Adam on Ryan Seacrest

Last friday, Adam went to the Kiis-fm studios to make an appearance on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’! He called in to the show before, just after he released the For Your Entertainment single; and now Ryan felt it was about time to invite him again for a longer interview! One of the co-producers Negative Natalie was announcing the news the day before and asking Adam fans for questions:

After which her twitter account was flooded. The next morning she tweeted again, and turns out she is quite a bit of an Adam fan herself:

She, as well as her collegue Patty, took some photos of Adam waiting in the Green Room – obviously still very sleepy and not glammed out yet. Hey, who can blame him at 7ish in the morning?


Ryan’s security guard obviously wasn’t that impressed with Adam, as minutes before they went on air he said that he ‘voted for Kris, as he was the better singer’ to which Ryan quipped back, ‘well lie, don’t say that to the guy – he’s about to pull up!’.

The interview was funny, typically Adam, and also had some fans calling in and proclaiming their love for Adam; and in the end he revealed that big news was coming up, as he might do some red carpet reporting for the Grammys! Despite Ryan’s pleading and begging (feeling the competition for sure), Adam insisted he could not give the details just yet.


Listen to the full interview below:


  1. Awesome Interview.:) Travis L.:)

  2. Poor security guard! He doesn’t feel the Light! 🙂

    • Yeah, Kris is a good hearted guy, but I hear singers better than him at various mall area patios. Adam is outstanding-as said by people who actually know- the judges, mentore, guest artists, current singers etc. But is Ryan a little intimidated by Adam’s popularity -to put this info out- it’s not important to comment on Kris- and Adam has taken away Ryan’s #1 Ai popularity spot,. Adam does have fans across all age groups- the mosrt vocak and supportive seem to be us females- more of us than the gay community – and there are those like Clay who are jealous and resentful of Adam’s popularity. Whatever, Adam has brought me joy and entertained me all year, renewed my inner teenager, brought music back into my house- and is an inspiration with his couragfe, honesty and the high road he always chooses.



  3. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    What? Why oh WHY would Ryan insist in revisiting the AMAs yet AGAIN??? People, that was nearly FOUR months ago. Every storm eventually blows over — why must everyone keep this one hanging around??? Let it die out already. There is SO MUCH MORE to Adam that the friggin AMAs. I get so aggravated with the fact that people just won’t let it go.

    That being said, Adam was amazing, as ALWAYS!! Such a gracious man that he will continually answer the same questions over and over and never sound as aggravated as I feel when I hear those questions repeatedly.

    Can’t wait for the Grammy red carpet and Adam’s TOUR!! Even if he opens for someone — it will be worth a ticket just to see HIM!!! I’ll be there no matter what!!! GO ADAM!!

    Peace, Light and Love!!

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      Oh!! I need to ac a P.S. Adam is ADORABLE when he is sleepy and glam-less!!! I could wake up next to that every morning and be blissful for a lifetime!

      • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

        that would be “add a P.S.” gah!

      • Della, you and me both. Oh Adams look w/o all the Glam is just as handsome as with all the Glitter.
        Sleepy boy Adam, looking ever soo cute, makes you want to hug him and put a snuggie around him and let him take a little nap, he says he lovesssss to sleep. Doesnt get much these days……

        • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

          Amen, Mary, Amen! To the snuggie, that is!!!

        • I agree, less glam and glitter is handsomer. My fave look for Adam is when he sang “One” and his own hair color on a video on youtube “Craxy”-he is more sensual with his own hair color- does not look like Opie- & the guyliner would be even more erotic with that look-plus he could grow side burns instead of the pixie haircut as yet another liook to change things up that he enjoys doing.

    • Maybe it is truly jealousy on Ryan’s part-he seemed genuinely scared that Adam would be competition for him on the Red Carpet for the Grammys on Sunday- and the gays who have always liked Ryan have been mesmerized by Adam,; it’a Adam’s name ,not Ryan’s name that gets attention these days. Adam would be wise to say, “that’s topic is last Fall and discussed to death, here’s what’s new todday……”

  4. Over and over again on the AMA – give it a rest!!! Do you not have any other news? Someone needs to ask the the security guard what tv appearwances has Kris made? Has he been on the View? Oprah? – the Security guard just wants to be the big man – and an idiot.

    • Agree with you Bruce…it’s so in the past. Adam is starting to show up in our magazines and I have heard one radio interview here in OZ… they all mention the AMA’s…grrrrr !!! And…if I may add, I don’t think Kris will ever be news here.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Hi Yvonne! Lots of promotion going on now Australia wide. 96.9Nova, covers ADAM
        with interview entitled “Dirty, hot Smoking piece of Man”!, plus heaps of ADAM info from
        way back, Joy 94.9 Andy and Adrian, Fox FM 101.9, Nova100.3, Same,
        plus others! WDYWFM is now being played all over Australia and here they have been
        amazed with the excited response from requests! Everytime I check there are new interviews cropping up constantly….ADAM HAS HIT AUSTRALIA AT LAST! ‘FYE” is out March 5th officially. ( we have given so many out since the U.S. release in November and everyone
        is going crazy!) Plus, as you know good old JB HIFI and Sanity have had shipments in for
        quite a while, (although limited), and they are on display! We heared that ADAM was coming to the Sydney Mardi Gras in March! He already mentioned he would love to attend but it is not yet official…and now we’re also told the tour will be April/May!!! Our heads are swooning! I guess as soon as the dates become 100% official we will know and so it’s tenderhooks for the Aussie and NZ Glamberts right now! As you know Yvonne, interviews here are no holds
        barred and so they have been refreshing! Hope you have an awesome AUSTRALIA DAY!

        • WOO WOO!!! Love you awesome Aussies and nifty New Zealanders!!! Big shoutout to you guys from Motown for all your love and support for our Adam! Can’t wait for FYE to go global! Then we’ll see the true sales count for his album. Keep hearing about how many cd’s SuBo has sold…well, that’s been world wide. And here are all of you still waiting patiently for his cd to drop in your countries. The Adam Storm is coming…get ready!!!

        • Hi! Glamaus….Thanks for all your exciting news. Isn’t it great that Adam has finally ‘arrived’.
          Adam attending the Sydney Mardi Gras ??? WOW!!!….that would be fantastic…now I am day dreaming how I could slip into the parade right next to Adam….shouldn’t be too hard !!! LOL

          I had a fun Australia day on Sydney Harbour…thank you. I hope you had an awesome AUSTRALIA DAY too

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • glamaus,, I heard those interviews and they were great. Adam is awesome in every interview. He is getting great LOVE in Canada Right now too.

  5. No crap, AMA’s hype should be over & done with. He even said he doesnt want to talk about it .
    Good god people, give it a rest………………..
    Sounds like Neg.Natalie wont be so Negative about Adam, how could she be, he is soooo saweet!

    • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

      Did Negative Natalie steal her name from Adam’s bro, Negative Neil, I wonder???? Shameful if so!!!

  6. I think that Ryan took alot of grief from the cancellation of the NYE gig. I think alot of ppl was looking to Ryan to fix that situation. Apparently, he just does as he is told…he just wanted clear up any ill feelings from anyone thinking that he had anything to do w the cancelation of Adam at the NYE gig. The only way he could clear his name was to bring up the AMA incident. I agree that they need to let the sleeping dog lye. I also wish the interviewers would stop discussing Adam’s sexuality. Seems that in every interview he is asked a million questions @ that! Please lets be more creative w/ our line of questioning. Pls. DO U R HOMEWORK!
    Adam has the patience of JOBE! He just answers all the same stupid questions over and over. He is so eloquent , polite & articulate! What a gracious sweet angel! Definately from another planet!

    • Diana
      Well said– Adam has so much CLASS!! It is astonishing how much CLASS and COMPOSER he has through it all.
      But he knows it all comes with the ride to the top and he wants it bad.
      Yse, Ryan just wanted to clear up some things he was blamed for, He LOVES adam A lot and has his back for sure!!


  7. In the latest issue of our local GLBT newspaper they’re asking readers for their opinions on Peggy Noonan’s post-AMA editorial. So no, apparently the issue hasn’t died for some people, kinda like an itch they can’t reach to scratch. Or maybe Seacrest is concerned about that one person in Siberia who hasn’t heard Adam’s take on the matter. (Sorry if I offended any Siberians out there).

    • GLAMB#582 CarolineBrasil says:

      Oi/ Hello Hahahaha I agree with you Even here in Brasil we had heard what Ryan ask him ( Here is not so far as Syberia but is so far) and we know aaaaaaaaaalllllllll about he ask, please
      beijos/ kisses

  8. People, like the security guard, that just don’t GET it, kill me!!!! How in the hell do you even put Kris Allen in the same category as Adam? I like Kris and I love the fact that Adam and Kris are good friends but there is just no way!!! I saw Kris sing the National Anthem at the New Orleans vs. Minnesota football game, and he struggled to get through it and his voice was so strained! I just sat there thinking “what if Adam were singing this?’ He would just blow it away and I really would love it if he got the chance!! Maybe the Super Bowl? Wouldn’t that be something?! And I agree that people need to get off the whole AMA kick! That is just so OVER!!!! Move on people and get a life!!!! GO ADAM! You are pure sunshine!

    • I think when it comes to the voice, Kris himself knows he is not in the same league as Adam.
      Kris as a person is just so much easier to digest for a people, remember Americans love their Apple pie!!! Adams Flamboyant Gayness is way too intense for most people, sometimes I am actually surprised at how much exposure he does get. I think the AMA affair will follow him for a long time……

      • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

        While I totally respect your opinion, I do so desperately hope you are wrong. I would hate for that to be the sum total of what people know and remember about him. There is SO MUCH good in this man, so much talent, so much inner (and outer!) beauty, so much peace and LIGHT. As I have stated elsewhere on this site at least one other time, have we not all done SOMETHING in our past that we regret??? Most of us get to move on and let that thing die and hopefully be forgotten. Poor Adam if the world will not let him move on and grow from this.

        • I think it is unfortunate also but people just tend to love scandal, I am mystefied myself that even the best interviewers around keep asking about it. And I believe Ryan Seacrest of all people owes him more respect, he knows Adam is so much more than what happened at the AMA’s.
          True Love and Light is hard to handle for a lot of people.
          I do believe he is getting a lot of respect from celebrities because they have gone through some kind of crap with the press and public opinion themselves.
          And we all know that what happens behind closed doors in many American homes is way more scandalous than the show that Adam put on……

      • Why are you surprised at how much exposure Adam gets? You shouldn’t be!!! Adam gets the most exposure because he is news! I don’t get why you woule even say something like that on here?

        PS Kris is not so much easier to digest as a person than Adam. Adam is not boring, Kris is, so didn’t get that part either.

        • Please don’t get me wrong I love it, all the attention, he completely deserves it. If you have read many of my posts you know that am an ardent fan. I meant surprised in a positive way! Yeah bring it on!
          Sometimes I am just still a bit mystefied by Americans even after having lived here now for almost 20 years. The fact they are freaked out about the Gay thing and then they are fascinated by it at the same time. Adam is so different so yes he is news!
          I grew up in the Netherlands and gay celebrities have never been a big deal over there.

          And yes about Kris, exactly what I meant, easy as apple pie, to digest.

    • Yes! Adam should sing the anthem at the Superbowl! That would be epic!

  9. please vote for him on vh1,make him no.1 for his birthday.

  10. GLAMB#577 Eliane Brasil says:

    I think that publicist (who date him on SAG hahaha) should be stop interviews about what past and go ( I don’t know if I was clear about it. but…) Adam shouldn’t talk about AMA anymore. Over. (Sorry my English)
    beijos/ kisses

  11. What an absolutely magnificent Monday night – this interview plus all the interviews from the radio stations in Canada!!! Adam, you are so refreshing, quick witted, sharp, honest, focused, funny and you can just tell that the DJ’s love interviewing you……never a dull moment when Lambie is is the building!!! I think the interviews basically happened on the same day, (today to be exact as he just landed in Toronto last night) and they were all different, cute and OMG – did you see those pics of the photo shoot from V Man magazine??? JEEEEEEEEEEZ – just when I think I have nothing more to think or feel or say or expound about this adorable guy, a night like this happens!! And, he talked several times about a tour………THIS year……..AWWWWWWW! I’m crashed on the floor!! I kept begging him to come to Denver but now I know that I will go ANYWHERE!! I hope that when he hits him 29th birthday, he will be as firmly established in his beloved world of music fame as he is in my heart and soul!! UIMA

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Coloforadam,

      I saw two pics of the VMan mag….just gorgeous….what else can we expect from him? We are completely spolit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Would you know where can I watch or listen to the Canadian interviews? Do you know if they are already on You Tube? I can’t check You tube here at work. Tonight I’ll watch.

      Thanks and love to you,

      • Silvana,

        Go to the site:
        Home of the Glittery Alien Adam Lmabert the Daily Planet

        This site is up to the SECOND CURRENT EVERYTHING on Adam and all interviews world wide. I Love this site!! Check it out!!!

    • coloforadam
      I Love this, just when we think we have felt it all, Adam Keeps surprising!! He always will! I Love it too. It is never ending EXCITMENT!! i need to get things done around here and just can’t if this keeps up! I am still glued to everything thing he does!!

      Yep! His Golden Birthday will be epic!!

  12. leilani aloha says:

    Yes, Like Adam often says, people here loves to dwell on negativity:(
    the media, especially ” showbiz tonight” 🙁
    Find them really annoying!
    Loves to repeat negativity on celebrities instead of spreading the good news of thier arts &

    Lets not give any wasted energy on AMA, enogh already, such old news, for those who cannot handle Adam can always change the channels.

    Remember Madonna, Cher, tDolly Parton, to name a few, the haters will want to tune in more about them as they are curious & nosy to want to know
    more about them, same is happening to Adam.

    No worries, Adam Lambert is an International Rock Star!!!

    Adam Rocks!!! We love your voice & your good looks & charm:):):)

  13. leilani aloha says:

    Yes, Like Adam often says, people here loves to dwell on negativity:(
    the media, especially ” showbiz tonight” 🙁
    Find them really annoying!
    Loves to repeat negativity on celebrities instead of spreading the good news of thier arts &

    Lets not give any wasted energy on AMA, enogh already, such old news, for those who cannot handle Adam can always change the channels.

    Remember Madonna, Cher, tDolly Parton, to name a few, the haters will want to tune in more about them as they are curious & nosy to want to know
    more about them, same is happening to Adam.

    No worries, Adam Lambert is an International Rock Star!!!
    We love your voice & your good looks & charm:):):)


  15. The AMA show???? What AMA show????? Can you tell….I’ve forgotten all about it!!!!! I wish that the interviewers, etc. would too!!!!!!

  16. Peggyt Glamb#453 says:

    I love listening to Adam and Ryan on the radio…they are always laughing and sounding so happy….Course Adam is a positive, happy person and I love to listen to him talk….and sing…Keep going Adam and make us all happy….Besides I liked the AMA’s but am tired of hearing about it……Will be glad when he tours or opens for someone…rather have him alone

  17. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    Hey Guys,
    Just got done watching Ellen and our guy was absolutely hotter than hot!!!! What talent! This man oozes sexiness! I am “strutting” round my house as I clean!