Adam Lambert’s Glam Band ExpandS-Congrats Monte And Lisa*UPDATED*

**I have added the latest tweet from Monte because I thought that with all the wonderful people here, he would receive the love, thoughts, prayers, and especially the positive energy that they need right now.**

~On Sunday 23rd May 2010, @Monterrific said:
Thank you to everyone for your love, prayers, and positive energy sent our way. Everyone is doing good but Atticus is in icu with some breathing issues. He’s going to be ok but keep the love coming his way. I appreciate all of you so much.

Let us all send out our heartfelt congratulations to Monte and Lisa Pittman on the arrival of their twins!! Just look at the pictures the proud papa sent out this morning, sooo cute. I am so glad to hear that they are all healthy and happy.
What do you guys think, doesn’t it look like Beatrix is already copying Adam’s Whataya Want From Me??


@monteriffic~Ok! The time has come. Lisa has been admitted to the hospital. They are prepping her. about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

@monteriffic~We’re going into the delivery room now!!!! about 6 hours ago via UberTwitter

@monteriffic~They’re here! about 4 hours ago via UberTwitter


@monteriffic~Atticus Sparrow Pittman. 6lbs 5oz.

@monteriffic~Beatrix Fiona Pittman. 6lbs 11oz


@adamlambert~@Monterrific congratulations papa pittman!! Gemini Twins!!!

@tommyjoeratliff~Holy shit this is amazing :,DRT @Monterrific: Atticus Sparrow Pittman. 6lbs 5oz.

@tommyjoeratliff~Im fliiiiping the fuck out right now! Im so stoked for u guysRT @Monterrific: They’re here!

@tommyjoeratliff~Hahahaha woooot! Im so stoked for u guys! RT @Monterrific: They’re here!

@tommyjoeratliff~Ehhh so we spell wrong sometimes! Haha

@tommyjoeratliff~Ooooops I mean I fucking love you guys… @Monterrific @lisa_pittman !! HHhHahA!

@tommyjoeratliff~@Monterrific hahahah wooooooo!!!!!no fucking lobe you guys! @lisa_pittman !!!!!



  1. So happy for Monte & Lisa…good time to come into the world, hey.

  2. Congrats, how wonderful!

  3. I love the twits and twats the guys are exchanging!
    They are fucking and flipping loving each other.

  4. renogirl says:

    So cute. My one and only child is graduating from high school in 3 weeks. They grow up way too fast. Sorry he will be missing some of these days with his new babies but love his guitar in the band. Monty is so talented. And fits perfectly with Adam. I now have tickets to 2 shows. Thunder Valley and Costa Mesa. So I would love to see those of you who are going to either one of these shows. The Thunder Valley show will be a girls night out. The Costa Mesa a family and friends night. I am more than excited.

    • Hey renogirl i know what you mean about them growing up to fast, my one and only daughter graduated 2 years ago and decided on college in New York , we live in California.
      she shattered my heart into a million pieces. She left in late August and in January God sent an angel into my life, no joke i felt like adam was my life line ,i couldnt wait for Tuesdays each week!!! Now she tells me she will be living in NYC after she graduates, I thank god each day i have Adam and my glamily to get me through each day! Love reading everones comments they make me so happy!!!

      • renogirl says:

        I got lucky My boy is Going to UNR. That is 15 minutes away. He will be living in the dorms so he can get that college experience and still be close enough to come home and have his clothes washed and have a meal with his mom and dad. He is my friend as well as son so I will really miss that day to day contact. Adam does give me a sense of peace. When I am really uptight I just search for anything about him or just listen and watch a music video. He is truly inspirational. I am sorry your daughter moved so far away. I have family in New York and we love each other but it has been a long time since we visited. We are going sometime this summer. New York – New York fun kind of town. Are you going to a concert?

        • Sad to say it doesnt look like it. I really have no one to go with and i am not much of a driver, get lost backing out of my drive way. UNless something gets added very close to Riverside im out of luck. Still trying to find a couple of glambs that said they were from Riverside, Suse 1701 glamb 197 and sandy (metrogal_44) glamb 333 would love someone close by. Thanks so much for replying!! LUV YA!!!!

          • Evette #419 says:

            Your chance may come Rema. I don’t drive and last year was so sad I couldn’t see ADAM w/ the other idols even though they came to town. Offered a co-worker $100 to drive me to and from the show. She said “no”. Should have posted that offer someone would have taken me up on it maybe. Anyway my point is this year ADAM is coming to a differant theater Its a 5 minute walk from my house. I thought for shure he’d be coming back to the same theater out on the highway! I not only got a ticket, but I’m in the second row. I think I’m gonna die!!! Miracles do happen so don’t give up!

  5. adamfan says:

    Congratulations to Monte and Lisa!! Everyone looking so cute!
    Loved your comment about the WWFM hands, Sue.
    These are strong birth weights even for single babies, so
    kudos to you Lisa!

  6. Judy Lushman says:

    Babies so cute! Now I know why Monte was not there last night at Kiss. He must be thrilled!

  7. retrogrrrl says:

    Congrats to Papa & Mama Pittman! What beautiful little babies!

  8. Congrats Mon

  9. Congrats Monte and Lisa.He looks like a proud daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  11. congrats they are beautiful

  12. Sue Sutton says:

    Congratulations Monte and LIsa. They are adorable! Twins, so lucky!!

  13. tondelao says:

    OMG they are sweetness itself. Monte and Lisa done good. Loved the picture of the baby foot…. LOL I love baby toes. Blessings on the 4 of them and many good wishes.


  15. glamaus says:

    Monte, Lisa and the girls…..Congratulations and masses of positive vibes heading your way
    from across the world for your beautiful babies. Oz loves you Monte!

  16. Congratulations to the proud parents!! 🙂
    Positive vibes, love and prayers out to the family and especially sweet, little Atticus! 🙂

  17. ianaleah says:

    Congratulations ! I wish for everyone all the blessings of life.

  18. cmhagey says:

    So happy for you Monte, Lisa and your two older daughters!! Monte, I promised you at the baby shower that my gift would be coming. You were so great to tell me their names that early. I better get stitching!! 🙂

    Carol Glamb #7

  19. MaryLou says:

    Your little bundles of joy look so precious. They are so lucky to have you as their daddy. Congrats Monte. Hugs to you and your family. ( congrats to the new mommmy Lisa. ) From Glamb # 534

  20. Congtats Monte and Lisa!!!

  21. I mean Congrats…God bless ur family! We love and support u!

  22. Such beautiful babies! Prayers and loving thoughts to Monte, Lisa, new babies and the other children, from Washington State! Many blessings to all!

  23. Congratulations To Lisa and Monte on the birth of their twins, Atticus and Beatrix!! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Monte, I don’t think there’s another man beaming like you are, holding your weans.

    God Bless

  24. adamisamazing says:

    Best wishes to you all. Cute babies.

  25. delibel (Nederland) says:

    LOVE and HUG from HOLLAND to the PITTMAN familie.


  26. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Oh so happy for you all! Will keep little Atticus in my prayers! My five are grown now and my grandbabies are such a joy! Thanks for the wonderful music you make with Adam and the band; hope to see you on tour, but we will all understand if you take some time off to be with your beautiful family!

  27. Evette #419 says:

    How Sweet! Congratulations!

  28. b the best dad u can b to them babies every child need a good dad around stay up one

  29. I am so happy for Tommy, Ha! Ha! You would think he was the proud papa. I was blessed to be asked by my best friend to be her labor and delivery coach when she had her twin boys. Having no children of my own, it was such an honor to be a part of this miracle. The boys are now teenagers and I still feel such a connection to them. Since Mom was busy dealing doing her part, I had the joy of being the first person that got to meet the boys. I know that Monte will never forget this experience. Atti and Bea, you guys have no idea how much love is coming your way. How fortunate to have Uncles Adam, Tommy and Longineu and Auntie Cam. God Bless you all.

  30. sun-n-stars says:

    Congratulations to Monte & Lisa! Will keep Atticus in my prayers for a speedy healing. God Bless all of you!

  31. Vocalsrule says:

    Everyone could buy some of Monte’s music as a present. I hope folks don’t send him stuff since they will be overwhelmed just with the diapers! Here’s my one and only advice and I’ll be quiet: As soon as they are old enough, teach your kids that frozen peas and corn are CANDY. My 3 teenage boys still eat that stuff for a treat! They love vegetables and are very healthy and happy. All our love to Monte and LIsa.

  32. cheryl 334 says:

    Babies are ‘love’! How lovely yours are!:)

  33. patricia Pearce says:

    From a mom who was doubly blessed with twins I congratulate Monte and Lisa a thousand times over. Both babies are so beautiful and I will be praying for the health of Atticus. Hopefully Lisa will have help when Monte is on the road because multiples need a rested.

    I’m happy for both of them that to-day’s technology will allow Monte and Lisa to share the daily happenings with their adorable little doll babies.
    With much love,

  34. Nana #1 says:

    Can I just say..WOW…these babies are precious!! My thoughts and prayers are with Atticus and your family… he will be just fine.I am so happy for both of you…beautiful babies to beautiful people.

    Hug’s & kisses,

    Nana #1 (Glam #488)

  35. Congratulation to Lisa and Monte Pittman! beatiful babies, God bless your family. Love and happiness to you all.

  36. Of all the beautiful gifts we have on this Earth, none is more precious than the Gift of Life- God’s promise – Presence of HOPE in the Universe. Love created in the Garden of Eden. Heartfelt Congrats to the deserving couple. May the musical spirit soar in your hearts today. Angels are rejoicing, strumming their Harps, Saviours are rocking the World tonight. Adam will no doubt be inspired to write a song of the Miracle of Life.. a tribute to his 5Star Guitarist. JAMMA ON!! PEACE!!
    Shalom>>>:-) <33<<33 <33

  37. Monte & Lisa, Congratulations….children are the best….enjoy! Those babies are sooo lucky they are going to grow up with a great band of terrific people!!!!

  38. I know this is late, but I’m so happy for Monte and Lisa for their twins. Ohh, their so cute bundle of joys. Now Adam is Uncle Adam to Atticus Sparrow and Beatrix Fiona. My Gosh, Monte looks so happy. Congratulations to you and Lisa !!
    I’ve just had a seminar in Anti-Smoking here in Manila, and haven’t been in this site for days. But now I’m back and happily so. I miss my Glamily. Imagine, Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York, spends for this Program for 3 years. WOW ! This is another milestone for our Public Health.

  39. Congratulations Monte and Lisa. The babies are beautiful.