Adam Sighting at Nobu – Oct. 28



Adam was spotted last night at Nobu in West Hollywood with singer-songwriter Ferras. The paps caught him on video, too. Adam comes in at 5:55 below.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Hot damn, he looks good. And perfectly accessorized, as always.

  2. Glambertcraze says:

    I hope this is what Adam truly wants. I feel sorry for the stars that have to put up with all the pap.
    At first it must be exciting but I cant imagine not being able to go anywhere without the cameras and mobs of people.
    God love ya Adam you are now a” Rock Star”

  3. Glad Adam’s so polite…so far there hasn’t been any terribly negative press about him, I’m hoping it stays that way for as long as humanly possible…then again, people always find SOMETHING to pick on with the biggest celebrities. Hmm…well, Adam knew what he signed up for when he auditioned for Idol.

  4. Who is ADAM with in this vid?

    • Ferras


        • Thanks for the heads up! You guys are so on top of things! My local Milwaukee radio show for Ryan is between 4 & 7pm. I’ll have to find a way to listen at work!

          • I just happened to be on twitter when Adam tweeted it .. twittered it.. twitched it.. tweated it… oh hell, you know what I mean.. ….. who makes up these things ????? gezzz

      • Jeanette,

        I have been everywhere looking for DETAILS magazine and cannot find it. Do you have any suggestions.

        Also I signed up for a Glamb # in the very beginning and have not received one yet. I would like to sign up for the Texas Glamb group, but don’t know how to contact them.

        Love, love love both of Adam’s new songs TFM and FYE….just awesome as we expected….


        • Linda,

          I’ll try to save Jeanette a little work here…

          I’ve seen many find the magazine at Wal-Mart, book stores…I got mine at the grocery store across the street!

          You won’t receive any kind of notification when your number is assigned. You have to go and recheck your post here:

          Feel free to join the Texas group…even if you don’t have your number yet:

          Glamb #6

        • Linda,
          Did you ever find a copy of Details magazine? I have an extra one. If you want it you can have it, free of charge. I’m in a good giving mood today, take advantage of it. I like to help fellow Adam lovers. Plus I met a good soul who sold me get a copy of the Rolling Stones. I’d like to pay it forward as that movie showed it. Get back to me if you want it….my e-mail address is!

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    For some reason, I cannot play this vid!?

  6. Adam looks gorgeous, looks like he lost some weight? Glad his having fun! His always polite and kind to pap no matter what. What an awesome guy!

  7. puteri abdul says:

    thanks jeanette for bringing the video here…

    most of the time, when adam is surrounded by those paps, I would have to say adam is very gracious towards them and never sulk due to their annoying presence and remarks ..
    maybe because after years in hollywood and being in a circle of celebrities, adam has an idea of lives revolving the papparazzis..
    and futhermore adam is just naturally a polite and charming character front the start, hence his calmness with all the hu-ha around him ..
    I have seen from tv some of the celebs in hollywood that snaps back at the paps or some even like close their dear little face as not be photograph and all that, and I hope adam won’t be like that and keep on showing those people how “well behaved” a celebrity can be even if you attacked by these people ..
    but if one day adam does burst, I would not blame him, because seriously, flashes can be quite irritating if there is too much going on you, and some of the questions asked, like really ?
    “are you going to tour with kiss … ” adam’s look was just hysterical …

  8. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    ADAM looked fantastic and his convertible is so cool. Love the pics, close enough to see the necklaces he’s wearing. Yes, the papparazzi was insane, like a bunch of scavengers. I guess it’s their job and they’re desperate for the $. Those pics must run into high$, that’s probably why they act the way they do. I wonder what the going rate is for ADAM’s pics. P.Hilton is so yesterday. But ADAM is now and will be even bigger, and his pics will raise even higher.
    Guess what I have in front of me? I GOT MY DETAILS MAGAZINE!!!!!!! And I have 3 extra copies. Who are the 3 lucky people? Just let me know, and I’d be happy to send them to you. Unless Jeanette you need them tosend overseas. I know Sylverine needed one. Anyone else? And I have ADAM on my dvr, once again, from Oprah. I loved how she introduced him as the #1 requested Reality t.v. star. So cool!!! Be safe ADAM!! PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS!!!!

    • puteri abdul says:

      you are right kimber ..
      what with adam’s 2012 soundtrack, gagas collabration, over the top album cover, coming cd’s, singles, upcoming AMA’s performances, and much much more, love it or hate it, you just can’t deny adam is the hottest item in town at the moment, and those papparazzis know what is sizzling and selling …

      3 copies of details kimber ? you know what, with the rate we are going. detail better be grateful to adam that this latest issues of them are like hot cakes ..
      am waiting with patience for mine from our darling jeanette …

  9. ADAM SINGLE OUT TOMORROW………………..NOT MONDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW WITH RYAN SEACREST RADIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Great pics of Adam looking his best again. He certainly loves to be out on the town and I agree
    with you all saying how he so graciously handles the press. Gives them respect as he wants in
    return. Always thanking, speaking so nice. He is sure looking hot with his hair to his style of clothes etc.
    Nice seeing the vid too. What a cute giggle, oh just love it…………….

  11. ADAM looks so handsome. As usual, he is so humble and polite to the pappas
    considering they can be really obnoxious.

    Do ya think that Paris was looking for a little publicity??????? LOL

  12. i see a pic of Adam and I feel happy. Fine w me, I’m not going to analyze it, just enjoy it. Thanks for posting.

  13. adam,rock on – just don’t do drugs that will hurt that beautiful singing voice

  14. Shirlee - Glamb #267 says:

    I bought a subscription to ‘Details’ hoping I would get the November issue. However, they say it will start with December. They have no copies at any stores I’ve been to and I have a friend that is trying another Giant Eagle store today to see if they have any. I’m going to Israel on Saturday and hopefully there will be one at the airport. When Rolling Stone came out, it was sold out everywhere I tried. I happened to be flying that week and lo and behold there were multiple copies at the airport. I picked up three and managed to get all three autographed by Adam at two of the three concerts I attended.
    He also autographed my homemade T-shirt that had his likenesses front and back with his full signature and not the scribbled initials like he used on the magazines.
    Adam is like night and day when it comes to his concert persona and when you meet him during a meet and greet. He is strikingly ‘beautiful’ (in a masculine way), centered, kind, and as Lorrin stated “eyes so powerful they could ….put a hairline crack in a diamond.”
    More off topic – my favorites songs from new album based on snippets: Soaked, Aftermath,
    FYE (not happy with some of the lyrics and how I perceive the possible meaning – I know, just enjoy the music but since Adam has the ability to so clearly sing the lyrics, it’s hard to hear some of the rock stuff and still enjoy it), TFM, and Loaded Smile.
    My girlfriend is worried about how I’m going to be able to be away from all things Adam during my visit to Israel since I spend way too much time on the computer each day but he’s better than any book I’ve ever read.


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