Adam Lambert’s Turning Japanese! No, Not Like That!!


I’ve got good news and bad news. I’ll give you the good news first. It looks like Adam’s Glam Nation Tour is heading east – to the Far East! This is absolutely mindblowing for Adam! From my preliminary research, I don’t know of any other artist (especially none off American Idol!) who has ever hit the international scene so soon into their careers!

Now the bad news. You knew it was coming! With Adam on foreign soil, we can only hope he doesn’t stay away too long. It looks like he’s only getting about 2 weeks rest between closing his USA tour and heading out again. I hope he’s taking the time to rest those vocal cords, vacation, spend time with friends and just debrief before hitting the road again!

I’m so thankful for the internet. Everything’s available right away, and you know you can come to us to hear and see everything first!

I’ve also seen a comment that Adam is taking his incredible show to Asia and Australia, to be followed by a European tour in November and December. None of this is coming from AdamOfficial, but sometimes the fans are the last ones to know!

Here are the details:

Oct. 4th : Osaka “BIG CAT”
7,000yen GA (all standing)
pre-sale: July 5th 11:00 am~July 23rd 18:00
general sale: July 24th 10:00~

Oct. 5th : Nagoya “Club Diamond Hall”
7,000yen GA (all standing)

Oct. 7th and 8th : Tokyo “JCB HALL”
“S” tickets (arena standing / seating) 7,000 yen
“A” tickets (seating) 6,000 yen
pre-sale: July 2nd 11:00 am~July 16th 18:00
general sale: July 17th 10:00~

~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Adamisamazing says:

    He is again setting himself apart from the crowd with his huge international appeal. I do hope he gets the rest he deserves. Thank goodness for this wonderful Web site to help keep us informed about everything Adam.

    • What do you mean: “None of this is coming from AdamOfficial, but sometimes the fans are the last ones to know!” ??? Yes, all of Adam’s Tour Dates are listed on his Official Website AND on his Official Fan site! His fans are the FIRST to KNOW because he LOVES his FANS!!!

  2. WOW, that is so good for him…however, we will need new tunes and videos soon. Looks like that could be awhile before a new album comes out.

  3. He has gotten so successful so quickly! I can’t wait to see what else he can do with his fresh career.

  4. I makes sense, if you think about it. JRock is built on the idea of pretty androgeny while playing up the Seme/Uke roles. He’s got a great voice, interesting fashion sense and isn’t afraid to put on a show. He’s a perfect fit for the JPop scene…

  5. It is so lovely to find my mother language Japanese on your site ! Thank you so much Carol.

    I have been enjoying reading the report of Glam Nation Tours through USA and Canada, they are so great! I am so proud that Adam is doing fantastically well and making his dream come true.

    I just booked yesterday the both dates in Tokyo! I still can not believe that we can finally see Adam performing live in Japan! I will also go to Osaka and Nagoya if I could get the tickets. We Japanese fans will have sleepless nights until we could welcome Adam here.

    Being away from his country during international tour I am sure that Adam will feel homesick now and then. So don’t worry, he will be heading back to USA and to your fans as soon as he completed his international tour!

    I wish Adam all the best on his first international tour and most of all having really good rest now and then and enjoy some holidays!! Love you Adam!!

    • libraglam says:

      Hi Sakura, wow, thanks for the internet because no matter where the fans are, we can talk to each other !!! Remember, whenever you get to see ADAM, don’t forget to take lots of pictures and vids to share with us. Love to see ADAM in Japan and see the passion of his fans overthere.

    • Vocalsrule says:

      Ohio Gozimus Sakura!

      (I have no idea how to spell it correctly. I tried to say “pleased to meet you” or “greetings”)

      Teach us some Japanese. How would we yell “We love you Adam” in Japanese? How about “We fell in your ring of fire!”

      Domo irigatu (I think that is “thank you”)

  6. Had a fright for a moment or two. Couldn’t bring this posting up, keep crashing my computer. Was concened about the Bad News. Thought something happened!!! I agree hope he won’t be gone long, but I applaud the fact that he is going international. I want to see Simon’s prediction come true. An International Superstar.! !! LOL

  7. As long as Adam is available on te internet it does not matter where he is as long as we can see him and hear him talk to us. Go Adam – we are on the journey with you and it is exiciting. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. We are there for YOU. oxoxoxo

  8. I hope he gets to go to the shinjaku district(spelling). On sunday all the costume players(cosplay) dress up and hang out. I think he’d find it cool.

  9. I am so happy for Adam that he is not only going to be successful in the USA but also internationally. He is not going to be a one hit wonder but an entertainer we will enjoy for many years to come!! Also, when he comes back to the USA and rests up….and then starts touring again, I am hoping for larger venue sites. Selling out in minutes indicates there are a lot of fans out there ready to buy tickets!

  10. Yes, Yes, Yes….Thank you..Adam
    I didn’t think that I could see him this year and this soon. I have been thinking of flying to the States from South Korea next year for his next album concerts ( I hope!! ). But he is coming to Japan? I can’t believe this.. It’s only one hour flight from Korea..I need to think about how to glam up myself. ^_^

  11. Adam is a world idol. We fans knew that last spring and summer. We knew he was different with a magical voice. Now he has fulfilled our dreams and hopefully his. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to attend his concerts here. Who knows. Maybe a fall European vacation could be in the works.

  12. Great news, indeed. Looks like Adam and his management team have a good marriage.
    He said that he has them to thank for getting him out there, in public, doing the promotional tour It’s not that surprising, as they saw what we saw, but they heard -Cachink! Nothing wrong with that, as he is also a saavy business man.
    Adam is nice, but he’s far from being naive, at this point. He sure stands apart from all the others. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as SEXY as Adam. He sure has it in abundance and then you look at the others, who pale by comparison.
    I’ve been voting like crazy all week, and voting for others (to put them in their right place).
    The bad news is actually good news ,and I’m so thrilled for him. He deserves all his success, as he works damned hard! Now, that’s another thing I love about him. His work ethic.

  13. I’m glad Adam is going to Japan soon. Japan gave him the warmest and most flattering welcome in any airport. Yes, Japan is so ripe for Adam. He will be like a hero there and will be accorded maybe a much higher status, than just a superstar singer. JAPAN, also known for its HARAKIRI and SEPUKU, will lift some of its DEPRESSION and SUICIDE CULTURE, because of Adam. Can Adam help reduce the suicide rate there ? YEESSSS, what with all the HAPPY HORMONES flowing and generated during Adam’s concert.
    Yes Adam………. go to Japan and also enjoy the beautiful country there. Have some R and R(rest and relaxation) in the land of the cherry blossoms. As you give to Japan, they also give back to you their positive culture in Health. The Japanese have the longest life span with their healthy eating and healthy environment. And bring back a samurai and kimono. BANZAI !

    • claireyu says:

      I hope he can come to China too,I can’t wait to see him here and there are also many fans support him! REALLY! Adam!!Hope to see you in China!!!

  14. Glad to hear about Adam’s international tour.

    Is the above picture available as a poster? If not, it should be!

  15. Japan is going to go crazy for Adam..I’ll predict that all tickets will be sold out within 24 hrs of sale. Presale started today at one venue. What’s interesting is that the presale dates are early July but the shows aren’t until October. Amazing..


  17. Adam looks 95% like Elvis in this pic. A

  18. ADAM, the BRIGHTEST STAR in the land of the rising sun, JAPAN!!!! As Paula Abdul quoted, ADAM is IT….ICONIC… what sets ADAM apart from all the current artists…HIS VOICE, his IT factor, his PHYSICAL BEAUTY (beautiful sexy body…his height and those mesmerizing EYES), his SPIRITUALITY, his SENSUALITY, his INTELLIGENCE and GREAT SENSE of HUMOR, his AMAZING PERSONALITY. The way he mixes glam rock and theatrical expressions into a Glam Show is mind blowing. When he’s on stage, he becomes the stage….I have never been captivated by any other artist….When I saw Adam at AI, I knew I will be his fan forever. GOD BLESS ADAM AND HIS FAMILY….FOREVER!!!! Thank you Lila for giving us ADAM.

  19. Awesome! So Proud of Adam hitting the waves internationally! Get some rest in between time. Safe trip and have fun Adam!

  20. Lady Grey says:

    Adam said he was coming to New Zealand as well in that article! Don’t forget that he has lots of fans here and we were the first country to have IIHY in the top ten!

  21. have a good time out their your true friend from the heart Jermaine S. Roper love you adam enjoy!!!!

  22. His being gone overseas is a bit like having a loved one being away from home. You just don’t feel right until that person is safe in your arms again. Love you, Adam.

  23. wow, this is awesome !!Japan is close to our country ..I can now go to his tour !!

  24. Leticia says:

    Hi! Would you be able to find out the exact dates that Adam will be holding his concert in Singapore? I will be going away in September and I certainly do not want to miss his concert here. Thanks so much!

    • Just keep coming back here. We’ll have everything up for you as soon as we find it out! I would think that adamofficial will list his international tour as well!

  25. Yeah Adam! spread the glam around the world!!!

  26. Dianne Hill says:

    Adam is also coming to New Zealand. I cannot wait for that, so any info you can find out of when that might be, like will it be before or after the Japanese shows.

    Poor Adam though, and his band they will need a bit of a break surely before embarking on an international tour. I hope Adam gets to take a bit of a holiday first we don’t want him exhausted for this leg of his tour.

    • I would imagine that Adam and his entire crew (Monty the exception) have been waiting a long time for this to happen. I’m sure he gets tired, but he’s forever looking ahead. Stars, even those who are discovered, have to contunue to build on that discovery. I’m sure he will take a well-deserved rest when he has achieved what he want to achieve. WOW!!! International Tour, new album in 2011, the world is opening it’s arms Adam. AT 28 this has to be a very happy time.

  27. Please Adam come to southwest Fla first! Your in every state except this huge state, that’s wants you! Then you can go!

  28. I am with Dianne in NZ and yes we will be hanging out for any information on Adam coming here, thanks guys.

  29. Near or far, Adam will always be in our hearts and we’ll follow him everywhere he goes. Most importantly , we wish him safe- keeping in his journeys.

  30. Adam this is great news for you, but we do have to feel a lot sad ’cause you won’t be on U.S. soil and that’s where WE want your amazing persona and performances. Hope it’s not too long before we get DVD’s from you (and you are back in the USA), live, studio and UNPLUGGED, they’re SUPER GREAT. Saw your concert at The Fillmore in Charlotte last night and it was fabulous. Couldn’t believe how many great-grandparents were there along with the younger and middle-aged fans and dancing and singing just as well as everyone else, glad to see your music travels through all ages very well. EVERYBODY that countsd LOVES YOU and the others are just plain ignorant. Can’t wait to see your next concert that’s close to where we live, ’cause we just can’t afford to travel along with you unless you have a spare job as a roadie or some other job that the around 50 year old groups can handle (sure, ha). We would love to be in some part of your life other than being 3 of your millions of #1 fans!!!!!

    Love you no matter where you are, please take care of yourself, get plenty of rest and baby those vocal cords!!!!!!!! I don’t think that now we’ve found you, we can do without you. you are surely 1 in a million or more!!!!! Asheville, NC has a great venue for you at The Thomas Wolfe auditorium and seats for us old timers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you and your music and theatrics,
    Rita, Donna, and Cliff

    P. S. We are going to try to join your official fan club, so wish us luck!!!!!!

  31. So happy for Adam’s tour going international – Hope it will include more dates in Canada (besides Toronto & Montreal) – Vancouver loves you too!!!!

  32. Please, please let us know any details if he comes to the UK, i’m on tender hooks and have been trying to save up my money just in case! I’m really nervous something will go wrong like missing out on the tickets or not being able to get the time off work so want to be prepared! I love Adam so much x

  33. Thank you for this website on everything Adam! I have received my tickets to see Adam in Richmond, VA on 8/27/10 and I can’t wait! I’m not suprised that Adam has international appeal! He is a total package who in every right can become a “Michael Jackson, Madonna, Brittany Spears, etc…Go Adam…..I love you!

  34. David Cook and David Archuleta performed in May 2009 in Manila, the Philippines, for a crowd of approx. 150,000. David Cook has fans worldwide, and is eagerly waited to come to Europe.

    • Great props for David Cook. I’m not that familiar since didn’t start watching A1 until season 8, so will check out his music. This is, however, an Adam Lambert site (no offense to David Cook) , just sayin!

  35. London Glambert says:

    My life is on hold until I know when he’s appearing in the UK. He tweeted about a European tour in the fall so I’m making no plans for the rest of this year. Love Adam!