Adam Lamberts Heatworld Video Chat

If you guys couldn’t get up early this morning to watch and listen, here is Adam chatting it up on video for He is answering FAN questions, which I love, because it is usually questions that we haven’t heard him answer before!!
I am soo not going to lie, I couldn’t focus really well after he stated the fact that he doesn’t like to sleep in clothing… yep can you say d.i.s.t.r.a.c.t.i.n.g….. they should have saved that for the end so we could have just been done at that point… well HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL!!!

p/s/ Can you say SUMMER TOUR????? WOOOHOOOO.




  1. !!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!! —— ecstasy face hehe

  2. Here’s a link for iPod ready downloads:

  3. Judy Lushman says:

    Awesome interview. It is nice to see some fans’ questions answered. Thanks for posting.

  4. I can’t believe I waited up til 3 AM (Pacific)for this! 🙂 He didn’t come on until about 3:45 AM – some on the streaming chat were saying he was doing photo shoots, others saying he was hung over. He did admit to being slightly hung over from the night before – had about 3 wines. But he did look extremely made up so maybe both?!? Incredible that there were people from all over the world gathered for this at one moment in time. The power he has over us!! LOL!!! I LOVED it when he said he sleeps naked, and when asked his choice between True Blood and Vampire Diaries, I loved it that even though he chooses True Blood, he remarked about Ian Sommerhalder from Vampire Diaries -he’s HOT!!
    Back to sleep now!

    • Right away, he saw a comment about his “Kiss and Tell Pants” but he didn’t know what those were! Is there any question???

      • buffy522 says:

        it’s funny that he didn’t know that! Since he knows everything! Maybe someone should tweet him

  5. My comments been in moderation for almost 3 hours…is that because it contained a link to another website?

    • Thanks for your comments Rebecca. Yes, that even happens to Sue and me, and we’re the authors on this site! 🙂

  6. Libraglam says:

    Great video!! He is so cute ! Love it
    Thank you Sue for getting up early to put this togetther!

  7. AdamAddict says:

    I heard Adam sleep naked,the rest of questions become blur! 😛

  8. Wowww ! ! ! ADAM, thanks a lot. You’re so humble and kind in aknowledging us, in saying ” I thank my fans for giving me the right perspectives”. I hug you for that ! I haven’t known of any Superstar before who has this same view of their fans. But, my gosh, you are also blessed with mature fans. But of course, a voice and a personality like yours, which is a blessing from above, can only be matched by fans who are blessings from above. Whenever, I hear you defending Kris for winning the AI title, I’m crying inside, because it’s so rare to find this MAGNANIMITY OF SPIRIT. This is so rare that others, including myself can only hope to emulate. Way to go Adam, 2010 is yours !

  9. Here I thought I loved Adam for Adam….and I learn here it’s all because we’re compatibly astrologically: I have a Libra moon and Aries rising!
    Sweet interview!

    Glambert #? I was aboard early (San Diegan and all) but never could figure out how to get a number…!

  10. YES YES, U.S.TOUR! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, ADAM!!!! Such good questions, and answers everything so well! And SOOOO SWEET! Please, don’t tatoo your arm, the one is so beautiful, and meaningful!!!! And something about a fanclub and his MOM , SO SWEET!!!! I know Sue does such a good, job, maybe some help would be nice. Concert tour in US THIS SUMMER,CAN’T WAIT! And sleeps with no clothes, that one should have been last! ha, ha And those of you have COMCAST ON DEMAND, CHECK OUT MUSIC VIDEOS, WWFM IS ON, AND SO GREAT ON A BIG HD TV SCREEN AND THAT CUTEEEEEE FACEEEEEE AT THE END, LOVE, LOVE, ADAM! Can get my fix all day!!!! And thank you for sending this great video and questions from his fan, so interesting!!!THANKS!

  11. kathybags says:

    my sister heard what do you want from me on a radio station in Amsterdam last week

  12. k. morgan says:

    love the part where he says…do you like animals…yes i do…prefer dogs over cats…girl goes what about pandas?…so funny how he goes yeah….? why not…funny….


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