Adam Lambert’s Interview And IIHY Performance On Ellen *Photo Update*

Today, Adam will perform If I Had You on The Ellen Show!!
…You do not want to miss the show on Wednesday! ROBERT PATTINSON IS GONNA BE HERE! (I wrote that in all caps so you can tell that I’m screaming.) He’ll tell me all about his new “Twilight” movie, “Eclipse.” And he’ll let me stare into his sexy eyes.
If that weren’t enough, another guy I love is stopping by this week… the very talented Adam Lambert! He’ll perform “If I Had You,” and I’m gonna find out who he thinks will win “American Idol.”…

@TheEllenShow~Me & @AdamLambert. I should get him to do MY eye makeup next time!
Me & @AdamLambert. I should get him to do MY eye makeup next ... on Twitpic



Video via: ldykiwi123

Yesterday Adam tweeted…
~adamlambert~@theellenshow had so much fun on your show today! Always the best, most positive energy!! Bam!

~adamlambert~Unfortunately not performing on Idol Finale. Guess they have plenty of artists booked. Catch me on Ellen tommorow and Leno on Friday.

~adamlambert~R ur fav stations playing If I Had You? My band and dancers & I are having so much fun performing it! Excited for video(dun in 3/4 weeks?)

Plus, don’t forget to set the dvr’s for Friday night as well. Adam will, once again, be performing on the Tonight Show!!



  1. Glamitup says:

    No Adam on idol finale? I can’t believe they could be so dumb!!! I am having a sad day! Tried for presell tickets in Louisville and lost out! Probably to people who don’t even want to go! I took off work to do this and I was so ready and right at 10 the site slowed down alot and I could only get row S with A being the best! Some would ask why I didn’t take row S but I JUST CAN’T SETTLE for mediocre tickets when it involves Adam! I will try at general sale on Friday or else resort to Stubhub or Ebay! I have to be as close as I can to him! Scalpers make me mad!!!! Wish me luck! At least I can see him on Ellen!

    • Glamitup says:

      Sue, I didn’t realize these were videos from today!! Thank you so much! I was so engrossed in my saddness that I didn’t realize! They are fantastic! Brought me to tears because no tickets for me!!!! I will keep trying though! Never give up on Adam!!!! The videos made my day bearable! Thank you! Love you guys! Love him!

      • lovemyadam says:

        Glamitup, Don’t be sad!! Watch those videos again!! Love back at you…


        • buffy522 says:

          Ellen seems to keep her shows up for a long time. But I learned to download asap having lost my Conan appearance on a DVR wipeout.

      • buffy522 says:

        I tried for San Francisco but kept saying your request can not be filled. Everyone on AO was complaining about that venue. Ebay had them up before the presale started. I was also so ready!

    • therese says:

      Love his ‘cock-a-too’ comment! LOL

  2. I can say i word for you my love, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

    You put smile on my face how many times i watch you or i listen to your wonderful voice.

    I love you Adam…………

  3. Adam is so sweet,as always full of positive energy and articulate. I love how his mom is always there supporting him,she must love him so much, whats not to love? He is so lovable always! HE IS LOVE OF MY LIFE FROM AI LAST YEAR!!! I CAN”T HELP MYSELF!!!!.

    • lovemyadam says:

      I love that he always has mom with him too!!


    • EternalGlamNation says:

      I love that he’s a boy who loves his mom! Have you ever seen the video where she says “aww” in reaction to the interviewer saying what a nice boy her son is. Adam says it the exact same way when someone compliments him and I think it’s just soooooooo adorable.

      • lovemyadam says:

        YES!! He is so cute when he says it… awwwwww I love him!!


  4. Adam is the best performer in decades. One of a kind.. great performance of IIHY .. so joyful!!

  5. love adam lambert- hes a great performer.hes handsoem and a great singer. adam wont be in ai?its sad. i wont watch ai finale-i dont care. i dont care about that crystal bowersox;; actually none of them appeals me.

  6. adamfan says:

    Thanks, Sue, for posting this so early!!I thought I had to wait til the
    show came on after work.
    Great seeing Ellen once again showing so much love for Adam and loved
    the comments like “name somebody else like him right now – you’re in a league of your own”.
    I really wish we could stop talking about the AMA performance tho!! Maybe ask him
    how he feels about the huge reception he received in Europe instead.
    Still prefer when he interacts with the band than with the dancers (still not sold on their moves..)

    Maybe for the AI finale, they feel that Adam would take away the thunder of the winner.
    Lee is the best by far – really loved him singing “Alleluia” last night – the best thing on the
    show so far this year imho.

    • Yep – I hate to be Adam-centric, but I think the AI finale thing just might have something to do with “thunder stealing” like you mentioned. No matter – this appearance on Ellen was excellent. I too loved a lot of what she said – like the “who else out there is like you…” (and hated the AMA reference too, I sorta don’t think she meant to go there, I think she was kind of talking stream -of-consciousness like Ellen does, starting out with another thought, and it took her there, kind of too bad, but no biggy… at least it allowed him the opportunity, without him bringing it up, to sort of subtley say – folks in europe didn’t seem to mind so much…etc). You mentioned the dancers – well what I actually love about this Ellen appearance is that there is something for everyone there! If you like the dancers, you’ll be happy. If you don’t like the dancers, you’ll still be good. If you like sexy, you’ll be happy, if you like sweet, you’re good. You’ll get some Adommy, you’ll get some hot legs… if you like the less make up, you’re be all set, if you like a little OTT and a hot fashion look, you’re good too, etc. This guy has so much “IT” factor it’s criminal. And as always, he delivers vocally, and that in and of itself is exciting (and refreshing).

      • buffy522 says:

        delivering bell bottoms this time!

      • Its nice to see that the whole Adam crew is figuring this “dancers” thing out. They are becoming less obtrusive. Dancers costumes, choreography and stage presence are improving, and they are keeping a little more off to the side or background. Its all starting to look a little more professional. Thank goodness, I was starting to worry that the ultra professionalism of Adam would be slightly camouflaged by the mediocre dancers. Its improving!! Yay!

    • lovemyadam says:

      You are welcome adamfan!! I love when he is on with her, they show such a mutual love for each other…


      p/s Lee lives in the next town over from me, watch for me in the pit from his hometown visit, haha!! He is a cutie, but not in the same league as Adam. Cute nonetheless…

      • adamfan says:

        Both Adam and Lee show the qualities of humbleness and
        gratitude, which I find very endearing. Altho this season is
        very ho-hum (we’ve already got the best!), it warms my heart to
        see another “nice guy” being recognized.

        • lovemyadam says:

          That is what drew me to Lee also, just a really nice guy that deserved a chance. Wish Adam’s hometown visit had been 5 minutes from my house, lol!!


  7. That was such a joyful performance, just warms the cockles of yer heart! Almost makes up for the disappointment of nty having him on what’s now the AI failnale for me. Who wants to watch KA struggle through another song FGS??

    • So funny and brilliant Karen, your comment – “…on what’s now the AI failnale…” Failnale – that’s a freakin’ riot, and true for me as well. And speaking of personal truths, the rest of your comment, a little mean but a lotta true :). (Just an opinion here folks).

    • Is that “cock-les” as in the “cock-steel” he was talking about per the People’s Most Beautiful shoot? My, we’re a naughty bunch! lol I just can’t help it. My mind just seems to go there when it comes to Adam! He was amazing on Ellen: flawless vocals, sexy,hot dance moves, fashion icon – reminded me a bit of Indio – adorable face and personality – who could ask for more!!! This is just a taste of summer, guys! What’s in store will be incredible!!!!!!!

      • I meant “cockateel” not “cock-steel!!!!” lol!!! Spell Check did that!! Spell Check must think Adam is sexy too! Hallelujah! The stars are aligned and the universe agrees!

  8. LOVE IT. He is sparkling with Love and Joy!

    The dancers still have a long way to go in my opinion, I am a dancer myself and I don’t think they’re doing anything right now to enhance the performance. One the “problems” is that they are up against Adam who is a natural mover and shaker. Knowing your moves is not enough, you need to exude somthing that is positive and strong. This is what I love about his band mates, they are truly there to support him and yet they are strong individulas. Love Monte’s mohawk….
    Can’ wait to see what he will do on Friday!

    • I totally agree! I’m not a dancer, but I just feel the dancers most of the time are so distracting and annoying. They are supposed to be there to strengthen Adam’s performance, but I don’t see that flow. They are just two separate things, with the dancers jumping around on the stage.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        I agree, I think those dancers are only useful for a video shoot, but not for studio or concert performances. Adam can stand alone in concerts. His presence alone is enough. Those dancers are not attractive, and very distracting. And make Adam’s performance looks “corny”. They’re moves are not like those of Rhiana’s, nor lady Gaga’s or Beyonce’s dancers. Again, may I repeat, he do not need them. I hate to be distracted while I am staring at Adam’s face and “bulge” and all of a sudden, an annoying dancers will be strutting infront of Adam. The bands are also enough for a “little eye candy treat” too.

  9. Has anyone heard IIHY on the radio yet? I keep requesting everyday but the stations here in Baltimore/D.C are not playing it!!! I can’t wait to blast it on the radio!!!!!

    • Robin, they are playing IIHY on the radio here in NZ, its been played for about a week now.COOL COOL COOL. Its great we got his album long before Australia, UK or Europe, The release date was the same as in US, but we dont get singles over here, unfortunately.

      • Hey Jan.
        You can buy the single on iTunes in NZ. What you do is make an iTunes account and go to the FYE album and you can buy the song IIHY on it’s own. You dont have to buy the whole cd.
        That counts as a single..

    • Micki (Glamb #535) says:

      Don’t hesitate to ask your local station(s) how (& how often) they decide on their playlists.

      I’m in Edmonton AB Can, and have spoken to the music director for 91.7 the Bounce. He told me that he’s listened to IIHY and they will play it, but just not yet. I guess in our city WWFM is still huge (they play it like once an hour!) and while it’s still doing that well, they don’t want to start playing IIHY because they don’t want Adam’s songs competing with each other. They have a weekly meeting where they decide on their playlists for the week. So I keep talking to them once a week asking if it’s this week yet.

      If what I understand is correct, a lot of stations do that sort of thing now, so you might want to see if you can talk to the music director of your local station(s) to find out if they do it that way, and if so how often or what day is best to ask if it’s been added yet. Just be polite, tell them you are a huge Adam fan but don’t want to cause problems by requesting too often or otherwise inadvertently discouraging them from playing him. If our station is any indication, they’ll probably appreciate your polite enquiry.

      • Yeah I hear WDYWFM on the radio now all the time, it is crazy. Today even in the grocery store. Love to hear all the different version on the different radio stations. It is an incredibly powerful song. I must have heard it now several hundred times and I still love it and listen to all the details. My fav is the AI performance.


  10. Judy Lushman says:

    Thank you so much Sue for posting these videos. The dancers look so much better with Adam on this bigger stage. I loved Adam’s performance, the band and the dancers. This song is going to do really well. The more he is seen performing this, the more people will grow to love Adam and this song.

  11. Judy Lushman says:

    Great news! Adam is performing on MMVA on June 20. For those who don’t know what this is, it is Much Music Video Awards. I don’t know if he is up for an award or not, but he is performing. Can’t wait!
    This is a Canadian awards show. Much Music airs videos, much like VH1 in the US. Hopefully, for those who cannot see it in the US, will see his performance on Youtube. Adam will be in Canada during this time doing his Glamnation tour in Toronto.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Thanks Judy, check out my post on that!!


    • Micki (Glamb #535) says:

      He is up for 2 awards :
      — International video of the year – artist (not a fan vote choice)
      — UR Fave International Video (fan vote, but

      • Micki (Glamb #535) says:

        not sure how I submitted that while still typing… was saying, ONLY once/day to be counted for the voting.

        Vote at and go down to the yellow box with all 5 choices shown, click on SELECT below Adam, then the VOTE button with become optional, and just click that. It will tell you if your vote went through.

        Go vote for our boy daily!!! (I don’t think you have to be in canada to vote – I am, but it did not ask me)

        • adamfan says:

          It seemed to let me vote several times in a row if I wanted. Will it just count the
          first one?

  12. PaulaGlam says:

    Best day of the year so far……..Got TWO TICKETS for Adam’s concert in Portland, OR. Ho Ho Ho to Adam’s concert I GOOOO 🙂

    Today Adam is playing on Ellen’s Show 🙂 What a WONDERFUL day indeed!!! 🙂

    “If I Had You” is not playing in Portland yet!!! matter of fact I am going to call requesting this song right now.

  13. AI big mistake not having Adam on the finale his the best thing that AI has ever had on the show.
    I’m sure Kris will be boring.

    I hope Lee wins but he is the best so probably not.

    Love Love ADAM

    • Donna, It is a shame Adam is not going to be on the Idol final, In my humble opinion (what do I know) but I think they would be worried that it would turn into the Adam Lambert show and that would look bad for the show and the winner like admitting they got it wrong. I was thrilled when I heard over here(NZ) we were getting to watch it the night after instead of waiting our usual week, but thendisappointed when I realized no Adam.

  14. DEE #458 says:




    • lovemyadam says:

      I LOVED his outfit!!! He looked beautiful in every way possible…


  15. No Adam in the finale! Why?

  16. You lost all credibility when you put Robert Pattison’s name in caps. Please tell me you’re kidding!! I guess to each him own.

    I am so disappointed Adam won’t be in the finale. I’m for sure not watching now. Kris Allen and X-Tina? Sounds like a snooze fest to me. Boring contestants, boring special guests. BORING!!

  17. Adamisamazing says:

    That is one of my absolute favorite songs on the CD. High energy, positive, fun and exciting performance! Adam has the best voice, personality, smile and looks in entertainment today. And, he is always so comfortable as the interviewee, even and especially with the big names – Jay, Oprah and Ellen. He’s a very talented dancer, too. He did say that if he wasn’t a singer, he would be a dancer. That is obvioiusly just another great talent he has. Looking forward to the Jay Leno performance on Friday. I am still hoping to see him in concert, but until my city.state is announced, I will be looking forward to his TV appearances. I know there is someone starting a campaign (petition) to have his concert offered in pay per view, so people like me, whose state isn’t on the tour date list will get to see him. Of course, I’d rather see him in person, but luckily, I already did this year. I shouldn’t be greedy, but of course…I want to see the Glam Nation tour, too! 😉

  18. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    Wouldn’t it have been cool to have Adam and Robert sitting down at the same time with Ellen? I’m sure Adam would’ve been so gracious to Robert it would’ve made Robert’s interview better (he’s so awkward and shy).



  20. kat4adam says:

    Sad to say but there is no way this years finale will be anything like last year. It was like going to a concert! Actually it was probably the best show on TV I’ve ever seen! Remember how much fun Adam had with his whole part of the show. Loved the little eyebrow wiggle at the end of Beth. And his performance with Kiss was fabulous not to mention Queen. I was disappointed that he didn’t win but what a difference a year makes! Like Ellen said today what other artist out there right now outshines our Adam?
    So I don’t think many of my friends will even care about the finale this year. It’s probably the last year I’ll even watch.

  21. I probably won’t watch the finals Watched last night,only about the third time,and was bored to death. Can’t imagine they want Adam on finals show and take away from the others. Besides, Kris should be on, he did win and it isnot his fault there was so much flack about it. Adam feels the same way, he is fond of Kris. Don’t know about A1, no Adam and no Simon, no show!!! Love the Ellen show today, watched on the big screen and again and again on the small one in front of me.

  22. A League of his Own, well that pretty much sums it all up perfectly.
    It is great that Adam has the full support of Ellen and Jay and they keep bringing him back on their shows.

  23. u looked like u had a bll wish iwas their with u

  24. WHEN IS HE GOING TO PROMOTE FEVER OR SLEEPWALKER?!!! :s I think those songs have better potential in radio and live performance….and im not digging the dancers. By the way the new song “Cant let you go” is AWESOME!! I think that should be his style kinda rockish 😀

    • buffy522 says:

      I could definitely see that song on a soundtrack. I cant stop playing can’t let you go! Especially when I heard (here) that Rob said he was on his knees recording it!

  25. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Interesting dancer controversy!! I still think those dancers subtly add a great deal to Adam’s performance. Otherwise, I agree with you guys, great song, great look, great voice. Yummy!!!!

  26. Beaglewoman says:

    Loved the performance on Ellen – I noticed that he just kept smiling and smililng. The band sounds great and the addition of Cam lends some good backing vocals 🙂 I am fortunate enough to be going to 2 concerts – one in MN and one in Louiseville. I don’t quite understand why some people are passing on a ticket because they don’t think the seats are close enough or good enough. These venues are small – KY only seats 1400. Heck, I’m in the building! As long as I can hear him and watch him perform I’m happy – I don’t need to touch him. I think it’s more important to support him and attend but that’s just my opinion. I’m looking forward to having fun!!!!

    Glam #611

  27. u rock that song love love love it stay up friend

  28. He looked stunning- hair,outfit, and performance was PERFECT!!!!!!! After watching this I am even more excited to see him on tour!!!

  29. Jane Parker says:

    That was an awesome performance!! Adam is the sexiest man on earth!!

    Hey Irena, you tell ‘um. I would like to see Adam doing some of your NIA moves!!

  30. Yes, Adam here is sparkling and so fresh like a dewdrop, struck by the sun’s rays and shatters into iridescent and kaleidoscopic colors. A prism. Aahhhh, Adam, you color my world. . . . RAINBOW !! Adam is also buoyed up here by the great message of the song. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE —- all we need is love !!!!