Adam Plays Costa Mesa

On July 19 @adamlambert played in Costa Mesa California. He spoke a little about his experience with Queen in Europe and how much he learned from them and seemed much more relaxed and interactive in front of his fans. It was an amazing show. Enjoy the videos provided by Suz526. Thanks Suz!

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  1. mandytwo says:

    Thanks Lila for these videos. Wish I could have been there but thanks to you I can watch these. The sound is so much better than the videos from Fantasy Springs. Thanks again for all you do for us fans that can’t be at the concerts.

  2. Absolutely amazing set of videos – thank you for the opportunity to see them. He does seem so much more relaxed when he sings his own songs and commands his own stage.

  3. Just wondered why there have been no new updates lately – I miss my weekly fix