Adam Lamberts Remixes and Voodoo Coming Soon

I have a tweet below from RCA Music revealing some great Adam news! There is MORE Adam music on its way.
~RCAMusic…Just in! @adamlambert announces 6 track digital EP including 5 remixes & unreleased track Voodoo out 4/9 on!

I have also included the more in depth information from Adams My Space page:
~Adam Lambert announced today he will be releasing Remixes (19 Entertainment / RCA Records), a 6 track digital EP containing remix version of his first two singles off his debut album For Your Entertainment. Remixes will be made available exclusively on the STORE on April 9th and at all other digital service providers on April 13th.

Remixes contains mixes by some of the most respected DJ’s and remixes in music today such as Jason Nevins and Brad Walsh and also features non-album B-Side, “Voodoo.”

View the EP’s cover artwork below:

Track Listing:
1. “Whataya Want From Me” Fonzerelli Electro House Club Mix – 5:51
2. “Whataya Want From Me” Brad Walsh A Vivir Mix – 4:31
3. “Whataya Want From Me” Jason Nevins Electrotek Extended Mix – 6:22
4. “For Your Entertainment” Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix – 6:29
5. “For Your Entertainment” Brad Walsh Remix -4:56
6. “Voodoo” 3:14



  1. Janette says:

    Can you answer me a question. If I get it on the official web site, is it digital or is it a hard copy. I would prefer to download it but I would also buy a hard copy.

  2. Libraglam says:

    i saw on Amazon for Pre-Order only $5.99 :
    It’s is MP3 CD. That album REMIX on Amazon has NO BONUS song ” VOODOO”…

    (oh well …i wait til Friday to buy from the Official site so i can have the Voodoo
    song included. )

  3. Ninalatina9 says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  4. Yipeee!! another great moment with Adam Lambert. Buying!!!! Excited!!!!!

  5. Libraglam says:

    Hello all,

    ADAM’s mentoring AI news are spreading everywhere.
    All the haters are trashing ADAM now on thenews.
    Please , EACH of us has to put comments (at least 2 or 3 comments)
    telling all the good things about ADAM. We don’t need to reply to those
    haters. The more populations telling good things about ADAM the better.
    I hate to see the rest of the world misunderstood again that AMERICA hates
    ADAM, it’s only the smalll number of haters who ARE VERY ACTIVE in trashing
    the news and people would think that is the majority !!

    Please do it now….til next week. We have to support ADAM !!!
    (I already did around 6, 7 comments on my part)

    • Libraglam, I am just so shocked and upset at some of the comments about Adam mentoring in Idol as I said in my post below they are actually hateful personal comments nothing to do with whether he will do a good job or not. But at least most comments are pro Adam. You are right about not answering their comments directly cause that is what they want just write positive ones.

  6. jnellie says:

    Got Adam’s and Tommy’s autograph tonight at the Vancouver airport. Only a handful of people there so no problem getting close. Both absolutely gorgeous in person. Bestill my middle-aged heart. lol

  7. Jnellie, don’t be still, because we have a right to cheer. Behold, is our salvation from boredom and sensual deprivation. Ha- ha! You too are gorgeous my dear, and more so the more we get older. Live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, that too is a Doctor’s order. Adam is an inspiration too, for us to “BE THE HELL WHO YOU WANNA BE!”

  8. k. morgan says:

    Excellent…can not wait….love the current cd…love his new songs…love all he does…such a great artist…so creative…and original…

    • Exciting, I just said to one of my daughters last night that I wish Adam would release more music as I drive a lot and most of the time the radio is crappy music.
      Yesterday my husband called me and WDYWFM was blasting to me through the phone. Adam was on the radio in Fayetteville, NC ( very conservative military town!!!!) and he shared it with with me.
      I am so happy for everyone about all these events happening, concerts, AI, VH1 etc.
      The haters will not make a dent!! They hate him, WE LOVE HIM. LOVE PREVAILS!!!!!

  9. Celebrate, celebrate! It’s All Adam All Week! So much happening. Boy, it feels great! While we wait for our glittery prince to remind us all how amazing he is on AI, vote and vote often on,, to keep him on top of the world, where he belongs. Loving our A-dorable,
    A-wesome Adam.

  10. yes yes yes so many things going on with adam right now, pls keep him no. 1 @ vh1 top 20 and currently no. 4 @ time poll close to no.3, if we join force we could do it today or tomorrow.

  11. we are quite lucky here in australia, adam’s FYI album includes VOODOO.

  12. Oh so, so happy to hear all the news about ADam. He is soooo wonderful. How wonderful Jnellie that you got to see Adam and Tommy. They are beautiful….and let that heart beat for them. Mine is older and it’s beating all the time for Adam. He keeps me YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. KO's smiling says:

    off topic –> Speculation on AI Forums includes thoughts that next week’s theme might be Queen (like in season5). Wouldn’t that be incredible?

  14. This is going to sound stupid but what is the definition of a remix?

    • Libraglam says:

      I think …Remix means “Redo” and “Mix” with lots of other instruments on ttop of the original song ? It’s my 2 cents ! (laughing at my self). You can find on Amazon, they let you have a preview – just a clip of each remix song.

      • Just heard the first remix on Kiss FM!

        • Hate to complain, but ALL I’m hearing is the remix version of WWFM on Detroit station. Glad they’re finally playing it, but wish I would hear the original once in a while. And REALLY wish “Voodoo” would be next single for radio play. So jealous overseas version of FYE has it on there. That song would be an instant hit, I’m positive!!


  15. I just heard the first remix on Kiss FM, these mixes will refuel interest in Adam’s music especially in the clubscenes, i.e his scene!

  16. LuvAdam476 says:

    Oh yes, our GlamGod is going to give us all an eventful PERFECT week of ADAM!!! I’ve been voting on the different polls. Leaving comments etc. I absolutely LOVE THIS MAN!!!! Yes I am a cougar and proud of it! Adam is the most talented, artistic, humble, polite, SmokinHotDropDeadGorgeous, In Your Face artist that has emerged in the entertainment field in decades!!! I am old enough where I can say that:)

    I will definitely be ordering the remixes. 3 of course. Anything musical from Adam I get in threes. One for the bedroom, living room and jeep. That way if I’m in a hurry I don’t forget my Adam!!

    I just wish he would do “Sleepwalker” as a remix the way he sang it unplugged on the Jay Leno show!!! OMG that was absolutely AMAZING!!!!

    Next week is going to be kicka** with Adam mentoring and performing!!! I cannot wait!


    • Oh yes, yes, yes, sleepwalker the way Adam did it on Jay Leno is number 1 with me!!!! I play the video at least 5 times every night and go to bed with the visual and lyrics running through my head.
      Does anyone else think that no matter what or how, Adam live is better than the CD? Not that I don’t love it, but he just adds so much more personality to his live performances.
      Wish he would put out a DVD of live performances. We would all buy it, right?

  17. Just read maybe Adam will be mentoring the Idols.with Elvis songs. could be good or Queen. They are pretty smart getting Adam on board as Idol needs a big “wow”injection. I have also read whahappened in the past two weeks but as we are behind here in NZ I wont spoil it for others.

    I will be just so happy to see our Adam. Inreference to the comment above yes there are a few knockers, and I have left a couple of comments, most of the antis are personal remarks some are actually really cruel and lowdown, character assasinations how they get through I dont know, think I will just stay on happy positive sites from now on

  18. renogirl says:

    Had a day off work so I spent some time voting for our boy. He went from 8 to 4 over the weekend. He is such a positive influence on all of us anyway. Acceptance – so important in our world of differences. Wish I was in Vancouver. Summer tours may be close to Reno or in Reno. What a dreamer. Anyway would love to gather with this group. It would be so fun to share the excitement. Some people think I am a bit obsessive. Oh well passionate I would say. I like being a passionate person. I like you all and love reading everyones comments. What a week is Right!

  19. Jill, in Remixes, you indeed add other instruments. But I think the main change is the TEMPO. You make it faster and danceable for the DISCO or Modern Dancing. The irony is, the song sometimes is sorrowful or has depression as theme, yet it could be masked when sung faster with elation and excitement. Like, young people when they are depressed, they could be MANIC — express their depression with elation and energy in wasting it out and getting stoned in the discos. They are insomniacs, wake up late and eat more(“swine syndrome”). In depressed older people, the opposite is true. You see sad faces, stoic, numb, delayed reaction time, early to bed and early to rise and eat less. There is ” reaction formation” as defense mechanism in mania, where you show the opposite of what you truly feel —- in this case elation and faster tempo when singing, when there’s supposedly sadness and slow tempo. ADAM ACHIEVED A FEAT TOWARD ” A SOUND REALITY – ORIENTATION”, when he turned a MANIC song and sang it true to it’s sad, depressive theme or mood —– ” IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU ” song. I soooooo, admire him, when he sang the song this way. So sincerely, honestly and truthfully he uttered and sang the lyrics. I can see him and feel him confronting his PAIN in this song. Here, he is larger than life. That was what Paula also meant when she said, ” I can feel your pain”. Adam at times, put forward this pain and let let it flavor his songs. Savor ADAM, flavor your life !!!

  20. I love adams songs, i would love to see a new album come out!!!
    also plz reply