Adam Lamberts Postcards From Japan

The following pictures are not the “original” type of postcard photos that you would expect to find in Japan to send home. These are the GLAMB-type postcard photos, complete with glitter, feathers, and even some hot looking tights!! I certainly wish I’d get one of these in MY mailbox from a certain traveling man…

photos via: halloula
Adam in japan!

Adam in japan!

Adam in japan!

Adam Lambert in japan

Adam Lambert in japan

Adam Lambert in japan

Adam Lambert in japan

Adam Lambert in japan

Adam on the event in Roppongi, Japan

Adam on the event in Roppongi, Japan

Adam on the event in Roppongi, Japan

Adam on the event in Roppongi, Japan

Adam on the event in Roppongi, Japan

Adam promoting his album in japan

Adam promoting his album in japan

Adam promoting his album in japan

Adam promoting his album in japan

Adam promoting his album in japan

Adam promoting his album in japan



  1. Marie/Toronto says:

    Nice pics, but the autograph signing session from Bugis Junction was in Singapore, not Japan.

    • Blambert says:

      Yes unfortunately that’s true…
      Japan didn’t have an autograph session scheduled.

      Next time maybe!!!

      Keeping fingers crossed here in Japan!

  2. Libraglam says:

    Wow…wonderful shots…nice pictures. Love the wild and rare outfits.
    btw, the picture in Japan taken from the back showing b.u.t. t Is it real a*s
    or fake ? how come it is so …so round? someone was telling m that he
    put something on his butt underneat in the Mardi Gras concert…but this one…
    make we wonder…..hmmmm….any idea?

    Anway DAT ASS!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      LIbraglam, let’s do some “pinch test” on his “bum” LOL!! I’ll go first.

      • I don’t think so, I think it’s all Adam, just go back and look at his lovely butt in that brief black one piece at Burning Man!!!

        • Marie/Toronto says:

          In the pics from Mardi Gras, you could CLEARLY see the outline/edges of the pads. Here, not so much….but his butt looks rounder than normal. Oh…who knows?!

          • Marie/Toronto says:


            Who’s to say he didn’t have panty inserts in his panties under that black dress at Burning Man? In the BM pic it also looks like he’s arching his back and really sticking his butt out…….

            Adam isn’t shy about all the “smoke and mirrors” he uses… occasional butt padding wouldn’t be abnormal for him. No different then us gals wearing a padded bra!

    • After seeing him in clothes at Fantasy Springs – this has padding is my opinion. My opinion includes- no padding anywhere anytime ever needed, the hair color and guy liner okay, but really, Adam is gorgeous enough and I wish he’s know that.I don’t want him to start being like Michael Jackson, one thing after another cuz obsessive compulsive is never satisfied =that’s the whole nature of it. But Adam is himself, not MJ, thank goodness.

  3. yep, gotta love that bump;p oooh more hats and feathers=)

  4. Women put padding on there butts if they don’t have very much of one….and I am sure some men do if they are entertainers….Love his pictures…Adam looks more comfortable in the black shirt and white pants….Love him anyway, just hope he don’t go to flanboyant cause he is a great singer,

    • mmagiemay says:

      Remember Adam LOVES playing dress up. I think all his fantasies are being fulfilled. LOL
      Doesn’t matter to me cuz he beautiful no matter what he does and he an amazing singer!

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      That’s true… I think Victoria Secret would go out of business if it wasn’t for the pushup bra!

  5. In the last 5 pics (with the Fantasy Springs “Fever” feathers and fedora, and little make-up) he looks suspiciously like Adam’s younger 14year old brother (if he had one) playing dress-up. So darn cute no matter what! Really glad he ISN’T 14, all those little, um , “happy thoughts”, shall we say, that come to mind on occasion would be just a little too weird. ( Never mind that I’m old enough to be his mom as it is.) As to the picture of his excellent derriere, guessing its him in all of his glory, how could it be any other way!? Glad he’s proud to show it off. I think his self-esteem is alive and well after his earlier years of feeling so self-conscious about this appearance. Love that he is so well-received in these other countries. Just has to be so much fun for him.

  6. LolaGlamb says:

    I think in that picture above, the lighting does something illusory to the ‘Glambutt’. But in the video from Club 11, Adam’s ass looks to be all him. I would be happy to give it a squeeze test, however…

  7. Glenda #1946 says:

    Is it real or is it fake??!! It’s okay cause I know the real Adam is in there somewhere!!!!…….nice silver cuff…….looonnnggggg silver cuff…..

  8. FYI watch his videos and you’ll see a little ‘butt shake’ taking place, it’s all Adam!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Oh, Theresa, you made my imagination run wild with that “little shake” comment of your, hmm butt shake and something else, hehehe! I meant, and some… let your imagination run wild too….

  9. adam is always glamorous and stylist. i love him for who he is and will support him all the way.

  10. Reem alamiry says:

    Greet ass adam I like it WOW Thax sue XO

  11. cheryl 334 says:

    I need to get my hands on his butt, so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 How Cute!!!!

    I love the fedora hat on him. It is Him!

    Thanks for all these great pics!!!!!!! Love them all!!!! He is too damn cute for his own good!!!! Wonder if Mama Lambert made this trip?

    He is so cute sitting reading a magazine while the girl works on his hair. So hot! He is just perfect!!!!!!

    He’s like your own son who has gone ‘rock-king’ and you are an admirer anyway! You only want to grab him hug him, and sw
    squeeze him so hard!!!!! Gotta have him! Come home Adam………………………:)

    love-peace to the world-peace for Adam-light-truth-joy-Adam…………………….:)

  12. k. morgan says:

    love it…Adam is going to be huge…people expect to hear his cd has gone platinum world wide soon….We are a great country, America, but we can learn from other countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, etc…learn to be more open minded…Adam is Entertainment….His performance, his costumes are all about having fun and entertaining while belting out with his un-Godly voice….
    No one compares to him currently…
    He also has hinted multiple times that he wants to do a duet with Christina Aguilera….that would be amazing…both can sing the hell out of a song…

  13. He is such a stunning showman……….! ….and no butt pads at the MG!

  14. I have watched with a fine toothed comb at the butt action thinking it might be padding, but his butt does have that realistic jiggle, so…I thinking our man shows better ass in tights than those jeans that always shows a gap! Is it because they are so low on his hips? I will say I still think the mardi gras required padding. Maybe due to being so far from his audience and wanting to make that superman impression. I bought it! He is my superman!!!

  15. Love that glitter shot in his hair and all the other shots too (rearview!!!) with the exception of that feathered jacket thing. Little “pimpy” for my taste.

  16. GLAMB#474 KIMBER says:

    Master Adam can be anywhere in the freakin world, but that sweet ass is MINE! I want to hold & squeeze it & SPANK IT TOO! so baddddd! Oh Master Adam cum hither, OMFRG! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!!!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      LOL! Kimber you are soo funny! “sweet ass is mine!” “Hold, squeeze and spank,…” You are so freakin crazy! LOL! that is adamolestation!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        I am going to make a mouse pad out of that picture of ADAM with that cute ASS ( in 3D!!), I can pretend, all day long, using my mouse while instead stroking that ass of his on my mouse pad!!

  17. Princessshakeitup says:

    Ok, Adam, time to bring that shiny butt back to the U.S. or at least somewhere closer than Japan!!! And, in the future, if he needs butt padding, he can have some of mine! Seriously, though, ENUFF globe trotting [for now] We need you back in North America or how about the CARIBBEAN!? When can I see the boy on TV again!?

  18. LINDA HOLMES says:


  19. Sharron Knutson says:

    To me, it looks like the deliciously curvaceous butt is all him in this pic, but in the Mardi Gras outfit, he might have used a tad bit of falsies. The feather and fedora combo is not my fav look; I don’t know if it’s because it’s pimpy or what, but to me it’s not as sexy as other outfits. But I know he loves feathers, so more power to him for having the guts to wear this in public. Here in the good ole US of A, though, we as a nation seem to be more conservative and a hellofva lot more judgemental than other countries, and he will probably be more acceptable to more people if he reserves the BIG glitter and glam for his performances and goes more natural when he’s on the street, or doing interviews and such.

    Personally though, I love him and applaud and admire him no matter what he wears or how he looks, because he IS the sum all these things: glamourous, glittery pretty boy, and sweet and naturally adorned boy, and fierce, sexy, naughty boy, and leather-clad, studded, chain-adorned, dangerous boy! In other words, he’s the epitome of all my dream men wrapped up in one beautiful, breath-taking package! The only down-side is….he is attainable to us women only in our dreams! How unfair is that?! LOL!

  20. hi, anyone know what happening in vh1 adam music videos?the comments not working.

  21. please vote for vh1 for adam.

  22. BBOOMMM !!! The US dropped a bomb in JAPAN in ADAM. No more Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs – just butts, groovin’ ass and explosive songs. But yeah, the look in Adam’s face when he hug the Japanese people and the crowd’s reception make him US’ newest GOODWILL AMBASSADOR – a warmth unrivaled even by Condoleeza Rice’ reception before. USA, take notice of what Adam can do for the country ! And he’s not just an ordinary singer, or a world superstar breakout. He is inrelligent ! SISTERS (sob), look at what our baby can do now. Taking his first steps, exploring, wandering the world over, and loving every minute of it. Yes, 2009, on his first year, he was our infant. Now, at 2010, on his second year, he’s our toddler, walking and exploring the world over. God bless you dear Adam !!!


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