Adam Lambert’s FUSE Appearance is a Reality!!


Adam’s appearance on Glee turned out to be a rumor, but he WILL be on FUSE TV on Monday, January 11th. He will be on the 30-minute On The Record talking about his music and other things we can hope for!

It appears he’s finally getting to talk seriously about his art and direction. Hopefully they left all the silly topics out! The show will appear several times that day, please check your listings.



About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I think I like it. Whoopie!!!!

    • i hope to watch it. =(

      • I’m SAAAADD! I don’t get Fuse out here in the sticks. I’m hoping? that it will appear on here so we can all watch. Looks like a great interview with Adam at his (always) best.

        • Yeah! I posted his up coming Fuse appearance in the Banana article link on Jan. 4th. Ha.:)



            THANKS, TERRY

      • I just read where Adam said to check out his girl Scarlett Cherry and her song “Love You Like You Know I will” is totally awesome!!!!!!!!


      • thanks trish, Adam looks wonderful as ever! Sure glad he had is acid epiphany, knew what he had to do from there on out. He is defin. my therapy!

        • Watched Adam on Fuse tonight and the interview was NOT long enough! 30 minutes went by way too fast and it left me wanting more. BTW you are welcome Mary C. Did anyone happen to catch the Idol All Star take over that had 30 minutes of Video of Idol Stars? Guess who started this out? Yeppers Adam. Then came Kris, Daughtry, Kelly and David Cook was last. I still think the best interview to date that Adam has done was with Jay Leno. I want more of ADAM!!!

          Off the subject isn’t it wild that Simon is leaving Idol after this season? We all knew that after ADAM there wasn’t really need for Idol anymore anyways………..Looks like we were right!!!!!!!

          • Trish, I think Leno’s interview has been the best by far too! Adam looked amazing as all get up
            last night. I can watch and listen to him talk forever. He is so very honest & open. Some may say
            TMI……….. He is himself and when he was told no holds barred, he certainly didnt hold back!

  2. Gonna have to check if I get Fuse Tv!!! So exciting! Adam also tweeted that he will be on Oprah also!!! Yey! Have been busy watching the American Idol reruns! Have to watch the whole show though, because they always save the best for last! 2010 is already becoming an ADAM year! Not looking forward to the new A. Idol except for the fact that Ellen will be on! I heard there are lots of Adam wannabes! Not interested! That show will never be the same again. Adam tore it up!!!! GO ADAM!!!!

  3. Carol, thanks for the New thread. So glad to hear Adam will be talking seriously about his upcoming events. I hear he will be in England this spring, promoting his CD. Yay, for all his over seas fans…………….Yay, fuckin yay, its about time you guys get to see him in the flesh………….SO HAPPY FOR ALL OF YOU. YOU WILL NEVER GET OVER THE FEELING HE WILL LEAVE YOU WITH.
    Fuse: I never heard of this station, and all due to Adam, I will tune in on Monday, Jan.11th to see this Hot Handsome Hunk of Burnin Love,…………………..Oh yes I pluckin love him………………….

    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

      Mary C, I would just LOVE TO GO TO AN ADAM CONCERT AND WATCH HIM SHAKE HIS ASS. PLUS I WOULD LIKE TO SHAKE MY ASS ALONG WITH HIM. LOL! WHEW you guys are making me sweat again. Sherry K

      • Sherry K, You havent been to a concert yet? OMG, you have to go to his concerts this year! Watch Adam shake his ass, his glambulge thrusts and shake your ass right along with him.
        ADAM WE ARE WAITING…………….

        • I haven’t been to one either Mary C but I will be going to one when he starts touring. I CAN’T MISS OUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

          • trish, no no dont miss out this time. You wanna be out there shaking, thrusting and doing your groovin with Hot Sexy Talented Adam……………………
            OMG, it cant cum fast enough!!!!!

        • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

          Hi Mary C; How are you doing? Damn no I didn’t to get MY THRILL ON by seeing MASTER ADAM in the flesh. They came here. Unfortunately that was when I had she damn HINI freaking flu ! I am PANTING TO SEE MASTER ADAM IN THE FLESH! The only problem would be I would want to get at least close enough to grab his LOVELY ass. Or at least get to look in to those gorgeous baby blue’s. PANT, PANT. The man just makes me sweat!! And I am not lying!! It take a lot to make me sweat!! LOL!
          I saw Keith Urban in the flesh. He has a nice little ass. But it was wierd. Some little kid kept walking back and forth as Keith went up and doen the cat walk holding a sign saying ” Keith I am your favorite fan. Please sign this.” A big man even held the kid right up in his face and he just ignored the kid? I have heard he is nice?? I don’t know. He married the ice Queen Nicole Kidman whom I have heard is a real diva?? I didn’t pant or sweat over him. My stupid girl friend tried to climb on the stage. He condescended to throw some guitar pics down and one landed right in between my boobs. what a joke!! I would like to have stuffed his face down there to get them out.
          Arn’t I just a dirty old lady? I asked my husband how could he marry a bitch like that. And he said ” How did I do it”. Some men say the crappiest things. I don’t think ADAM acts like that. But my darling son sent me a video of ADAM screaming at some girl because she smushed up his fresh nail polish. I guess everone gets over heated once in awhile. I get over heated everytime I see MASTER ADAM. LIKE KIMBER HEE< HEE. Hugs to all. And Mary , the worst part was Ryan Seacrest had a contest to vote for ADAM and Kris to come to your town with the most votes. BOO HOO. I thought surely since Kris was from here they could maybe CHEAT vot again and they would come here. Hell no! They went, or are going to New York. DAMMIT I WANT TO SEE ADAM SO I CAN SWEAT AND DROOL AND PANT!! Take care. Have a lovely time watching MASTER ADAM As always I love all of you ADAM LOVERS. Sherry K

          • Sherry, if you have an actual video SHOWING ADAM SCREAMING AT THAT GIRL because of his nailpolish please let us see it as no one has seen it at all. It was just a print rumour as far as we know.. and if it existed why did it not go viral at least for a few days???

            Please clarify for us. Terry

            • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

              Hi Terry, I am sorry but my husband delete’s ADAM when every time he see’s him. What a jerk right? MEN!! What can I say. But I can tell you this much! I was flabbergasted that MASTER ADAM would act like that at first. HEE, HEE. But he was really mad. and screaming his ass off. The poor girl was about to bawl. I don’t know who she was? But as I said ADAM’s Baby blues were on fire and he was mad as hell. You know we all get that mad sometimes. But then we calm down. After I had time to think about it I kind of thought it was funny. Then I though I was a mean person. But now I just know that everyone looses their cool once in awhile and MASTER ADAM probably had a bad day.
              This is why I don’t get on the computer until vampire time here. It’s not that late tonight. It’ only 10:59 PM. I usually wait until about 11:00 PM of 12;00 AM since I have insomnia. And it makes my day to read all of the comments. every one on here is just so nice. I love ADAM and all of the GLAMBS! Men think, or I should say husbands think we are crazy. Mine read a few things I wrote. The little sneak. Anyway the video really did exist !! Because I was shocked. I had NEVER SEEN MASTER ADAM MAD. I am not sure how long it was on the computer? Some of ADAM’S STUFF I keep in a file. if I can find it I will let you know. My husband ran a computer virus scan just before I came in here . If I can find it I will put the link on this post page so all can see it. it never occurred to me that someone on here had not seen it. BUT I am a computer dummy. I know pretty much know a bit more due to my charming son when he is in a good mood. LOL! Again hugs to all ADAM fans. You all are the greatest. You really make my day with MASTER ADAM. My husband told me to get a life. Bye for now!

              • I would really like to see Adam mad, Holy Shit! His beautiful eyes on fire!
                The whole kid and caboodle and the real deal.
                I think it also lame that some people got their feelings a little hurt because of the twittwat he sent out about wanted just time with his friends.
                It is a reality we are his fans and not his friends. If I were him I wouldn’t want people moaning all over me when I hanging with me friends. It is too much! How many celebrities have snapped under this kind of pressure and gotten themselves into whole lot of trouble. He doesn’t need more BS. I hope he will just stop tweeting his where abouts and keep his sanity.
                I know I am preaching to the choir. You girls would never do anything to hurt him………

            • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

              Terry, S–T! Well I went and looked for it. Do you think it was a virus? I am just going to type in here what it said. I found it in the file and know it was the one of ADAM screaming at the girl because I flagged it. I am just going to type in here what it said because I am not sure why it did what it did? Maybe because my husband runs a scan on the computer daily? Or if someone took it off. It had the GREAT BIG ~ ADAM LAMBERT AT THE TOP. Then it said PROTECTED: TESTING GOOGLE EARTH. Not found. ERROR 404. Does anyone know what that means?? Ok I have blabbed on here too long now. I don’t want anyone to think I am a computer hog. One more thing. Does anyone know where Emili the relly great artist went to?? The one who draws the great pictures of MASTER ADAM? Hugs Sherry K

              • AdamAddict, come out come out , you are being requested……..

                can you see me? HAHA, LOL

                Sherry K is lookin 4 u.

                • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

                  Mary C. Where is AdamAddict??? Usually very vocal.

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    The really great artist???Who me???The one who draw great pictures???Who me???You must meant me because only me Emili with an I at the end! LOL!!
                    Aww,thank you for calling me,well taa daa,I’m here!And scroll down,I posted Adam in FUSE.There’s 3 videos.Maybe still moderate,I dunno!But must watch~nodding~ 😉

                    • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

                      Adam Addict; I am sorry I did not know ho to spell your name correctly! Your drawings are fabulous!!!!! I YES I WILL SCROLL DOWN AND WATCH THE VIDEOS!! I love your pictures of master ADAM!!! Don’t let your talent go to waste Emili. Really! Your drawing is just fantastic. Hugs Sherry K

          • Sherry K, this will be your year! When tour plans are released, start making plans and then you can get over heated like you’ve never been before 🙂
            That damm H1N1! Keith U & Nicole, yeh they can have ea other. Keep your pics Keith. LOL
            Adam screaming at a girl? well cant be perfect every second…..”watch my fingernails bitch” haha. Havent seen that one.
            A lot of people were thinking the contest city would be Ark. again………….for your sake I wouldnt mind, for others- no more cheating fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Get ready to sweat, drool, pant, gyrate, shake, groove, Ima sure you will get your wish this year!!!!
            luv ya!

            • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

              Hi Mary C, I hope this will be my year. I tell you the truth! If MASTER ADAM comes here I am going to see if him if I have to drag my ass down to the arena.. As soon as I see the tickets go on sale I am whipping out my visa card and punching it in!! Yes i am kind of pissed off Keith married the ice Queen. Bu the hell with him. I can take him or leave him since he took up with Miss Priss Nicole. It’s just a shame that the concert didn’t come here to Arkansas! Some of these people down here can be stupid at times. Oh well. I am not origianlly from here.And I can be kind of stupid sometimes too. I thought all of Kris Allen’s fans would try to cheat vote it down here. No dice though. I am going to try to find that video of MASTER ADAM screaming at that poor girl. But as I told Terry my husband deletes anything he see’s about ADAM. What a baby! Yes I laughed too the second time I watched it. The first time I was sitting here with my jaw open. Ha Ha! I could not believe sweet MASTER ADAM could act like that. My son is a homophobic. Poor dear. He wanted me to see that my sweet MASTER ADAM could be mean. As if my dear son cannot be mean. Well, I am off to say my prayers and go to bed before Count dracula gets here. Just kidding. Hugs to you Mary. Luv Yu too.

              • Sherry K, you are to much girl! Pray bigtime and dont let dracula sink his teeth into ya!

                • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

                  Mary C; Thank-You! You are so sweet. I wrote a story down below. and everyone will think I am a bitch. But I am not usually. I really have to get down an my knees tonight and GET ADAM. SORRY, Say my prayers big time. The damn devil got ahold of me today. Luv and hugs. Sherry K

                  • Sherry, whew! Take it easy. It happens to the best of us!

                    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

                      Mary C, Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am not going to blow my cool in public again. Because I don’t like it when others do it and I am ashamed of my self. I don’t care if steam is coming out of me I will just leave the store ,or what ever.

                      Mary C, See below where I posted what is in my latest rag magazine and mark APRIL on your calendar. I hope ADAM is not going to appear on GLEE. YUK, What good would that do for his career? I am off to bed. I have a Doctors appointment tomorrrow. And with my insomnia I need to try to get some sleep so I can talk intelligently to the doctor so he won’t think I am a nut case ,or something. Hugs to you and everyone! Luv Ya! Sherry K And yes I am sorry I did go bonkers! Shouldn’t has pushed it off on everyone here. I truly am sorry.

              • AdamRocks! says:

                I thought that was just a rumour about the nail polish. . . something sounds a little fishy here. . . Sherry K., are you for real? 🙁

                Cindy in MS
                Glamb #37

                • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

                  Cindy ~AdamRocks; I absolutely would not lie to you all on here about ADAM screaming at that poor girl. Now see “You all”. My stupid arkie is coming out. Been here to damn long. I hope no one is offended. Here in Arkansas I mean. I SWEAR TO YOU” LET ME THINK WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD THING.” I HAD BETTER NOT SAY MY LIFE. THAT IS OFFENSIVE!!! THAT IF I AM LYING TO YOU THE VAMPIRE WILL COME AND GET ME TONIGHT!!!! ADAM was screaming!!! Holding out his hand with the black nail polish smushed. And the poor girl was about to burst in to tears. As I said , my son who is a homophobic and was mad when he heard ADAM was gay sent the stupid thing to me. I filed it away. And never thought about it again. Until my husband started bitching about computer viruse’s and scared the crap out of me and then Terry asked me about it, I went to my ADAM file I keep and it said that creepy crap on there.

                  SO YES,YES,YES IT IS REAL. DID ANYONE TRY TO GOOGLE IT? I am sorry I cannot produce it. But I PROMISE YOU IT IS AND WAS TRUE. I really don’t think it is a big deal. I mean everyone looses their cool once in awhile. I am normally a very nice sensitive person. But I went to walmart today to get one of those funny little vent covers that go on the floor vent so the damn heat doesn’t blow up your nose or ass. And ask some employees where I might find it. They said they would call someone to help me find it.


                  Anyway along comes two employee’s with their little walmart smiley tags on. I ask them if they can call someone to help me. They get on the horn and he says ” What? Really?” He said to me that the manages store policy is that they cannot send anyone to HELP ANYONE FIND ANYTHING. THE BITCHES!!! Sorry ladies, I had just watched Cris Rock Yesterday and he was talking about how crazy the world was now. Well, I who never, ever act like a BITCH to anyone got mad as hell. I went to the front of the store. And there was a dude teaching a gal to run the computer to check people out. I ask him if he was a manager. He says customer service manager. so I said ” What is Walmarts policy about the above to make it shorter.” He said it is this store managers policy we do not help anyone help someone find something.” I SAID WHAT IS THE NUMBER TO CALL WALMART IN BENTONVILLE. THE DUMBASS SAID ~~ 1-800 WALMART. I SAID WHAT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE DAMN NUMBER. HE SAID 1 ~800 WALMART. I SAID BULLSHIT. I USED TO WORK FOR THIS DUMP FOR 5 YEARS. And you don’t even know the damn number. BULLSHIT.” Everyone was gawking at me. And I was thinking shit. I just acted like a BITCH in front of all of these people.

                  Anyway on the way out a girl who has to stand and greet customers in the freaking freezing cold asked me what happened and while we are talking a big guy comes along and starts talking about how fucked up this world is. And at the same time this girl is telling me who used to work for the freaking dump how bad WALMART TREATS THEIR EMPLOYEES. Now is that fucked up or what??? And I am sorry ladies and gents. That was my fucked up day. So I know why ADAM got mad!! The pressure of all of us who love him. And all of HIS PEOPLE FREAKED HIM OUT!!!!!!
                  Now the people down below are going to say WHINE WHINE,(ME) ANYONE SEE ANY TROLLS ON HERE? I DON’T LIKE THIS POST BOARD. TOO MANY NEGATIVE POSTS ON HERE.
                  And I do apologize to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! But believe me MASTER ADAM LOST HIS COOL AT THAT GIRL AND SHE ALMOST CRIED. I think I may write a book like our resident friend Yvonne. NOPE CAN’T DO POETRY LIKE SHE CAN.I TRULY AM SORRY!! Bye. Sherry K

                  • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

                    Adam Lambert Music Fans – 2009 American Idol Runner Up Adam Lambert
                    Some of these videos will make you laugh, most will make you scream, … Adam Lambert Says Nail Polish Issue is Not True … when Adam is supposed to be drying his nail polish when somebody grabbed him and ruined his nails. …
           – Cached.

                    Well this is googled. He is lying. I watched it. Unless it was him joking!!! There is another one you can google that some ass is talking about ADAM LAMBERT knows he is going to be the winner. And other bullshit about ADAM. If anyone on here thinks we are bad or negative GOOGLE THAT FREAK! Sherry K

                    • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

                      Just put this in Google!!! THIS IS THE ASS THAT IS TALKING ABOUT ADAM AND HIS TRICKS ON AI.

                      (Game Over: Adam Lambert Masters American Idol)

                      I don’t know about putting links on here?? My computer son says it is bad to send links. for the computer? Yet he sends them to me daily?? Is it safe to put links on? I always read the ones everyone else puts on. That’s it. I shut my big mouth NOW. Sherry K

                    • love2adams says:

                      I hope I never again have the displeasure of hearing anyone saying Adam is lying, especially on this site. If anything he is truthful to a fault.

                  • Sherry K Glamb #445,

                    What is your point here? It is the SECOND time (you did the same thing a couple of months ago..) you are trying to tell THE WORLD about this alleged video!!! What are trying to achieve? It is very suspicious…

                    Yes, I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU AND I AM SURE YOU ARE TELLING LIES… and there are a couple of reasons for that…



                    #2. WE KNOW ADAM FOR A YEAR…. You know what …. I don’t even want to continue…

                    Please stop telling these stories here again and again if you a TRUE FAN… We did not have negativity on this site for a while…. so hopefully it won’t happen again.

                    Gala Glamb #26

                    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:


                    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:


                    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:


                    • Ok, Sherry K

                      Let’s forget the whole story and do no talk about it ANYMORE!!!!
                      No negativity on this site!!!!
                      Please….. everybody!!!

                  • Sherry K, take care of yourself!
                    love & peace

                    • Sherry K # 445 says:

                      Mary C, Love and hugs to you! You are so sweet. I can ALWAYS count on you! I know we are both on the same page! We both love ADAM a lot! ~~~~ Sherry K

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  Hi Cindy, I agree with you, I remember this supposed incident on the Idol Tour and Kris, Mike, Matt, Danny and Allison, as well as Adam were all saying it wasn’t true and that it didn’t happen. I feel that if there really was a video of this then it would have been all over the Internet at the time. The other thing I would like to know is, why is it being brought up again. Seems fishy to me too Cindy.

                  And I am not saying that Sherry K is lying, maybe she saw something completely different, I don’t know.

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Oh please, c’mon, you know that if it existed, it would not only have been all over the internet, but all the media would have jumped on it and reported it to the hilt! Something negative about Adam, the hounds would have loved that! They would have been all over it!

                    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

                      Helen/Canada; Is it possible it was on for just a very short time? and that it was pulled off. My son works all day on the computer. All day long ever day. Please except my apology. I should have never said anyting about it at all. I was just shocked. Maybe my son put a couple of things together to send to me???? HE IS CAPABLE OF DOING THAT. And I do know he was pissed and wanted to goad me. What ever. If he does it again I will just delete it. I am so sorry to cause any trouble. I will be more careful about what is say. Please forgive me! As to the article in the National enquirer it is true. It is in the January 18,2010 issue on page 12. If anyone cares. I feel really bad because I hate lies. Good night. I hope you will forgive me. I DID NOT LIE. Sherry K

                  • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

                    Dianne, Is it possible ADAM was just fooling around? I notice he likes to be funny and crack jokes. I SWEAR TO YOU ON MY LIFE NOW. I HOPE GOD STRIKES ME DEAD IF I AM LYING. I KNOW THIS SEEMS BLASPHEMOUS TO SAY THAT. BUT I DON’T CARE. I DON’T WANT ANYONE TO BE MAD AT ME. I DON’T THINK MY SON HAS THE EQUIPMENT TO MAKE IT??????? MAYBE I WAS SEEING THINGS?? BUT I STILL THINK ADAM WAS MAKING A JOKE. Good night everyone. And PLEASE forgive me> I still love all of you. Hugs to all. Sherry K

                    • Hi Sherry,
                      Just to let you know. I am really really good at looking for and finding things on the internet. The only whisper of the scandal about Adam was all refuted by other idol members who were there at the time.
                      It was supposed to happen at a meet and greet and the last thing Adam would have done just before a handshaking session just after getting off stage was paint his nails.
                      There is NOT one shred of video evidence about it anywhere on line and I have dug pages into googles lists having a look and finding not a thing.
                      Your son would have to be very talented also to be able to even piece together footage that didn’t exist unless it wasn’t Adam in it. He (your son) may have just been pulling a stunt as you say but Adam would not even do this for fun. He is too caring for that.
                      I suggest that you just drop the matter. Dont apologise any further as it isn’t necessary. I’m a computer hound and just for the record wanted to look around and clarify the facts.
                      Lets just call it quits on this one.

                    • Sherry K # 445 says:


                      I PROMISE YOU I LOVE ADAM VERY MUCH. Sherry K

  4. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    Oi/Hello people!
    Have you seen People on line? Vote on ADAM to choose his appearence on TV. Most people don’t want see him nowhere. DO THEY NEVER SEE HIM ACTING BEFORE?, I guess don’t. (Sorry My English)

    • Ugh, way too many very negative posts on this link.
      It seems like there is a group trolling around on the internet looking for posts/polls about Adam and then spew their hatred.

      • GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

        When we looking for Adam on internet, we like to know what is he doing, going, wearing, speaking. I never looking for someone to speak negativilly about it. Shame.

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Isn’t it pathetic??? For some reason, the haters are so obsessed with Adam, they go to all of the articles, blogs, etc. about him. . . like ElianeBrasil said, why constantly follow a person you don’t like online? Who has the time to do that. . . obviously, morons with no life.

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • LibraLamb7 says:

            Here’s a FABULOUS blog by the famous Xena on Adam’s Gridlock NYE performance ….SOOOOOOO HOT!!!! Makes me want to run right out & buy my ticket for his next LIVE performance…whenever, wherever, whatever it takes…IMMA GONNA be THERE …You guys with me??????


            Candace#388 in MS

            • AdamRocks! says:

              Thanks for the link Candy! What a magnificent review of Gridlock! Just curious, though. . . I wonder why she didn’t include Music Again?

              I saw your post, and Xena’s reply to you. 🙂 So you recommend “On The Meaning of Adam Lambert?”

              Cindy in MS
              Glamb #37

              • AdamRocks! says:

                Oh, and Candy, I posted a reply to Xena’s review too. . . I’m marlock276 everywhere else but here. 🙂

                Cindy in MS
                Glamb #37

                • LibraLamb7 says:

                  Hi Cindy…just read your post on Xena’s review & her reply. Too funny. Yes indeed, I DO recommend the book she & Juneau wrote, though I confess I haven’t finished it yet. So far, it’s a real trip & well worth money.

                  I really admire these ladies for putting so much time, effort & money into writing this all down for posterity & getting it published. We’ve often said how some of our wonderfully eloquent posters on this site should publish their writings on the subject of Adam Lambert. It’s nice to see that we are not alone in our love & dedication to this special young man….It’s nice to wonder why we feel as we do, why HE, at this moment in time, has appeared in our lives to capitvate us & open our hearts.

                  I sure can’t explain it. All I know is that I, for one, am grateful to the Powers of the Universe who sent this Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce into my life. I am forever changed.

                  Candace#388 in MS

                  • Candace, my life has changed with this Glittery,GlambGod as well.
                    My whole self is so much more open and accepting since I’ve become a fan of this wonderful specimen. He is a special delivery, that we have all signed for…………….
                    Love him!

                    • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

                      Mary C; I wish I could put words together like you! What a GREAT way to say you love ADAM!! I fell the same way!! Sorry about my tyrant yesterday!! I am back to myself today. The BITCH is gone. I am truly sorry. I am a Sagittarus. A FIRE sign. I know it is not an excuse to be a bitch THOUGH! I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE. Hugs to all of you. I love everyone on this posting board. I know I have said it before! But I truly from the heart mean it. I miss Jeanette a lot. Hugs and no big mouth tonight. Sherry K

                  • Yes it would great to have a book published with posts expressing the intense emotions Adam brings forth in so many of us. Beautifully haunting pictures on every page…..

                • Your marlock276? Wow I am fan of yours. I read you on all the post about Adam. I never use my real name…….or anything I use anywhere esle. I had a stalker problem so that is why. I love reading what you post……..

                  • AdamRocks! says:

                    Thank you trish! 🙂 I used to post sometimes on Idol Forums too, but two of my posts there, as well as two of a friend of mine. were quoted by someone at Top Idol (they are horrible there, similar to the haters at VFTW). . . we were were shredded to pieces, called idiots, crazed fans, and more. . . it shook me up a little bit, but then I thought, look at the all of the hate and cruelty spewed at Adam. . . this was just a drop in the bucket. I’m sure there are some extremely overzealous fans out there. . . but think about it, who’s crazier, we who meet online to express our love and admiration for Adam, or those who troll the internet looking for anything about him, so that they can attack him and his fans. . . just to feel better about themselves.

                    Cindy in MS
                    Glamb #37

                    • AdamRocks! says:

                      Should be a comma after friend of mine. . . sorry, my perfectionism is showing. 🙂

                      Cindy in MS
                      Glamb #37

            • Candace, Hot Damm, this was simply awesome! I thought I was in some kind of
              GENIOUS OF AN ENTERTAINER. Xena’s review has me all hot and bothered, and looking at Adams Tall,Long and Lean body in his Shiny & Fabulous outfit in the photo has be full of pleasure…………………..

      • Irena, negative posts? Thanks, I wont even go there!

        • That is what gets to me too Mary C. yet I am drawn to anything Adam and I try to block out those idiots that don’t really put down Adam’s music they just write anything that is negative. It does make my blood boil but then I let it go………….ignorant bastards!

      • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

        Irena, What are the ugly post’s you are talking about. PEGGY NOONAN??? Most of us on here LOVE MASTER ADAM. WEADORE HIM??? I am just puzzled??? Mary C, DID YOU SEE ANY UGLY POSTS ABOUT ADAM, OR AM I MISSING SOMETHING?? I THINK BETWEEN YOU AND I AND KIMBER WE PUT THAT BITCH IN HER PLACE.. Good grief everone on here love ADAM!!!!!!!!! I will check back tomorrow nigh when I make my vampire journey to the computer so my husband can’t nag me or be nosey as to what I say.
        HUGS TO ALL ADAM FANS. Sherry K

        • Sherry if you go to the link about voting on television show he should be on, a lot of the posts are from people who say nasty things and say he has no talent, that he is ugly and then there is lots of homophobic trash.
          I had to get off, some brave fans where out there there saying beautiful things and trying to reason with these people.
          I just couldn’t take the nastiness of it anymore.
          Peggy Noonan was just mean and misdirected by her conservative views. These other people are just out there to trash him. The link is on top of this thread.

          • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

            Irena, I was trying to find that video of ADAM screaming at the girl about the nail polish. And I found numerous ADAM HATERS. Disgusting bastards

            . They just rave on and on. Worse than Peggy Noonan. I am going to look at the link on top of the thread you are talking about. I think everyone thinks I am lying about the ADAM nail polish thing. AND I SWEAR IF I HAD NOT SEEN IT, I WOULD NOT HAVE BELIEVED IT. I THINK IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A JOKE??? I DID SEE IT.

            • Lisa Imbruglia says:

              I can certainly undrstand if he lost it over nail polish. I frequently do my nails and some colours take ages to dry and there is nothing…. that’s right…nothing worse than having it smudged and having to start allover. Add that to a bad day at the office or long night entertaining and well. I’m sorry about the girl that nearly cried… wrong place wrong time….

              • After much searching as stated earlier above I could find not one single thing to prove this story.
                I do think anyone can have a bad day but from all accounts Adam is always gracious even when pestered and bothered by even the Paparrazi who would drive anyone to their limit.
                Sounds like it was just a set up to give him bad press.

          • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

            Irena; Thank-You so much! I thought and maybe I am dumb that someone was talking about this site. Everyone on here LOVES ADAM! That guy that I found on GOOGLE though was like what you just said. It kind of made me mad. That is why I never google ADAM. Some people are really mean about him and I love him. I cannot talk to my son about him. My son if you have read any of my post’s is a homophobic. So we just agreed to not discuss ADAM. Good night everyone and GOOD thoughts of ADAM. Sherry K

  5. In case the date isn’t out there yet, the Oprah show has confirmed on twitter that Adam’s show will be aired on January 19th. Can hardly wait for another Adam viewing.

    My son wanted to watch the TV by himself (he’s 17 need I say more), so he said “Why don’t you go play on the computer with Adam.” So here I am. lol

  6. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    Well…I can’t watch this here (Brasil) buaaaaaaaaaaa…but I just bought Ten Commandments to watch him once a while…(It was hard to find DVD).xoxo

    • AdamRocks! says:

      He’s SO adorable in that play, isn’t he? LOVE the long hair, and his singing parts are definitely the highlights!!! I always fast-forward to the scenes that he’s in. I love the end, when all the actors are lined up onstage, and he’s just singing and dancing and smiling away. 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

        He’s so gorgeous, isn’t he? My DVD has a hole on it so many times I’d watch it huahuahua(Sorry My ordinary English huahuahua)

      • Cindy, he is so adorable in Wicked too. Hair a bit browner and oh so frickin cute!
        love & peace

  7. Hey, Guys,
    Does anyone have statistics on how Adam is doing with his CD sales and WWFM single? It looks like both went down on the Billboard top charts. I was so hoping to see a rise after we all talked like maybe the best B-Day present we could give him was to collectively buy more singles and CDs. I bought 2 more and downloaded more and was excited to look for results. But it doesn’t look so good. Did you guys out there buy CDs? If we all communicate what we have done, maybe we can get a sense of what it takes. I HATE watching him slip. Is he doing better in other countries? I think he is doing well in Canada. Anyway, the trolls are unmerciful about his sales.

    • AdoringAdam says:

      I bought 2 more CDS and another WWFM download from ITunes. I know fans on other sites are suggesting the same thing. Adam has a beautiful voice but it is seeing him perform that makes people addicted to him. Everywhere I go these days if I have a chance I talk about Adam and his brilliant CD and you would not believe how many young people don’t know him at all. I do know that the stores in my area that sell CDS are sold out of Adam’s album and I have asked them why they aren’t stocking more. A few of the stores said they would order more. I checked Amazon last night before I went to bed and it looked like his album was going up again. Maybe being on Oprah will get sales going again. Rewatching his Idol performances is the highlight of my life these days. No wonder we all fell in love with him.

    • Last I read, his album sales were at about 434,000. YaY. Soon he will be promoting his CD overseas, so the sales will be escalating up more and more.

  8. Princessshakeitup says:

    Ok, what are the chances I get Fuse TV here on Gilligan’s Island!? I will certainly tune in if I can; it looks like a good interview. We do get Oprah,of course, so I will see that and everything else I can. Also, have a lot of ex-pat friends here from the U.K. so I will tell those who are going back in the Spring to be on the lookout for Adam…LUCKY BRITS!
    By the way, I was trying to mislead everyone when I suggested Adam might be in Tahiti…he is here in St Kitts with me and we are making wild monkey rum-soaked love. Yup…soaked to the bone. If Adam tweets and says that is just a rumor…don’t believe him!
    Ok, it might just be in my dreams…

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Princessshakeitup, you are HILARIOUS!!!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Princess, you are a doll, luv reading your posts! The only thing is Adam is actually in Ohio and we are sweating with “Fever”, before I get “Broken Open” with him. BTW, how is Ginger and the Skipper????? LOL

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Hey Mary!
        Being from the Midwest I know that, if Adam is in Ohio with you, the last thing you are doing is sweating…no matter how wild the sex is! That Boy gets around, don’t he?
        Ginger and the Skipper are off looking for 101 things to make with bananas but I am going to go in search of the Howells to see if they will float me some cash to get back to the States to catch Adam in person. It would be GREAT to be in the Oprah audience!
        Peace to my sisters of the Adam Nation all over the world!
        By the way, I am also spreading the good news here on the island with a bumper sticker that says, “Peace, Love, Adam Lambert”
        HONK if you STRUT!!!

        • Princess, I Love………..your bumper sticker, fantastic! HAHA, HOPE YOU CAN CATCH UP WITH THE HOWELLS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Lovey…………………

          I’m Strutting quite a bit, so I guess I’d be Honking a lot too……………
          love and peace

        • Oh the bumperstickers!! They could be funn and naughty, all kinds of things…
          Peace, Love, Adam Lambert is a great one!

        • Princess….love the bumper sticker idea. Hope you have heard lot’s of honks !!!

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  9. Elizabeth Glamb#545 says:

    After our discussion about Adam’s sales I went onto google and looked the subject up. My sense of the matter is that Adam is holding his own and is doing at least as well as Lady Gaga, Sam Cook in his day, Carrie Underwood, etc. He just isn’t on the Susan Boyle level like we expected he’d be at. Of course, Susan Boyle’s album particularly lends itself to the Christmas Season. I think there was a sense that Adam would be up in sales to around 500,000 pretty soon, if not already. That would make him Platinum I think–correct me if I’m wrong. Some people are really putting Adam down saying given all the exposure he’s had he should have sold much more. But I’m beginning to think that FYE and Adam is going to be more of an acquired taste and that means it will take longer for the snowball effect to take off, but I believe it will. Usually, I find that I’m bored with an album I get a few weeks after I’ve bought it and listened to it constantly. With Adam, I’m finding that I am beginning to pick up the subtleties of the less marketable songs. We can also anticipate an upswing in sales when the new video comes out, an upswing when he starts touring, so I think what we have is highly respectable, if not breakthrough. But then Adam isn’t brain candy; he’s a real meal and that’s good because he has the stamina to perform in a professional way over the long run versus someone like Elvis whose celebrity destroyed him. So what’ve got here is upsides and downsides, and also the confidence that Adam is holding his own and gaining respect.

    • On itunes charts- they do not add the total together of Adam’s Album ‘For Your Entertainment” Because he issued a CD Delux version as well as regular CD version-they are on two different spots. If the sales were totaled together, he would come much higher on the list and it would be a more accurate reflection of how his album is being received. It is a fantastic album, the AMA and subsequent hoopla hurt, but it is passing and it will all end up well. Adam has all the late show hosts on his team,;they genuinely, sincerely like hiim-Conan O’brien,Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Carig Fergusen, even the SNL group support him, Chelsia and Ellen and all the ladies of The View. All these influential people are important supporters. And, as with any business, any business, any, it s personal relationships that have a major impact. Adam will be fine. He has the talent, and the love of entertaining, and his CD is a very good album.

    • Yah – I love the line from lady gaga, Paper Gangster….. “I will not accept any less than someone just… as Real… as Fabulous” … to me, that is Adam in a nutshell. And very real people have very real ups and downs and if they don’t, they ain’t real. LOOOOOOOOOVe the guy!! UIMA

  10. I wish they could realease songs faster as singles. I think Sleepwalker will have a “whoa, who was that?” kind of reaction, Broken Open can’t help but touch people who will then pursue where it came from, etc. This is probably silly but I make myself go without FYE for a few days. Spend time listening to the CD’s I have acquired from Adam’s recommendations. Found a copy of Goldfrapp, “Supernature” that he has referred to as a fav several times. It is great – first song, OOLALA, just sounds like something he would dance to in a club and “get inspired” as he says. Also some of the music fans have chosen to showcase him on videos, like Whiskey in Churches, Angel in Disguise – bought those CD’s also. Then, when I can’t stand it any longer, I rip out on FYE and it gets me everytime. SO eclectic, not a boring, repetitive moment like so many albums …… (I would still replace TFM with Down the Rabbit Hole). It really worked, HONEY LAMBERT, mixing it up like that – the concert is going to be Staggeringly Amazing. (new AI – YUCKKKKKKK (only if they bring Adam back for a guest appearance and I am counting on this web site to notify us of that possibility). UIMA, every pluckin’ day of my life!!!!

    • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

      What I’m getting from the CD is just the incredible range of Adam’s voice and the capacity he has to do so much with it. Sleepwalker is just so amazing because that is where you really can see how his voice can just do anything. I am just amazed at how little Adam is appearing on the radio, particularly a song like “Time For Miracles” which is such a great mainstream song. It doesn’t make sense, but I’m sure it will all happen in time. I mean so many songs get repeated and repeated and repeated and I’m like, can we have some thing new here, like just a little Adam, pleeezzzz. I haven’t yet had a chance to see Adam in concert and I am also looking forward to having that opportunity. Though I do sometimes worry what kind of effect an extensive tour would have on Adam’s voice, particularly the high registers. Just the wear and tear of constant performances and moving from place to place will put a strain on both him and his voice. I remember that this was a problem with Joan Armatrading in her day; she was a singer with quite a remarkable voice whom I love just as much as Adam.

      • I think your concern is warranted – he had some strained voice moments during that grueling, 52 city in 3 month gig, for sure. He seems aware of the problem but I’m sure there are times when his big heart and deep desire to sing takes the vote over health like ….. I tell ya, when I watched the Gridlock, NYE performance, I had your same worries – he just “goes for it” and adds power and force that comes from an unbelievable place and it’s gotta HURT!!

  11. Adam should host Saturday Night Live

  12. Oprah’s website says that Adam will be on the show
    on Jan 19. Only 10 days to wait! When I read
    that Susan Boyle would be on as well, I wanted the
    whole show to be Adam, but then realized it might
    be great exposure for Susan’s fans to see how amazing
    Adam is. Does anyone know if they are to meet or if they are
    taped separately?
    ps. I would love it if he sang Fever (me sweating profusely…)

  13. I am so relieved that Adam will not be on Glee, I did not believe that would have been in his best interest. Very excited about Oprah, anyone that Oprah takes time for has a great impact with that hard to reach group of people. Ya know what I mean?
    He has a gift that should be enjoyed the world over 🙂

    • Cynthia, I do know what you mean and I totally agree. Adam is much bigger than a guest appearance on Glee. He has more important things to do, like make more music! AAANNDD get those concerts scheduled. I SOOOOOOOO want to see him live!

    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

      Hi everyone. Hi Mary C. How are you doing?

      I know that it is just supposed to be a rumor and ADAM is not supposed to appear on GLEE. So I got my newest rag magazine today!IT IS THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER. THE DATE ON THE RAG IS JANUARY 18 ,2010. And I know you don’t believe what the rags say!!! SO WATCH FOR THIS DATE AND WE WILL SEE IF IT IS TRUE OR NOT ~I HOPE NOT!!
      ~~~HERES AN EARLY WARNING BLIP THAT JUST SHOWED UP ON OUR FLAMOHBOYANT ADAM LAMBERT ~Just signed for a special guest appearance on Fox TV smash hit “GLEE” in April. Producers made no secret of wanting the “American Idol” Icon and ADAM just loved the idea ~ especially when he learned he’d be playing big-brother mentor to the character Kurt, who’s needing a little help in coming out of the closet. ( Wonder if Fox included a no-kissing/no crotch grabbing clause? )
      Now I am going to clip this article to my calender for the month of April when GLEE comes back from hiatus. I am going to see if this stupid rag magazine gets it right or not. I really hope it’s not true!! I don’t think ADAM should be on GLEE. What good is that going to be for his career?


  14. Adam touring will be what kicks his sales into high gear. To see him live, which I have yet to have the pleasure, is to experience what Adam is all about. Just watching on youtube, I get so excited, I can not sit still, have to get up and dance. People will leave his concerts and go directly to purchase the CD. Adam is a remarkable singer but he is the best performer, entertainer ever and that has to be seen to be fully appreciated. I can’t wait for my chance. I have a years worth of desire built up, I hope I can stand it.

  15. Have an unrelated question – Has Jeannette decided not to be involved with this website any longer? I know she was upset after the AMA’s.

  16. ADAM is so cute…he knows about eyeliner!!!! Doncha just love him!!!!

    He’s got some good positive appearances coming up! Being on Oprah, there will be alot of mothers and kids watching…they will see the ADAM that we know and love!

    Everybody, buy at least one more FYE CD…We want ADAM’s CD to top the charts in sales!

    This is going to be a great year for ADAM!

  17. awful people have been posting ugly, negative comments about adam on the official web site, somebody expain this for me

    • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

      Joyce; WHERE????? i will give them HELL. SO WILL MARY C. AND KIMBER! SHERRY K

      • Sherry go to and there is an article about what program would you like to see Adam in. There are so many negative comments but most of them are just stupid rants and by the same people with different nics.

        • It’s really sad how some people keep going by spewing out ugly hatred. I hope Adam has a million ways to insulate himself from that useless ranting and be buoyed up by the millions of us who would tear down mountains to protect him. I just keep remembering the line from “One” by U2 that Simon picked for Adam. Maybe there were lots of reasons for choosing that song. “….will it make it easier on you now, you got someone to blame..” Another line…..”you say, love is a temple, love is a higher law…you ask me to enter, then you make me crawl….I can’t keep hangin’ on to what you got when all you got is hurt……..” UIMA

          • Adam interpretation of “One” shows his immense talent. I am a U2 fan but I like his version over theirs, He feels the words on such a deep level.
            Like with “Soaked”, he has lived that scenario, hence the tear running down his cheek.
            ( anybody seen this powerful picture yet? )

            Bashing somebody just doesn’t make any sense to me. I know it is a form of self hatred actually, putting other people down to make yourself feel more powerful. Like that back stabber editor from the OUT magazine, he was showing his own insecurities about himself being gay by questioning Adam’s gayness because he post with a naked woman. From the editor of a magazine you expect more intelligence than some trolls on the internet.
            The concept of an artist pushing boundaries is completely lost on a lot of people because they are scared that it will reveal things they do not want to face in their life.
            I do understand that some of the things he does are confrontational, like I said before he is the cage ratller but how can you not see the depth, the compassion, the love in his eyes?

            I know we are here to stay. the love we have for Adam will prevail. The posistive attitude that he has himself will create fabulous opportunities.
            Love is the higher Law.

            • I am not sure what picture you are referring to but I saw Adam’s tears at the end of the Black and White performance when the judges were falling all over themselves to find words to express, on TV for the first time, what they felt for him. His lip trembled a little too. I heard Bono interviewed about the song “One” – he said that it has more meaning for him than any other song he has written and there are times when he has a hard time getting through the song during a performance because it hits him on an emotional level in so many ways. I am an undying U2 fan too – get to see them in Denver on June 5th for the first time. Hey, isn’t the combinatiion of U2 and and Adam just kind of special? They are really different but there is just something in their desire and love of people and joy of performing that strikes similar chords??

              • The picture is from the Gridlock performance. I saw in the chatroom on this site. If I can locate it again I will let you know.

                • Irena, That is what is so beautiful about Adam. He has such passion coming from his heart and soul when he sings. I also loved when he sang “One” the lyrics are good and Adam sang it so saweet.
                  the Gridlock performance of “Soaked” was phenomenal! Adam is so gifted and talented and each and every performance is proof. When he was on tour “Starlight” was just as passionate.

                  As far as those magazine shoots, Adam will shock and surprise us. Thats what we love about him. Each and every time, he puts a smile on my face.
                  I personally cant wait untill another “Details” shoot………………….or something similar.

        • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

          Thish; UGG! I googled ADAM and got this one jerk that all he could do was run ADAM down. And that was enough for me. I do not want to hear anything more ugly about ADAM. I love him no matter what. and for the peson who ask about jeannette I cannot believe she would not give ADAM another chance. I mean life s life. We all screw up once in awhile. And God forgives us everytime.So I am just going to shut my big mouth and go to bed. Love and peace to ADAM.As John Lennon sang why can’t we all live as one and get along. Only God knows the answer to that. I wish it were like that. Hugs to everyone. Sherry K

  18. waveridergal says:

    Gret that Adam will be on Fuse. Can’t wait! And…………..OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now how cool is this!!!!!!!!!!! What GREAT exposure.

  19. hello,everyone. i read in mjbigblog that adam career tragicly rising up!is this true ?because i dont live in to vote on mtv? in vh1 i read in fan coments that adam music video is in top 10.

  20. Hey I heard on MJbigblog that Adam just did an AOL Session (about time when Kris and Allison have already done that) and it should be out soon.

    And from a tweet straight out of yesterday’s AOL sessions, Adam taped 5 songs: “Whataya Want From Me,” “Fever,” “Strut,” “If I Had You”, and “Soaked,” plus an interview. There’s no date for the sessions premiere yet.

    Adam is headed to the HotelCafe in Los Angeles tonight, where his friends Ely Rise, Alisan Porter, and Ferras will be performing. The club advertises “special guests”–the speculation is that Adam will be one of those guests! Ely, Alisan and Ferras co-wrote “Aftermath” for Adam… Ely tweeted the set order for tonight: “Here’s the set order for tonight…Alyssa Suede – Kurtis/Ely – Ferras – Lukas/Ely – Alisan Porter/Ely – Jarvis/Ely – Ferras/Alisan/Ely ?” Wonder what that question mark is? Ha ha.

    • Yup, did you see Adams tweet, being a bit disturbed due to fans reporting his every move, no
      privacy anymore. then he tweets it comes with the territory, so its a fair trade.
      Poor Adam, he is such a sweetheart 🙂

  21. Adam likes to listen to electro pop. And he is making the kind of music he likes. But the songs he sand on AI show and tour is what we liked. He singing is outstanding. I expected to hear great Rock and Roll and I am still waiting. Whe Adam sang Whole Lotta Love, Life on Mars,Feeling Good, If I Can’t Have You, Ring Of Fire, Mad World.-that is an incredible singer. That is the kind of Album I hope he makes someday. Maybe he will want a change from electro-pop someday and make a different kind of CD. Hopefully, he will be successful enough to make all kinds of music. He has the talent.

  22. Hi, here is a little interview about your appearance in Oprah, love the part when he say ” maybe she dig and make me cry…” AHHHHHH.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I’ve emailed you to the address you gave to me. Have you received it? Maybe I got it wrong?

  23. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Adam talking to Ryan Seacrest and singing on 95.7 here is CT. My daughter was listening and called me from upstairs to let me know!!! yeaaahhhh. Wish I were in LA right now to see Adam in person!!!

  24. Here are lots of gorgeous picture of Adam from
    last night’s appearance at the HotelCafe in LA
    last night:
    He seems so relaxed with Danielle.
    Watching some of the 75th anniversary of Elvis show, I was struck
    with what an UNCANNY resemblance there was to Adam, both in
    looks and style – I was overcome with the weirdest feeling…

  25. KO's smiling says:

    I can’t believe trish is the only one to mention Adam watching his friends, Ferras and Alisan Porter, perform in LA last night. They sang Aftermath and tried to get him up on stage with them! Videos on YouTube aren’t that great, but you can get the idea. MJsblog also has some details. See all their twitters for info, too. Looks like they are so close and had a blast!

    • KO’s, did they succeed? If not, Adam didnt want to steal the show, or he wanted to sit back, relax and let his over zealous fans report his every move !!!!!!

      • KO's smiling says:

        No, he didn’t get onstage, but he did throw his boot at them, which apparently means he enjoyed the show! 🙂

  26. If you want vote for album of the year, here is the link

    • Thanks for the heads up Marisa. Go and VOTE guys! Right now FYE is number 4. We can do better than that!!

  27. A good friend of mine died tonight, a long illness that just had no solution other than peace and transition. – Adam and his soul-music is getting me through…. that and a healthy dose of vodka. Love you all…… UIMA and you always will.

    • coloforadam, So sorry to hear about your good friend. Take care, stay strong and let Adam be your therapy!
      love to you!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      So sorry to hear that coloforadam. ~hugs~

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Colorforadam, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Close your eyes and let the music and your memories help you to heal. Sending love…….

  28. Adam was so great on The View and he looked gorgeous. I hope he does the same on Oprah. I think his androgynous becomes completely feminine w guyline and hari around his face. Cute but not gorgeous anymore. Maybe this will help me get over my addiction to him, and get a life. That would be good. Time for me to move on. Which reminds me. I wish his beautiful song about love, Time For Miracles, didn’t have the destruction in the video and had romantic scenes instead. I am convinced it would have made a difference. yes, I know it was for movie- too bad it wasn’t for a romantic moviw.

  29. k. morgan says:

    What is funny is that now in the fashion world…GLAM is a catch word….Everything is going back to GLAM….my spring clothing fav catalogs all show GLAM as the new trend….Wonder where that came from?!

  30. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    According to MJSBigBlog this is how idol winners stacked up for 2009. I guess what it looks like is that Adam is close to gold, which would be around 500,000K in sales and then when he gets up to 1 million in sales that is when he will go platinum. Now I think I have the story right. Still looking for info on sales figures for Adam. If anyone else has any info, it would be great to hear.

    Here’s how the numbers shook out:

    Best selling album of 2009 – Taylor Swift, Fearless 3.217M
    Best selling album released in 2009 – Susan Boyle, I Dreamed a Dream – 3.104M.

    Idol Soundscan Top 200

    19. Carrie Underwood – Play On 0n – 1.183M
    31. Daughtry – Leave this Town – 862K
    33. Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted – 815K
    73. David Cook – David Cook – 464K
    74. Carrie Underwood – Carnival Ride – 461K
    81. Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment – 434K
    144. Daughtry – Daughtry – 267K
    158. Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts – 251K
    166. Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hudson -239K
    183. Kris Allen – Kris Allen – 183K
    191. Kellie Pickler – Kellie Pickler – 218K

  31. Nothing new yet?
    I tried, but didnt hear from them………….
    Sue, did you get called back, I hope…

  32. Why isn’t there a new thread for the Fuse interview. Adam was gorgeous and eloquent as usual.

    I love him more every time I see him. As far as I know Fuse is not a prominent station. I would love to see Adam on 60 minutes. The world should see how comfortable and beautiful he is in his own skin (even with the skin “problems”).

    • I can hear you chomping at the bit all the way here in NC Mary!!!!
      I am going to AO right now for a Fuse Fix.

      • Irena, Huh?

        • I feel you are just eagerly awaiting a new thread……like me.
          I am not sure what is going on. I think the news that the new video will premier this Friday on VH1 is exciting news. Keeping this website up to date can be a lot of work, I understand and I am sure the people who maintain it have others things going on in their lives, I am just a little disapointed.
          I did go to AO to watch the Fuse interview, very basic and nice at the same time.

  33. I learned Adam was performing to an audience of his peers, people in the entertainment industry, seeing them in the front rows, the whole audience,-it was not familes w kids,and he never thought about the tv viewers. He said if he realized that instead ot the people right there he may have changed how he presented his song on the AMA show. He also said his epipheny was his purpose in life was to entertain and give people an escape. It was a wonderful interview. Adam is always so personable,articulate and never shies away from any quesions, always replies spontaneously, fearlessly honest and totally intriguing. Such a love heart.

  34. Entire Fuse interview was awesome! I was at my parents having dinner and asked them if I could take 30 min. to watch something on t.v. They assumed that it must be an important program for me to break away from visiting with them. So, they sat down with me and were surprised that I was watching Adam Lambert being interviewed. Funny, though, they stayed and watched the entire interview with me. I was so happy when they played FYE music video afterward. When the FYE music video was over, my mother said, “That is a good song!” She has never watched Idol, but all it took was 30 min. of watching Adam talk and BAM, she was turned into a Glambert! Turning them one at a time. Hee Hee

  35. has the whole Fuse interview.

    Haven’t listened to it yet myself but wanted to put it here right away.
    I also read that the WWFM video will be premiering on VH1 this Friday the 15th between 6-10am on VH1.
    Hoping that this news will keep you all warm!

  36. OK I just posted my first post with a link and it is now in moderation…..
    I want to let you all know that the Fuse interview is on mjsbigblog and the the premier of WWFM will be this Friday the 15 on VH1 between 6-10am.

  37. Silvana, no, no me llegó ningún mail tuyo, va de nuevo:

  38. hi,everyyone.i think season 9 like suzan boyle as kara said and randy jackson said loooking for some one with undeniable talent,unique and star persona.they normal people at home like suzan boyle but younger this time for season 9.

  39. maybe this time the winner make no.1 album like suzan boyle did. i hate american idol ,why the so weak to make stars explode more like suzan boyle did at british got talent.

    she didnt win but her album sale super.its dissapointing for adam,kris and allison with huge talents dont sale well.the 3 should be no.1

    now season 9 get that chance.

  40. adammanfan says:

    Found the interview in 3 parts here

  41. AdamAddict says:

    Listen to this poeple(lol,new spelling)
    Adam In FUSE!!It’s a MUST WATCH!! Because it’s Adam in in…DUH!!! 0_o

  42. hi,everybody.adam on fuse no.1 in countdown. keepppppppppppppppp vooooooooooooootiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg.

  43. Here are 20 seconds of WWFM video!!!

  44. AdamAddict says:

    My goodness,my FUSE videos still in moderations??!! WWFM clip already in youtube!!!!!!!!!!!It’s short like 20 secs but you can get excited like I was!OMG,Adam looks so pretty!I really hope his mv will sell like hot cakes!So,happy for him!Errr,go search in youtube,it’s quicker,I think!!Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  45. Yes Emili…I put the link of the video HERE two hours ago and stillll is waitinggg………………buaaaaaaaaaaa
    Adam loocks a little sad but absolute beautifull

  46. Marisa, not sad.. vulnerable. It’s acting at its best…pulled from the heart and his experience.

    He is sooooooooooooooo beautiful…

    This is the first time I ever wished I had a son … I WANT ADAMS GRANDBABIES…

  47. You are right Medley but….i guess you wanna GLAM babies!!!

  48. how come thier is not a separate section for adam’s appearance on the oprah show. please put up a section so we can discuss thanks.

    also mtv. has a 30 second preview of what do you want from me video that premiers this friday website link is

    • OMG, there is going to be one Great story to post from a Glamb when the new thread is posted.

  49. Wonderful interview. I noticed the hugh differnce in Adam’s appearance from his audition to this video.on Fuse. Adam was much, much younger looking with the lighter hair shade and far better looking than this feminine look he now has with guyliner and pixie hair style. I know he likes the androgynous look but he is androgynous enough without the hairstyle and eyeliner-his beauty is gone since hie beauty is his male side and it’s replaced with cute with the feminine look. I guess he really likes the female look even though he is gay. Somehow, Adam’s appearance in this Fuse video has really grabbed my attention. I hate how hie looks, hate it, especially after seeing him in his audition. He’s starting to remind me of Michael Jackson and all his self loathing about his looks. It may not be at all how Adam feels about it, it’s my response to it and I realize that. Of course he can do as he pleases, it’s his life, but Adam twittered he wanted his fans to let him know their fave lines from his songs- makes me wonder if he knows who his fans are. Many of them are the same fans of Susan Boyle, and don’t ‘twitter’ and aren’t into electro pop. It’s all really interesting, confusing, and still everyone I know loves Adam. the person, the singer.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Martha you have to be joking don’t you? Saying Adam’s fans are the same fans of SB. You’ve got to be joking. I am not a fan of Susan Boyle. I adore Adam, I love him in any look he chooses and every look he chooses. I LOVE HIM, I love his singing, all his songs, he is beautiful inside and out. Of course he knows who his fans are, we tell him often enough, I wouldn’t think there are many fans of Susan Boyle here.

      • Marta,

        1. I am ALSO not Susan Boyle as most of other Adam’s fans.

        2. Adam asked his fans ON TWITTER to tell his about their favourite lines, NOT ALL HIS friends… Do you understand the difference? And he has 300 000 fans who are following him there.

        3. “I guess he really likes the female look even though he is gay.” Helloooo….. He IS gay! Do you know what gay means???? Did you watch FUSE interview? Adam was talking about somebody saying his album cover: “he looks a little feminine to me”… Adam: Duuuh… Helloooo…

        4. As for his better or worse look … You know, tastes differ… I love his both looks. And I know the reason I love him is based not only on his looks. His voice first of all and his inside beauty!

        And Dianne, I want to ask the same question as in your post below. .. What is going with this site??????

    • Martha…I’m with Dianne on this. I’m definitely not a fan of Susan Boyle and in fact all the people I know who like Su Bo are not into ‘pop’ music at all… but they do like Andre Rieu.

      I know that we are all entitled to our own opinions but to me Adam looks gorgeous with or without make-up…eye liner or no eyeliner…hair off his face or on his face…..he is a beautiful man in everyway. I love that he expresses himself with his appearance in different ways. He is creative and that’s what creative people do…….and I love him.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Dianne, and Yvonne, you know I am right there with you. Adam is a very handsome man.
        Wearing guyliner and makeup, to me doesnt make him feminine. He has very beautiful eyes, beautiful all natural and with his makeup, which only intensifies the beauty, manly beauty……………………. Always changing up his look makes for very happy fans, for we love all his shocks and surprises.
        Adam has been through so much in his young life, I say let him be. Let him explore and excite us. He only wants to be loved and share his phenomenal talents with his fans!
        love and peace

  50. Dianne Hill says:

    I have a question. What is going on with this site? It used to be the best site around for any news of Adam, it was on here almost before it was anywhere else. What is going on. Dana, Carol and all you others what is happening to our Glambs site?

    Have you not noticed that a lot of the regulars don’t come here as often anymore, or is this your way of getting rid of us?

    This used to be about the only place I would go to get information on Adam, but not anymore, thank goodness I have all my friends who I can rely on for the most current information on our darling man.

    • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

      Dianne Hill, I have asked this same question several times. I noticed it too. But no one has responded. where did all of the others go to? I cannot believe ADAM was just a fad or something to anyone? I wonder too Dianne if it is a way to get rid of some?? It kind of hurts your feelings. Oh as Martina McBride sang LOVE HIM ANYWAY!!! Hugs Sherry K

    • oh dianne i was thinking the same think. where is the devotion. but maybe i’m going through adam withdrawl

      • Ditto!
        Just now watching the clip posted by Marisa lifted my spirits.
        The intensity, the drama that pours out of him when he steps into his stage persona, when he is the artist, the entertainer.
        Then seeing the pictures of him at LAX flying to Chicago to tape the Oprah show, so happy and full of anticpation.
        Totally Lovable.

        • Love the photos too…boots on the ! Btw, I want to point out a misinformation I saw on the planet fierce site about Adam’s concert in the Philippines. So far the announcement I hear on the radio is: only Kris Allen, Jabawoceez and a certain boy band are coming for the concert on Feb. 5 & 6. No Adam Lambert.

          • I am wondering the same about this fansite, please dont let it go downhill.
            Fernando? authors?

            about Adam at the airport, so damm cute in his hat, covering his eyes, trying to get to Chicago w/o being noticed. Not a chance I think we could spot him in a haystack 🙂
            luv you Adam and all Glambs.
            Let get this site back where it used to be………………………

            • Sherry K Glamb #445 says:

              Mary C, You are a doll. And I know you and AdamAddict have been here a long long time!!!! And Kimber. I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE ANYONE OFF AND HURT ANY FEELINGS!! There are more. But I cannot remember all of their names. I love each and everyone of you!! Hugs. You and I are always on the same page Mary c. PLEASE don’t let this site go downhill. Sherry K

  51. Hi glambs! im back