Adam Lambert’s Upcoming Album: Bigger Than The Beatles?

This is what we’ve all been waiting to hear!!

Posted Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:24pm PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Reality Rocks

OK, I know that an inflammatory blog title like the one above might create an outcry not unlike the hubbub that ensued when the Beatles’ own John Lennon declared that the Beatles were bigger than God. But here’s a fact: Only a few hours after being listed on Amazon, Adam Lambert’s pre-orderable debut album is already at #2 on the site’s Bestsellers chart…above Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, fellow Simon Cowell-affiliated reality star Susan Boyle (whose own debut comes out the same day as Adam’s, November 24), and–yes–the Beatles.
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What makes this early sales feat especially impressive is the fact that no one (except for a few lucky industry insiders) have even heard any material from Adam’s album yet. While the buzz grows ever-buzzier with news of the album’s many interesting collaborators (Idol judge Kara Dioguardi, Green Day producer Rob Cavallo, Australian electro auteur Sam Sparro, glam-pop piano man Ferras, Swedish hitmaker Max Martin, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Lady Gaga producers RedOne and Claude Kelly, Nashville songwriter Aimee Mayo…the A-list goes on and on), and the hype surrounding possible lead single “Strut” is especially high, there’s been no Lambert single leaked online or previewed on the radio.

Conversely, American Idol winner Kris Allen’s first single, a catchy cover of the Script’s B-side track “Live Like We’re Dying,” has already premiered to largely positive reactions–but his own debut album, which comes out November 17, is still surprisingly only at #132 on the Amazon chart. While it’s safe to assume that Kris’s album will enjoy a stellar first sales week in November, and will probably even enter the Billboard chart at #1, it doesn’t seem to have the same pre-release buzz as Adam’s right now.

Clearly, Adam’s album is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2009. Some diehard fans have already ordered multiple copies. In fact, as of this writing, the only pop star Adam’s been unable to topple on the Amazon chart is Barbra Streisand…but hey, coming in second to the almighty Babs ain’t too shabby.

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Barabra who, Adam rules and deserves the fame.His vocales are great and all rest will follow. May he be safe and watch out for theives.

    • Besides, Barbra has been on the preorder list for something like 60 days. Wait and see after Adam has been on longer….

    • Hey everyone, just today on my way into work, one of our local radio stations: 93.3 made an

      OMG that started my day off to a very good start. Adrenaline is so pumped.

      Oh Adam you Rock my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • bonmatin all glambs thenks Carol for thes news..althout I somhow always reciving day late.Mary it’s apparent Adam’s superbe talentes from first teme onstage for AI season 8,summer tours,infinite interviews/on radio/tv an magique of satellite now has won him acclaim all over l’monde..An why he’s in category of legendes now as Barbara Streisand regarde record also sureli like Elvis,Beatles will be legende as I an so many av mentione here ..legende of millenium.Look forwarde to listening to thes masterpiece from Adam! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

        • lisette, Adam will be a legend wont he? Right up there with the other greats. He will be the
          greatest! I’m so looking forward to his master piece too.

      • Fox News Channel, “Fox and Friends”, announced that ADAM is breaking records with his upcoming album orders, above MJ, Beatles, etc.
        Then Juliette Huddy said that she just loves him. Great news, and not unexpected!!!!

    • yes their has! i looked up “adam lambert album songs” on youtube and his song “want” came up. it doesn’t sound like adam to me but i don’t know. i love adam lambert

  2. Oh Carol, I dont care if the blog title creates an outcry. I am so happy for Adam. He just has to be
    thrilled to death and feeling ecstatic.
    Just reading your title gets me so excited, cant stand it. November just cant get here fast enough.
    The wait will be worth it . Those collaborators probably couldnt wait to get a hold of him. Fresh!
    Thanks for the pic too. He is just so amazing. His hot ,cute,sexy ole self.
    His latest twitter: Home Sweet Home!!
    Sweetheart Adammmmmmmm.

    • I am happy for ADAM! The pre-order for his album hasn’t been up there that long, after 60 days, I KNOW that he will override Ms. Barbara and take the NUMBER ONE SPOT! He deserves it, and we all want it, so it will be so!

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      i know right?
      november will take a LONG time to come,
      but hey,
      we all said we were going to dread september 2 months or less ago.
      and you know what???
      october is already rolling around this thursday.
      so maybe that month will fly by as well.
      but in the meantime,
      let’s just wait and see how much HIGHER adam goes unitl then,
      and let’s stay posted for the singles and any other album news.

      wow….. i sound really mature here…. jeez im only 13 haha!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Mary, latest twitter now is he’s heading in to the studio with Linda Perry. Gosh, working so hard on that cd. It’s gonna be great! Can hardly wait!

      • Wow Helen, Adam is a hard working go getter. Thanks for latest twat.
        No wonder his dream is being fulfilled, how can a person not deserve it, when your whole self
        works towards it.

  3. Over half of Adam’s present fans fall into the babyboomer age range. There are multimillions of them! And they have buying power! Also they were raised on rock n roll, are more well-travelled than the young’uns and have a more eclectic taste for all types of music.

    Adam is all about ‘fusion’ these days. Fusion brings together all types of rhythms and cultures. I believe Adam is just beginning and that he will branch out and wow us all with his imaginative videos, his various musical styles and his other creative endeavours.

    On top of this he is a true Aquarian man with vision and humanitarian tendencies at such a young age.

    Wait till the young ones hear his album… yet more fans on the bandwagon which is now in danger of being overloaded!

    • Beautifull said, Theresa. Loved the babyboomer stats!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa..very lovli I too av mentione Adam being an Aquarian who is very artistique,a trendsettre,with his distinctive style an vocal range to singe many musique genres thet many accomplishe artistes are unable to match! An why his album has broken legende of millenium for sure!An always thout Adam woulde be in companie of othre legendes as Elvis,Beatles an now Ms.B.Streisand.Sure he’s over moon aboute thes news too!Bravo an many blessings to Adam! Hugs an luv to all here who adore Adam too …Lisettexoxo

  4. JUSTICE, at last proclaimed as one of the most formidable artist the music industry has ever had, he has proved his place among the God’s of Rock. His popularity is continually increasing, ADAMSTORM is the correct expression. I cannot express my feelings of how happy I am for Adam, he was robbed of a title which was always his. Once the single and then the album is released he will hit the charts so high that they will need to create a new level for Adam Lambert. I am so happy I have already pre-ordered my copies, they will disappear from the shelves of the music shop like gold dust. ADAM YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK THE WORLD.

    • Glambertcraze says:

      I agree with you one hundred percent. Watch out world, here comes Adam.
      Everything he touches is turning to gold (Glitter).

    • Lisette here..agree Toni an lovli post..So thes is what Adamstorm has been on twittre..I av seen thenks for explaining…I’m not here often due to illhealth lately.But always feel bettre visiting thes wonderful array of frends who adore seeing all his videos,photos an thes wonderful news is best meds anyone can ever wish for!An yes he was robbed on AI season..but perhaps is blessing in disguise,as he’ll av more freedom to do his own thinges,away from AI management..An thet’s what Adam has done actual from teme even on Amer.Idol..when there was disco week..Adam singe a toching ballad..typical Aquarian l’homme very diffarante,artistique an standing out from all reste of his Idol so thes is commence of many more doors to open,an sure album will be platinum one too! blessings an luv to of course l’ange d’musique…Adam!
      Luv Lisettexoxo

      • Hi Lisette, sorry to hear you are not well, it is always nice to read your posts. Yes, at last our Adam is showing what he is capable of achieving. I remember him from AI when he said that he is capable of taking a song and twisting it, making it more up to date, making it his own, how he is capable of giving the audience what they want (and he has certainly done more then done that much to our delight). Every word has now become a reality, he is a strategist, he has really worked hard to achieve this success, and we love him.

        Lisette I do hope you feel better soon.


  5. Update on Amazon numbers… Adam is now #13 on movers and shakers.. but # 2 on music ..

    • Sorry, Admfan!
      it might be a stupid question, but what movers and shakers are?????

      • Gala.. lol .. Hell if I know… it seem to have something to do with the action with that artist or program , or any kind of activity with a product or person… Somebody help me here !!! I’m new to this also Gala .. when I first clicked on the link that was posted, I thought it had to do with Adams pre-order status…. but I was wrong.. I just know he is number one with the mover and shakers and number 2 with pre-orders… If someone can explain it better please feel free to jump in here and help us newbee understand..

    • I tried voting on movers and shakers and also posted but it said I had to have made an amazon purchase. Not only had I preordered but I had a membership registration. Do we have to have paid for our cds? They have my credit card no.

      • Theresa, I don’t think they charge you on your card until they ship your cd.. that is how they have always done with anything that I have bought before..

  6. getting so excited by all this hype, also panicing a bet because as yet no news in nz, but i have our trusty jeanette on my team now. so i dont think i will miss out just have to wait a bit longer. dont think we are able to order on amazon either, dianne do you know anymore? I WILL TRY AND GET ADAMS MUSIC ON EVERY WAY I CAN, multiple medias.

    • Jan maybe you can get someone from the US to order you a copy or two? I just preordered mine last night. It would only let me have four.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Jan, you should be able to get it through cdnow which is attached to Amazon anyway. Last year when I tried to order David Cook’s cd Amazon wouldn’t let me, but I had no trouble getting it through cdnow. Not sure whether it is cdnow or, so if you go there try both. Plus it was cheaper getting it through them than having the record shop import it. The shop would have got it for me for $42 but I got it through cdnow for $35.00 and it only took one and a half weeks.

      Jan, I hope you are going to sign up to be part of our NZ page.

      • Hi dianne, have tried to sign up with amazon thru, says there is a problem try again later maybe its me, (not very good at all this) will get my daughter to have a look, Eagerly waiting for post to day!!!! Jan

  7. Hi beautys, you see this?? is Adam with a moustache!!!, link:,
    Silvana: where are you??, cómo podemos seguir molestando a los de RCA para que editen el album acá???, tenés alguna dirección de mail??, kisses to all.

    • marisa, thanks for the pics. If that is Adams new look, I lllllllooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee it!
      He is hotter than hot. Maybe these were taken in New Orleans??? Wristband on their wrists
      could be some kind of club they were in.
      OMG is he ever so handsome. Adam you never seize to amaze me.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Mary
        Lorrin posted these pics on the Are we Insane blog earlier this afternoon and noted that they were taken in NO over the weekend.
        Although he looks gorgeous, I’m not a facial hair kind of gal. I hope he doesn’t keep it. I love his beautiful face nice and clean!

        • Yes, Helen. I am not a fan of facial hair too…
          Hope he won’t keep this image long…
          Me and Emili were talking about these pics this afternoon… She asked me a question: how come his beard and mustache are not blond… I don’t know the answer…
          Do YOU know why?…

          • I noticed that too. He said in an interview previously that he wouldn’t have facial hair because it would come in his natural hair color. You wouldn’t think he’d want the hassle of dyeing facial hair! He does like to change his look up though. He’s always surprising us!

            • Yes, I remember that now… Well, mascara????…..

              • KO's smiling says:

                Eyebrow pencil / gel. 🙂

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Yes, Gala. I posted on another section that when asked about growing facial hair, he laughed and said, “it comes in the wrong colour”. I was surprised when I saw that it was dark because of that comment. I don’t know why it is. It’s not a really thick moustache or beard, so he wouldn’t be able to dye it. He should share his secret beauty tips with us! LOL

                • He does like to change his appearance, whatever he does it suits him, but I also prefer the clean look Adam, he has such a beautiful face he does’nt need to hide it. I hope is a temporary thing. It is good to see him havin some ‘me’ time to enjoy himself.

        • Hi girls, I love the new look. Oh sexy and hot. Maybe he thght it would be a bit of a disguise as
          he checks out the town. No such luck, huh? Everyone knows Adammmmmmmmmmmmm

          • Helen/Canada says:

            It makes him look dark and mysterious! This will test your age. Remember Errol Flynn, Clarke Gable! (I was very young LOL).

            • Yes, Helen/Canada, the first thing I thought of when I saw that flashing white grin and moustache was, ‘He looks something like a young Clark Gable’, and then immediately I also thought, ‘and he also reminds me of Errol Flynn in Captain Blood’…that’s why I said he could certainly play any pirate’s part to perfection, and he has much more ‘presence’ and far more of that ‘dangerous air’ than any other pirate I’ve seen on the big screen yet…he is just the type to play the most fascinating parts in the most fascinating movies..

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Hi Lorrin
                Thanks for your comment. It was driving me crazy because I couldn’t think of the name of the movie Errol Flynn was in. Wouldn’t it be great if down the road Adam was in the movies!! Can you just imagine. He would be fabulous, and that gorgeous face on the big screen!

                OK Mary, Clarke Gable was your MOM’S favourite!!! ha, ha! Are you trying to say that you’re too young to remember him??? LOL!

            • Helen, Clark Gable was an idol of my moms. She loved him. Modern day
              guys: a cross between DiCaprio and Depp.

    • Thank you for the photos, Marisa.
      Just like Adam can sing anything, he can take any look and still look totally amazing!

      • Thanks Marisa,
        Gala emailed that picture to me B4 and we talked about it!LOL!Thank you Gala for asking them that.haha! I know he used mascara for his eyelashes.Eyebrows??!!Maybe he dyed them.But beard and mustouche??!!Nah,he doesn’t have time to dye facial hair every morning.Sherry said maybe he’s in disguise so people won’t reconise him.LOL!Well I guess he disguise better than Clark Kent!LOL! HOW COME NOBODY KNEW CLARK KENT AND SUPERMAN IS THE SAME PERSON??!!COME ON!!! LOL!Unbelievable!! I don’t like guys with facial hair,I hope Adam will get rid of it soon.But this look,we’ve seen it before.He did it B4 he’s in A.I.If U guys remember,the one he sit against the wall.Like this one,right?Long hair with a bit facial hair.Sexy,not bad but I prefer clean shave 🙂

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Emili merci for sharing photo here..always sweet to thinq of me!As I am on here lot less,due to seeing Adam in m’email guise au not was like a ray of lit..taking away worries with labtests,an having companie too now…leaves me worn..So visite here to glambs Adam tributepage..An wonderful frends as yu sees me thru things..Hugs an luv always..yu’re very caring! Luv Lisettexoxo


        • AA, if no time for beard and mustache, then what about armpits?? arm hair,leg hair, etc.
          Maybe hair in those places comes in darker.
          Oh no, what about ??? Not going there.
          Its all good, we love him.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I’m with you AdamAddict. I like his nice clean, fresh INNOCENT look. But we all know he’s not innocent…….!!! Wow! I’m getting hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I love him as that sweet, innocent, open-faced, charming boy too, but my favorite ‘look’ for Adam is that searingly beautiful image he creates for himself with his hair swept back, and his entire face done in that fantastic and dramatic make-up…he is outrageously good-looking in some of those tour photos, with his hair flowing back, his eyes fabulously highlighted with black and sparkling aqua, the sides of his face, his brow, and his cheekbones so beautifully displayed. Adam is truly a master of the art of visual imagery, and he himself is the canvas on which he paints his creations, he has thoroughly captured our attention with his art, and we are always waiting to see ‘who’ he will turn up as next..

            • Alright girls.. As a person that has the same color of Adam’s real hair, I would say that not only does he have to die his face hair black , he has to do his eye lashes too.. Even his chest hair is touched up ladies.. I know what I’m talking about.. not only do I have that red/blonde hair, both of my sons ( in their thirties) have redhair.. look at Adams freckles.. He is a redhead/blonde. Any and I mean ANY hair on his body that looks black, is dyed !! I’m sure Drake can tell you it is red some place that we don’t see.. 🙂

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Gee Admfan1, thanks for that image! Now, how am I supposed to sleep tonight with that vision in my mind!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  P.S. He did state in an interview that he was a strawberry blonde. I love his freckles! How do you think he dyes his chest hair, it’s very fine. OK, ok, just asking, I know it’s weird, but I was just wondering…..

                  • Helen.. well, since I have never had to dye my chest hair, lol lol … I have no idea.. He probably has his eye lashes dyed though.. I have done that before myself.

                    • OMG,stop talking about his hair…that hair!! Because you guys killing me!Hahahaha,please someone stop me!Punch me,just punch me, I can’t take this! LMAO!! XD

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Marisa,

      I’ve found the phone number in their www page. I called them. No one know about this release. They would know only a month before.

      Thank you for the pictures. He looks great, even if I’m not intop facial hair.

      Kisses, Silvana

      • Silvana/Argentina says:


        I forgot to tell you, here is Sony not RCA (bought it). You can preorder it through amazon too, if you have a creditcard.

        Of course, i would like them to release the CD here so we stand a chance of a tour….but maybe it’s a long shot….


  8. I would love to hear his single. Come on EW, you did Kris’s, NOW its Adam’s turn!

  9. i love when lindsay parker and jim cantiello write and interview adam. barbra streisand’s album is out sept 29 and is 61 days it the top 100 while adam’s album has a very long way to go until release on nov 24. these are only pre ordered how much more when it is already released or when people has already heard it? he maybe bigger than beatles. and my prediction is he will follow michael jackson’s thriller sales

  10. Anxiously waiting for the DDay! I have no doubt it will be huge! The greatest album of a lifetime is Adam Lambert!

  11. Gala, about “movers and shakers” I understand less than you, but this maybe help you:

    • Thanks, Marisa
      I read it but still do not understand… I’ll ask my sis tomorrow She should know that… Or my brother-in-law will… He knows everything… LOL

      • Maybe those new on the charts, with fast rising sales?

        • May be, but movers … makes sense… move up the chart… … why also shakers???

          • Movers and shakers is an expression that means a person who is moving up and shaking up the world. In this case Adam and the world of music and entertainment.

            • Is it true or you are joking?…

              • I think someone told me that it means,the stuff is going well in sells,or that stuff was most wanted and search for.Something like that but it means good 🙂

                • To call someone a ‘Mover and a Shaker’ is a great compliment and an acknowledgment that that person is extremely influential in the world. A ‘mover and a shaker’ is at the top of the list of all people who are currently in the world making things happen. He is literally, ‘moving and shaking’ things in his and our world, that is the definition’s literal meaning. To call Adam Lambert a ‘Mover and a Shaker’ means that he is THE man to watch on the scene, and that he will most certainly be one of the most influential people in modern music history.


  13. E On Line just said Adam’s “Time for Miracles” may be eligible for an Adameny Award under Soundtrack!!!!!!!!

  14. The anticipation of this release is mind boggling and fans will be whipped into an even bigger frenzy when the album is released. Gosh can you imagine what’s gonna happen when the first music clip is made or a whole Adam “Strut” Lambert concert is released on DVD… Total Melt Down Worldwide!!

  15. VINDICATION, thy name is sweet.


  17. So let’s get those local groups going so some of the frenzy of the new album can be in your neighborhood!!! A few local groups have been added since I posted over the weekend. Check them out here:

    I’ll have a bigger update with a new post later in the week!

    Dana {CatEyes}

  18. Girls,
    I’ve just read the story from a woman who wanted to meet Adam…
    LMAO It is hilarious!!!!!!!!! It is very long but worth reading till the end!!!!!
    You know what???? I think I will admit that we Adam’s fans ARE crazy!!! But I like it!!!!
    Read the story… I promise you won’t regret!!!

    • I told yer that we all insane,crazy,mad,nuts,whatever they want to call us,Imma just okay with it because I am.I’m not shame at all.Actually Imma so proud of it!Haha,I’m proudly say, Imma crazy,crazy for Adam 🙂 So what??!! haha!

    • Gala, thanks for the reading. Way to long, I had to skip to the bottom, to read about her happiness.
      What a birthday present she got too!!!!!!! I would have loved to had seen her picture with Adam.
      That is a tried and true story of WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Great article Gala (although very long!) I was LMAO! That’s determination. Would have loved to see the picture though!

      • yes, it is long… I missed a part of her coming home…. but after…. poor Alison’s mom… But this HENCHMAN.. i know whom she is talking about… this long hair guy who was with Adam during the signing sessions… I remember him. He was very mean… I am pretty sure its him…

        • sorry…. not missed but omitted…

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Ya, his name was Ray. I called him Willie Nelson, because that’s who he reminded me of. I guess he had to watch Adam’s back (protect him from all the crazies!!! – not us though). It did sound in the article like he had some good moments. He smiled at her and said, “you’re next sweetheart”.

    • I loved that story. I could never do what she did, not enough courage, but sure would to try one day.

  19. Give it another week and people will go; Barbara who???

  20. There are several pics out there now from Adam’s weekend in New Orleans, with Drake, with a couple of girls etc.. he is very casual looking and laid back, wearing his toque (knit hat) and sporting a new mini-moustache and beard.

    • Theresa,
      Where are these new pics? Where did you see them?

      • Found them!!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Theresa or Gala,

          I can’t find them. I’ve seen only the two posted by Lorrin and then Marisa. Could you tell us please the site or give us the link.
          Thank you,

          • Hi Silvana,

            Go to adamistherealidol. but do as usual thre w in front and dot c o m after
            Sorry I just want to send this message without moderation

            • Gala, here you go. Looks like they are enjoying those nice big drinks!!!!!


              Oh Adam, sleeveless shirt, sexy.

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                Gala and Mary C.,

                Thank you both for the link. It looks like the young guy (first picture) and one of the girls might be Drake’s siblings. what do you think?

                Adam is always gorgeous, even if I’m not that much into facial hair.

                Mwah, Silvana

                • Yes, Sivana. That was I thought when I saw this pic. The young boy is definitely Drake’s brother. They look so much alike…
                  and I am not a facial hair lover too… But Adam is HOT no matter what!!!!! Especially on the “sandwich” picture! Lucky girl!!! I wish it was me!…. LOL

                  • Oh yeh, Gala me too. Thats is defin. my kind of sandwich.
                    Adam is hot with hair w/o hair, with clothes w/o clothes oh my, we could go
                    on and on.

                  • Gala, dont you just wish we were there partying and drinking with him.
                    You know what he’s been said to do after some drinking???
                    Especially with the ladies…………………

                • That’s what I’m thinking too.The kid that hug Drake must be his little brother.They look alike!Awww,too cute!! 🙂

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Older lady looks like she may be Drake’s mom. Very similar facial features when you enlarge the picture.

                    • Older lady?? Ya think she looks that old? How about older sis?
                      Those 2 ladies look pretty good.

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      Yes, they did look good. I only meant older than the young girls that were there. Maybe she was a sister.

              • Gala…those big drinks are the famous “Hurricanes” & Adam & party are sitting in the “Patio Bar” of Pat O’Brien’s in the French Quarter of N.O….doing the whole tourist thing, by the look of it, & having a ball. (Hope they didn’t drink more than one of these things…I can tell you from long experience that they are potent & SWEET…will make you sick, but if you’re gonna do N.O., you’ve gotta try one!)

                Candace in MS (but born & raised in New Orleans!)

                • ~faints~ I’ve been there! Candy, why were we sitting in PJ’s when we could’ve been sitting on the patio bar of Pat O’Briens’s. . . I wish we had known!

                  Cindy in MS

                  • SOOOO close & yet so far away! If only we’d known! Missed that opportunity. Guess we’re not very good at this stalking thing! But, it looks like they were having a good time…very relaxed & happy. Just what Adam needed after grueling tour, bout of flu & long hours of recording new album! Now he’s back into the studio with batteries recharged & voice in fine form…That is IF he didn’t overdo those Hurricanes! (I’d still be nursing a hangover today!)

                    Candace in MS

                • I should start planning my trip to NO!!! Never been there but already loving the streets Adam stepped on…. LOL

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    I’m with you Gala! Let’s starting packing!

                    • Deal!!!!

                    • You know something, Mary C… of the things we will see as we go along with Adam is how he will change over time, and how he will change as he goes through new life experiences. They will ‘put their mark on him’, so to speak. He’s just gone through 50 grueling performances across Canada and the United States. No one else, except the other Idol kids, went with him, he had to do that alone. Now he’s back, almost ‘back from the wars’, as it were. He’s reacclimating to life with his family and friends, which has a far more normal ‘feel’ to it. But then, in a few months time, he will be meeting the demands and obligations of stardom, and then, he will be off and running again in his new life as a star. Maybe he’s a little tired and disoriented, and perhaps, thoughtful, as this new life begins to encroach on him. And remember, too, that his happy time in New Orleans was made a little out of the ordinary by his not even being able to relax with his friends…once he was recognized, that was it, he had to make an escape. So maybe, he was not so happy about that. I actually think, believe it or not, that he looks ‘different’ because of his moustache, goatee, and haircut. We aren’t used to seeing him with that look and we’re re-orienting ourselves to ‘see’ him in that way. I thought he looked good, and maybe just a little pre-occupied….it’s probably just a momentary thing we’re seeing..

                  • Uuummm, for some reason I just dont see the happy happy Adam
                    we’ve seen in other pics. Looking at the eyes and all somethin

                    • Mary,
                      It is interesting you mentioned it, Actually I was thinking today he looks….may be not happy … but sort of tense….. I think it’s because he knows now he should;d be very very careful now being in public… Now his every move or word will be known to everybody in a few hours… I think this is the reason he doesn’t look happy….
                      What do you think?

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      Hmmm. he looked ok to me, maybe a bit tired. He’s got a lot on his mind right now. He knew he had to go back to LA too to finish recording. He tweeted right after he got home that he was back in the studio. I don’t know????

                    • Mary C., I have no idea how my reply to you got placed where it did, but just look right above your comment about ‘Adam not looking like he usually does’, and you’ll see my comments to you on that subject..

                    • Lorrin, Gala and Helen, I guess everybody has to have down time. Feeling not so perky etc. I just couldnt help but think his
                      sweet face looked different. (other than the new look) Yeh, his whole life has changed
                      it seems with the blink of an eye. Seems that way to us and he is
                      living it. Then sometimes , I think if he does get into these sites,
                      what he thinks about. He so wants to please and make people
                      happy. I do feel he has accepted the life as an entertainer very well and
                      absolutely knows what comes with that lifestyle.
                      Peace and Love

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Where did you get the info that they were at Pat O’Briens. I need to file it in my “stalker” file for future use! LOL! OK, does “Obsessed Fan” file sound better??

                  • Helen, Hi!
                    I recognize the patio bar, the drinks, etc all too well. Very famous place for many decades, tho most native New Orleanians only go there when showing out-of-town friends the town! That is, sometimes we did go there to drink, but usually in the “front bar” (& no “Hurricanes”!), not the patio or the piano bar areas. Haven’t been in years, but some things don’t change much, especially in N.O.!

                    When you come down, we’ll go there & do it up ROYALLY!!!!


  21. I like clean-shaven guys – way more sexy. Hope this is just a short-term phase for Adam.

    • I went to other sites and they also discuss this topic.Many of them prefer Adam shaved as well.If Adam read all those,he probably laughing.Who can guess that facial hair can be a hot topic for us.LOL 😛

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Hi Sis,

        I’ve been asking Theresa and Gala, where I can find the pictures of Adam. I’ve seen just the ones posted by Lorrin and Marisa. Do you know where I can find the others?

        Thanks, love you,

  22. I’m so anxious to hear his voice again…. I’m sure the album will be great, the songs will be no.1 top chart…. Go Adam baby… go… we all really love you and will always support you to become no 1, coz you deserve it.

  23. nikka/argentina says:

    Hi girls!!
    Saw the pics..I think he looks awesome with this facial hair!!! I don’t like full beards but this one… kind of careless beard..LOVE IT!!!


  24. Yes, Adam is in a position to blow them all away, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let things go as normal and we shall all see. These predictions are hopefull, but take it easy.

  25. We can’t wait to hear “A Time For Miracles” but lets hope they don’t leak it too soon! I heard that it if leaks in ANY way before the premier of the movie, the song won’t be eligible for Academy Award status!!!!

    • A “leak” would be terrible, but an “official release” of a soundtrack song a couple weeks before a movie opening date is common (it helps promote the movie—and in this case, since it’s ADAM we’re talking about, that promotion would be huge—an opportunity not likely to be missed by the studio).

      The 2012 movie is destined for release on Nov. 13, which would put “Time for Miracles” on track to be released in late or mid-October. Of course, this is all conjecture on my part, but I’m expecting this song to be released as a single as well as to appear on the soundtrack, and I think it will be totally separate from his own Nov. 24 cd.

      • NH Glambert says:

        I thought I read the new 2012 trailer would start airing after 10:50pm on the networks on Oct 1 (Thursday!)…just a rumor?? At any rate, don’t know if the new song is on it. Most likely that’s the way we will all hear the first of it, right?

        • Helen/Canada says:

          That would be great. I’m getting so excited about all this stuff coming out, I can hardly wait!

    • Donna, lets hope some screwball doesnt blow it. Thanks.

      • Me too!! I’d DIE if Adam got nominated for an academy award!!! OMG!!! That would “just about” make up for his 2nd place finish (i’ll never say loss) on American Idol!!!!

  26. This is great news! I’m so happy!

  27. Adam deserves to be number one with his talent, however, and it’s a big one-no one likes a braggart. No one. Even if it is not Adam doing the bragging, the fans of all the others mentioned will have strong reactions of negative feelings for Adam himself. Also, Amazon is not the best source to determine where an album will lie on the charts. Let us fans support Adam with our purchase of the album and let us wait and see what shall happen. If we all visualize great things for Adam it will be powerful and effective. He certainly is the best pop/rock singer ever.-and that includes the truly wonderful talented beautiful Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant. Adam deserves to be a superstar, he eas gifted with the talent and the love of singing and performing. Meant to be.

  28. I pre-ordered but it’s odd when you put his name in the search on Amazon—the new CD page does not come up. What’s up with that?

    A non-CD comment–but the New Orleans look is so darn handsome. I’m from NO–(don’t live there now sad to say) but beards or facial hair is big there and always has been. One of my favorite pics of Adam is the one in jeans, plaid shirt, sitting against a wall, Beatle hair — with small gotee! Looks like an ad for jeans. Had he been hired as a model for a jeans company, he surely would have been a billboard sensation just by the way he looks!

    • Kate, Adam a model for jeans. Sounds wonderfully delicious.

      • ~THUD~

        Cindy in MS

        • Admrocks, pick yourself up girl. You have to be able to see Adam in those jeans.
          Pics from NO he is wearing white pants…………..

          • Adam in tight jeans??!! ~gulp~ Usually the model will show their butt to the camera but in Adam’s case I want FRONT AND BACK!! FRONT AND BACK ,I SAID!!LOL!! Hurry someone just grab him already,I eat,shower ,sleep with that jeans! ~sigh~ Tight jeans…Adam in tight jeans!!Waaaargh,make the jeans in silver and gold colour,pleeeeease!! 😀

          • Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Where have you seen white jeans??????? Did I miss something?????????????
            Where is this picture???????????

            • Gala, the 2nd pic down of Adam in NO, sitting at a table, enlarge it and you
              can see he is wearing white pants. I would guess they are jeans, maybe not.

              Way to go Adam, white pants after Labor Day! Doin yo thing.
              Maybe someone will post a pic of him standing .

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Cindy, Do you think you could have carried the billboard home??? LOL!

          • Mary C has sharp eyes.She noticed Adam using both hands when eating, so when she said Adam wearing white pants,just believe her on that one.LOL! We can add a bit more, Adam wearing white tight pants/jeans and can see his gold glitter sparkling T-Back when he bend over.You know just to make it more delicious!LOL!

  29. Out of topic,but someone here suggest I watch “Flash Forward” and I just did.So,remember the guy at the end??!! “ADAM” Well I guess, insane people like us won’t forget that,LOL! Ok, I I just want to let it out here.I said before that there’s no way it’s Adam,now after I watch the complete episode,I said it’s definetely NOT ADAM! I think it’s the guy in that series.The guy that having an affair with that main actor’s wife!! You see, that’s not spoilers because I just guessing but I think it’s that guy.Ah ha!!~nodding~ Tall guy,dark hair,but not good looking!Hahaha, ok there,I let it out.Phew,I feel good now.Let’s see if Imma right.But I guess we have to wait and see.Maybe the script writer saw my post and change the story 0_o They probably pay Adam to play guest star in it??!!LOL!

  30. ZoraLovesAdam says:

    With all the due respect to Barbara Streisand – I like Adam much more! And I have no doubt in my mind that Adam Lambert will top Barbara Streisand very soon. He has much more qualities than her! Just saying…



  31. So exciting. Now all the haters on those blogs that make fun of fans- won’t mention names- can eat crow. Adam is a phenomenon, he is outside of the norm in every way especially his talent (not to mention Sexy beautiful appearance) and they will soon have nothing to say.

    • NH Glambert says:

      I just have to say I’m sooo sick of hearing/reading that all of Adam’s fans are sex deprived women in their 50’s and 60’s and the negative implications they attached to it. So not true. His fans span all age groups and genders.

  32. Just watched some really cute ADAM videos….Go to YouTube and put in ADAM funny clips 2. You’ll love ADAM even more!!!

  33. Off topic for a change. Adam is greatly influenced by the late, great Freddie Mercury (Queen). So I thought I’d do some investigating on my computer concerning Freddie and Queen. I was in my 30’s and 40’s and they were the best group that I can remember at that time. I think Freddie was a genius–he wrote Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, This Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and on and on. All fans of Adam should watch the whole 6 minutes of Bohemian Rhapsody (easily found on Google). It is probably the most amazing song ever written in my lifetime. A few years ago Constantine did a small part of the song on Idol, and Adam sang a bit of it when he auditioned for Idol. It’s truly an amazing song and video. I’d love to hear Adam sing it with a few backup singers–he’d blow the roof off!!!! Although Freddie was an incredible singer, and very original in his style, there is NO ONE who could belt out this song like Adam could (or any song for that matter). I hope to hear him sing this someday.

    I thought that Adam and Kris and the gang (and Queen) sang the song We Are The Champions on the finale this year did a terrific rendition of the song. As far as Adam loving Led Zeppelin–no thanks. I never was a fan of theirs.

    I also have ordered Adam’s CD from Amazon and can’t wait to hear it. I’ve also seen the movie poster with our guy’s name on the bottom at the movie theater. Can’t wait for the movie! Hope that the song comes out waaaay before the movie; for that matter I hope ANY song from Adam comes out like tomorrow! I’ve listened and watched his videos hundreds of times (thanks to everyone who has posted all the pictures and videos–I’m truly grateful, and I’m sure glad that I’ve got a color printer for the hundreds of pics I’ve downloaded! Album title? Adamology 101 for his first album, Adamology 201 for the second, and so on. You all have come up with some pretty amazing titles for the album–let’s hope they use one of them. By the way, I HATE the facial hair–it’s hiding parts of his beautiful face.

    One more thing. I hope everyone has seen the videos of Adam and Noa Dori and Maya Haddi that were made in 2005. His vocal range is out of this world and show his exceptional feelings for these songs.

    Thanks again eveyone for posting the pictures and videos.


    Hey, Adam is going to be on GMA again on November 24th around 8:30 AM EST (show is from 7 to 9). You can bet he’ll be singing something original! This is exciting news! Great way to launch his first CD!

    • Songwriter. oh yes, you can bet on it. I just love how we all keep ea other informed with all
      info. about Adam. I did see this posted on another thread, but thats ok, some people dont go back
      to older posts.
      Best of News!

  35. For everyone who’s keeping track of all of Adam’s life, career, etc…And aren’t we ALL???…Here’s a great timeline w/links to vids, performances, reviews…Great stuff! Someone put a Whole Lotta Love into this endeavor!

    Candace in MS

    • Thanks for that timeline LibraLamb. Fabulous work that person did. I wanted to save in my
      favorites, but somehow the link wouldnt click?? Not sure why.

  36. Hey all!

    Saw the new pics of Adam and Drake in New Orleans. Do not like the beard and mustache at all! I think he looks much better clean shaven. Look at all the freckles! Knew he had them, but don’t usually see them. Did he cover them up on tour? I can empathize with the fact that he doesn’t like them. Used to have many when I was younger, but lots have disappeared as I’ve gotten older.

    Pre-ordered the CD yesterday from Amazon. Have subscribed to Rolling Stone since they seem to love Adam as much as we do. Eagerly awaiting the December issue of Elle,



      IM CRYING//////////////////////////

  37. Just read that there is book coming out about Adam Lambert, this is to be released in October. It is advertised on Amazon, does anyone have any more details about this?

  38. Adam is #1 on the Amazon right now.

  39. OMG!!! Adam is NUMBER ONE on Amazon!!!! I can’t believe it!!!! I’m sooooo excited for him!!!!!!!

  40. Yes, Adam Lambert is #1 on Amazon bestsellers.

  41. Hi beautys, another argentinian ( nikka) here???, iiiuuupiiii!!!!!, de dónde sos?, thanks Silvana for you answer,( creo que lo voy a encargar en una disqueria de flores que se dedica a traer CD aún no editados acá…), and Ingrid, if you are here…I read TODAY your saludos (is greet??) in another topic ,to my family and Juan Martin del Potro!!!, ja, ja ( he is great but very ugly to me…), thank you so much and a big kiss to you!!

  42. Amazon has done a price change on the cd and this WILL BE reflected in your final bill on pre-orders. (they will charge the lowest price between the time you ordered and the time it is released)

    Yesterday on Amazon it was $13.98, now it is $9.99

    I went to Barnes and Noble to see if it had broken the top 20 (yesterday it had not). It is now #7. Then I noticed their $9.99 price. When I checked back with Amazon, I found the change.

    So now we can buy even more! I’m not waiting until Christmas. I’m handing out some on Thanksgiving. Since everyone travels to my house, I’ll tell them it’s something to listen to on their drive back home.

  43. I am sure the wait will be worth it until Nov.
    I am hoping he will appear on many TV shows or radio interviews to promote the CD. His karma is so special and I am so thankful that his parents gave him some good groundwork to take into this Mad World!
    I just hope he will still be able to get crazy or relax when he wants to without alot of press catching him at it.
    I wish he would make a Christmas Cd right away since everyone seems to do it eventually!
    Oh my. I just can’t wait…….2010 will be so fun to see what he does!

  44. Hi everyone, just found this video fo Adam thanking all his fans for the donations made, it is Adam with his new look, but for some reason the eyes really stand out.

  45. adamismyangel says:

    His album will definitely be bigger than The Beatles!!!!! It’s gonna blow everyone out of the water!!

  46. Bellelinda says:

    I pre-ordered Adams CD yesterday on….can’t wait to hear what is on it.!
    Now tell me..are there any rumors about a tour yet?

  47. How could Adam now be in 2nd place?? Babs is beating him now. Maybe when his special edition comes out it will out sell or be more popular than his.\
    And in 3rd place now is Connick, he’s not that great…
    I bought mine the 1st day it was on the preorder list. Can’t wait, he doesn’t disappoint.

  48. I’m a 31 year old Beatlemaniac, that is happy to hear that Adam is bigger than The Beatles! His music, and their music rank up there in what is important in my life. I am so proud of Adam!!!! 🙂