Adam Lambert’s HeatWorld Twitter Party!


Thank you to for the following script for Adam’s Heatworld Twitter Party. @Finnberta_
Is there going to be new single before album release?

Hey Adam! It would mean a lot if you could wish me good luck on our opening night performance of Les Miserables at school! <3 Good luck on your opening night!!! Break a leg @NidaIrshad_96 Which song from Trespassing are you the most excited to perform live? @heatworld #AdamOnHeat ALL of them!!! @TommysBitch28 hey Adam I was wondering if the song formerly known as “Freak Flag” made the cut for the album & if so can u tell us the new name That wasnt a song… it was a working lyric… one that was changed… haha yall are paying SUCH close attention! @adamfascinated Hi adam! there’s a song called “Naked Love” in ur upcoming album? Is That true? Thats true! NAKED LUV is an upcoming song! really great catchy happy pop! @OutlawOfLambert What words would you describe your #BTIKM clip? The Clip is ONE half of the whole….an intro to the light part of me. @monalee62 Adam, Is all the songs for the album picked? Is light and dark on different sides? ALMOST :0 @juliambert that ratty sweater you’re wearing in the “Better Than I know Myself” vid is yours or a prop? #loveit #adamonheat Its mine now. Ratty? Nope – stylist said it was $$$ lol @katush_a We already know 11 songs from Trespassing!! What’s the title of 12th? are you sure about that?? hehe @Loredana2Are you and Monte no longer working together or do you just have different schedules at he moment? #AdamOnHeat thats finished… bridge was burned @ailaah What´s the difference between deluxe and ordinary edition of TRESPASSING? #adamonheat The Deluxe will have bonus tracks @freaky_glambert how different is the studio version of Trespassing fron the snippet we heard at Snowcase? Pharrell produced it… what do you think? its gonna hit HARD @Kathryn17 Adam: Do we spell Cuckoo like that or like this, Cookoo??! LOL ;p #adamonheat after much debate its CUCKOO @jristen HOW MANY THO?????????? prob 3 or 4 @Kathryn17 Do u think the reason you chose the duality concept for #Trespassing was bc u have recently found ur happy medium? #adamonheat I will always be working on it. Life is about balance… co-existence… compromise…. @Canadian_Paula What song are you MOST looking forward to your fans hearing? #AdamOnHeat KICKIN IN is gonna be a big surprise… another Pharrell masterpiece… its gonna make da kidz moooove @attieycqkaah VOCAL COLLAB POSSIBILITY??? VERY POSSIBLE!!! STAY TUNED @EUTheGlamily What made you choose the title #Trespassing tho? #adamonheat The track is the albums Mission statement. its almost like a disclaimer for the things to come… @Chris3Austin What do you see yourself doing if you weren’t a fantastically AMAZING singer??? Therapist or Stylist. Although in some respects those are the same job @55glamgal adamlambert cannot get the beat of Trespassing out of my mind. Do you find yourself humming ur own songs or someone else’s? Girl- you havent heard that beat yet…. lol just get ready. I hum whatevers in my head… sometimes mine @AdamLambertBE Do you already know what song your 2nd single is going to be? Nope… theres about four in the running… theyre all massive… im so excited @riley1877 Are you going to the Grammy’s? NAw… not this year… i got work to do.. @Susie_Squee How are you going to exploit dark / light theme on tour? <3 U xoxo Not sure yet… youre WAY ahead of me… I gotta get the album out first!! @MistyGlitter Is the album version of Trespassing a lot different than the acoustic version you did in Austria. YES… naturally. that was an acoustic preview… The track is so sexy…. @Ryden_Smiles We have heard OUTLAWS OF LOVE in acoustic … studio recording will surprise us? The studio version is much more cinematic. More instrumention. But still an organic feel… @AleksandraKv Is Trespassing hard to sing? You make it sound so easy, I was just wondering… Feels soooo good to sing…. @lissaluvsmusic with so many hot pop dance songs in the running for next single, what was the thinking behind BTIKM for the first one? #LuvItBtw Before we I take ya’ll to the club, i wanted to connect emotionally with you. Wanted to admit some faults. @grace2010xoxo tweet meeeeee, I’m gonna dieeeee,, haha haha Loooove yooooou hello miss thing @Karenper Adam, is there some dubstep in one of your songs? theres dashes of dubstep here and there… used like spice in a recipe… @kvazimorda What the most important thing you realized being 30 years old? Is there a life after 30? #adamonheat I feel renewed….. i have so much to look forward to. a new decade. fuck yeah @britrox_97 favorite lyric from btikm? “I can be obnoxious at times but try and see my heart” @mistyuk DO YOU GARGLE ANYTHING TO KEEP YOUR VOICE IN GOOD CONDITION? No i drink lots of water. @katush_a What songs from Trespassing describe your dark side?? Is “Cuckoo” one of them? CUCKOO is def on the light side of the album…. its about the freedom in loosing your mind… @Hungarevival what is the balance of upbeat and slow songs on the album? about half and half…. @Glamfate Will the song “Get Over It” be on the album? #AdamOnHeat I loved the demo i heard! Nope… @aileyisabitch can i touch your butt oooh yeah baby lol @BillieMalamas In the BTIKM video, did you prefer playing the light side or the dark side? Please answer!! Both sides were extreme representations of my personality… the light was relaxing …dark was sorta theraputic… @PersianGlamDr what about UNDERNEATH ?! Underneath is one of the darkest, most vulnerable tracks… @cynicalshadows Did you come up with the concept for the BTIKM video yourself? I collaborated with Ray Kay on the concept… @CrazzyGlambert does the dark side of life always feel bad? and the light side always good? No. The album attempts to show how nothing and noone is that black and white… there are shades of gray. @heatworld: Last question lovelies @majailia Tresspassing lyrics: My heart is gold my body RAD? “My heart is GOLD my body is GLASS. C’mon baby Cant you see?” @heatworld: Thank you all for a great chat!!!! Trespassing is coming soon!!!!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)



  2. I’m over the moon with anticipation! The bits & pieces we have been getting about the songs & the album is enough to drive a fan “WILD!!!!! And already has…WILD about Adam once again showcasing his genius & beauty both inside &out! Look forward to “Trespassing” all over Adam heart & soul.
    Bring on Mar 20th Baby!!!!!
    XO Always…”Adamicted”

  3. Love love everything about ADAM. Exciting and irresistible. I am so thrilled about this Trespassing album. March 20 is not soon enough.

  4. I am dying for the album to come out! This is going to be a fantastic year of Adam!

  5. I can’t wait to hear the whole album, go to the concerts, and i hope to meet Adam and meet some more awesome glamberts!

  6. kat23mogan says:

    I am starting my Adam tour fund today…want vip tics to this…omg…can not wait…i have bought deluxe version for myself and my daughter…love btikm…can not wait to see vid today…

  7. cory-coralys says:

    ,i didnt wait to listen this cd, im krazy , iwant listen this cd and dream with adam and dance with him.

  8. very, very cool… i thank you to all the fans who contributed to this priviledged twitter twat party… i am trespassing… yeah!

  9. I wonder if Adam’s older, women fans totally gross him out? My first loves were the Beatles (favorite being George). Never anticipated going gaga over another performer like I have Adam. I am definitely a “woodstock era girl” and proud to say that. It was truly an awesome time. Anyway, my love today is Adam. Just can’t get over him!

  10. Thanks for finally talking about > Adam Lambert?s HeatWorld Twitter Party! : ADAM LAMBERT THE OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL SITE < Loved it!