Adam Lambert’s Much Music Video Awards Rehearsal

Gearing up for an awards show weekend, Adam Lambert was spotted out in Toronto, Canada on Saturday afternoon (June 19).

The “American Idol” alum looked studly as he strolled past a gathered crowd of fans ahead of rehearsals for the Much Music Video Awards being held on Sunday, June 20th.


Tweeting during the course of the day
@adamlambert~At the Much Music Awards Soundcheck!!!

Also showing off his freshly half-shaved hairdo, Adam tried to calm down his critical fans by writing,
Calm down… Just shaved one side… :)”

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  1. Glam Fan says:

    OMG!!!! His hair matches Tommy’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If ony we had some blonde hair dye o_O…

    • kellym11 says:

      He doesn’t need blond hairdye. His natural color is reddish/blond. The look is really starting to grow on me—as long as he doesn’t load up on tattoos. That’s my nightmare.
      He doesn’t have to shock people with all that because he is blessed with a magnificent voice. Other performers don’t have such talent and therefore need tattoos, hair shaving and anything else that provides shock!!!!

  2. Glenda #1946 says:

    Just WOW!!!……what more can you say??!!!!

  3. ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

    Oi / Hello
    I love pictures took when he is relax…
    His smile is so great and so honest!!!!!!
    I hope I express what I mean….
    Sorry my english
    Beijos / kisses
    Tchau / Bye

    • ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

      By the way

    • Phxdame says:

      Your English is just fine – we understand! (If you want better English then you would say, “Sorry FOR my English)

  4. i thought it doesn’t look good on him but well, i was wrong …wow, what’s not to love??

  5. Mmagiemay says:

    “Give me a head with hair, Long Beautiful Hair; Shining, Gleaming, Flaxen, Waxen” and Blu-oooh!
    I think Adam is slowly preparing us for something monumental, like a mohawk. LOL Beeee prepared!


    • ianaleah says:

      Hopefully, it ‘s just cuz it is creative enough to avoid needed a change. Maybe we can get some of his own strawberry blond – which I think is a cosmic gift – into the mix.

  6. Vocalsrule says:

    He’ll have a mohawk and be Pucks older long lost brother on Glee!

    He’s handsome and manly with a feather boa. Who else can do that?

  7. God can he be possibly any sexier? I LOVE this man.

  8. Adamisamazing says:

    He is gorgeous. I hope the “air conditioning” will only be for the Summer. 😉 Love that man’s full head of hair. He does look wonderfully relaxed, and that is always something great to see.

  9. I think his hair looks great, however it is 🙂 Lovely pictures 🙂

  10. Princessshakeitup says:

    Good morning Adam and fellow Glambs! I love these pictures and am getting used to the new half-do. Living where it is HOT most of the time I can appreciate that less hair is a good ‘ting!

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    I just had a special notice from the Heifer Project asking for special gifts in honor of FATHER’S DAY. This notice shared a story about a man in Honduras named Sebastian who went off to find work to support his family but found out that, while he was gone, his wife left their 4 children and so he had to return to care for them. Some women in his village contacted Heifer International and within 2 months they sent him a Heifer. Now, 7 years later he has a large vegetable farm and dairy cows and it flourishes because of the amount of manure that the cows provide! PLEASE REMEMBER that the animals provided by Heifer are used to sustain income [provide dairy, wool,eggs, and honey] and are not used for meat!

    Heifer Project says, “On this FATHER’S DAY, give the gift of a changed life and a better future. Join Heifer Project’s work to reunite families and lift them out of poverty”

    On a personal note, this hit home for me as my own mother died when I was about 5 and my father spent his life working very hard to raise us 4 kids by himself…very much like Sebastian from Honduras!

    In honor of ADAM
    In honor of FATHERS
    In honor of the fact that most of us would like to make ADAM a FATHER [let’s face it!]

    PLEASE consider going to [just click on this and it will take you directly to our site!] and making a donation to our GLAMBS TEAM.

    THANK YOU and Happy Father’s Day!
    Wet kisses from me and Adam

  11. juliette says:

    Last night, I attended Adam’s concert at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. There was a large crownd cheering and showing so much love for Adam. It was unbelievable.
    In the afternoon he came out at the Pavillion which is located behind the Amphitheatre for interviews and meet & greet with his fans. I came face to face with him and was able to touch
    his arm ,neck and even the side of his faces. I was albe to get a fairly close up picture of him.
    I was overwhelmed, I even broke the barrier so I could get a picutre of him. I almost got arrested.
    Today, as I am thinnking about all that I feel very bad. Once, I could have caught a riot and someone
    could have got hurt, then I feel, I kind of invaded Adam’s space by touching on side of his face.
    I never have been a groupie. I can’t understand my reactions. As I am writing this I can’t help
    crying. I did apologized after, to the security guards. She really wanted me to leave the front
    line, bur I was hanging on the steel barrier so hard and saying ‘ I am not moving”
    I feel ashamed today and also shocked by my behavior.
    His show was so good. His voice touched my soul. I wild forever be grateful for seeing him so close. I doubt if I will ever see him againn in person. I did travelled from Calgary to Toronto to see him. I would also like to send Adam a message to apologize for my behaviors. If someone knows how to do it please let me know .
    Tonight, he is nominated for an award at the Much Music Award Show. He deserves to win! I know
    that there will be several Canadian Artists also nominated. He still deserve to win.
    Love to everyone

  12. Juliette, so cute and out of control, Adam brings out emotions in us we dont understand and we act not like ourselves,

  13. first pic……………………………….upper right hand corner


    • shirlee says:

      Hi Blu

      I have only recently been working with a computer on these blogs. I didnt know that i could repy below the comment. Anyway i left you a comment below about the fella with the low slung tool belt. that looks weird.

  14. Hi Blu

    Are you talking about the worker with the shorts on with a tool belt hanging lowly?

    At least i hope that is what it is. Ha Ha. what else could it be.

    AND Juliette, forgive yourself. I’m sure Adam will forgive you……….

  15. Ninalatinalambert lover says:

    He looks awesomely handsome on that new haircut! Very sexxxy on him. Yes, isn’t it interesting how it’s similar to Tommy’s! Makes you go “hmmm”. I love Adam- can he ever look less than perfect? I haven’t seen that!

  16. Adam looks beautiful however his hair is. It’s probably a summer look!
    I am a bit upset to hear that fans touch Adam when he is out. Fans need to respect his space.
    Would you like a stranger to come up & touch you? I sure wouldn’t. Once a stranger touched my hair & I was pretty upset by it.
    Juliette, I’m glad you realize that you were wrong & apologized.
    My fear is that if it keeps happening, Adam will not be out around the fans & I wouldn’t blame him.
    Ladies, I know Adam is irresistable, but please try to keep it under control!

    • I touched Tommy’s hair Friday night. But I asked for permission and he said sure.

  17. juliette says:

    Thanks Everyone for your kind words and advices.
    Yes, I agree a person should ask permission before touching someone and I also agree that
    it might stop Adam to mingle close to his fans if we try to touch him.
    I should have known better and I will try to send an apology to Adam.
    I am still overwhelmed and embarrassed by the experience..
    I know i will never go close to him even if I had the chance.
    I will only listen to his songs and wish him the best of success..

  18. Juliette, it’s good that you shared this experience with us, because we also learn from you. You have remorse because you are a private and good person. Sometimes when we are in a “mob-like” atmosphere, such as the one you had experienced, things can go out of control. You can’t believe what happened…. you can’t believe that you’re capable of doing something like that. When you reflect back, you felt there was some affront or some self-respect lost. But we’re here as your GLAM sisters to say that NOTHING IS EVER LOST FROM YOU. What you did was sacrifice, and you were acting in your belief and inexperience. Maybe, the circumstances and the timing was not just right.
    As fans, we need BALANCE. We also need REALITY CHECKS — like if what we’re doing is CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE to Adam or even to ourselves. BALANCE as to our adoration to Adam and preserving our self-respect. Added to that also preserving our integrity and dignity. Of course, we can make Adam proud, when we can strike a balance and have just the right kind and the right amount of ingredients to be good fans. Ha- ha, maybe these are conjectures on my part because I’m not commenting on experience as a fan, since this is my first time to be really a fan too. But, we’ll take the road and journey together.
    Someday, you’ll laugh about this experience, while you narrate and put your grandchildren to sleep

  19. juliette says:

    Thank you Mo-ski for the infos, but unfortunately It did not work. If anyone knows how I can send an apology to Adam via an organization, or some other way please let me know.
    Also to Dainty! I could not have expressed myself the way you did. You are obviously a very
    well read and an educated person. I sincerely appreciated your comments.
    I saw an interview of Adam with TV Ontario on the Net. Adam was saying how impulsive he is.
    Well that describes me also. Someone has written that Adam would understand and
    would forgive me. From now on I will only allow myself to cry because I can’t help expressing my
    emotions. I did not mean it when I said I would not go to see Adam again. But like Dainty has written, balance, and self-respect are utterly important.
    I must admit that in some way I will cherish this experience forever. It was like touching God. I know
    it sounds crazy..but it was surreal.
    Thank you also to everyone who has commented. I feel your love and understanding.
    Just the way our beautiful Adam wants us to be.
    Beaucoup d’amour a chacun de vous.

  20. I love his hair,,, He shares it with tommy now (: tommy and adam makes me smile., Its kinda lika a kradam,, Or maybe, ADAM TOMMY AND KRIS, Yeesss!

  21. Yes, Juliette, we will be there for each other as fans, because maybe for most of us this is the first time we had become emotionally involved like a tsunami to an IDOL/SUPERSTAR, and so we have to manage the repercussions and have to be guided to the right direction. Well, maybe what we can do, and what I’m planning to do this weekend is to look for books about THE EVOLVING RELATIONSHIPS OF SUPERSTARS AND THEIR FANS. We have to learn from HISTORY……. distill the wisdom of the Ages……… and avoid the pitfalls. Just like what Adam did during the American Idol Tour, he read ROBBIE WILLIAM’S book on the “RISE and FALL of a POPSTAR”. It was unerringly prognostic, predictive and preventive for him. Imagine……. Adam even has that great foresight. WOW !
    I have very little knowledge of HISTORY of Superstars and their fans, but I came across an extreme case…. a tragedy, where SELENA, a Latina celebrity in the US(since I saw this in the PEOPLE magazine) was killed by the President of her Fan Club. So to balance this, I guess, I have to come across success stories, where fans have positively supported their IDOLS to success.
    I think my own reality check with Adam, came even from a joke and teasing from my son. Back in 2007, I was recruited by a Psychiatrist from Berkeley,California to be a Psychiatrist nurse there. Though I’m a physician here in the Philippines, I took up Nursing, and my expertise seem to be in Psychiatric Nursing. Last year, while still considering this offer, my son would tease me, ” Oh, you wanna go to the US to be with Adam.” I answered back , “Yes, but that’s possible only if Adam is a patient in the institution where I’m working.” Then, I laughed, because I’ll never wish him to need a REHAB or what, just so I could see him or be with him.
    So, the reality is always there. Adam is vulnerable. He should even know how to handle both prosperity and adversity, both the rise and the fall…… if there is a fall. Because, now, we can only see his success soaring, and we don’t want a fall. So we’ll keep it this way…… and may our role as fans, and this Fansite too, will be towards this direction.
    So, happy book hunting. And don’t forget Juliette, Adam feels for you too.

  22. theresa/canada says:

    I don’t see any post about Adam winning Canada’s national music channel, MuchMusic and his winning the most favourite international video award which is a fan vote driven award. Canada really loves Adam and is perfectly okay with him just the way he is.

    We are thrilled but sad to have only a couple of concerts north of the border, Toronto and later on Montreal, but we here in Vancouver did get a special treat in April, not the Glam Nation show though.

    We’ll take Adam any which way we can get him!