Adam Lambert’s Official Fan Club Launch

Exciting FAN CLUB news from Adam:

@adamlambert~Its finally here!!! My official fan community launches on Monday! Check it out!

I have been on there already and it looks pretty cool. I hope you guys will still visit us here though…sniff, sniff.
If you are planning on setting up an account on there, you can always friend me… I am “lovemyadam” just like I am on here!! Go and check it out, and then come back and let me know what you think!!!



  1. I think the new fan site is great. But if it is the Official Fan Site now, what about Adam Official?? They probably serve different purposes, I guess. Well, we can’t have too many places to stan Adam, can we.

  2. Lamchops50 says:

    I signed up yesterday on the new fan site, which is very cool and exciting. However, I’m not abandoning your site. The more places to get glitter updates the better! Thanks for all you do to keep us fans informed. Keep up the good work.

  3. Princessshakeitup says:

    I am currently on there with this same ‘handle’ but gotta be honest…I don’t know if I’ll stay if I have to pay for it. I was looking at the $175.00 charge to grab a spot at the Rockford Meet and Greet and thinking, hey, I was HOPING to get in on my good looks and charm! By the time I have paid for airfare, tickets, motel and new Glam-drobe, can’t they just let me in because I love Adam and he loves me!? Ok, I am living in the way past, I’m sure. Anyway, I am enjoying it for now and would LOVE to “friend you”, Sue and others. Just as soon as I figure out how to do that. Please friend me too so I won’t be lonely out there!
    I will DEFENITELY keep coming here as my first and favorite site with all of you lovely people. And the price is right!

    • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

      Go to the fanclub website and click on “Community” (by default it goes to “Users) then type in someone’s handle under “keyword” and click Submit. My name on that website is lliillaa! See you all there!

      • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

        And PS, I’m not going anywhere either! I think us fans are way more motivated to keep everyone updated on all the latest Adam news. Those paid employees just can’t keep up!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Hi Princessshakeitup….saw you on that “other” site the other day, and I replied to your comment re Adam’s “stage diving” thing (you know what I mean…) LOL!!!! (aka glitzylady)

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        FOUND IT! Thanks! Yeah, I’m a kisser…dogs, babies, unsuspecting concert go-ers, etc…no one is safe!
        Also, I will go to the new fan club site now and try to make more friends! Thanks for ithe info and help.
        I’m doing a job now where I hardly have computer access so will come here when I can to keep up on all the good news.
        Love to all…PUCKER UP!!!!

  4. I enjoy this site too much to stay away. I hope everyone will continue to share their news and views about wonderful Adam on this site because the real fan club started here. Besides, how would we have been able to attend all the Glam Nation Tour concerts without The Adam Lambert Community Site? That’s been a real treat!

  5. Hey Sue the site is pretty cool. I did go on and sign up so I could try to get some M&G Passes No Such Luck:( I am going to be at the show so thats all I need:0) I Donated to Donors Choose so maybe I might get picked If I am Lucky:0) I met a couple of people online. But they are nothing like my TRUE GLAMILY HERE:0) OOOHHH I ALMOST FORGOT I DID ORDER MY GLAM PACKAGE:0) SO I WILL HAVE MY FAN CLUB T SHIRT FOR THE SHOW:0)

  6. I went on the site yesterday and signed up for the Glam package. I have already been to several of his concert’s so far, so I couldn’t take advantage of the M&G package for upcoming concerts. I navigated through the site, and it was pretty interesting. I will still come back to this site because I feel a real connection to you and the entire Glamb family. Plus, you have the best videos for all of us to see. I have been using AdamOfficial as well, but for some reason, I could never use it on my iPhone. So in this order, my main sites will be this one and the Adam Official Fan Club.

    • Planned on signing up when I have a chance to take my time and see what it’s all about. Just wondering? Is this the Fan Club Adam’s Mother connected to? I think $29 a reasonable amount, but since I’ve never joined any others, don’t really know. Will this Fan Club include other countries? Guess that is all explained. Will. of course, check in here on a regular basis as usual. You’re our No. 1 Fan Sue and the rest of you ladies who started this site.

      • I was wondering the same thing. i remember Adam saying that his mother, Leila would be involved in the Fan Club site. If you find out, let me know. Or, I can maybe begin a new post with that question. I think $29 is a reasonable amount as well. Believe me, I would pay the $175 to meet Adam if I was going to attend any more concerts this year. Unfortunately, i doubt I will. 🙁 But, I know this Fan Club will include other countries. And, yes…Sue, not sure what we would do without you! YOU and this site are still number one in our hearts.

        • I signed up, but not sure I signed up! Does that make sense. Asked me some questions, answered, but did not ask my address. How canT-shirt, etc. be sent w/out address? Also, did not ask me to pay. This concerns me, should I have paid? Anyone know, please let me know. Leila Lambert made a statement on 24/7, but it was basically thanking all fans. I tried to get back into Fan Site, but couldn’t. Could just be me who, I admit, can be very computer unsavvy. Also, a big also, getting new computer, and might have to start the process all over again. OH well–if anyone knows the inside out of this new fan site, please advise. Thank you P.S. will not desert this site. Did try to contribute to it, but wouldn’t let me. Will try again. Cheers!

          • tweeterpie says:

            I had trouble signing up for my membership the first time out too but finally figured out that it was probably because it was in the middle of the night and not set up to process 24/7. Sure enough, the next day I was able process the membership with no problems. Go back to the site and log in, if you got that far, and go into the store and click the package you want. Then click the checkout button and it will take you to the spot where you input your address and/or shipping address and then it will take you to the spot where you pick your t-shirt size and then it will let you pay with either a credit card or paypal. Hope this helps!
            P.S. I’m still going to use this site as my main exchange place but want to support that site as well. I think his mom is the overseer there, even though she is probably paying for extra help with it. That was suppose to be the plan anyways. Take care!

            • tweeterpie says:

              Whoops, I guess I didn’t read your message close enough because the second time around I saw you weren’t able to log in either. That is the easiest part, so don’t worry. Go back to site and click the sign up button and then input your email address and choose a password. It should then let you chose a name that others will see you registered as and so on and so forth. You can always go into your profile later to add a avatar and stuff. Good Luck!

              • Thank you Tweeterpie. I am going to try again. Sometimes I feel like a perfect m*o*r*a*n! Months back I bought the Japanese verson of FYE and it was easy. What would I do without all you marvelous people on this site. Well don’t plan on going anywhere, so don’t need to wonder. LOL

                • PSS. For any who haven’t seen Adam’s Interview on FEY in Albany, go to 24/7 and watch. It is so funny, particular part about Justin Bielber . Truth, I believe our boy could do standup.

                  • tweeterpie says:

                    I agree, Adam is very funny and always does it with a twinkle or a wink too, which makes it so endearing. I can’t wait until he starts to get the opportunities that will put him in front of us even more than he is now. I can easily see him in movies, on tv, on the stage, hosting events, and various guest appearances, etc. Seasonal showcases like they used to do that combine music and skits would be wonderful with him heading it up.His talent is beyong amazing which is why we call him ADAMAZING! LOL

  7. I’m signing up for sure but I will always come here!! I love the people, style and so much more!! Please look me up Sue! glambert #640 AdamsLady

  8. Mary at the Lake says:

    Gosh, I don’t see the new FanClub as replacing any other site (except maybe Adam Official, which I rarely went to except for Pre-sale info) Will just be up even later now!!!! Have made some friends here from this site, was my “first” Adam site from the get-go during Idol, and will continue to come back here…I have another one I frequent as well (24/7) which is fun too…That being said, I think 3 is enough!!!! I don’t get enough sleep as it is!!!! LOL!!!! Didn’t get the VIP membership but sure would have done that if it hadn’t already been sold out!!!! (D**N!!!!!) Meeting Adam…worth every penny!! Next time….(AKA “glitzylady” on 24/7)

    • Mary at the Lake – I didn’t know you were glitzylady as well!

      • Mary at the Lake says:

        Yep, that’s me, for what its worth…LOL!!! Same on the new Adam Fanclub …Have been reading the comments here and I think its unanimous that even if we join the new FC, this is such a personal and friendly place that I’ll still be hanging out here and keeping up with everyone…And Adam….I can see the value of the new Fan Club, being a source of merchandise and pre-sale offers (and hopefully more Meet and Greets!!!!!!!) and all that…Beyond that, we’ll see….I know that Adam is really excited about it and I am assuming that his mom Leila is associated with it …She is listed as a member of his fan club with her picture after all!!!!! I don’t think the price is unreasonable, all things considered.., and, I got a T-shirt, worth at least the joining fee for sure!!!!

        • Mary at the Lake says:

          And the new site is just one more way to stay connected to Adam and his fabulous journey!!!

          • What’s your third sight? Oh and a side note we all know: Adam has brought Glam back. Everyone on tv and stuff is saying it. I say it too.
            Love as always from,
            The Princess (my new signature)

  9. I have no intention of paying money for the other fan club. Please dont go anywhere. I will be a loyal follower to your site.

  10. I signed up but I will still come here. I get awesome videos that I get here. They have some cool contest and stuff though. Didn’t pay for the package but that’s ok I only want to pay to see Adam in concert

  11. I’m on disability I can’t afford to pay for the other site. i will look at it while it’s free but no way will I be leaving here. I hope they don’t try to get other fan sites taken down. The meet and greet passes don’t do anything for me because I can’t go to concerts. I have enough allergy issues just going to the grocery store. My other health issues make it so I can’t stand for a whole concert or wait outside for hours to try to meet him either. The pics of him on the headers of the site are awesome though.

  12. Pay for a fan club!!@##$?
    Give me a break. Maybe I’m old fashioned but
    it just doesn’t sound right. I’m staying here.
    BTW will there be a pre show get together
    anywhere tomorrow at the Albany concert?

  13. Sue~ this site is still “the best”!!! I love it and check it a couple of times a day, and that won’t change. I like the new Adam site, but i’m not sure i want to pay to join it.
    You don’t have anything to worry about….you’re like a first boyfriend and this site has a special place in our hearts!!

  14. gran4adam says:

    I signed on…can’t get enough Adam…but this is absolutely the best site:) Thank you Fernando, met you in San Diego, Sue and the others who work so tirelessly on this site. This is the PRIMO source for Adam fans.

  15. I am not going anywhere this is my Home:0) All my Glamily is Right Here:0)

  16. Sue, I’m staying right here. Checked out the fan club site, just didn’t seem very warm and cozy. You give us information and keep us up-to-date. I feel like I’m reading a letter from you with your posts. The other one just seems like all contests and selling us stuff. Too commercial for me. I check in with you very day and will continue to do so. Thanks for everything.

    • carmen #395 says:

      I totally agree! I registered on the other site, but not paying for it. This site has me hooked. You’re all like a family. The other site is not homie and comfy. This site gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I see it in my inbox. I feel like we’re all friends. Please stay where you are. I love this place and Adam. Keep up the good work.

  17. Love this site and won’t leave. I will probably pay the $29 to join the fan club, though. I don’t think it is unreasonable as my son, who is a staunch Kelly Clarkson fan, paid $25 a few years ago to join her fan club. I would also be interested to know if Adam’s mom is involved in the new site. So if anybody out there knows the scoop…

  18. I don’t post much but do come here on a daily basis. I love reading what Adamlovers have to say. I will sign up for the new site, but will still come here. I do appreciate all you do for us Sue. I saw you Glamberts at the AI tour with your banner you were carrying around. I was too far up to try to get to you to say hi. But it was neat knowing who you were! Love you all.

  19. I too don’t post much but come to this site when I can to keep up with the latest. It seems a little odd to have to pay to join a fan club then pay to renew every year, but this is the first fan club I’ve tried to join in years so what do I know! I’m going to join and see how it goes, but I will keep coming back here. Is anybody coming to Houston for the concert on 9/8? If so, they’re having a Glam Nation Take Over at Hard Rock Cafe (about 2 blocks away from the venue) starting at 4. Last week, they had around 120 people RSVP’d but can take up to 350. Hard Rock is going to be playing all Adam’s music and videos and the girls running it are putting in a lot of effort. They’re hoping to have a silent auction to benefit DonorsChoose and also plan to have some kind of Glam Station set up so people can glitter themselves up for the show. The Houston newspaper has already contacted them about the event, so there may even be some press.

    • Thanks for posting about the party, Lisa. Buffy check out the party web site, it just came up today, and we have plenty of room for more Glam Fans!

      Also we are accepting donations for the silent auction to benefit, if anyone has any Adam related stuff they can part with! Check out the info on the auction on our party site or e mail me

  20. thanks Lisa for the Houston situation. I knew there was a gathering, but have put off signing up. Thought is would be full! See, that’s why this site is so great. It’s always full of people helping each other out and sharing. I don’t see any other sites coming down. It is way out of anyone’s power to do that. So we are safe here!

  21. This site is so warm and personal – I won’t leave unless it shuts down, God forbid!! I don’t post often but still enjoy the feelings that we all share for one extraordinary artist -Adam! I finally get to see him live in Peoria for the first time and I’m so excited! My husband got tickets for my birthday – what a great guy! I’m grateful for all the work that goes into this site and hope it stays intact for a long time so that we can continue to support and propel Adam ahead in his amazing career!

  22. Musicalgal says:

    This will be my official Web Site first. I love Adam but I contribute to this site as money permits. I’ll have to see what I can do in the future. Adam is the best and this site is wonderful especially for folks like me who never will be able to go to an Adam concert. I’ll buy his Videos, CD, Music but will never get to a concert unless you all share here. Thanks to all you Glambert fans who share on this site. Love to you all. God Bless.

  23. patricia Pearce says:

    I have a dress circle, center stage, row M, seat 9, ticket for Adam’s Raleigh, north carolina concert this

    Saturday, August 28,.So far I’ve had to pay $266 plus Fed Ex for the two tickets so I’m not padding the

    price at all when I offer it for $133. I’ve been to Memorial Auditorium often and these seats are fantastic.

    Just google the venue and look for section C – also known as the dress circle.

    Anyone near Chapel Hill, NC who wants to buy this can travel with me if you wish.

    e-mail::: skinny

  24. patricia Pearce says:

    I have a dress circle, center stage, row M, seat 9, ticket for Adam’s Raleigh, north carolina concert this

    Saturday, August 28,.So far I’ve had to pay $266 plus Fed Ex for the two tickets so I’m not padding the

    price at all when I offer it for $133. I’ve been to Memorial Auditorium often and these seats are fantastic.

    Just google the venue and look for section C – also known as the dress circle.

    Lynne–a forever grateful and faithful user of your site which I look forward to daily.

    Anyone near Chapel Hill, NC who wants to buy this can travel with me if you wish.

    e-mail::: skinny

  25. Cooool 🙂

  26. Jane Parker says:

    I will sign up for email updates and stuff on his new site, but THIS site is my #1 place for Adam!!

    I can’t spend hours on websites, so I choose this one FIRST!!
    I love my GLAMBS!!!!

  27. Sandra Sotero says:

    I really only come to this website. I am a busy working professional and don’t have time to go to all the websites. I think that you visit all the others and let me know what going on. It all seems condensed here. So I don’t understand. What is Adam Official?? Anyway I will probably join, just because — why not — but I will come her mostly for my news.

  28. Sandra Sotero says:

    I forgot please send friend request — my tag is Kiss_yr_face.

  29. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I’m here for life!! I may sign up on the other site — haven’t decied yet. I almost would rather send that money to this site to help support it. I haven’t so far but I should for sure!! As everyone has said, this site is warm and personal and has become my GLAMILY!!! I would only pay at the other site if I was guaranteed that the $$ would go to Adam or one of his pet causes. Keep up the good work everyone here! This is THE #1 SITE of them all!!!

  30. I will ALWAYS come here! The new FC site looks like fun and the price isn’t bad considering you get a t-shirt and a few other things, I bought a t-shirt at the concert and it cost me more than that so I’m happy with the price. That being said…….this is the home of my GLAMILY! I can never get too much Adam and I can’t imagine not connecting with everyone here. I’ve met GREAT people through here and plan on continuing to do so. Anyone wanting to friend me at the FC, my name is the same on that site. Later……Peace…Love …..Adam forever!!

  31. I am supporrting the new fansite, of course. It is Adam’s!!
    My name on the site “Lizard Eyes”, this is also my name on Adam Official.

  32. Adamesque says:

    I did sign up on the new site, but will always come back to this site as well!

  33. Betts McCalla says:

    Hey Sue
    Love this site and love the new fan club also. Is it possible to overdose on the wonderfulness of Adam? I am azglambert on both sites and on twitter, so everyone please friend me when you get a chance. Clo and I saw Meat Loaf last night here in Phoenix and we looked at each other and said this will probably be our Adam at “sexty- two”.

  34. To Sandra Sotero: Just type in and you will see what it is all about! It’s probably the very first site about Adam to emerge after American Idol.

  35. Hi, I’m a 58-year-old devoted Adam-fan from Finland. I have been a “Finnbert” since Adam started on Idol and I have visited this site ever since I found it months ago. I think you have been doing a glamorous job with this page and I would like to thank you for keeping us fans (also from further away) posted on everything that goes on around Adam! Northern greetings to all of you 🙂

  36. delibel (Nederland) says:

    I will NEVER leave this site,LOVE this site.
    LOVE all the things that you do for us,
    One more site is nice ofcorse but we will stay true to you sweetheart.

    BIG HUG from Holland

  37. I LOVE this site and the information you always have for us about ADAM. You are so devoted and keep us so informed on HIS activities, Thank You so much.
    I will have to stay unofficial official!

  38. Lickable Adamalicious, We want to join your fan club, probably the middle one, but we aren’t sure if its a monthly or a yearly fee. Please let us know. Now for the extras we want included, Adam Lambert Flavored lip gloss, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, smelling salts so that when we pass out from all your gloriousness, we can revive ourselves with your Adamalicious (gotta be) smell. If you can think of anything else that might get us through till we see you in concert again, PLEASE do it!!!! We need all of you we can get. Of course YOUR makeup suggestions, how to get past the craving for licking you all over. Can you tell we are completely and deliriously out to get you in only the VERY BEST WAYS. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Your totally loyal and loving fans, Rita & Donna. P.S. Please DVD’S, HURRY PLEASE, we are going ape for you!!!!!!! By the way, where were the bears in th IIHY video, either we’er blind or they were CUT out and we LOVE BEARS, TOO!!!!!!!!!

  39. Magiclady says:

    I am joining the fan club but will continue to check in here everyday as always! Thanks Sue!

  40. Southern Gemini says:

    I tried to buy one of the subscriptions on Adams fan club site, but it would not let me “checkout.”…..has anyone had any problems with this????? sara

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      I have heard that they are so busy that some have had trouble but were eventually successful…Adam is such a popular guy everyone wants to join!!!! There seem to be a few more “glitches” that they will need to work out as well, but no doubt they will…

      • Southern Gemini says:

        Thanks, I will keep trying……..I check all the sites for Adam and they all offer a few different things that help keep us connected. Can’t wait to see him again on 9/11 in MS. Sara

  41. tweeterpie says:

    I joined the new site because I think Adam’s mom is the overseer (that was always the plan anyways) and besides, I ALWAYS want to support Adam in any way that I can. HOWEVER, this site will always be my NUMBER ONE SITE. We are one great big Glamily here and we can get a little more frisky in our talk too. The other site doesn’t allow swearing or comments on Adam’s sexual parts so that would mean no more of the coments like,”Damn, that boy is seXXXy as hell” or “Did you see that Glam bulge he was sporting in those pants?” Ha! HA! Seriously though, I LOVE this site and REALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HARD WORK in keeping us up to date and putting the videos and photos all together where we can easily find and enjoy them. THANKS to you all!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      That will be very hard and will limit comments to about three words, as in “I love Adam”…Hard to say anything about him that doesn’t involve at least one variation of “sexy” but guess well have to try!!! LOL!!! Hmmmmmm…thinking…..Okay: “Adam is very genetically favorably endowed…” Nope, “endowed” could be a problem…will keep trying…This could take awhile…

      • Mary at the Lake says:

        After posting this, and while on my way to work, I realized that I should have explained that I was referring to his stunning good looks….see, I can get myself into trouble without even trying….and you probably thought I was talking about something else entirely…..the key word here is “proofread” before posting!!!!

  42. KO's smiling says:

    I just signed up, too, and friended a bunch of you… I hope you don’t mind. Very interesting to learn your locations, ages, and occupations! My name is the same as on here, so if you feel like it, look me up on that new site. 🙂

  43. Still have not had any notification that I have joined The Official Adam Lambrt Fan Club. Please don’t keep me waiting. How do I get to the form to fill out and make payment if it has not already been done? Please desperate in North Carolina, but still a loyal fan. Let me know if I have joined and just not been notified! Thanks and Love Ya! Rita

  44. Hi,friends! I very like this site! I very want to find new friends!!! Write me in my mail— we can speak about anything!!!!!!!!

  45. P.S. Tell me something about Adam?I know very little about this singer!!!!Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi im katy i saw your Q
      I knoq every thing about him LIKE he is gay , he has younger brother neil , His first bf was in age 28 , he was singing in american idol