Adam Lambert’s IIHY On The Tonight Show 5/21/2010

WHEW! It took me forever to find a video that hadn’t been blocked by NBC!
I hope this one stays on here, because he is ADORABLE. Helloooooo sparkly zebra pants, yowza.
Tommy was looking pretty cute too with the big hair and eye decorations…and Monte’s mohawk is awesome!! I feel bad for Longineu and Cam, because you just don’t get to see too much of them, but we know they are there and they are just as awesome as the rest of them. The perfect Glam-Band!!
Even better yet are the vocals that never cease to amaze me, spot on.
Thank you, Jay Leno, for recognizing Adam’s beautifulness, is that even a word?? You all know what I mean, haha.


video via:adamsbritbabe



  1. cmhagey says:

    Sue, I can’t believe we both posted articles at the same moment!! Great minds! I think we should leave them both on the site – what do you all think?

    Carol Glamb #7

    • lovemyadam says:

      Two Adam’s are WAYYY better than one!! We rock,

      Love and miss you,


    • Carol & Sue, you guys are both equisitely resourceful and i acn’t thank you both enough for making our lives easy and everything within reach. I hope you won’t get tired pampering us>
      Fantastic job as always!

    • debi cole says:

      thank you for another easy find way to enjoy Adam
      they sell them pairs and I want to go alone..
      we do not have to go together, just buy the tickets as a pair..
      please email me if you are wanting to go to either nite and get a pricey front 10 rows ticket with me:

    • debi cole says:

      thank you for another easy find way to enjoy Adam
      they sell them pairs and I want to go alone..
      we do not have to go together, just buy the tickets as a pair..
      please email me if you are wanting to go to either nite and get a pricey front 10 rows ticket with me:

  2. Scootersmom says:

    There seems to be a special friendship between Adam and Tommy. I know Tommy’s straight, but love takes many forms.

  3. EternalGlamNation says:

    Double your pleasure, double your fun…

    I say keep them both!

    I sure wish he would save the dancers for the tour. They bring nothing but clutter to small venues. I hate that the camera is not on Adam at ALL times.

    Thanks, ladies for posting both.

  4. Adamisamazing says:

    I thought Adam looked great, as usual. I thought I liked his hair up best, but the down look is just as attractive. Just proves that he looks good in every way. His vocals were great as usual, his subdued makeup was superb and his flashy pants all just fit together in a perfect package. Hopefully next time, we’ll get an interview as well. I loved the one they had a few months ago on Jay’s show. Looks like my state will not be included in the Glam Nation Tour. So, I will just have to live vicariously through everyone else and hope it will be offered on DVD one day or Pay Per View. Luckily, three appearances on TV this week has helped ease the blow of not seeing Adam (my favorite obsession) in person.

    • Seems like there are some big chunks of time still unfilled in the schedule so don’t give up on him yet! Still hoping for another Vancouver show this summer or early fall……

      • Oh Mary I hope your right!!! I get a bit jealous when I hear that some glambs get to go to 5 shows, but that doesnt last Im thrilled that Adam will have so many people that love him at every show. also having this amazing site make not being able to attend a show much easier!!! I knoe ill get to see each venue anyway!! Does anyone know what they are doing in boston?

      • adamisamazing says:

        Mary H,
        You are so right! There are some gaps in the schedule. I won’t give up hope for a concert in my state. I wish you luck too! Thanks for your reply.

        • Thanks to you as well. I fortunately have tickets to the Seattle show but am greedy and want to have another opportunity to see him. Couldn’t do the Portland one for various reasons…. And Boise is too far way, really. Besides, my husband would seriously question my sanity, not to mention all of the long distance driving would be killer, as they are each only one day apart! I have to admit to having been to 2 concerts earlier this year so am not deprived! Just have to space them out a little! I did listen to the Open House Party interview he did today, or whenever it was, and one women called in to say she was going to 10 of his concerts. YIKES! True fandom! She is on the East Coast and there are so many there within driving distance. So lucky. Up here in the Northwest, cities are far apart and there aren’t that many large ones so we sort of lose out a little bit. That’s why I still am hoping for a return visit to Vancouver if possible. Guess we’ll see. I also see they just announced some more probable concerts today, no Vancouver but some other lucky cities. Keep those fingers crossed…

    • I have some pants/jeans that are gold reptile print, black reptile print and a 3rd pair that are leopard print with a gold or bronz background !!! I call all 3 of them “my Adam pants” because they are something he would wear and here he shows up in these on Jay…Great I have an extra pair of the leopard, but I am too short so he’d have to wear tall boots and I am a size 3-4, the extra pair is a larger size

  5. Adam looks and sounds amazing, the whole band are now looking really good. I love his hair shorter, he is changing his image continually and no matter how many times we watch him perform IIHY it is always mind blowing.

  6. Tweeterpie says:

    “If I had Adam in those sparkley zebra pants,then I’d have everything I’d ever need!” LOL
    My God, That boy is FINE!!!!!

  7. I gotta say it again—thank God for this website…. BUT WHO IS SENDING THESE VIDEOS OVER TO US…I WANT TO THANK THAT PERSON…. ANYONE KNOW?

  8. Lindaincanada says:

    Just got home from brutal 12 hour shift but this more than made up for it. I really hope he makes another Vancouver trip because I know us Canadians can’t enough of Adam. Sure can’t wait to see his new video. Thank you so much Sue,I don’t know what we would do without our daily dose of Adam news. I can hardly wait for each new message from you. Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  9. RadicalRich says:

    Adam was extra fabulous as usual but I just don’t know about those dancers. I have a feeling that they were reaching for the oft reprised ‘Apocalypse-Dumpster-Chic’, but it really didn’t compliment the performance but instead took away from it. Those two with their bloated cadaver-looking bellies hanging out and loaded-potato-plow-pants-come on! And then Super Fly Uncle Festa’ and Cousin It’s corn row wreck rounded out the alley fight gone bad aesthetic view of the quadratic group was just oil slick refugee looking. I mean the dancing and choreography were OK but the fashion look just kinda fell flat for me for them.
    Adam was crisp, clean, “pimp tight” and fresh all over as usual. Monte was in fine, sharp rocker form. Tommy was sleek, slim and fine as usual rockin’ the rad eye designs, and the Unknown Keyboarder of the Month was tucked away and basically out of sight and un-noticeable. And why are they hiding Longinus in the darkness with his muscled up tats and jammin’ dreads—put a light on him every now and then, already—cause after all he is the anchor holding it all together you know.
    The band in general was super high class and glamorous as we have come to love and expect. I think we might wanna re-think the dancers, though. Or at least retool them. Wouldn’t we rather just look at Adam and the band instead of pulling way and wasting time on the dancers. In this day and age, the choreographed unrelated rappin’ dancer thing is pretty much passé and too Janet-Britney-Beyonce for me any more. Adam doesn’t really need the dancers to enhance anything. He is enhancement enough for everything he does. He is the full package deal on his own with his expressive, meaningful movements. And how about the enchanting eye-contact you can see him exchanging with the fans in his line of sight. Those who are lucky enough are treated to his grateful smiles and alluring eyebrow flirts. Who among us really wants camera time wasted looking at the dancers when Adam has all of that going on. I’m just saying…

    • OMG, SO AGREE WITH YOU!!! Your comments were so spot on and so funny, too. But everything you said is exactly true and I thank you for being so eloquent . I’m sure you are expressing what a lot of us are thinking.

    • k. morgan says:

      Why does everyone keep dissing the dancers, they are getting better with every performance…I love when Adam dances with them…very funky…I love Adam when he sings…but I also feel it adds to his show to have the dancers…Think about it ladies…When you see other singers with dancers, especially rap ones….their dancers are doing all sorts of gyrations that are not dance …just grinding…Adam’s dancers actually dance…I am a former gymnast and have done a ton of dance…what his dancers are doing is not easy…I think like him…they are hot…cut them some slack…Plus Adam loves them…they are a family like he and his band…

  10. I don’t mind the dancers, and I know that Adam likes them. At times the performance looks to busy in the background, thus distracts from Adam. Personally I think that the dancers should be dressed alike, and their dancing more as an addition to the performance rather than a distraction.

    I would like to see the camera focus from time to time on all the band members especially Cam and Longineu. They are all such amazing musician’s and work so hard; they should be given more recognition. I’m sure this is just an oversight.

    I like Adam’s suggestion of giving to a charity in lieu of buying gifts for him. I’m in favor of this so count me in. Adam’s has a lot to be thankful for and I sure this would make him very proud.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I totally agree! Get rid of the dancers. I just don’t get why he added them when he was doing awesome jut him and his band! Their style sucks and it really takes away from Adam who always looks like the true rocker of fashion himself. We’ll see how long the dancers last. His ‘people’ need to tell him that they are no good. It’s all u Adam. You never needed anybody else to help u out on stage like Britney, Beyonce, and who ever else. Your vocals alone are a true gift. Dancers be gone!!!

  12. Love the hair. Great performance as usual. I can take or leave the dancers, but Adam wants them so its okay by me.

  13. i like the dancers. no one outshines adam, they just add to the visuals. i like how on ellen & jay the dancers left the stage for a bit then reappeared. pretty sure 2 of them went to the paper party, and at least one is in the IIHY video, so thinkin’ they’re friends. it’s all good. share the love.

    less than 2 weeks till kirby, omg. who needs my extra ticket???

  14. The dancing had improved compared to their performance at the GLAAD awards, if they were the same dancers. But I do agree with Radical Rich that they have to shape-up and change their attire. The thing is, Adam as a performer is top-notch or unparalleled at recent times, and he has yet to find dancers that could could come up to his much higher level.

  15. I really want to see Adam’s hot drummer more.

    I thought they hired a permanent keyboardist.