Adam Lambert’s VMA Snub

I was actually in California and Las Vegas to see the concerts in Costa Mesa, twice, and Las Vegas. I have been in withdrawals from posting though. As I sat down to start this post on Wednesday, my computer was attacked by a virus!!! I am now begging, borrowing, and even stealing time on other people’s computers in hopes to getting everything up to date… bear with me and as always…


~adamlambert~Congrats on ur VMA noms @keshasuxx! Rockstar! Miss u!

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Was Adam Lambert snubbed by the MTV Video Music Award nominations?
The nominees for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards were announced earlier today and featured a record-setting number of nominations for Lady Gaga (13), as well as nods for Eminem (eight), Florence + The Machine (five) and Justin Bieber (one … wait, one? That kid’s getting his own 3D biopic and he gets just one measly nomination?).

Here’s who didn’t get nominated: Adam Lambert. Members of the former “American Idol” contender’s Glam Nation are ticked off that he didn’t get recognized in at least one category for videos like “If I Had You,” in which he sports a mullet ponytail while rocking out on what appears to be the set for the “Twilight” movies, accompanied by cast members from “Moulin Rouge” and “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.” (I mean that as a compliment, by the way).

Of course, Lambert fans aren’t the only ones irked by the VMA nominations. Lovers of Rihanna (who received just one nomination), the Black Eyed Peas and Britney Spears are all voicing their objections in blog comments and on Twitter, where the hash tag #MTVFAIL is becoming more popular by the second.

Did MTV really mess up with this year’s nominations? Does it even matter? And most importantly, when will Kanye West Tweet about this pressing issue? (Could be a while. Dude’s on his way to Asia.)

Honestly, the VMAs are so ridiculous that it seems like a waste of energy to even bother getting upset by them. That being said, I have just one question: How on God’s green Earth did “My First Kiss” get nominated for anything? It looks like it was made in 1983. And no, I don’t mean that as a compliment.

By Jen Chaney | August 3, 2010; 2:50 PM ET



  1. Sue,
    You were SO missed! I’m as upset about you getting a virus as I am Adam’s snub. Hope it works out for you soon. Last week, I was in San Diego at his incredible concert and then I went to the one here in Arizona. I was on such a high, and so happy, and then I heard this news. This year, I remember thinking…well, of course, Adam will get nominated for a video or best new artist. His videos were number one for consecutive weeks on the countdown, and he is the most popular new talent in the world. Then, the announcement came, so naturally…I was feeling really sad about it. He deserves so much recognition and every award out there.. He loves making videos, and he did such an amazing job on them. Anyway, he was a class act, as usual. His time will come – and hopefully it will be a more prestigious award, He doesn’t need any awards to validate him as an incredible artist, singer or talent. His award is knowing that he is the most remarkable entertainer of our lifetime.

    • Very true indeed!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      LlAURIE, awwww thank you!! I am good to go again, I hope!! I was having withdrawal symptoms from not posting!!! Gotta have my Adam everyday or I can’t function properly…


    • So agree with Sue.

      … ” he is the most popular new talent in the world’ and ‘ a class act, as usual. His time will come – and hopefully it will be a more prestigious award, He doesn’t need any awards to validate him as an incredible artist, singer or talent. His award is knowing that he is the most remarkable entertainer of our lifetime.’ …………………………………………………………

      I also feel he truly will be a legend in his own time, maybe even to surpass Elvis, because I just know in my heart …. somehow …. that Adam walks a way different road, and by his nature will not succumb to the ‘dark side’ for want of a better term, and he can sing like no other.

      He sings of love, real love … uncomplicated, beautiful, and unconditional … for life. He sings of persevering, equality, of freedom of expression, of hope, wanting a better future for all, and yet understands, and can grieve with a broken heart.

      He also eats lot’s of greens like spinach, kale and collards, with tons of garlic, sweet potato fries, and likes them!!! Now that makes this old mother happy, and adds to my belief in his success. Taking care of his health is important …. a so needed example to be setting.

      Bottom line he gives this 64 year old grandmother of three … hope, joy, and even a willingness to get up and dance again. Wow, now that is something. I thank him with all of my heart for braving the publicity monster, and the incredibly hard work, to share that love with all of us … any who have ears to hear, a heart to feel.

      Another thing, I hear that Adam already has world attention … well, I feel he could sing on any stage, with any other in any genre, and hold his own. His voice is spectacular, to say the least. It is fluid, reflecting of environment, appreciative of response … never the same twice. Remarkable!

      Best of wishes to you, yours, and all of theirs, now and later …. an Adam Lambert fan … for life!

  2. all I can say is Adam sure has my vote by a long mile. I think he is in an all together different catigory, what do you think. he is special!!!!!

  3. Glad you’re back and finally had your very own “Adam” experience! You’re probably still tingling from the thrill of it all. Yeah, the VMA stuff sucks but I think in the end it won’t make any difference. Who cares about MTV anymore. Adam is the most interesting, diverse and talented new singer out there. Nobody’s got his talent. He’s a winner in every category in my book. Peace and love.

  4. juliette says:

    MTV Video Awards have lost all the integrity they had left. Snubbing Adam showed that
    most fans including me will not bother watching that show.
    I hate to think of the reasons that they have overlooked Adam.
    Adam has had great videos which have been #1 for many weeks.
    Adam is a class act.. He will continue to do great music which will be
    enjoyed by millions of people around the world.
    Let’s show him our support!

  5. buffy522 says:

    I’ve been waiting to post on this site but now am tired of blogging on this topic. I posted on MTV and let them know I would not be watching and would not vote. They are lame in the worst way. I went back and watched all of Adam’s videos, and watch everything on VH1 (never see videos on MTV) and truly find Adam in a league of his own. At least as good with WDWFM and way better with IIHY. It is business politics and who will perform, etc. But not even a chance to write in a vote. Is VH1 a competitor or part of the big music conglomeration? They have been very good to Adam and are always playing his music. Maybe this will be included on his E! Hollywood story! Ha, Ha. I saw ban MTV and their lame awards. I would laugh if Lady G did not show up to accept her “kiss her ass” awards!!


  6. buffy522 says:

    oh, and welcome back Sue, we really missed you. I think everyone is busy with concerts, interviews, videos and Glam Nation fun!

    Canada does it better.

  7. I agree that it was a snub and I really don’t understand because the video has been so well received. MTV voters recognized him with If I Had You video #1, #2 and now #4 – we are all voting to get it back up there to #1. It is just a shame that he isn’t getting as much recognition as he deserves. As he continues to show how much marvelous talent he has, he won’t be able to be stopped!!!
    Glad you got to see all those shows — I did miss the updates though and am glad you are back.

  8. Welcome back Sue, you were missed. Understand about the virus, they always come at the worse times possible. I spent some time and Googled Elvis–he was also one who did not win the awards he deserved. I remembered that his fans were always unhappy about these Awards not going to the King. It’s a true mystique–these awards and how they arrive at who is deserving and who is not. Not comfortable trashing those that do get them, but 13 nods for Gaga. That has to sting to a great many artists–she is not the only one performing. I sorta of understand Eminem, and his new album is very good. Keep reading where Susan Boyle sold 8 million copies of her debut album. Yes, it was marketed and sold at Christmas (very good marketing) but some type of nod would have been appropiate. I will continue to vote on VH1 daily and keep Adam on top where he belongs. I read somewhere where Adam is getting more press not gettting a nom then those who did. Ours is not the only voice being heard.

    • buffy522 says:

      this is my dead horse, but good song (maybe one of Eminem’s) and others, does not mean good video. And Susan Boyle? If he has a video, Jeez, I haven’t seen it doubt it would be anything. As far as her 8 million, she doesn’t attract the people who know how to pirate and just plain download from youtube. There is no way to measure that with Adam’s. I saw how many were being “shared” on a favorite pirate site (not by me!). Adam’s videos were all good, original, told a story and were voted on top forever. Just sayin and movin on

      • Actually, just wondering out loud how MTV picks their nominations? It does seem to me that many artists are left out of the mix for a variety of reasons. Gaga is huge in music right now. I personally don’t understand why, but there it is. Also, VH1 is an extension of MTV, who has been especally good to Adam. The Unplugged, showing part of it on TV, Posted, and quite a bit of hype for him this past six months. This says to me that they think Adam has the IT factor and is a star. Unfortunately, he has dropped to 6th place on Countdown, likely a response to his not getting a nom. The best response from us would be to quietly put him back to #1.

  9. AdamFetish says:

    I’ve been watching several times a day for you to be back! Glad to hear that you are OK. I was at the Vegas concert as well and can’t wait to see what you post for us. Thanks for all you do and I will be looking forward!

  10. GLAMB#577 ElianeBrasil says:

    Hi / Oi
    Welcome home
    I wrote for you on item “”Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01″”
    I hope you are happy for his memories about you on Oprah!
    Kisses / Beijos
    (Sorry my English)

    im done getting all worked up about it.
    im not watching it.
    lets hope he wins his teen choice award so mtv can kiss his azzz. O_o

    the vmas are a joke. said and done. i hope they get really bad reveiws.
    and Adam will keep entertaining and winning awards. Adam has too much talent to be on the “mtv doesnt know what there doing” awards.

    • buffy522 says:

      I properly didn’t vote in teen choice. But Sandra Bullock on every year. And Betty White? If they can be voted FOR, then maybe the older than teen should be able to vote. That little show is a joke also. All publicity. And the squealing! Can’t take it

      • i h8 all award shows. i just stated recently voting this year because of Adam ^.^
        yay for obessions : D

  12. Mary at the Lake says:

    Really feel that those awards are mostly some sort of popularity contest with a big dose of musical politics added…(I wrote this on another site too….) Adam is so much better than many of those nominated and will win other, more important awards in the coming years, and not just for music IMO, so this doesn’t bother me too much, really, other than the fact that he is fabulous and deserves to win 🙂 ….I have only really watched the VMA’s in the last couple of years so won’t miss watching them much….Lady Gaga (who I like…) has had a REALLY good year so it makes sense that she has many nominations….and Justin Bieber is so popular as well with the “younger people” (doesn’t do a thing for me…) so they were bound to include him… ( And Adam was so sweet to tweet his congrats to his good friend Kesha…..Just a very classy gracious guy…) .After all, MTV wants to attract those fans to watch their show… Maybe we Adam fans don’t have quite enough “clout” yet (but little do they know what a force we are…and getting stronger every day!!!) Not saying that I don’t CARE that he wasn’t nominated, but agree with others that he is in a class by himself…and maybe they just don’t know what they’re missing!!!! As a side note, if MTV took a poll to see how many tour shows each group of fans has attended of their favorite singer or group, I think they would realize what a winner Adam truly is: many of us have attended multiple shows in different cities around the country with more to come….how many of those other artists have such loyal and devoted (and well-travelled) fans….and how many have sold out their performances…..I rest my case…It’s all good…

  13. Lamchops50 says:

    Adam will continue to grow as an artist and superstar award or not. Love him to pieces as all his fans do. You’re a winner in our hearts, Adam!!!!

  14. Thank god that u r back…………..I am so upset about the VMA snub…We can rationalize as much as we want but NOTHING can justify Adam not receiving any nominations.

  15. Welcome back, we missed you! About the VMA’s…I went to MTV’s website and told them what I thought about not nominating Adam for ANYTHING. Maybe if enough of Adam’s fans let them know we are NOT happy, they’ll get the message. His fans are not to be trifled with! Anyway, he is NUMBER 1 with us in ANY and ALL categories!

  16. I was just blogging on Adam’s official site about not being nominated. “If I had you was #1 for weeks on VH1, then all of a sudden 2 weeks ago “airplanes” knocked him out of the #1 spot to #2. First of all…R U kidding me..RAP..Yuk! Anways…”Airplanes” is nominated. I am so sick of MTV. We should start a ban of MTV!

  17. Hey, my thought is to let it alone. Don’t bug VMA; they really don’t care. All it does is re-enforce the notion that Adam’s fans are fanatical and nuts. Sry, but that’s my opinion. Do like Adam does. Just go on with your life and keep enjoying Adam and his music. Hate and vindictivness doesn’t accomplish a darn thing. Be positive, support Adam…peace and love. Attend a concert even if you have to travel 1,500 miles. I did. The magic will be with you forever.

    • Caren, I agree 100% with you! Let’s move on – forget the music world or any other politics.

      Adam’s fans would do well to mirror his calm, polite and considerate attitude and just keep laying down the tracks for the good to follow -upward and onward! We, as his fans, are unique and dedicated to him…we should keep our level-headed reasoning about us always. We should not be known as crazies or nut jobs in the fervor of our support for him; but, as a force for good that has no equal in the fan world! As Mary at the Lake mentioned above, we may not have enough clout now but we are getting stronger by the day! If you consider the sheer demographics of his fan base – it is totally mind-blowing!

      In my mind, I would rather be known as the type of fan that is like the still, quiet, but strong running water that carries the same force that created the Grand Canyon! Meditate on the vision of water flowing around, over and below any obstruction! No matter how slow or fast the water flows it always finds its way! Quiet thoughtful action always trumps the loud mouths!

      IMO, this is building now as the foundation for a lot of social change to come. I believe Adam is setting the example – maybe we can become his Echo?

      • Farzana and Caren,
        I am SO with you on this!! Thank you for saying it so clearly. I’m following Adam’s lead with love in my heart. He is absolutely not about awards or even success. He knows who he is and he is on a journey of joy! He does not waver and we who love him want to bask in that glorious energy. It can’t be dampened by lack of award or heightened by receiving them. He explains that it is not what happiness is. I’m with him.

        I, too, see Adam as a vehicle for social change. It is no accident that he is forging his way into hearts that are crusted over with negativity. He is breaking barriers everywhere. And he knows that nothing matters but the love. I’m knowing it too.

        And, BTW, WELCOME BACK, SUE!!! Missed you, Girlfriend!!!!

      • why would anyone think that Adam’s fans are nuts and fanatical because they recognize a snub when they see one. It’s not fanatical to know that Adam’s videos are masterfully done and then to wonder why he wasn’t nominated for even one category…

  18. Cougar65 says:

    The ‘very first time’ an artist comes around that has “IT” got snubbed!!!!!! I will not be watching!!!! I AM SO UPSET WITH THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!!!!!! That’s ok Adam will sore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they will just have to eat his dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. YEAH!!! She’s Back The one and ONLY:0) COOL CHICK WITH THE 411 ON ADAM LAMBERT:0)I am So Happy You are Back and given us all the Juicy Details of your Incredible Encounter with the Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce:0) The Deal with the vmas they can SUCK IT:0) ADAM DOES’NT CARE SO WHY SHOULD WE. IT REALLY IS INSIGNIFICANT:) I WAITING ON HIS GRAMMY NOD THAT WILL BE AMAZING:0) SO HAPPY YOUR BACK SUE:0)XOXO

  20. MuchMusic video awards in Canada not only had Adam nominated but he was
    the winner!! (for WWFM) Yay!!

    • Judy Lushman says:

      I live in Canada and I am so proud to know that we appreciate him and his music so much that he won international video of the year, Yahh!!

  21. MTV just continues to prove that they have become an irrelevant reality show network. I mean, how often do you even see music videos on MTV? I stick with VH1 countdown and to avoid wading through all the mainstream crap I watch LOGO’s NewNowNext music videos to see Adam and Levi Kreis, etc. If you have cable LOGO is definitely worth a watch as well as FUSE. By the way, thanks Sue, Fernando et. al. We love you too!

  22. Can I tell you how wonderful it was to see the words ADAM LAMBERT in the subject line of my email tonight?? Welcome back – you were so missed!! I think I can exhale now…

  23. JoyousOne says:

    All I can say is heck with all these stupid award shows – they don’t know diddly squat about anything good. Adam’s video of “If I Had You” is the greatest – it’s fun, different, very appealing in so many ways, entertaining and put together quite professionally. I’m so tired of all the stuffy videos out there – they’re tired and worn out — Adam’s music and performances are fresh and very good. The public knows what’s good so we’ll just enjoy what he’s putting out and ignore these Award shows – who needs them. Adam — you’re a Star in our eyes. Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re doing it so right! Believe me – I’ve seen tons and tons of videos since MTV, VH1 began – I’m one of your older fans at 63 and am having a blast listening to you and watching you – music was dead and now you’ve made millions of people start enjoying it again – thank you!

  24. Sue so glad to have you back!!!! I was wondering what had happened!!! Dont know what id do without the wonderful friends on this site!!!!

  25. All I know is that America always get it wrong. They listen to trash music, they voted for the less talented and they simply aren’t capable of recognizing pure genuine talents from the lousy ones. We must have learned from what have happened to AI many seasons even before Adam.

  26. Sue so glad to have you back!!! I was wondering what happened. dont know what id do without the wonderful friends on this site!!

  27. Tina Glamb #654 says:

    Welcome Back Sue! MTV BLOWS..BIGTIME. I don’t watch it at all anymore, and haven’t for years. All they ever have on is reality shows, and B.S. Adam is # 1 to all of us, and that’s all that matters!! 🙂 The countdown to the INDY show is on!! Can’t wait for August 31st!!! WOO-HOO!!! 🙂

    Tina..aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT 🙂

  28. FlamingoLady says:

    Adding my welcome back to the rest, Sue…I missed my daily dose of Adam videos, but really glad you got to see all those shows. I only managed one in S.F. and I am so craving seeing him again. Re awards, as Daffyd commented, Elvis was routinely ignored by music industry awards despite his incredible popularity…or is it because of? Almost seems like a backlash for being successful. Anyway, who cares? Adam’s fans know how great he is and award him at every performance with their enthusiasm and love, and that’s gotta feel better than a statuette gathering dust on a shelf!

  29. The AMA’s have a tweet up about best video and Adam is listed.

  30. MTV has no right giving out awards for videos anymore….you have to play videos in the first place to judge them. I don’t even care, Mtv is such a joke. From the network that airs Jersey Shore….what so we expect? It can’t be much.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      YES! I remember the good ol days in the 80’s when my friend and I spent the better part of the weekend getting stoned and watching MUSIC VIDEOS on MTV! What a concept to show music videos on MTV! And as for Jersey Shore…I’ve never watched it but did watch some of the interview with President Obama the other day on The View. They were asking the Pres. questions about Popular Culture and they asked him if he thought “Snookie” should run for mayor of Wasilla.[?] He had to admit that he didn’t know who Snookie is. I wanted to call in and say, Don’t feel bad…she probably doesn’t know who YOU are either!

      I no longer get stoned and I no longer watch MTV. I love President Obama and I love Adam Lambert and I don’t think either one of them gets the positive press they deserve, but we will just keep spreading the love and being proud because of them…
      Peace, Love and Adam Lambert! Glam # 601

  31. And, what’s so great about Justin Bieber? He is for the preteens and early teens and he is getting so much recognition. Can’t hold a candle to Adam in terms of voice, talent, showmanship, etc. He is just being backed by some famous people. Also, Lady Gaga …not all that terrific. She just goes into her performance for shock value. Not sure about the talent otherwise. And, I will be glad if they stop comparing Adam to Lady Gaga….two different artists…..and Adam is far superior. I guess I am just frustrated when these other artists get the recognition and we are all so anxious for Adam to get his fair share. I am sure it will happen.

    • I agree. I think Gaga is Fake. Meaning it is all an ACT. Adam is all from the Heart. Even the days when it looks like he doesnt want to perform , he still gives his all. Honestly I am happy just to see and hear him singing. He could be laying down not moving, and he still gets to our hearts.

      • Haha!!! Your last sentence cracked me up!! Reminded me of a skit years ago on SNL, I think, where they parodied Perry Como. Was poking fun at him being the most “relaxed” singer ever and whoever was portraying him was singing while lying down on the stage. Lol, that was just the first thing that popped into my head! Anyway, what you said about Adam is so true….he certainly does own our hearts!!!

        • Oh, and add me to the welcome list for Sue’s return. Missed you, too!! Appreciate all you do for us!!!

  32. Still have two Right-side-orchestra-aisle seats for Adam at the Tower in Philly (Upper Darby). Contact me at if interested.

  33. Let’s not get wrapped up in all the award nonsense. Remember what Madonna told Adam: “Keep your eye on the prize, and don’t get sidetracked with all the other things.” VMAs are one of those “other” things.

    Adam is already having the last laugh. I rather see him win a Grammy, which I know he will win someday.

  34. Hi, This is my first time writing. I’m so glad you’re back. Will there be any videos of Adam at the Costa Mesa concert? I was there and only got to see him 5 or 10 minutes. I heard his glorious voice. I am vertically challenged (shrunk to4’11”). There were ginormus(a cross between giant and enormous) people. I went the first day to get the best seats and ended up in the last row all the way on the right with that big structure marring even the big screen. Just saw the movie, Elvis on Tour. In it the announcer asked everyone to please stay seated. I wish that would have happened at his concert. I did get to see him at Kissfmwangotango and the American Idol tour. I just can’t seem to get enough of him. He is my drug of choice. I’m old enough to be his grandmother. Just like many others, he evokes so many emotions, on so many different levels. I have never felt like this before in my whole life. It’s upsetting that he wasn’t nominated but Not all things in life are fair. We his fans know his talent! I want to join his fan club. Does anyone know what site it is that I have to post a comment? Help! Thank you for all the wonderful email and videos. They make my day!!!!!

  35. Sue: I am anxious to receive my GLAMB #…Lila suggested I email you. I think I have complied with all the requirements. Please let me know if I need to do anything else. Thanks.

  36. kd23morgan says:

    MTV is really a sub video channel now…Many more watch VH1’s channels, FUSE, and others because MTV seems to dabble only in certain types (rap, bubble gum pop, no one new. I get real bored with them. They do not feature up and coming artist….like Adam who is huge now. It is ridiculous to think that an artist who is sweeping the US with sold out, smash hit performances is not in their nominees..especially for What do you Want From me…..crazy. But Adam is not concerned…his sales are great and his concert is amazing..and he is are we…going to see him for my second time on Aug. 28th…can not wait. People who do not go to see him to me are fools and are missing out on an amazing artist…one destined to be iconic, as Paula said.

  37. i haven’t watched mtv for years and this is one of the reasons why. So out-dated and a stupid T.V. station. Who cares, Adam will prevail he’s just too awesome not to. Can’t wait till I see him august 19th and sept 19th

  38. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    MTV WHO?They jumped the shark years ago.

  39. MTV ……………. Hey what does THAT stand for ????? Morbid Television?????? Well, we will no longer try to get anything out of it any more………..Why don’t you just go off the air, no one would miss you anyway. A GREAT BIG HAIRY MOON TO YOU!!!!!!

  40. I just can’t understand the snub! I love the official If I Had You video! Anyhow, tomorrow is another day, and Adam is certainly making himself visible with GN tour, interviews and such. We just need to vote him back to #1!!!

  41. even tho you can say that MTV is a joke in the past few years… it still stinks that they are that clueless that they leave Adam out of these awards. He is the IT star of today AND TOMORROW. How could they not acknowledge that. Who the heck chooses their nominees..???.

  42. How could they not have Adam on???How rude!! I won’t even watch these award shows unless I know Adam will be there and apart of the action. He has come along way since the ama’s. If you have Lady Gaga, then Adam must be not far behind to the stage…You can have Justin Beiber???Give me a break! Let’s have some balance here…Who is running there shows?? Come out of the cave and listen to the people!! Go Adam!!! I’ll keep watching for you! We appreciate you!!!

  43. Lambert Girl says:

    I can’t believe that adam waS NOT nominated for any vma’s….without him the music world would just be a bore…i hope the VMA’s suck tonite because i am now not watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!