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DJ JoJo Wright seems to loveee Adam and got his hands on him for another interview! He was hyping this interview on his twitter:

Big Day Today: Talking with @Timbaland, @AdamLambert, @TheStunners – AL Fans get ready, gonna talk hours about the AMA’s…NOT! (relax)
about 13 hours ago from web

Just got confirmation, gonna talk with @adamlambert tomorrow, any questions for him? Hit me up! Gonna be Good Times!
1:51 AM Dec 17th from web

And when it finally aired.. yeah. Short wouldn’t even do it justice. What did we learn from this interview? Well, the highlight was a thought over question, picked out of the thousands of questions that apparently came in: ‘Do you like Mac & Cheese?’ and yes, Adam does like Mac & Cheese. Another thing to add to the useless-things-you-know-about-Adam list. JoJo seemed to realize it was rather short and apologized on his twitter, saying there is definitely more coming up, so we’re holding on tight for that! 😀

JoJo uploaded a video of their encounter as well, check it out. Even though the better part of it is mainly concerned with how tall Adam is, it still makes for an entertaining two minutes:)



  1. “The Wall Street Journal” : The Adam Lambert Problem
    The most annoying “intellectual” piece of crap I’ve read in a long time!

    • You are absolutelly correct, complete and utter carbage.

    • This is so insanely blown out of proportion. Not only are girls not acosted for kissing on tv, etc. There is not a sitcom today – during prime time, on regular NOT cable television – with a married couple that does not have sex under the covers or imply sex, foreplay etc in the dialogue. Ray and Debra Barrone, Doug and Carrie Heferndon, Dan and Roseanne, hell the Simpsons – and they aren’t even real people. The list goes on and on and on – every friggin sit com. I’ve always wondered how the network gets away with putting this on regular prime time television when kids are watching. And kids that don’t know what oral sex may “look like” (because they don’t know any better) certainly know now, not because of Adam, but because the whole world is “talking” about it. Maybe they just need to shut their mouths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    AWWWWWWW!!!!!! IT’s gonna be okay MASTER ADAM!! Your album is doing just fine( could be better), & you have a wonderful video FYE. & You can sing too! Ohh!! Do people know MASTER ADAM can sing? Oh well, if they think spears can sing, I’m happy for them.LOL! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the interview,maybe.
    Are you a nail biter MASTER ADAM? That’s okay, I have a nasty habit too.
    Damn! MASTER ADAM is a great salesman! Sell that album!
    Oh! MASTER ADAM I can’t wait for that concet!!! I’m getting excited as hell !!!

    • kimber, I was thinking?? Adam let me bite your nail for you, poor baby, dont get nervous…..
      Concert cant come around fast enough. Lookin forward to 2010!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Oh did I mean “concert’ & not “concet”? I think I’m getting worse here w/ this editing shit. See, I’ve already had to make corrections.
        I know what you mean, I’m already having dreams about meeting MASTER ADAM at a future show.
        I am dead serious, SAVE!!!!!!

  3. “Because she is a girl,so it’s okaaay!” He is soooo cute.In EW,he so hot and sexy!Is he the same guy?How is one guy can have all that?Please tell me! This is ridiculous,I can’t help loving him more and more every single day! I love Adam Lambert sooooooooo much!!!!

  4. sooo it’s okaaay!!! How cute is that!!??

  5. OMG!!!! I can’t say this enough….what can I say about ADAM that I haven’t already said!!! How can a man so cuddly cute and sweet–be soooo sexy AND HE’S NOT EVEN TRYING!!!! He’s ala natural and looks like a million bucks.

    What a personality he has! Mothers and naysayers would love him if they saw this interview video!!!! They would be happy their kids love him so that they could enjoy him too! His giggles and laughs just warm my heart and make me love him even more …. if that’s possible!

    Dianne will love the tongue action!! I’m sure he did that just for her! As far as tongues go—it’s the best I’ve ever seen!!!!!! lol mmmmmmmmm

    I get such happy, warm feelings when I watch ADAM, whether being interviewed or singing. His positive attitude overwhelms me…I wish I could tell him how he affects my life!

    • jaberone, tell him, tell him. Concerts and hopefully meet and greets………….I remember telling him how good he makes me feel,and seeing that gorgeous face of his and smile saying “aaaahhh
      Thank You”” OMG I melted like hot butter……….So you get ready *************let his positive attitude
      elude into your body and think positive so you can tell him 🙂

    • Oh yeah….that tongue!!…and that smooshy thing he does with his lips right afterwards!………I’m melting……I keep playing it over and over again. He’s not even thinking about it; it’s just this absent-minded gesture, and he has us swooning.

      • Cris, I think he knows so many of his fans love his tongue and he is lovin teasing us, Oh Adam.
        I also love when he looks a bit scruffy, so sexy……………………………..

  6. oMG! that lip licking thing almost made me faint!! his tongue is soo sexy.
    He seems so real in this interview, So confident, sexy, smart and well spoken as always. Rock on Adam!

  7. Adam needs to spend some of his money on his acne. His face is really bad.

    • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

      Do you have some suggestions? I tried Retin A for a while, but it never did the trick. I also used an old standby Sulfacet R which acts by drying out the acne and sloughing off the nasty skin. That really unclogged my pores and prevented further acne. But sometimes acne is purely stress induced, some of the real absesses, so it doesn’t matter what you do, you are going to get those big pustules. What my Dermatologist suggested when you have those big Mother Fu……s is that you go to the doctor and have him lance them and squeeze out the pus. Of course, when you do that you have an open sore for a while and I don’t think that Adam can afford that. The other options is always external antibiotics on the skin or else the good old standby tetracycline. If I were Adam I’d try the tetracylcine combined with Sulfacet R. Anyone else have suggestions? Perhaps we could start another thread with our suggestions and if Adam is listening he can get all our wisdom on this issue. Anyone have some facial products or regimens they might recommend for Adam. Let see how we can help him out with this!!!!!

      • LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Elizabeth, either you have never been on this site before and you don’t know that Bruce is a total jerk or you ARE Bruce and trying to keep crap going.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Not sure if I’m reading this right, but I think Elizabeth was being a bit sarcastic to Bruce.

      • Accutane is what my Son was on for Acne in the 70’s. He started with a face that looked like a strawberry it was so pitted when he hit puberty. After 4 months on the Accutane, his face was completely clear and smooth as a peach. It does have drawbacks , or at least it did then. You have to have blood tests once in awhile to mke sure it doesn’t affect you liver, but that;s no big deal. My Son is married now, and has never had a reoccurance. That stuff was a blessing. I’m sire Adam has the money to get the best care now. Think he would be insulted at the suggestion?

  8. adamtastic1877 says:

    “but she’s a girl. So it okaaaaaaay!” lol adam. i loved the wway he said that 🙂 and i liked when his tongue was sticking out when joj said to buy his album or you’ll be a bad person!

  9. Bruce ……..just look how far he’s come with bad skin!! Imagine Bruce how much more we will like him with clear skin…buddy!!! Not.!!!!!………..we love him no matter what and if his skin turns you off what are you doing on this site anyway???

  10. I loved this video and how supportive Jojo is for Lambert. Adam has changed lives and he is going to change even more. He sends so much love and is getting it more back. You get what you give. The freakin lady with the negative article, got back what she sent out…hatred…she needs to learn a lesson, the sooner – the better. On the skin health comments, I am mom at age of 40 and still have occasional skin problems, more in winter and more when I eat chocolate. Applying antibiotics externally, like open up the pill and put some of the powder, dab it in drop of water and apply on the problem area, The best thing I suggest for everyone is Raw – Green food – chlorophyl is what makes our bodies alkaline, processed and cooked food makes us acidic. Alkaline means immunity. Drink green smoothies, one needs vitamix blender for this, 50% kale, rest bananas + what you like, change the green every day, next day swiss chard, spinach. First meal should be raw, at least 60% raw is great diet. Another way to add chlorophyl to your diet is drink 1 teaspoon Green Barley powder or Wheat grass powder with apple cider, twice a day. Chlorealla tablets are awesome too. My inspiration is a simple and smart russian author Victoria Boutenko, where green smothies video is available. I wish Adam and all other lovers would get interested in this, as this is for longetivity, and we want him to be healthy and fresh for all of us, Adam lovers.

  11. He was a great sales person. And whe. He licked his lips and bit his finger. Cute cute hot hot sexy sexy. That is all I can say

  12. Irisita69 – you are sooooooooooo right. She should be writing for a tabloid, not the Wall Street Journal. She is a crap writer and not a journalist. With all the horror in our world and country, wars, hunger, mass killings in Africa, high unemployment here, global warming, etc etc and this idiot writes about Adam being a problem?? Give me a break.

  13. Proactive works great for some people. I am sure he has tried everything.

  14. How sexy is that thick, gold link chain around his neck?….who else could pull that off and look smokin’ sexy hot and not gangsta? Adam OMG..the lip/tongue action, the finger bite, the laugh, the “so it’s okaaaaaaay” I watched this video 10x already and I am going to send it to my lil cuz who is also in love with him…..ahhhhh I’m melting 🙂