Adam Lambert’s Wango Tango Videos

WOO-HOO, If you weren’t excited before, YOU HAD BETTER BE NOW!!
This is only the beginning of some 2010 summer memories that will last a lifetime.
Bring on the GLAM NATION TOUR!!


@adamlambert~Wango Tango! I love my Band and Dancers!!! Thank you Monte, Tommy, LP, Cam, Brooke, Terrence, Taylor, Sasha!

@adamlambert~I love my fans who showed up to Staples tonight! Next up: THE GLAM NATION TOUR!








KIIS 102.7 Interview:







  1. grandjag says:

    Adam is just this look too! the vocals are wonderful,,wonderful, can’t wait for the next concert…bring it on!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I think we are ALL counting down the days…


      • cheryl 334 says:

        HEY, SUE!!!!! FYI, Just heard on tv that Adam will be on Ellen tomorrow, Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Ellen loves Adam!

        Love-Peach-Truth-Light-Joy 4 Adam!!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more! He looks and sounds amazing as always! Just read where he’s been getting rave reviews for this performance and was one of the only performers who sang live and not to a track. Can you believe some of the WT performers actually lip-synched??!! Horrible!

      On another topic…is everyone voting for Adam on for best male idol? Voting ends tomorrow then the fan voted best male and female compete for best idol ever. Vote Adam as much as possible!

    • Navygal09 says:

      I Like Adam as well but anyone who loves him in these pants are crazy the were hideous on MC Hammer and they are not working for you honey

    • Navygal09 says:

      Ok over all that night bad choice in pants from red carpet to the stage. He was right in that interview those first set of pants made him look like he crapped his pants

    • I just love his style he is really right up to the minute with it!

  2. Love the new hair style! Not crazy about the harem pants, however.

    • i 100% agree…love the hair and face but….not sure about the pants…it hides what he has lol

  3. excellent !!!!!

  4. These are some horrible photos! 🙁 where are they from? *goes to watch the videos*

  5. those were wonderful! So incredible.

  6. Vocalsrule says:

    I didn’t go to this because I would have had to sit through all the other acts. How irritating to have those text messages in the background. Sorry folks, inane thoughtless words bore me! There are professionals on that stage making magic. I can’t wait for the Adam only tour this summer with his handpicked friends and no idiot box people on the video!!! Love Allison, love Orianthi, Adore Adam and the Band and Dancers!

  7. Hope he doesn’t do much else to his hair…it is so beautiful…80’s pants I do not like so I cut the video off at the waist and just look at him sing……

  8. Glamitup says:

    Embracing all that is Adam! Love him! Incredible!

  9. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Actually he kinda has that Russian Cossack look with the boots; the total look is HOT and again so creative! His voice is stellar; thanks so much for posting so we all can share in the excitement that is ADAM!

  10. gran4adam says:

    The hair is OK but do not like the harem pants:( His vocals are superb and he is SPARKLELY 🙂

  11. adamfan says:

    What a performer!! Always puts every ounce of his heart into it!

    Glad to hear all the cheering. Couldn’t believe more people weren’t
    dancing wildly to Fever, some actually leaving and some empty seats!
    Put me in there! The Vancouver audience could teach them a thing or two!
    Come back to Vancouver, Adam!!!

    I love how Adam always changes up the outfits, but don’t think he’ll make a
    habit of the harem pants, tho it’s amazing you can still see the GB! haha
    I like Adam’s hair down sometimes and wondering if he can still do the emo
    style with this new razor cut on the sides.
    Also glad the dancers are only in for some of the songs as they really
    cover up the band – to I liked these outfits much better.

    It’s so great that a year after Idol, there is something new pretty much every day to see
    about Adam. Woo hoo!

    • mandytwo says:

      It was sort of a dead crowd but I think the people that looked like they were leaving were being told to go back to their seats cause they were all up near the stage. What do you think adamfan?
      I wish I could have been there to liven up the place. I am in Hollywood, Fl and nothing coming this way so far. I would love for him to play at Hard Rock in Hollywood. That would be a dream come true for me. I think when it’s just ADAM performing the crowd will rock with him.

      • ianaleah says:

        I noticed rows of empty seats at Before Adam’s set -then when Adams name came up and stage rotated forward, the seats got filled, people moving looking for seats. Adam got the crowd. The outfit is a popular hip hop look in LA and all MCHammer fans sure like it; I;m not used to it, but I still like Adam in every costume he wears, he always looks fantastic and sexy. I think he looks erotic with the new haircut and since someone mentioned the Russian Cossack look, yeah, wow, sexy for sure. Adam has totally rocked my world. for over a year now, and he still surprises and amazes me. I can’t wait for The Glam Nation Tour. I’m so excited.

      • libraglam says:

        Yup ! That dead crowd must be other artists fans ! Glam Nation Tour will be THE BEST! cuz ALL of the fans will be there for ADAM and we will party/crazy at the same level/intensity. I went to youtube to watched other artist at Wango Tango…they bored me to death !! ( I tried not to be BIAS…) as soon as ADAM appear…it’s REAL MUSIC for me !! ADAMAZING as ever !!

  12. Sue, again our gratitude for bringing us this trememdous performance. He always knocks it out of the park. New hair look is great!. I think he’s trying to get beyond the Idol look. Just sayin, time for him to move on and on and on!!!!!

  13. EternalGlamNation says:

    Those people in front who aren’t moving must just be stunned into immobility. I would like to think that if I have the opportunity to witness Adam in the flesh, that I would be just rocking out, but then again, he’s so absolutely beautiful and amazing that I, too, might just stand in stunned silence and awe. Either way, I hope I get the chance to find out. Thanks, Sue!

    • When I was so lucky to be at River Rock in Vancouver I did alternate between giddy “OMFG I can’t believe I’m really here and he’s only 10 feet away” totally pumped dancing and stunned, in a trance, awe. It was a roller coaster of emotions. The crowd was so pumped and the positive energy was palpable. I loved the way total strangers helped each other get a little closer to the stage and saved each others’ spots for quick trips to the washroom. We were like one big happy “glamily”. You are all in for a treat when you see Glamnation. I am hopeful that our Adam will come back to Vancouver…I know he had a great time at River Rock!

  14. Is anyone else picking up on the “ICE ICE BABY” vibe ???? hahahha! I’m showing my age. I’m glad that Adam is always pushing the fashion envelope but doing it in a way that is all his! I’m not a fan of the pants (wasn’t in the 80’s either) but who cares???? He looked and sounded fabulous! I can’t wait for his tour!

    • Ha!, yeah DD! I was thinking MC Hammer myself….. you cant touch this! Dah dah dah dum, dah dum, dah dum – You cant touch this!

      • REDSTAR040665 says:

        Yep, I agree. I was thinking Vanilla Ice haircut and MC Hammer outfit. I am not sure how I feel about the pants. I like his glambulge showing. lol. Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer I think were early 90s. Oh well. I love the the suit jacket.

  15. Can’t wait for Atlantic City!

  16. cheryl 334 says:

    DD………………..Yeah, I had far-off memories of ‘Ice’. (Very far-off) I love Adam and all he does. He is the best there is. I did think he seemed either a bit tired, or maybe under the weather. Something was a little ‘amiss’. Anyone else sense that??:)

    Sue, you did your usual perfect deed for all Adam’s fans!!!! You rock! Thank you!
    Love-Light-Peace-Joy-Truth-Happiness 4 Adam

  17. seaflea3 says:

    Adam is always surprising us and changing it up….I LOVE the way his makeup complimented his hair… hottt and so cool. These pants are all the rage in Europe…Adam is actually way ahead of his time…look forward folks, not back to the 80’s….he is SO FIERCE !!!!! LOVE IT !!!

    • buffy522 says:

      Agree with the make-up and hair. But both performance and interview, baggy pants? You know we like ’em tight, fashionable or not! So you see where my head and eyes are! Loved it all.

  18. Magiclady says:

    This man is the sexiest human I have ever seen- man or woman!! I am obsessed!!

    I don’t think he was off, I think the crowd made him a little nervous. So glad there was so many of his fans there to dance and cheer even tho a large part of the crowd that likes Hip Hop and Rap was not real receptive to our beautiful Adam. How can your body not move to Fever!!

    Would have liked to be there, but spent my money on GLAM NATION in Orange county! Can’t wait! Harem pants, hair cut, whatever! 8th row- I want to be able to see those eyes! Off to the side for Fantasy Springs and couldn’t look at that full frontal view!

    See you at GLAM NATION!!!!!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MAGICLADY…………………You say you think the ‘crowd’ was ‘off? Well, that is probable it! I knew ‘something’ just didn’t seem right. Others have said that people were not dancing and liked hip hop, etc. That says a lot to me. I could only watch from these vids, but he was probable responding to the corwd, who might have been better for him. Why go so far in a performance if the crowd didn’t seem to be that much into it? Dumb asses! I would be happy if he just sat on the stool and hummed a few bars!!!! Don’t have much to say about the pants, really. Gave a change for the bb to get some well needed air! Bouncing around, ‘free as a bird’ probably felt pretty good to him!!!:)) I know it feels good to go without my bra, so I’m just sayin,,,,,, Well, I justs had breast reduction surgery so it feels really good to go without now!!:) Makes me feel like a teen again. Freedom!

      I will say one thing I’d like to see a change in……..his hair. I wish he would wear it down more often around those gorgeous eyes and let it be a little messier and sexier! I love his hair down better.

      He is working himself hard, tho, as he said. He never complailns, so the remark about how hard this gig is speaks loudlly!!! I also would like to see his eyes with no blue shadow, for a change. The blue shadow takes away from his uniquely sexy eyes, I think. A little liner, fine, but use all that shadow sparingly so as not to be too redundant and predictable. I KNOW he doesn’t want that! I also would like to see him alone for about s45 min or more, just to help him relax and helpl him to get rejuvenated:):) Justs want to bes of service! My life would be complete then. Guess I’ll die without ever knowing that incredible feeling, like the rest of us……………………..sob………..sniff.

      Peace-Hope-Love-Light-Happiness-Joy-Rest 4 Adam!

      • retrogrrrl says:

        Cheryl honey, you and every other cougar on this site would DIE happy just have Adam alone for let alone 15 minutes!!!LOL

        • cheryl 334 says:

          RETROGRRRL…………………………….ahh……………… know it:):)

      • libraglam says:

        I read somewhere that eventhough there are other artists’ fans that night who did not respond to ADAM music but ADAM also gained some NEW FANS who never heard of his music. That is a way of marketing too ….esp. for those who are “hard” headed and never got exposed to ADAM music before. This is a chance for them to find REAL MUSIC !! It’s time to convert to ADAM music ! YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. juliette says:

    Beautiful! I do love his hair> The pants are fun, but I love him in tight pants. It is more sexy!
    He’s got it why not flaunt it> I will see him in Toronto on June 19, I am so excited.
    I hope I can give him a hug and may be if I am very lucky a kiss.
    He will always be my Romeo

  20. Ima Ramorah says:

    was expecting him to break out with a McHammer tune or do a running man..those are AWFUL pantlets
    still no texas on the glamtour

    • I am totally with Glamitup, embracing everything…. Do I think the pants are sexy, no not really but does that matter, absolutely not.
      For me Adam is a nonconformist, a true artist in every sense of the word. He is the Salvador Dali of today’s music scene. True Artists don’t care what other people think of them, they break through all the boundaries while they keep bending rules. stretching our imagination and going beyond our expectations.
      This man is so daring it is crazy and he pushes me to care less and less what others think of me which I experience at as a true liberation.

      I do love to read all the different opinions!

      • Micki (Glamb #535) says:

        Very well said, Irena! I never thought about it like that before. I read your post, thought about it a few, and re-read it. And I totally agree 100%. I really like what you said about making you care less and less about what other people think of you and it being liberating.

        Again, I never put it into that context, but it’s true for me too. Adam’s said several times how he doesn’t like when people say they like a look but they wouldn’t be able to pull it off… As a teen Punk was new & not in our hick town yet, and people thought I was weird wearing zippers and safety pins as jewellery, & colouring my nails w black or blue Jiffy marker then putting clear nailpolish over it to make it look like nailpolish. (You could only get ‘normal’ colours in our drugstore.) No one got it. Later I left all that behind and moved to a big city & have watched the youth with envy at doing the goth styles that have since emerged, wishing I was still young enough to pull off that look. But I thought I was too old.

        Since Adam’s been on the scene, I’ve gotten the courage to actually go goth, and when I go out I usually do goth styles now. Usually bordering on glam-goth make-up, but still more goth. And it is liberating. VERY, VERY LIBERATING!!!

        So yeah, although I hadn’t thought about it in that kind of way before, I do agree with you 100%. Both on your definition of a true artist, and that Adam is one! And I love how Adam is helping to liberate us!!!

        • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

          Maybe that is one of the reasons (of thousands!) that we all love Adam so much; there is a part of me (and probably most of us) that would like to be so free, to be all that we really are, and be totally confident in the way our Creator made us. Adam is a true free spirit – so comfortable with who he is. He inspires me not to be afraid; to express myself more openly , truthfully and creatively. And that VOICE! That is freedom in all its glory. Live Life Adam, you inspire us all!

          • so well said. The youth of our world really need Adam right now. If he gives just one of my students or one of my own children the courage to feel confident in themselves, and to not be afraid of who they are….wow. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world, Adam.

  21. What the heck is wrong with all of those people…walking around…not paying attention…not dancing..? Yikes…that is VERY upsetting to me…very !!!! OMFG.

    • I think because it wasnt just an Adam concert there was a mix of people there, not just Adam Fans, but that is great exposure for him, I guess. god if I had a chance to see him I would be focused on every sound and sight.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      DITTO!!!…………………….MARADAM!!! How rude to be so rude!!!! Get with the agenda, or get out!

      Don’t be disresplecting our Adam!

      He was there for his fans, be respectable to them also, We are watching how people treat our rock-god, and it bestter be at least courteous!!! At least!!! Or get out and make space for some real Adam fans! There are millions around to fill any empty spaces:)

  22. u rock that show for real love love love it stay up friend

  23. cas2003 says:

    Gotta love the make-up! Very creative!

  24. FlamingoLady says:

    Loved the performances but loved the interview even more…he’s “low maintenance” in an age of over-the-top performer demands. I hope he always retains that amazing humility and sense of humor…that’s even more attractive to me than his looks…and I LOVE his looks, baggy pants or not!

  25. Adam looks fantastic no matter what he wears and the Harem pants showed off his hot sexy
    dance moves because they move with his body. I like his razor cuts too but I still like it when its
    down and spikey better. Fantastic job Adam and I’m still waiting for news that the Glam Tour
    will come to Texas.

  26. The pants may be from the 80’s, but that doesn’t mean a thing! He pulled off a new look using fashion from the past! As far as “hides what he has” NOTHING could hide what Adam has!!!! Thanks to Sue for all the work you put into this site!!

    • hi Cheri, are you the one that was out back at Fantasy Springs getting autographs and hugs from Adam? If you are, please, please, please tell me how I can see the picture you took or send it to me I would be forever grateful to you.
      you are right, nothing could hide what Adam has :-). He looked gorgeous as always!

  27. Well, I think the harem pants is exciting. Keeps me guessing where the GB is sided, left or right? But I think, it’s more on the left. LOL Yes, the pants allow it to tumble freely, like a bird that fly according to Cherry 334. I love the art he made in his hair, extending on the right side of his face as painting. Maybe, one day he’ll wear body paint while performing —- colored, luminous, glow-in-the dark, with glitters. But he could just look as simple, and I’ll still be blown away. I look at his pants, it’s looseness and freedom —- and it reminds me of little boys that play. Reminds me of my own 4 sons, from 6 to 10 years old who wear such loose pants after I circumcised them. He-he ! I understand Irena, because part of me is an artist. I got to be teased and laughed even by my colleagues. I was a 4th year medical student, monitoring my patient at the OB ward in labor at the hospital, but under my white smock gown, I wore my black leotard and tights, and had my ballet shoes on. That’s because in-between monitoring the progress of labor, I go to the conference room and practice my interpretative ballet as a special number for the next day’s Induction of Medical Society Officers. They think it’s weird ! Now, I really try to conform. Huh! But I have a permanent tattoo, and they laugh at that again. So, it’s just maybe limitations of our culture and art. What’s good also about this worldwide site is we learn from each others culture and we can identify with other artists.

  28. Are you kidding?????? THE PANTS ARE AMAZING!! The best thing adam has ever weared.

  29. Well I finally ahd a chance to waych the videos and I too sense that this was not Adam in his full Glory. The fact that he wanted to know who of his fans were going to be there shows that he knew that this was going to be different.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think he did great, his voice, his looks, he puts so much time, money and effort in this but this isn’t the powerfully, happy and radiant Adam who is connecting to his Glammies, Glambs and Glamberts!
    Having gone through a similar transformation as he did, from awkward and shy to bold and sexy when I was in my twenties, I sense that his heart was beating a little faster. Some of these childhood memories tend to be pretty tenacious….
    It is wonderful to know though that when he is totally in his element we are part of creating this space for him to be fully himself, it is a circle of Love.

  30. k. morgan says:

    I bet Adam out sung everyone that night….I loved the Meatloaf interview…when lead singer (can not think of his name) said Adam is the most amazing singer he has ever heard….

  31. adamfan says:

    I think some of us should go along with Adam and the band
    for the whole tour to be in the crowd and get the audience going.
    I would be more than happy to offer my services haha.
    (Tho I doubt they would need us – still just willing to offer our

  32. I think Adam is starting to lose his way. The new hair cut and makeup and costume are all very European and that’s fine in Europe but he is preforming in the U.S. I believe he needs to refocus on singing. Lose the dancers and bizarre costume and makeup and just sing. You don’t have to reinvent your self every week . Just sing

    • Adam is definitely not losing his way. He’s a performer and loves to entertain, in all shapes and forms. Don’t you remeber how he would change it up on American Idol? He’s all into doing different things, mixing it up and his excellent vocals will always be there, no matter how he presents himself. If you love Adam, you love him, just how he is. 🙂

    • I do not think Adam is losing his way! Are you KIDDING! He looks & sounds Freakin’ Amazing.
      The haircut is beautiful. Adam always says that he likes to do a full visual experience for his fans.
      Unless it is an acoustic show, Adam won’t be just singing. There will always be the outfits, hair, makeup, because this is Adam & he loves to do it up. And we love him for it.!
      These pants are not his best look, but his vocals are right on the money! Just incredible.
      Love the razor cuts & the makup. On him, almost anything looks good.

      • Adam losing his way? I have a difficult time seeing this.
        As a European who has lived in the US for a long time I really don’t feel that the way an artist dresses is inherent ot his/her succes on a certain continent.
        Being yourself is the ultimate succes.
        The Beatles and The Stones who were very controversial for their times always stuck to their looks and lifestyles and got Life Long Fame.
        Yes Adam’s voice is beaitiful and powerful but he is so much more than that and it is how he wants it himself.
        He is a showman and that is HIS passion.

    • Adamisamazing says:

      I love Adam unconditionally. He is my favorite entertainer of all time. I will enjoy him no matter what he does or how he looks. But, I understand kc’s point regarding just singing. Adam is such an incredible singer, that he doesn’t need to do anything but sing. He prefers to put on a show that is visual and uses his artistry to have different looks/staging. But, the point is, even with dancers, costumes, face paint, hair cut-outs, etc., I am still focused on just him and his beautiful voice. He is such an unbelievable singer/entertainer. And, if you strip everything away, you still have beautiful Adam (inside and out).
      This was just an opinion regarding his incredible singing voice.
      We are all huge and loyal fans of Adam’s and love him!

  33. If anyone is trying to get tickets for the Vegas show you can just call the Mandalay Bay Hotel. I had no problem,no crazy dialing or waiting to get through.The best part is that it’s general admission so for $45 you can get the best spots all you have to do is get in line early!

  34. Okay maybe I am clueless but what does GB mean? I know it has something to do with what is in his pants, just not sure what it stands for!!! I thought everything about him was hot in these videos!! Can’t wait for the GlamNation Tour, I’m seeing him at the Norva in Norfolk,Va. on June 30th. Counting the days!!!!!

    • Patrice80 says:

      Robin……GB means “GLAMBULGE”….Oh happy day!!!!

      • See you at the Norva!

        • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

          Going to the Norva too; Are you going to Backstage tavern for dinner before? They let you into the Norva early if you eat there that night.

          • I contacted the woman who organized it and she said it is too late… I will contact the restaurant myself.

            • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

              I reserved extra seats if you are interested in sitting with us!

              • I tried to call the Backstage Tavern and they are closed for remodeling. They will reopen around May 11th. We are driving 4 1/2 hours from the Baltimore area to see the concert and that would be a huge help to be able to get in early. I guess I will try them when they open! Thanks for the tip!!

              • Yes I am!
                If you want to email about the particulars my email is
                Thank you so much!

          • Thanks Mary-Ellen for the tip about Backstage Tavern. I called and got the last reservation!! Can’t wait!!! See you guys there:)

      • I Love it!!! That’s great!!!!!


  36. marsue1995 says:

    Anyone going to the Mystic Lake Show. Anyone know of any get together’s be for the show? I am going 1200 miles to be at that show and was hoping to meet some Glambs!!

  37. think I commented on the hair. LOVE IT!!! That particular look remimds me of a Russian Prince in a long ago novel or movie. He just needs to ride off on a white horse. He’d make quite the hero in such a epic. Know i”d believe it!!!

    • I like that visual. I think you are right, he would look stunning, dressed like that, on a horse.
      When Sting married Trudie Styler that is excactly what he did.

  38. We have to remind ourselves why we love Adam so much ladies…..its his singing and performing!! Not to mention that he is absolutely gorgeous!! So whether some like the pants or not, he is still amazing and always will be amazing. He didn’t “lose his way” cause he’s wearing harem pants that you don’t like. For the record?? I LOVE THE PANTS, I LOVE THE HAIRCUT, LOVE THE ART OVER HIS EYE AND LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PERFORMANCE and the performance is whats it all about! So there!

  39. I just watched all the videos for the first time and our Adam doesn’t look as happy as he was performing in front of us at River Rock thats for sure!! How can those people just stand there and watch without dancing and moving; I didn’t think it was possible!!!! He loves his “fan audience” much better; I am certain of that!!

    • mandytwo says:

      I think there were lots of teeny boppers there for Justin Beeber.

    • Absolutely, we gave him our complete, undivided attention, and he truly loved every minute of it, you could see it in his face and the happiness in his voice at River Rock. His fans truly give him so much love and energy, just like he gives that back to us. I certainly don’t know how people could wander around in front of that stage and not have their eyes glued to his every move. Their loss.

    • Were you down on the floor for River Rock?

      • Mo-Ski and I were just a few rows back from the stage, she was in row 6 and I was in row 9, on the left, on the “left center aisle”. I loved my seat, it had an unobstructed view of the stage , just about at eye level with Adam! Being a shorty, I decided not to do the floor ,as I might not have been able to see him as well, but also was envious of the people in front of the stage. Such a perfect venue for “Adam gazing” and just the perfect night!

        • My “seat” was row P. Boy was I ever glad they didn’t make us sit in our seats. The sound was terrible being up so close, but you can’t beat being just 10 feet away from our Adam. I will never forget the magic and energy of that night. I’m in my 40’s but I felt like I was 16 again! Thank you Adam! And thank you to EVERYONE at River Rock for the positive energy!

        • My “seat” was row P. Boy was I ever glad they didn’t make us sit in our seats. The sound was terrible being up so close, but you can’t beat being just 10 feet away from our Adam. I will never forget the magic and energy of that night. I’m in my 40’s but I felt like I was 16 again! Thank you Adam! And thank you to EVERYONE at River Rock for the positive energy!

  40. Watched the videos again and can honestly say I loved everything about his performance, including the pants. With his theatrical background he just can’t resist adding more visual interest and movement to some of his numbers, hence the dancers. Adam alone is more than enough for me any day but if he wants to have dancers, why not? The routines have improved a lot recently, which is a good thing! Sleepwalker was amazing (chills), hope he releases that as a single, would do SO well. Always love Fever, anytime, anywhere. Seems he is becoming more confidant in singing that song to the masses, I know he has worried about its reception in the US. I say just go for it, I for one am beyond caring what some small minded people think. I also love the hair, its fun and he looks gorgeous in anything. I’m sure the fact that the crowd wasn’t 100% Adam-literate might have caused a little glam-xiety for him but just think of all the new fans he must have attracted Sat. night. Am just counting down the days until Glamnation comes to Seattle!!! Talked to someone at the venue today and she said they have never seen anything like it, all the people that are calling desperate to get tickets (thankfully I have mine!), long since “sold out”, at least on Ticketmaster. She said she “didn’t get it”. I told her to be sure to go to his concert, and boy, will she get it then!!!! 🙂

  41. adamfan says:

    I also don’t think Adam is losing his way – I think he is “finding his way.”
    If you look at some pre-Idol performances and pictures like the Zodiac show
    and Burning Man festival, you will see his current ideas are still fairly tame for him.
    Adam is easily bored and likes to try out new ideas and fashion, lucky for us.
    He tried to keep things fairly subdued on Idol so he could stay in the competition.
    Again, lucky for us.
    His amazing vocal talent and friendly personality will always remain a constant and
    that’s what really matters.
    We can chat about who liked what fashion and what haircut, but it’s just friendly chatting
    because we’re just not already busy splitting the atom or having drinks on our yachts.
    We all just LOVE ADAM!!!

    • So True! He is so unique that he is blazing his own trail, not losing his way (with the occasional small bump along the way,) and I’m along for the ride because we never know what he has waiting for us around the next turn. An unenlightened friend of mine recently said (politely….) that he is “kind of out there” and boy is he (and in a good way), but thats why he is so special . I just said “Yes he Is, that’s what I love about him!” and left it at that…..for now….. All I have to do is watch my download of WLL from Fantasy Springs and it just reinforces my belief that Adam is a rare and wonderful artist and human being.

  42. I agree Mary H, that the WLL from Fantasy Springs, is really what defines the man. Whenever any fan feels lost on who Adam really is, they too should watch this video. Maybe, it’s not Adam who is lost, but a fan can, when distracted by Adam’s varying appearance and presentations. Some fans were also lost after the AMA. The open-minded once remained, while the others gradually found themselves, and embraced Adam again. I trust that Adam is even a better human being behind all these talents and glam. THAT’S WHY I LOVE HIM. I LOVE HIM ! I LOVE HIM !

  43. Adam, Those harem pants were a bit much. I love him for his wonderful voice and not the wardrobe. Give me the voice, the white suit and black shirt on Idol and I am in heaven.

  44. Magiclady says:

    Thank you for the definition of GB! I was wondering too. GLAMBULGE is a perfect description and it certainly keeps me mesmerized!

  45. Is anyone here going to Adams Milwaukee concert at the Riverside. If so where do you think the meet and greet will be after the show? Thanks for any help. This will probably be the only concert I get to.

  46. I loved Adam’s performances, as always. He is unique! I loved the harem pants too — it was so sexy the way they followed his movements. What’s hidden and mysterious is always more intriguing … anyway, love everything about him — his hair styles, fashion sense — everything – especially his beautiful voice – the most beautiful voice I have ever heard!

  47. witchyangel says:

    OMFG those pants are sexy. If I could be in Adam’s harem, I would! He can wear any pants he wants to, but I like him with jewels on those beautiful baby blues and dressed like a Sultan! What really blows my mind is that as a vocalist who’s sung in bands for years, I can’t believe how awesome that beautiful man’s voice is. And okay I gotta say I love his cute blond sexy vampire of a bassist Tommy too! Just had to ask to put the air conditioning on and my husband, who’s over six feet tall and drop dead hunky is sitting next to me and I think I’m gonna have to…

  48. I THOUGHT LOOKED AND SOUNDED HOT,HOT,HOT….:)I also like his hair down more




  52. I also love that Adam’s look fires our imagination, taking us away to the land of Alibaba and the forty thieves, with his Aladdin-look pants. The idea is to forget the mundane and the usual coat and tie look that’s associated with jobs/businesses and day to day living. We’re in for a ride in his magic carpet, as we ” escape” , to that magical land of the Arabian Nights. Wow, wish I were some Princess there too, got to be transported by the Genie from the bottle.
    Whenever I see Adam in some “look” or new costume, I can always see the child in him who loves to dress-up. For him it’s like play, and joining his play when we’re wearing the “GLAMB” look, is like chanelling the child in us again. Well, a little bit of Regression sometimes does us good.
    The paradox in Adam is, no one can be so other- worldly who is also so down-to-earth.

  53. Hey Mc Hammer theres your pants! lol. Girls i love Adam , not the pants but i love him for trying.. Been thru the 80s not wanting to go back.. But Adam sounds perfect as usual . I t makes me mad the people there just standing. do u know how badly i would have loved to have been there. Cannot wait til Seattle!!

  54. I think Adams right up to the minute with his style and he wears it well! Who cares what he wears with a face ,body, personality, and voice like he has! Gotta love him!