Adam on “The F Word”

The F word, in this case, stands for Fame. It’s short but sweet and I enjoyed the 15 minutes he talked about this topic. It was great to hear something besides the same-ole-same-ole interview questions. Enjoy!

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  1. KO's smiling says:

    I find it funny that this is the first episode of this show and they chose Adam to profile. If you want to attract attention to your new project, he’s the one to go to, I guess. He’s well-spoken, talented, outgoing, beautiful and has rabid fans who will make sure everyone sees the new show. At least the first episode. 🙂

  2. Scootersmom says:

    This was an ingenious way to begin this show. Adam has actually changed so many people’s minds and attitudes he’s such a valuable, honest,talented person no one could have done this as well as Adam. I know he most certainly changed many of my thoughts about humanity and honesty, and I love him for opening my eyes.

  3. one good woman says:

    What a great show.Adam is always enjoyable to watch.

    I just want to say that I absolutey love his new CD! i have so many favorite songs on the new CD.It is out of this world!

  4. Thank you for posting htis, it is really creative and very well edited, a professional job done for Adam! Did you notice how he refers to us, his fans, as big sisters? It feels to me more like I am a friend, but hey, I’ll take the big sister job I guess…

  5. What a great outlet for his beautiful candor. His cd Trespassing is beyond entertaining….it’s party and internal. There is no one on this planet as divine as he. I for one will always have his back. I’ll do whatever I am capable of doing to promote him in my own little way. He is part of my every day. And also my husband’s, who hears all about Adam morning, noon and night. He just asked me if I had a date with Adam tonight. When I sign off, we’ll be reading our books together in bed and then,????:)

  6. What a refreshing way to spend 15 minutes. I’m so glad he used the term “big sisters” to describe his fans. Lord knows it was much better than what I was afraid I’d hear! LOL! Thanks for posting this.
    Carol, Glamb #2

  7. It’s amazing how much he reminds me of a young Elvis when his hair is slicked back.
    Sort of like Elvis and Nich Rhodes…Lol. Seems really grounded for the most part…liked when he said it starts with him…hope he always remembers that. Can’t wait to hear the Queen stuff..hope rubs off on his next CD.

    • I had a co-worker who was so into Elvis. I told her that Adam was Elvis back from the dead. You would of thought I was saying Elvis was Satan. I love Elvis too by the way. But Adam is just that, he’s Adam. He is amazing. His new cd is ” Awesome” to quote an 80’s catch phrase. But I do see Elvis in him now and again. My mom loves Adam as well as she did Elvis. An she turned 82 in May. Mary Glamb # 534 OhSweetOne

  8. Leilani aloha says:

    Awesome Adam!!! That’s why we all Loveeeeeeee him!:)
    He’s real, talented, kind, grounded & has Amazing Vocals!!!
    Knew from day 1 of AI Adam’s gonna be the next big International RocK Star!
    He certainly brought music & sexy back to all diversity & ages like his music different genre!:)
    congrats Adam & stay as beautiful inside & outside!!!

  9. cory-coral says:

    left the gay issue apart, iissue is waste and xploid for ricky martin , of puerto rico like me, look the example of ricky , the fame gone away, finish but the people bore of this theme time by time, worried by the research of sida, venereal infection, who are your really friends when you be poor or with fame , the loneliness when all gone like boy george and fredy mercury when get the sida , fred mercury can count friend that viste him, excuse me my friend i act hard with you because you dont see the reality yet, after when i dont have contact with you remember my advces, dont act irresponsable you know that i said, dont believe, trust in all people, care you, watching your steps.

    • WolfHawk says:

      A bit befuddled by your comments cory-coral…Firstly, my apologies if I have misunderstood some of your intentions, so with all due respect, I’m having some communication issues. I think that I hear you saying that the issue of being gay should just be left alone? The problem is that a segment of society that are self-righteous MAKE it a “problem” and WILL NOT leave it alone! We are such an UNenlightened society that focusing on what “that partial segment” has determined to be “bad, sinful or even illegal”, is taking away our CIVIL RIGHTS! The bottom line is just what Adam said, “It’s part of the job”. But it shouldn’t be “part of the job” anymore than keeping track of someone elses teeth flossing schedule! We are who we are, regardless of what some might say. Adam has, albeit not by direct intent, taken up the banner as the “outsider” in a community, country and world where people are too judgemental and try to control the lives of others in many times because they cannot control their own.
      You speak of “watching your steps” and I’m not sure you are refering to but Adam also said, as with the rest of us, he is not perfect. The difference between him and many others? He readily speaks to working on making “better” decisions and taking responsibility for them… Adam Lambert is an Entertainer and a magnificant one, at that. That’s all we or anyone needs to know. That goes for everyone – who we choose to be intimate with should no longer be an issue anymore than “ethnic only” drinking fountains or the ability for women to vote, for that matter. Peace.

    • vocalsrule says:

      Adam is so smart I’m sure he is learning from those before. We are lucky he was not on the forefront of so many issues with so many talents that had to learn about AIDS, etc the really hard way. I can’t wait for the many decades of his career as he does amazing things. I can’t ever imagine him being in any kind of rut!

  10. that was lovely. i enjoy watching and listening to adam in anything he does. the thought provoking thing when he is speaking is my inner dialogue . i love everything about him and i am vocal about that. when i am in a conversation with someone about adam i am very upfront about the fact that i love him, his voice, his looks, his presentation, his creativiity , his music, and who he is on a very basic level. then the person i am speaking with says ” well , you know that he is gay, right?”. ok, i just said that i follow adam in everything he does and support him in all of his endeavors. Now we’re talking about YOU, and your weaknesses and who you are as a person. i take a deep breath and try to address, on a subtle level, what that person is really talking about: how a straight, older, professional, intelligent woman could love, on a deep level, someone gay, like adam. It’s a no brainer for me, but for a lot of people, it’s difficult. so i try, with love and tolerance , to explain to them the connection. it’s worth the time and effort and maybe will allow their restrictions to relax and let them be a little more open to the world.

  11. Irene LaBonne says:

    That was a truly lovely video. The most important part of it was that Adam as always is honest with himself and his fans, and the public at large. He takes 100 % responsibility for himself and his actions. He is inspiring and his voice is a true gift. I absolutely love the new CD. All of the songs are great but the clarity and purity of his voice on Outlaws of Love and Underneath are beyond words for me…….

  12. Julie Glamb #82 says:

    Loved that! Thank you so much for posting it. Such a wonderful format – Adam is so well spoken and handsome as well as an amazing artist. Loved all the videos and photos capturing his journey after Idol. Was a fun walk down memory lane. I feel we, the fans have done a fabulous job at having Adam’s back, and we will continue to do so.

    I also LOVE TRESPASSING, not because I relate to the music personally – but because it feels like I have an alter ego where I can song about something so different from me. I haven’t gone out to go Cuckoo, or acted Shady is a lonnnnng time. And I follow the rules on signs :). BUT SO fun to pretend.

  13. What a fabulous way to do an interview. Adam never disappoints.

  14. WolfHawk says:

    Adam ~ Love then, Love now, Love always…my JBW! I’m PROUD to be a “big sister”! Thanks for keeping it real and we’ll always have your back as a SMOKIN’ ENTERTAINER and an AMAZING HUMAN BEING. Namaste’, Tashi Delek, Pilamaya * )

    • WolfHawk says:

      I am sending this to the Universe who will in turn lead it to you. You NEED TO KNOW that who you are and what you do touches people in amazing ways. YOU YOU YOU, ADAM MITCHELL LAMBERT, have MADE ME WANNA LISTEN TO MUSIC AGAIN after 17 years! Aside from regenerating most of my body, that is THE most IMPORTANT thing anyone could do for me, truly! Words cannot express what that has meant to someone who had performed (as an amatuer – dancing, acting, singing, et al) since they were 5 yrs. old and had that taken from them in the blink of an eye after 29 yrs. My heart is bursting with gratitude…keep making it, I’ll keep singing it with you! While I knew it existed somewhere, you have taken my hand and lead me [“…from the wreckage…” SM] to a place called Nirvana…

  15. ADAM is a great piece of humanity – authentic, genuine and humble, his great traits above all else.