Adam Lambert’s If I had You-Jason Nevin’s Remix

Opinion’s people?? What do ya think about this remake of Adam’s If I Had You???
Do you love it, or do you hate it? Can you see people dancing to it in the clubs? Can you see yourselves dancing around the house to it?
I want to hear from you after you give it a listen…


Adam Lambert – If I Had You (Jason Nevins Remix) by thespindleshay



  1. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    I like Adam’s version better, but anytime I can hear his voice it’s a good thing! This isn’t too bad tho!

    • katro50 says:

      I like it. yes you can dance to it anywhere and of course Adam is singing,BUT adam version is the best!

      • I know Adam likes remixes, but I really don’t. I think the original music is part of the whole package. And, they kind of bury the artist’ voice. Remixes, I think, are about the beat (music), not the lyrics. Personally, I love all of the songs and lyrics on Adam’s album, just as it is. I listened to a portion of the remix above, before opting to turn it off. Thought I would give it a shot, tho. But no thanks. I’ll stick to the originals. 🙂

  2. Thanks Sue for all you do!

    I’m not too fond of the intro (prior to when the singing begins) but once you hear the vocals, it sounds great. In some ways I almost like it better than the original.

  3. I personally love it. I think it’d be a hit in clubs, a great dance mix. I love the original most though. 🙂

    But I have to say I don’t think there’s been a song or remix from Adam that I HAVEN’T liked.

    Is this remix official? Is there going to be another remix release, do you know? *curious*

  4. I like Adam’s version better. This one seems relatively close to the original though. With Adam’s talent, both are great. My preference is the original version.

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    This is fine for dancing, but, for me, I am more into Adam. Not so much the electro stuff. I wouldn’t buy it as a single. Notta!

    Am waitting for Adam to do some ‘classic rock’ and show his perfection. This remix is better than most songs out there, but it is not my cup of tea!

    If Adam likes it, that’s all that is necessary. He can sing anything he wants! I could see him with Borceli, and Zac Brown! He has NO Ceiling!!!!! He is un-comparable! Nuff said………………………….

    • I do like this, but I prefer the original too.

      Totally agree with the ‘classic rock’ comment… does anyone know if Adam’s performed ‘Can’t Let You Go’ live yet? Closest we’ve got so far, I love that song, possibly my fave of his!

  6. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    I love the elctro remixes! This one is actualy pretty good!

  7. gran4adam says:

    Good dance song 🙂

  8. PaulaGlam says:

    LOOOOVVVEEEE IT!! But again I love techno music.
    By the way, this is the original single changed into techno music by a DJ, Adam as nothing to do with these sounds added to the song, this is how techno is done 🙂

  9. Pretty good, but this is one song that didn’t need re-mixing, in my opinion. The original is a perfect club dance song. But, maybe I’ve just been out of the club scene too long, and this is what is done even with songs like that. As long as his voice is running through it, “that would be the only thing I’d ever need.”

  10. i normally hate remixes but i love it.. Think it would be great at clubs.. His voice just melts me.. Not sure anything with his voice in it could be bad..

  11. Kelly Craig says:

    LOVE IT!

  12. The Voice is heard on both, and I love The Voice. Prefer The The Voice and his band.
    It’s that simple..

  13. Margie - Glamb #559 says:

    I saw the rerun of Ellen’s show yesterday with Adam singing IIHY, and it reinforced just how great Adam’s version is. This version suffers in comparison. You cannot improve perfection.

  14. Thursday night at Foxwoods, after Adam’s amazing concert, a group of us wound up in the Shrine club. A few minutes after we arrived, Adam’s If I Had You came on. We nearly blew the roof off dancing, singing, and rejoicing to his amazing song. I really don’t think a remix of THE AMAZING’s original is necessary. Adam’s version is a quintessential dance song. But Jason’s remix is fine.

  15. its ok but i do like the original with the band better …but yeah could dance it it….

  16. LIBlondMom says:

    Better than most…I like parts of it a LOT….but the original is better.

  17. i think the 1st verison is highly danceABLE. so why change it? : D

  18. retrogrrrl says:

    Yes this is very cool BUT I think the original has a little more power behind it. This one lacks the Umpfh – I think it needs a stronger bass line (harder Tommy! LOL!) Either version would sound great in a club though! Personally the coolest Adam remix I have ever heard is “Pop Goes The Camera” – the Fonzerelli Club mix. That one is absolutely wicked.

  19. cas2003 says:

    The remix is cool, but I agree with many of you who said IIHY really doesn’t need to be changed up any. It’s perfect and absolutely danceable the way it is originally. (Don’t forget to vote for the video on VH1!)

    • Adamisamazing says:

      Great reminder! Everyone, Adam was #20, then #10; let’s make him #1! Vote on VH1! He is #1 in our hearts and minds! Great song, great video, great showmanship. LOVE you, Adam!!!

  20. AdamFetish says:

    I love it! I actually love both versions. I would dance to either of them!

  21. Well, first of all, I want to say it’s a great song, period! Great song! I love the original and I also love the remix. Both are very danceable.

    I have Adam’s remix CD and the only remix I really like is track 5 (right before Voodoo) as the mix really brings something original to the FYE song. The WDYWFM remixes pale in comparison, partly because WDYWFM is not a dance song and does not lend itself to remixes in the first place.

  22. Caroline says:

    LOVE IT!! How could you NOT dance to this???

  23. I love it !!! The fact that Adams voice is very clear and that it stays pretty close to the original is great. anything that could possibly give him more exposure im all for it!!! Did everyone see the pics of
    adam signing after the DC show with no makeup on? JUST STUNNING I LOVE HIM LIKE CRAZY!!! SO YUMMY!!!

  24. Tori Pearce says:

    I could definitely run or work out to this remix, but the original is also good for that!

  25. Candace says:

    NOT EVEN!!! Especially knowing the original sounds so much better. It’s hard to mess with something that’s already great–Sorry.

  26. Sharron Knutson says:

    This remix is OK, but the original is, IMO, much better. This does not have as strong a bass line, as mentioned before and I think the electo sounds do nothing to enhance the original. It’s good to dance to, though, just not as good as Adam’s version. But it’s great to hear something different, with Adam’s amazing vocals as the center-piece. I think he would sound good singing into a rain barrel! ha!

  27. i love Adams voice no matter what. I like the original just fine and would probably break something if I tried to dance to this, lol

  28. jm7sandiego says:

    Too overpowering! Drowns out Adam! Not a bad background if it was less, than more! I’d leave it alone!

  29. Musicalgal says:

    Love it Love it Love it – of course – it is Adam – can you ever imagine Adam not producing the best – no way. I’m dancing in my computer chair. I chair dance with Adam all the time as a watch all your wonder videos on this side. Thanks to the computer buffs too. Keeps me moving and happy. Thank you and Thank you Adam. We love you Adam.

  30. wow i love you adam that was hot enjoy friend

  31. libraglam says:

    This is nice but i like hard beat of the original IIHY…the hard beat gives me more motivation to get up and dance…but if i get tired then i would prefer this one….it’s more relaxed. I need both versions.

  32. Cathie McFadden says:

    It’s good but I like the original better. Sounds too much like like they were just sitting there adding sounds with no relevance to the song.

  33. I think the remix flats out the edge(highs and lows) of the original. This might make better for the moderates at radio stations but I like the original but if means getting more air time great.

  34. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I like it!! As I and others have said in the past — Adam could sing the phone book and I’d love it — he could sing it electro, he could sing it rock, he could sing it country (NOT!), he could sing it soulful, he could sing it rap (hmm, maybe) — I’d listen to ANYTHING that had Adam’s voice in it!!! Nothing compares to the originals, though, by any means. But I like most of the remixes! This one is good too! If Adam likes it, I like it!

  35. kat23morg says:

    Remix is cool…what ever Adam sings in is good…If you are not into the club scene and electronic dance…then you probably don’t like it…Adam rocks doing what ever….I like it…like original…don’t forgot to vote for him on VH1….

  36. Jane Parker says:

    I love it!!
    If ADAM is singing I love it!!

  37. Love it – would definitely dance to it, but for me, the original is still way better. But if it brings Adam more exposure in clubs, why not? Love that his vocal is still so clear – people need to hear that voice!

  38. IDOLize says:

    its the kids who download all the itunes and who go clubbing here in europe that bump start the records in the charts. IIHU would need to have more base to it here, and too many pregnant pauses! i dont think i can post links on this thread- but take a listen to the Bimbo Jones remix for FYE.
    just GOOGLE Bimbo Jones Adam Lambert for your entertainment remix – turn the base & volume up!
    IT’S SIC ! as the kids would say xx

  39. Princessshakeitup says:

    The into reminded me of a bad ring tone; kept wanting to yell…”answer your phone!” I would dance to “Kumbaya” if Adam was singing it but I agree with all who said they think the original is much better…much stronger. This is best when it most reflects the original so why mess with it!?

  40. SleepwalkerAries says:

    This remix is okay. Seems a bit flat to me. I would like to hear a Brad Walsh remix. His remixes of WWFM and FYE are my favorites so I hope he does one for IIHY.

    Thanks for posting this Sue!

  41. Scootersmom says:

    I would like anything Adam sings, even if he sings it backwards!!!!

  42. Sorry Jason, it’s pretty good, but Adam’s version can’t be beat! Glad someone out there is listening and trying to learn all the fantastic and amazing things about Adam, but there can be only ONE!!!!!!!! Luv u Adam and can’t wait to see u July 2 at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Rita & Donna

  43. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I actually quite like it. I could easily dance to it.

  44. witchyangel says:

    I love this version. It sounds really haunting in parts. Then it does this kind of glittery almost eighties Frankie Goes to Hollywood sound where he goes into “The flashing of the lights etc.” As a songwriter, I love all the creativity that goes into all the techno stuff.

  45. grandjag says:

    Great song, I like it but the original is a better..this version is good..If I have Adam singing it is good…love him, love this song in any form

  46. man5tyl says:

    Adam sounds good (as always ) BUT , I like the cd version better ( i don’t like the back ground music

  47. danagram says:

    Sue, this is for you. Have you read this article? It is very good but I did not know how to send it to you. I put it here which is the latest topic although it is not very active now. I hope you get it.

  48. Sweetie says:

    This is the first remix of an Adam song that I like at all! It at least has some interesting parts. I love the original – better – but not too fond of the radio/video version of IIHY , so this was a nice surprise.

  49. I love it! Adam’s voice, electro — great! Is t his available on iTunes?

  50. I can dance more to the orginal version. Although, not too bad, the electro was good. Thanks for sharing!

  51. I’m not normally a huge fan of Jason Nevins’ mixes, but this one is decent. I am hopeful for a BIMBO JONES / DAVE AUDE type mix for this song.

  52. Ann__ Russia says:

    I thought about this remix. not bad, but I prefer the original

  53. stacy wayne says:

    You people are are idiots with no ears. This remix is AMAZING and Adam is so HOT !!! I love his voice- this remix makes the song even better. You can listen to the original as well as this mix ALL THE TIME. You dont have to pick one version- you morons !!