested about you or how your family thinks about you. Talk to your pyscologist because we all don’t care about garbage like you.
      Have A Nice Day!

    • Hatpin: Where do YOU stick it?????????????????? You never know! HA!

      If you like some other dude’s record go buy it and go on his website. Cause, you are not needed here. Skat!!!!!

      BTW…. Adam’s family has great values and is amazingly classy, unlike yours apparently.

  46. You got to be kidding….Megan and bakini girl how sick…..the list really has some non sexy people on it…..Now Adam there is pure sexy……and talent… looks and all……

  47. mamarufus says:

    I already sent in an email suggesting Adam! He should be on the cover; forget about just inside!

  48. Adam is super sexy. But I want him to be in People’s “Most Beautiful” issue. He is gorgeous inside and out. I would also love Adam’s mom to be in the “Most Beautiful” issue. What mom has a 27 year old child and looks as beautiful and gorgeous as she does?????…. I want her beauty secrets, creme, formula, whatever…. Go Leila and Adam. I love you both. Adam rocks!

  49. Don’t get me started on the t.v. guide issue. They must be owned by Disney. Bleh!!! Adam should be at the tippy top of the sexy list. But like I said before I’d rather see him on a most beautiful list. He is MOST BEAUTIFUL, don’t you think????????????????//

  50. Adam should be on SNL too. He would totally rock it on SNL…. smiles

  51. hi

    To all you people that were shocked that Adam wasn’t even in the top 25 sexist people on idol./ I have no words for that or understanding of what happened. I’ve never missed a show on idol in 8 years, and thay pull this on the most talented sexist guy they have ever had and will ever had and he’s not even in the top 25. I am so dissappointed with them beyond words. I was expecting him to be number 1, so they are acting as bad as abc is by boycotting our Adam. Is there a web=site out there that I can voice my STRONG opinion on how they fucked that up so bad. I’m pissed;


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