Adam Lambert’s Mom: “He’s Still a Winner”

In what’s been called one of the biggest TV upsets ever, front-runner Adam Lambert lost out on the “Idol” crown. Momlogic spoke with Adam’s mom, Leila, about her son’s loss, his talent, and the advice she has for moms of aspiring singers.

Fox/American Idol

momlogic: As Adam’s mother, what was going through your mind before and during the finale?

Leila Lambert: It was probably the night I was most nervous, excited, and emotional. I knew if he were to win it would be an amazing opportunity, and I knew if Kris won, it would be the same for him. Our families have become very good friends. Kris’s mom, Kim, and I looked to each other for support and I knew either way, either of the kids would be okay. Kim and I had a lot of talks and we knew they were both strong kids and they’d both be given wonderful opportunities, whatever the outcome. I was nervous, felt a lot of anticipation, but I was also excited because it was all good.

ml: What was going through your mind when they announced Kris Allen as the winner?

Leila: I think everyone wants to be a winner, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re playing cards or in this competition, whatever you’re doing in life, you want to win. Adam is a winner. He’s still a winner even though his name wasn’t called — as much as it’s wonderful to say, “I did win ‘American Idol.'” I felt great because I knew Adam was still a winner. I didn’t know how I was going to react but when it happened, the pressure was gone and I was very happy for Adam.

ml: At what age did you know there was something special or unique about your son? When did you discover his talent?

Leila: I would say as early as 3 years old, when I realized Adam could recite books verbatim and could make character voices even before he could read. He loved Halloween and taking on different characters. Then, I started putting him in theater groups. He thrived and loved the interaction with the other kids. At age 10, Adam sang for the first time. We knew there was something very unique for such a young boy to sing the notes he was reaching, so he began taking lessons.

ml: When he first told you he wanted to audition for “American Idol,” what was your reaction? 

Leila: His friends from “Wicked” encouraged him to audition. He called me and said, “I know it’s a long shot…” Adam was down in Los Angeles and the audition was up by me in San Francisco, where I live. I said he should go. He’s always successful when he does something, so I thought he should go for it. It sounded great. Everything in life is an adventure and it’s a new journey, so why not?

ml: When he first auditioned, did you ever think he’d make it this far?

Leila: Never! You know what the odds are, and to me, you have to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be there at that moment when someone is actually listening really closely. I never thought it would go this far. Not that I didn’t believe he was talented, but there is such a process, with so many people trying to get there as well. When he got home, I remember him telling me he was standing in line for hours. He and two friends left the house so early in the morning and didn’t get home until so late at night. They just stood there in line — and then they were heard after such a tiring day — I remember Adam was just hoping he sounded okay because he hardly got any sleep the night before. He was in the right place at the right time and it worked.

ml: As a mother, how has your life changed? And how has your son Adam’s life changed?

Leila: I would always say to people when he was younger, “I have a son who’s very talented … he’s a singer.” A parent is always proud of their child and I knew Adam was unique. But this opportunity has changed both of our lives. I came to Los Angeles every single week because I didn’t want to miss any of the competition. I liked being there. I took a backseat and watched. It’s the most amazing gift. It wasn’t easy working 50 hours a week and then traveling to Los Angeles on my days off, but it changed my life. Now I see what the opportunities are for Adam and it’s like a whole new life. A new life for him and me. I am just so excited to be part of this. My life is very different now, in fact I am going to be moving to Los Angeles from San Francisco. I am doing it because it’s a new life for all of us. I am very excited about it. His life is different because he was struggling to get by. Adam had a job in “Wicked,” but it was a paycheck and paid bills. He was working hard, but it wasn’t what he always wanted. Again, he was in the right place at the right time. But now, this is what he always wanted. His life will never be the same and it’s great because it’s his dream. To perform like this and be creative — it’s an amazing opportunity.

ml: Have you spent time with the other “Idol” moms? Was there ever a sense of competition or rivalry?

Leila: I didn’t get to know many of the “Idol” moms except for Kris’s mom. I can’t even remember when we started becoming friends, but we both knew our kids were very talented and very different in their styles. Even though it was a competition, they were so different. The ability to have someone who’s going through the exact same thing you’re going through (and it goes for Kris and Adam, as well as the Allens and us) was so great. We just kept saying, “Whatever happens, it’s all going to be great and right for them.” Having that bond and bouncing off each other like that really helped us all. We took a limo to the show together Tuesday. We all had dinner together last night. The Allens, myself, my son. It was my birthday yesterday and we wanted the Allens to be there. We told stories of our sons from when they were little and we have so much in common, it’s mind-boggling. We will be friends for a very long time. You do want your kid to win, but just like in the theater, your kid is a shining star, but you can’t make that happen without everyone else around them. I feel this connection with everyone else and never felt a competitive edge. It sounds crazy, but it’s because we have a friendship. Maybe if we were different — if we were more to ourselves and standoffish, maybe we would have had that competitive feeling. But we are open as people and it’s refreshing. I was so genuinely happy for the Allens when Kris won. We went right over and I gave Kim the biggest hug. We stood there hugging and looking onstage at our kids. It changes competition when you have that kind of support.

ml: What advice would you give to moms whose children want to audition for AI or who have a gift and aspire to be famous?

Leila: That’s easy … What I did as a mom and what I would tell other people is that if your child wants to take guitar lessons, ballet, singing lessons, or play a sport, you should do whatever it takes to get them there and help nurture it. Whether or not they become a soccer player or ballerina, they will take that confidence with them. They will learn they can do it, and they can do anything. Allow your kids to dream and provide them with whatever they need to fulfill their dream. If it’s a sacrifice and you have to drive them two hours away to a competition, you just do it. That’s what it takes to build confident children who then become confident adults.


  1. Summercandy says:

    I am really happy for Adam. I know he will do very well in the future and have a sensational career ahead! I am glad Adam has such wonderful and supportive parents and now it has paid off well! Adam is my idol and is a great inspiration to me. He taught me to be positive in life and being comfortable with myself no matter how “different” I am. For that, I thank Adam from the bottom of my heart. Leila has brought up her son very well. Congratulations Leila! Adam is a world star now. All the best to Adam. Will support Adam from the other side of the world here. He’s a world idol. Rock on Adam! – MalaysianFan

  2. Congratulations to you Leila. Adam is so talented and seems to have a good head on his shoulders, thanks to you and your guidance. Best wishes for much success.

  3. UK4Adam says:

    Are Adam’s parents divorced? Maybe it’s the way the interview is conducted but it sounds as if they are… I just wondered whether anybody knows…

    • Yes, they are divorced. She lives in Northern California and is an interior designer and Eber, Adam’s father lives in San Diego. At this post, it looks like Leila is moving to Los Angeles to be near Adam… She is one happy, momma.. Congratulations!!

  4. adamfanatic says:

    Aaaawww!! Leila Lambert is such a sweet woman!! I guess I know where Adam gets it from………..

  5. AdamAddict says:

    No wonder Adam is such a great person,just listen to his mum! Not only I love Adam but also Adam’s mum!
    Adam and Kris are good friend,
    Adam’s mum & Kris’s mum are good friend!
    Awww,that’s so sweet. I wish their friendship is strong forever and look at Adam and Kris personalities,I really believe so!
    They both such a fine men!

  6. UK4Adam – I recall reading somewhere that his parents are divorced.

    It’s nice to read how Adam is really close to his family. He truly is an inspiration and deserves all the love and support.

  7. I feel better about the results now that I read this. I was more worried for his mom than for him. She supported him so much and I was afraid she would be heartbroken with the results. As a mom of grown children I find it when their lives get turned around it is worse than when they were young. Now i have peace of mind that Leila and Adam are Ok and feeling good!!

  8. awww ;D Adams mom is so well spoken no surprise that Adam is too

  9. MyBoyAdam says:

    Adam has a terrific mom. I saw her on an interview on TV. He takes after her. They are an inspiration on how to live life while being kind, charitable and loving towards those around them. I’d love to hear his dad speak too. They are divorced for a few years I’ve read. He’s been there supporting Adam in the audience too. Kris has a really nice family too and how wonderful that the Lamberts and Allens have gotten so close. This makes be doubly glad that it came down to Adam and Kris in the end. I don’t think it would have been the same atmosphere with Danny.

  10. AdamAddict says:


    If anyone here that personally know Adam or his family,relatives or friends,please tell Adam that we like to see him to be an actor too. On big screen! Something like “Moulin Rouge” or “The Notebook”

    Or tv series that he loves so much “Gossip Girl” …nope,no no no, BIG SCREEN for sure!
    Such a waste of talent if he only be a recording artist! Don’t do suck movie like “Speed Racer” Yucks!! He’ll be the next Leonardo Dicaprio. Do the remake of “Titanic!”

    Okay,I need to chug a beer now! LOL!!

  11. SYUTUCD has another season coming up 2009!!! how about adam trying out? BELIEVE ME HE WILL BE SUPPORTED AS DANCER/SINGER/ACTOR 😉

  12. What a refreshing interview! I very much enjoyed watching Adam’s family during the AI season. Could clearly tell you guys were having a blast during the KISS and Queen performances.

    Leila, your dedication, love and support have been a major factor in bringing Adam to this point in his (your) lives. Enjoy the journey. Congratulations and I wish you both all the best.


  14. ma berry says:

    Liela, You are an amazing woman and you have a wonderful son. Not only is he talented but he has such joy in his music and such warmth. Enjoy the journey and know that people all over the world will support Adam in whatever he does. I do thank American Idol for introducing us to Adam and his family. I thank you, Leila, for raising such a classy young man.

  15. Leila is a wonderful mom, no wonder she has a great son. Love ADAM

  16. Excellent interview. I could tell Adam appreciated the support – you guys are classy and real!

  17. AdamAddict says:

    I just watched in youtube where Adam’s driver trying to get away from paparazi.That’s not a nice thing to see. Why the driver just ignore them? He putting Adam’s life and whoever in that car including his own in danger!
    Just ignore them,MR! You scaring me. No speeding please!
    Should I remind you with Princess Diana tragic? Please be careful!

  18. YvettevY says:

    aaawwww….. i feel like crying when i read this…. my tears are starting to pour down now. now we know where Adam got his nice personality and fluent choice of inspiring words… his mom sure sound like a smart and kind and loving mom. Adam is VERY lucky to have a family to support him through it all. Leila Lambert has a very sweet thought of everything. thank you for posting this one, i feel very insipred and it made me love Adam more for who he is, no matter what.

  19. mad4adam says:

    This was a really good interview. The background to Adam’s success is the support and love of his family. We all need that.

  20. adamfanatic says:

    Mommy Leila, it’s good that you’re close to the Allens and really developed a good friendship with them, but that doesn’t change the fact that Adam is more talented and was robbed. It’s funny how they twist the true statement “Adam is more talented that Kris” into “Adam and Kris are two different artists”.

  21. Happiness and good thoughts go out to a talented young man and his family. As I watched the AI weekly competition, my heart was with Adam. I am so glad to see that he is being pursued by famous rock bands – AI was the beginning of his career and he will continue to move ahead and become a legend in his own time.
    Wow! Let us not forget to support the arts when our children are focused on those areas. Look what that support from his family has done for Adam.

  22. Throughout the AI competition it came across that Adam is a kind-hearted, decent, fun-loving and gracious person. It also came across that he has a great, supportive family. I love this interview with his mother! She did a fabulous job raising Adam and she just seems like a wonderful person. Adam and his mother have a lot in common. So nice to see their harmonious relationship!

  23. Hi Adam and adams mom and adams dad, and adams bro. You all are great.. Have you all ever thought of being inspirational speakers? you sure do seem to have the talent. i just pray for you all that you have a secure place in heaven.. I f you want to know about the after life.. just email me at.

  24. Adam is amazing and so is his mom. I really wish i had parents more like her. My paretns think that being a singer or winning American idol is pointless and that singers have it too easy and should try and do some hard work. But that is just because they are not happy in their jobs. That is why it is called chasing your dreams because would love to do something like sing and these people go for it and have the talent to do so. I have the dream of being a singer and winning X Factor or American Idol but if Im being honest I not that good. Adam had a amazing voice and he was incredible. I do love how he is a sweetheart like his mom off camera and in interviews but I also love how he changes when he gets on stage to wither be confident and bold or emotional. Whatever he needs to to have stage prescence and to give a fantastic performance. Ii will never be such a fan another American idol contestant like I was with Adam. He was unique and amazing. And in my opinion there is nothing sexier on a guy than eye liner. I am glad he figured out that he suits black hair so much more than blonde. I cant imagine him with blonde hair he just look like a natural black haired guy. Adam is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I really liked Kris I really really really loved Adam and he is the true winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. GOOD things come to those who wait…
    BETTER things come to those who try…
    but the BEST things come to those who believe…and to have such a loving, dedicated family to support and believe in everything that Adam wanted to do is just so wonderful.
    Congratulations to Adam, his folks and all his family – they must all be so very very proud.

    With much love from Donne’ (South Africa)

  26. This interview brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to you Leila and to your wonderfully talented son. I know you are proud beyond belief. Adam appears to be a wonderfully balanced person able to articulate his beliefs and thoughts. Mom, you done good!!

  27. Starry Eyed says:

    There’s Adam……then, there’s the rest. He truly is in a league of his own. I knew from the incredible integrity and graciousness he exhibits that he must have had wonderful parents. We don’t know too much about his Dad yet but he we saw him there each week being supportive, but his Mom –she seems so wonderful just like Adam. The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree!

  28. Lisette here,

    Thenks for posting thes lovli article dreamsound.All ma best wishes to Leila,Adam’s dad,brother an famille.It truly has touche ma hearte seeing such warmth,closeness,luv she has for Adam. She is eloquant,sweet,gracious an warm an givinge Adam quest supporte from childhoode to pursue musique.An beliv why Adam is also gracious,humble,charmant an kindehearted,displaye thru all l’weeks on Idol,in interviews .Thinq it’s a blessing to have suche a caring famille an be proude of Adam an all his talente. Adam has estraordinaire gifte to singe,danse an toche heartes evriwhere with evry songe.An it’s non abote who won in l’conteste.As Leila say Adam will always be winner,
    one who has won ovre heartes evriwhere in l’monde..So many blessings to Leila,his famille
    an Adam merci for making l’monde a better place with yur beautful musique ,angelique voice
    an hearte.An know an beliv he’ll be here for many yers on many stages,concertes,tv/radio an has toched hearte of artistes an people of all ages,races,religions.Truly a beautful l’lhomme inward,outward! J’adore et bisous Luv,Lisettexoxo

  29. MusicMan says:

    What a nice article. Both Adam’s parents should be so proud of him. At least the world discovered Adam and he has a huge following from the very young to the very old. He is a completley different artist and stirred up the media in all sort of ways. He is truly unforgettable and just a gem starting to shine. We all look forward to supporting Adam in whatever he choses, to us he was always and will always be our American Idol.

  30. What a great interview! No wonder Adam is such a great guy, having supportive family does wonders to one’s sprouting talents and creativity plus they learn to be good people by an example and his mom seems to be the nicest person. I love the fact that they’re friends with the Allens 🙂 Thank you Dreamsound for posting this and other wonderful stuff on this website. I love it!


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