Adam on New Year’s Eve!

After Dick Clark’s ABC show cancelled Adam (lame), there was some speculation about where he was going to be for New Year’s eve! It even went up to the point where the owner of Upright Cabaret tweeted:

And let’s be honest y’all, wouldn’t we all loove a repeat of these stunning performances that are getting so many hits on youtube? And just imagine what it would be like when it is actually filmed with a proper camera.. Just look back at this, Adam on New Year’s Eve last year!

Anyway. No matter how good that was, times have changed, and now Adam is headlining Gridlock 2009 New Year’s Eve Bash:

Matthew Gavin Enterprises, TLK Fusion, Hollywood Studios International, Krome Vodka, and Paramount Rocks are pleased to announce the 5th Annual “Gridlock New Year’s Eve!!” Hollywood’s most elaborate New Years Eve Bash held at the world famous Paramount Pictures Studio Backlot in the heart of Hollywood. Four city blocks will be themed as four different New York City environments with a Hollywood twist. This year’s event will boast celebrity guests, a mind blowing Midnight Countdown and Fireworks Display. The event will Feature Headliner ADAM LAMBERT Live in Concert on our “Times square Stage” at Midnight all hosted by the beautiful Pamela Anderson!

Even though there has been some random gossip and buzz about a livestream available that would cover this event; nothing is sure yet and chances of actually seeing Adam televised on New Year’s Eve seem slim.. However, if you happen to be in the LA area, tickets are on sale on the website – quite pricey: starting at $150 for general admission. But, another rumor goes that Adam will get to sing 10 songs, so it might be worth it for the fanatics out there! 🙂


  1. cool(:

    • puteri abdul says:

      a year ago adam was bawling his heart out in a small packed room in upright cabaret ..
      his voice soars across the room, and gave his soul out to his songs and sings like there was no tomorrow..
      his gives a performance full of emotions, and even shed a slight tear in one of the song..
      he gives full of feeling to the songs as if those songs were his..
      beautiful renditions of melody to enter the year of 2009 ..
      and he sings to an appreciative audience without him realising what a turn around his career will be in the year that comes..
      little does he knows, that would be the last time he is going to be there with less anonymity, that after this, he is going to be so well known that “unregonized” will be a foreign word for him ..
      even the audience were pretty clueless that this young man is actually a budding star and is going to make it big..
      little does one know what was in store for him, and no one ever thought it will be.. a bright new found rock star that so many have dream of..
      and now.. a year later..
      adam is in a whole new league..
      in a territory that he does so well deserves it ..
      performing in a venue that maybe last year even adam would not even imagine..
      he is going to rock out the heart and soul to all those who is lucky enough to be there in paramount studio ..
      singing his own rightfully songs, with his own electrifying persona moves ..
      gone with just a piano accompanying him, but a full scale band that is going to rock with him ..
      gone is the small audience, but hundreds of people to applaud to him ..
      and may this will be the start of adam to set his feet in 2010 and may the year brings out the better in adam that would touched the rest of the world with his magic ..

      and today, with those dreams that have become a reality..
      adam is walking in stride, with his head held high ..
      and no matter what storm, hurricanes,or thunder that falls on him, no matter how high the tides he’s has to swim through..
      adam is going through it with hopes and confidence that there is always a bright glittery stars that will shine on him in his journey ..

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Wow Puteri, I just love your words. I can see Adam striding ahead to the next year, he is so fabulous, all will bow down at his feet, I would bow down at his feet if he would let me. I love that man so very much.

      • Puteri….Thank you again for your beautiful words. I love how you have taken us through Adam’s journey since those stunning performances at the Upright Cabaret. You put a smile on my face everytime I read your posts. As I said once before…you have a beautiful heart.

        Everyday more and more people are seeing and loving Adam ….Yep!!! 2010 is going to be massive.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Beautiful, beautiful!
        Oh the magic of life or better said the power we have to create the magic. This is why I love and admire him so much, to go so boldly for his dreams. And then to think how this affected US! When you gift yourself by living your dreams you gift other people with living theirs as well, empowering them to empower themselves.
        I so appreciate Adam for really getting his fans, that he does understand that we are stepping out their with him, I do think that it did make a tremendous difference for him that so many stood 100% behind him through all the controversy. Yes he has a strong character but even the strongest people need to know that they are loved. And those hauntingly beautiful eyes that communicate his emotions so powerfully, they are talking to us, saying Thank you, I love you too.

      • Well said. Love Adam! Thousands and thousands—–will swim up and down with Adam doesn’t matter what!!!!!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Puteri, I just want to crawl back into my bedroom w/ door closed & cry cry cry. MASTER ADAM singing in the little dinnerclub, singing w/ that big amazing voice, I just couldn’t understand why he as there. Why did he have to struggle? He is an amazing story, I look forward to seeing a movie about him. & I’m definitely reading “the book” when? That amazing human being singing so beautiful, so perfect, for me it’s almost like he was lost, but now he is found.”Amazing graze how sweet thou sound….” I don’t know why I just sang that but my heart goes back & remembers these times for MASTER ADAM . It all seems so surreal! I think I will go twat Upright Caberet , & let them know how wonderful it was for them to have such an magnificant entertainer in their club.
        I hope there will be livestream for the nye in LA, they should, unless it gets too crazy at those parties, but hey that might be exciting!!!

        • Lisette here..luv to all glambs an Kimber too ..pardon im still not in best health or id be here every moment I can..but wishing all a very joyeaux Noel,happy an healthy New Yer an i read toi sentiments..I too am saddened thet all for passe performance on AMA thet he’s non going to be on Dick clark Nyrs’s special ..There loss for sure as Adam from le commence of stepping on thet stage even from his auditions so many monthes passe on American Musiq Awards display unbelivable gift in same vein as so many legends an always I will mention Elvis..even if ther voix is diffarante styile they av similar qualities an resemblance always there..if ever Elvis had a son I still say can be estraordinaire artiste Adam both in his originalitie,diverse talentes as an actor,danseur,all arounde entertaineur,humanitiarian who adores children an has done so much for them thru his charities,etc.An al for censors as was Elvis banned abit from tv all for his petit swiveling of hip now Adam too..le monde is less innocente an as gone thru the hippie fleiur power genrations,sexual openness,freedom of press,etc,etc..An Adam has even apologized on many a show now..He deserves to be recognize for all his superbe talentes not judge on his nevre has Bowie,Jagger,Sir Elton taken such backlash as he..Pray new Yer will be kinder to our beau Adam an I know all his loyal fans as are we here will support,adore an luv him for always..J’etaime monbeau Adam..yu av always been an inspiration to us all an those future younge artistes who will come generation aftre yu..Wishing yu peace,luv,hope,happiest of holidays Luv always Lisette..An p.s. I do pray thet toi amies at Caberet Club can have some pull somehow an manage still to see yu televised even if in yur California surroundings via a segment an placed on anothre late night show..possible Conan,Letterman or othre network..Just Lisette’s thoughts if Adam yu ever visit here monamie tresbeau..All us glambs adore an luv yu so very much..J’adore, toi artistry,humilitie,honestie,sensualitie,sweetness still an always a voix d’angeli. this I’ll always say no mattre toi critiques..Many blessings for yu an toi famille an all glambs here too! Luv always plse bienvenue if Ryan Seacrest reads to S.west Nevada..oui Vegas will welcome as do I with open arms in future solo concerts..J’etaime toujours Lisettexoxoxoxoxoxo!!! Pardon for long note..had to espress this while ma computer is working!!1xoxo

    • Lisette agan..happy holidays all glambs gals an fellows an for our beau ange d’musique no othre then Adam..I av posted in details below Kimber how I feel about Adam an New Yers’ Eve performances anytime an anywhere as an old Sarah Brightman songs goes..anyone one emotion any true devotion ..I’ll always adore,support an luv yu for all toi honestie,artistry an a voix d’angeli..c’est vous monamie tresbeau …Adam J’adore,j’etaime always an pray somehow all us glambs can see yu somehow in yur celebrations of New Yer’s Eve..alrite?!An thenks for posting above CABERET perfrormances superbe an always will remain original in rare superbe Adam form..artisique,gentle inflections in his softer side j’adore this one very much.As well as his entire CD all style genres move to tears..Nappy health New Yer monbeau Adam always will adore yu so much as all glambs here can say! j’etaime toujours LisetteMarie in Nevada..plese av concert someday in new yer here!!!xoxoxo

      • Hi! Lisette…always love reading your posts about our adorable Adam. I hope your health improves very soon. Thank you for your kind, sincere wishes. Merry Christmas to you and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010.

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Merry Christmas & ahappy New Year dear LisetteMarie! It’s so good to hear from you , ae doing okay? I hope your health improves & gets bak to normal or close to it. Pain is very hard to take, It can definitely affect you mentally as well as physically. I had a toothache so bad i was callin dentists bfore 7 am in the morning.Now who in the heck opens up their office b4 7 in the morning?
        Love you sweet Lisette, good to hear from you, let’s hope for that solo concert of MASTER ADAM’s in s. Vegas! Mwah!

  2. AdamRocks! says:

    Man, wish I could be there!!! I hope that somehow it’ll be filmed so everyone can see it.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I just hope the same,Cindy. It will definitely be a great Adam show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Let’s get the Gridlock Show televised- we want to see Adam perform! How could you not televise such a talented performer????? Go Adam go!

  4. I am so envious of all the people that will be there, I have to be content with Adam’s video to bring in the New Year for me.

  5. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    A Live cast would be incredible…. I will forgo any other plans to watch… Oh I dont have any, that’s right!!! lol

  6. OMG! must..attend…

  7. Puteri,
    Great words from you..totally well said.
    I think ADAM IS GOING to “STRUT right to the top and he sooooooo deserves it….love ya Adam!

  8. I wish ADAM all the luck, love, success and fulfillment this coming 2010 and how he will start it with a BiG BANG at Gridlock. Someone commented that it was a better option for ADAM financially. I’m just so happy for him after being cancelled at NYRE. Love you, ADAM baby.

  9. Deb (Deemoonpie) says:

    If nothing else, maybe it will be recorded and released on a DVD!!! Then we could watch it over and over, rewind it, pause it…the possibilities are endless….a loaded smile is crossing my face even as I think about it

    Warm fuzzies and bright lights to all, especially ADAM!!!

    Deb (Glamb #381)

  10. Evette #419 says:

    I wish I could spend New Years Eve w/ ADAM. That would be the greatest gift! Even if it was only a televised performance. I was so disappointed when he was cancelled from NYRE. But it doesn’t matter when so many people love and want you. I knew ADAM would find another place to perform that evening. A bigger/ better place!! Break a leg ADAM!

  11. Hi everybody! I’ve been trying to get everything done for Christmas, so I’ve missed seeing everyone here as often as I usually do! I’ll be sneaking in and out for probably this next week cuz I’ll be getting my 93 yr old Dad in Pennsylvania and bringing him back up here for Xmas. I’ve told everybody how he watches ADAM on tv when he’s on just for me!!! Now he can see the videos/interviews that I have!!!! Bet he can’t wait!!! LOL I’m gonna miss you guys when I can’t get online!

    I am soooo happy that ADAM is headlining this big party in LA. I wonder if people will be allowed to bring personal video cameras to the affair. If any videos are made, it will probably be ones that professional media will make, and sell for profit. I know that I’d sure want to buy one if that was the case.

    I might be down in PA on NYE…If that’s the case, I won’t have my pc access to the web, and will be going crazy wondering if there’s a livestream for this big party! Otherwise, Lisa, I’ll be happy to spend NYE with you and the gang!

    I wonder what ADAM will wear NYE. I’ll bet he’ll be so glittery and glam, and be loving it!

    • hey jaberone, know what you mean about being so busy this time of year. Like you, I am trying to read all the new threads that have been posted. Thanks to everyone who keeps us up with all of this news! Jaberone, have a safe trip, you have me smiling at the thought of your Dad enjoying Adam, yay. Will miss you too!
      love and peace

  12. What do u think we can do to get this televised…?

  13. I am going to the NYE party and would like to hook up with Adam fans there. I heard some of the idolforums people (“Lambskanks”) are getting together. Anyway, if anyone is going and would like to coordinate, please let me know. Happy Holidays, everyone!

    • Songwriter I wish I could hook up with you for that concert. I wouldn’t mind the 150 charge. It is just too far away. Take pics if you can!

    • I am so glad you will be there and can share with us afterwards! Have a grandiose time!

    • Songwriter, Happy Holidays to you too! Lord knows if I was out there I’d already had my tickets bought. Oh yeh, everyone going to this great great NYE show have a superb time and throw Adam some kisses from all his fans that could not attend. And if you’re lucky enough, maybe you wont have to throw the kisses ,you may just get the real thing……………..
      OH HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I bet the owner of the Upright Caberat would have Loved for Adam to come back this year and perform. Imagine the crowd that would be there?
      Good for you Adam, being in your part of the world for NYE and celebrating with friends and family. You have sooo much to celebrate this year for sure!

  14. love the intimate setting=)

  15. New Year’s Eve with Adam would be awesome. Couldn’t we send a petition to someone or somewhere to make it happen?

    • Wouldn’t this just be the best gift we could give Adam for all the joy he has given us?!
      Though he moves on like a great trooper he must be so disappointed not to be part of the NY event. What a price to pay for being so out there with all you have inside you. Lots of people thought Adam was aggresive and angry looking the night of the AMA but yet again he was just expressing another deep emotion and was actually really vulnerable.
      Either way it will be LA and I just looked at the Gridlock website, Adam Is the headliner with a lot of young performers I have never even heard of so I am not sure who would bring this to live Television. Unless there is somebody out there who really likes Adam……..

  16. Although I abhor driving since I spent soooo many years driving into the boondocks just cuz people needed a visiting nurse, I will drive anywhere in CA or AZ or Nevada to see Adam perform live . Yet, there he was, in LA, and I missed him. I could cry. I think I will, bye.

  17. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Do you know how hard it is to sit here in the same room w/ someone who doesn’t understand you? I am crying so hard & yet so quietly that my hubby doesn’t hear me, the tears just rolling down my cheeks because I just love Adam so much. Never been in love, if this is what it is like. My heart just pours love for this man, & all I am going to get is a view from afar thru t.v. or pc. That’s what hurts. True love & never have it in my grasp. Call me obsessed, I don’t care, but Adam has truly stolen my heart. I will never forgive him for this.
    Adam singing at the U C , I knew if I played it I would get emotional, & sure enough my heart just melted. I wanted to stop listening to it, but I listened to him & then another so I stopped there. I know, we know, what an amazing beautiful person he is. The magic he put in our lives, only we will know his true being.
    Lyndsey Parker & others like her they may really like Adam, but I did not once see her have an emotional connection w/ the fondness of Adam. Yea, she is supposed to be professional in her interviews that’s ok, as long as she keeps rambling on about other artists or whoever, I will never be convinced that her love for Adam is the same love we have for him. There’s a lot of magic here on this site, there must be some reasoning why he hasn’t personally ackowledged our site. I will keep on believing in him that someday we will be surprised by Adam himself. I guess we just have to be patient. Good things come with patience.
    I guess it’s time for me to go to bed cause I’m becoming delusional again. I’ve od on MASTER ADAM. AGAIN!