Adam Lamberts New Song-VOODOO

Well, there is nothing better than when I wake up in the morning and see that Adam has tweeted!! For those of you not on twitter, here is what he had to say…

~~adamlambert~Check out VOODOO! Bonus track co-written w Sam Sparro appearing on international release of FYE. Turn it up!

~~adamlambert~VOODOO~Song will be released soon in US on WWFM & FYE Remix EP!

Take a listen, it is addictive…



  1. As always, amaaaazzzzzing!!! Every song he does is so different from the others he has done. Don’t know how he does this. Extremely talented. Love it!!!

  2. Glenda #1946 says:

    Not so crazy bout this song….but I love the vocals…anyone else ???

  3. Glenda #1946 says:

    Maybe it will grow on me. Sometimes they do….

  4. Yeah, at first I wasn’t too crazy about it, until I realize, just minutes after listening to the song for the first time in utube, I craved for it. Then I got really hooked when I heard this in headphones, MAJOR EFFING DIFFERENCE! But this song is dangerous… And u’ll see why

  5. Glenda #1946 says:

    Ouuuu in headphones I bet you are right. The echo sound would be awesome!

  6. This one will also penetrate itself into our Spirits, that is why it is called VooDoo…
    Can’t wait to hear it on my Ipod headphones!

    • i like this song. YOU ARE RIGHT “Irena”, this song does get into you and put you under a spell. It is a good title.~~voodoo~~. I heard it throught headphones and it sounds pretty neat. I like the beat.

  7. Dianne Hill says:

    I adored this song from the first listen. I couldn’t help myself. I understand why this song did not fit on the album, but I can close my eyes and picture Adam singing this song. The vocals are amazing, there is just something about it that got under my skin even by the time it got to the chorus, I was hooked. I will be listening to it this morning through my headphones and I can’t wait, thanks Freya77. Everything Adam does is just beyond words. He is incredible and I love him more and more each day.

    • Dianne, I agree with you totally, I fell in love with the song straight away, love the arrangement, love the tone of his voice, this is true glam rock sound, this man is a genius, he has the Midas touch in whatever he does. I can listen to this song all the time, I cannot wait for the release of his International album with Voodoo, I hope that if he does perform in the UK he does Voodoo, I would love to see his stage performance of this song.

  8. Whoo – Voodoo! Can’t wait to hear the Glam Band’s interpretation of this! It reminds me of a classic James Bond movie, but I can just SEE Adam singing it in a club on First Blood! I hope his EP is gonna have all the songs he’s already recorded, but not yet released! I want more Adam! It no longer matters if a song “goes with” the others – just give us MORE!

  9. Tori Pearce says:

    great song, very edgy but at the same time reminiscent of 90’s George Michael’s beautiful vocals.

    • KailuaGirl1966 says:

      Yeah, George Michael. Just last night I was listening to some tracks from Faith album via Youtube, and thought that ‘I Want Your Sex’ & ‘Kissing A Fool’ would be sound awesome with Adam’s spin on them. Perhaps the two met up in Austrailia at Mardi Gras????
      Loved the vocals on this new song, the music was just a little over powering for me.
      Suzanne Glam #394

  10. Libraglam says:

    Ooouuuu !! Voodoo….oh it’s so good! you all are so right ! I got addicted to it already ! Can’t wait til it is released. Thank you for posting it. It’s gonna be another BIG HIT cuz this is very different (unique). It reminded me the time that he had “Ring of Fire” !

  11. jnellie says:

    On first listen I was on the fence, but it’s growing on me. Second listen was on a computer with better speakers and I think that makes a big difference with this type of song. FYE had some “hmmm” songs for me on first listen too, but now on any given day I can have any given song running through my head. I’m addicted and I suspect Vodoo is going to be my new fix.

    • ADDICTED ( that didn’t take long). Listened with headphones and OMG what a difference. Voice much clearer and music not so overpowering.

  12. ianaleah says:

    I instantly loved this particular song. I hope it can be downloaded on itunes as a single.

  13. Listened to this before sleep, and after waking up mwahahah

  14. This is the very first time I’ve heard this song! Instantly in love with it! I was also instantly in love with him at first sight! Is there anything that this man does wrong? Scary….he’s perfection!

  15. Love it! Shows how ADAM can sing any kind of song w/any sound … I’d love to watch him sing this one! His voice is perfection!

  16. wow, i can just imagine goin to a club with this remixed;p adam sure has everything covered…. wonder what he’ll come up with next

  17. Robin Hatcher says:

    Great song, it does grow on you and listening through headphones is a big difference. Keep up the amazing work Adam, we love you.

  18. grandjag says:

    love this song,,it is addictive….love it

  19. summerzen says:

    voodoo is amazing its like master plan those 2 songs would be great on a cd along with down the rabbit hole.totally adamtastic and epic.fantastic adam

  20. wow, love it already, but hay its Adam whats not to love, now to work out how to get it onto my phone lol

  21. Amazing! Anything he does is amazing for me…bring on the ABC’s~

  22. Love this one. It’s beautiful….and addictive! Love his power up at 2:34…. Since grew up in Louisiana I’m digging the whole voodoo, bayou thing.

  23. Adamgasm….don’t ya think…? This is Adam’s addictive, sexy voice…OMFG..

  24. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. WOW! What a fabulous haunting melody! This song gave Adam another opportunity to hit his famous “high note”! I loved it-can’t wait to download it from i-tunes! I hope he makes it to San Diego soon!!!

  26. La Donna Horejsi says:


  27. OMG – I love this. Can’t wait until I hear Adam sing it live. Whenever that will be.

  28. Glamdoc300 says:

    Thank you for this, Adam. You looked so happy at Mardi Gras. Continue to be the star you were so clearly born to be.

  29. Not crazy for this song – way too much synt & instrumentation – he has a great voice why hide it-in a way it got drowned out.

  30. k. morgan says:

    Love the song…so soft and haunting…….synth is cool too….You guys who are not sure need to remember that Adam is not trying to copy sounds…he is paving a path not traveled right now…This song is cool…

  31. Great song … but then again …can he do a bad song????? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love watching him in Australia ….. they love him there and he can do no wrong. Not like the prudes in america who chastize him for being too riske’

  32. Great Song! Reminds me of a theme to a James Bond movie. Very hypnotic and entrancing. His voice is beautiful. Hope it can become a single to purchase.