Adam Lambert’s VH1 Unplugged Masterpieces to Begin Airing Friday Night on TV

Just a head’s up: Adam’s beautiful VH1 Unplugged songs will start airing on TV beginning Friday, April 9, 11 PM Pacific. They will replay Saturday morning at 2:30 AM, and I’m sure multiple times over and over.

vh1 unplugged Pictures, Images and Photos

So, while there are some lucky Glambs seeing Adam LIVE in Canada Friday night, the rest of us will have to settle for this. Not too bad, in my opinion!

What’s that I hear? Is it the sound of all the DVRs/VHS machines being programmed?? LOL!!!

Check here for all the video versions.

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Victoria says:

    You guys are amazing at keeping me posted! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carol and Sue I love you almost as much as I love Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for all the info on our beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please let me know if there is a way to veiw some of the older stories that you guys posted?I havent been on this site long and would love to go back and see all the stuff i missed!THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

  3. I’m ready can’t wait:)

  4. If only they would play these on the HD version of VH-1 in my area!!!! Adam is beautiful in HD!

  5. tweeterpie says:

    I am thrilled that they are finally putting his unplugged performances on TV instead of just makimg them available on the website. This way I can be laying in the comfort of my own bed and watch him on my 42 inch Plasma. I’ll be drifting of into some sweet dreams. Oh Yeah!

  6. Whenever I see pictures of Adam like this, I feel like a doting Mom, ” Oh, there goes my baby.” AI was his incubation, and then he was hatched, and now he walks and travels, and just living his dreams. Sometimes he seems like a lover, sometimes a son — sure signs that he really connects to us women. His success will also be our success, his happiness our happiness.

  7. How can I get to see this show on tv in Canada???
    I live in Toronto.
    Help!!! I need me some Adam!

  8. i love your songs..I like you wearing black and blue outfits cause that color is my favourite..actually i like your appearance..i wanna to chat with you sometime and call..

  9. Virginia says:

    There is a new article: Adam Lambert Glam-A-Mentor
    By Kerry Kolsch | Published 4/6/2010

  10. Definitely be cheering for Adam in front of my tube! Thanks for the information.

  11. omg im setting my dvr


  13. Does anyone know when the Unplugged concert will be repeated this weekend? I only saw the last two songs last night and I so want to see Adam on my big TV!!!

  14. Adam’s VH1 unplugged was awesome!
    Hope he comes to Dallas for tour.
    Can’t wait.


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