Adam Levine Apologizes to Adam Lambert and the Loyal Legion of Lambert Fans!

Are you one of the fans who felt anything from annoyance to utter outrage at Adam Levine’s comments on The Voice the other night? It seems from the comments on the previous article on this site that we were in the minority. Well, take heart Glambs. Seems that Levine has now apologized and has given us respect, via E! News.

Levine says, “the one thing you should know Adam Lambert, you have a lot of fans out there that really support you. And God bless ’em cuz they just raked me over the coals on Twitter. They were pissed off and I like it. I like that dedication!”

I love it how Levine respects us as fans and appreciates our devotion to Adam Lambert! You should never feel ashamed of supporting your celebrity so strongly that it brings out the emotions. Haven’t we spent more than 2 years supporting Adam Lambert’s rights to be who he is? Well, we get that same privilege. Just remember we’re adults and need to act accordingly – with class and dignity.

Let’s understand what the real problem was. The issue never was that Adam Levine didn’t know the song. It seems unlikely, but it could be true. I took umbrage to the ridiculous idea that if he’d never heard the song, why would he say Nakia sang it better than the original? That’s just a stupid thing to say. I now feel justified by the following video. Hope you Glambs will also! And one final word to Adam Levine – – – all is forgiven. You’re back on my “cutie” list! πŸ™‚

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. absolute dedication we feel for Adam!!!

  2. Glamity58 says:

    No big deal for me, not worth watching. We got some activity for Adam and maybe they’ll let him sing on the show……WWFM. Actually I hope he has a new song out soon. Some showy ballad or rock song.

  3. Janette sauer says:

    Yeah, I was one of the many who raked him through the coals. Yes I was upset by the comment that it was sang better than Adam. It was a horrible rendition to it but none the less, all is forgiven. I have always been an Adam Levine fan. I’ve been to many Maroon 5 concerts and he is a fav. Good going Adam!

  4. I still think he’s an idiot…….and having never watched the show, all i can say is: Who the hell is Adam Levine”?

    • I absolutely agree…he’s an idiot…how could a guy in the music business like him not know who Adam Lambert is…that was just a SNARKY comment by a jerk…

  5. I’m so happy about it, Adam Levine …you’re back on my “cutie” list too! XD
    Regrads from Chile!

  6. From what I read, Adam Lambert wasn’t upset about Adam Levine’s comments. I think perhaps Mr. Levine just spoke without thinking … anyway he has apoligized now & it’s really cool that Adam Lambert’s fans “raked him over the coals” on Twitter!!!

  7. lambertini #520 says:

    Adam said Nakia Probably sung it better than the original singer- not that he did sing it better than the original singer. Oh well- semantics. I find it hard to believe he never heard that sing though! He also said he never heard that Script song! Is he living under a rock?! Lol. Well as long as our baby is ok with it all- so am I. I’m glad Levine apologized though! Haha! He’s hot so it’s all good!

  8. Well, I don’t forgive that easily. Just say your sorry and all is forgiven? How about apologizing Adam? I also didn’t like the way Levine scored 65/35….. the other coaches didn’t do that. That to me was pretty low. I really think the girl should of won.


    • mistype…..How about apologizing to Adam Lambert?
      thats what I get for not reading before sending… πŸ™

  9. maryann says:

    At least Levine had the decency to acknowledge that our Adam Lambert has so many dedicated fans. If that is what he calls apology, then fine with me…

  10. Catemarie says:

    Under what rock has Adam Levine been hiding under musically? Seriously!

    To never have heard Adam Lambert’s hit “Whada you want from me?” My God it was nominated for a Grammy!! As a voting member, wouldn’t Levine at least listen to the nominated songs?
    Then he had never heard The Script’s song “The man who can’t be moved”? That’s crazy-they are very well known and really great songs.
    I still like Maroon 5 and Adam Levine is a cutie of course (no comparing Adam Lambert-he is gorgeous) but I gotta tell you, I saw Levine as a little immature on the show. I was disappointed with his statement about Adam’s song-it was rash and an unnecessary thing to say-but it was a big of him to apologize, even if it was because Adam Lambert’s fans are so LOYAL. Hats off to you Glamberts!
    We love our Adam Lambert, don’t we? I can’t wait for a new tour, so I can see my “hunka burnin love” again!

  11. eriskay says:

    Ha ha ha……I’ve been playing it over and over, as I love the part about the fans. Yes, we did rake him over the coals. Yes, I felt the same way. How can you compare two singers if you haven’t heard the other??? Levine was disingenuous, and he didn’t realize the fan base that Adam has. Adam must have been LHAO at all the commotion. Nevertheless, we tweeted Levine until he was sick of us. He probably apologized to get us off twitter! I’d do it again, if anyone dissed Adam Lambert. Mr. Levine sure knows who Mr. Lambert is, now!

  12. Crystal says:

    I think a great move on Adam’s part would be to have Adam Lambert as a guest singer on The Voice,,hehe,,don’t you?????

  13. Yes, I was very upset about his comments; because I don’t think anynone sings like Adam; he is my idol; and I thought; I really don’t know who Adam Levine is either!!; but thanks for the apologies; and yes we glamberts love Adam!!!

  14. Granny Gari says:


  15. justin brent says:

    join me in sending a message to The Voice letting them know that the only way to rectify levine’s
    thoughtless comment is to have adam lambert perform the song on the show. if enough people
    complain it just might happen!

    • Adam Lambert is busy trying to get his second album finished and released. I think it will be wonderful when his fans get to hear new songs and the public who may not know his work are introduced to a fabulous vocalists. If we could get out of this eye for an eye mode it might work more to his advantage than to have Adam become known as the rock star with “devoted” fans who take every little thing to the Nth degree, thereby becoming Pains in the Backsides. Trust me-that will not win new fans and it is a detraction from the man himself to always have this petty little pack running around his ankles like a pack of rabid ferrets. I correct myself-ferrets are fun loving creatures. So, as to telling The Voice how to run their show, issuing conclusions and demands, I vote NO. If enough people complain, we are, again, the pack of Adam fanatics who complain. Stop embarrassing the guy already and let him do what he does best!

  16. JRZGRl1 says:

    Please….again with feeling….y’all are taking yourselves WAY too seriously. I love love love Adam Lambert but this blind fanaticism/anger is beginning to feel pretty old to me. Last Idol season it was directed at Siobhan Magnus, this year it was James Durbin, and this week it’s Adam Levine. Adam Lambert doesn’t need this kind of defending. He’s fine the way he is, we all know how wonderful he is. End of discussion.

    • Sharron says:

      I’m with you, JRZGRl1, some fans of Adam’s (not all of us, obviously) take things like this too seriously and try to make life miserable for their “target”. This week’s target was Adam Levine and yes, he made a dumb comment that made absolutely no sense. But IMO, his faux pas was not malicious and did not deserve the intensity of the wrath that was visited upon him. When OUR Adam says it’s all good, let’s try and go with that; he sure does not want to be known for having crude or vindictive fans. Or as they used to say in the olden days, don’t sweat the small stuff. Save it for something really important, something that could potentially hurt our boy’s career, not a dumb remark by some guy in a band who is judging a TV show.

    • Adam Lambert does not need defending, true, but it’s not the end of dixcussion. I doubt Adam Levine would have apologized to Adam, if not for his fans tweeting. Had they not,, we probably would have heard from those who didn’t tweet just how awful Levine was, and that he should have been called out. That’s usually how it works. There’s no need for you to take the high road, as you never did anything.

  17. Thank you Mr. Adam Levine. We are some of the millions who took offense at you saying you had never heard that song, but your statement that he probably sang it better than the original singer was way off base. Gary Giles actually wrote the song, but the first time we heard it, Adam Lambert sang it and it was very Glambtastic!!! The other guy was ok, but in NO WAY did he sing it better.
    Glad you manned up and made things better! Still fans, but 4-ever & a day Adam Lambert lvrs, Rita & Donna πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  18. you know i adore @adamlambert fans so much.. this idol.. graduate.. runner up.. is no runner up.. he is the measure of future idols’ success.. adam lambert knows his stuff and his fans know his talent.. yet he is classy.. and so are his fans.. yet loyal.. and will immediately defend our precious idol.. always.. yeah!

  19. Well, Levine had to address this but, I’m sorry, did he really apologize or just justify what he said? And, in the end when he says ” They were pissed off & I like that” oh & then realized he should add “I like that kind of dedication”. It just seems to me he tried to make another underhanded comment. Oh, & Shelton got a dig in too but it wasn’t as obvious unless ya know he’s married to Miranda Lambert & Adam “dissed” her dress the time he was on the red carpet being an interviewer! LOL! But, Shelton is pretty irrelevent in the scheme of things! But, as far as his fans, yea, we can be overzealous when someone goes out of their way to diss Adam but just remember….when in the early stages of being on Idol & those photos came out, no one was able to have his back (no twitter then) & then towards the end of Idol when on Fox News, O’Leilly made a big deal about those pics & ranted about him being gay, etc, etc (I don’t watch Fox but I did read about it)…he was alone on that too…no twitter! At least not like it is now! Well, twitter can be the devil but it has its plusses too! Personally, IMO, I think both Levine & Shelton had these comments ready before the show….I think it was premeditated for some unknown reason but they felt compelled to say it. I mean, really, Levine’s comment made absolutely no sense cuz he was lying. Lies never make any sense! Maybe Levine heard people were excited about the Christina/Adam Lambert duet & then found out it was Christina/Adam Levine duet & it didn’t go over as big! Shelton said that Nokia sang it like he was on an award show only he sang in tune (referencing Adam’s AMA performance.)

  20. Glamberts Rock!!!! Don’t be talkin’ trash about our Adam or you will be sorry! Love the dedication the Glamberts have for Adam. He is one lucky guy as we are all lucky to have him in our lives!!!!!

  21. you’re forgiven adam levine…….i am now a fan of yours once again……but i would ditch you again today if you blast adam lambert……

  22. you’re forgiven adam levine…….i am now a fan of yours once again……but i would ditch you again today if you blast adam lambert

  23. Adam Levine should understand that we feel for Adam…. like a tigress to her cub. If Adam is hurting…. we are also hurting. We are sensitive, and probably have been sensitized…. because Adam could still be down-trodden by some society values.

    We accept his apology, because he’s just human and is also entitled to his own choices and opinion.

  24. scootersmom says:

    It’s really this simple: Just don’t diss Adam. We are always there for his best interests, and will absolutely not tolerate any form of mistreatment of our Adam, even in jest. Just don’t do it! We’re here, we’re many, and we’re watching!

  25. ………… and also because, Adam has elevated his art, to a certain degree of perfection…. his fans revere him like no other artist before.
    ………….and it was just unfortunate that Levine had unknowingly trod on some sacred ground.

  26. I love you Scootersmom. WWooww. Can you be my Mom too ?

  27. First Levine said he was NOT sorry…..then all of a sudden he’s all apologetic???….Seems to me someone let him know that Glamberts are a huge force that could cast their votes on The Voice against his team…..he’s not stupid!

  28. Very hard to believe that Levine had never hear of it since it had a Grammy nomination. I’ll give him that much. But to come out on TV on a very popular show and say that the contestant probably sang it better than the recording artist was way out of line and not smart at all . He should know better. I read some time back that even Pink said our Adam sings it much better than she does. That’s a true fellow artist that honestly appreciates and acknowledges other artists work.

  29. jhoy2theworld says:

    Adam Levine shouldn’t have said that comment if he hasn’t heard our Adam sing it. I watch the show and when I heard him say that, I said, “You are very wrong, Adam Levine!!! Watch out for the angry mob!!!” But I accept his apology. That was big of him to apologize in front of the cameras. My daughter and I were huge Maroon 5 fans even before they became big stars. So, I’m still a fan.

  30. Adam Levine was a jerk for what he said and I didn’t like his half-assed apology, either. I am also just not a fan of The Voice to begin with.

  31. As a big fan of Adam Lambert, I was pretty shocked when Adam Levine said he wasn’t familiar with the song – or the singer … but I like Maroon 5, and I’m not one of those who would boycott their music because of that incident. I think fans who are so incensed that they launch an attack on anyone who doesn’t share their adoration of their hero are immature, and may be doing a disservice to their “idol” ~ in this case, Adam Lambert. A more mature approach migh have been to suggest to Levine that he give Lambert a listen, because he might be impressed.

    I must add, though, that I was totally open to the “lambasting” of Perez Hilton, after he orchestrated a (seemingly NOT innocent) one-man wrecking crew to put out a largely-erroneous image of Adam Lambert “crashing” Lady GaGa’s party a while ago. That was just mean-spirited; I don’t believe for a minute that Adam Levine’s “diss” was intentional.

    Technology is such a wonderful thing, but its downside is definitely becoming all-too-apparent. With all these modes of instant communication, people just lose themselves in their newfound mass-ego-trips, doing and saying whatever comes to mind, without thinking about the effects.
    A Lambert fan who would rather love his music than attack others for not loving it

  32. Catemarie says:

    I want to say why I was disturbed by Levine’s comment:
    1. I do not believe he had never heard the song-it was a way to distance himself from his comment
    2. How can anyone in the world say “I am SURE” that Nakia sang it better than the original artist? That is the stupidest remark I have heard by a judge. Does Levine have a crystal ball, is he all knowing, is he psychic or channeling musical ghosts and critics?
    Yes, I am with you-I do not like anyone saying anything bad about Adam Lambert, because I adore him, BUT Levine is entitled to his opinion-right? But it was just plain very immature, rash, idiotic, irrational, stupid thing to say! And when really you think about it, not really a complement to Nakia-because Levine could NEVER be sure it was better than the original.

  33. i wish hes 2 album go to stardom straight away.i hope not working with same producer again,i will slap him hard.

  34. razmatanian says:

    This is already an out-of-date comment, but to me, Adam Lambert IS The Voice and I don’t see how more people don’t realize that. Our Adam does his OWN backup singing, hitting those high notes that are usually performed by backup singers for Nakia and most other singers who profess to be “singers.” Our Adam is the total package and I find it difficult to watch singing talent shows…nobody sings like Adam, nor do they have the capacity to sing like Adam. After watching Nakia’s performance (I don’t watch The Voice) a minute ago, I had to go back and play Adam’s performance of the song. He’s just so good to hear and watch in comparison.

  35. Nelson Savoie says:

    I will support Adm with out a dout the best singer in my life time and want to here more of him every
    chance I get. When I get lonely I play my CD in my care put the top down and listen to the most beautiful voice I ever heard that only him can sing. I am never give never let go and never stop listing
    to Adam Lambert sing. Like I feel I can’t get enough listing his album. I hope he sing some songs like on American Idole and for as I know at 65 you had me when I first heard you. Love to hear you sing your heart and soil the wano body can. Levine you got to learn think before you put your foot in you mouth. You need realy now your muic if your going to be a good Judge and that is not the only probem you have. I have to say Adam Lambert I hope you have somany hits that they will all want to hear and see you like my self do. Hope you come back to New Orleans very soon for a concert.

  36. Don’t mess with the GLAMBERTS !!!

  37. Well I really don’t think Adam Levine should bash Adam Lambert even indirectly because he does not even come close to the singing talent that is exceptional by Lambert!!!
    Further, how do you not know that song and who sang it?? IT WAS nominated for a Grammy!!!! And I thought Adam Levine was at The Grammys!!! Too bad they share the same initials in their name!!

    Yeah I agree he was told by the show to apologize so Glamberts do not stop watching the VOICE. I also agree re: Levine should sing the song live and see if he is any better!!!

  38. ianaleah says:

    Adam was nominated for a Grammy (male vocal) for the song, soooooo……….. No excuse, but apology to fans accepted. Now go listen to Adam Lambert and get a clue.

  39. Glambert #575 says:

    Aaaaaaah, as a fellow Adam Lambert fan, i admire everyones loyalty to our favorite singer. Still, if our Glamour boy had said it about another singers song, i think we’d be jumping in in his defense as well. I don’t feel Adam Levine made a mistake. he was supporting the Voice contestant and trying to make a compliment. So he didn’t know Adam Lambert. He does now. how many times have we made inoccent remarks only to discover we didn’t really know the facts and if we had we probably wouldn’t have said what we said. Jesus wasn’t perfect either. Adam Lambert fans are forgiving, loving, caring, supportive and full of heart. One of the traits we love about Adam L. is his sweet, gentle nature. I am kind of taken aback by so many negative comments. what if someone called you a “hater” from your comments on this matter without knowing you? I’m just saying……

  40. Glambert #575 says:

    I don’t believe Adam Levine needed to apologize. In fact, I think we need to apologize to Adam Levine for being so harsh. I’m sure I will get a lot of flack from ya’ll now! Adam Lambert… me out!!!

  41. cas2003 says:

    I did not like the comment made by Adam Levine and I am glad he “apologized”. Maybe he had heard the song, maybe not… but I agree with Anne and Sharron. If we push too hard on Adam’s behalf we could hurt him more than help him. Who is more big hearted and forgiving than our Adam? And maybe Adam doesn’t want to perform on The Voice. Please let’s support him by buying his music, watching his videos, and attending his concerts. Keep it positive – he does!

  42. Hi, Ianaleah….. so good to hear from you. I just miss the other Glambs in this site.

    • Hi dainty! I always read all the comments here and especially appreciate your heartfelt and beautiful posts. I don’t write that often because I am a very slow typist and also my computer is not a very good one. Sometimes it won’t even let me sign in when I want to post something! But I have been coming here since AI8 and love Adam just like everyone else here. I also miss many of the Glambs that were regulars at this site. Maybe when Adam releases his new album, many will be back. Sure hope so!!

  43. πŸ˜€ I’m glad he apologized. He was being nice to that one guy and I can understand if words just flew out of his mouth at the time.

  44. Adam Levine has a rare illness called foot in mouth disease. He can’t help that his super elevated ego makes him say all kinds of s*&t about everybody. It’s unfortunate, or maybe not, that the Glamily got riled so fast and furious. If they are going to pay you big bucks to be on TV then learn when to speak and not to speak. On the other hand, it got the show a lot of press, and he did not want the guy who covered WWFM to win. So, who knows, it’s all show business. Thought it interesting that Randy Jackson took a jab at the Voice, calling it gimmicky. To each his own, I suppose. Don’t expect me to be a fan Levine, you lost my vote. OT hope Jlo doesn’t return to Idol…I am so completely sick of her and her self promotion. Well her career got a hugh jump start. And btw, the Voice isn’t hurting those people either. Maybe Christine, I am such a Diva, can restart her own career. Did I come here to rant? Guess so!

  45. tweeterpie says:

    There were a number of songs that Adam Levine said he had never heard before and that really surprized me, since they were all hit songs and he’s been in the biz so long.. Maybe he’s just a narrow listener of others music, but that seems strange since he seems to be so interested in finding new talent. I predicit this will peak his interest in Adam Lambert and he’ll check out some of his music. Who knows. maybe he’ll end up being as big of a fan as we are. It’s all good…though I must admit it did annoy me when I first heard the comment.. Way to go Glamberts…Give em Hell!LOL

  46. I love Maroon 5, and I was very disappointed that Adam Levine made that comment; however, he did back-peddle and redeemed himself.

    I read somewhere that Levine doesn’t listen to the radio. I think if anyone is going to judge a singing competition, they should be fully aware of what is current in the music industry, like Randy Jackson. Randy knows songs that I didn’t know existed.

  47. Adam Lambert was not offended. He handled the whole thing well. He was more than capable of handling the situation.